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A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand



Authored by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



 The massacre of the two mosques in New Zealand may usher a new, different type of world war; we analyze this terrorist crime here and warn against the ongoing tensions beneath the surface, hoping to introduce the much-needed peaceful religious reform to Muslims to save themselves from the Wahabi culture of terrorism which contradicts Quranic facts of Islam.






















 The Christchurch massacre has shown the good nature and true mettle of the nation of New Zealand, the wisdom and courage of the government of New Zealand, and the noble nature of Jacinda Ardern the Prime Minister of New Zealand. We have never dedicated our books to living people before; yet, we make an exception here. Our admiration of New Zealand, as we hold New Zealanders in high esteem, makes us dedicate this book to the nation and government of New Zealand.

 Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour 














FOREWORD: The Real Source of Danger Regarding the Massacre That Occurred in Two Mosques in New Zealand

CHAPTER I: The Culture of Terrorism of the Australian Criminal

CHAPTER II: The Culture of Terrorism of the Muhammadans

CHAPTER III: The Camp of Goodness and the Camps of Evil

CHAPTER IV: The Roots of the Camps of Evil of the Muhammadans

CHAPTER V: The Roots of the Camp of Evil of the West

CHAPTER VI: The Massacre of New Zealand and Signs of a Different Type of World War that We Implore God to Never Allow it to Happen




















1- This BOOK begins with an article published on 15th of March, 2019, which is the day when the Christchurch massacre, in New Zealand, took place. Our intention in that article is to raise awareness of the danger, meaning, and repercussions of this massacre. Other articles and comments followed in our Quranism website. All articles and comments are compiled in this BOOK to serve as a witness of our era; the comments of our fellow Quranists (after each article) show different points of view. After compiling all articles and comments of this BOOK, we write this introduction to assert that this BOOK essentially addresses the Muslims to sensitize them about the vital importance of introducing peaceful religious reform through Quranism. Of course this BOOK is addressing non-Muslims because it is translated into English and French; this is why we write this introduction so that non-Muslims would get to know about the True Islam (i.e., Quranism) rejected by the vast majority of the Muhammadans. Of course, Islam (i.e., Quranism) precedes the West in the call for higher values and human rights.    

2- In our Quranism website, Quranists in general hold different political views but the unifying element among them is their adherence to the Quran as the Only Source of Islam; the Quran is the only representative of Islam rejected and discarded by the Muhammadans; the Wahabi Sunnite Muhammadans have rejected the Quranic sharia legislations in order to invented and stick to the bloody, violent Wahabi sharia of Satan which impose of its followers violence, aggression and massacres as religious duties or jihad. In contrast, the peaceful, intellectual jihad is introducing peaceful religious reform by using the Quran as Criterion to judge deeds, tenets, and notions of the Muhammadans who are, in fact, polytheists who worship an imaginary, immortal deity whom they call as (Muhammad) which has nothing to do with the historical figure of the real, mortal Prophet Muhammad mentioned in the Quran. The Muhammadans has ascribed to Muhammad a devilish sharia laws under the label of (Sunna); this Sunna and the Sunnite hadiths contain all features of religious terrorism and extremism which spread in the Middle-Ages.   

3- Muhammad belonged to the tribe of Qorayish, the biggest tribe in Arabia whose ancestral line ends in Ishmael the son of Abraham. The Qorayish faction of Muhammad was the Bani Hashem who supervise the Kaaba, pilgrimage, and pilgrims in Mecca, whereas the other Qorayish faction, the Umayyads, who were among Muhammad's paternal uncle's sons, controlled the winter and summer journeys of the trade caravans within the routes between Yemen and the Byzantine Levant, thus connecting the trade in merchandise between India and Europe. Of course, the caliphs from Qorayish ruled for centuries an Arab empire in the name of Islam, though the Arab conquests and empire contradict the Quranic sharia legislations of Islam, and such an Arab empire matched the Middle-Ages culture of tyranny, corruption, invasions, bloodshed, and religious wars. After the death of Muhammad, the Umayyads and the Abbasids (both are among the paternal relatives of Muhammad) formed their caliphates and this is not to mentioned other rulers/caliphs who claimed belonging to the lineage of Muhammad's daughter, Fatima, such as the Fatimids. History and the Quran inform us that the forefathers of such men stood against Muhammad and the Quranic message because they were keen on preserving their political, religious, and social stature and their financial interests; such interests drove them to feign a conversion to Islam shortly before the death of Muhammad when they saw that Islam spread among most people of Arabia and that their trade caravans might be endangered if they continued their enmity and animosity towards Islam to which most Arabs converted.        

4- Before the descent of the Quran, Arabs adhered to the religion of Abraham, their forefather, but within distortions introduced to it driving them to worship mortals and things/tombs and they fought one another during the four sacred months of pilgrimage though the Lord God prohibits fighting, injustices, and aggression in these four sacred months. Several Arabian tribes raided and fought against one another for money, water-wells, and grazing areas. This means that a tribe was like a mobile State and whose men are its military soldiers who sought to extend its influence by their swords. Of course, such ongoing raids led to revenge within several raids and long wars among most of the Arabs.

5- The Quran was revealed to Muhammad with the sharia of peace instead of wars and aggression; Islam requires peace as the basis of dealing with all people and of the behavior of Muslims/citizens in the Quran-based Yathreb city-state. This means that as per the Quranic sharia of Islam, all peaceful people are Muslims regardless of their faiths and denominations, because Islam is peaceful behavior towards all people; peace in Islam is reinforced with other Quranic values which include absolute religious freedom for all people, as every individual will be fully responsible on the Day of Judgment for religious choices made during one's lifetime on earth. Of course, Muhammad as the leader of the Quran-based Yathreb city-state applied political freedom within direct democracy, justice in dealing with people within arbitration by judges, social justice, charity towards the poor and the needy, tolerance, forgiveness/pardon, mercy, dignity, and preserving the rights of all citizens the Quran-based Yathreb city-state. Islam in terms of faith inside the hearts/souls is monotheism when dealing with the Lord God; this faith is judged only by the Lord God later on within the Judgment Day, with no interference by any human beings, because as per the Quran, the Lord God is the One Who will settle the religious disputes and differences among human beings on the Last Day. In contrast, polytheists/disbelievers in Islam/peace are the ones who commit acts of violence and engage into wars of aggression against innocent, peaceful people, especially when this accompanied by compulsion in religion and religious persecution. This means that the worst type of disbelievers/polytheists are the ones who misuse the Holy Name of the Lord God and His Religion to launch wars of aggression, massacres, and invasion, such as Arabs of the Arab conquests and the Wahabi terrorists who scream (Allah is the Greatest!) or (Allahu Akbar!) before committing their terrorist operations or suicide attacks. 

6- Muhammad applied this Quranic sharia legislations within the last ten years of his life as the leader of the Yathreb city-state; he was politically opposed by the hypocrites of Yathreb who rejected and ridiculed the Quran; the Quran has protected the absolute religious and political freedom of such hypocrites since they were peaceful (i.e., they did not raise arms against Muhammad and the believers in Yathreb) and they never practiced compulsion in religion or committed the grave sin of religious persecution. Muhammad applied the Quranic sharia when he engaged into self-defense battles against the Qorayish aggressors who attacked the Yathreb city-state several times. The Qorayish polytheists/disbelievers forced Muhammad and the believers with him to leave Mecca and to immigrate to Yathreb; they continued sending military troops to attack Yathreb several times. The Quran has not given Muhammad and the believers the permission to engage into self-defense military endeavors until they were ready and well-prepared. This means that the Quranic commands of fighting are confined to the case of self-defense against aggressors. The Quranic message preached by Muhammad includes the call for Islam in terms of behavior; i.e., peaceful demeanor, and then the call for monotheism (and rejecting polytheism) but without compulsion in religion. For instance, the believers in Yathreb among Muhammad's companions have been preached in the Quran to avoid certain things within piety, but Muhammad never forced them about anything; Muhammad's mission was confined to deliver the Quranic message: "O you who believe! Wine, gambling, mausoleums, and divination are abominations of Satan's doing. Avoid them, so that you may prosper. Satan wants to provoke strife and hatred among you through wine and gambling, and to prevent you from the remembrance of God, and from performing prayers. Will you not desist? Obey God and obey the messenger, and be cautious. If you turn away - know that the duty of Our messenger is clear communication." (5:90-92).     

7- Most Arabs readily followed the call of peace (i.e., Islam in term of peaceful behavior) and many of them converted to peace shortly before the death of Muhammad and he witnessed this himself, as per the Quran: "When there comes God's victory and triumph. And you see the people entering God's religion in multitudes. Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and seek His forgiveness. He is the Accepter of Repentance." (110:1-3). This means that Muhammad never saw or examined their hearts/souls to know if they believed in Islam in terms of monotheistic faith. Muhammad saw only heir adherence to peace. In fact, most Arabs inside the Yathreb city-state ruled by Muhammad adhered to the polytheistic worship of things/tombs and mortals while enjoying absolute religious freedom, in contrast to the policies of Qorayish which included compulsion in religion and religious persecution. Years later, the Qorayish tribesmen saw that protecting their financial interests required that they would feign conversion to Islam, especially that they had their spies or agents in Yathreb around Muhammad. Such hypocritical spies or agents feigned conversion to Islam and concealed their disbelief; Muhammad never knew them; they are mentioned here in the Quran: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of the city too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will torment them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101). Such hypocritical criminals include the four pre-Umayyad caliphs, deified now by the Sunnite Muhammadans, who ruled Arabia and initiated the Arab conquests. They enjoyed high stature in the Yathreb city-state as they were too close to Muhammad and became his in-laws; this allowed them to rule as caliphs once he died; this way, the Qorayish tribesmen managed to retrieve their dominance and other tribes revolted against Qorayish within the renegades' war. After such tribes were defeated by the military troops of Qorayish, they were recruited as soldiers in the Qorayish-led Arab conquests to prevent them from rebellion. This way, the Arabs began their military aggression against the Persian and the Byzantine empires. Of course, such Arab conquests contradict the Quran and constitute a rejection of Islam as the religion of peace. Later on, the biggest Arab empire emerged as a result of the Arab conquests; this Arab empire stretched between India and the borders of China to the south of France (at the Pyrenees). These Arab conquests also resulted in (1) the emergence of the Sunnite and Shiite terrestrial religions of Satan (which have fought one another until now) which have nothing to do with Islam (i.e., the Quran), and (2) the Arab civil wars between Shiites and Sunnites which have lasted for centuries until the present moment.  

8- Sadly, the Qorayish leaders formed their Arab empire, within Arab conquests using their swords, in the name of Islam; they spread by their swords the disbelief in Islam and never the religion of Islam. This is why the whole world, past and present, see a distorted form of Islam as if it were an aggressive religion of fighting; people forgot the true nature of Islam as a religion of peace as per the Quran. This is because of the fact that the Arab caliphs/conquerors are now deified by polytheists within the terrestrial Wahabi Sunnite religion; this deification of mortals contradicts the Quran, of course. The Arab caliphs/conquerors, as per the Quran as the Criterion, are the worst type of disbelieving/polytheistic aggressors because of the atrocities and heinous crimes they committed during the Arab conquests: massacring, looting, enslaving, invading, sabotage, etc. Sadly still, the conquered nations whose ancestors suffered such oppression of the invasions and the injustices of the conquests deify now those caliphs who oppressed their ancestors.   

9- The Quran-based Yathreb city-state of Muhammad was an exceptional one during the 7th century A.D. an the dominant culture at the time. It was like a ten-year-old democratic oasis in the midst of the desert of tyranny and injustices. Sadly, the Qorayish rulers restored the Middle-Ages culture of tyranny, aggression, and injustices once Muhammad died. If it had not been for the Quran which is with us now, we would not have known the true facts of Islam.

10- We, along with other Quranist thinkers, struggle peacefully within our Quranism website to call the "Muslims" for introducing the much-needed religious reform using the Quran in which they claim to believe. We face, patiently and bare-handed, the strongest two powers in the Middle-East: the tyranny of enthroned tyrants and the myths of the official and popular Wahabi clergymen. We are still continuing our intellectual peaceful endeavors for religion reform. May the Lord God come to our help and aid.



Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

20th of April, 2019

VA, the USA









(1) Mr. Ben Levante: Peace be with you. I disagree with your considering all peaceful people on earth as 'Muslims' in terms of behavior. I never deny that the two Arabic words (Islam) and (Salam); i.e., peace, are interrelated. I admit that you are right that the Quran entails us to adhere to peace, but there are peaceful non-Muslim people as you know. Embracing Islam does not merely mean to adhere to peace; it entails also to apply and to believe in the Quran as the Lord God's Word. Some Arabs during Muhammad's lifetime adhered to peace and embraced Islam out of fear or greed and they rejected the Quran once Muhammad died. This means that Islam is not only about peace; it involves applying certain commands and avoiding certain items as per the Quranic teachings so that any persons would deem themselves as true Muslims. Thank you.

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, Mr. Ben Levante; we assert here that within our previous writings, we have proven many times within our pondering the Quranic text that Islam/belief in terms of behavior is peaceful demeanor, whereas polytheism/disbelief in terms of behavior is violence and aggression. As a Quranist thinker, we never impose our views on anyone; however, we need and welcome your arguments, criticism, and comments as we draw benefits from them.









The Real Source of Danger Regarding the Massacre That Occurred in Two Mosques in New Zealand




1- A heinous massacre occurred today (March 15th, 2019) inside two mosques in New Zealand committed by an Australian racist extremist man who arrived in New Zealand to shoot people inside two mosques in Christchurch; about 49 people were killed and 50 were injured, including children, during this mass shooting attack. There were about 300 persons in the first mosque when this criminal killed 41 among them within this mass shooting; he drove his car to the second mosque and killed 8 persons; he chased those who ran away to try to kill them off. Tens of injured victims are hospitalized now; some of them may die because of their critical cases. The criminal posted his crime via the cyberspace, along with a long statement, as he takes pride in the atrocious crime he has committed!  

2- Sadly, we assert here that the real source of danger regarding any massacres is not the number of victims (even if it would reach hundreds of thousands); the real source of danger is the ideological/religious motive behind committing this or that massacre. The worst massacre in the twentieth century is American atomic bombs thrown at Hiroshima (where about 140 thousand people were killed) and Nagasaki (where about 80 thousand people were killed) in Japan in 1945, which was a military attack aiming at ending the war; this heinous crime had no religious motives. After the end of World War II, the UN has been established to prevent more wars.


Firstly: explaining the real source of danger requires this historical overview:

1- Wars which are based on devilish, terrestrial religions (whose adherents commit aggressions in the names of such religions) go on as long as such aggressive religions dominates a region as they are maintained by its wicked clergymen and ruling tyrants. We have written and published on our Quranism website the first part of the book titled (Episodes of Bloodshed in the History of Caliphs), with a focus on how Arabs fought against the Christian Byzantines and other Europeans; this is part of the faith tenets of the Sunnite religion of Satan: to divide the world into two camps: the camp of peace and belief (where the Muhammadans or Saracens resided) and the camp of war and disbelief (where 'infidels' resided); see our article in English on this link: (  ). Of course, Arab caliphates included civil wars among caliphs and their rivals and foes such as Shiites and Al-Khawarij rebels. In our book, we tackle how in most cases, caliphs were the winners within such military strife; their Arab empire borders reached between the Great Wall of China to the Pyrenees south of France and the borders of Constantinople.     

2- In the second part of our book, which we are currently writing and hope to finish and publish it soon, we tackle how the West (or Europe) regained its power; Constantinople regained its might and attacked the Levantine region to invade areas until Aleppo. The Arabs were no longer able to control Iberia (Spain) after their defeat by the troops of Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours (or Bataille de Poitiers) in 732 A.D. and the Europeans managed to retrieve and re-conquer Spain gradually until they achieved their last, decisive victory over Arabs in Granada in 1492 A.H. At the same year, the ships of Christopher Columbus reached the Bahamas; later on, the united Iberia (Spain) attacked the coasts of North Africa. We tackle in our book also the Crusades which began in 1096 A.D. and established several kingdoms in the Levantine region (especially in Jerusalem and Syria), Asia Minor, and Iraq.      

3- The Mamelukes defeated the Crusaders several times until they were driven away from the Levant once and for all. After the sultanate of the Mameluke collapsed, the Ottoman power emerged and invaded Constantinople in 1453 A.D.; the Ottomans invades other European regions (e.g., Greece and the Balkans) until they reached the walls of Vienna and were defeated in 1683 A.D. This made the Turkish sultans in European culture as representatives of 'Islam' instead of Arabs. 

4- The Ottoman caliphate grew weaker while the Europeans continued their geographical discoveries and they invaded the New World and larger parts of the Ancient World in Asia and Africa. Of course, the West secular and colonial powers were not as brutal and savage as their ancestors the Crusaders (who killed tens of thousands of Arabs in Jerusalem even inside mosques until their horses swam in rivers of blood). The secular West powers got rid of the dominance of the Church and focused on their worldly gains and interests only by manipulating (not massacring) the people of the conquered regions to serve the West: this is colonialism.  

5- When the governor (and later on king) of Egypt M. Ali Pacha introduced a renaissance in Egypt to rejuvenate and prolong the life of the sick man of Europe (i.e., the Ottoman empire), Europe fought fiercely against him. On the margin of this, M. Ali Pacha and his grandson, Khedive Ismail, introduced a renaissance in Egypt and sent many men to Europe to be educated in many fields. Before all that, the very first Saudi kingdom emerged in 1745 A.D. in Arabia and based itself on Wahabism (a revival of the extremist Sunnite Hanbali sect) and the main tenet of religious wars. This first Saudi kingdom was away from Europe; its men massacred many non-Wahabi Arabs and 'Muslims'. The Egyptian military troops of king M. Ali Pacha defeated the Saudis and caused the collapse of the first Saudi kingdom in 1818 A.D. The second Saudi kingdom emerged and collapsed very soon because of internecine struggles. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud established the third, current Saudi kingdom after obtaining the permission and aid of Great Britain which aimed at re-dividing the region after World War I, and new modern states were established: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel.  

6- Huge reserves of oil have been discovered inside the Saudi kingdom; the Saudi royal family allied themselves to the USA. The USA and Europe allowed the Saudis to spread and propagate Wahabism all over the world as if it were Islam. The West powers made use of Wahabism as a tool to face and the (atheist) communism of the USSR. Soon enough after the collapse of the USSR, the confrontations and struggles began between the West and Wahabis who were not controlled by the Saudi kingdom. the Wahabi centers and mosques inside the USA and Europe are terrorist pockets which pose a veritable threat to the West. This has inevitably resulted into a violent reaction on the part of white supremacists and right-wing extremists in several West countries.  


Secondly: from Barack Obama to Donald Trump:

1- The West and the USA have resorted to the intellectual war of ideas against the USSR and communism; this caused the collapse of the USSR without shooting a single bullet. Of course, communism is a Western product which could easily be faced through the West culture using an intellectual counter-attack to dismantle and undermine communism. In contrast, Wahabism is a devilish product of the Sunnite Hanbali culture of the Arabs. This means the West powers are NOT culturally qualified to face the Wahabi terrorism by undermining and refuting in from within Islam; only Quranists are qualified to do that. Of course, the West powers now are not willing to get rid of Wahabism; sadly, they see that it serves their purposes and interests to protect and to invest Wahabism. The Quranists are the only thinkers who can show the difference between Quranic values of Islam (e.g., justice, peace, freedom), which match values supposedly cherished by the West, and the devilish Wahabi tenets. The West powers do not desire to seek the help of Quranists to defeat the Wahabi terrorism because this goes against the deep-seated, centuries-old hatred of the name of Islam in the West. The ancestors of the West people never saw from 'Islam' except atrocities, massacres, and heinous crimes committed by Arab and non-Arab Muhammadans (caliphs, sultans, and conquerors) during the Middle Ages. The same sentiments are share by victims of Arab conquests such as Egyptian Christian Copts and other minorities during the Middle Ages. Wahabism in our modern times has restored persecution of non-Wahabis in the Arab world (and terrorism against 'infidels' of the West) in the name of 'Islam'. This is why the West (and Egyptian Christian Copts) are eager to describe terrorist Wahabis as 'Islamists' and their movements/organizations and terrorism as 'Islamic' in order to defame Islam and to tarnish its name. This is reinforced by the fact that Wahabis control Arab media and the enthroned Arab tyrants protect and propagate the Wahabi ideology and culture.          

2- Extremists among the supporters of white supremacy and the right-wing in the West were infuriated by the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the first African American president of 'Muslim' roots. The hatred of the name of Islam increased when the Obama administration allied itself to Wahabism; the Bush administration was desiring to employ the peaceful Quranist intellectual war of ideas against Wahabi terrorism; we ourselves are the witness of this; yet, we lost hope of serving the USA in this respect once Obama was elected. The reaction of the Americans who had to bear with the presence of Obama for eight years has been to elect Donald Trump who represents the worst features of the American right-wing: racism and extremism as well as hatred of 'Muslims' non-white Americans, women, and human rights. At the same time, Trump has allied himself to the Saudi kingdom and its Wahabism as he is keen on milking the Saudi cow to the last drop.     

3- The election of Trump coincided with the ever-increasing power of ISIS; this has given momentum to the racist statements of Trump against Islam and 'Muslims' (or the Muhammadans), and Trump's statements against the name of Islam have their reverberations and influence inside and outside the USA. This is the environment in which emerged the Australian criminal who massacred peaceful 'Muslims' in two mosques in New Zealand.

4- This Australian criminal represents a Western non-Wahabi version of ISIS terrorists.


Thirdly: the real source of danger is the environment in which this Australian criminal has emerged:

1- This Australian criminal belongs to the same religion of terrorism which urges massacring the innocent ones within a place of worship (i.e., a mosque) and a religious day (i.e., a Friday); let us remember that ISIS terrorists massacred more than 300 men and injured more than 128 men on Friday Nov. 24th, 2017 within a terrorist attack on a mosque in a village in Sinai, Egypt, and they chased the runaway people to kill them off; this is repeated now by this ISIS-like Australian criminal. 

2- Trump is the leader of such racism and hatred; his words and deeds have created a propaganda for such racism which has acquired more supporters; some of them have committed terrorist crimes within the last two years since Trump assumed his office as the American president. This is exemplified in the points below.

2/1: In Jan. 28th, 2017, arson occurred in a mosque in Victoria, Houston, Texas, the USA, and the whole building was burned down; this occurred after Trump has taken some decisions against 'Muslims' and refugees.

2/2: A day later, at least 6 people were killed in a mass shooting attack at a mosque in Quebec, in Canada.

2/3: In June 19th, 2017, in London, the UK, a terrorist drove his car blindly to run over people who came out of a mosque; one man was killed and ten men were injured.

2/4: In Sept. 28, 2016, a bomb exploded inside a mosque in Dresden, in Germany.

2/5: Two months later, some extremist white persons wrote with graffiti anti-Muslim slogans at the walls of a mosque in Bordeaux, in France.

2/6: Lastly, this ISIS-like Australian criminal mentioned in his statement (posted by him via the Internet) that he is influenced by Trump "who will restore dignity to the white identity" and by Candace Owens the pro-Trump conservative commentator and political activist.  


Fourthly: the real source of danger in this ISIS-like Australian criminal is his being cultured and a leader:

 In fact this Australian criminal has launched a new page in the West within applying the cursed religion of ISIS (i.e., Wahabism) against 'Muslims' (or the Muhammadans); i.e., to massacre (the other) which differs in race and religion. This Australian criminal is ideologically cultured and indoctrinated. This appears from the following facts.

1- This Australian criminal videoed his crime and posted it via the Internet; he takes pride in his crime and urges other racist extremists to imitate him and to follow his footsteps.

2- This Australian criminal wrote words showing his knowledge of the history of the struggle between "Muslim" Arabs and the West.

2/1: This Australian criminal wrote on his weapons that he wants to stop to the invasion of Europe by the Umayyads and Andalusians; he wrote a reference to the Battle of Tours of 732 A.D., the Battle of Vienna 1683 A.D., and the Battle of Lepanto 1571 A.D. to remind people of how Europeans achieved victory over Arabs and Ottomans. Besides, he wrote the phrase (Turcophagus: the eaters of Turks) which was the name of Greek gangs who killed many Ottomans in bloody attacks in the 19th century. 

2/2: This Australian criminal mentions in his statement that he aims to take revenge for hundreds of thousands of European people killed and enslaved in the course of history when 'Muslim' Arabs/Ottomans invaded parts of Europe.

2/3: This Australian criminal's 73-page statement express the extremist sentiments of Trump against 'Muslim' immigrants who are deemed as "invaders". This Australian criminal mentions that the land of the West will never be dominated by immigrants; the West should remain be dominated by the white people who will not die out or go instinct to be replaces by immigrants. This Australian criminal mentions that he is a white man from the working class and he committed his crime to ensure the future of the white nation in the West. This Australian criminal wrote on one of his weapons this phrase: "Welcome to hell, immigrants!". This Australian criminal considers his crime as a 'glorious' deed against invading powers which threaten the Western civilization. This Australian criminal mentions that he has chosen a mosque frequented by many invaders in New Zealand to catch the attention of the media and the people of the West in general.  


Fifthly: the coming source of danger is more grave and fatal: this Australian criminal represents an imminent wave of ISIS-like terrorism of Western white supremacists against 'Muslims':

1- Within his statement on the Internet, this Australian criminal mentions that he does not belong to any political movement and that he had his personal motives to commit this attack; he mentions that he represents millions of Europeans who are looking forward to living in their own lands and practice their own traditions. 

2- This is why many persons eagerly and swiftly supported this criminal.

2/1: The Australian politician and right-wing senator Fraser Anning, hours after the heinous crime, has issued a statement to blame the Christchurch attack on 'Muslim' immigration; he wrote: “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?” “The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”  “Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.” “The truth is that Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless”. But his remarks were denounced by many leaders inside and outside Australia. What Anning calls "Islam" is, in fact, the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism.

2/2: Others have said/written the following statements.

2/2/1: (...This attacker did not target innocent people like adolescents in a Pop concert or families enjoying picnics in gardens and parks; he targeted a blow against part of the political machine which actively attacking his nation in order to annihilate the white people ... Muslim immigrants in Europe destroy their nations ...). This is, of course, a reference to the crimes of ISIS terrorists in Europe; they never belong to Islam; rather, they belong the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism.  

2/2/2: (... This attacker deserves our respect! ... he deserves a medal for what he did ... this is the very first time when things go the other way round ... this is the first time when there is a reversal of roles and victims (not attackers) are Muslims ...). This is, of course, a reference to the crimes of ISIS terrorists in Europe; they never belong to Islam; rather, they belong the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism.

2/2/3: (... That there are two mosques in a city named as Christchurch is a very provoking fact in itself...).



1- The situation is bleak and gloomy: 'Muslim' immigrants constitute a minority in the West countries; most of them adhere to Wahabism; this means that the current environment has several factors which will interact so that worst crimes will be committed in the near future. Would this heinous crime in New Zealand usher a revival of the Middle-Ages struggle between the 'Muslim' East and the Christian West?! The 'Muslim' immigrants in the West countries will pay the heavy price for such struggle, of course. We should bear in mind that Asian non-Muslim immigrants (e.g., from China) are never attacked despite being so many; their number surpass that of the Arab/'Muslim' immigrants.   

2- In our very first article published in the Cairo-based Al-Akhbar newspaper in Egypt, in 1989, we have written that the Quran (i.e., Qurnaism) is the solution to put an end to the Wahabi Sunnite ideology of terrorism.

3- What is the number of victims on both sides ('Muslims' and non-Muslims) since 1989 until now?!

4- Why do not you try to think and understand?!









(1) Mr. Osama Qafeesha: The source of danger is extremism and Wahabi terrorism; the remedy is known: Quranism. Yet, most people worldwide never pay attention to the call of Dr. A. S. Mansour and to his reform expressed in his writings. Of course, extremism and terrorism exist in other religions and in racist views and discourse; this includes white supremacists. It is very alarming to read comments of white people of the West encouraging and applauding the Christchurch massacre; they are racists; this means that Islamophobia-based racism is on the rise in the West in general. May the Lord God have mercy on the souls of the victims of the massacre at the two mosques. I offer my sincere condolences to their families.

(2) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: We must never believe every word we read online; I tend to think that Dr. A. S. Mansour made a mistake in assuming that the West (esp. American) media never tell lies. The people of the West in most cases commit injustices against Muslims immigrants and citizens in their West countries.

(3) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: Dear Mr. Qafeesha, you've made a mistake in assuming that terrorism based on racism and hatred are new things in the West; the European history is filled with painful examples: the wars between France and England, England and Ireland, the Irish civil strife, and the Roman conquest of Europe and other continents. This is not to mention European occupation of Asia and Africa. This means that Europeans are racists and belligerent since the dawn of history. Wahabi terrorists are the product of the USA, EU, and the KSA, and they use weapons imported from, and made in, the West. You must not forget that Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS are products of the CIA. More Wahabi terrorists will emerge because of the CIA. It's a tragic fact that such Wahabi terrorists scribe their heinous crimes to the name of Islam; it is more tragic that the West powers create, help, and draw benefit from Wahabi terrorist organizations worldwide.

(4) Mr. Eyas: You are in the wrong in your alluding that Dr. A. S. Mansour made a mistake and that he is naïve or gullible to believe in anything mentioned in the West media! How dare you?! What do you mean, anyway?! Why aren't you frank enough?!

(5) Mr. Osama Qafeesha: Thank you, Dr. Mustafa Hammad. Perhaps you are right; yet, what I mean is that white supremacy and racist views against Arabs/Muslims are on the rise in the West countries, despite their adherence to values like tolerance and accepting of the other and of coexistence. I fear that ISIS-like terrorists will emerge among extremist white people in the West and they will try to massacre people of Arab/Muslim origin in the West. I cringe at reading comments in the social media websites (by European people) which support and applaud the Christchurch massacre and the Australian criminal who perpetrated it.

(6) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, our dear fellow Quranists. We have not written the abovementioned historical facts for no reason. As per history, once Muhammad died, the Arabs fought and conquered the Persian and the Byzantine empires; the Arab empire reached the borders between Spain and France and the borders of Constantinople; the Arabs engaged into civil wars; the Arabs made their history as part of their terrestrial religions. Most Arab historians and authors disregarded the Quranic Chapter 30 because they hated the Byzantines. Enmity between the Arabs and the Europeans lasted for centuries. The Arabs divided the world into the camp of war/infidels and the camp of peace/believers. We cannot blame the West world because it suffered the aggression Arabs first. The Arab aggressors are to blame. The West (i.e., Europe and the USA) did not create the Sunnite-Shiite struggle revived until now by Arabs. We denounce the fact that most Arabs believe in conspiracy theories. We do not believe in conspiracy theories which blame the West for terrorism and backwardness of the Arab world and clear the names of the enthroned Arab tyrants. Elected rulers in the West countries serve their nations and they are not expected to serve the Arab world; the Arab nation must demand from their enthroned tyrants to serve them instead of demanding the aid of the West. The Arabs must change their old ways of thinking if progress would be achieved one day. Sometimes, the West media have double standards; yet, the Arabs make double standards as part of their religions. We were very depressed after writing the above article; we had to have some rest for hours. This is because we know that the weak ones on earth are the first victims of retaliation of the Wahabi ISIS terrorists and the retaliation of terrorist white extremists. We think that the Egyptian Christian Orthodox Copts might be the next victims of ISIS though the Copts have nothing to do with what happens in the West. May the Lord protect all the weak ones on earth.   

(7) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: May the Lord God forgive you, Mr. Eyas. I never meant to accuse Dr. A. S. Mansour of being naïve or gullible; you misunderstood my comment. My comments are direct and frank and they are understood by everyone.

(8) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I beg to differ with your views, Dr. A. S. Mansour. The Middle-East countries did not attack Europe or the West. Within history, the Pharaohs and the Phoenicians, for instance, never invaded Europe; the Europeans (i.e., the Greeks, the Byzantines, and the Romans) are the ones who invaded the regions known today as the Middle-East. By the way, when the Arabs conquered Spain, they never forced its people to change their religion and they never committed genocide there. This is in contrast to the Spanish persecution of Arabs after their defeat within the fall of Grenada and Cordova. I never support Arab tyrants of today or of the past; yet, this does not mean that I will consider the West kings and rulers of the past as 'innocent'. What about the European military struggle against the Turks?! What about the Crusades?! What about the European invasion of the Arab world in modern history?! What about the sabotage of the Arab world today by the West powers and the CIA?! By the way, the only partial and temporary invasion of Europe by a non-European man was by Hannibal of Carthage; yet, this was a self-defense war as the Romans committed aggression first against Carthage.    

(9) Mr. Ben Levante: I don't like the way Arabs discuss any thorny issues; they divide themselves into two extremist sides and both lack politeness in holding dialogues with people who hold opinions which differ from their own.

(10) Mr. Eyas: I apologize for misunderstanding the comment by Dr. Mustafa Hammad. The main problem is that most Arabs make their history as part of their terrestrial religions.

(11) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We remind all of you that we talk about religious wars and not secular wars. Conquerors fill lines of history books in all eras and locations; this is not our concern here. We focus only on invasions/conquests which have used religious banners/mottoes; e.g., the Arab conquests, the Ottoman conquests, the Crusades, and the Spanish invasion of Latin America. Secular wars and invasions have ended and are forgotten regardless of the number of their victims. For instance, the victims of WWII are tens of millions of people; the warring parties achieved peace and the UN was established; the USA now is the chief ally of Japan and Germany. Another example is the American war in Vietnam; after it ended, good relations are now held between the USA and Vietnam. No immigrants from Vietnam, China, or Japan inside the West are being persecuted, and even if some of them form gangs or join the Mafia, they never turn into terrorists. In contrast, Arab immigrants who embrace Wahabism might turn into terrorists. Sadly, religious wars go on because of the dominance to terrestrial religions of Satan. The struggle between the Persians and the Byzantines is now mere history. The ongoing Sunnite-Shiite struggle has not ended because it is based on the Shiite and Sunnite religions of Satan; both religions have nothing to do with Islam. Enthroned Arab tyrants defend Sunnite Wahabism because its clergymen serve them. This is our viewpoint and we respect the different views of those who have refused to agree with us.        







CHAPTER I: The Culture of Terrorism of the Australian Criminal




The Australian Criminal as a Preacher and a Combatant within Favorable Circumstances and Suitable Conditions 



 Within the field of religious wars (or rightly named as religious terrorism), there are preachers who do not participate in fighting (such as Al-Qaradawy and the pope Urban II), there are combatants and military leaders (such as Bin Laden and Al-Zarqawi), and there are those who belong to the more dangerous type: combining between being preachers and combatants in religious wars (such as M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab and Peter the Hermit). Of course, the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre belongs to the third, more dangerous type. We demonstrate the difference between this Australian criminal and his likes in the points below.



1- Peter the hermit roamed Europe on the back of his donkey to urge the Europeans to launch a 'holy' war, or Crusade, to liberate Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Arabs; he found a very enthusiastic welcome and the first popular crusade was led by him before his participation in the very first formal Crusade led by princes and kings of Europe.

2- Favorable circumstances and suitable conditions existed when the Europeans marched en masse within the Crusades; in fact, the Crusades offered a solution to several social and political problems in Europe at the time.

3- Many historians have explained these circumstances and conditions which encouraged launching the Crusades; yet, most of these historians overlooked a very important factor: Europe was overpopulated at the time; several Europeans in densely populated countries had to settle elsewhere by conquering new areas. The words of pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095 A.D. indicate this, as he urged the Europeans to join the first Crusade (the Princes' Crusade) to recapture the Holy Land which is a land flowing with milk and honey. This description of the Middle-East shows that sources of Europe began to be scarce at the time and could not cope with the overpopulation; the solution was to conquer new regions while adding the religious aspect to such conquest.

4- Ironically, the same meaning of the words of pope Urban II was repeated by the Arab conqueror and military leader Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed when he encouraged his soldiers and military troops, as per the historical account by Al-Tabari: (... Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed delivered a speech to his soldiers to make them love to settle in the foreign lands and to stop yearning to living in the Arab lands; he said: "... Food here is scarce and mixed with dust and sand; we need this jihad not only for God's sake but also to keep off hunger and live in the plenty of the countryside and orchards of the lands we conquer ..." ... This is why Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed did not kill off peasants in the conquered lands, he imposed taxes on them after they surrendered to him, and he enslaved the wives and children of the killed soldiers of the enemies ...).



