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This Pilgrimage Which Is for the Sake of Satan, and Not to the House of the Dominant Lord

Published in Arabic in September 29, 2016

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- We have received this question: (… The Quran tells us that the Kaaba was built by Abraham who called people to perform pilgrimage to it in what came to be Mecca … my question is why Muslims are the only ones performing pilgrimage there, and never a Jew or a Christian? What about previous prophets in relation to the Kaaba? Yet, followers of the three Abrahamic religions agree on one thing: pilgrimage to Jerusalem … how did that come to pass? …).

2- We hope the poser of the question would read our book published online in Arabic, titled ''Pilgrimage between Islam and Muslims''. However, let us remind readers briefly of the following points to answer the above question.



1- The Kaaba is the very first Sacred House dedicated to God for people to visit and perform pilgrimage to it, since Adam and his offspring, i.e., as the very first House of worship built by God's command since there were people in earth: first generation among the offspring of Adam. That is why the Kaaba is described in the Quran as "Ancient House": "…and circle around the Ancient House." (22:29). "In them are benefits for you until a certain time. Then their place is by the Ancient House." (22:33). "God has appointed the Kaaba, the Sacred House, a sanctuary for the people…" (5:97).

2- Before Abraham was born, the Kaaba witnessed eras of disbelief when it was surrounded by stone pagan idols and 'holy' tombs, but God has shown to Abraham the real location of the Kaaba: "We showed Abraham the location of the House…" (22:26). God has commanded Abraham and Ishmael to re-build the Kaaba and to purify the place from pagan idols: "As Abraham raises the foundations of the House, together with Ishmael, "Our Lord, accept it from us, You are the Hearer, the Knower." (2:127), "…And We commissioned Abraham and Ishmael, "Sanctify My House for those who circle around it, and those who seclude themselves in it, and those who kneel and prostrate."" (2:125). God has commanded Abraham to call all people inside and outside Mecca, NOT a certain limited group of human beings, to perform pilgrimage at the Kaaba: "…the Sacred Mosque-which We have designated for all humankind equally, whether residing therein or passing through…" (22:25). The only condition in pilgrimage is security for all pilgrims inside the location of the Kaaba Sacred Mosque: "…Whoever enters it attains security…" (3:97). Hence, those pilgrims traveling toward Mecca must attain security along with their animals, which are to be sacrificed as part of pilgrimage rituals: "O you who believe! Do not violate God's sacraments, nor the Sacred Month, nor the offerings, nor the garlanded, nor those heading for the Sacred House seeking blessings from their Lord and approval…" (5:2). God has made pilgrims to all peaceful people who respect the Sacred Mosque as a sanctuary: "And We made the House a focal point for the people, and a sanctuary…" (2:125). This is a place where people are to find safety and security in order to forget their disputes and in order to purify and cleanse themselves from sins.  

3- So, the above are divine commands, and obeying them is human beings' responsibility, and they will be questioned about such responsibility in the Day of Resurrection. We know from the Quran for sure that the vast majority of human beings are disobedient misguided and misguiding sinners: "If you were to obey most of those on earth, they would divert you from God's path…" (6:116). This is particularly shown in applying The Dominant Lord's sharia in acts of worship and demeanors; most people either do not perform acts of worship at all or perform them in a wrong manner that contradicts the Quranic sharia.  

4- Satan and devils have deceived people before Abraham and afterwards have done the same with Abraham's progeny and others in later eras; some of them (Arabs and People of the Book) performed pilgrimage to the Kaaba, but within distorted rituals along with sanctification of stones (or things) and dead persons. The sad result of this is this corrupt pilgrimage which is for the sake of Satan, and NOT to the House of the Dominant Lord: Allah.

5- The decisive proof of this is that the Muhammadans, past and present, could never imagine themselves performing pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca without visiting the Yathreb mosque mausoleum dedicated to the supreme deity of the Muhammadans: the imaginary immortal god whom they call 'Muhammad' and who, in the Sunnite traditions, dominates God! They call such mausoleum as the grave of the ''Beloved One'' and the ''Sacred Garden''! This pilgrimage is for the sake of Satan/ the Devil, as pilgrims who do this sanctify and deify a mausoleum which is a work of sin made by Satan.   



1- Among many reasons, the Quran was revealed chiefly to reform what Arabs and People of the Book had distorted and twisted within the Abrahamic religion tenets. For instance, centuries ago, Arabs used to perform pilgrimage throughout the four Sacred Months, but they invented rituals not ordained by God and committed sinful acts and injustices that desecrated the sanctity of the Kaaba; moreover, they venerated and worshipped at pagan idols and 'holy' tombs and installed countless stone idols around the Kaaba. Many of them circumambulated the Kaaba stark naked. The Qorayish tribe, before the advent of Islam, manipulated the Kaaba Sacred Mosque to serve its commercial purposes and advantages, and it controlled and distorted the pilgrimage rituals in a way that would allow it to get ill-gotten money from Arab pilgrims. Among the purposes of the Quranic revelation is to reform the Abrahamic religion by removing twisted notions and distorted acts of worship, such as pilgrimage tarnished by Qorayish by introducing pagan items to it. after Muhammad's death, old distortions of pilgrimage returned once again with a vengeance, as this time round, for centuries until now, they are fossilized and fortified with devilish hadiths fabricated by evil people, which has nothing to do with divine revelation descended by God to Muhammad, along with devilish sharia laws made by scholars with the passage of time, ascribed forcibly and unjustly to Islam in centuries-old deception that goes on. Hence, true pilgrimage rituals are done now by millions along with added corrupt, devilish rituals. A pilgrim would return home, getting the title of ''hajji'', taking prodigious pride in such a title, and taking more pride in worshipping at the Satanic mausoleum in Yathreb mosque, claiming to have visited the ''Beloved One'' in the ''Paradise Garden'' (the grave), clung to the window of the tomb, as if the ''Beloved One'' felt his presence and forgave his sins! Such hajji would brag that this, way all one's sins are forgiven, as if one were to be like a naked babe newly born, table rasa, a slate clean from sins of the cleansed pilgrim! In fact, such deception and nonsense are indeed a type of self-impalement with a pole as long as Eiffel Tower!  

2- Devils' mockery of the Muhammadans reached the extent that they believe that male pilgrims must wear two white cloths with no underwear! Such silly cloth shows them as semi-naked, with their genitals and bottoms, and chests and backs, often viewed in public, a gross indecency inside the Kaaba Sacred Mosque! When told by Quranists to wear any ordinary clean clothes, they would be furious, thinking us as 'infidels' bent on misguiding them! The Muhammadans forget this verse that apply to all mosques, with the Kaaba as no exception at all to this Quranic rule: "O Children of Adam! Dress properly at every place of worship…" (7:31). The intention to perform pilgrimage is merely to be pious during performing all true rituals: one is God-fearing and pious inside one's heart, in the best and sacred location and time on earth: pilgrimage season in Mecca, as discerned from this verse: "The Hajj (i.e., pilgrimage) is during specific months. Whoever decides to perform the Hajj-there shall be no sexual relations, nor misconduct, nor quarrelling during the Hajj. And whatever good you do, God knows it. And take provisions, but the best provision is righteousness. And be mindful of Me, O people of understanding." (2:197). Hence, part of piety of pilgrims is faithfulness in worship, performing rituals reverently, and cleansing one's heart from evil intentions and transient-world matters. When Quranists assert to Muhammadans that pilgrimage can be performed anytime in the four sacred lunar months and not on few days in the last lunar month of the Hijri calendar, and quote 2:197 to assert this view, Muhammadans would accuse Quranists of being heretic apostates who refuse centuries-old rituals and timing honored by forefathers! Another corrupt added rituals is to supposedly stone devils by throwing pebbles at an erect symbol built for that purpose; this is an act of remembrance of Satan and devils during pilgrimage in a divine sanctuary! This is blasphemous indeed! Yet, those who choose not to perform such pagan rituals are persecuted and might be murdered by fatwas issued by fanatics! Another unforgivable crime/sin is the KSA Wahabi rulers and their cronies who manipulate the Kaaba to serve political ends, while some Shiites would fight and quarrel there to make trouble for political ends as well and assert their presence by defying authorities. Both parties forget they are in a sanctuary and a sacred place that should be made safe for all people, and they forget that God forewarns those who had evil intentions inside the Kaaba Sacred Mosque against painful torment in Hell: "As for those who disbelieve and repel from God's path and from the Sacred Mosque-which We have designated for all mankind equally, whether residing therein or passing through-and seek to commit sacrilege therein-We will make him taste of a painful punishment." (22:25).   