1- At the time of Arab conquests, Europe was underpopulated, whereas Arabs had to face the problem of overpopulation and they felt the urgent need to conquer new regions in the north, east, and west. In fact, books of Arab history and literature indicate the overpopulation among the Arabs as they provided many reinforcements of soldiers in several battles and conquests to establish the Arab empire from the borders of China to the Pyrenees south of France. Yet, the Arabs suffered low birth-rates in the Second Abbasid Era, when compared to non-Arabs at the time, while Europe began to have its overpopulation gradually. 

2- It is very important to remind readers of what we have written in 1997 in Cairo, Egypt, in this article we sent to the Cairo-based State-owned Al-Ahram newspaper, but it never got published. The title of the article is as follows "Islamic Minorities in the West are Time Bombs; When Will Such Bombs Explode?", and here is a passage from this article: (... And there is an invisible and yet very decisive factor; namely, the discrepancy between the higher birth-rates of Muslims in the West and the lower birth-rates of the West population. This factor influences the relations between Muslim communities in the West and the rest of the West population. This is a lengthy topic filled with details; we say here briefly that higher birth-rates of Muslim communities is linked to lower birth-rates of the West population (in Europe); when there are higher birth-rates of the West population, there are lower birth-rates of the Arab/Muslim population. Struggles resulting from this discrepancy means that if the densely populated side is strong enough, it will conquer the scarcely populated side or will immigrate to it if the densely populated side is weak and cannot conquer. Thus, Arab conquests are directly linked to Arab overpopulation while the Europeans suffered under-population. At another era, the Arabs were underpopulated and Europe before the colonial period had its overpopulation. The exact opposite occurs now; namely, the number of European population decreases now, whereas Muslim immigrants there have their higher birth-rates and this is deemed like a peaceful invasion, unlike the case of Arab conquests of the 7th century A.D., and the Europeans feel threatened because the 'Muslim' immigrants establish their Wahabi mosques and centers which spread and propagate the ideology of hate, extremism, and terrorism in the name of Islam, and such ideology is an extension of the Middle-Ages culture of struggles between the Europeans and Arabs ...).

3- We assert and add here that geographical discoveries by the Europeans (especially the Catholic extremists among the Spanish and Portuguese) who carried the sign of the cross made the new settlers massacre millions of the native people at first; this lessened gradually, but the white man kept the gains resulted from geographical discoveries to only him (in the two Americas, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand); yet, because making use of such vast areas was beyond the number of white Europeans, black slaves were imported from Africa, and later on, the white man reluctantly and grudgingly allowed restricted immigration waves from among other races. If Australia had less restricted immigration policies, hundreds of millions of Asian people would have settled in it.      

4- Thus, in modern times, the white man is filled with anxiety as lower birth-rates spread among the West population, in contrast to higher birth-rates of 'Muslim' immigrants in the West and in Arab/Muslim countries near Europe; the white man is never worried about billions of non-Muslims in India, China, Japan, and South-East of Asia. Yet, because of certain historical roots, the white man is worried because of hundreds of millions of Muslims/Arabs living in countries adjacent to Europe; yet, the white man knows that those Muslims are too weak to conquer Europe and the West (as done by their ancestors within the Arab conquests of the 7th century A.D.), but the worry is focused on Muslims/Arabs who immigrate into the West; such immigration may be tolerated by non-extremists white people who assume that new immigrants will integrate into the West communities and increase the racial and cultural diversity which is deemed as a source of strength.   

5- Extremists white people and white supremacists consider such immigration waves of Arabs/Muslims as a type of invasion of the West; they worry very much about the low birth-rates of the white people in the West, as the white people may die out later one and this offers a bleak prospect of the future; they are also anxious about the spread of the evil Wahabi ideology among the 'Muslims' of the West through Wahabi centers and mosques which prevent the success of integration endeavors. Wahabis of the West organize demonstrations to demand the application of Wahabi sharia laws in the streets of the West cities; they misuse free speech and freedom of expression and movement in the West to propagate the Wahabi ideology everywhere. The white people in the West see now that Wahabi terrorists recruit immigrants (and Syrian refugees) who commit terrorist operations and crimes; this has increased the rates of Wahabi terrorism in the West. This means that most of the white people fear that in the future, they will be a minority in their own countries, whereas Arabs/Muslim immigrants and their children will be a majority who embrace the cursed Wahabi religion of ISIS! 

6- The Australian criminal Brenton Tarrant has the same anxiety regarding the immigration waves of Arabs/Muslims into the West; this is the motive behind his heinous crime; this anxiety/fear is shared by so many conservatives, right-wingers, and racist and extremist white people. Tarrant killed men, women, and children in two mosques in New Zealand as he sees them as a type of invasion which must be stopped, and he assumed he must take revenge because of the crimes of Arab caliphs and Ottoman sultans in history. 



1- Tarrant did not have to ride a donkey like Peter the Hermit to urge others to commit crimes of hate against what he deems as 'invasion'. The Internet is enough for propagating any good or bad ideas. The West media asserted the fact that the Australian criminal (Brenton Tarrant began preparing for the attack and discussed it via the Internet platforms [especially on the websites of Facebook and 8chan] two years before he committed his crime; he expressed his intention of committing a terrorist crime against Muslims somewhere. The website 8chan welcomes racists, homosexuals, and haters of Islam. Prior to the 15 March 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings, its perpetrator posted his manifesto detailing his reasons for the attack. The killer shared links to the live stream video only minutes before the attack on 8chan and Facebook, among other platforms. Many members of 8chan re-shared it and applauded the violent murders. This means that many people like the ideas spread by Tarrant ...).

2- Unlike Peter the Hermit, Tarrant knows that the West governments will never accept the idea of launching crusades against Turkey and Arab/Muslim countries; the era of military colonization ended; another more cunning and 'decent' type of colonization replaced it; namely, Arab and Middle-Eastern tyrants humiliate and rob their nations (and they never trust their nations) and submit to the West powers by smuggling into the West the stolen thousands of billions of US$ and by purchasing weapons from the West. It is impossible that the enthroned or deposed tyrants (and their children and/or successors) would retrieve parts of the smuggled money (e.g., the deposed Mubarak of Egypt and the children of the murdered Kaddafi of Libya). Even before his death, the Saudi king Abdullah tried but failed to retrieve some money deposited by the Saudi royal family in the USA; the American government allowed him only to spend a certain amount of money inside the USA; he had to use that money to send some Saudi men to be educated inside the USA. Thus, the West powers do not have to invade the Arab countries since money are smuggled willingly into the West. Thus, the West powers do not have to suffer losses in money and soldiers; this fact is realized by the Europeans in the 1950s; the USA realized this fact recently, and this is typical of extremists American leaders who understand after it is too late; this is why they withdrew their military troops recently from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.     

3- This means that Tarrant knows that West governments will never accept the idea of launching crusades against Muslim/Arab immigrants; he discussed his ideas via the internet among ordinary people who shared his racist views; this means Tarrant used the internet to recruit others and to urge them to follow his footsteps by committing terrorist crimes in the future; this means that Tarrant imitates ISIS terrorists and other Wahabi terrorists.



1- The Australian terrorist Tarrant has emerged as a reaction to Wahabi terrorism before and after the emergence of ISIS. Tarrant did not go to any university but he is well-versed in history; his modest salary as a personal trainer did not prevent him from visiting Egypt, Turkey, Israel/Palestine, the Balkans, Greece, and Pakistan in order to get to know the locations of military struggles between the Europeans and Arabs/Turks. Tarrant has committed his heinous crime without any regrets of pricks of conscience; he believed in what he did and videoed everything to recruit tens of potential terrorists. Thus, he is a pioneer in combining the call for religious war/terrorism and implementing such crimes at the same time.  

2- This means that Tarrant has found supporters who helped him to travel and to get the necessary weapons for his terrorist crime; in their investigations, the police suspect that Tarrant has received support, though he committed his terrorist crime alone. many commentators have posed questions about how Tarrant received a license to carry arms in New Zealand and how he received weapons modified in an illegal way.

3- The media mention that the 28-year-old Tarrant smiled in court and did not speak; he made a gesture with his hand to indicate white supremacy; he did not request to be released on bail; he will remain under arrest until tried in court in the 5th of April, 2019. This means that Tarrant desire to turn the court into a platform or a conference for his racist ideas of white supremacy, especially that he will represent himself in court (he desired no lawyers to defend him) in the same manner of the Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 persons in 2011. This means that Tarrant is bent on propagating in court his racist ideas among his supporters of extremist white people.

4- Many people who are sick at heart expressed their support for Tarrant and applauded his terrorist crimes; we think that millions of people in the West inwardly admire Tarrant and his ideas but are afraid of being condemned and rebuked if they express their sentiments openly and they prefer to conceal them. There is a YouTube video by an American director of a university urging the massacre of all Muslims in the West and offers free courses to help those who are willing to commit this crime! Sadly, some articles by some journalists side with Tarrant and offer excuses for the crime he has committed! Thus, Tarrant has paved the way the era of terrorist attacks and operations which will target 'Muslims' in the West in the near future. This may result in more Wahabi terrorist crimes in the West as a type of retaliation.

5- This will lead to a religious world war in the modern era by the Wahabi ISIS of Arabs and a West ISIS of white supremacists. We are worried about many terrorist attacks, committed by both sides, which may occur soon! We implore the Lord God that this religious world war will never take place. 







(1) Mrs. Lotfiya Saeed: Mutual hatred and greed covered with religious banners/mottoes are behind such violence; as per history, Arab conquests troubled Europe; Crusades were the reaction centuries later. The 'holy' hatred spread through the centuries and until now via the cyberspace. Corrupt religious thought is used by all parties as pretext or justification for violence. What is to be done?! I'd like to read possible solutions by Dr. A. S. Mansour. Thank you.







The Australian Criminal between Islamophobia and the Phobia of the West 



 The current environment is being prepared to witness mutual terrorist crimes (by Wahabis and by extremist white people) reinforced by Islamophobia in the West expressed by many of the West people and the phobia of the West expressed by most Muhammadans. Because we never lose hope for introducing reform, we write more details on this topic in the points below


Firstly: Islamophobia in the West:  

1- A female friend of ours is an Egyptian-American woman; she has given birth to her daughter inside the USA; this daughter is now 30 years old; when she visited Cairo, Egypt, for the first time with her mother, she heard the call of the dawn prayers from a nearby mosque; once she heard the phrase (God is the Greatest!), or Allahu Akbar! in Arabic, she panicked and jumped out of bed while screaming; she assumed that a terrorist crime has been committed; this is because the phrase (God is the Greatest!) is associated inside her mind with terrorism and Wahabi terrorists.   

2- In a movie we have watched on TV, a non-Muslim terrorist planted time bombs in a stadium, during a match, filled with thousands of people; the hero of the movie discovered the time bombs and asked his assistant (a Muslim Indian immigrant in the USA) to help him make people leave the stadium immediately; this assistant kept shouting at people to inform them about the bombs but no one cared to hear him; he had a brilliant idea to make them leave at once: he shouted at them the phrase (God is the Greatest!), or Allahu Akbar! in Arabic, and they left swiftly in panic. 

3- The phrase (God is the Greatest!), or Allahu Akbar! in Arabic is used by Wahabi terrorists while they commit their terrorist operations or suicide attacks; this phrase causes panic to the West people. YouTube is filled with funny, laughter-inducing videos which make use of that panic. 

4- Terrorist suicide attacks is not familiar in the West; the West non-Wahabi terrorists commit their terrorist operations without committing suicide; this is exemplified by the Australian terrorist and former gym trainer Brenton Tarrant. The suicide attacks in the West is committed by Wahabi terrorists only who explode themselves in streets (or in public places or means of transportation) while dressed in casual clothes to appear as if they were ordinary people so as not to catch the attention of others; they suicide attacks are expected to take place anytime anywhere in the West; this is the major cause of panic; the West people everywhere typically doubt any persons who have Middle-Eastern features. This doubt, suspicion, and fear is now known as Islamophobia.  

5- We quote the Wikipedia here ( (...Islamophobia is the fear, hatred of, or prejudice against, the Islamic religion or Muslims generally, especially when seen as a geopolitical force or the source of terrorism. The term was first used in the early 20th century and it emerged as a neologism in the 1970s, then it became increasingly salient during the 1980s and 1990s, and it reached public policy prominence with the report by the Runnymede Trust's Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia (CBMI) entitled Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All (1997). The introduction of the term was justified by the report's assessment that "anti-Muslim prejudice has grown so considerably and so rapidly in recent years that a new item in the vocabulary is needed". The causes and characteristics of Islamophobia are still debated. Some commentators have posited an increase in Islamophobia resulting from the September 11 attacks, the rise of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, some from multiple terror attacks in Europe and the United States, while others have associated it with the increased presence of Muslims in the United States and in the European Union. Some people also question the validity of the term. The academics S. Sayyid and Abdoolkarim Vakil maintain that Islamophobia is a response to the emergence of a distinct Muslim public identity globally, the presence of Muslims in itself not being an indicator of the degree of Islamophobia in a society. Sayyid and Vakil maintain that there are societies where virtually no Muslims live but many institutionalized forms of Islamophobia still exist in them ... The word Islamophobia is a neologism[27] formed from Islam and -phobia, a Greek suffix used in English to form "nouns with the sense 'fear of  – ', 'aversion to – '. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word means "Intense dislike or fear of Islam, esp. as a political force; hostility or prejudice towards Muslims" and is attested in English as early as 1923. The University of California at Berkeley's Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project suggested this working definition: "Islamophobia is a contrived fear or prejudice fomented by the existing Eurocentric and Orientalist global power structure. It is directed at a perceived or real Muslim threat through the maintenance and extension of existing disparities in economic, political, social and cultural relations, while rationalizing the necessity to deploy violence as a tool to achieve 'civilizational rehab' of the target communities (Muslim or otherwise). Islamophobia reintroduces and reaffirms a global racial structure through which resource distribution disparities are maintained and extended." ... In 1996, the Runnymede Trust established the Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia ...The Commission's report, Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All, was published in November 1997 ... In the Runnymede report, Islamophobia was defined as "an outlook or world-view involving an unfounded dread and dislike of Muslims, which results in practices of exclusion and discrimination." ... The exact definition of Islamophobia continues to be discussed with academics such as Chris Allen saying that it lacks a clear definition. According to Erik Bleich, in his article "Defining and Researching Islamophobia", even when definitions are more specific, there is still significant variation in the precise formulations of Islamophobia. As with parallel concepts like homophobia or xenophobia, Islamophobia connotes a broader set of negative attitudes or emotions directed at individuals of groups because of perceived membership in a defined category. Mattias Gardell defines Islamophobia as "socially reproduced prejudices and aversion to Islam and Muslims, as well as actions and practices that attack, exclude or discriminate against persons on the basis that they are or perceived to be Muslim and be associated with Islam" ...).

6- We assert the following points.

6/1: Islamophobia is the normal reaction to Wahabi terrorism, past and present, which occurs because of still-active religious motives. Wahabi terrorists assume wrongly that their heinous crimes constitute 'Islamic jihad' and that they deserve Paradise with tens of houris waiting for the suicide-attackers. This means that Sunnite Wahabi terrorism will go on as long as such Wahabi belief system of Satan goes on. 

6/2: The West thinkers who have coined the term (Islamophobia) sympathize with the ordinary 'Muslims' and with Islam; they have mentioned that the number of 'Muslims' worldwide is 1.5 billion people, whereas 'Muslim' terrorists are few thousands of people only among them. The West thinkers assert that there are other terrorist movements which belong to other religions, even among the West people, including the Irish revolutionaries and their terrorist crimes.

6/3: The term (Islamophobia) means hatred and fear of Islam and 'Muslims' in general; this is a main tenet within the white supremacists and the West xenophobic extremist white people. whether they are preachers of hate and violence or preachers/combattants like the Australian terrorist Tarrant. Those racist extremist white people are not different at all from (and are in fact the counterparts of) the Wahabis who hate the West for religious reasons.   


Secondly: phobia of the West within most of the Muhammadans: deep-seated hatred of the West driven by religious motives and historical roots:

1- The historical roots harken back to the era of the sinful pre-Umayyad caliphs who initiated the Arab conquests and divided the world into two territories of belief/peace ad disbelief/war, making the territory of 'infidels' as the side which must be hated and fought within 'Islamic jihad' until the end of days.

2- Within the books of Ibn Abdul-Wahab (founder of Wahabism), he asserts that hating 'infidels' (Jews + Christians) and 'polytheists' (i.e., non-Wahabi Sunnites and all Shiites and Sufis) is part of religion. During the first Saudi kingdom, Ibn Abdul-Wahab led military raids and campaigns against non-Wahabi Arabs in Arabia and Iraq, as he deemed them as polytheists who deserve to die. The Wahabis of the first and second Saudi kingdoms never reached the West which is filled with 'infidels' and this is why Europe was safe from them at the time. Within Wahabi jihad, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud managed to establish the third, current Saudi kingdom, using the swords of jihadists known at the time as the Wahabi Najd Brothers, who were savage, brutal fighters and religious fanatics and extremists.  

3- Of course, hating all non-Wahabis (especially in the West) is an integral part of the Wahabi religion of Satan. The Wahabi Najd Brothers who helped Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud establish his Saudi kingdom revolted against him because he had close relations with the British (deemed by Wahabis as 'infidels' who must be fought to death!) and because he introduced into Arabia 'devilish' inventions of the West (e.g., cars, wireless, and motorcycles). Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud fought, defeated, and annihilated the Najd Brothers who rebelled against him; he established the terrorist MB organization in Egypt with the help of his agents there: Rasheed Reda and Hassan Al-Banna. The Saudi king Feisal used the oil revenues to spread and propagate Wahabism all over the world; this resulted in the Wahabi jihadists (e.g., the MB organization, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and ISIS) committing terrorist operations in the West, and victims of such Wahabi terrorist operations are non-Wahabi 'Muslims' as well as Israelis, Jews, and Christians.   


Thirdly: the roots of hating the West within the religion of Sunnite Muhammadans in the very first fake biography of Muhammad authored by M. Ibn Ishaq:

1- In his books, Ibn Abdul-Wahab heavily quotes Ibn Ishaq. The author Ibn Ishaq died in c. 152 A.H., and he fabricated the biography of Muhammad; he wrote it from his own imagination; he portrayed a fake image of Muhammad to make his life resembles that of the Abbasid caliph Abou Jaffer Al-Mansour. In fact, Ibn Ishaq was commanded and financially rewarded by Al-Mehdi, son and successor of Abou Jaffer Al-Mansour, to write such a fake biography of Muhammad. Naturally, Ibn Ishaq was influenced by the dominant culture of his era when there was a military struggle between the Arabs and the Byzantines. This military struggle was initiated by the caliphs Abou Bakr and Omar whose military troops committed the aggression of attacking the Byzantine and the Persian empires. This military struggle continued and exacerbated during the lifetime of Ibn Ishaq. This is why he invented imaginary events and ascribed them to Muhammad and he distorted his real character (found only in the Quranic text). Ibn Ishaq in his fake biography made Muhammad appear as a leader of launching wars of aggression and invasion. In contrast, the Quran tells us that all battles of Muhammad and the people of Yathreb were in cases of legitimate self-defense against aggressors; the Quran contains legislations about self-defense fighting.    

2- The Quranic revelation depicts the events of the life of Muhammad, especially his relations with his wives, companions, and the polytheistic aggressors. Many Quranic verses contain comments, reproaches, warnings, and commands addressed to Muhammad. Within such details, all battles of self-defense of the Yathreb city-state are mentioned sans exception until the Arabs of Arabia embraced the religion of peace (i.e., Islam in terms of peaceful behavior and nonviolence as per the Quranic verses 110:1-3) and stopped their military aggression.

3- Ibn Ishaq wrote his fake biography of Muhammad about 150 years after the death of Muhammad; he intentionally disregarded the real life-events of Muhammad in the Quranic text and he invented many lies/fabrications/myths about Muhammad; e.g., that Muhammad killed off captured men (or POWs) and enslaved women. Besides, Ibn Ishaq fabricated stories of battles which never took place, and they include the imaginary battle of Mo'ta as Ibn Ishaq imagined that Muhammad sent military troops to the Levant to fight the Byzantines in the Levant while he stayed in Yathreb!  


Fourthly: the myth/lie of the battle of Mo'ta in the fake biography of Muhammad authored by Ibn Ishaq:

 We quote few lines from the book by Ibn Ishaq about the so-called battle of Mo'ta, followed by our comments.

1- Ibn Ishaq writes thee following about Muhammad and dates his fake narrative to the year 8 A.H.: (... In the middle of the eighth year A.H., Prophet Muhammad, peace and salutations be upon Him, sent a campaign into the Levant ...). Ibn Ishaq wants his readers to imagine that Muhammad sent military troops to conquer the Levant which was controlled at the time by the Byzantines.

2- Ibn Ishaq writes: (... I heard M. Ibn Jaffer Ibn Al-Zubayr said that Orwa Ibn Al-Zubayr said that Prophet Muhammad, peace and salutations be upon Him, sent a military campaign to a place in the Levant known as Mo'ta in 8 A.H. and the leaders were Zeid Ibn Haretha, and if he is wounded or killed, he is to be replaced by Jaffer Ibn Abou Talib, and if he is wounded or killed, he is to be replaced by Abdullah Ibn Rawaha ...).

2/1: Ibn Ishaq wants his readers to imagine that Muhammad appointed three leaders to such Arab military troops sent to conquer the Levant.

2/2: This is laughter-inducing indeed; Ibn Ishaq is an inveterate liar; M. Ibn Jaffer Ibn Al-Zubayr and Orwa Ibn Al-Zubayr were dead and they never met Ibn Ishaq at all; how come that he heard them?! Besides, Orwa is born in 23 A.H. after the death of Muhammad and during the reign of the caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab; this means Orwa never saw Muhammad; how come he would narrate events he never witnessed?!

3- Ibn Ishaq writes more lies: (... Once Heraclius, the Byzantine emperor, heard of the Arab troops marching towards the Levant, he mobilized his byzantine troops of 200 thousand soldier and some Arabs of Iraq and of the Levant ... the Arab troops settled in their camp near the borders of the Levant and the military leaders decided to send a letter to Prophet Muhammad, peace and salutations be upon Him, to inform him of the number of the byzantine troops so that he would decide if they would fight them anyway or to wait until reinforcements would come from Yathreb ...). This means that Heraclius faced the Arab troops with Byzantine troops which comprised 200 thousand men, both Byzantines and Arabs.

4- Ibn Ishaq writes more myths; he mentions that the three military leaders of the Arab troops got killed in battle and Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed had to appoint himself as the new military leader to organize the retreat process of the defeated Arab troops.

5- Ibn Ishaq writes another lie; i.e., Muhammad who was in Yathreb knew that the Arab troops were defeated in Yathreb without anyone telling him so: (... Suddenly, Prophet Muhammad, peace and salutations be upon Him, broke his silence and told those around him that he has been just informed about the defeat of the military troops sent to the Levant and that the three military leaders got killed while carrying the banners; he said he has been informed that the souls of the three of them went straight to Paradise ...).

5/1: Ibn Ishaq here tells a very silly lie; who told Muhammad? Was it a divine revelation?! This cannot be true; the Quran tells us that Muhammad never knew or talked about the metaphysical aspects of the unseen, the unknown, and the future. Thus, how would he know about the defeat of the Arab troops supposedly sent to conquer the Levant and fight the Byzantines?!

5/2: How come that Ibn Ishaq would mention that a leader sent Arab military troops limited in number to commit aggression and to attack the biggest power in the ancient world at the time (i.e., the Byzantines) in the Levant?! The Byzantines were very powerful after they defeated the Persians and Heraclius was a very well-known Byzantine emperor at the time after his victory over the Persians.   

5/3: How come that Ibn Ishaq would mention that Muhammad sent military troops to the Levant while he remained lagging behind in Yathreb?! This contradicts the Quran. The Lord God has reproached the hypocrites of Yathreb for their refusal to participate in the self-defense fighting against aggressors: "They prefer to be with those who stay behind. Their hearts were sealed, so they do not understand." (9:87); "...They are content to be with those who stay behind. God has sealed their hearts, so they do not know." (9:93). To remain with women and children by being reluctant to participate in the self-defense fighting against aggressors is a big disgrace and a source of shame; this is the context of understanding the rebuke in Quranic verses 9:87 and 9:93. Thus, it is impossible and illogical to believe in the myth by Ibn Ishaq that Muhammad would send military troops of aggression to attack the biggest power in the ancient world at the time (i.e., the Byzantines) while he would remain in Yathreb along with women and children!

5/4: This mythical story of Ibn Ishaq ends 'happily' as the military leader Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed retreated with his defeated Arab troops in peace! It is impossible and illogical that the Byzantine emperor Heraclius who had massive armies to allow the Arab aggressive military troops to retreat in peace. 


Fifthly: the real source of danger in the myths/lies authored by Ibn Ishaq:

1- The fake biography of Muhammad written by Ibn Ishaq enjoys until now being believed in and sanctified by the Sunnite Muhammadans; notable Sunnite historians (e.g. Ibn Hisham, Al-Tabari, Al-Masoody, Ibn Al-Atheer, and Ibn Al-Jawzy) quoted heavily from it. Hence, the fake biography of Muhammad authored by Ibn Ishaq has become part and parcel of the Sunnite religion of Satan and it has inspired Ibn Abdul-Wahab (the founder of Wahabism) within this books which urge terrorism and hatred of the (other) (i.e., all non-Wahabis). Until now, the sanctified fake biography of Muhammad authored by Ibn Ishaq is an integral part of the Muhammadans' Sunnite and Sufi religions of Satan; most of the Muhammadans believe in it as an 'infallible' biography!  

2- The fake biography of Muhammad written by Ibn Ishaq aims at 'justifying' belatedly the crimes of military aggression of the deified caliphs Abou Bakr and Omar against the Byzantines.

3- The fake biography of Muhammad written by Ibn Ishaq have contributed until now to the deep-rooted hatred of the West (Byzantines, Europeans, and others) within the psyche of the Sunnite and Wahabi Muhammadans; this is the cultural background which gives a pretext to the Australian terrorist and his likes.



The myths/lies of Ibn Ishaq distracted the attention away from the biggest miraculous historical indication in the Quran about the Byzantines.  









(1) Mr. Ben Levante: Peace be with you. Indeed, extremism is like the match to ignite the fire of violence everywhere. I do believe that some of the battles ascribed to the history/biography of Muhammad are fake ones that never occurred. Sadly, the Muhammadans have distorted the phrase (Allahu Akbar!) [i.e., Allah is the Greatest!]; in a movie I've watched, the Azan is heard in the cellular of a tourist in a bus in Israel; the passengers panicked as they assumed this is a warning for a suicide attack! Likewise, the Muhammadans have distorted the phrase (Inchallah) [i.e., God willing] by making it a response employed to evade appointments and to avoid saying (yes or no) in a definite manner.   

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, our brother Mr. Ben Levante; we thank all Quranists who write comments which enable us to write further articles on that topic; soon enough, we will compile all articles into a book about the Christchurch massacre. 

(3) Dr. Othman Ali: Extremism in the West against Arabs/Muslims is based on the ways Arabs deceive people of the West; distrust is the cause of Islamophobia. I am an Egyptian-Canadian; when Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006, about 250000 Lebanese-Canadians were removed from Lebanon by Canada; it was discovered that most of them who live outside Canada for years received financial help under the pretext of being unemployed. This caused a radical change in the Canadian laws regarding aid to Canadian Arabs who live outside Canada. When I dealt with Arabs in Canada, I discovered they lacked the required moral level; this applies to businessmen and shopkeepers; distrust and extremism have not led to violence – yet – in Canada against Arabs and Muslims; yet, they are being avoided by those deceived by them; this is in contrast to tolerance expressed towards Arabs in Canada 30 or 40 years ago.     

(4) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, Dr. Othman Ali, for your comment. Sadly, Sunnite Wahabis in the West assume they have the 'right' to deceive non-Sunnites as per their corrupt Sunnite sharia laws; they imitate the sinful caliphs of history. This is juxtaposed with extremist white people who persecute and/or manipulate the Arab minorities whether they have obtained the nationality or not. France is an example of this; yet, we must not generalize and we will not lessen the danger of this injustice leading sometimes to terrorism. White supremacy is gaining ground every day in the West countries now. As a preacher of the Quranic Truth, we must raise the alarm against all types of injustice regardless of the nationalities and religious affiliations of the unjust ones.

(5) Mr. Morad Al-Khouly: I live in Canada; I agree wholeheartedly with you, Dr. A. S. Mansour. Prejudice against people of Arab origin in the West increases with the passage of time. A white extremist/terrorist like this Australian criminal committed the massacre cold-bloodedly and videoed it as if he were playing a game! Thirty years ago, a friend of mine of Japanese origin told me that many Australians in particular are racist.   

(6) Mr. Morad Al-Khouly: Dear Dr. Othman Ali; I'm sorry to say that what you have written is true; I mostly avoid dealing with Arabs who own supermarkets here in Canada. Most Arabs here are deceitful. This is a real scandal! Yet, let's not forget that many Canadians of Indian and Chinese origin are also deceitful. I desire that Trudeau will introduce some restrictions within allowing immigrants into Canada.    

(7) Dr. Othman Ali: Dear Mr. Morad Al-Khouly; I agree with you that deceitful people in Canada are from various countries of origin, but the deceit of those of Arab origin is unparalleled; this is because of Sunnite Wahabism allowing them to deceive others with no pricks of conscience. This is not self-flagellation because we are Arabs; this is to warn against extremism and distrust which occur as a result; this poses a threat to the future generation of Canadians of Arab origin who might be mistreated and remain unemployed.  

(8) Mr. Morad Al-Khouly: I agree with you, Dr. Othman Ali; I regret to say that most Arabs here are disgusting and their behavior is outright disgraceful. I hate to see hijab and niqab/Burqa spread among them here in Canada under the pretext of individual freedom. They never integrate into the Canadian society which welcomed them. White extremism will increase, whether we like it or not, as a result of this. 










CHAPTER II: The Culture of Terrorism of the Muhammadans








Deep-Seated Hatred among Arabs towards the Byzantines Made Them Disregard A Quranic Miraculous Historical Prediction





1- History records and registers events which took place in the past and the ones taking place in the present (i.e., when historians were contemporaries and/or eye-witnesses of such events); yet, history cannot have accounts/narratives related to the metaphysical aspects of the unseen/unknown within the present or the past.

2- The Quranic stories contain some items related to the metaphysical aspects of the unseen/unknown linked to the past, the present, and the future. These items include predictions about the near-future events (i.e., events occurred during Muhammad's lifetime) and the future events in eras which followed the descent/revelation of the entire Quran; this is in addition to mentioning future events of the end of days when the Hour comes and the universe is destroyed and the events of the Hereafter: the Day of the Resurrection, Gathering, Judgment, Hell, and Paradise.

3- The Quran, the Lord God's Word, contains predictions of things which will be said/uttered by disbelievers in Arabia and they actually said them; this means that such predictions (concerning the metaphysical aspect of the near future) were fulfilled during Muhammad's lifetime; for instance: "The ignorant among the people will say, "What has turned them away from the direction of prayer they once followed?" Say, "To God belong the East and the West. He guides whom He wills to a Straight Path."" (2:142). The expression ([They] will say) is repeated twelve times in the Quranic text within predictions regarding the near future.

4- The most important prediction in the Quranic verses revealed in Mecca (i.e., not in Yathreb to which Muhammad and early believers immigrated) is the final victory for the Byzantines within the war of the ancient world's two superpowers at the time: the Byzantines and the Persians, after initial victory of the Persians over the Byzantines, because the Quran predicts the victory attained later on by the Byzantines of the West (i.e., Europe), and this is mentioned as a divine promise from the Lord God Himself: "Alif, Lam, Meem. The Byzantines have been defeated. In a nearby territory. But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a nearby territory. But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a few years. The matter is up to God, in the past, and in the future. On that day, the believers will rejoice. In God's victory. He supports whomever He wills. He is the Almighty, the Merciful. The promise of God - God never breaks His promise, but most people do not know." (30:1-6).

5- We focus here on pondering on the verses 30:1-6, as this topic is closely linked to the Christchurch mass shooting, an atrocity committed by an Australian criminal who sought taking revenge as he resented the heinous crimes of Arab and Ottoman caliphs who fought against the West starting with waging wars against the Byzantine empire; later on, the Ottomans conquered and invaded its capital, Constantinople or Byzantium, renaming it as Asitana and Islambul/Istanbul, and turned its great cathedral into a mosque.


Firstly: the divine promise of granting victory to the Byzantines:

1- The victory attained by the Byzantines over the Persians was predicted in the Quran as a divine promise made with believing Arabs in Arabia during Muhammad's lifetime: "The promise of God - God never breaks His promise, but most people do not know." (30:6).

2- This means that the Lord God will grant victory to the Byzantines over the Persians after the initial defeat of the Byzantines by the Persians: "...But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a few years. The matter is up to God, in the past, and in the future. On that day, the believers will rejoice. In God's victory. He supports whomever He wills. He is the Almighty, the Merciful." (30:3-5).

3- This means that the might and power of the Lord God Himself is the cause behind the defeat of the Persians and the victory of the Byzantines; the Quran predicts that this will happen within a few years after the descent/revelation of the verses 30:1-6 to Muhammad.

4- This divine promise of granting victory to the Byzantines is not addressed to the Byzantines themselves; rather, it is addressed to weakened, oppressed early believers in Mecca persecuted severely by the leaders of Qorayish tribe, especially the Umayyad faction of it who controlled the trade caravans within the winter and summer journeys (to Yemen and to the Levant, respectively). Those weakened, oppressed, persecuted believers in Mecca wished that victory would be granted to the Byzantines, whereas the polytheistic disbelievers of Qorayish hoped that the Persians would be the victorious side; the trade caravans of Qorayish brought the news of the victory of the Persians over the Byzantines; the polytheists of Qorayish were glad because this will weaken the Byzantine control of the Levant (where trade caravans of Qorayish went annually). The oppressed believers in Mecca were saddened by the defeat of the Byzantines; the divine promise has come in the Quran (in 30:1-6) to bring them glad tidings of the victory of the Byzantines in few years; this victory caused the believers to feel very happy because it will change their miserable state of fear and danger into security and safety.       


Secondly: as per written history of that era, the Quranic miraculous historical prediction was fulfilled before the death of Muhammad:

1- Let us compare the Quranic context of 30:1-6 with events registered in the history of the struggle between the Byzantines and Persians at the time.

2- We trace the historical accounts of the struggle between the Byzantines and the Persians during the lifetime of Muhammad; Muhammad who lived in Mecca, Arabia, was over thirty years old when war broke out between the Byzantines and the Persian emperor Khosrow II (or Chosroes II, entitled "Aparvez" or Parvez (The Victorious) of the Sasanian dynasty) in 603 A.D. This war ended in 627 A.D.; i.e., few years before the death of Muhammad at the age of 63. This means that Muhammad and the believers with him saw that the Quranic prediction was fulfilled during their lifetime: "The Byzantines have been defeated. In a nearby territory. But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a nearby territory. But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a few years. The matter is up to God, in the past, and in the future. On that day, the believers will rejoice." (30:2-4).

3- And we quote historical narratives in the points below.

3/1: In 603 A.D., the Byzantine emperor Maurice was assassinated, and there were cordial relations at the time between the Byzantines and the Persians; this is why the son of Maurice went to Persia and sought the protection of Khosrow II against Phocas who assassinated Maurice and usurped the crown and the throne.  

3/2: Khosrow II seized the chance and led his military troops to conquer Mesopotamia (controlled by the Byzantines at the time) while sent other military troops to conquer the Levant (also controlled by the Byzantines at the time) and Asia Minor; the Persian troops drew very near to the Byzantine capital Byzantium/Constantinople

3/3: The Byzantines were frightened and Phocas, the Byzantine emperor at the time, could not do anything; the Byzantines dethroned him and Heraclius ascended to the throne as the new emperor.

3/4: The military troops of Heraclius marched from North Africa to Constantinople to save the besieged capital; the Persian troops of Khosrow II in 611 A.D. invaded the entire Levantine region and stole the so-called 'True Cross' which was carried away to the Persian empire in triumph; in 616 A.D., few years after the beginning of the ministry of Muhammad as a prophet, the Persian troops led by the Persian general Shahrbaraz conquered the Egyptian Nile Delta and Alexandria controlled by the Byzantines at the time.  

3/5: In 617 A.D., the Persians managed to conquer all regions of Asia Minor, including Chalcedon, near Constantinople.

3/6: The situation was very critical for the Byzantines and their  empire was on the verge of collapse after such a defeat. Meanwhile, the Quran was being revealed to Muhammad; in the context of 30:1-6, the Lord God has brought glad tidings to the believers in Mecca that the Christian Byzantines in a few years will defeat and achieve victory over the pagan, fire-worshiping Persians.   

3/7: Of course, Heraclius never heard of this Quranic prediction; at the time, he considered fleeing into Carthage; he sent treasures of Constantinople in a huge fleet into Carthage; yet, such fleet sank into the Mediterranean Sea. Heraclius had to submit to the pressure of the Byzantine nation and the clergymen and to try to fight back the Persian invaders; the Byzantine Church offered Heraclius its treasures and money to assist Heraclius in the military efforts. 

3/8: Hence, Heraclius launched his war to recapture lost territories; he led his military troops and crossed the Dardanelles in 622 A.D. and marched into Armenia and defeated the Persians there before returning to Constantinople.

3/9: In 623 A.D., Heraclius cooperated with the northern nations and attacked the Persian empire from the north; Khosrow II had to send military troops (40 thousand soldiers) to face Heraclius there, but Heraclius attained victory over the Persians in Azerbaijan.

3/10: Heraclius went on with his swift military attacks on 'holy' and important Persian cities in 623 A.D.

3/11: In 624 A.D., Khosrow II prepared for a decisive battle; yet, Heraclius re-conquered Armenia and defeated the separate Persian troops before they were gathered and before any reinforcement could reach them.

3/12: Heraclius had to rest and tae his breath for a while to prepare his Byzantine troops for a decisive battle; Khosrow II prepared two massive armies for this battle: one army to face Heraclius in the battlefield and one army, led by general Shahin , in a fleet to siege Constantinople. Heraclius left some troops to defend Constantinople and he led the rest of his troops to the north of Persia and attacked Tiflis (in modern Georgia now).

3/13: Constantinople was attacked and sieged by sea (by the Persian fleet, which was the largest military fleet at the time) and by land (by a massive Persian army). The Persian fleet and army attacking Constantinople by sea and by land were defeated miraculously without the intervention of the Byzantines; strong winds caused the Persian fleet to sink and caused the disintegration of the Persian army attacking by land. Shahin died of sorrow as he witnessed his defeat by weather facts he could never defeat. This means that the Lord God Himself has defeated the Persians; the Omnipotent, Omniscient Lord God revealed this prediction to Muhammad in the Quran: "Alif, Lam, Meem. The Byzantines have been defeated. In a nearby territory. But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a nearby territory. But following their defeat, they will be victorious. In a few years. The matter is up to God, in the past, and in the future. On that day, the believers will rejoice. In God's victory. He supports whomever He wills. He is the Almighty, the Merciful. The promise of God - God never breaks His promise, but most people do not know." (30:1-6).

3/14: This maritime and land defeat of the Persians who attacked Constantinople was the beginning of their end; Khosrow II had to flee after the battle of Dastgerd. The Persians dethroned him and later on assassinated him; he was succeeded by the Persian emperor Kavad II, his son, who made peace treaties with Heraclius.   


Thirdly: a comparison/analogy between the conditions of the Byzantines and the conditions of the early believers in Arabia at the time in relation to the Quranic prediction in 30:1-6:

1- In 617 A.D., Khosrow II attained his biggest victories and Heraclius sent him an envoy to negotiate a possible peace treaty; yet, the proud Persian emperor arrogantly refused and locked up the Byzantine envoy; he sent a letter to Heraclius to come to the Persian emperor palace himself while being fettered with chains! Frightened, Heraclius considered fleeing into Carthage. The Byzantines at this moment in history lost all hope. Meanwhile, glad tidings of their victory in few years descended in the Quran addressing the believers in Mecca. This victory was achieved in few years; it began in 622 A.D. when the troops of Heraclius re-conquered lost territories until the decisive moment when the Persian troops were unexpectedly defeated once and for all in 626 A.D. Thus, the Quranic prediction in 30:1-6 has been fulfilled. Yet, what did this have to do with the early believers in Mecca?     

2- The early believers in Mecca in 716 A.D. wished that the Christian Byzantines would be victorious, whereas the polytheists of Mecca hoped that the Persians would achieve victory to spite and to taunt the followers of the Quran. The early believers in Mecca at the time were weakened, oppressed, and persecuted; their wishes to see the Byzantines as victorious were linked to their other hopes of achieving victory one day over the polytheists of Mecca. This hope was reinforced by the Quranic prediction: "....On that day, the believers will rejoice. In God's victory. He supports whomever He wills. He is the Almighty, the Merciful. The promise of God - God never breaks His promise, but most people do not know." (30:4-6). They rejoiced because God never breaks His promises and this includes the promise of victory. The Quranic prediction boosted their morale as they felt the psychological pain of persecution; the Lord God has promised to grant victory to the Byzantines and this means that He will grant victory as well to Muhammad and the believers with him. At the time, the Byzantines never heard of the Quran and of Muhammad; in their fearful ordeal, they would never have cared even if they were to hear about the Quranic prediction. This means that this Quranic prediction is not addressed to the defeated Byzantines but to the early believers in Mecca; when this promise/prediction is fulfilled regarding the Byzantines, this means that the divine promise of granting victory to the early believers in Arabia will be realized later on.

3- This is asserted by the fact that the events witnessed by the Byzantines coincided with the events witnessed by the early believers in Arabia.

3/1: When Heraclius began to achieve his victories in 622 A.D., this was the year when the early believers immigrated to Yathreb.

3/2: In 610 A.D. and the years following it, the ordeal of the early believers (who embraced the new message of the Quran which emerged at the time when the Lord God commanded Muhammad to convey it to people) who were persecuted by the polytheists of Mecca coincided with the ordeal of the Byzantines who were defeated by the Persian troops conquering the Levant and Asia Minor. The persecution of Qorayish to the believers in Mecca ended when the believers immigrated to Yathreb in 622 A.D., and this coincided with the victories attained by Heraclius began in 622 A.D. as he re-conquered lost territories.  

3/3: It is noteworthy that the worst year of hardships witnessed by the Byzantines was 617 A.D.; this coincided with the year of sorrow in Arabia when the persecution of the Qorayish polytheists inflicted on Muhammad and the early believers in Mecca reached unprecedented levels.

3/4: The stage of victories of the Byzantines over the Persians coincided with the stage of establishing the Yathreb city-state as a safe haven for the early believers who were rejoiced as the Byzantines defeated the Persians as this ushered the divine promise of granting victory of the early believers in their Yathreb city-state after period of being constantly endangered by the aggressive troops of the polytheists who attacked Yathreb more often than not from all directions. 

3/4/1: We can imagine how the early believers (in the first years after settling in Yathreb) felt overjoyed as they received news of the victories of the Byzantines as the divine promise in 30:1-6 was realized.

3/4/2: We can also imagine how the early believers ardently looked forward to a divine promise addressing them that they will achieve victory over the polytheists who attacked Yathreb and endanger them; this divine promise came here in this Quranic verse revealed in Yathreb: "God has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds, that He will make them successors on earth, as He made those before them successors, and He will establish for them their religion - which He has approved for them-and He will substitute security in place of their fear. They worship Me, never associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that - these are the sinners." (24:55). This divine promise is not unconditional; it will be realized provided that they adhere to monotheism and performing good deeds, with a prediction at the end of 24:55 that some of the settlers in Yathreb will be sinners who will disbelieve in the Quranic message later on.

3/4/3: The divine promise in 24:55 was fulfilled gradually; fear was removed from the settlers in Yathreb and they had self-confidence after their victory in the battle of Badr: "And remember when you were few, oppressed in the land, fearing that people may capture you; but He sheltered you, and supported you with His victory, and provided you with good things - so that you may be thankful." (8:26).

4- The succession of victories of the early believers in Arabia over the polytheists coincided with the succession of victories of the Byzantines led by Heraclius. In 627 A.D., the decisive, final victory of Heraclius was attained and he reached the summit of glory; meanwhile, Muhammad made peace treaties with his defeated enemies and the rise of the early Muslims in Arabia began in this point in time; the Quran marks this event as great victory: "We have granted you a conspicuous victory." (48:1). In 629 A.D., Muhammad and the early believers conquered and entered into Mecca peacefully. Muhammad died in c. 632 A.D. (i.e., c. 11 A.H.) after he witnessed the fact that Arabs embraced the religion of peace en masse (i.e., Islam in terms of peaceful behavior only): "When there comes God's victory and triumph. And you see the people entering God's religion in multitudes. Then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and seek His forgiveness. He is the Accepter of Repentance." (110:1-3). Muhammad was not a mind-reader and he never knew the metaphysical realm of the unseen and unknown; i.e., he could not know if Arabs embraced Islam in terms of belief/faith inside their hearts/souls or not; what he saw was merely their adherence to peace and stopping their violence.


Fourthly: the rule of the Meccan Qorayish tribe through its sinful caliphs:

1- Muhammad never knew that the nearest men to him are described here: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the dwellers of the city too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will torment them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101). Their drawing very near to Muhammad earned them high stature and allowed them to rule Yathreb once he died; those are the sinful caliphs deified as the 'wise', 'infallible' caliphs by the Sunnites.

2- The power, authority, and stature of the Qorayish tribe was because of the Kaaba in Mecca; Qorayish made good use of such stature by controlling and protecting their trade caravans in winter and summer journeys to Yemen and the Levant, respectively, to carry merchandise of India and Europe. Qorayish opposed Islam (i.e., the Quran) as it felt it threatened its financial interests, and we infer this from this Quranic context: "Is it this Discourse that you take so lightly? And you make it your livelihood to deny it?" (56:81-82). The Qorayish tribesmen knew that the Quran is the Source of Divine Guidance, but they were afraid that other Arabian tribes would rebel against them because Qorayish deceived them (by polytheism) for so long to protect its trade, but the Lord God has refuted their claim: "And they say, "If we follow the guidance with you, we will be snatched from our land." Did We not establish for them a Safe Sanctuary, to which are brought all kinds of fruits, as provision from Ourselves? But most of them do not know." (28:57). The deceit of Qorayish was that it made all of the belligerent Arabian tribes put statues of their pagan gods around the Kaaba in return for never attacking/raiding Meccan trade caravan; another deceit was intentionally keeping such Arabian tribes busy fighting one another. Within the military struggle between Mecca and Yathreb, the Arabian tribes knew the importance and value of peaceful behavior (which is Islam in terms of demeanor, of course) instead of endless, futile wars. They also realized the silliness of worshiping pagan idols and statues; they knew that Qorayish had deceived them. Thus, many of these tribe embraced Islam and posed a threat to the trade caravans of Qorayish as they began to attack them. When the Qorayish tribesmen felt that Islam is gaining ground and is victorious; they feigned a conversion to the new faith, whereas their spies/agents in Yathreb (who were adamant in hypocrisy) drew nearer to Muhammad; they waited for Muhammad's death to confiscate and monopolize power and authority. This is what happened as per history.

3- Once the sinful caliphs ruled, the aggression known as the Arab conquests began within the trade routes in the north, east, and west of Arabia.

3/1: Arabs began by conquering the Levant and Iraq (the caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab rebuilt the port of Basra to receive the merchandise of India and the East) and then the Persian empire until the troops of the Umayyad powerful vizier and governor Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef managed to conquer the north of India, and we provide in the points below some registered historical events with their dates.

3/1/1: In 633 A.D. – 12 A.H., the military leader Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed defeated the Persians in Zat Al-Salasel battle.

3/1/2: In 635 A.D. – 14 A.H., the military leader Saad Ibn Abou Waqqas defeated the Persians in the battle of Al-Qadisiyyah, thus allowing Arabs more control over Iraq and some major cities in Persia.

3/2: Within the Levant:

3/2/1: In 634 A.D. – 13 A.H., Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed defeated the Byzantines in Al-Yarmouk battle and he conquered the Levant. Heraclius left Homs while bidding farewell to the Levant as he knew that he would never set foot there again. 

3/2/2: In 638 A.D. – 17 A.H., the caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab received the keys of Jerusalem and his military troops conquered Egypt.

3/2/3: In 640 A.D., Arab troops begin conquering North Africa; they defeated the Byzantines in Zat Al-Sawary battle in 655 A.D. – 35 A.H; thus, Arabs controlled the Mediterranean Sea. Heraclius did not witness such a defeat in 655 A.D. because he died earlier in 642 A.D.

3/2/4: In 668 A.D., the Arabs sieged Constantinople but could not conquer it during the reign of the first Umayyad caliph Mu'aweiya. 

3/2/5: In 715 A.D.,  the regions conquered by the Arabs stretched from the Pyrenees, south of France, to the borders of China during the reign of the Umayyad caliph Al-Waleed Ibn Abdul-Malik.


Lastly: some additional notes:

1- In the Quranic text, the Lord God mentions the Byzantines and does not mention the terms "the Arabs" or "Arabia"; the term ''Arabic'' is mentioned in the Quranic text to describe the Arabic tongue with which the Holy Quran was revealed to Muhammad.

2- The Qorayish tribe of Mecca is the sinful, aggressive party with its conquests and invasions; they violated human rights by committing heinous crimes of aggression against people and violated Islamic/Quranic teachings and sharia legislations and ascribed their atrocities of the Arab conquests falsely and forcibly to the name of Islam (God's Religion). Hence, this distorted image of Islam is the one known to the West, past and present.  

3- The criminal, sinful caliphs/killers of the Arab conquests underwent a sort of apotheosis; i.e., they have been made into immortal gods after their death by the polytheistic Muhammadans in their terrestrial religions of Satan. The heinous crimes, atrocities, and injustices of such deified caliphs have been turned into a source of pride; hating the West is the main feature of the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans, which are the religions that emerged and developed and were protected within the eras of many sinful caliphs.  

4- Because of the fact that the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans have turned such Arab conquests into a 'holy' religious war, this is the basis of the culture of hating Europe (and the West in general) which dominates until now among the Muhammadans. This is a double standard: Middle-Eastern people hate the European colonialism while they love the Arab conquests of Arab caliphs who conquered, robbed, enslaved, humiliated, persecuted, and oppressed their peaceful ancestors; this is because of Sunnite deification of the four sinful pre-Umayyad caliphs. Arab conquests were launched against nations who never attacked Arabia.

5- Hating the West is the dominant culture among Wahabis who reside in the West countries while assuming wrongly that the west is the territory of war and disbelief and that 'infidels' (i.e., all non-Wahabis!) must be fought; this is why Wahabi terrorist operations and suicide attacks are spread in the West falsely in the name of Islam and jihad. When some of the West people expressed their fear and hatred of 'Muslims'/Muhammadans who immigrated to the West, Islamophobia has been discussed over many years in defense of Islam, 'Muslims', and diversity. Yet, the culture of hating the West is still deeply rooted among the Muhammadans, especially Wahabis. Hence, as the Wahabi terrorist attacks and crimes continue to take place in the West, a terrorist counter-attacks are beginning to be launched by some white extremists of the West people against the Muhammadans who immigrated to the West, and this includes the heinous crime of the Australian criminal in Christchurch, New Zealand, whose heart is filled with hatred and rancor for historical reasons including the fall of Constantinople.

6- This dominant culture of hating the West among the Muhammadans, in every era, made them disregard (A) the Quranic miraculous historical prediction concerning the Byzantines in 30:1-6, and (B) the higher Quranic values of Islam: peace, justice, charity, kindness, freedom, mercy, and resisting/stopping injustices.   

7- The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "O you who believe! Be upright to God, witnessing with justice; and let not the hatred of a certain people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety; and fear God. God is informed of what you do." (5:8). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.









(1) Mrs. Lotfiya Saeed: Thank you, Dr. A. S. Mansour, for this article which contains new ideas and the reason why Middle-Ages authors in the Arab world disregarded the first verses of the Quranic Chapter 30. My question is as follows: Do the Byzantines and the Persians in the Quranic Chapter 30 stand for different values on a symbolic level or not? Does this Quranic story predict the future about both nations or not? 

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, Mrs. Lotfiya Saeed. We assert here the fact that the aim of all Quranic stories is to allow us to draw useful moral lessons; some of them contain miraculous predictions. The struggle between the Persians and the Byzantines was part of world history in the 7th century A.D.; it may stand for the struggle between the East and the West in all eras; it was like the struggles between the USA and the USSR, between Great Britain and Russia, and between Europe and the Ottoman empire. After most wars, peace agreements make enemies of the past as friends of the present and allies of the past as enemies of the present. To prevent this from taking place, after the collapse of the USSR, the USA created an enemy, Iran, to unify the West against it. This is among other factors to help socialist Europe integrate into the capitalist world. The struggle between the West and the East is now exemplified by the USA against Iran. We regret to say that the Americans are in the wrong when they took Iran as an enemy. We have written and article years ago proving that the USA is imitating the Roman empire of the Middle-Ages. This may bring about dire consequences to the USA one day.   








The Culture of Double Standard Dominant in the Countries of the Muhammadans





Firstly: we assert the following points:

  Undoubtedly, the Western colonization is a grave type of injustice; those who support this injustice share the burden of this grave sin. Yet, we assert the following points.    

1- The gravest type of injustice which is worse than Western colonization is the Arab invasion and conquests outside Arabia during the era of caliphs.  

1/1: This Arab invasion created an Arab empire which stretched from the south of France at the Pyrenees to the borders of China; this Arab invasion included the atrocities of stealing, raping, massacring, sabotaging, enslaving, etc., and the victims were millions of people. Those who support and defend these grave injustices share the burden of these grave sins; those polytheists defend the criminal, sinful caliphs and consider criticizing them as blasphemy or an act of disbelief. The atrocities and brutality of the pre-Umayyad caliphs are discussed in our book, in English, titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs", found on this link ( The information of this book is never quoted from orientalists or historians of the nations conquered by Arabs; rather, such information is quoted from 'Muslim' and Arab historians whose books are known, published sources. The Muhammadans take pride in such Arab conquests (and we took pride in them when we were a Sunnite person before converting to Quranism as the Only True Islam), and yet, they condemn the European colonization which occurred in their countries, despite the fact that it is less unjust than the Arab and Ottoman invasions. This is the culture of double standard which dominates the Arab world. 

1/2: The unjust Arab invasion has become part of the religion of the Muhammadans; the European invasion of the Middle-East is never turned into a religion because the secular Europe has rejected religious wars.

2- What is more unjust than the Western colonization is what the Wahabis have committed in India once the British occupation ended.

2/1: Within his peaceful jihad, Gandhi managed to drive the British from India. Thus, he liberated all Indians of all religious denominations: Hindus, 'Muslims', Buddhists, Sikhs, etc. Gandhi wanted to see a unified, secular Indian State which embraces religious freedom.

2/2: The arrogant, tyrannical Sunnite Muhammadans in India refused this political unity with other non-Muslim Indians; they separated themselves as a new State in the northern west of India: Pakistan; this word literally means the land of the 'pure' ones; it is as if the rest of Indians were 'impure'! Those Muhammadans of Pakistan disregarded the Quranic teachings which include not to recommend oneself as the 'best' or brag with such a claim among other people (see 53:32 and 4:49-50). This arrogant, superior stance is typical of the Sunnite Wahabis and the troubles they have caused to Sufis resulted in the separation of Bangladesh as a new State.     

2/3: Most of Pakistan is located in the Punjab and a smaller part of it is located in the Bengal region. In Punjab, a percentage of Hindus live in peace because most of the Muhammadans there are Sufis; of course, Sufism is a tolerant religion, in contrast to the Sunnite Wahabi religion of non-tolerance. This means that the Wahabi-controlled West Pakistan had a religion which differs from the one in the Sufi-controlled East Pakistan, which separated later on as the State of Bangladesh.    

2/4: At the time, before the emergence of Bangladesh, West Pakistan monopolized power and wealth and it marginalized East Pakistan; hence, the arrogant dwellers of West Pakistan hated and looked down upon the dwellers of East Pakistan; this is because of the fact that the Wahabi Sunnite religion of Satan deems Shiites and Sufis as polytheists and deems as 'infidels' or disbelievers Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

2/5: When the dwellers of East Pakistan demanded justice and equality, the leaders of West Pakistan committed a massacre there; this resulted in the emergence of Bangladesh; West Pakistan is now named and known as Pakistan (a name chosen by the haughty and arrogant ones; it means: the land of the 'pure' ones!)  

2/6: We quote more details from the Wikipedia in the three points below.

2/6/1: (... The situation reached a climax in 1970, when...the largest East Pakistani political party, led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, won a landslide victory in the national elections ... The 1970 Bhola cyclone made landfall on the East Pakistan coastline during the evening of 12 November, around the same time as a local high tide, killing an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 people. Though the exact death toll is not known, it is considered the deadliest tropical cyclone on record. A week after the landfall, President Khan conceded that his government had made "slips" and "mistakes" in its handling of the relief efforts due to a lack of understanding of the magnitude of the disaster. A statement released by eleven political leaders in East Pakistan ten days after the cyclone hit charged the government with "gross neglect, callous and utter indifference". They also accused the president of playing down the magnitude of the problem in news coverage ... The conflict between East and West Pakistan developed in March ... With this increase in tension, foreign personnel were evacuated over fears of violence ... This conflict widened into the Bangladesh Liberation War in December and concluded with the creation of Bangladesh. This was one of the first times that a natural event helped trigger a civil war ... A planned military pacification carried out by the Pakistan Army – codenamed Operation Searchlight – started on 25 March 1971 to curb the Bengali independence movement by taking control of the major cities, and then eliminating all opposition, political or military, within one month ... The operation also began the 1971 Bangladesh genocide. These systematic killings served only to enrage the Bengalis, which ultimately resulted in the secession of East Pakistan later in the same year ...).

2/6/2: This is mentioned about the genocide committed by the army of West Pakistan in Bangladesh Liberation War in 1979: (... An estimated 10 million Bengali refugees fled to neighboring India, while 30 million were internally displaced ... Bangladeshi media and reference books in English have published casualty figures which vary greatly, from 200,000 to 3,000,000 for Bangladesh as a whole ...).

2/6/3: This is about the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971 committed by West Pakistan against East Pakistan whose dwellers demanded their right of self-determination; India received most of Bengali refugees; many Hindus were forced to convert to 'Islam' by the Pakistani army: (... Members of the Pakistani military and supporting militias engaged in mass murder, deportation and genocidal rape ... During the war there were widespread killings and other atrocities – including the displacement of civilians in Bangladesh (East Pakistan at the time) and widespread violations of human rights ... Members of the Pakistani military and supporting Islamist militias from Jamaat e Islami killed an estimated 300,000 to 3,000,000 people and raped between 200,000 and 400,000 Bangladeshi women in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape ... Hindu areas suffered particularly heavy blows ... The Hindus, who account for three-fourths of the refugees and a majority of the dead, have borne the brunt of the Pakistani military hatred ...).

2/6/4: East Pakistan separated as the new State of Bangladesh after the defeat of West Pakistan by India. After its defeat, the Pakistani army has controlled the Pakistani nation in Pakistan (no longer named as West Pakistan) while spreading corruption and tyranny; of course, Wahabi terrorism spread now in Pakistan. In fact, the Wahabi Pakistan is the main factor which has caused the emergence of the terrorist Taliban movement and the destruction of Afghanistan. We assert here briefly that among the major faults of the twentieth century is the establishment of the two Wahabi countries, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, as Wahabi terrorism poses now as a veritable threat worldwide.    

2/6/5: India has suffered from Wahabis in the worst way more than its suffering from the British occupation. Gandhi is a great man, whereas the general Yahya Khan is a totally different man. Even if the Wahabi Muhammadans would admit to the above facts about Bangladesh, they will do their best to defend and 'justify' the criminals of Pakistan because of the Wahabi culture of double standard. They will say, for instance, that the atrocities committed by the criminal Yahya Khan is part of 'Islamic' jihad and a 'religious' duty! In contrast, the Wahabis readily condemn the British occupation as deplorable injustice. 

2/6/6: Of course, we are against any type of occupation: the Arab and Ottoman invasion and the Western colonization; we are against war criminals, east and west. In addition, we know quite well the clear differences between the grave injustices committed by the West and the gravest types of injustices committed by the Muhammadans whose enthroned tyrants ascribed their deeds falsely to the name of the great religion of Islam, thus distorting its image and tarnishing its reputation. Hence, they have committed a grave injustice against the Lord God besides their violating human rights. This makes their injustices worse than those committed by the Western colonization. By showing this, a Quranist thinker like ourselves is defending Islam and siding with justice and with the Lord God.    

3- Thus, worse and more unjust than the Western colonization are the crimes perpetuated by enthroned tyrants in the Middle-East after the Western occupiers left the occupied countries. This is shown clearly when we compare the Denshawai incident in Egypt (in June, 1906) committed by the British occupation and the crimes of the military tyrants in Egypt from 1952 until now. The Denshawai incident marked a turning point in the British presence in Egypt. Though the incident itself was fairly small in terms of the number of casualties and injuries, the British officers' response to the incident, and its grave consequences, were what led to its lasting impact. A group of British officers upset the residents of the village of Denshawai by hunting pigeons for sport. The villagers sought to protect their property and attacked the soldiers and a scuffle broke out. Some Egyptian peasants were killed and one British officer was killed. The British occupiers did not send an army to destroy the village; they merely held a trial for the peasants; four peasants were condemned to death, some were imprisoned and some were ordered to be flogged. Undoubtedly, this trial was unjust; yet, we should to remember the following facts.

3/1: This trial was inside an Egyptian court; the head-judge was a Copt, Boutros Ghali, and the set of judges involved other two 'Muslim' Egyptians, one of them was the brother of the political leader Saad Zaghloul. 

3/2: The freedom allowed by the British occupiers in Egypt helped the young political leader Mustapha Kamel (who died in 1908) to denounce the Denshawai incident while deeming it as a massacre while he visited Britain and France to condemn the British occupation and to call for the independence of Egypt. Fury reigned all over Egypt and this incident gave rise to sentiments of nationalism; Britain had to remove Lord Cromer from his post as the controller-general in Egypt (from 1882 to 1907), and he was succeeded by Eldon Gorst who received orders to allow more freedoms in Egypt.   

3/3: The Denshawai incident is now mere lines of history; we cannot possibly say the same thing – yet – regarding the massacres committed by the Egyptian military regime (ruling since 1952) against several Egyptians. 

4- The crimes of the French colonization of Syria are less than the atrocities perpetrated by tyrants who ruled Syria from Husni Al-Za'im to Hafiz Al-Assad and his son Bashar Al-Assad.

5- The crimes of the British colonization of Iraq are less than the atrocities perpetrated by Al-Baath party and Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

6- The crimes of the British colonization of Sudan are less than the atrocities perpetrated by the president and war criminal Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan.

7- The French committed a massacre in Algeria as a response to some suicide bombings; yet, the Algerian victims of the French colonization is less than the victims of Algerian civil war (1991 - 2002).

8- We repeat here that we are against the grave injustices committed by the West people within the Western colonization of the third-world countries; yet, we insist that such injustices are less severe than the atrocities perpetrated by the enthroned Middle-Eastern tyrants against their nations; they massacred many people and stole and smuggled billions of US$. The Western colonization allowed the freedom of speech and demonstration (e.g., the 1919 revolution in Egypt against the British occupation); in contrast, Middle-Eastern tyrants never allow freedom of expression at all; we tend to think that if the revolutionaries of 1919 in Egypt were to be raised from the dead to live in today's Egypt, they will undoubtedly prefer to die again to preserve their dignity.  

9- Yet, the Muhammadans insist on adhering to the culture of double standard; they condemn the Western colonization, and at the same time, they defend, justify, and excuse enthroned Middle-Eastern tyrants and they also deify the sinful caliphs of the Arab conquests.

10- Within corrupt curricula in the countries of the Muhammadans, historical facts are disregarded, distorted, and falsified so that truths are made to appear as lies and lies are made to appear as 'truths'. For instance, history textbooks rarely mention the Arab civil wars of the so-called 'companions' of Muhammad. On the rare occasions when such Arab civil wars (which broke out after the death of Muhammad) are mentioned by Arab writers, they are mentioned within heaping praise/honorifics on those deified 'companions': [... our master the companion so-and-so, may God be pleased with him, killed our master the companion so-and-so, may God be pleased with him ...]. This means that the so-called companions are assumed to be holy, infallible deities despite the fact that they were murderers who engaged in civil strife! Yet, outside this circle of deified 'companions', other murderers and assassins are condemned by Arab historians and deemed as misguided devils who deserve the wrath of the Lord God. This is the culture of double standard par excellence; there is no other appellation to be employed to name such a culture.  

11- When we have read the history textbook of the American high-school curricula, we were surprised by a high degree of objectivity within tackling the history of the West and of 'Muslims'; we could not help but notice the tendency of self-criticism regarding, for example, the unjust treatment of the African-Americans and the Red Indians. This self-criticism and objective/critical approach to history is part of the reason behind the progress of the USA and the West countries in general. In contrast, the Muhammadans deify and worship tyrants of history and of modern times! Hence, within the framework of our Quranist peaceful call for reform, we urge the introduction of immediate legislative and educational reforms which will lead to religious freedom and freedom of speech. This is the basis of propagating the culture of democracy; it cannot exist alongside with the culture of double standard. American kids chant this slogan in school: (and justice for all); this is the culture that should, hopefully, dominate the societies of the Muhammadans one day.


Secondly: in the aftermath of the New Zealand massacre:

1- The biggest condemnation of the New Zealand massacre came from New Zealand itself by actions and words of the great Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and other figures, and even from groups of organized crime there. Other condemnations of the New Zealand massacre came from the West countries and from Israel from high-rank and low-rank people of all levels in each of these countries. The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, visited the oldest mosque in New York City to express his sympathy with all Muslims after the New Zealand massacre. The Catholic Pope Francis delivered a speech to mourn the victims of the New Zealand massacre; he expressed his solidarity in his speech: (Dear brothers and sisters, in these days, the pain caused by wars and conflicts that ceaselessly afflict humanity, includes pain for the victims of the horrible attack against two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. I pray for the dead and the wounded and their families. I am close to our Muslim brothers and to that whole community, and I renew the invitation to unite with prayer and gestures of peace to oppose hatred and violence. Let us pray together, in silence, for our Muslim brothers who have been killed.).  

2- The head-sheikh of Al-Azhar did not issue any statement to condemn the terrorist crimes of ISIS in the West or in the Middle-East; besides, he flatly refused to declare ISIS terrorists as infidels/disbelievers since they 'pray' in the direction of Mecca! The head-sheikh of Al-Azhar did not issue any statement to condemn the Salafist sheikh Ahmad Abdullah who burned a copy of the Bible near the American embassy in Cairo before the cameras of the Arab and West media. In contrast, the Cairo-based Azharite Dar Al-Ifta (Center of Issuing Fatwas) condemned in a statement the burning of a copy of the Quran by Rasmus Paludan, a leader of the far-right Danish political party, Stram Kurs, within a demonstration organized before a group of Muslims who were praying.

3- The underway Ottoman 'sultan' Erdoğan seized the chance of the New Zealand massacre to gain some political advantages by exploiting the blood of the victims; his statement seems to usher a new type of war: a religious world war whose bleak prospects are covered in our coming articles. On the 22nd of March, 2019, the Turkish president held the so-called 'Islamic cooperation' meeting in Istanbul to assert the necessity of facing the rising sentiments of hatred against Muslims. This is strange because he never mentioned the religious deep-seated hatred inside the Sunnite Wahabi Muhammadans against the West; everyone seems to forget the fact that the Sunnite Wahabis are the ones who initiated their violence and aggression in the West, as their Wahabi religion of Satan allows massacring civilians, east and west, as a kind of religious duty; as per their religion of terrorism, Wahabi murderers are not going to enter into Hell but are going to enter into Paradise to have sex with houris forever.     

4- The Muhammadans will remain backward and regressive as long as they adhere to the culture of double standard. 









(1) Mrs. Bint Al-Forat: I live in Europe and I am of Iraqi origin. The Arab Muhammadans are fond of presenting themselves as victims of conspiracies and that they are like cattle to be slaughtered one day. In the social media websites, Many Muhammadans expressed sympathy with the victims of the Christchurch massacre; yet, they never do so in cases of terrorist attacks committed against non-Muslims by Wahabi terrorists in the name of Islam! I am afraid that Islamophobia increases in the West with the passage of time because of Wahabism which has nothing to do with Islam; all of us must return to the Quran; all of us must preach Quranism as the Only True Islam. Europe and the West must know this fact and help us eliminate Wahabism peacefully. All Quranists are against all forms of injustice and violence regardless of the nationalities and religious affiliations of aggressors. If Arabs would achieve any progress, they must criticize their own history; pious persons rectify themselves and correct their mistakes; this way, they develop their characters. Since Arabs insist that their ancestors were infallible, this will increase their ignorance, obscurantism, and backwardness; this helps Wahabis to commit more injustices inside and outside the Arab world as they imitate their unjust, murderous ancestors. If this mentality or mindset goes on, I fear that the Arabs might go instinct one day after their suffering isolation as they will be despised and ignored by the rest of modern nations worldwide.  

(2) Mr. Saeed Ali: The main problem is that most Arabs deify their ancestors and they never dare criticize them. Scientific progress in all fields and domains increases every day in the West as the people there criticize, question, and examine everything; their renaissance began by criticizing their history and their theology; they stopped hero-worship and deification of mortals. They examined their history objectively. In contrast, most Arabs urge their children at home and within school curricula to deify their criminal, unjust, and murderous ancestors and made this part of the Sunnite and Shiite religions of Satan. This resulted in the fact that most Arabs reject and disregard the Quran; they never ponder on its verses. It is a priority for true Muslims to ponder the Quran and to draw useful lessons from it. This is what Quranists do in this great Quranism website. It is very wrong to ascribe the atrocities of the Arab conquests (rape, theft, massacres, enslavement, and sabotage) to the name of Islam. The main Quranic values are peace, cooperation, goodness, freedom, tolerance, and justice; these are the same values adhered to by most people worldwide whose instincts are not corrupt. Why do not the Arabs teach their children these Quran-based values to make them love goodness and hate evil?!   

(3) Dr. Othman Ali: The Quranic verses repeatedly command upholding justice and avoiding injustices, aggression, and violence. These Quranic verses teach us to deal fairly and equitably with everyone regardless of their colors, races, and religious affiliations as long as they are peaceful people. The Arabs who committed the heinous crimes of the Arab conquests are the cause of the emergence of the Shiite and Sunnite religions of Satan which have nothing to do with Islam and which discard and reject the Quran; Shiite and Sunnite authors have distorted the meanings of Quranic verses to accommodate their own polytheistic, violent notions and to justify aggression and wars against all "non-Muslims" worldwide. In fact, the writings and articles of Dr. A. S. Mansour shock the Muhammadans but they conform to the human-rights culture and the direct-democracy culture which will dominate the Earth sooner than expected.   

(4) Mrs. Lotfiya Saeed: The truth is never simple and it is typically painful for the souls of those who believed in lies and falsehoods all their lives. Apart from expressing sympathy with the victims of the Christchurch massacre, we must pay attention and take heed of the historical facts mentioned by Dr. A. S. Mansour and to remember hundreds of millions of peaceful, weak victims in the past centuries who were massacred, oppressed, and persecuted for religious reasons. We have to use our mind to re-examine, criticize, and question Arab history while pondering the Quran and using it as the Criterion. Thank you.








Until When Would this 'Sacred' Hatred towards the West Continue?!






 This article of ours titled "Until When Would this 'Sacred' Hatred towards the West Continue?!" was first published on our Quranism website ( on the 1st of Feb., 2009. We re-publish it here as a reminder for our readers. The 'sacred' hatred inside the psyche of Arab Muhammadans towards the West in general is one of the main factors which may help launch a religious world war; we implore the Lord God to never allow this unprecedented type of world war to take place, since its victims will be none but the weak ones on earth.