3- Within long centuries, until the early 20th century, desert-Arabs and Bedouins used to raid and attack pilgrims' caravans to loot and to massacre. Such heinous crimes were sometimes committed under the protection and upon the orders of rulers of Mecca! This led to enlist military troops to defend pilgrims' caravans and possessions and to confine pilgrimage to the very first week of the last lunar Hijri month. Sadly, such man-made sharia laws continue to be applied until this very moment. Another devilish addition to rituals is to worship at the mausoleum in Yathreb, erroneously ascribed to Muhammad, as the major and most important ritual of all! Another crime is to consider the Kaaba itself as a pagan idol by worshipping and sanctifying its stones and black cloth by touching it reverently and to kiss and touch the so-called black stone situated at one corner of the Kaaba.

4- Hence, all of the above is an overview of how pilgrimage rituals are twisted and distorted, and we maintain that in such state of affairs, this pilgrimage is an act of disobedience to God, making such pilgrimage for the sake of Satan and not to the Sacred House of worship of the Dominant, Almighty God.



1- Some People of the Book (i.e., Jews + Christians) in Arabia used to perform pilgrimage to the Kaaba as part of their past knowledge about the true Abrahamic religion, despite their distorting some of it at the time of course. These following verses show that the original, true Torah existed at the time in Arabia and that they were ordered to perform pilgrimage to Mecca and to stick to the testimony of ''There Is No God but Allah'', as God defies Jews to bring the original Torah in public to read and check it, along with warning them against ascribing falsehoods and lies to God and His religion, a warning unheeded by the Muhammadans: "All food was permissible to the progeny of Israel, except what Israel forbade for itself before the Torah was revealed. Say, "Bring the Torah, and read it, if you are truthful." Whoever forges lies about God after that-these are the unjust. Say, "God has spoken the truth, so follow the religion of Abraham the Monotheist; he was not a Pagan." The first house established for mankind is the one at Bacca; blessed, and guidance for all people.In it are evident signs; the station of Abraham. Whoever enters it attains security. Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to God for all who can make the journey. But as for those who refuse-God is Independent of the worlds." (3:93-97).  

2- Of course, the Qorayish tribe before the advent of Islam made use of pilgrimage and the Kaaba for achieving political end and economic gains. The interests of that tribe led its leaders to oppose and fight Islam. Shortly before Muhammad's death, the Qorayish tribesmen 'converted' to Islam to serve its purpose of retrieving hegemony by committing the crime of Arab conquests to increase their wealth, under the banner of Islam; though such crime of invasions to control and loot was against Islam (the Quran). Such caliphs who committed such crime included Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, who was the very first criminal to drive all the People of the Book out of all Arabia and to prevent them from ever coming to Mecca to perform pilgrimage. Later generations among the People of the Book forgot all about the religious duty of performing pilgrimage to Mecca. Responsibility of this sin falls on the cursed Omar Ibn Al-Khattab and other caliphs of later centuries. This is as far as non-European People of the Book are concerned. The same crime of stopping European People of the Book from ever entering Mecca falls on the Qorayish tribe as well and the KSA authorities now. Arab conquests led to the faulty notion of dividing the people of the planet into two camps of infidels and believers who are to religiously fight each other until the end of days. Hence, for centuries until now, one hardly expect European People of the Book performing pilgrimage to Mecca.  

3- Even without such ghastly state of affairs for centuries, one would not expect European People of the Book performing pilgrimage to Mecca; as Byzantines formed their own distorted version of Christianity that fits European paganism and contain little traces of the true Abrahamic religion whose traces were so many within Arabs and the People of the Book, past and present, in Arabia and in the region that came to be called the Middle East.  

4- Hence, the People of the Book of Arab origin in Arabia had  the original and true Gospel and Torah, unlike the case with Byzantines who had forged gospels written by men to advocate concepts like trinity etc. Besides, the Byzantines used to think of themselves as 'superior' to the 'inferior' Arabs, and one could hardly expect them to perform pilgrimage to Mecca, and they considered Arabs as enemies for centuries, especially after the Persia Empire was conquered by Arabs.