1- Our mission through our writings about reform is confined to reforming Arab 'Muslims' and not reforming the West, the Americans, or the Israelis. Non-Arabs in general are already engaged into an ongoing process of self-reform as they learn from their past mistakes; they rarely praise rulers as most of their writings focus on criticizing and exposing corrupt people. As for Arabs, despite the fact that all evils of the world exist in their countries, they never tire of singing the praises of rulers in their writings and reminding readers of past glory; they launch their attacks, curses, and criticism against the West in general and Israel and the USA in particular. It is as if verbal and written abuse of the West would make the Arabs the best people worldwide! Ironically, the West countries cursed and criticized by Arabs, within countless conspiracy theories, make progress in all fields; in contrast, all Arab countries depend on the West for food and other necessary items of life; Arabs also purchase arms and weapons by which they fight and kill one another. The West is the source of the aid granted to the poorer classes in the Arab world. We have to remember that the banks of the West countries receive the huge amounts of money stolen and smuggled by Arab tyrannical rulers. It is strange that Arab writers and media figures who attack the West countries use products made in the West world: cars, cellular phones, telecommunications, PCs, laptops, microphones, etc. If it had not been for the West, the Arabs would have remained as Bedouins in the desert, reciting old poems of bygone glory. By the way, Israel which the Arabs curse every day and night in loud, screaming voices, especially in their mosques, has defeated Arabs in all battles. When reformers emerge among the Arabs and criticize their despicable conditions and explain why the Arabs are defeated during, before, and after each battle, those reformers are accused of siding with the 'enemies' by heaping praise on them instead of cursing them.    

2- We must remember that since the era of the Ottoman sultans until now, we hear within Friday sermons in the mosques of Egypt the supplications offered to the Lord God for the sake of rulers and their military troops so that they would defeat their 'enemies' the 'infidels', enslave their women, and confiscate their money and possessions; such supplications for the sake of tyrants makes them achieve victory only over their nations and never their 'enemies'. Of course, 'Muslim' tyrannical rulers of the past, and of today, steal the money of their nations, make their men rape their victims, and massacre so many people. Yet, such tyrannical rulers of the Arab world impose on their nations to praise and thank them; the armed troops of such tyrants oppress, torture, and rape innocent victims among their nations; nevertheless, instead of expressing fury against such grave injustices, most Arabs channel their fury against the West world, especially Israel and the USA.     

3- Strangely, the Arab nations demand from rulers of the West countries to serve them, as if they were elected by Arabs; the Arab nations forget that presidents of the West countries are elected by their nations to serve and gratify their electors and not any other nations. Instead of serving Arab nations, the Arab rulers tyrannize and oppress their nations; yet, the Arab citizens never demand from Arab tyrants to serve them. Everyone knows that freedom is never granted as a gift; rather, the road to freedom is paved only by bloody struggle and battles; this is the only road to attain freedom from local Arab tyrants in the Arab and 'Muslim' world. Such occupation and oppression by local Arab tyrants will not surrender and go away easily; Arab tyrants know very well that if they give up on anything, they will end up getting dethroned and they might get killed or imprisoned; this is why such tyrants stick to their thrones until they – or rather their nations! – die. This is why the confrontation between the wronged, oppressed Arab nations and Arab tyrants will occur inevitably one day; postponing it will never prevent it or lessen its outcomes; the more such a confrontation is postponed, the bloodier and more difficult it will be. This is because with the passage of time, tyrants are glued to their thrones and commit more injustices, massacres, oppression, smuggling of money, etc. This leads to mass graves for thousands of murdered and tortured victims. The West countries can help oppressed nations to resist tyrants and not to struggle on behalf of dormant nations against Arab tyrants, especially when oppressed Arab nations sing the praises of tyrants and curse the West all the time. We have to remember that the West people struggled for centuries to get rid of the alliance between Catholic clergymen, feudal lords, and tyrannical rulers; of course, until now, thinkers among the cultural elite of the West countries are engaged in an ongoing process of reform; they have managed, in fact, to remove (as much as possible) the negative outcomes of the cruel capitalism; they have fought for the civil rights of colored people and the minorities, and they have sided with the rights of the poor and the workers. This is why we see in the West world organizations which defend and promote human rights, democracy, and transparency outside the West countries; yet, sadly, most Arabs have their own suspicions towards such organizations which seek to help the Arab countries; most Arabs deem such help as part of 'conspiracies' to destroy the Arab world and to meddle in its affairs; such interference is unsettling for Arab tyrants, but Arab citizens assume that their dignity is hurt when non-Arabs speak negatively about enthroned Arab tyrants.   

4- Hence, Arab nations are unjust towards themselves because they accept oppression within submission and weakness, and this has increased the strength of tyrannical rulers. Of course, enthroned tyrants are isolated and never trust anyone inside their nations or outside their nations. Such tyrants feel that their nations hate them and that the West countries despise them. Within such tragedy, misery, and nightmares of the daily life in the Arab world, Arabs channel their fury against reformist thinkers who are frankly talking about weaknesses and faults of Arab nations. Most people forget that reform begins with accurate analysis of what went wrong; this is what we do here within our Quranism website in the midst of thousands of websites and media platforms which praise and flatter Arab tyrants and spread flagrant lies and myths.     

5- The Lord God says in the Quran that we must speak the truth and what pertains to justice even if this goes against our relatives and serves our foes: "O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away-then God is Aware of what you do." (4:135); "O you who believe! Be upright to God, witnessing with justice; and let not the hatred of a certain people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety; and fear God. God is informed of what you do." (5:8); "...And when you speak, be fair, even if it concerns a close relative..." (6:152). In our writings, for instance, we have never written anything but known, published, proven, and understood facts about Israel and the terrorist Hamas organization. 



1- The 'sacred' hatred among most Arabs towards the West is due to two main factors: (A) Arab tyrants (or local occupiers!), and (B) the Wahabi culture spread by the terrorist MB organization all over the so-called 'Islamic' world. Both factors exist inside the Saudi kingdom which is the source of Wahabism (the terrorist, extremist trend derived from the Hanbali Sunnite doctrine) and where tyranny reaches the worst levels imaginable. This tyranny is exemplified by the fact that people of Arabia are known as "Saudis" as if they are owned by the Saudi royal family members; this is not to mention the marginalized, oppressed classes among them like Shiites and some tribes near the south borders. 

2- Within the banners of nationalism, some political parties and local armies led the liberation movements in the Arab world to get rid of the foreign occupation; yet, once they reached power, they never left the thrones in the Arab countries; they have maintained through their control of media, mosques, and education the illogical idea that the West world (or colonial powers) are conspiring against the Arab world. This way, enthroned Arab tyrants made their nations channel their hatred and frustration towards the West while overlooking the deep-rooted corruption, tyranny, and failure in the Arab regimes. All mottoes raised by such Arab tyrannical regimes were never realized and they have failed to provide the minimum requirement of a decent standard of living for the youth (they cannot get married, have jobs, etc.). Thus, Arab tyrants fear that such frustrated youths might revolt and rebel against the current regimes; they have to propagate the conspiracy theory that the West (especially Israel and the USA) conspire against the Arab world and must be hated and fought; this way, all fury and frustration would be vented against the West, and all failures of Arab (and 'Muslim') regimes and the injustices they commit would be justified and explained based on such a conspiracy theory. It is as if Arab 'progress' in all fields must be fought and stopped by the 'jealous' West powers!         

3- Despite the political struggle between the military regimes and the power-seeking Wahabis (especially the terrorist MB organization and its overt and covert sub-organizations) in the Arab world, both sides agree on spreading the culture of making the masses hate the West as the cause of all evil and failures. Of course, all Wahabi trends have their political and religious motives for spreading this 'sacred' hatred towards the West; they have revived, in our modern age of human rights and global village, the Middle-Ages culture of European Crusades and the jihadist wars of the Muhammadans, resulting in reviving the Sunnite notion of dividing the world into two camps or territories of war/infidels and of faith/peace. Such Sunnite Salafist/Wahabi ideas of terrorism are still being spread within mosques, media, and educational institutions of the Arab world. Of course, this is done within the framework of the Wahabi aim (or rather illusion) of reviving the so-called 'Islamic' caliphate; such a sick endeavor required from the Wahabis to teach many generations in the Arab world the idea of two territories/camps.   

4- In many cases, the enthroned military tyrants and their foes the power-seeking Wahabis who aim at establishing a theocracy directly coordinated their efforts to spread the culture of the 'sacred' hatred towards the West, under the pretext of 'defending' Islam; both sides vie for showing more appearance of 'piety' before the masses through their herd of clergymen and sheikhs within the media, cyberspace, mosques, and educational institutions. This is why both sides rely on the dominant culture of Sunnite Wahabism, posing as if it were Islam. This is why it is no wonder that Mubarak, the tyrannical military president of Egypt, arrested and tortured some peaceful Quranists; this is because their call for religious reform poses a threat to the roots and the very existence of the Sunnite religion itself. Mubarak fights against the terrorist MB members yet he defends their Wahabi culture, along with his defense minister and the head of Al-Azhar. Within the corrupt culture of the 'sacred' hatred of the West, Quranists, human-rights activists, and NOGs in Egypt are prosecuted and persecuted as paid agents of the West countries which 'conspire' against Egypt!  



  We managed and organized the weekly forum of the Cairo-based Ibn Khaldoun Center every Tuesday from Jan. 1996 to June 2000, and at one time, in 1997, we discussed along with renown Coptic thinkers (namely, Dr. Waseem Al-Sisi, Mr. Ramzy Zaqalama, and Mr. Alfy Anwar Attalla) the intention of some Coptic leaders to establish a Coptic university. We, ourselves, disliked such a project as it will cause more divisions among the Muslim and Coptic Christian Egyptians. Our own suggestion has been to reform education in Egypt, especially the curricula of history, religion, and the Arabic language, as the contents of such curricula widen the division among Egyptians; e.g., the history curricula disregard the Coptic epoch in Egyptian history. Even the men of the Egyptian State Security Apparatus who attended the weekly forums approved of what we proposed. In the Cairo-based left-wing magazine, Rose Al-Youssef, we have published an article about our project to reform religious education curricula in public and Azharite schools, and we have discussed briefly the main ideas of such a project of educational reform and how this will be a major first step to reform Al-Azhar itself. In the very next year, our project of educational reform was prepared and discussed in the Ibn Khaldoun Center and it received a European funding; new, alternative curricula were prepared; we ourselves prepared religious education curricula for all stages of public education; we wrote a screenplay about religious tolerance in the Abbasid Egypt and a screenplay of a documentary movie about how Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt celebrate the birthday of the Virgin Mary in the main church in the district of Old Cairo, as most attendees of such a celebration were Muslims and this means that most of the Egyptian population expressed tolerance towards non-Muslims. We wrote letters about such endeavors within the Ibn Khaldoun Center to the Coptic Orthodox Church, Al-Azhar, the Egyptian ministries of information and education, the Egyptian Parliament, and to leading thinkers and the cultural elite figures in Egypt, seeking discussion and guidance within the framework of our project of reforming education in Egypt. Yet, most people rejected this project and accused our person of being a heretic/infidel who seek to undermine Islam and of being a traitor who betrayed Egypt! We were attacked harshly in many articles in several newspapers. A group of teachers was invited (and paid by the Ibn Khaldoun Center and were given gifts of several books) to a seaside five-star hotel (during their vacation) for several days to attend a seminar to discuss the project of educational reform. Sadly, this ended up in the arrest and imprisonment of the owner of the Ibn Khaldoun Center, Dr. Saad-Eddine Ibrahim, and our seeking political asylum in the USA in 2001, while many Quranists were imprisoned within the second wave of their arrest, as they were found 'guilty' of showing 'contempt' towards Islam! We write this here because this group of teachers never discussed our project of alternative curricula; rather, they insisted on turning the seminar into a trial of our person because of the European funding of the project and the aim behind it! They accused our person and the employees of the Ibn Khaldoun Center of being agents serving the 'conspiring' West countries (especially Israel and the USA) which seek to destroy 'Islam'/'Muslims' and Egypt! We refuted their claims by stressing the following points ad infinitum ad nauseam.                 

1- The funding of the project came from The Netherlands and not from the USA; of course, The Netherlands have no intention to 'destroy' Egypt or any other Arab countries.

2- This funding came as per official agreements made with the Egyptian government which, in its turn, inspects everything about the Ibn Khaldoun Center and tries to find any faults or mistakes to be used as a pretext to close it down; if the funding was a problem, the government would have seized the chance to arrest the employees of the Ibn Khaldoun Center.

3- The Egyptian government receives billions of US$ of foreign funds coming from the USA and other West countries; the Egyptian nation receives very little of such aid and funds; besides, the foreign funds granted in the last decade to human-rights centers which defend Egyptians are less than 0.5% of the foreign funds given to the Egyptian government in one year. Rulers and the affluent upper-class members steal the foreign funds; in contrast, the little foreign funds given to human-rights centers cover the salaries of activists who serve the Egyptian society. The funding of the project of reforming education enabled the Ibn Khaldoun Center to host the group of teachers in 1999.

4- How would such teachers have suspicions concerning the foreign funding or the project aiming at educational reform since this funding came through legal channels, while they disregard hidden Saudi funding which is spent to finance mosques of terrorism in order to spread extremism, fanaticism, obscurantism, and backwardness?! Such Saudi funding is overlooked by the Egyptian government though it will bring about the destruction of the Egyptian society through ignorance, schism and divisions, and armed movements of terrorism which struck Egypt in the 1990s; how come that such teachers would oppose educational reform which is the much-needed remedy to eliminate Wahabi terrorism?!    

5- Where is the conspiracy here? There are no secrets or ulterior motives behind the project of reforming education especially that it is formally discussed and talked about in the open; Al-Azhar and other institutions disregarded the letters sent to them (by the Ibn Khaldoun Center) about the project; besides, the group of teachers came willingly (and were paid handsomely) to the seaside hotel to discuss this project and not to cast doubt on it; where are the signs of a 'West conspiracy' in such a project?! The proposed alternative curricula of religious education are based only on the Quranic values which cope with tolerance and human rights. Where is the 'conspiracy' here against Islam and Egypt?!

6- The foreign funding of the project aims at introducing reform for the sake of our beloved Egypt; why would not this group of teachers condemn billions of US$ of funding stolen by ministers and high-rank people in the Egyptian government? Who are the conspirators here who deserve to be impeached and punished? Why would not such a group of teacher feel furious regarding smuggled money of the Egyptian nation stolen by rulers?!

7- Lastly, why would the USA conspire against Egypt?! The USA may conspire against its peers or its enemies who have equal power and magnitude; the USA does not have to conspire against Egypt since Mubarak obeys the American president blindly and he receives commands from Washington through the phone! Would the USA conspire against Egypt by granting it US$ billions of funds?! Eventually, we grew tired of having to repeat the same points over and over; we looked at this group of teachers with pity, since they are victims of corrupt education and the corrupt culture of conspiracy theories and the 'sacred' hatred towards the West. This event took place in 1999, and sadly, such a corrupt culture has increased and dominated until now. 









(1) Dr. Othman Ali: The old article seems as if it were written yesterday though it was written ten years ago; sadly, its content still applies to today's Arab world. Most Arabs hate the West though they depend on West products in their daily lives. The Arabs must differentiate between nations of the West countries and the foreign policies of some rulers of the West countries. Many rulers in the West (e.g., in Canada, Germany, and New Zealand) do their best to remove pains, sorrows, and fears of victims of civil wars worldwide especially in the Arab world. In fact, the Arab world must remove from the school curricula all content which urges hatred towards the other, especially the West, before blaming the West people for their reaction regarding such hatred.  

(2) Mr. Saeed Ali: I do believe that the Arabs suffer from phobia of change (or neophobia). Within the struggle of ideas, Egypt is the heart of the Arab world; all new ideas come typically from Egypt. This began by Mohamed Ali Pacha and his renaissance and reforms. Sadly, the spread of Wahabism slowly in Egypt between 1920 to 1950 aborted the religious reform introduced by the Azharite sheikh and writer Mohamed Abdou. Since the 1970s, when Sadat ruled Egypt, Wahabism spread more in Egypt; the Saudi kingdom felt that Egypt must side to it and never to cause its collapse; billions of petrodollars are spent to spread Wahabism in Egypt (e.g., via Al-Azhar and the terrorist MB organization) and in the Arab world and also among the Muhammadans in the West. Today's Egypt suffer more backwardness, obscurantism, and violence. Sadly, freedom, human rights, and democracy culture are corroded in Egypt. This means that the same applies to the rest of the Arab countries. When thinkers and preachers of reform emerge in Egypt, their voices are stifled and their suffering persecution drives them to immigrate. This occurred to Dr. A. S. Mansour. Yet, reform has a very long route and the truth shall prevail. If it had not been for Dr. A. S. Mansour, I would not have known True Islam. The West must employ Quranism to face and eliminate the Wahabi religion of terrorism.   

(3) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank Dr. Othman and Mr. Saeed for their comments. Enthroned tyrants in the Arab world are megalomaniacs and imagine they will never leave their thrones; they never think of abdication or death; they never think that they were enthroned as they succeeded other men. They never think of the fact that they will be succeeded by other men. Tyrants think only of one equation: it either us or the others. This is the reason of their persecuting others and some wronged parties seek revenge. Such a vicious circle will end when awareness is raised based on knowledge; we mean the knowledge of human rights, social and political comprehension, and Quranism. This is what we do in our writings in our website; we hope we will be able to prevent the emergence of more victims, suffering, and massacres in the future for which the weak ones on earth pay the price. Wahabism is a time bomb which must be diffused using Quranist reform. Arab tyrants are currently causing the destruction of their nations and their countries; they refuse to realize the fact that we live in the modern era of telecommunications, human rights, and democracy. It is as if such tyrants live on another planet. We fear that the future generations of the weak ones on earth may revolt within civil wars which will cause more destruction in the Arab world.   









The Weak Ones Who Are Unjust towards Both Themselves and the Lord God






1- Our articles about the New Zealand Massacre have exposed the hearts/minds and souls of the Muhammadans and their stance of animosity against the West and all non-Muslims in general. The terrestrial/earthly religion of the Sunnite Muhammadans divides the world into two territories/camps: the territory/camp of peace and faith (i.e., the countries of the Muhammadans) and the territory/camp of war and disbelief (i.e., the countries of all non-Muslims); the Muhammadans assume that they monopolize guidance and Paradise; sadly, they also assume they monopolize the Lord God as if He were siding with them and siding against any other people! The Muhammadans assume that they are in the right and are never wrong whatever they say and do and that others are in the wrong however good or upright they are. Sadly still, some of our fellow Quranists are still negatively influenced by this poisonous myth of the Muhammadans who hate the West.

2- Some of our beloved fellow Quranists on our Quranism website wrote comments to protest against what we have written about the New Zealand massacre; we replied to them indirectly within the previous article titled "The Culture of Double Standard Dominant in the Countries of the Muhammadans"; we have asserted in this article that this culture of double standard is biased and unjust and that it is an obstacle in the path of peaceful reform to which we have dedicated our life as a Quranist thinker. In fact, this culture of double standard impedes the desired democratic transition. Of course, some favorable, supporting comments came from the following Quranists: Mrs. Lotfiya Saeed, Mrs. Bint Al-Forat, Mr. Saeed Ali, and Dr. Othman M. Ali. 

3- Yet, some of our beloved fellow Quranists still adhere to the culture of double standard because they are still carrying the heavy burdens of some notions of the Sunnite religion they have rejected; besides, they are negatively influenced by the propaganda and media of enthroned Middle-Eastern tyrants which brainwash the Arab nations in order to convince them that all evils, disasters, and problems suffered in their countries are supposedly because of 'conspiracies' of Israel and the West countries who supposedly hate Islam. This brainwash aims to convince the masses that there is no need for internal reform as if corruption is caused by external factors and not within the countries of the Muhammadans. This is a very grave and serious topic and we have to cover it further here in this article.


Firstly: "...You yourselves were like this before, and God bestowed favor on you; so investigate..." (4:94):

1- Before our own conversion to Quranism as the Only True Islam, we were like those who criticize our person now; we have not reached Quranism as the Real Islam by chance or by any inspiration; at first we were a 'moderate' Sunnite person trying hard, and in vain, to reform the Sunnite religion from within its own culture, but our research has proven that the Sunnite religion contradicts Islam (i.e., the Quran) in everything; it has nothing to do with Islam; likewise, the Sufi and Shiite religions which contradict the Quran have nothing to do with Islam. Of course, the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions share certain elements such as ascribing hadiths/myths to Muhammad by force and deifying certain things, mausoleums, and mortals. Our rejection of the Sunnite religion and our conversion to Quranism as the Only True Islam happened within years of our pondering the Quran and objectively researching history and religious traditions of 'Muslims' (i.e., the Muhammadans) while using the Quran as the Criterion to judge these traditions and history. 

2- Within these years preceding our conversion to Quranism, we wrote articles and books; when we read them now, we feel astonished by the gap between our views of the 1970s and 1980s and our views now. Using the Quran, we are still purifying our heart/mind and soul from the Sunnite traditions. Let us exemplify this in the points below.

2/1: We used to take pride in 'Islamic' Arab conquests by the 'wise' and 'guided' caliphs; as a historian, we used to consider such conquests as a feat which turned international balances upside down within the military and political aspects. We used to wonder how a burgeoning State in Arabia managed to destroy the Byzantine and the Persian empires and to form an Arab empire from the south of France in the West to the borders of China in the East; this is an achievement in terms of history and politics. Yet, using the Quran as the Criterion, we know now that it is wrong and sinful to consider such Arab conquests as 'Islamic'; the caliphs who committed such crimes are sinful criminals and never wise or guided; they are never Muslims; they are the arch-enemies of the Lord God and they are worse that secular tyrants/conquerors: Genghis Khan, Hulago, Stalin, Hitler.

2/2: We used to assume that the West and the Western colonization of the Middle-East countries are the sources of all evils; we wrote articles to attack the USA and to predict its imminent collapse; we used to deem the USA and Israel as the sources of all evils occurring in Egypt and to all Arabs/'Muslims'. At the time, we were not aware of the crimes perpetrated by the Arab tyrants. After engaging into research and making many comparisons, we realized we were in the wrong; the plague inside Egypt and the Arab world is inside their culture of tyranny, corruption, injustice, and oppression. As for the West powers, they only make use of all such factors to serve their interests in the Middle-East. We cannot blame the West for this; enthroned tyrants of the Arab world prostrate themselves before the West powers, smuggle their stolen money into the West, and purchase weapons from the West to murder their Arab nations. This means that the West powers did not (and cannot) create anything inside the countries of the Muhammadans; the West powers merely make use and take advantage of factors created by the Muhammadans themselves.

2/3: The severe persecution we have suffered in Egypt in the 1980s and 1990s contributed to our insight; it was an eye-opener to discover many truths and facts. We were struggle to get our articles published, in many cases for free, in Egyptian newspapers while we suffered from abject poverty; yet, our foes accused our person of receiving bribes from the USA and the West. They accused our person of being an agent serving the USA to destroy 'Islam'; they never saw how we were never protected or funded by any country when we were living in Cairo, Egypt. In fact, enthroned Arab tyrants are the agents who serve the USA and gain power from it to oppress their nations severely. We realized that since our foes told lies about our receiving money from the West powers in their conspiracy theory to destroy 'Islam', they also told lies when they said that the West powers and the USA conspire against Egypt. When we fled to the USA as a political asylee, we realized how we lived in a quagmire of ignorance, lies, and fabrications of the Egyptian media. 


Secondly: we have learned the following from the Quran:

1- We must say the truth even if it against relatives; this is part of the Quranic Ten Commandments in this verse revealed in Mecca: "...And when you speak, be fair, even if it concerns a close relative..." (6:152); this is of vital importance and this is why it is repeated here in this verse revealed in Yathreb: "O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away - then God is Aware of what you do." (4:135); the same meaning, of saying the truth even if this would serve our foes, is repeated here as well: "O you who believe! Be upright to God, witnessing with justice; and let not the hatred of a certain people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety; and fear God. God is informed of what you do." (5:8).

2- The world is not divided between us (i.e., Arabs) and others (i.e., the West); this is because of the fact that Islam in terms of demeanor is peaceful behavior towards all human beings; all peaceful persons are Muslims in terms of behavior regardless of their religious denominations or lack thereof; the Lord God will settle all disputes in religion among all human beings and judge them on the Last Day. The Lord Allah is the God of all human beings and not the God of Arabs alone; Islam is the universal religion for all people until the end of days (see  &; this means that Islam is not something related only to the Arabic tongue or to the East. Besides, Islam is not responsible for the deeds/words of those who ascribe themselves to it. The religion of Islam has been completed and perfected once the revelation of the Quran ended; after the death of Muhammad, Islam has no additions. The Quran has nothing to do with deeds and words of 'Muslims'; no human beings (dead or alive) represent, symbolize, or stand for Islam; the good and bad deeds/words of 'Muslims' pertains to them and not to Islam itself; if they adopt good/bad stances, this is linked to them and they will bear the consequences in this world and the next world. Sadly, in worldwide media, Islam is presented as if it were deeds/words of 'Muslims'; this myth is grave injustice against the Lord God and His great religion. The Christian West does not ascribe deed/words of persons to Christianity; rather, they are ascribed to these persons themselves. This applies to everything, from the Crusades to geographic discoveries and scientific advancement/progress.   

3- As per the Quran, human beings are divided between two categories: peaceful ones and aggressors, or the oppressed, weak ones and the arrogant, powerful ones.

3/1: The arrogant, unjust aggressors include the caliphs, sultans, and tyrants celebrated in history and whose praises are sung by clergymen, historians, and media figures.

3/1/1: The most unjust, disbelieving ones among them are those who misuse the Holy Name of the Lord God and His religion to 'justify' conquests/invasions by making them part of religious duties; e.g., by making massacring the innocent people part of 'Islamic' jihad.

3/1/1/1: On top of the black list of arrogant, unjust, sinful tyrants are Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali, and the rest of sinful caliphs who followed their footsteps; this list includes Wahabis, past and present, especially the terrorist MB organization and ISIS terrorists.

3/1/1/2: This list is very long and it includes the leaders of the Crusades and the European travelers who, under the sign of the cross, massacred millions of native people within the geographic discoveries made in the two Americas, Australia, and New Zealand.

3/1/2: Those in the abovementioned black list are worse that secular, murderous tyrants like Hitler and Stalin. This is because those who have misused religion to make their aggression appear as if it were a religious duty have committed grave injustices against people and the Lord God; secular murderous tyrants have committed grave injustices against people only and they never ascribed their crimes to the Lord God. When the secular murderous tyrants are defeated, their influence and deeds end; in contrast, murderous tyrants who carried the banner of religions make their injustices and aggression turn into terrestrial religions which make aggression go on as long as such religions dominate within a given society. This is why the Shiite Muhammadans and the Sunnite Muhammadans fight and destroy their countries with their own hands and the hands of others as well. If they had enough power and might now, they would have invaded the West. Since they have no power and might, some of them (i.e., the Wahabis) commit suicide bombings within the Wahabi jihad inside the West countries. These Wahabi suicide bombings and terrorist attacks have caused the revival of the culture of Crusades rejected earlier by the secular West. This is the background which have caused the emergence of the Australian criminal who committed the mass shooting of two mosques in New Zealand.    

3/2: The weak ones on earth are the vast majority of human beings, past and present, from the weak believers in the Quranic stories of the Lord God's prophets and those around Muhammad in Yathreb who refused to engage into self-defense fighting to the oppressed nations in general now and in previous eras.

3/2/1: Some of weak ones on earth are oppressed and wronged only; some others were partially or wholly cleansed within genocides. Some of the weak ones experienced a bad change when they reached power and rule; they followed the footsteps of the arrogant criminals; this is exemplified in the powerful Shiites in the history of the Fatimids and in the history of Iraq. The Shiites were oppressed during the era of Saddam Hussein, but they control Iraq now. In most cases, the weak ones on earth belong to racial and religious minorities worldwide, from Asian Muslims to Christian Copts in Egypt and Christians in the Middle-East countries in general.  

4- The true Muslims side with the weak ones on the earth, regardless of their colors, races, religious denominations, tongues, locations, and eras. It is enough to side with the weak ones on earth whose rights are unjustly and aggressively violated; true Muslims hold the weak ones on the earth inside their hearts, minds, and souls.


Thirdly: less common facts we have learned from the Quran:

1- Quranists of today are among the prominent weak ones on the earth in the countries of the Muhammadans; yet, it is very grave and serious thing to belong to the weak ones on the earth and to the unjust ones simultaneously.

2- There are some of those weak ones on the earth who are unjust towards themselves and their fate in the Hereafter is Hell.

2/1: They include those who can immigrate to escape the persecution and injustices inflicted on them by tyrants and yet they do not immigrate: "While the angels are removing the souls of those who have wronged themselves, they will say, "What was the matter with you?" They will say, "We were oppressed in the land." They will say, "Was God's earth not vast enough for you to emigrate in it?" These-their refuge is Hell. What a wretched retreat! Except for the weak among men, and women, and children who have no means to act, and no means to find a way out. These - God may well pardon them. God is Pardoning and Forgiving." (4:97-99).

2/2: Those who adopt a worse stance are those who support and side with the unjust tyrants though they know how unjust and tyrannical their rulers are. This does not include those oppressed, weak people who are forced by tyrants to declare their support and loyalty in public; the Lord God will not judge or punish those who are forced; they can practice Taqiyya; the Omniscient Lord God allows this here, within threatening and warning people so that they adhere to piety: "Believers are not to take disbelievers for friends instead of believers. Whoever does that has nothing to do with God, unless it is to protect your own selves against them. God warns you to beware of Him. To God is the destiny. Say, "Whether you conceal what is in your hearts, or disclose it, God knows it." He knows everything in the heavens and the earth. God is Powerful over everything." (3:28-29). For more information about Taqiyya, we refer our readers to this article in English titled "They Ask You about Taqiyya", found on this link:


Fourthly: the sources of our sorrow:

1- The source of lesser sorrow: when the oppressed, weak ones on earth voluntarily defend their oppressors, this means that tyrants fully control and ride them as if they were mules and force them to vociferously insult and criticize the supposed or imaginary 'enemies' as per the wishes of tyrants. This means that in this case, the oppressed, weak ones on earth are unjust towards themselves; they never protest against the unjust tyrants and they insult and verbally abuse the assumed 'enemies' of tyrants; they had better remained silent. 

2- The source of greater sorrow: when the Quranists forget that they must side with the Quranic Truth granted to humanity by the Lord God. In matters of religion, there is the wronged parties and the unjust parties. Sadly, most people forget the fact that the most unjust human beings on earth are those who ascribe lies to the Lord God and to His religion because they deny and reject His Quranic verses; their lies/myths form the basis of terrestrial religions of Satan. Those who support and side with such religions of Satan and their clergymen are supporting and siding with the unjust parties and forsaking the Lord God. Some of these terrestrial religions (e.g., the Sunnite religion) specialize in conquests/invasions, massacring, stealing, raping, etc. while misusing the Holy Name of the Lord God and attributing all terrible injustices and heinous crimes to the banner of His religion. It is the gravest injustice to ascribe one's crimes and injustices to the Lord God. When one knows this and remains silent without taking any stance, one shares the burden of their sin of committing injustice against the Lord God. The worse stance is to support and side with the unjust ones who commit injustice against the Dominant Lord God; this applies to those who support sinful caliphs and/or today's enthroned tyrants.

2/1: The sinful caliphs who conquered, invaded, and committed the atrocities of massacring, raping, enslaving, stealing, sabotaging, etc. In fact, they massacred hundreds of thousands of people among many nations. They are the most unjust people as they ascribed their grave sins and injustices to the Holy Name of the Lord God and to the name of His religion: Islam. When the Muhammadans assume that those sinful, unjust caliphs are infallible and holy, they are siding with these tyrants and siding against the Lord God. True Quranists must never do that.  

2/2: All of the enthroned Middle-Eastern tyrants rely on clergymen who are unjust towards the Lord God and who assume they speak in His Holy Name and in the name of His religion. When people side with the tyrants and their clergymen, they share the burden of the grave sin of committing injustice against the Lord God. True Quranists must never do that.

2/3: True Quranists must side with the oppressed, wronged, weak ones on earth, and before everything else, they must side with the Quranic Truth of the Lord God like all true believers; thus, their peaceful, intellectual jihad will be for the sake of the Dominant Lord God as they seek to gratify Him. 










(1) Mr. Khaled Saleh: As per my pondering the Quranic verse 18:110, the best among all good deed is to remove injustices and to uphold justice. True Quranists stand against injustices against the Lord God and against all people. this is the core of piety and essence of Islam in practice. Thank you.

(2) Mr. Ben Levante: I've noticed in your reply to my email message that you forgot our real name; I told you about my real name in an email message in 2016. As for your above article, I don't think that mortals can be unjust towards the Lord God; any human beings are only unjust towards themselves when they adhere to polytheism and falsehoods/lies, as per the Quranic verse 2:57. As for the double standard, it exists in all cultures within varying degrees. No one can deny it exists in the West countries. We must never forget that religious cultures depend on how any community interpret religious text(s) in a certain era. The plight of Arab nations is mainly because of their tyrannical rulers who also impose the wrong religious vision on their nations, and hence, the double standard of the Arabs emerges. The West countries sometimes disregard all human values in order to serve the interests of rulers and wealthy men; this is clear in politics. The West countries sell weapons to the Arab countries and this leads to more wars and civil strife; they make use of the ignorance and gullibility of the Arabs. One cannot change one's enemy; one can only change oneself. The Arabs are the worst people; yet, the West countries are also to blame partially for the crises in the Middle-East. Of course, the worst criminals are those who use God's Name and the name of His Religion to justify their crimes. In the coming articles, you must focus on the injustices committed by the European white extremists as per history. By the way, the sinful caliphs of the Arab conquests were not hypocrites; i.e. they contradicted the Quran intentionally because they never believed in it in the first place; they conformed to the dominant culture of aggression typical of the Middle-Ages.     

(3) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank Mr. Khaled Saleh and Mr. Ben Levante for their comments. We draw benefit from all comments whether they agree with our views or not; this is shown in our recent writings, especially in this book about the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. The comments drive our person to rethink and reconsider and some of the comments correct our views. Of course, all of us belong  to the generation of dialogue among Quranists so that our offspring will be the generation of making choices. We would like that Mr. Ben Levante would send us an email again so that we register his email address; we tend to forget a lot nowadays; we forgot his real name. Our focus of attention all day long is on our writings and our Quranism website.  










On the Margin of the Christchurch Massacre: About the Weak Ones in the Golan Heights







1- The arrogant, haughty American President, Trump, signed on March 25th, 2019, an agreement with the arrogant, haughty Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, acknowledging the Israeli dominance over the Syrian Golan heights. This piece of news came to the foreground and eclipsed the news of the massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand. Yet, the shared element between the New Zealand massacre and Trump's agreement about the Golan heights is the topic of the arrogant, haughty ones on earth as opposed to the weak ones on earth. The Australian criminal who committed the massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand was an arrogant, haughty person who committed a grave injustice against the victims who are among the weak ones on earth. The arrogant, haughty rulers in the countries of the Muhammadans condemned the Australian criminal, though they persecute, oppress, and put to death the weak ones in their countries. In fact, the topic of the arrogant, haughty ones on earth as opposed to the weak ones on earth should come to the foreground regarding the tragedy that occurred in New Zealand and the tragedy of the Golan heights.

2- This is the stance from which we talk about the topic of the Golan heights; we assert all the time that we, as a Quranist writer, expect that our readers know the following.

2/1: We always side with the weak ones on earth regardless of their religions, eras, locations, races, and tongues.

2/2: We know that the arrogant, haughty ones on earth are not within the same level/degree in their injustices; there are those who are 'moderate' in the injustices they commit against the weak ones on earth and there are those who are extremists in their injustices. Of course, we are against all types, degrees, measures, and levels of injustice; this is derived from our belief in the Quranic fact that Islam is the religion of justice, freedom, mercy, charity, and human rights.


Firstly: the stance of the arrogant, haughty ones inside the USA:

1- The USA imposed sanctions on Russia when Moscow annexed the Crimea; in contrast, the USA has acknowledged now that the Golan heights are part of Israel; no one proposed a referendum to get to know the view of the dwellers of Crimea and the dwellers of the Golan heights; this means that dwellers of both regions to whom the lands belong are among the weak ones on earth.  

2- This means that the change in stances and situation occurs as per the difference in interests – the interests of the arrogant, haughty ones or those of the weak ones on earth.

3- The arrogant, haughty President Trump agreed that the Golan heights are annexed forever to Israel; this is part of his policies to face Iran and its chief ally (Bashar Al-Assad of Syria). Hence, Trump makes sure that Syria is divided after the victory of Al-Assad over the Wahabi ISIS terrorists and their likes. The arrogant, haughty Trump reinforced the American presence on the eastern bank of the Euphrates near the Syrian borders with both Iraq and Jordan; this is Trump's way to face the ever-increasing Russian influence in Al-Assad's Syria. 

4- It is a laughter-inducing fact that Erdoğan, the underway Ottoman 'sultan', declared that Turkey will not accept Trump's agreement with Israel about the Golan heights, promising to respond very soon to the American stance. We must not forget that Erdoğan occupies part of Syrian land in the north; yet, he never miss a chance to appear as a hero or a 'caliph' at the expense of the weak ones on earth, weather those in New Zealand or those in the Golan heights.

5- Yet, the arrogant, haughty Erdoğan is better than the other arrogant, haughty tyrants of the Middle-East countries. Arab tyrants in particular are submissive to the arrogant, haughty American President. Arab tyrants merely allow their media to bark for a few days and then to remain silent soon afterwards as usual; yet, behind closed doors, Arab tyrants prostrate before Washington and vow to remain loyal and obedient to it. The fate of the dwellers of the Golan heights (who are among the weak ones on earth) is being decided by the arrogant, haughty Israeli Prime Minister, the American extremist, arrogant, haughty adventurer, Trump, and the Arab tyrants in the countries of the Muhammadans who know very little about the dwellers of the Golan heights.


Secondly: the stance of the UN is to refuse the stance of the arrogant, haughty President Trump:

 The UN deemed that the American acknowledgment of the Israeli dominance over the Golan Heights will result in increasing tensions in the region, while asserting that the endeavors of the UN will be based on respecting the unity of Syria. We assert the following points.

1- This means that that the Golan heights should return to Syria, which is a country owned by Hafiz Al-Assad and his successor and son Bashar Al-Assad; both father and son have caused unprecedented massacres and ruin to Syria and its dwellers.

2- The UN should have asserted the right of self-determination of the weak ones who live in the Golan heights; i.e., would they choose to join the assassin Bashar Al-Assad, to join the arrogant, haughty Netanyahu, or to become an independent State.

3- Sadly, we cannot expect this from the UN; this is because it is an organization reflecting and dealing with governments of countries and not the nations of any countries. Since all governments in general are controlled by the arrogant, haughty ones on earth who persecute the weak ones on earth, the UN assumes that it is the 'right' thing that the Golan heights with its weak dwellers should be returned to Al-Assad. 

4- The UN resolutions sometimes side with the interests of some of the weak ones on earth, and this occurs only as per the whims and desires of some of the arrogant, haughty ones on earth among the international powers in the Security Council and the General Assembly; e.g., when the Nazis and assassins of the Balkans were held in trial in court. Yet, the UN remained silent regarding other massacres; this occurred also as per the whims and desires of some of the arrogant, haughty ones on earth among the international powers. We must remember that since its establishment in 1945, the UN overlooked many massacres; e.g., (1) the massacres committed by Stalin against millions of peaceful "Muslims" in Central Asia; Stalin also forced millions of them to immigrate to Siberia, and (2) the massacres of the arrogant, haughty American president in Vietnam. The UN is no powerless and cannot do anything to stop the arrogant, haughty Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir, who is a war criminal, and to stop the massacres committed by the Saudis (and their allies) in Yemen.    

5- Sadly, the international organizations which defend the weak ones on earth do nothing but to scream loudly in the air, or in the wilderness, and no one in the UN or the International Criminal Court (ICC) care about such screaming. This is why the arrogant, haughty ones in the countries of the Arab Muhammadans commit massacres and crimes of oppressing and torturing the weak ones on earth; this is why the tyrannical rulers of the Middle-East countries find implicit/indirect and explicit/direct support from the arrogant, haughty ones in the West countries. This occurs at the expense of the weak ones on earth; this applies to the case of the Golan heights; this means that the UN is an international organization which serves only the arrogant, haughty ones on earth. 

6- If the UN wants to side with justice and human rights, it should side with all its might with the weak one on earth; the UN should never allow tyrants to oppress any nations as if such tyrants own the nations and their lands. 

7- As far as the Golan heights are concerned, this land is not owned by the assassin Al-Assad or the arrogant, haughty Netanyahu; rather, it is the property of the dwellers of the Golan heights themselves who have the right of self-determination within a free, transparent referendum supervised by the UN.

8- Hafiz Al-Assad lost the entire region of the Golan heights in 1976 and partially in 1973; later on, he stopped any further military action against Israeli occupation of the Golan heights; he merely spoke against Israel all the time. Hence, Israel assumed that Hafiz Al-Assad acknowledged the status quo of its dominance over the Golan heights.

9- We never expect that the weak one in Syria, and in the Golan heights, want to be ruled by Bashar al-Assad; they have the right of self-determination through a referendum; this what should happen.


Thirdly: about the weak ones in the Golan heights:

1- Within ancient history and through the Middle-Ages, the Golan heights were inhabited by several races ruled by several arrogant, haughty ones on earth – there are too many details within that topic to be mentioned here.

2- In the modern age, the Golan heights were occupied by the arrogant, haughty Ottomans among the provinces of the Levant and Iraq; yet, such Ottoman provinces were not separate political entities; rather, they were merely geographical definitions. The current borders in the Levantine region and Iraq have been created by the Sikes-Picot Agreement; hence, the borders of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia (since 1932), and Israel (since 1948) were created. This means that all of the States of the Levantine region are recent and new. Sadly, such unjust demarcation of borders have caused the loss of the rights of the Kurds who are among the weak ones on earth scattered between Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. Such borders made the Golan heights as part of Syria; this is among the decisions made by the haughty, arrogant one in great Britain and France at the time; no one decided to get to know the opinion of the weak ones who lived in the Golan heights and in the Levant and Iraq.   

3- After the end of the royal epoch of the Hashemites in Syria, several coups d'état occurred and Syria became a republic. Of course, since the emergence of the very first Saudi kingdom in 1745 A.D., the Sunnite Wahabis terrorized the weak ones in Syria among the Christians, Shiites, and the members of the Druze sect. The Syrian Shiites raised the banners of Arab nationalism; they formed the Baathist Party and infiltrated into the Syrian armed forced. Later on, the Shiite Hafiz Al-Assad reached power as president; he is succeeded by his son Bashar Al-Assad. Both father and son committed massacres against Syrian Sunnites as an act of revenge. Some members of the Druze sect outside Syria raised the banners of Arab nationalism; this has been done by the Druze men of Lebanon, led by Kamal Jumblatt. The members of the Druze sect inside Palestine found protection by becoming Israeli citizens.   

4- As for the Golan heights, we assert the following points.

4/1: There are about 40 thousand people in the Golan heights; they are not Palestinians. A minority among them are Alawites Shiites (i.e., the same doctrine followed by Bashar Al-Assad) and most of them have obtained the Israeli nationality and some of them already have the Syrian the nationality. There are about 17.5 thousand Jewish Israeli settlers in the Golan heights.

4/2: About half of the dwellers of the Golan heights are Arab Druze; Israel offered to them to obtain the Israeli nationality; some members of the Druze sect have obtained the Israeli nationality. Yet, most members of the Druze sect refused to obtain the Israeli nationality when the Golan heights were annexed to Israel by a decision taken in 1981. The Druze men went on a strike at the time; the Druze clergymen issued fatwas to prohibit (as a sin) the obtaining of the Israeli nationality. Yet, the vast majority of the Druze people have the status of the permanent residency in Israel; this allows them to have the same rights like Israeli citizens except (1) voting within the elections of the Knesset and (2) having Israeli passports. As per Israeli laws, the Israeli government have the right to annul the status of permanent residency when one leaves for a long time the territories dominated by the civil Israeli authority. This means that if some dwellers of the Golan heights who refuse to obtain the Israeli nationality decide to move into Syria, they cede all their rights inside Israel, including the ability to return to the Golan heights even as a visitor.

4/3: The Arabs who live in the Golan heights avoided engaging themselves in politics; they refused to participate in the Palestinian intifadas; they have enjoyed everything lavished on them by Israel; in fact, the Arabs who live in the Golan heights enjoy freedom and welfare coveted and envied by the weak ones who live in the Arab countries of the Muhammadans. 


Fourthly: between arrogant, haughty ones in Israel and the arrogant, haughty ones in the Arab countries:

1- There are 'moderate' arrogant, haughty ones and extremist arrogant, haughty ones.

2- There are certain levels or degrees within the extreme type of arrogance/haughtiness. For instance, the arrogant, haughty leader Saddam Hussein of Iraq forced the weak ones to glorify his name; this behavior was maintained by the tyrannical leader Kaddafi of Libya and is still being maintained by the tyrannical Saudi crown prince M. Ibn Salman. In contrast, the arrogant, haughty tyrants who rule Egypt never force anyone to praise or glorify them.

3- There are certain levels or degrees within the "moderate" type of arrogance/haughtiness. The arrogant, haughty ones in Israel are ''moderate'' in their dealing with the Arab weak ones inside Israel; they are better than Arab arrogant, haughty tyrants who deal harshly with the weak ones in their countries. There are extremists in Israel like the Likud, Netanyahu, and Sharon. There are moderates in Israel like Peres, Rabin, and the Israeli Labor Party. Yet, there are no differences among them at all when it comes to protect the security of Israel; they take revenge in the cruelest manner possible.

4- The arrogant, haughty ones in Israel have drawn lessons from the unjust arrogant, haughty ones who existed before them.

4/1: The Ottomans confiscated stretches of land in Palestine through Waqfs (religious endowments) and by other means; Israel confiscated all such stretches of land and never returned them to their original owners who are among the weak ones on earth.

4/2: The British occupiers of Palestine issued a law to allow demolishing houses as a type of punishment; Israel applies this law until now to punish some Palestinians considered by Israelis as terrorists.

5- The arrogant, haughty ones in Israel have issued unprecedented unjust laws.

5/1: The laws which make Israel as a State only for Jewish people; this means that non-Jewish Arab Israelis are deemed as second-class citizens.  

5/2: The laws which allow torture.

6- This is an extreme type of injustice; yet, it is better than 1% of the unprecedented tyranny of Middle-Eastern rulers. We must remember the following points.

6/1: Israel is a State based on law; besides, the International Law helped create it; its citizens abide by law; no one among them is above the law: an Israel president was imprisoned and some prime ministers were fired when proven guilty of crimes of corruption. In contrast, no one among the weak ones in the Arab countries of the Muhammadans would dare to protest against the corruption of a prince, a king, a president, a minister, or even a police officer.

6/2: Israel issues unjust laws which include allowing torture and imposing the Jewish identity of the State; this way, injustice is practiced by law. Yet, the injustices by ruling tyrants in the countries of the Arabs and the Muhammadans are worse still.

6/2/1: The constitutions of the countries of the Arabs and the Muhammadans are great yet never applied at all. Such constitutions assert equality among all citizens; this equality does not exist at all in reality. In Egypt, ministers of justice, police officers, and high-rank officials assume they are "masters" and the rest of the Egyptian citizens are "slaves"; these "masters" can torture and imprisoned anyone! What about the so-called "superior bodies" in Egypt? They officially exist, as per Egyptian pro-government newspapers and media, and they have limitless power and authority. This means that there is no equality at all, despite its being mentioned in the Egyptian Constitution.

6/2/2: The Egyptian Constitution asserts that torture is a crime and that the penalty of criminals who committed such a crime is never removed with the passage of time. Yet, it is through torture that tyrants remain enthroned, and without it, they are abdicated/deposed from their thrones. 

6/2/3: Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, this Hebrew State lives within a state of security and military emergency; yet, it never imposed an emergency law or a martial law. In a studied, prepared, reasonable manner, Israel deters and punishes only those who threaten its security, but at the same time, Israel (like all of the West countries) never stops peaceful freedom of speech. This is in contrast to the lack of free speech in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. 



 Do not you reflect and understand?!












(1) Dr. Othman Ali: Most Arab nations fail in the process of self-determination though it is a basic human right. This is because Arab nations are shackled with their history and their past and fettered with the traditions which go against freedom. Another reason for failure in the process of self-determination is the lack of mechanism which supports democracy; the Arab nations tend to elect tyrants; they are rarely aware of human rights, freedom, and human dignity. Their history shows they love enslavement and death-like 'stability'; they suffer from phobia of change!  

(2) Mr. Saeed Ali: In the previous writings of Dr. A. S. Mansour, we see a comparison of the people in the Egyptian Sinai peninsula when it was occupied by Israel in 1967 and when it was restored to Egypt. The Golan people's opinions are never considered by Trump and others; no one asked them if they desire to be annexed forever to Israel or to Syria or to form an independent state. I think that the Golan people must distance themselves from religious culture (Jewish or 'Islamic') which does not respect human rights. Their aim must be to achieve peace and security to themselves and not to serve Syria or Israel. The weak ones on earth pay the price of the policies of tyrants; in this case, the tyrants are Israelis, Syrians, and Americans. Sadly, the UN will never interfere to stop the tyrants and help the weak ones in Golan, I think. Shame on the UN!

(3) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank Dr. Othman Ali and Mr. Saeed Ali for their useful, informative comments. We assert here that our supporting the weak ones on earth began with our PhD thesis in 1977. When we studied Mameluke history, we rarely read news of ordinary people. The historians of that era never mentioned ordinary people unless these people were penalized or put to death; their names are not mentioned. Sadly, the historians focus only on news and actions of arrogant, haughty tyrants; they disregard the weak ones on earth despite their being the real makers of history and civilization. Sadly, past and present, the weak ones on earth are the dust on which tyrants tread. This grave sin and injustice exists until now. No tyrants in the international community think about the people of Sinai or Golan; their lands are mere spaces of negotiations among tyrants; such ordinary people are mere pawns in such negotiations. It is a grave injustice that billions of people worldwide are mere pawns in the hands of about 100 men who are the arrogant, haughty tyrants who rule the world as kings, presidents, prime ministers, and businessmen. A new culture must be introduced within examining politics and history. This new culture is the rights of the weak ones on earth. We write about this culture in our articles so that this culture may dominate in the future. 











CHAPTER III: The Camp of Goodness and the Camps of Evil









The Camp of Goodness Which Is against Terrorism






 It is clear enough that the massacre committed at the two mosques inside New Zealand has shown the emergence of two camps or sides: the camp of goodness and the camp of evil. Again, it is clear enough that New Zealand (with its leaders and nation) is definitely number one within the camp of goodness.


Firstly: the camp of goodness inside New Zealand is against terrorism:

1- Geographically, New Zealand is a remote country; it is rarely mentioned in the news of world media; its citizens live in peace with no troubles among one another and they never disturb others. After the terrorist attack at the two mosques in New Zealand by committed by an Australian criminal who visited New Zealand, the name of this country has occupied headlines in media worldwide. Of course, the stance of the people of New Zealand regarding this massacre at the two mosques show the kindness and peaceful, good nature of the citizens of New Zealand; their country deserves to be on top of the list of the camp of goodness which is against terrorism. New Zealand is a democracy and it has no oppressed or weak ones on earth; it has its democratic system and original values. This means that the distant, peaceful New Zealand is in contrast with Middle-East countries which are filled with troubles and from which bad news come within world media; Middle-East countries are ruled by enthroned tyrants who spread corruption inside and outside their countries and they deserve to be on top of the list of the camp of evil.

2- The citizens of New Zealand are nearly 5 million people; about three quarters of them are white people and they welcome immigration (i.e., this is the stance of the State and the nation). In fact, most of the citizens of New Zealand are immigrants; about 50 thousand immigrants enter New Zealand annually. There are several minorities in New Zealand, including the minority of the indigenous people: the Maori. Within such diversity and tolerance, New Zealand is one of the most advanced countries in terms of levels of education, economic freedom, and lack of corruption. In fact, 99% of adults in New Zealand are educated people; this country is one of the most liveable countries in the world. The percentage of 'Muslims' in New Zealand is 1%, and most of them were not born inside New Zealand; many of them are Indians and Middle-Eastern people.

3- The heinous massacre of the two mosques has shown that the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, is among the best politicians and humanitarian figures in our modern era. Ardern assumed her position as the Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017; she is the youngest person to assume this position in New Zealand since 150 years. This great lady deserves the love and respect of the whole world as per her stance after the massacre in terms of her words and her deeds.

3/1: In terms of words, we note the following points.

3/1/1: The best words Ardern said about the victims that they and the rest of the New Zealand people are one: "They were New Zealanders, they were us. Because they were us, we mourn them," she said. "We are one, they are us," she said.

3/1/2: Ardern began her speech, while dressed in black to indicate deep mourning, by saying (in Arabic): "Peace be with you" and ended her speech by saying (in Arabic) "Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you". In addition, she quoted some Quranic verses within a session inside the Parliament of New Zealand.

3/1/3: Ardern praised the courage of some victims who tried to stop the Australian terrorist who attacked the two mosques; she mentioned how a 71-year-old man welcomed this terrorist (before the terrorist showed his weapon) by saying: "Hello brother, welcome"; these were his final words. Ardern said that the incident was "one of New Zealand's darkest days" and that "March 15 will now be forever a day etched in our collective memories". She said there is "no place in New Zealand for such acts of extreme violence". "We cannot know your grief but we can walk with you at every stage.", Ardern said to the victims' families.

3/1/4: Ardern said to the Muslims of Christchurch that New Zealand is united in grief. She said that the victims had chosen to make New Zealand their home and this must never be deemed as the reason for the spread of extremist ideas.

3/1/5: Ardern said the following about the Australian criminal: "He will face the full force of the law in New Zealand. The families of the fallen will have justice. He sought many things from his act of terror, but one was notoriety. And that is why you will never hear me mention his name. He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless. And to others, I implore you: speak the names of those who were lost, rather than the name of the man who took them. He may have sought notoriety, but we in New Zealand will give him nothing. Not even his name."

3/1/6: "We will examine what we did know, could have known, or should have known. We cannot allow this to happen again," Ardern said. She asserted that the authorities will ill assume the responsibility to preserve the reputation of New Zealand and its peaceful nation which embraces diversity.

3/2: In terms of deeds, we note the following points.

3/2/1: Ardern participated in many of the funerals of the victims.

3/2/2: She announced sweeping changes to the country's gun laws; she banned all military-style semi-automatic guns.

3/2/3: She announced that a two-minute silence will be observed on Friday to mark a week since the Christchurch terror attack. 

3/2/4: She made the Friday Azan (i.e., call to prayers) be aired in the national radio and TV all over New Zealand.

3/2/5: She wore a black headscarf (i.e., hijab) and a black dress of mourning as she met with leaders of the Muslim community. Women around New Zealand have donned headscarves in solidarity with the Muslim community in the wake of the Christchurch shooting, the image of Ardern and these women has since become 'iconic.'

3/2/6: She urged the New Zealand government to provide more protection to all mosques. 

3/2/7: She urged the New Zealand government to revise the role played by social media networks in spreading ideas of violence, hatred, and extremism.

3/3: Within her endeavors for the sake of reform, we note the following points.

3/3/1: Ardern acknowledged the existence of a discourse, among few people inside New Zealand, urging extremism and hatred and that those few people share the ideology of the Australian criminal: "A 28-year-old man — an Australian citizen — has been charged with one count of murder. Other charges will follow ... This of course doesn't take away the responsibility we too must show as a nation, to confront racism, violence and extremism," she said. "... We will also look at the role social media played and what steps we can take ... There is no question that ideas and language of division and hate have existed for decades, but their form of distribution, the tools of organization, they are new. We cannot simply sit back and accept that these platforms just exist...," she said. "We are a nation of 200 ethnicities, 160 languages. We open our doors to others and say welcome. And the only thing that must change after the events of Friday is that this same door must close on all of those who espouse hate and fear. Yes, the person who committed these acts was not from here. He was not raised here. He did not find his ideology here, but that is not to say that those very same views do not live here," she said. Main government figures in New Zealand said that ideas of extremism are insulting to the vast majority of New Zealanders and that the government will assume the responsibility of uprooting such ideas and to never allow the climate of helping them grow. The Christchurch massacre is an individual and shocking terrorist attack which harmed a group of New Zealanders who gathered to pray in a peaceful place. The ideology of the Australian criminal is condemned. Helping the families of the victims is part of the values cherished by New Zealanders. All citizens refuse the ideas of far-right extremists and any ideologies which go against the values of New Zealand. The New Zealanders condemn violence and extremism. The government of New Zealand assumes the responsibility of protecting houses of worship and freedom of expression of all religions and cultures. New Zealand is a country which takes pride in its cultural, religious, and racial diversity.   

3/3/2: Ardern addressed her speech, calling for reform, to the whole world; she proposed an international campaign to uproot racist ideas of the far-right. She told President Trump that the U.S. should offer Muslim communities "sympathy and love". Ardern twittered the following: "What has happened in Christchurch is an extraordinary act of unprecedented violence. It has no place in New Zealand. Many of those affected will be members of our migrant communities – New Zealand is their home – they are us.'' Ardern now leads effort to curb online extremism; New Zealand will lead efforts to stop the use of social media to organize and promote terrorism in the wake of the Christchurch attacks. "The March 15 terrorist attacks saw social media used in an unprecedented way as a tool to promote an act of terrorism and hate," she said in a statement. "It's critical that technology platforms...are not perverted as a tool for terrorism, and instead become part of a global solution to countering extremism... In the wake of the March 15 attacks New Zealanders united in common purpose to ensure such attacks never occur again. If we want to prevent violent extremist content online we need to take a global approach that involves other governments, tech companies and civil society leaders... for too long, it has also been possible to use these platforms to incite extremist violence, and even to distribute images of that violence, as happened in Christchurch. This is what needs to change...We all need to act, and that includes social media providers taking more responsibility for the content that is on their platforms, and taking action so that violent extremist content cannot be published and shared. " she said. Ardern has led calls for a united global front to fight rising white extremism. "Domestically with each of us. I have to acknowledge though there are some things that we do need to confront collectively, as leaders internationally. We cannot, for instance, just simply allow some of the challenges that we face with social media to be dealt with on a case by case basis. There is an argument here to be made for us to take a united front on what is a global issue. This is not just an issue for New Zealand. Social media platforms have been used to spread violence, material that incites violence. All of us need to present a united front. When it comes to racism, extremism, violence, we domestically have duties upon us as well," she said. Ardern has now set an example for other world leaders on how to respond to a crisis and how to ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome. "Feeling safe means feeling safe from violence. There are lots of things that government can do to make sure people are free from violence, and we will do those things. But it also means making a place where there is no environment for violence to flourish, where we don’t let racism exist, because racism breeds extremism," she said. ''My job is to make people feel safe, the idea that people currently do not I find deeply distressing and it's my job to bring that sense of security back,'' she said. ''The values of tolerance and inclusion and peace - those are New Zealand values. That is not to say there are not pockets of ideology that are counter to our values - that we as a nation utterly reject - but we would be naive to think we're the only country in the world that didn't have pockets of that,'' she said. ''You'll hear New Zealanders reflect the fact that what happened here was not an act by a New Zealand citizen, but that does not mean that there are not things we need to address here, we do. And that's the bigger project,'' she said.  Ardern said that New Zealand has been 'deliberate' in labeling the shooting as a 'terrorist attack' against the Muslim community. "...the message I've been sharing with every global leader is our job is to share love and support for our Muslim communities around the world," she said.

4- Of course, the nation of New Zealand has the same level of truth and honor as Jacinda Ardern who led the country’s mourning process, as she was the first person to sign a national condolence book. She also met with family members of the victims and the wider Christchurch Muslim community while wearing a hijab, thus becoming a symbol of love and tolerance in a world of rising hate and xenophobia. She did not want the 50 victims to die in vain as she instantly took action to tighten gun laws, among the new legislations that her government issued was a national ban on assault rifles.

4/1: The New Zealanders showed their solidarity with Muslims directly after the terrorist attack in Christchurch by building a memorial having the names of the victims in the same street where the attacked mosque is situated. Flowers were offered to this memorial all day long for several days. About 20 thousand people attended the prayers inside a garage in front of the attacked mosque to show solidarity. Planes wrote the Arabic word (Allah) in the skyline of New Zealand.

4/2: A female 65-year-old doctor in Auckland urged women in New Zealand, especially in the capital, Willington, to wear headscarves or hijab on Friday to support the Muslim community, especially Muslim women.

4/3: The newspapers of New Zealand dedicated whole pages as tribute to the victims and mentioned all their names, while calling for a national day of mourning. In its first page, the New Zealand Herald headlines were "A Call for Prayers" and "Unity is Strength", whereas the Express newspaper headline in the first page was the page-long word "peace".

4/4: Police officers and security men who filled Christchurch streets wore green badges on their chests to express solidarity and peace. 

4/5: Human chains were formed outside some mosques in New Zealand to symbolize solidarity and protection.

4/6: Thousands of people participated in the march titled (for love and peace) in the streets of Christchurch early on Saturday morning to pay homage to the souls of the dead victims; the two attacked mosques were reopened and about 3000 people who participated in the march carried slogans such as (He wanted to divide us but he made us stronger!), (No to racists!), and (Muslims are welcome!). most of those who participated in the march were silent and some murmured a hymn for peace.

4/7: Even a notorious biker mob in New Zealand stood guard to ensure the safety of mosques all over New Zealand in the first Friday congregational prayers after the Christchurch massacre.

4/8: Amidst such nobleness, a voice of extremism and fanaticism emerged in New Zealand; the bishop of Destiny Church, Brian Tamaki, twittered his denouncing the Azan (or call to prayers) in the country as he assumes that this goes against teachings of Christianity, since the Azan contains the phrase (There is no God but Allah). Tamaki expressed his fear that New Zealand might be a Muslim country on Friday; he said he agreed on the two-minute silence, but he dislikes the Azan; he said Christ is the 'Only God' and nothing else would represent New Zealand. Tamaki considered the call of Jacinda Ardern to air the Azan in the media of New Zealand as part of abusing her political authority; he said she has insulted true Christians and that the national identity is in danger. Luckily, Tamaki received fast and angry responses: a commentator told him he should not pray and he must make room for those who desire to pray without fear and to practice their rituals within absolute freedom; they must be allowed to enjoy religious freedom after the nightmare they went through; another commentator told Tamaki to shut up and to try to open his heart to all human beings as per the commands of his Lord.    


Secondly: the camp of goodness outside New Zealand:

1- The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced the Christchurch terrorist attacks; he mentioned the fact that a man welcomed this Australian terrorist (before he showed his weapon) by saying: "Hello brother, welcome."; Guterres asserted that this is the essence of Islam, a religion he respects; its essence is love, mercy, tolerance, charity, and forgiveness. Guterres emphasized that the discourse of hatred, fanaticism, and extremism is spreading fast worldwide, especially within social media networks. Sadly, many political movements declare in public its affiliation with the neo-Nazis and they use their symbols and mottos, Guterres stressed. He also mentioned that this cancer is spreading fast and all of us must find a remedy for it. Guterres mentioned that he requested from, Miguel Moratinos, the High-Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, setting an action plan to make the UN organizations get involved in protection and security of houses of worship worldwide. He said that world leaders, religious leaders, and nonprofit organizations should participate in this endeavor. Guterres asserted that mosques and all houses of worship must be safe havens and not targets for terrorists. He delivered his speech while surrounded with an imam of a mosque and more than 10 ambassadors (of Islamic and non-Islamic countries) in the UN, including representatives of New Zealand and Australia.

2- Amnesty International said that "the horrific attacks on two mosques in Christchurch, New a devastating reminder of the consequences of letting hatred and demonization go unchecked... This is one of the darkest days in New Zealand’s history. The attacker who unleashed his deadly hatred and racism upon women, men, and children as they took part in Friday prayers has thrown us all into shock and grief...This is also a moment of reckoning for leaders across the world who have encouraged or turned a blind eye to the scourge of Islamophobia. The politics of demonization has today cost 49 people their lives. Reports that the attacks followed a white supremacist manifesto must galvanize world leaders to start standing against this hate-filled ideology. Today we stand with all those who have lost loved ones, and vow to unite against this hate. The New Zealand we believe in is one that thrives as a multicultural society, welcomes refugees and migrants, and respects the rights of everyone to practice their religion in peace. These attacks can only strengthen our resolve to fight for a society built around peace, hope and justice."

3- After a 7000 km journey, a Hawaiian delegation has gifted a mile-long garland of flowers to the city of Christchurch as a symbol of love, peace, solidarity, and connectedness from the other side of the world following the terror attacks. Those present before the two mosques were in tears and many hugs and kisses were exchanged upon seeing the garland. The aim was to relieve the sorrow of the families of the victims and to weave flowers of all colors to represent all races and colors of human beings as united and indivisible.

4- A Jewish temple in Pennsylvania, the USA, launched a campaign to collect donations for the families of victims of the Christchurch massacre; the aim is to collect 100 thousand US$. The statement of this Jewish temple asserts that Jews stand by their Muslim brethren and share the grief of those who lost loved ones in such unreasonable act of violence and that work will continue until all people on planet Earth would live in peace within mutual respect. This Jewish temple desired to return the favor as donations and aid came to it from all races and religious communities from most states inside the USA, including donations from Muslims, after it was attacked on the 27th of Oct., 2018, by an armed terrorist who shot at the congregation indiscriminately, killing 11 persons. The donors send their money donations along with words of condolences and solidarity with New Zealanders, while asserting that love will achieve victory over hatred.

5- All Jewish temples in New Zealand closed down for the first time, on Saturday, march 16th, 2019, cancelling the rituals on that day in solidarity with Muslims of the country.

6- A human-rights center in Israel stressed the importance of making an investigation about how some people on social media networks sympathized with the Australian criminal who committed the Christchurch massacre at the two mosques.



1- Arab, Middle-Eastern enthroned tyrants are, of course, against all of the above! They never did anything to support the victims of the New Zealand massacre of the two mosques.

2- We beseech our fellow Quranists to support the call advocated by Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, concerning facing and ending the calls for hatred and extremism; this call matches with the Only True Islam; i.e., the Quran, rejected by the Muhammadans of today.










(1) M. Saeed Ali: Jacinda Ardern is an example of wise rule; she adheres to human rights and all higher values (tolerance, peace, love, etc.). In contrast, the Sunnite religion of Satan contains a hadith to urge people never to allow women to rule them at all! The Sunnite Wahabis thus contradict the Quran which mentions the Queen of Sheba as an example of wise rulers. Modern and ancient history is filled with examples of great female rulers and sovereigns who served their nations. The stances and deeds of Jacinda Ardern belong to True Islam (i.e., Qurnaism). Laïcité or secularism of New Zealand made its people reject hatred, terrorism, fanaticism, and violence and respect human rights. May the Lord God bless and protect New Zealand. 

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank our son, Mr. Saeed Ali, for his comment. Sadly, the countries of the Muhammadans are tyrannical, unjust, and corrupt. In contrast, many of the West countries are very near to Islamic/Quranic sense of justice, freedom, charity, etc. This applies to New Zealand as a very good example in this respect. We have written many times before that Islam (i.e., Quranism) is a secular religion; it has its unique form of laïcité or secularism which is against theocracy and it asserts human dignity. Islam makes human beings responsible for their fate in the Hereafter as per their deeds and faith. Choosing misguidance leads people to Hell and choosing guidance leads them to Paradise. There are no mediators between Allah and people in Islam. The State within Islam has but one aim; namely, to serve the people and not to control them. The State must never aim to make it its mission to 'guide' others to Paradise. Its job is to serve and protect citizens and ensure human rights. Sadly, most Muhammadans consider what we say here as apostasy or heresy; they declare Quranists as infidels and they persecute them. They consider Quranists of the West as spies of the West! We continue with our route of religious and political reform within our writings. May the Lord God come to our aid. 










The Camp of Evil which Supports Terrorism: Erdoğan







1- The camp of evil is mostly located inside the Wahabism-dominated countries of the Muhammadans, despite the political differences among the regimes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,...etc., Wahabism spread in such countries and among their power-seeking opposition figures; i.e., the Wahabi terrorist MB organization, along with its overt and secret groups and fronts, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS terrorists who managed to form a temporary State which collapsed and yet it set an example to be repeated since the devilish Wahabi ideology remains thriving and dominant until now.   

2- Erdoğan remains a unique example among the camp of evil which supports terrorism among countries of the Muhammadans. A secular coup d'état occurred against Erdoğan, but it failed, as many people desired to make Turkey return to its secularism established since the era of Kemal Ataturk. We wished that this coup d'état would have succeeded in overthrowing Erdoğan because a military regime is better than the Wahabi Erdoğan; this is because any coup d'état has no religious ideology and it will collapse even after a while. A secular coup d'état would have healed Turkey from the epidemic of Wahabism and would have prepared this country for a democratic transition whose steps have already been taken decades ago. The Erdoğan is nominally secular, but it is a Wahabi regime whose aim is to uproot the bases of democracy in order to establish a theocracy topped by an Ottoman caliph/sultan. This is why we describe Erdoğan as (the underway Ottoman 'sultan').      

3- Wahabis in general are of two types: the frank, overt type like Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the hypocritical, two-faced type like the Turkish president. In fact, Erdoğan talks a great deal about facing extremism and terrorism; he means only those power-seeking people who desire to rule Turkey instead of him; at the same time, Erdoğan ardently spreads the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism inside Turkey. This means that Erdoğan is worse because he is a deceitful, hypocritical man. The stance of Erdoğan regarding the Christchurch massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand makes him the imam/leader within the camp of Wahabi evil, and we provide some details about this topic in the points below.


Firstly: taking advantage of the Christchurch massacre within Turkish elections as Erdoğan is marketing himself as the 'protector' of Islam:

1- This heinous massacre requires supporting and sympathizing with the victims and their families; this is the stance of New Zealanders and their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and the stance of many countries worldwide. In contrast, Erdoğan, within his hateful political opportunism, took advantage of the tragedy that took place in New Zealand within the election propaganda of his political party (i.e., Justice and Development Party). Erdoğan aired a video of this massacre to achieve political aims by using the blood of the victims! Besides, he misused the name of Islam after airing such a video; he said that all world leaders, including the UN, said that this is an act of aggression against Islam and Muslims and they never mentioned that the attacker is a Christian terrorist; if the attacker were a Muslim, they would have described him immediately as a Muslim terrorist. Erdoğan went on to mention that "Islam" is a religion of peace and it is never linked to terrorism; we are quite sure he only meant Sunnite Wahabism and not Islam!

2- Erdoğan launched a harsh attack or criticism against the opposition leader, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, and he accused him of supposedly siding with the Islamophobes, as per the description of Erdoğan. 

3- Sadly, this election campaign of Erdoğan bore its rotten fruits inside Turkey, as most Turkish media is pro-government; the media there portrayed the Turkish president as the 'protector' of Islam and Muslims. A headline in a Turkish newspaper mentioned that Erdoğan sided with the victims of terrorism in New Zealand whereas the West remained silent! 


Secondly: Erdoğan is attacking Australia as he is marketing himself as the 'protector' of Islam:

1- Of course, the Australian criminal was never sent by Australia to commit the heinous massacre; in fact, Australia condemned this terrorist crime; it is strange that Erdoğan is attacking Australia to pose as the 'protector' of Islam.

2- Erdoğan described the heinous massacre as part of a larger attack against Islam and Turkey! It is as if Turkey were a representative of Islam! Within the election campaign, Erdoğan delivered a speech to mark 104 years since the Gallipoli campaign or battle when the Ottomans defeated may armies (including armies of Australia and New Zealand), and he said (as per a Turkish newspaper) that the Christchurch massacre is not an isolated attack; rather, it is an organized aggression within a conspiracy theory and that some central intelligence apparatuses of the West are involved in that attack.

3- Australia understood the danger behind the words of Erdoğan as he incited terrorism and violence against Australia. The Australian Prime Minister, Scott John Morrison, talked to the ambassador of Turkey in Australia, telling him that the words of the Turkish president are endangering Australians and very insulting to Australia within such critical conditions. He demanded that these words of Erdoğan against Australia would be removed from the Turkish media; he threatened to take action against Turkey if necessary and all options are available; he told the Turkish ambassador that he will wait for the response of the Turkish government before taking any further steps. This was on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019.


Thirdly: Erdoğan is attacking New Zealand as he is marketing himself as the 'protector' of Islam:

1- After the Christchurch massacre, Erdoğan filled world media with declarations and statements which added fuel to the fire of hatred and fanaticism; he is attacking New Zealand despite its being on top of the list of countries which are in the camp of goodness which is against terrorism. Hence, Erdoğan is an imam/leader of Wahabi terrorism among the camp of evil in the countries of the Muhammadans; if he had remained silent like most rulers of countries of the Muhammadans, this would have been better for him.

2- Erdoğan incited all Wahabis worldwide to obey him, as he urged all 'Muslims' to cooperate and unite so that they would not suffer any further similar attacks. This means he has revived the Wahabi tenet of the 'Muslim' territory/camp of faith/peace at war against the West territory/camp of 'infidels'!