5- Yet, the greater part of responsibility of such sins fall on the Qorayish tribesmen as far as distorting rituals of pilgrimage is concerned and in relation to fighting incessantly the Byzantines for religious Sunnite un-Islamic reasons as infidels who deserve to be conquered! We have discussed this topic in lengthy detail in our previous articles and books about bloody history of caliphs and caliphates, especially how after many massacres and bloodshed, one Umayyad caliph, namely Abdul-Malik Ibn Marwan, in order to defeat his foes politically and ideologically within religious and political propaganda, when his rival and foe, Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubayr, controlled Mecca and pilgrimage to incite rebellion and sedition to serve his political purposes of anti-Umayyad propaganda, he committed a heinous sin by asserting to early Muslims the necessity to perform pilgrimage instead to Jerusalem, in a mosque he built there under the false claim that the Night-Journey of Muhammad mentioned in 17:1 was to this location. Using the Quran, we have proved in one of our books that the Night-Journey mentioned in 17:1 was the Night of Decree mentioned in the Quranic Chapter 79, and the location was Al-Tur Mountain in Sinai; the same location where God talked to Moses and gave him the Torah Tablets.   

6- When some of the People of the Book converted to 'Islam' apparently, they added their inherited traditions and cultures to their concept and practice of Islam, and some harbored deep-seated hatred toward the Quran and a desire to destroy it from within, as they never forgot bad memories of Arab conquerors raiding, looting, enslaving, massacring, and occupying lands. When such foes found that the Quran was forsaken and abandoned for the sake of invented hadiths fabricated by Arab imams/scholars, they found ample room to fabricate thousands of hadiths to carry notions of their inherited traditions and cultures in incorporate them in mainstream religious practices; hence, by the third century A.H., hadiths tripled and became millions, as within same period, many People of the Book seemingly and apparently converted to 'Islam' (in fact, to the Sunnite and Shiite religions).    

7- By the third century A.H., divisions of Shiites, Sunnites, and Sufis were accentuated and firmly established. Each group of the Muhammadans had its own 'holy' tomes and deified imams/scholars. Despite their countless differences in almost all topics, they agree unanimously on one thing: to hate the Quran, i.e., real Islam, and abandoning it. 

8- In the Quranic verses, God makes such divisions in religion as one of the features of disbelief and polytheism in terms of faith tenets, a crime/sin committed by previous peoples before the Quran. The Quranic verses urge us to adhere only to the Quran: the only rope of God, and to shun and eschew any other routes except the righteous path of the Quran, as Muhammad is innocent of those who divide their religion and go astray: "And hold fast to the rope of God, altogether, and do not become divided…" (3:103), "And do not be like those who separated and disputed after the clear proofs came to them; for them is a great punishment." (3:105), "This is My path, straight, so follow it. And do not follow the other paths, lest they divert you from His path. All this He has enjoined upon you, that you may refrain from wrongdoing." (6:153), "…and do not be of the polytheists, who divided their religion, and became sects; each faction pleased with what they have." (30:31-32),"As for those who divided their religion and became sects-you have nothing to do with them. Their case rests with God; then He will inform them of what they used to do." (6:159). Hence, Muhammad will reject in the Last Day those who divided their religion into Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi groups and forsook the Quran; Muhammad will disown the Muhammadans.   



1- We have quoted the above verses as they are closely linked to the topic of faulty pilgrimage performed by the Muhammadans. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims in Mecca used to divide themselves into factions on the levels of sects, doctrines, groups, homelands, social statuses and ranks, etc. Each faction/group would appoint for them an imam within one of the Sunnite or Shiites doctrines to circumambulate the Kaaba behind him, feeling deep-seated animosity toward other sects and quarreling over the 'right' manner to perform pilgrimage rituals and prayers and what to say and what not to say. Hence, instead of piety and devoutness, they turned the pilgrimage season into an occasion for debating and heated arguments, things absolutely forbidden during pilgrimage as per the Quran, which has been forsaken by the Muhammadans for centuries in favor of their earthly, fabricated, man-made religions. 

2- What occurs today is linked closely to the past events; the KSA royal family controls the Kaaba now and imposes heavy and exorbitant fees, tributes, and taxes on pilgrims coming from the four corners of the globe, and they impose political conflict and debate during the pilgrimage season to propagate their Wahabi ideology, to the consternation of Iranian Shiite pilgrims and Shiites of Iraq, Yemen, the Levant, etc. on the margin of military Sunnite-Shiite wars in the Middle East. Shame on the KSA!  

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