3- In fact, Erdoğan threatened Australia and New Zealand by declaring that if any Islamophobic extremist people from both countries dare to commit terrorist attacks in the 'Muslim' Turkey, such people will get killed and return to their respective countries in coffins! 

4- Erdoğan threatened New Zealand that if it will not punish the Australian criminal of the Christchurch massacre, Turkey will punish this criminal! This means that the Turkish president does not recognize the praiseworthy steps taken by Jacinda Ardern. This means that Erdoğan is trying to cast doubt on the sovereignty of New Zealand whose government has the right to try the Australian criminal in court. Besides, Erdoğan did not mention how would Turkey 'punish' this Australian criminal; would Erdoğan kidnap or kill him inside New Zealand?! Would Erdoğan undermine the sovereignty of New Zealanders over their country?!   

5- Within the framework of his marketing himself as the 'leader' of the Muhammadans against the West, Erdoğan did the following.

5/1: Erdoğan further insulted New Zealand and the West world by declaring that the West is threatening 'Muslims' by this New Zealand massacre perpetrated 16500 km away from Turkey, as it ushers an ascending rates of Islamophobia and aggression against 'Muslims' long disregarded by the West governments!

5/2: The Turkish president sent his deputy and foreign minister on top of a delegation to New Zealand after the Christchurch massacre; Erdoğan also made a phone call with Patsy Reddy, the Governor-General of New Zealand, to discuss the terrorist attack against the two mosques.

6- New Zealand understood the danger behind the words of Erdoğan as he incited terrorism and violence against New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern said that the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters, will travel to Turkey to refute the declarations of the Turkish president. Peters declared that he talked to Turkish responsible leaders and he expressed his shock as the video of the Christchurch massacre was manipulated in order to serve political aims. Peters criticized earlier the Turkish airing of such a video as this may endanger the lives of New Zealanders inside and outside their country. Despite all this, few minutes of the video of the Christchurch massacre were aired once more during the election campaign of Erdoğan!


Fourthly: historical contradictions and mistakes:

1- The Australian criminal wrote on his weapon the name of Turkey and some battles involving the Ottomans; he wrote other names unrelated to Turkey; he even visited Turkey among other countries. Of course, his hatred was against all Muslim immigrants in general; yet, the Turkish president assumed that he must show his anger as if the terrorist attack in Christchurch were against Turkey! Like the Australian criminal, Erdoğan has studied history very well; yet, he made historical contradictions and mistakes during his hasty response to the Australian criminal who committed the Christchurch massacre at the two mosques.  

2- The Australian criminal, in his statement, urged the Turkish people to return to the Asian part of Turkey and to leave Istanbul (or Constantinople); Erdoğan responded by asserting that the Turkish people are there for thousands of years and will remain until the Day of the Resurrection and that no one will be able to turn Istanbul into Constantinople; he addressed the Australian criminal that his European ancestors came here and left and some returned to Europe in coffins and that the Australian terrorist, or any other white supremacist terroriste, dares to set foot in Turkey, he will get killed instantly.

3- We assert the following about the historical mistakes.

3/1: Those who lived in Asia Minor for thousands of years were the Kurds and other Mediterranean nations. In fact, the Kurds are now the original dwellers of Turkey and they are among the weak, oppressed ones on earth; they are controlled by Erdoğan and other Turks in power.

3/2: The Turkish people were tribes who arrived to Asia Minor from plains of Central Asia like the Seljuks who controlled for a while the weak Abbasid caliphate and larger parts of Asia Minor, Iraq, and the Levantine region. 

3/3: The Ottomans belong to a Turkish tribe which during it journeys into Anatolia in 1232 A.D. came across two warring armies; they sided with the weaker army and saved it from defeat and made it achieve victory. This victorious army which was weak belonged to the Turkish Seljuks who fought the Mongols led by Aqtay the son of Genghis Khan. To show gratitude, the Seljuk sultan Aladdin I or Alaa'-Eddine I (1219 – 1235 A.D.) appointed Ertugrul, the head of the Turkish tribe who helped him, as governor over a border stretch of land; this gave Ertugrul  the chance to raid the Byzantine Empire which was within its stage of collapse. Within the banners of 'jihad', Ertugrul managed to expand his territories and annex more stretches of land in the west from the Byzantine Empire; after his conquering the city of Eskisehir, Ertugrul died at the age of 93, succeeded by his son Osman I in 1299 A.D. the founder of the Ottoman Empire. When the Mongols attacked the Seljuk State in Asia Minor in 1300 A.D., causing its collapse, Osman I declared his ruling his annexed territories/regions independently and he conquered further regions within the Byzantine Empire and he reached the Bosporus. Shortly before his death in 1326 A.D., his son Orhan conquered the city of Bursa; Osman I told Orhan to bury him in the church of the palace of Bursa; this church was turned into a mosque. Hence, Osman I died after he set the expansionist policy of his Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople in 1453 A.D. To encourage and to boost the morale of his soldiers and military leaders, this sultan revived a historical myth about the Prophet Muhammad's companion, Abou Ayoub Al-Ansari, who sieged Constantinople along with the Umayyads in 670 A.D. and got fatally wounded as the Umayyads were defeated. The legend includes that before his death, the wounded Al-Ansari commanded the Arabs to bury his corpse in the nearest spot to Constantinople. Mehmed II spread the rumor that the tomb of Al-Ansari was 'discovered' near the walls of Constantinople and a mausoleum and a mosque were built on that spot! The Turkish people who deified companions of Muhammad worshiped at such a 'holy' mausoleum; the soldiers and the military leaders of the Ottoman army of Mehmed II vowed to conquer Constantinople; they managed to do that and this caused a decisive, radical change in world history at the time. After the conquest of Constantinople – presumably and supposedly in the name of Islam! - Mehmet II the Conqueror re-named the city as Islambul (later on renamed as Istanbul) and he turned its Hagia Sophia cathedral into a mosque.

4- In his statement, the Australian criminal wrote that white Europeans will turn Istanbul into the Christian Constantinople once more one day. Erdoğan responded by his intention to turn Hagia Sophia cathedral into a mosque. Mehmet II the Conqueror did so, but in 1935, it was turned into a museum. Erdoğan desire now to re-turn it into a mosque once more! Erdoğan assumes he can predict the future by saying that the Turkish people will remain until the Day of the Resurrection and that no one will be able to turn Istanbul into Constantinople.



1- The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has applied  Islam in terms of peaceful behavior, which is dealing with all people through the higher Quranic values of Islam: peace, justice, charity, mercy, and human dignity. As for Islam in terms of belief/faith inside the heart/soul of human beings, it is monotheism and piety; this is judged only by the Lord God on the Day of Judgment. Within the life of human beings on earth, we have the right to judge the overt behavior of all human beings. Hence, we, ourselves, assert that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is among the best Muslims in terms of peaceful behavior. We assert also that terrorists are disbelievers in terms of behavior; they are never Muslims, however hard they assert otherwise and regardless of their religious affiliations, races, and colors, because they resort to violence and aggression. Hence, we, ourselves, assert that Erdoğan is among the leaders of Wahabi terrorism, however cunningly he plays with words; his stances, words, and deeds contradict Quranism; i.e., Islam which is only the Quran. 

2- Erdoğan is currently occupying a part of Syrian land and he kills some of the Syrian people; yet, he apparently talks about Islam the religion of peace! Erdoğan is apparently singing the hymns of freedom which is a core Islamic value in the Quran; yet, at the same time, he is chasing the opposition figures and strip them of their freedom to criticize his regime. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "O you who believe! Why do you say what you do not do? It is most hateful to God that you say what you do not do." (61:2-3); "Do you command people to virtuous conduct, and forget yourselves, even though you read the Book? Do you not understand?" (2:44). We tend to think that Erdoğan never read this in the Quran.

3- If Erdoğan adheres indeed to the Quranic facts of Islam, he should have been the first one to support the words, stances, and deeds of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, but he has done the exact opposite; i.e., he took advantage of the blood of the innocent victims of the Christchurch massacre in order to 'justify' his shedding more blood of other innocent victims elsewhere.










(1) Dr. Othman Ali: I think that the end of the political career of Erdoğan is drawing near; he is an evil ruler who supports terrorism; he now occupies parts of northern Syria. We must not forget that the political party of Erdoğan lost in the municipality elections; this means that the Turks refuse the theocracy desired by the Turkish president. This means that the current of the so-called political Islam has been partially defeated and it will vanish later on from Turkey and the Arab world as well.  

(2) Mr. Saeed Ali: I think that Erdoğan has lost many historical chances; many of my Turkish-German friends tell me they disapprove of the dictatorship of Erdoğan and how he has committed many injustices against the Kurds and the Syrians. The Turkish president embezzled the EU about Syrian refugees and took advantage of the status quo in Iraq and the emergence of ISIS. Erdoğan managed to contain the anger of Russia after the fall of a Russian plane by Turkish defenses. The Turkish president helped make economic growth in Turkey. Yet, he missed and lost many chances as he supports Wahabi theocracy and the terrorist MB group. Money laundering by Iraqis and Syrians are allowed in Turkey by Erdoğan. The Turkish president desires to be an Ottoman caliph and a leader of the 'Islamic' world! Erdoğan should have thanked Jacinda Ardern for her efforts and should have seized the chance to cooperate with her in showing the Quranic teachings of Islam (tolerance, peace, etc.) applied by Jacinda Ardern though she is not a Muslim.        

(3) Mr. Ben Levante: Many people, including Dr. A. S. Mansour, wished that the attempt of coup d'état which took place in Turkey would have been successful. Sadly, the Turkish people tried to get rid of military dictatorship but they fell into the trap of the theocratic dictatorship of Erdoğan who is a mad, hypocritical, deceitful, extremist, Wahabi tyrant who seek to restore the Ottoman empire. This Turkish president lost the fruits of the economic growth he introduced to Turkey. Sadly, most Arabs are controlled by the Wahabi ideology because they are ignorant and lack political awareness; this is why tyrannical regimes in the Arab countries are keen on keeping the Sunnite Wahabism as the dominant religion. Yet, the West countries are to blame because they support tyrannical regimes in the Arab world. The Europeans hate the new waves of refugees and immigrants which fill the European continent. Racism and Islamophobia are gaining ground every day.    

(4) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank all of you for your excellent comments. We assert here that some secular tyrannical rulers might have introduced some useful reforms; yet, their tyranny spoils everything; this applies to Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Abdel-Nasser. The USSR collapsed without a single bullet. As for theocratic tyrants, even after their death, the corrupt theocratic ideology survives them as the gullible nations absorbed it. Erdoğan is worse and more dangerous than other Middle-Eastern tyrants. Even when he leaves his post one day, the Ottoman theocratic ideology will remain after him if most of the Turkish people reject secularism. Turkey does not fit to lead the countries of the Muhammadans; this is because of its being in the borders of such countries (this is not to mention the language barrier). The Arab world cannot be led by a relatively new (and temporary) country like the Saudi kingdom. The only Arab country that deserves to lead the Arab world is Egypt because of its millennia-old history, its geographic location, its population (more than 100 million people), and its being the pioneer in all aspects. In fact, within the last 1000 years, Egypt of the Middle-Ages (when tyranny was the dominant culture) led the regions of the Muhammadans. Yet, in the modern times, Egypt is no longer the leader of the Arab world; its tyranny and its corruption allowed the dwarfs of the UAE and the Saudi kingdom to lead Arabs. The collapse of Egypt means the collapse of all Arabs. Erdoğan hates Egypt very much (especially after the collapse of the terrorist MB theocratic rule) because he cannot make Turkey the leader of the Islamic world; he is very envious; he knows that only Egypt can play this role if it gets rid of tyranny and corruption.      

(5) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I think that Erdoğan is an excellent ruler and leader; I wish Arabs would have a ruler like him; he might be a step towards democratic transition in Turkey; he introduced unprecedented economic growth in Turkey. Of course, I am against his Wahabism; yet, we must remember that he has a firm grip over the military so as not to allow military dictatorship to re-emerge. No coup d'état is beneficial to any citizens anywhere. I think the Arab countries should consider Turkey as a model to be followed.

(6) Dr. A. S. Mansour: You are mistaken Dr. Mustafa Hammad. Erdoğan would have been a great leader only if he would reject seeking to establish (or to restore) a Wahabi Ottoman theocracy. The Turkish people mostly prefer laïcité established by Kemal Ataturk and have experience in elections more than the Arab Muhammadans. Erdoğan poses a threat to the democratic transition in Turkey, even if he stopped the return of military dictatorship; he is now a dictator; he could not join the EU. This failure is a very good thing, by the way, to the Europeans. Erdoğan never knows anything about Islam (i.e., Quranism) which is a secular religion that focus on human rights; he is interested in Wahabi Ottoman ideology and theocracy. Erdoğan took advantage of the aborted coup d'état to get rid of his political adversaries and to control fully the Turkish media. Al-Sisi of Egypt control the Egyptian media in the same manner. This way, lies and falsehoods spread about "achievements" of presidents in both countries; only naïve people believe in such lies. In democracies, media is free and free speech is sacred; this is how Trump is being severely criticized now in American media.  









The Axis of Evil which Supports Terrorism in our Modern Era: The Najd Region in Saudi Arabia





Firstly: the Najd region and the emergence of terrorist movements which carry religious banners/mottoes:

1- In Najd, the Wahabi call (i.e., the revival of the extremist Hanbali Sunnite doctrine by the religious leader M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab) has emerged in a village there known as Al-Ainiyya; it is the same village where the leader of the renegades, Musaylimah the Liar, emerged and revolted against the Qorayish tribe and the caliph Abou Bakr once Muhammad died. The self-proclaimed prophet, Musaylimah, claimed he received divine revelation from heaven and he raised a religious banner/motto: (for Qorayish is half of the land and for us the other half). Of course, Musaylimah and his renegades were defeated by Abou Bakr; later on, the Bedouins of Najd became Al-Khawarij rebels against the caliph Ali and his Umayyad rival Mu'aweiya. Al-Khawarij men raised religious banner/motto of the so-called Al-Hakimiyya: (rule is God's only). This silly motto indicates that "Hukm" (or rule/governing/reign in Arabic) is for Al-Khawarij rebels as deputies or representatives of God on earth! This motto was their pretext to massacre everyone who did not join them, as we have explained in previous writings of ours. During the Second Abbasid Era, the rebels known as the Qarmatians emerged also in Najd with a Shiite call, as we have explained in the previous article. In our modern era, Wahabism has emerged in Najd in the 18th century A.D. with an extremist Hanbali Sunnite call which resents the existence of Shiites, Sufis, and non-Wahabi Sunnites.         

2- Of course, despite the different raised religious banners/mottoes, the belligerent, murderous, suicidal rebels in all eras have but one religion of Satan; i.e., to justify and permit massacring and robbing men and raping and enslaving their women by claiming that this is a religious duty rewarded in Paradise in the Hereafter.


Secondly: religious calls of terrorists entailed religious education and military preparation to turn ordinary criminals into jihadists:

1- Without any religious banners/mottoes, the Bedouins and Desert-Arabs of Najd were highwaymen who launched 'secular' raids to attack caravans of pilgrims to rob them. It was necessary for religious terrorists to prepare and equip them with religious education and proper military training to turn them into jihadists who commit the same crimes but in a wider scope with more massacres while they assume that they are performing good deeds rewarded in the Hereafter. Ordinary criminals know that they are guilty; there is hope that they will repent one day; in contrast, when religious criminals or jihadists assume that their crimes are part of religious duties allowing them to enter into Paradise, they will never repent; they believe that neglecting such religious duties would make them enter into Hell. This is why such suicidal religious terrorists and criminals are keen on massacring everyone and committing more bloodshed while fighting relentlessly and ferociously. Ordinary Bedouins or Desert-Arabs who attacked caravans of pilgrims within 'secular' raids were sometimes defeated and kept off. In contrast, those Bedouins or Desert-Arabs of Najd who had a religious call were suicidal in their fighting against others and aimed at massacring as many people as possible. For instance, the leader of the Qarmatians, Abou Taher, was a 17-year-old youth  who had 800 soldiers on horseback and 800 infantry soldiers when he defeated the Abbasid military troops in 312 A.H. Likewise, many historians describe the fighters in the military troops of Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, the founder of the third, current Saudi kingdom, of being suicidal in their fierce fighting; their raised banner/motto during fighting was (the scent of Paradise draws near; where are those who seek it!).  

2- The Qarmatians had their Shiite religious institutions which brainwash the Qarmatian youths and convince them through the Shiite Qarmatian religion that jihad by massacring others is something commendable. Before the Qarmatians, Al-Khawarij fighters did the same within their religious doctrines to teach the youths about suicidal, fierce jihad. Following the footsteps of both Al-Khawarij and the Qarmatians, Ibn Abdul-Wahab taught the Bedouins and Desert-Arabs the Wahabi culture of violence and terrorism, and they became soldiers who served the Al-Saud family members and helped establish the first Saudi kingdom (1745 – 1818 A.D.). Likewise, within the military efforts to establish the third, current Saudi kingdom, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud built special colonies/villages to train the youths as suicidal fighters and to inculcate into them the Wahabi tenets of terrorizing and massacring others; they fought relentlessly and ferociously as the Najd Brothers, killing off even women and children. We have explained this in detail in our book, in English, titled "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century", found on this link:

3- The Najd Brothers caused many troubles to their master and king, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, within their opposition; they resented his policies which violated the Wahabi teachings and tenets about the prohibition of having relations with 'infidels' and 'polytheists'. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud had cordial relations with the British 'infidels' of Great Britain and a fairly good relations with the 'polytheistic' rulers of Egypt. Within the Wahabi religion, all non-Wahabi 'Muslims' are polytheists, and all foreigners or non-Arabs were infidels. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud established a new brotherhood in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, or the terrorist MB organization, in 1928 A.D., to be an alternative to the troublesome Najd Brothers fought and defeated by Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud in 1930 A.D. Of course, the terrorist MB organization is established by the Saudi/Wahabi minds; the members of that organization took advantage of the liberal climate in Egypt at the time; their leader, Hassan Al-Banna, managed to attracted frustrated, angry youths, inside and outside Egypt, to join him; they converted to the religion of terrorism, Wahabism, and were ready suicidal fighters. During the reign of Sadat in Egypt (1970 – 1981 A.D.), he enlisted the help of Wahabis (especially the terrorist MB organization) to get rid of the leftists and Nasserites. Later on, these Wahabi terrorists rebelled against Sadat and they assassinated him in Oct. 1981. They infiltrated Upper Egypt and recruited frustrated youths and criminals to join their Wahabi armed gangs as terrorists who robbed and killed on a larger scale in the name of the religion of Islam (of course, Islam has nothing to do with such terrorism and violence). This notion is still being practiced until now by the Wahabi terrorist organizations like the MB, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. This is why brainwashed Wahabi suicidal terrorists are like time-bombs ready to explode anytime anywhere unexpectedly!       


Thirdly: the Wahabis in their expansion and annexing stretches of land in Arabia followed the religious footsteps of the Qarmatians:

1- Inside the Najd region, within 'secular' struggles, several emirates or tiny states emerged and disappeared; no one raised religious banners/mottoes for a long time. Yet, once Ibn Abdul-Wahab emerged in Najd in the emirate of Al-Dariyya, which was a forgotten city of no consequence in comparison to the emirate or city of Riyadh and the other emirates/states of the Gulf region, the Wahabi call of religious terrorism helped establish the first Saudi kingdom in Al-Dariyya; the Wahabi Saudis managed to control Najd and then to annex the Gulf and Hejaz regions; they also launched military attacks against Ottoman regions in the Levant and Iraq; the Ottomans had to enlist the help of the powerful governor of Egypt, M. Ali Pacha, whose Egyptian military troops managed to destroy the first Saudi kingdom and its capital, Al-Dariyya, after long battles in an exhaustive war.  

2- If it had not been for Wahabism, Al-Dariyya would have remained a city or an emirate without much power or importance; it would have been crushed by other tiny emirates/states around it inside the Najd region. This means that Wahabism has changed conditions in Najd and in Arabia as the Saudi kingdom emerged and collapsed twice; Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud has established the third, current Saudi kingdom (and made several wars until it reached its current borders in Arabia) based on Wahabism and the Najd Brothers; he expanded the Wahabi call in Egypt and in India. With the oil revenues and the Saudi alliance with the USA, the Wahabi call spread in the USA and the West in general within overt/open and covert/secret organizations. This type of expansion is reminiscent of the expansion of the Qarmatians in the Middle-Ages. 

3- Sadly, in worldwide media, the Wahabis are called 'Islamists' and the Wahabi movements are described as 'Islamist' movements despite the fact that Wahabism has nothing to do with Islam (i.e., the Quran). We, Dr. A. S. Mansour, are the one who preach and proselytize the Only True Islam (i.e., Quranism) rejected by most people, and within our writings, we call for religious reform through Islamic secularism based on the Quranic higher values of justice, peace, mercy, charity, religious freedom, direct democracy, and human rights. Yet, no one describes Quranists as Muslims; in contrast, Quranists suffer persecution and discrimination, and media blackout is imposed on them!


Fourthly: the Wahabis in their massacring everyone followed the religious footsteps of the Qarmatians:

1- In the previous article, we have written about how the Qarmatians raided the caravans of pilgrims. The same is repeated by the Saudi Wahabis who attacked a caravan of Yemeni pilgrims in 1923 A.D. / 1341 A.H. after taking permission from Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud. The Wahabis massacred all pilgrims in this caravan and stole everything in it. This caravan included about 3000 Yemeni pilgrims (in Ihram clothes) who were ambushed in Aseer (a region between Yemen and Saudi Arabia) by the Wahabi military troops led by the prince Khaled the nephew of king Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud. The Wahabi soldiers opened gunfire at the Yemeni pilgrims, killing all of them off, except two men who ran away and informed the Yemeni authorities of the tragedy. If it had not been for these two survivors who managed to flee, no one would have known of this massacre. Of course, there are many massacres committed by the Wahabis in the villages of the Levant and Iraq and no one heard of such massacres. An eye-witness, the judge Yahya Ibn Al-Eriani, mentioned that the Saudi Wahabi soldiers during the massacre of the Yemeni pilgrims chanted the slogans like: (exterminate all of the polytheists!) and (the scent of Paradise draws near; where are those who seek it!).        

2- The massacres committed by the Wahabis, who made killing all non-Wahabis permissible in their wicked religion of Satan, are discussed in our previous books within the topic of establishing the first Saudi kingdom and the third, current Saudi kingdom; in these books of ours, we quote some lines from the book titled (The Glorious History of Najd) by the Wahabi historian of the first Saudi kingdom, Ibn Bishr, who took pride in the massacres committed by the 'Muslims' (he meant the Wahabis) against the 'polytheists' (he meant peaceful non-Wahabi people who suffered from Wahabi violence and aggression). For instance, Ibn Bishr wrote the following about the massacre of Karbala (which took place in 1801 A.D.): (... Thank God, the Lord of the Worlds, for allowing the faithful Muslims to invade Karbala and to behead and enslave its people. We will never apologize for this victory granted to us by God; we promise all disbelievers and infidels a similar fate ...).

3- The accounts of the Wahabi historian Ibn Bishr about the massacres committed by the Wahabis do not differ much from the accounts of the historian Ibn Zini Dahlan (who died in 1886 A.D.) who was the enemy of Wahabism; he wrote the following about the massacre of Al-Ta'if which took place in 1804 A.D. / 1217 A.H.: (... When the Wahabi Saudi soldiers entered into Al-Ta'if, they killed all people with their swords: men, women, children, babies, elderly people, ordinary people, princes, and noblemen. They broke into houses, shops, and mosques to search for those who hid themselves in them and killed all of these people, including those who were praying and reading the Quran ...).

4- Another massacre in the city of Al-Ta'if took place in 1924 A.D. within the military efforts to establish the third, current Saudi kingdom; the Wahabis attacked the Hejaz region and sieged Al-Ta'if; once they managed to enter into the city, they put its inhabitants to the sword, massacring more than 2000 persons, including men, women, and children. The killed men included high-rank scholars and good sheikhs; the Wahabis stole all goods, possessions, and money in the city and burned it down, and this was typical of them in all their atrocities to frighten people of other cities and urge them to surrender without resistance or fighting.  

5- Of course, mentioning the details of all massacres committed by the Wahabi Saudis entails an entire book; it is noteworthy here that Saudi Arabia now is keen on destroying its neighboring countries; it helped in the destruction of Iraq and Syria and it is destroying Yemen now, causing famine and death to spread among Yemeni men, women, and children shamelessly! 


Fifthly: the Wahabi terrorist ISIS organization is the legitimate offspring of the Saudi Wahabi ideology:

1- The USA employed Saudi Arabia and its Wahabism to fight against the USSR in Afghanistan; jihadists and their families flooded Afghanistan and settled there and also in Peshawar (in Pakistan) to get proper military training and to be taught Wahabism in several institutions/madrassas for adults and children; some of such madrassas witnessed the emergence of Taliban (i.e., armed students); the Wahabi terrorist Taliban movement controls parts of Afghanistan now.    

2- After the defeat of the communists in Afghanistan, the USA was no longer interested in the jihadists it helped create. Bin Laden established the Wahabi terrorist Al-Qaeda organization to fight against the USA and the West. Because of the Saudi interference in Iraq, Wahabi terrorist organizations spread there including the one of Al-Zarqawi who swore allegiance to Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda; suitable conditions and circumstances led Al-Zarqawi to establish a Wahabi (supposedly 'Islamic'!) State in Iraq in 2004. After the death of Al-Zarqawi in 2006, the Wahabi ISIS terrorist organization has emerged in 2014 and managed to established a temporary State in Iraq and the Levant, and the Syrian city Al-Raqqa was the capital of this Wahabi State of ISIS. Of course, we do not need to mention here the massacres and suicide-attacks committed by the ISIS terrorists in the West, the East, and the Middle-East.   

3- The Wahabi ISIS terrorist organization resisted the international alliance against it and fought against the USA, Russia, and Turkey; later on, the ISIS terrorists were defeated and their State collapsed slowly but steadily in Iraq and Syria; yet, the ISIS terrorists still have their supporters in the Egyptian Sinai peninsula, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, the Philippines, the USA, and the West in general. Even if the ISIS terrorists were annihilated altogether, similar Wahabi revenge-seeking terrorists will emerge in the near future because of the fact Wahabism, the religion of terrorism, is still flourishing in the West, the East, and the Middle-East. Besides, the Wahabi ISIS organization is still alive within the cyberspace, attracting supporters more than ever and recruiting lone wolves among ordinary people worldwide.   



 The abovementioned details must never distract us from the basic fact that the axis of evil which supports terrorism in our modern era is the Najd region in Saudi Arabia.












(1) Mr. Ben Levante: The abovementioned facts show that the Arabs rejected the Quran in order to follow hadiths of terrorism and violence. This means that ISIS is the result of the Qarmatians and other violent trends or gangs. This means that extremism plus quasi-religious pretexts equal terrorism and military aggression. Religious aggression is linked to terrestrial religions of Satan and never to the Lord God's Religion: the Quran. Of course, injustices, oppression, and tyranny were common and dominant in the Middle-Ages by all rulers; such things (along with hatred and revenge among most nations) should have disappeared in the modern age if Sunnite Wahabism would have disappeared. It still dominates the Arab world because of the negative influence of the Saudi kingdom and its petrodollars.

(2) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: This article mentions part of the historical truth only; Dr. A. S. Mansour is biased against Arabs and he favors the West all the time; he does not like to criticize the West as severely as he does about Arabs and their history. I don't like it; he should have criticized the West and its history in equal manner.

(3) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Many of our readers are shocked by the historical facts quoted by us. Please do not forget that our mission is to reform Arabs/Muhammadans by using the Quran as the criterion to judge their history and terrestrial religions and our mission does not include reforming the West. Our focus here is those who use any religion to 'justify' aggression, injustices, and violence. This grave sin is committed by Arabs and by some people in the West. Yet, the Arabs began their aggression against the West (i.e., Europe). We do not focus here on secular aggression, injustices, and violence. We promise our readers to discuss religious terrorism and aggression of some of the people of the West in the coming articles of this book; i.e., the Crusades whose spirit is revived by the Australian criminal who committed the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand. This is why we discuss the historical roots of violence; we aim to show how Islam is innocent of the crimes of Arabs who use its name to 'justify' their violence and aggression, past and present. We welcome all types of comments and this is a source of inspiration to us as we write the articles of this book. Yet, we beseech shocked Arab readers to focus mainly on the fact that we must declare God and His religion (i.e., the Quran) as innocent; they have nothing to do with terrorism and violence. Those Arabs who hate the West must bear this in mind. The Crusaders, for instance, employed the name of a false, imaginary deity known as Christ which has nothing to do with the mortal historical Jesus mentioned in the Quran. Similarly, the sinful caliphs employed the name of a false, imaginary, immortal deity known as Muhammad (which has nothing to do with the mortal historical Muhammad mentioned in the Quran) to justify their conquests and heinous crimes; they ascribed their crimes to the Lord Allah and His religion; this has been done recently by Wahabi terrorists like ISIS. It is beyond the scope of this book to mention secular aggression/violence of the USSR, WWI, and WWII as well as the European invasion of the Arab world. This is because within such historical events, no one raised religious banners/mottoes to justify aggression, massacres, and crimes.  

(4) Mr. Saeed Ali: The remedy is to return to the historical roots; they must be examined, criticized, and analyzed (by great thinkers and historians like Dr. A. S. Mansour) in order to get rid of the culture of revenge, hatred, extremism, aggression, and tyranny. Wahabis brainwash their followers with false narratives of history and of religion. To criticize Arab history means for Wahabis to criticize their religion. True Muslims must return to the Quran as the Only Source of Islam and the essence of religion. Sadly, most Arabs reject the Quran and favor hadiths and other lies and falsehoods. In the near future, Quranism will dominate and peace will reign; people in the Arab world will be aware of human rights and will stand against Wahabi theocracy and tyranny. They will stop deifying mortals and stop hero-worship.











CHAPTER IV: The Roots of the Camps of Evil of the Muhammadans









The Camp of Evil which Supports Terrorism: The Ottomans






 We focus here on tyrannical, arrogant power which raised religious banners and mottoes while it commits massacres against civilians among the weak ones on earth. We provide in the brief points below black pages from human history; we tackle the Ottoman Turks here as they belong to the camp of evil, and in other articles, we tackle Wahabis and Wahabism and then white supremacists and extremists of the West, to which the Australian criminal, who committed the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand belongs. We emphasize here the vital importance of returning to the roots which must be examined in order to know how the poisonous fruits have been produced; we implore the Lord God to stop the increase of such fruits. Within the following lines, we prove how the Ottomans belong to the camp of evil which supports terrorism.


Firstly: massacres committed by the Ottomans during the zenith of their might:

 The Europeans who faced the 'Muslim' Ottomans may have not realized the fact that the number of their Muslim victims of the Ottomans/Turks exceeds the number of their European/Christian victims. We provide more details in the points below.

Within the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in the 16th century A.D.:

1- Within the final chapter of our book on the influence of political Sufism on the Mameluke sultanate in Egypt (1250 – 1517 A.D.), we write about how the Mameluke sultanate collapsed in Egypt, the Levant, Libya, and Hejaz and how the Sunnite-Sufi Mameluke sultan, Al-Ghoury, allied himself to the Shiite Safavid Shah Ismail and both rulers fought against Selim I, the Sunnite-Sufi Ottoman sultan. This resulted in the victory of Selim I, and Al-Ghoury was defeated and killed during the battle of Marj Dabiq; the Ottoman troops of Selim I marched into Egypt and defeated the last Mameluke sultan, Tuman bay,  who was put to death by hanging at one of the main gates of the Cairo Wall, as per the Syrian historian Ibn Tulun and the Egyptian historian Ibn Eyas who witnessed the Ottoman conquest of the Levant and Egypt, respectively. Our analysis within our book focuses on the major role of Sufism in the collapse of the Mameluke sultanate; we did not mention in our book the massacres perpetrated by the Ottomans to the weak ones among the Egyptians after defeating the Mamelukes.  

2- In the following points, we quote briefly some lines from the history book by the Egyptian historian Ibn Eyas.

2/1: Ibn Eyas has recorded events of history in the form of annals from the 1st century A.H until his era which is the 10th century A.H. This great historian has recorded events of his era, as an eye-witness, day by day and month by month within the Mameluke sultanate. Ibn Eyas has recorded the injustices of the Mamelukes and then the Ottomans. This means he knew a lot about the suffering inflicted on the weak Egyptians in several decades; he mentions the following about their suffering once the Ottoman conquest of Egypt took place: (... The people of Egypt never suffered a plight worse than this one ...); (... Calamities were so many in the capital, Cairo, and people suffered many inflictions, more than the ones witnessed in any other eras since the Arab conquest of Egypt by Amr Ibn Al-As ...). Ibn Eyas writes the following about the Ottoman sultan Selim I: (... Selim Ibn Osman destroyed most houses in Egyptian cities and he confiscated huge amounts of spoils and money, as his soldiers killed and captured many Egyptian men who defended their homeland, thus rendering their children orphans, and ruin and sabotage spread everywhere ... Selim Ibn Osman was a blood-thirsty, furious, bad-tempered type of man who vowed to put to death as many Egyptians as possible and to burn down their houses ...). Ibn Eyas describes the Ottoman soldiers here: (... They lacked faith, modesty, politeness, and decency, and they drank wine in public, especially inside markets; most of them never prayed at all...they never fasted during Ramadan; they never attended Friday congregational prayers ...).

2/2: Selim I commanded his soldiers to kill – for no reason at all! – 10000 Egyptians in one day. Ibn Eyas writes the following: (... The Ottoman soldiers put so many people to the sword in the streets: old and young men and male children. Many people were killed as a punishment for crimes they never committed; corpses and cadavers filled the streets of Cairo and around the city-wall gates ... If it had not been for God's mercy, the Ottomans would have annihilated the entire Egyptian population ...).

2/3: Those who remained alive among the weak Egyptians were humiliated by the Ottoman soldiers; Ibn Eyas writes the following: (... The Ottoman soldiers snatched the turbans off the heads of men in the streets and sometimes made men strip naked to steal their clothes; the soldiers stole anything that their hands could reach, despite the fact that Selim Ibn Osman declared every day that he commanded his soldiers to impose peace and security in Cairo ...).

2/4: The Ottomans stole Egyptian wealth and treasures and employed Egyptians, within corvée or unpaid forced labor, to carry such treasures; they tied such carriers with ropes like animals; Ibn Eyas writes the following: (... They captured men, from the masses and also judges, rich men, and clergymen, and tied them with ropes, and they forced them to carry heavy loads of spoils and booty; they were flogged and beaten and never set free until all loads were stored in Ottoman ships in the Nile ...). Ibn Eyas mentions more details here: (... The Ottoman soldiers stole the wheat and all the crops in the storehouses to feed their horses; they stole the peasants' cattle, hens, geese, mules, donkeys, horses, ducks, camels, etc. The Egyptians were helpless and defenseless and could not resist the Ottoman soldiers who captured their slaves and stole their money, treasures, valuable possessions, weapons, and precious stones ...).

2/5: Selim I, the Ottoman sultan, committed all such crimes as a theocratic ruler and he declared himself as the caliph of all 'Muslims'; Ibn Eyas writes that the Ottomans captured the members of the Abbasid dynasty who resided in Cairo and forced their leader to surrender the caliphate to Selim I who declared that Cairo is no the capital of any caliphate, because Selim I declared that the new capital of the Ottoman caliphate is Istanbul. 

3- In order to terrorize their subjects, the Ottomans introduced to Egypt and the Levant putting people to death by impalement; the Turks were creative in making several types of poles of impalement and studied this method in detail. The Ottomans paid handsomely any clever executioners whose victims live up to one day while being impaled; the impalement was done by inserting a pole into the anus of the victim without piercing vital organs (e.g., the lungs and the heart) so as not to kill the victims instantly. In many cases, if the victims died while being impaled, the executioners were severely punished for negligence; sometimes, the executioners were impaled to death to punish them for accidentally killing victims at once while impaling them!   

Within the Ottoman conquest of the Levant in the 16th century A.D.:

 After the defeat of the Mameluke sultan Al-Ghoury, the Levantine region was conquered easily by the Ottomans who committed many massacres against the weak ones on earth which include the following.

1- The massacre of Aleppo and Maarat Al-Numan lasted for a week in 1515 A.D.; 40000 people were killed in Aleppo and 150000 in Maarat Al-Numan.

2- The massacre of Damascus in 1516 A.D. lasted for three days; 10000 people were killed.

3- The Ottomans attacked and massacred people and stole everything they could lay their hands on in  Homs, Adlib, and Hama and then in rural areas; so many people ran away but most of them died of hunger.  


Secondly: massacres committed by the Ottomans during their phase of weakness:

Inside Egypt during the 18th and the 19th centuries:

1- The French occupied Egypt (1798 – 1801 A.D.) and their military troops marched to the Levant; this indicates the weakness of the Ottomans at the time. The French rule was a different type of rule experienced by the Egyptians; the historian Al-Jabarty expressed his surprise in events of 1216 A.H. that the French occupiers put to death, by hanging, a French man condemned of theft. This was a surprise as the Ottoman rulers stole anything they liked anytime. Again, Al-Jabarty expressed his surprise because the French occupiers held a trial for Suleiman Al-Halaby the assassin of the French military leader Jean-Baptiste Kléber; in contrast, the Ottomans killed any Egyptian men anytime they liked. The French Expedition ended and the Egyptians felt a momentary relief before the Ottoman cruelty was restored. Al-Jabarty mentioned that a peddler in Cairo protested against the injustice inflicted on him by a Turkish soldier, and when this peddler insulted this soldier in public, the soldier simply killed him instantly.  

2- Al-Jabarty mentioned that the Ottomans confiscated houses of people by force and attacked markets to steal the goods in them; they imposed a heavy tax on the rich people, collected from their houses, and stole victuals from houses of poorer people; many people deserted their houses as a result; besides, the Ottomans forced themselves on wealthy merchants as business partners.

3- Al-Jabarty mentioned that the Ottoman soldiers raped women and female and male children; they stood in the streets and alleys to kidnap and rape children and women among the passers-by. (... At one time, four soldiers took turns raping a male child inside a house of one of these soldiers; the masses surrounded this house and screamed their demand of setting the child free at once; the soldiers shot their bullets at the masses, killing 15 men ...). As per Al-Jabarty, many Ottoman soldiers consumed food items, smoked, and drank wine in public during daytime in Ramadan. (... At one time, a soldier forced a woman among the passers-by, at gunpoint, to enter into a mosque and he raped her after the noon prayers in Ramadan ... During Ramadan, many camps of the soldiers had tents for prostitutes and rent-boys, sellers of hash and wine, belly-dancers, and gamblers ...). 

Inside Iraq and the Levant during the 19th centuries:

 Within its phase of deterioration and weakness, the Ottoman empire witnessed rebellions inside its provinces and was attacked by Christian powers from the outside, mainly by Russia which aimed at annexing regions from the Ottoman empire in order to reach the Mediterranean Sea, the Bosporus, the Balkans, and the Middle of Europe, which were dominated by the Ottomans at the time. The Ottomans resisted by committing several massacres against Christians and Muslims as per what would serve the interests of the Ottoman caliph despite the fact that the weak ones inside the Ottoman empire had nothing to do with rebellions or foreign attacks. Sadly, the weak ones on earth paid a heavy price within the local and international struggle for authority, power, and influence. Such massacres are exemplified in the points below.   

1- The massacre of Baghdad in 1831 A.D. was committed by the Ottomans as a punishment for the rebellion led by Dawood Pacha the Mameluke.

2- The massacre of Shiites (1842 – 1843 A.D.) was committed by the Ottomans as a punishment for the rebellion of the inhabitants of the city of Karbala; the number of victims was estimated to be ranging from 4 to 10 thousands of men, women, and children; other historians assert that the number of victims was more than 24 thousands. 

3- The massacre of Badrkhan in the Levant and the several massacres inside Lebanon (1841 – 1860 A.D.); such massacres caused mass-immigration of Christian Arabs from Syria and Lebanon to North America and South America; some of literary figures there contributed to the Arab literature of the trend which came to be known as the immigrants' literature. Some of the Levantine people settled in Egypt and participated in its renaissance in the fields of arts, literature, and journalism.


Thirdly: the massacres committed by the Ottomans in the 20th century:

 The Turkish political party, Committee of Union and Progress, controlled the Ottoman empire since 1908 A.D., and members of this political party were national extremists; Arabs were repulsed by the policies of Turkish nationalists who adopted the cultural and political movement known as Turanism. As a result, the Ottomans committed several massacres in the Levant, and the Ottoman governor of the Levant, Gamal Pacha, who committed several massacres, was came to be known as the assassin. Gamal Pacha was not the only Ottoman assassin, of course. These massacres hastened the Arabs' revolt against the Ottoman caliphate and drove Arabs to side with Great Britain in WWI.  We exemplify such massacres in the points below.

1- Putting to death Arab officers who served in the Ottoman military.

2- Putting to death thousands of Arab men of the cultural elite class.

3- Annihilating the entire population of the Al-Mawajeda tribe in Jordan in 1910 A.D.

4- The Yathreb massacre in 1917 A.D.: The Ottoman military leader, Fakhry Pacha, who fought against the Wahabis in Arabia desired to impose the Turkish character on Yathreb; he committed a massacre against the inhabitants of Yathreb and expelled the rest who survived (about 140 men and less than 10 women), after stealing all goods and possessions of the city, including treasures and precious stones dedicated to the mausoleum attributed to Muhammad plus masterpieces and rare, invaluable manuscripts, all of which are put now on display in the Istanbul museum.   

5- Imposing a famine on the inhabitants of Lebanon and Syria in 1917 A.D. to prevent the military troops of the Allies of the WWI from entering into the Levant. The number of the victims was estimated between 200 thousand and 250 thousand people. This imposed famine was linked with forced displacement (a known Ottoman policy at the time) of some inhabitants of the Levant. 

6- The massacres committed against the Syriac people, the Chaldeans, and the Assyrians in Iraq and the Levant and south-eastern Turkey: they are the native inhabitants of these regions; the massacres against them continued between 1915 to 1923 A.D., accompanied by razing cities, arson, burning of farms and fields, and confiscation of property. The number of victims was estimated between 250 to 750 thousand people. If the number of victims among the Greeks and the Armenians is added, the total number is 2 million people. such massacres were linked with forced displacement, mainly inflicted on Christians, and this is why the percentage of Christians was 33% in 1915 in the Ottoman empire and it is now 0.01% in today's Turkey.  

7- The massacre of the Armenians: It is noteworthy that the West in general did not pay attention to the massacres committed by the Ottomans against Arabs; in contrast, the West focused its full attention to the massacre committed by the Ottomans against the Armenian people. The Armenians were citizens who lived inside the Ottoman empire and many Armenian young men served as soldiers in the Ottoman military. Yet, at one point in time, the Ottomans decided to massacre the Armenians in 1915 A.D. during WWI. The number of victims is estimated between 1 to 1.5 million people, including men, women, children, and elderly people. It was an organized genocide; the Ottomans began with putting to death the Armenian leaders and the Armenian men of the cultural elite members. The other stages of the massacre included putting to death en masse all Armenian men while forcing Armenian soldiers in the Ottoman military into corvée (i.e., unpaid forced labor) until they die of fatigue; the Armenian women, children, and elderly people were killed slowly within forced displacement after stealing their property; they were forced to walk long miles in the desert without food and water while being supervised by Ottoman soldiers who raped many women. The surviving ones who did not die of hunger and thirst were put to death by immolation, drowning, poisonous gases, and morphine overdoses. It is noteworthy that with the help of the Russians, some Armenians in Armenia committed massacres (1914 – 1920 A.D.) against a minority of Turkish Muslims inside Armenia as a form of revenge. 



 The Turkish president, Erdoğan, the underway Ottoman 'sultan', has killed many people in Syria and he takes pride (in public!) in the history of his predecessors and forefathers and he defended the heinous crimes committed by the Ottoman military leader Fakhry Pacha in Yathreb during his fighting against the Wahabis of Arabia. 












(1) Mr. Ben Levante: The brutality of aggressors and those dehumanized men who committed massacres is the same whether they raised religious banners/mottoes or not. I wonder if Dr. A. S. Mansour trying to show that Ottomans are more savage than Arabs and Europeans or not. To me, all of them are brutal and savage as per their history. Both the secular and quasi-religious motives for violence, murder, and aggression will remain in all ideologies and races until the end of days, even if Dr. A. S. Mansour thinks otherwise!

(2) Dr. Othman Ali: I deduce from writings and the YouTube videos of Dr. A. S. Mansour that he defends all the weak ones on earth regardless of their races and religious affiliations and regardless of the religions of the unjust ones. As a Muslim thinker, he aims to reform Arabs using Quranism. Of course, he employs the Quran as the Criterion to judge history of Arabs/Muslims. This shows that terrorism of 1400 years from Abou Bakr the caliph to Abou Bakr Al-Baghdadi of ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. The Quran is innocent of such terrorism. Examining the historical roots is the first step towards the remedy; the vicious circle of violence and hatred must end one day. We pity the victims among the weak people on earth in all eras. We pity our Egyptian ancestors. We pity the naïve people who admire the Ottomans and the current Turkish president.   

(3) Mr. Saeed Ali: The Arab mind must remove all shackles of ignorance, obscurantism, and backwardness through the return to the Quranic teachings and values: freedom, peace, justice, tolerance, cooperation, love, charity, etc. Sadly, once Muhammad died, most Arab rejected the Quran and committed heinous crimes within the Arab conquests. These Arabs forgot that the Quran prohibits murder; they have revived corrupt values of pre-Islamic eras in Arabia. The corrupt human beings reject Quranic values which resemble the international declaration of human rights. If Erdoğan would adhere to True Islam one day, he should resign from his post and apologize for Arabs, Kurds, etc., and before his resignation, he must remove Turkish troops from the north of Syria and declare that human rights are the bases of the Turkish Constitution. This will make the Turks and the Arabs gradually return to the Quran as the Only Source of Islam.  

(4) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank all those who have written useful comments. As we have mentioned before, we focus on aggressors who raise religious banners/mottoes and oppress the unarmed, peaceful, weak ones on earth. We do not focus on secular tyrants and assassins like Hitler, Tamerlane, the Mongols, Stalin, and Leopold II of Belgium. Our focus is to prove that the Quran is innocent of religious violence of the Arabs within their terrestrial religions. The Ottomans combined their crimes and massacres with forced displacement of Christians as they could not do so with the Kurds. The Ottoman sultan Abdul-Hamid II embezzled the Europeans by persecuting the Christians inside Turkey. We quote historical facts unknown by most of our Arab readers so that they learn and judge for themselves. 











The Camp of Evil which Supports Terrorism in the Middle-Ages: The Najd Region in Arabia






1- Woe to people whose countries have been invaded by a Bedouin power coming from the desert whose men specialize in massacring and looting under religious banners/mottoes, making their aggression and fighting a religious duty performed to allow them to enter into Paradise in the Hereafter! This is exactly the crime perpetrated by the Najd region against all other regions around it. In the past, the tribes of Najd launched raids against the caravans of pilgrims to rob them; these raids were 'secular'; i.e., without raising any religious banners/mottoes. These tribes formed a temporary theocracy at a certain time; they came to be known as the Qarmatians. The State of those Qarmatians expanded and they committed many massacres in the cities and villages of Iraq and the Levant and the Gulf (these are mostly the same regions which suffered destruction by the Wahabi ISIS terrorists in our modern era). In a later era, the Saudi State emerged in a village inside the Najd region; the Saudis raised the banners of Wahabism in order to expand their State by annexing stretches of land in the regions around Najd; they managed to invade the Hejaz region. Those Wahabi Saudis spread massacres and sabotage in the Levantine region and Iraq (these are mostly the same regions which suffered destruction by the Wahabi ISIS terrorists in our modern era). Of course, our modern era allowed for the ISIS terrorists to commit more heinous crimes compared to the crimes committed by those who founded the first Saudi State. Since Wahabism is still being propagated (as if it were Islam though it contradicts the Quran) all over the world, the Wahabi movements of religious terrorism will continue to pose a veritable threat worldwide as Wahabi terrorists massacre the innocent, peaceful civilians among the weak ones on the earth.    

2- The historical roots of Wahabism are discussed in our book titled "Hanbalism – the Mother of Wahabism – and the Destruction of Iraq in the Second Abbasid Era"; the savagery and brutality of Saudi Wahabi fighters are discussed in detail in our books titled "The Emergence of Wahabism in Najd and Its Spread in Egypt" (found in English on this link:, "A Historical Overview of the Emergence and Development of the Earthly Religions of the Muhammadans" (found in English on this link:, and "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century" (found in English on this link: 

3- The Sunnite Wahabi religion of Satan permits massacring all non-Wahabis, including non-Wahabi Sunnites; it even allows massacring Wahabis who differ politically from the enthroned Wahabi rulers! From 1745 to 1930 A.D., Wahabis killed about one million innocent people in Arabia, Iraq, and the Levant using swords, spears, and guns. The number of victims would have increased tenfold if Wahabis were armed with modern weaponry or WMDs. In fact, the whole world must feel extreme anxiety if WMDs reached the hand of the Wahabi ISIS terrorists and their likes! 

4- We will not repeat what we have written before; we only add an analysis, which is linked to our book about the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques, about the Najd region as the focal point of secular and religious terrorism in the Middle-Ages.


Firstly: between the Bedouins and desert Arabs of Najd and the Qorayish caliphs:

1- We have mentioned in our book titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs" (found in English on this link: that such caliphs rejected Islam (i.e., the Quran) within their devilish crimes known as the Arab conquests which contradict the Quranic teachings and laws; they also committed their crimes within such conquests in the name of Islam and they employed the Najd Bedouins as soldiers in the Arab military troops of such conquests. Later on, these Bedouins of Najd rebelled against these Qorayish caliphs and became Al-Khawarij group of fighters. There is a main difference between the Najd rebels and the Qorayish caliphs; these caliphs confined their massacres to non-Arab fighters and they enslaved the women and children of such fighters who defended their countries against the Arab invasion; they did not massacre peasants, craftsmen, and tax-collectors who served the Arab rulers. In contrast, the Najd Bedouins who formed the Al-Khawarij rebels massacred everyone indiscriminately. It is a historical fact that most of the Al-Khawarij came from the tribe of Rabeia, one of the main Najd tribes. The attacks and revolts of the Al-Khawarij caused much damage to the Umayyad caliphate and the Abbasid caliphate within the First Abbasid Era.       

2- Centers of civilization within the Arab empire remained in Egypt, Iraq, Persia, and North Africa; meanwhile, Najd remained in its Bedouin nature; yet, some Bedouin men from Najd served as soldiers within the Abbasid caliphate until the Abbasid caliph, Al-Motawakil, prevented the recruitment of Arabs in the military troops of the caliphate. This resulted in turning Arabs into marauders and raiders; the Bedouin Arabs of Najd are the ones who destroyed the Egyptian cities in Sinai and in the Mediterranean coast; of course, the negative influence of these raiding Arabs increased in Iraq and the Levant; this is because Najd is geographically situated south of Iraq and the Levant. Those marauding Arabs attacked the caravans of pilgrims in the routes in Arabia to rob all their possessions and money. This was the cause of the strife between the Abbasid caliphs of Qorayish and the Najd leaders. Their raids against the caravans of pilgrims were of two types: 'secular' raids (i.e., without religious banners/mottoes) and 'religious' raids (i.e., with religious banners/mottoes) of the Qarmatians. We provide some details in the points below.       


Secondly: raids of Bedouins without raising religious banners/mottoes:

 We never remove the blame which must fall on the irresponsible, negligent, corrupt, promiscuous Abbasid caliphs; they should have protected the caravan of pilgrims and ensured their security. we quote some facts about secular raids during the Second Abbasid Era from the details written in the book titled (Al-Muntazim) by the historian Ibn Al-Jawzy.

Raids which involved massacring pilgrims:

1- In the events of 361 A.H.: (... The Desert-Arabs of the Bani Hilal tribe attacked the caravans of pilgrims and killed many of them before robbing their possessions ...).

2- In the events of 478 A.H.: (... Some Desert-Arabs attacked a caravan of Egyptian pilgrims, killing many of them, and they stole their money and possessions, and the survivors did not reach Mecca to perform pilgrimage; they went back to their homelands ...).

3- In the events of 563 A.H.: (...The Desert-Arabs of the Bani Khafaja tribe attacked a caravan of Iraqi pilgrims, killing all of them before stealing their money, camels, and possessions ...).

4- In the events of 403 A.H.: (... A band of Desert-Arabs bandits removed all water from the wells located in the route of caravans of pilgrims; once the caravans emerged, it was ambushed and attacked by these bandits who took them a hostage and never offered water to them; the bandits demanded the ransom of 50000 dinars to set them free; they were about to die of thirst; they eventually agreed to let the bandits confiscate all camels and goods, possessions, and money; though they were released at last, at least 15 thousand pilgrims died as they passed the desert on foot without camels, money, food, or water; survivors were very few ...).

Raids of robbing pilgrims without massacring them:

1- In the events of 405 A.H.: (... The caravan of some Iraqi pilgrims left Basra and after three days on the desert route of pilgrims, it was attacked by some Bedouins; they surrendered without much resistance; the Bedouins stole all their goods, money, possessions, and food and spared their lives; the pilgrims had to return to Basra to avoid dying of hunger ...).

2- This was repeated in the events of the year 423 A.H.

Taking ransoms from pilgrims to guard their caravans:

1- Some Bedouins imposed on pilgrims a ransom in return for guarding them and instead of robbing them; one Najd Bedouin leader, in the events of 382 A.H., sieged some pilgrims and forced the Abbasids to pay a ransom so that he and his men would guard the caravan on its way to Mecca and to Iraq. This Najd leader at one time paid about one million dinars to two Quran-reciters because he admired their voices! The Abbasids deceived this leader by giving him counterfeit dinars; in order to take revenge, in 384 A.H., the same leader sieged a caravan of pilgrims and demanded that the Abbasids would pay him the ransom of two pilgrimage seasons; the Abbasids continued paying him the ransom until 403 A.H.

2- In the events of 379 A.H., a leader of a tribe from Najd led his men and attacked and sieged a caravan of pilgrims; negotiations resulted in a ransom of 300000 dirhams and fine garments from Egypt and Yemen to set the pilgrims free unharmed. 

3- In the events of 395 A.H., the same Najd leader demanded the double sum of the ransom!

Treachery after receiving the ransom:

 Sometimes, some Desert-Arabs and Bedouins who guarded the caravans of pilgrims in return for a ransom betrayed the pilgrims; let us exemplify this in the following points. 

1- In the events of 424 A.H., pilgrims from Basra paid a ransom to receive the protection of Bedouins; yet, instead of guarding them, these Bedouins sieged and robbed the pilgrims and kept them as hostages until more money was received from Basra to ransom them!

2- In the events of 457 A.H., the Bedouin guards robbed some Iraqi pilgrims instead of protecting them as agreed; the robbed pilgrims had to return to their homeland in Kufa, penniless and exhausted.

3- The historian Ibn Al-Jawzy died in 597 A.H.; the last lines in his book titled (Al-Muntazim) were about the events of 574 A.H.; he wrote that the Bedouins of Najd attacked the ships of some pilgrims and killed many of them and stole all their money and possessions. In the events of 553 A.H., Ibn Al-Jawzy wrote about his own pilgrimage experience; he wrote that the desert-guide had to make their caravan move through untrodden paths on the way to Mecca and to homeland to avoid raiders and marauders. 

The worst atrocities suffered by pilgrims:

 Ibn Al-Jawzy was a witness regarding his era; he wrote within the events of 545 A.H. that once some rich pilgrims reached Mecca, the prince of Mecca coveted their money and possessions and so did the Bedouins who waited for them outside Mecca to attack and rob them; when the prince of Mecca offered to protect and guard their caravan against raiders within its way back to their homeland in return for a large sum of money, they refused because they had their own armed guards; yet, the Bedouins attacked the caravan of these rich pilgrims, robbing all their camels, possessions, clothes, and money (hundreds of thousands of dinar) and killing some of them who resisted; those who survived being killed by Bedouin raiders were forced to strip naked and their clothes were confiscated; they had to walk back home in the nude and on foot through the desert; the women among them covered their genitals with mud; most of the survivors died of exhaustion, hunger, and thirst; very few of them reach their homeland.  

Our comment:

1- Those Arabs are supposed to know that Quranic laws prohibit causing any harm to pilgrims on their way to the Sacred Kaaba Mosque in Mecca; even sacrificial animals brought with pilgrims must never be harmed (see 5:2); murdering peaceful, innocent person is a grave sin in Islam (see 4:93); even soldiers in the battlefield who surrender and adhere to peace are never to be killed (see 4:94 and 9:6).

2- Yet, those Bedouins and Desert Arabs whose 'secular' raids aim for theft are better in comparison to the 'religious' raids of the Shiite Qarmatians who raised religious banners/mottoes to 'justify' their heinous crimes. Not only did the Qarmatians act as highwaymen who raided caravans of pilgrims but also they insisted on massacring as many pilgrims as possible and this was their bad habit even when they raided cities and villages of Iraq and the Levant, because they killed all people within their reach during such raids, while assuming that such massacres were a religious duty!  

A brief note on the Qarmatians:

1- Within the last years of his life, the historian Al-Tabari witnessed some of the atrocities of the Qarmatians and he registered their heinous crimes in the last volume, vol. 10, in his history, within the events of the years 286 to 302 A.H. Of course, the atrocities of the Qarmatians continued for almost two centuries after the death of Al-Tabari; the Qarmatians were defeated and annihilated by the Bedouins and Desert-Arabs of another tribe.   

2- The Qarmatians came originally from Najd; they were more savage and brutal in their raping and massacring; Al-Tabari as a historian and a witness mentions that the leader of the Qarmatians specified one of his adolescent servants to kill off all captured men. This leader at one point in time annihilated all the dwellers of Levantine cities such as Hama, Baalbek, Salamiyah, and Maarat Al-Numan; he killed off all men, women, and children; his soldiers spread bloodshed and destruction in the neighboring Levantine villages. As per Al-Nuweiry the historian, this extremism in murdering the innocent people was based on the Shiite 'religious' education received by the youths of the Qarmatians. Al-Tabari mentions a real story about a young man who converted to the religion of the Qarmatians and he deserted his mother and family members (after declaring them as 'infidels') and he embraced the notion of massacring as many infidels as possible as a religious duty (see history of Al-Tabari; the pages on the Qarmatians are nos. 10, 71, 77, 86, 94, 99, 107, 115, 116, 121, 128, 130, 135, and 148; see also history of Al-Nuweiry, pages nos. 25, 195, and 227).

The Qarmatians as per the historian Ibn Al-Jawzy in his book titled (Al-Muntazim):

More raids of the Qarmatians against the Levant and Iraq:

1- Attacking Al-Raqqa: it is the same city which was the temporary capital of ISIS terrorist. Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions in the events of 290 A.H. that the Qarmatian leader Yahya Ibn Zakraweih attacked Al-Raqqa and defeated the Abbasid troops (coming from Baghdad and Damascus) which defended the city. Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions in the events of 360 A.H. that the Qarmatians attacked Damascus, and alter on Mecca despite the very long distance between both cities, and killed off many of the inhabitants of both cities and stole all goods and possessions. 

2- Ibn Al-Jawzy does not mention many details about the victims of Damascus and Al-Raqqa within the raids of the Qarmatians there because his focus was on Iraq; he mentioned in the events of 311 A.H. that a group of 1700 Qarmatian men (led by their leader Abou Taher) attacked Basra; they put ladders on the wall of the city to ascend them to enter Basra at night and they killed off all guards at the city gates; they opened the gates and made heaps of sand and pebbles to prevent the closing of the gates while they massacred with their swords most of the dwellers of Basra, burning down the markets and the mosques; some people ran away but they drowned in the sea. The Qarmatians remained for 17 days in Basra and they loaded their camels with all possessions, money, goods, and enslaved women and children.  

3- In the events of 316 A.H., Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that the Qarmatian leader Abou Taher led his men within raids against Al-Raqqa, Al-Rahba, and Circesium in Syria and he put most of the inhabitants of these cities to the sword. Besides, the Qarmatians killed off many Bedouins and Desert-Arabs whenever they found them; this made Bedouins flee whenever they heard that a group of Qarmatians was approaching them. When Abou Taher returned to his village in Najd, he used his ill-gotten money to build a mansion and he named it (Dar Al-Hijra); i.e., the House of Immigration, and he proclaimed himself as the awaited Mehdi; the number of his followers (who converted to the Shiite religion of the Qarmatians) increased; after their receiving military training, Abou Taher led them to raid Kufa, a major city in Iraq, and many of its people (and the guards appointed by the Abbasids) deserted their farms and fields and ran away from Kufa to avoid being killed by the Qarmatians who attacked many villages on their way, killing all men, raping and killing all women, and confiscating all precious possessions.     

The Qarmatians raided caravans of pilgrims: 

1- In the events of 294 A.H., Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that the Qarmatians attacked a caravan of pilgrims near Mecca; they killed all men and enslaved all women; they confiscated all possessions of the caravan which worth 2000 dinars. In the next day, they attacked another heavily guarded caravan of pilgrims; fighting continued for two days, and it ended when the people of the caravan felt thirsty and ran out of water; they had to surrender; the Qarmatians killed them off and stole all the money and precious possessions on all camels; few men survived and ran away.

2- In the events of 311 A.H., Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that Abou Taher, the leader of the Qarmatians, led his men (1000 soldiers on horseback and 1000 infantry soldiers) and attacked a caravan of Iraqi pilgrims; they killed off all men with their swords and confiscated all camels, money, and possessions and enslaved all women. Most of the few survivors who ran away died of hunger and thirst in the desert. In Baghdad and major Iraqi cities, funerals were so many; most people wept and remained in mourning and they did not perform prayers in mosques for several days.

3- In the events of 312 A.H., Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that Abou Taher, the leader of the Qarmatians, led his men (800 soldiers on horseback and 800 infantry soldiers) to attack a caravan of many pilgrims; they killed those who resisted them and they confiscated all camels, precious possessions, and money (about one million dinars), and they enslaved all women and children and some men; they were led to the capital city of the Qarmatians in Najd; the rest of the pilgrims were left to die of hunger and thirst in the desert.

4- In the events of 323 A.H., Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that Abou Taher, the leader of the Qarmatians, and his military troops defeated an Abbasid army which guarded a caravan of wealthy Iraqi pilgrims, killing most of the Abbasid soldiers and pilgrims and stealing camels and everything else in the caravan; the few survivors returned to Baghdad and no Iraqis went to pilgrimage in Mecca that year. 

The Qarmatians massacred pilgrims inside the Sacred Kaaba Mosque in 317 A.H:

1- Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that a caravan of pilgrims, led by M. Mansour the chief of the tribe of the Daylamites, reached Mecca in safety; yet, Abou Taher and his Qarmatian soldiers attacked them inside Mecca and killed most of them inside the Sacred Kaaba Mosque which they circled the Kaaba and chased those who ran away in the streets of the Holy City; the Qarmatians confiscated the black stone, destroyed the dome above the Zamzam water-well, stole the black drapes and the golden door of the Kaaba, killed the prince of Mecca, and looted all money, goods, victuals, and precious possessions of all people. When Abou Taher made one of his men ascend the Kaaba to break and steal the golden pipe which remove rainwater, the man fell on his head on the ground and died. Many of the corpses of the dead men were thrown in the Zamzam water-well; the rest were buried in mass graves and no one performed the funeral prayers at all. Abou Taher and his men returned to their city in Najd while carrying the black stone; it remained for 20 years with them until they returned it to Mecca later on.  

2- Ibn Al-Jawzy mentions that a man who survived this massacre inside Mecca recounted that while he circled the Kaaba, he spotted a drunken Qarmatian man who entered into the sacred Kaaba Mosque on horseback; the horse urinated on the ground and the Qarmatian man brandished his sword and killed all men near him; this man saw that the Qarmatian murderer was laughing and screamed at those who ran away from him that how come they claimed that there is security and safety in Mecca to those who enter into the Sacred Kaaba Mosque since Fate allowed him to massacre them! This man requested from the Qarmatian man to leave because security here means that men should ensure security and safety for all those who enter into the Sacred Kaaba Mosque; this man expected that the Qarmatian murderer would kill him; this did not happen; speechless, the murderer moved away from the Sacred Kaaba Mosque in disdain. 

Our comment:

 The Lord God says the following in the Quran about the Sacred Kaaba Mosque located in Mecca, in the Arabian peninsula: "...Whoever enters it attains security. Pilgrimage to the House is a duty to God for all who can make the journey..." (3:97); "And We made the House a focal point for the people, and a secure sanctuary..." (2:125); hunting is absolutely prohibited inside the Sacred Kaaba Mosque: "O you who believe! do not kill game while you are pilgrims..." (5:95). In the Arabian peninsula, the Najd region is the axis of evil and the root of the Wahabi religion of Satan which is the cause of religious terrorism in our modern era.











(1) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: Sadly, all of the people of the West assume that all Arabs are like terrorists like ISIS. The governments of the West are very eager to make WMDs reach the Wahabi terrorists so that they destroy Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt. The USA and Israel assassinated several Arab scientists of nuclear energy. In fact, the USA and Israel fear the retaliation of Arabs; they are keen on keeping Arabs busy fighting one another or fighting terrorists like ISIS. All Arabs are like ISIS terrorists before the eyes of the West. This is why the West, esp. the USA, disregards the Quranism of the VA-based IQC of Dr. A. S. Mansour. 

(2) Dr. Othman Ali: If ISIS and Arab tyrants would obtain WMDs one day, they will destroy their own nations. We must not forget that Saddam Hussein and Bashar Al-Assad employed chemical weapons against their nations. In contrast, Israel never employed nuclear weapons in 1967 and 1973 wars. All Arabs must wake up and eliminate the Wahabi ideology to neutralize the danger of ISIS terrorists and the terrorist MB organization and their likes. This is the first step to introduce real political reform; this will coincide with the introduction of religious reform through Quranism.

(3) Mr. Ben Levante: The desert regions like Najd, always influence the nature of their inhabitants; they become very savage and brutal. It's very silly that some leftist writers assume that the Qarmatians were the precursors of socialists!







CHAPTER V: The Roots of the Camp of Evil of the West







The Roots of the Camp of Evil in the West: The Crusades





1- As usual, we focus on criticizing and denouncing tyranny and injustice which carry religious banners/mottoes through which innocent, peaceful civilians among the weak ones on earth are massacred. We hold in our heart the weak ones on earth regardless of their different tongues, races, sects, doctrines, and denominations.

2- Within the previous articles, we have tackled the camp of evil which supports terrorism among the Muhammadans, past and present. We focus here on the West and the roots of the camp of evil which supports terrorism; these roots brought about the Australian criminal who committed the Christchurch massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand. This Australian criminal intentionally retrieved the history of struggle between Arabs and Ottomans on the one hand and the West on the other hand. Within our discussing the roots of the camp of evil in the West, we begin here with the Crusades.  

3- In 1985, as an assistant professor, we have authored five books and taught them to our students at Al-Azhar University; these books of ours include the one titled "The Raids of the Mongols and the Crusaders". This book includes our mentioning the major reason of the defeat of Arabs; namely, that their faith/belief was weak and they adhered to myths which include the so-called intercession of Muhammad on the Last Day. Because of these five books, we were interrogated in an inquisition-like manner by high-rank Azharite men and we got fired from Al-Azhar University; we were incarcerated for two months in 1987. The following passages are quoted from our book titled "The Raids of the Mongols and the Crusaders".   


Firstly: the Popular Crusade led by Peter the Hermit:

1- The People's Crusade (a.k.a., the Popular Crusade) was a prelude to the First Crusade, and it is not mentioned in detail by Arab historians; it is mostly recorded by the historians of the West.

2- By raising religious banners/mottoes and spreading the promises of absolution by the Catholic Pope, many masses among the Europeans received the call of Urban II favorably as he urged them to launch a military attack to 'retrieve' the Holy Land. This zeal was manifested in the campaign (or the Popular Crusade) led by Peter the Hermit; most of the men who followed him came from Germany, The Netherlands, and the west of Italy.  

3- The very first group of the soldiers of the Popular Crusade was led by Walter the Penniless (or Walter Sans Avoir ); he led his followers, who were mostly peasants, and they began looting and stealing in Bulgaria, but Bulgarian soldiers resisted them; the soldiers/peasants led by Walter the Penniless entered into Hungary and continued robbing and killing the Christians there and they marched until they reached the walls of Constantinople in July, 1069 A.D. The Byzantine emperor, Alexios I, allowed them to wait by the walls of Constantinople to wait for the troops led by Peter the Hermit.       

4- The troops led by Peter the Hermit did not differ from the groups led by Walter the Penniless in terms of formation and unruliness; his soldiers had insatiable desire for looting, pillaging, destroying, and massacring. The troops of Peter the Hermit, about 40000 persons, consisted ont criminals, unemployed, prostitutes, poor peasants, and some cavaliers on horseback. On their way to Constantinople, the troops of Peter the Hermit attacked a Hungarian Christian city, Semlin, which was located within the borders with the Byzantine empire. The massacre of Semlin was instigated by peter the Hermit; 4000 people were killed in this city and the villages around it. Another massacre was committed in the city of Nish (in today's Serbia).     

5- The troops of Peter the Hermit continue marching inside the Byzantine empire; a byzantine garrison resisted them and forced them to divide themselves. The troops reunited later on and continued marching eastwards, reaching the walls of the Byzantine capital, Constantinople, in Aug. 1069 A.D.

6- The Byzantine empire at that era was like a head without a body; its head was Constantinople with its fame and some stretches of land controlled by it. The Byzantine empire was weakened by several wars against Arabs and the Seljuks in Asia Minor. The byzantine emperor requested from Peter the Hermit to wait for the arrival of the Crusade led by the European princes, but Peter the Hermit refused and he led his followers into Constantinople where they robbed, destroyed, and burned down many houses and churches; the emperor had to hastily transport them into Asia Minor through the straits, where they committed several massacres against Christians. They marched into Nicaea in 1096 A.D., where the Seljuk sultan Kilij Arslan I ambushed them and killed off all the soldiers within the troops of Peter Hermit, including Walter the Penniless and his men; yet, Peter the Hermits was not killed as he fled to Constantinople.  

7- Mentioning all the atrocities committed by Peter the Hermit and his troops in Constantinople against Christians (despite the fact that the Byzantine emperor was their friend and advisor!) is beyond the scope of this article.

8- Briefly, we assert here that the European historians wrote that the men who joined the Popular Crusade committed all grave sins: they robbed, pillaged, massacred, raped (even some nuns were raped!), sabotaged, destroyed, etc. until they reached the walls of Constantinople; the Byzantine emperor hastily transported them through the Bosporus into Asia Minor to get rid of their evils; the Seljuks defeated them and killed them off. 


Secondly: a comparison between Peter the Hermit and the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror:

1- The topic of the comparison is about what Peter the Hermit did in Constantinople and what the Ottoman sultan did in the same city when he conquered it in May 1453 A.D. 

2- When Mehmed II the Conqueror entered into Constantinople, he saw that his soldiers began robbing houses and people of the city and that thousands of the dwellers of the  city sought refuge in the Hagia Sophia Church; he issued his commands to his soldiers to stop robbing and ruining the city, and they obeyed him instantly.

3- When Mehmed II the Conqueror entered into the Hagia Sophia Church, he found that its monks and clergymen received him while trembling in fear; he assured them of their security and safety; some monks who took hiding in the vault of the Hagia Sophia Church saw the tolerance and general pardon of Mehmed II the Conqueror and got out of their hiding and converted to 'Islam'.

4- Mehmed II the Conqueror issued a decree to give all Christians of Constantinople, and all clergymen in Constantinople and in all conquered regions, their religious freedom (e.g., concerning religious rituals/practices, choosing their leaders, and having their own courts), while he imposed a tribute to be paid by them; he also turned the Hagia Sophia Church into a mosque. 

5- There is a huge gap/difference between Peter the hermit and Mehmed II the Conqueror.


Thirdly: the massacres committed by the European princes during the First Crusade, as per the historian Ibn Al-Atheer:

1- In his history book titled (Al-Kamel), the historian Ibn Al-Atheer mentions in the events of 491 A.H. that when the Crusaders attacked the Levantine city of Maarat Al-Numan, they robbed all of its houses and put its people to the sword for three days, massacring more than 100000 people and enslaving so many. This means that the victims of looting, massacring, and enslavement were the peaceful, weak ones on earth!

2- Ibn Al-Atheer mentions in the events of 492 A.H., within a chapter on the 'cursed' European rule of Jerusalem, that when the Crusaders attacked Jerusalem on a Friday, they put its dwellers to the sword for a week; 70000 people, including imams, scholars, and ascetic men, were killed inside the Al-Aqsa mosque; many precious items of silver and gold were stolen; spoils were countless, and many women and children were enslaved.


Fourthly: the massacre in Jerusalem in the writings of European historians who witnessed the First Crusade:

1- Foucher de Chartres (c. 1059 – c. 1128 A.D.) was a priest and participated in the First Crusade and he wrote a chronicle of it in Latin; he participated in the massacre of Jerusalem; he writes the following: (... Some Arabs fled and sought refuge in the Tower of David and the Temple of the Lord built by Solomon, but they were savagely attacked and brutally murdered by our men; they were not spared the swords of our men; one's feet and ankles sank into pools of blood of slaughtered people; no one was spared, even women and children; our infantry and cavaliers ripped open the bellies of the corpses of Muslims to see if they deceived them by swallowing gold coins or not while they were alive! Many corpses were gathered, burned, and turned into ashes by those who seek gold coins ... No one was spared from being massacred even those who implored for mercy; all Arabs of Jerusalem were put to death ... After the massacre, our men robbed all the houses ... Many of the penniless men became rich by confiscating houses and all possessions found in them ...).

2- The chronicler of the First Crusade, Raymond d'Aguilers, writes the following: (... Our men entered into Jerusalem with courage and joy ... The amount of bloodshed they committed is unimaginable ... Once our men controlled the walls and the towers, they beheaded the enemies, threw arrows at those in the towers and the enemies fell on the ground ... Some of the enemies were tormented by being thrown alive in the fire ... Heaps of corpses, severed heads, and severed limbs increased in the streets of Jerusalem; one could hardly move through such corpses and such dead horses; this was nothing, however, when compared to what occurred in the Temple of Solomon ... No one would be able to believe me when I mention the truth about what happened there; it is enough to say that some of our men waded through blood up to their knees ... In fact, it is the fair judgment of the Lord that such a location would be filled with the blood of the infidels who desecrated the Holy Temple ... The streets of Jerusalem remained filled with corpses and blood for long days     ...).

3- The anonymous author of the book about the First Crusade titled "The Deeds of the Franks", or Gesta Francorum in Latin, writes the following: (... Our men chased the infidels and massacred them until they reached the Temple of Solomon; the massacre committed in the Temple was so violent and savage that our men waded up to their ankles in blood ... The Temple was flooded by the blood of massacred Arabs ... Muslim men and women who sought refuge in the roof of the Temple were beheaded by the swords of our men; some Arabs threw themselves from the roof and fell dead ... Our men held a council and they were commanded to pay alms and to pray to the Lord God to make Him choose the king of Jerusalem ... they were commanded to throw all corpses of Arabs outside Jerusalem as the stink was frightening; all streets of Jerusalem were filled with corpses .... The corpses were piled in huge heaps as big as houses ... No one saw or heard of such a number of corpses of the heathens; the heaps were like pyramids; they were burned outside Jerusalem ... No one, except the Lord God, knows their number ...).

4- The French historian, Joseph François Michaud (1767 – 1839 A.D.), in his six-volume book titled "Histoire des croisades" mentioned that Muslims were slaughtered like cattle in streets and houses of Jerusalem. 

5- The chronicler William of Tyre (c. 1130 – 1186 A.D.) mentions that Jerusalem was soaked in a huge lake of Muslim blood; this caused fear and disgust in the souls of the Crusaders; no one could look at the huge number of copses everywhere without being frightened; most corpses had severe heads and arms and the streets were red with blood of the murdered Arabs.

6- The historian Will Durant quotes registered words of the European men who witnessed and/or participated in such massacres: (... women were killed by being stabbed with swords and spears; babies were snatched by their legs from the breasts of their mothers to be thrown from the walls or to have their heads smashed by pillars ...).

7- The anonymous author of the book about the First Crusade titled "The Deeds of the Franks", or Gesta Francorum in Latin, mentions that the corpses of Muslims were gathered in heaps whose height reached the roofs of houses.

8- The cause for such extreme savagery is the belief of the Crusaders that their atrocities gratify the Lord God; this devilish idea is typical in all religious wars in all eras and locations.


Fifthly: comparing the above with what Saladin did when he recaptured Jerusalem in Oct. 1187 A.D./ 583 A.H.:

1- When the Crusaders inside Jerusalem realized the fact that the military troops led by Saladin were about to attack Jerusalem, they requested safety, security, and negotiations; this meant they surrendered and gave the city to Saladin in return for their leaving the city in peace; when Saladin heard this offer from a delegation of Crusaders, at first, he refused as he desired to take revenge against them since they massacred most dwellers of Jerusalem and enslaved many women and children when they conquered Jerusalem.  

2- Eventually, Saladin agreed to grant the Crusaders safety and security to leave after they would give him the city in return for their paying a tribute for him: ten dinars for every man, five dinars for every woman, and two dinars for every child.

3- There were 60000 European men in Jerusalem and so many women and children; all of them left Jerusalem, along with their precious possessions and money, in peace and security. A wealthy woman among the Crusaders had huge loads of precious stones and jewels and many servants, gentlewomen, and male and female slaves; she requested peace and security from the Arabs under Saladin to leave the city along with her possessions and people; she was escorted by Arab soldiers in peace out of Jerusalem and no one dared to attack or rob her. The great patriarch of the Crusaders went out of Jerusalem along with his wealth, huge amounts of money, and Saladin and his men never confiscated anything from the patriarch, despite his advisors who urged Saladin to confiscate such money; Saladin insisted on never to act treacherously against any of the Crusaders who left Jerusalem; his men took the 10 dinars from the patriarch and he left in peace within a caravan of his men protected by Saladin's soldiers until the caravan of the patriarch reached Tyre. Many of the penniless men and women among Crusaders were pardoned and allowed to leave (along with their children) without paying the tribute to the Arabs after they implored Saladin for mercy. The daughters of rulers left Jerusalem in peace along with their caravans of possessions, servants, and male and female slaves. Saladin gave away the money of the tribute collected from the Crusaders to all his soldiers as he never amassed any wealth of his own and he had no safes or coffers; Saladin was a merciful, generous, patient, and courageous leader.      

4- Many of those Europeans who were released for free by Saladin fought against him later on.

5- Saladin imposed the 'moderate' terrestrial religion which is Sunnite Sufism; he fought against the following terrestrial religions: the Shiite religion, the Shiite Sufism, the extremist Sunnite Hanbali religion, and the extremist doctrines of Sufism. 










(1) Mr. Ben Levante: I do believe that evil seeds and seeds of goodness exist in all human soul. I live in Germany and I never hate the West. Most peaceful people of the West are honest and truthful and they thus apply the Quranic teachings unbeknownst to them. I refuse to blame the West for any crises of the Arab countries. Yet, I disagree with Dr. A. S. Mansour in one thing: aggression done within religious banners/mottoes is as bad as secular aggression; both are equally heinous crimes. Motives for committing aggression differ in all eras and locations, but they aftermath of aggression is the same. Brutal people are savage whether they have religious motives or other types of motives; this is part of their corrupt, devilish nature.











The Atrocities Committed by the Spanish against Muslims and Jews after the Fall of Granada




1- The Umayyads conquered Andalusia (i.e., the Iberian peninsula) in 92 A.H./ 711 A.D. The 'Muslims' Arabs ruled Andalusia until the fall of Granada, their last stronghold there, in 897 A.H./ 1492 A.D. Within this Arab rule of Andalusia which lasted for eight centuries, tolerance was practiced; this is praised by many historians and writers inside and outside the West until now. This tolerance in Andalusia included all inhabitants and it covered intermarriages, religious freedom, and thriving cultural aspects. Hence, Andalusia was a unique model in tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the West world at the time.

2- When the Catholic king Ferdinand and the Catholic queen Isabella conquered Grenada, Spain was unified in an authoritarian theocracy controlled by the Church, which appointed monarchs and emperors who ruled within what was known as (the divine right of kings). This marked the beginning of an era of blind fanaticism as the Jewish and Muslim people in Spain (who became among the weak ones on earth) were severely persecuted by the new authority which was prejudiced against all non-Catholics; the Catholic rule adopted a policy to get rid of all non-Catholics; fanaticism and hatred caused the destruction of mosques and all features of the Arab civilization in Spain. We provide some details in the lines below.


Firstly: "Towards a believer they respect neither kinship nor treaty. These are the transgressors." (9:10):

1- After a nine-month siege, Ferdinand received Granada from its Arab ruler, Abou Abdullah Ibn Al-Ahmar, as per a peace treaty to surrender the city; this treaty was based on conditions which included that the Spanish must respect all dwellers of the city alike, never to harm anyone, young or old, never to confiscate their mosques, money, possessions, and assets, respect their religious freedom (prayers, fasting, Azan/call to prayers,...etc.), never to punish Muslims who resisted Catholics during the war, and never to force Muslims to wear special signs or garments.    

2- When the Castilian Spanish military troops entered into Granada, it asserted its being similar to a Crusade by putting a big silver cross (owned by Ferdinand and he brandished it in his wars aiming at reconquering Spain) on top of the Al-Hamra palace; besides, Ferdinand announced that Granada belonged to the Catholic rule and not to Spain; this was an announcement of a theocracy on which the harsh treatment and persecution of Jews and Muslims of Granada, and in all Andalusia, were based despite the peace treaty.  

3- We know that the extremist Sunnite authors in the Middle-Ages invented a hadith (ascribed falsely to Muhammad but he never uttered it) about the religious duty of fighting all human beings on earth until they would convert and that Sufi sheikhs told lies about seeing visions/dreams of Allah and/or Muhammad during their sleep; likewise, the extremist bishop of Granada told Ferdinand that he saw Jesus Christ in a dream/vision commanding him to force Muslims and Jews of Spain to convert to Catholicism. Ferdinand believed this bishop and allowed him to confiscate all mosques and to turn them into churches; this bishop also confiscated all Waqfs (i.e., religious endowments) which spent on mosques and Jewish temples. When some Muslims of Spain protested against such injustices, some were imprisoned, some were tortured, and some were put to death en masse!   

4- This marked the beginning of the inquisition courts in Spain.


Secondly: the Spanish inquisition:

1- During the Middle-Ages history of the Muhammadans, religious tribunals were not very common, unlike the spread of the Catholic inquisition courts in Europe at the time which persecuted and punished the enemies of Catholic popes. The most famous victim of the Catholic inquisition courts is the preacher and Dominican monk Savonarola who criticized and protested against the debauchery, promiscuity, and political interference of Pope Alexander VI. Savonarola was tortured and forced to sign forged confessions and he was burned at the stake in 1498 A.D.       

2- The Spanish priest Tomás de Torquemada was the spiritual tutor of Isabelle of Castile as a princess and he inculcated fanaticism into her and he advised her to marry Ferdinand of Aragon to unite Aragon and Castile to exert all endeavors to end the existence of Muslim Arabs in Spain. Ferdinand and Isabelle petitioned Pope Sixtus IV to allow them to establish the inquisition courts in Spain headed by de Torquemada in 1478 A.D. in order to preserve Catholicism in Spain and its colonies.

3- After the fall of Granada in 1492 A.D., a royal decree was issued to impose on Jews and Muslims of Spain to choose either to convert to Catholicism or to leave Spain; this was asserted by another royal decree issued in 1502 A.D. Charles V issued a royal decree in 1524 A.D. to baptize all the remaining Muslims in Spain who refused to convert to Catholicism and those who refused to be baptized would be given a chance to leave Spain; those who refused to convert and to leave Spain willingly were punished by being enslaved for the rest of their lives; the decree included turning all the remaining mosques in Spain into churches. The hateful inquisition courts played their role for three and a half centuries until they were abolished in 1834 A.D. Sadly, there are those Europeans in modern times who still support the Spanish inquisition. Proof: in 1960 A.D., Juan de Ribera (who planned the scheme of expulsion and massacring of Arabs and kidnapping their children) was canonized as a saint.   

4- Since 1492 A.D., the inquisition headed by Spanish Catholic clergymen chased all the weak Muslim and Jewish people all over Spain to force them, through torture, to convert to Catholicism.

5- Torture methods within the Spanish inquisition included crushing of the victims' bones (especially limbs and jaws), filling their bodies with water till they die or their bodies would burst, tying the victims' limbs with ropes with weights while lifting the ropes into the ceiling of the prison cell, burning the victims' skin with red-hot iron rods, cutting the victims' tongues, and flogging the victims with whips made of barbed wire; the execution of victims was done by various methods: by the (iron maiden) which is a device with spike-covered interior to pierce the bodies of the victims, by tying them and putting them into a basin filled gradually with water until they drown, and by burying them alive.  

6- The Spanish inquisition involved, more often than not, the auto-de-fé or the processions of putting to death, usually by being burned at the stake at a square, en masse those found guilty by the inquisitors. Such events were attended by the masses, the affluent elite members of society, and clergymen of all ranks while wearing their formal garments; it is noteworthy that Ferdinand loved attending and watching the processions of the auto-de-fé  and he praised those clergymen who arranged them!

7- Decrees were issued to burn down all mosques in Spain and all books of Muslims and to prohibit wearing garments of Arabs and Jews and speaking and singing in Arabic; other prohibited items were marriage in the Islamic way, circumcisions of males, and standing in the direction of Qibla in Mecca. Violators of such prohibitions were put to death immediately; this applied to those celebrating Bairams, those who kept copies of the Quran in their houses, and those who fasted during Ramadan. The inquisitors typically checked the penises of those men suspected to be Jewish or Muslims and executed them at once by burning at the stake in squares before the masses, the clergymen, and the dignitaries. The number of victims until 1577 A.D. was half a million Muslim – this was among the major genocides in the Middle-Ages. Many Arabs ran away and settled in the woods and in mountainous areas; yet, the Spanish authorities formed groups of military troops to hunt and arrest them; the arrested victims were tortured before being burned at the stake. Many Arabs fled to North Africa to avoid being massacred.         

8- Some Jews and Muslims remained in Spain after converting to Catholicism, and yet, they were not spared from being persecuted; the Spanish Catholics labeled them pejoratively as Moriscos (i.e., the Moorish people of North African origin who dwelled in Spain) and forced them to be tried within several inquisition courts to test their being faithful to Catholicism; these tests included watching them consuming wine and pork; those suspected to be feigning a conversion to Catholicism were tortured severely as the Spanish went to extremes in the torture methods while assuming their aggression is like performing good religious deeds! 

9- During the 17th century A.D., the Spanish king Philip III issued a decree to expel hundreds of thousands of the Moriscos out of Spain while keeping their children inside Spain to serve as unmarried slaves who would be taught Catholicism. Hence, from 1609 to 1614 A.D., 500000 persons were driven out of Spain and they settled in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia after the Spanish king confiscated their possessions, assets, and wealth. The Spanish military troops attacked them all the time at the ports of North Africa.

10- Gustave Le Bon says in his book titled "La Civilisation des Arabes" (written in 1884 A.D.) that no one can help shuddering upon reading stories of torture and persecution inflicted by the victorious Spanish Catholics on the defeated Muslims; the Muslims in Spain were baptized by force and many of them were burned at the stake by the inquisitors; a Catholic priest proposed the idea of beheading all Arabs (men, women, and children) who refused to convert to Catholicism; this resulted in massacring and expelling of 3 million Arabs from Spain. The same priest made his followers massacre with their swords about 100 thousand Arabs from 140 thousand people who fled in a caravan which was heading to Africa; this priest felt satisfied after such a massacre was committed; this priest demanded the massacre of all Arabs of Spain, including those who converted to Catholicism, as he claimed that it was impossible to differentiate between those sincere converts and those who liars who feigned a conversion; thus, he said they are to be put to the sword and God will judge them so that the sincere ones will enter into Heaven and the liars would be tormented in Hell.      



1- Theocracies, the domination of the Church, the divine right of kings, and the inquisition have ended in the West. The West countries adhere to democracy and human rights which reinforce religious freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and free speech. This is why in the West, we see how criticism reaches everything which was deemed as 'holy' in the past; we see how revision and reevaluation of history result in corrections and apologies. This is the main reason behind the ongoing progress of the West countries.  

2- In contrast, in the Arab world, within the countries of the Muhammadans, the culture of the Middle-Ages dominates and controls every aspect of life through the clergymen of Satan, tyranny, religious wars, and inquisitions/Hisbah which typically persecutes peaceful reformist thinkers who think out of the box and move away from the domesticated herd of writers and the mainstream culture of myths and falsehoods.   

3- This applies to the persecution inflicted on Quranists; in fact, Quranist thinkers like ourselves use the Quran (which the Muhammadans deny and reject even if they claim they believe in it) as the Criterion to judge any topic in religion; Quranists call for the discussion and putting to question the traditions and notions of the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans and their history in light of the Quran as the Criterion. This is the much-needed real religious reform. This peaceful call for reform shows the long-forgotten Quranic higher values rejected by the so-called companions of Muhammad (i.e., his contemporaries) and the so-called caliphs since the era of the Arab conquests which formed an Arab empire. Those Arabs of the Arab conquests are war criminals; yet, they are deities worshiped and sanctified by the Muhammadans, past and present, who also deify imams/authors of fiqh and hadiths who fabricated nothing but misguiding lies, myths, and falsehoods and ascribed such devilish revelations to Muhammad and to the Lord God's Religion.      

4- This is why in the Arab world, within the countries of the Muhammadans, no progress is made in any field. Even their revolts against tyranny failed because most of them deify (and are controlled by) clergymen of Satan. Tyrannical rulers succeed one another in the Arab world and the plight goes on within all levels. Hence, introducing political reform is possible only when absolute religious freedom, freedom of expression, and free speech are introduced and maintained. 

5- In the West, people celebrate those who criticize their history and their major historical figures and thinkers. In contrast, in the Arab world, within the countries of the Muhammadans, many people insult and verbally abuse our person for (1) writing about unspoken-of historical facts in authorized, authentic, and approved Sunnite books since such facts undermine their "infallible saints" and (2) criticizing the hadiths/narratives invented by the Sunnite authors. We are slandered by Arab writers of today despite the fact that we do not invent or fabricate historical facts and never accuse Sunnite authors of fiqh and hadiths of things they did not write. In fact, we quote, discuss, and put to question what they have written within logical reasoning and using the Quran as the Criterion. We never impose our views (or ourselves) on anyone at all and we never request rewards, remuneration, or praise from anyone. Indeed, as much as we can, we forgive those who insult our person; we respect the right of every person to accept or to reject our Quranist views. Yet, we are still being insulted in the Arab countries by Sunnite and Shiite writers and journalists until now! This means that the polytheistic Muhammadans will never approve of our person unless we follow their terrestrial religions! This is never going to take place.   

6- There is no power nor might except through the Almighty Dominant Lord God.












(1) Mr. Saeed Ali: Of course, no one can deny that freedom is the path of progress and development. Despite the diversity and different human cultures and religions, the world has become a global village. The tragedy is that no one among the Arabs draw lessons from history; this is why history repeats itself in the Middle-East and most Arabs refuse to return to the Quran as the Only Source of Islam. Sadly, white supremacy is gaining ground; this is shown in the rise of right-wing trends. I distrust Trump because of this. Yet, not all white people are evil; the great people of New Zealand proved that they belong to the camp of goodness. The racism and theocracy in the Middle-East are exemplified by Israel and the Saudi kingdom. The change movements in the Arab world failed and the route for democratic transition is still very long. The Western civilization will collapse if it would allow racism, fanaticism, xenophobia, and white supremacy dominate all aspects of life in the West. If the Arabs would not embrace Quranism, they may be destroyed sooner than expected.   

(2) Mr. Ben Levante: No one should belittle the influence of religions and ideologies in all societies; this influence has its mechanism within how people apply such religions and ideologies. This means that capitalism has nothing to do with the two American atomic bombs which destroyed two Japanese cities. Likewise, communism has nothing to do with the crimes of Stalin in the USSR. Human rights in the West has nothing to do with the West selling weapons to belligerent Arab and non-Arab rulers. This means that most constitutions of the Arab world have nothing to do with the crimes of Arab tyrants. Evil deeds and crimes are motivated by corrupt nature of dehumanized people regardless of their political ideologies and religious affiliations. Decadence, corruption, injustices, etc. and not lack of proper monotheistic religion is the reason for the collapse of any civilization; e.g., the Arab State in Iberia.

(3) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank Mr. Ben Levante for his comment. We assert here that the divine religion (the Quran) is based on peace, mercy, justice, charity, tolerance, freedom, and human dignity. It is very rare to find people who adhere to this divine religion even if they claim to believe in it. Sadly, there are terrestrial religions which carry the label of claiming to be the 'divine' religion of God; some of such religions are peaceful and some are violent. The violent type fabricate religious motives to 'justify' their aggression and violence and ascribe it to God. Likewise, ideologies are either peaceful/useful or violent/harmful; e.g., communism is very bad and leads to aggression. In contrast, democracy is peaceful and useful for all people, even if people differ in how to apply it. In the conclusion of this book, we will mention the responsibility of the UN and the international community who must impose human rights worldwide and eradicate the cancerous cells of tyranny and theocracy once and for all.









The Savagery of the Spanish Conquests in Latin America When Spain Belonged to the Camp of Evil in the West




1- There are savage, brutal but secular conquests like those of Hitler of Germany in Europe, Leopold II of Belgium in the Congo, and the Mongols led by Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. We will not focus on such secular conquests which never carried religious banners/mottoes; our focus is on conquests which carried religious banners/mottoes such as the Arab and Ottoman conquests, raids of the Qarmatians and the Wahabis, and the Spanish conquests.

2- The Arabs and the Ottomans in their conquests more often than not avoided harming the weak ones on earth except on rare occasions; in contrast, the Qarmatians, the Wahabis, and the Spanish never spared or had mercy on the weak ones on earth during their raids and conquests.

3- Of course, both the Qarmatians in the Middle-Ages and the Wahabis who established the first Saudi kingdom in 1745 A.D. had no weapons to massacre everyone unlike the case of the weapons used by the Spanish in Latin America; this is why the number of victims there during the Spanish conquests exceeds, manifold, the number of victims of the Qarmatians and the Wahabis in Arabia. Besides, there is another difference between the evil powers in Spain and Najd; namely, the victims of the Qarmatians and the Wahabis were mostly Muhammadans from Arabia, Iraq, and the Levant, especially pilgrims heading toward Mecca. As for the Spanish, their victims were mostly non-Catholics: Jews, Muslims, and natives of Latin America. When the Arabs conquered Spain, they never committed massacres against the dwellers of Iberian peninsula. When the Spanish re-conquered Spain, they massacred the dwellers whose ancestors lived in the Iberian peninsula for eight centuries; besides, the Spanish massacred peaceful, non-violent natives in Latin America and Central America who never attacked the Spanish military troops.  

4- In our modern era, Wahabism spread in the East and in the West; Wahabis terrorism has its so many victims in the West; Wahabi terrorists now use modern weapons and the specter of their having WMDs one day is looming, especially that Wahabi terrorists who are willing to commit suicide-attacks to massacre the innocent civilians will never hesitate to use WMDs if they have the chance, even if this means to kill also those who follow the Wahabi Sunnite religion like them. This is because the Sunnite religion of Satan has the notions of using human shields and allowing massacring of coreligionists if this means to kill as many people of the enemies as possible. This is what is being done now by the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

5- The Spanish occupation ended in the Spanish people getting rid of theocratic tyranny; the atrocities and savagery of the Spanish against Muslims, Jews, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas are now mere lines of history criticized and condemned by the Spanish people of today. In contrast, the Arabs/Muhammadans consider those historians and thinkers who criticize the atrocities and conquests of their Arab ancestors as infidels and heretics. This is why the Arabs/Muhammadans are still living in the darkness of the Middle-Ages until now and they fight one another while assuming that they are performing good deeds and religious duties! Today's Christian nations of Latin America whose ancestors suffered the atrocities committed by the Spanish invaders hate those Spanish invaders and never forget the grave injustices suffered by their ancestors. In contrast, the nations of the Arabs/Muhammadans deify the sinful caliphs who conquered and invaded their countries, killed the heroes who defended their homelands, robbed their wealth, and enslaved women and children of those heroes.    

6- We briefly write some lines about the atrocities committed by the Spanish in Latin America against peaceful people who never heard of Spain or committed any violence/aggression against the Spanish; they were surprised by the Spanish troops attacking and invading them while mercilessly robbing and massacring them encouraged by Catholic priests who assumed that such massacres against the pagans please the Lord God! 

7- Such massacres have nothing to do with the Lord God; they are pleasing only to Satan the Devil who urged Arabs and Ottomans in a similar way to invade, rob, and massacre the innocent, peaceful people, especially the weak ones on earth, after defeating the soldiers who defended their homelands.


Firstly: the Spanish people and the Inca people:

1- The Incas had their empire which lasted from 1100 A.D. until the Spanish destroyed it in 1532 A.D. The empire of the Incas was situated in the areas (which covered about one million square kilometers) which are known today as Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. 

2- The Spanish sent a campaign to explore Latin America led by Francisco Pizarro, the Spanish conquistador, who was accompanied by 183 men only. The Incas welcomed this Spanish military leader as they thought he embodied their god. They vied in giving gifts to the Spanish men and their leader, including gold and silver ingots as 'food' for the horses of the Spanish men. Of course, the Spanish coveted the gold of the Incas; they kidnapped the king who welcomed them and demanded a ransom: a chamber filled with gold and jewels, about 600 – 650 tons and about 280 million gold coins. Yet, this Inca king was not released; he was put to death by hanging instead of being burned alive! Of course, the Spanish who returned from the capital of the Inca empire, Cusco, stole tons of gold from its main temple; such loads of gold were carried by 200 men among the natives.


Secondly: the Spanish people and the Aztec people:

1- The Aztecs lived in the Valley of Mexico.

2- The conquistador Cortés came along with about 500 soldiers, 16 horses, and a cannon to invade the Valley of Mexico. As expected, the Aztecs assumed that the Spanish men were gods and that their ships were their temples. The king of the Aztecs, Motecuzoma, sent gifts of gold and precious stones to the Spanish carried by special envoys to appease these 'gods'; yet, Cortés arrested the envoys and fired his cannon; they felt frightened and fainted. Motecuzoma was defeated by the Spanish in the battle of Cholula and Cortés massacred the dwellers of Cholula and destroyed the temple dedicated to Huitzilopochtli, the god of war revered by the Aztecs, and placed an icon of the Virgin Mary after turning this temple into a church. The massacre of Cholula frightened the rest of the tribes of the Aztecs and they surrendered and submitted to the Spanish conquerors. Triumphant, Cortés entered into the capital of the Aztecs and was welcomed by the king inside the palace; this palace was filled to the brim with precious stones, jewels, and gold; the Spanish coveted the gold and not the precious stones and jewels; they melted the gold and sent it to the Spanish King Charles V. Within a religious celebration of the Aztecs which included offering human sacrifices to the gods, Cortés was horrified at such a scene and he made his men shoot the Aztec clergymen and attendants of such a celebration, killing more than 20000 persons.

3- The Aztecs revolted and killed their king, Motecuzoma, and they sieged Cortés while he was collecting as much gold as he could, but he managed to flee to Spain; he returned with more military troops to siege the capital of the Aztecs; the Spanish captured the king, Cuauhtémoc, and tortured him so that he would tell them about the locations of all hidden gold; after he told them about what they desired, the Spanish put him to death.

4- Cortés conquered the capital of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan, and destroyed all its houses and built Mexico City; Cortés put to death anyone who did not surrender themselves; those who surrendered themselves were enslaved to work within corvée (i.e., forced, unpaid labor) in gold and silver mines.

5- The existence of the Spanish there caused the spread of new diseases and epidemics that caused the death of thousands of natives; those who survived were forced to convert to Catholicism and suffered from the Spanish inquisition courts. Thus, the Spanish destroyed the culture and civilization of the Aztecs.  


Thirdly: the Spanish people and the Maya peoples:

 The Maya peoples, whose civilization lasted for about 3000 years, lived in the areas which are known today as Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador. It took the Spanish military troops 170 years to subjugate the Maya peoples who lived within separate and different types of rule and all of them resisted the Spanish conquest driven by the Spanish men who desired to invade, loot, and massacre while ascribing their heinous crimes to the Divine Will of the Lord God!


Fourthly: we quote words of a writer who has criticized the atrocities committed by the Spanish in Latin America:

 Bartolomé de las Casas, the 16th-century Spanish colonist, priest and historian wrote the following about the natives of Latin America: (... They were the most innocent people of that era, and this was the cause of their death. The more they heard about the arrival of the Spanish, the more they came to them to welcome them while carrying gifts. The Spanish always took the gifts and killed them immediately or invite them to their ships and sailed in order to sell them as slaves. This was repeated in most cases among all natives ... These peoples were the happiest, safest, and most secure ones on earth ... These peoples were content, humble, grateful, patience, peaceful, and serene and they never knew evil, grudges, violence, hatred, revenge, or enmity ... These poor people were weak; their bodies are easily fatigued and destroyed by diseases. The Spanish who invaded them were like voracious hungry wolves, lions, and tigers attacking a herd of sheep. These innocent peoples have been massacred though they had no sins or faults. They were killed only for the sake of gold as the brutal invaders sought to be rich at the expense of these innocent peoples. They have committed many injustices and atrocities against the native peoples there ... One can never imagine that human beings can commit such heinous deeds and destruction. I lived there for more than 50 years and witnessed with my own eyes the grave injustices and atrocities committed by the Spanish people ... Christians killed all these innocent souls in the name of religion so that they may get the gold and the wealth so that they join to the affluent upper classes ... Their insatiable greed and unbridled lusts led them to despise these humble, friendly peoples and to loot the wealth of these fertile lands ... I tell the truth because I saw it with my own eyes. The Christians looked down at the natives as if they were animals or dirt under their feet ... The Christians claimed that the Lord God sent them to conquer these safe and secure areas and gave them the 'right' to destroy them and loot their wealth. They do not differ from those who kill and steal and then say, "Blessed is the Lord God; we have become rich!" ...).



1- Would any persons among the Muhammadans dare to criticize the Arab conquests of the sinful four pre-Umayyad caliphs and other sinful caliphs who followed them?!

2- One of the main factors leading the progress of the West is criticizing the corrupt ancestors and not deifying them.

3- The polytheistic Muhammadans deify and sanctify the Arab criminals of the Arab conquests and believe in dividing the world into two territories of war against the 'infidels' and of peace with their coreligionists. Because of the Wahabi Sunnite terrorists whose terrorist and suicide attacks have shaken the West countries, the latent extremism typical of Crusaders has been revived now; this is exemplified by the culture and words of the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch.  

4- This massacre is like our goods returned to us!











(1) Mr. Saeed Ali: How brutal and savage some human beings can be! Such misguided souls worship their bodies and the treasures of this transient world; they never believe in the Hereafter; therefore, they never adhere peace, love, truthfulness, goodness, etc. Instead, they adhere to greed, hatred, brutality, savagery, aggression, injustices, crimes, and evil. The human souls need the remedy offered by the Quran. Quranism is the solution to introduce religious and political reform in the Arab countries and to help establish the culture of human rights and democracy. Rejecting the Quran is the root of all evil in the Middle-East. We must heed the lessons drawn from world history. 

(2) Mr. Moussa Ibrahim: Sadly, the misguided Arabs will not dare to criticize their deified heroes and caliphs of the Arab conquests. They are brainwashed with Wahabi books and booklets; e.g., the ones by Hassan Al-Banna, the founder of the Wahabi terrorist MB organization. In my country, Jordan, the number of the MB members has increased and this poses a veritable danger. To misuse/abuse the name of Islam to justify Wahabi crimes and terrorist operations will lead Wahabis to Hell if they die without repentance. Sadly, they assume they will enter into Paradise after committing their terrorist attacks and their heinous crimes and massacres. They worship and obey Satan and they've rejected the Quran in order to believe in devilish mythology. May the Lord God curse all Wahabis. Quranism is the only solution and remedy in order to introduce religious and political reform in the Arab countries.  

(3) Mr. Ben Levante: I cannot deny that atrocities in every eras are committed by both secular and 'religious' people. Wahabism is not the only axis of evil in the modern world; there are other ideologies which are as bad and dangerous as Wahabism; e.g., Zionism. It is no use killing off all Wahabis; their ideology must be faced and eliminated as soon as possible. By the way, it's impossible to eliminate evil from the world; it will remain until the end of days. Even after eliminating Wahabism, assassins and killers will commit their heinous crimes under other religious or non-religious banners and mottoes. There is a huge gap between an ideology or a religion and how it is applied.











CHAPTER VI: The Massacre of New Zealand and Signs of a Different Type of World War that We Implore God to Never Allow it to Happen








We Implore the Lord God To Never Allow It to Take Place: The Scenario of Total Destruction after the New Zealand Massacre 




Firstly: between the divine, celestial religion and the devilish, terrestrial religions:

1- The divine, celestial religion (i.e., the Quran) has descended to establish peace (see 2:208 and 4:91-92) and justice (see 57:25) and to forbid sins and injustices (see 16:90). This is why wars within Islam are only for the sake of self-defense and to restore peace; this is proven in detail in many of our books and articles.

2- Yet, human beings formulate devilish, terrestrial religions which reflect their desires and whims; if their nature is belligerent, their religions reflect aggression and violence committed against others appear as religious duties or 'jihad'; such wars of aggression is described by the Lord God in the Quran as fighting for the sake of Satan; the Quran describes self-defense fighting as fighting for the sake of the Lord God (see 4:75-76). The wars of aggression are grave sins committed by Arab and Ottoman caliphs within their Sunnite religion of Satan.  


Secondly: types of war:

 There are secular, non-religious wars which aim only at expansion and annexing stretches of land; they have no religious ideology at all; they are exemplified in the points below.

1- The wars of Thutmose III of Egypt (1425 B.C.) whose empire remained until c. 1070 B.C. or until the reign of Ramses XI.  

2- The wars of Ramses II of Egypt (1303 – 1213 B.C.).

3- The wars of Alexander the Great whose empire stretched between Greece to the borders of India.

4- The wars of Julius Caesar who was born in 100 B.C. and was assassinated in 44 B.C.

5- The wars of Genghis Khan whose empire included China and Central Asia.

6- The wars of Tamerlane whose empire stretched between Central Asia to India and his military troops reached Damascus, in the Levant; his empire lasted after his death in 1405 until 1506 A.D. 

7- Because of the fact that the above wars were secular and non-religious (i.e., they had no religious motives at all), we conclude the following points.

7/1: Secular and non-religious wars might occur between two countries who share one religion; e.g., England and France within the Hundred Years' War (1337 – 1453 A.D.)

7/2: A Christian country like Britain allied itself to 'Islamic' countries against another Christian country (i.e., Russia) within the Crimean War (1853 – 1856 A.D.) which broke out between Russia and the Ottoman empire; the allies of the Ottomans at the time were Egypt, Tunisia, and Britain. Russia desired to annex lands of the Ottomans but Britain had to prevent this with all its might so as to keep the sick man of Europe (i.e., the Ottoman empire) as it was until the ripe time came and Britain would invade and occupy its lands.    

7/3: Within secular and non-religious wars, enmity may turn into friendship and alliance; e.g., within the friendly agreement between Britain and France on the 8th of April, 1904, as France acknowledged Britain's 'right' to occupy Egypt and Britain  acknowledged France's 'right' to occupy North Africa. Both Britain and France were allies in WWI and WWII.


Thirdly: the main differences between religious wars and secular ones:

1- Some secular and non-religious wars lasted for nearly a century or many decades such as wars of the Mongols and the Hundred Years' War; some secular and non-religious wars had about 100 million victims (killed + injured people) such as WWI and WWII. Yet, they ended and became mere history; former enemies became allies later on. No one in Greece demanded following the steps of Alexander the Great as one of the 'good' ancestors. No one in Germany, Italy, Egypt, and Mongolia/China did the same with Hitler, Mussolini, Thutmose III or Ramses II, and Genghis Khan, respectively. These historical figures are dead and their empires died out.  

2- In contrast, in religious wars which were based on any of the religious ideologies, we see that leaders of such wars are deified after their death; the masses consider them as immortal gods. As long as such devilish, terrestrial religions remain to exist, such religious wars go on internally and externally. This is the case with today's Arabs who deify the conquering caliphs and deem them as 'good' ancestors who existed in a 'golden era'. The Arabs are reluctant to admit to the fact that the eras of caliphs were filled with injustices, tyranny, corruption, and bloodshed. Currently, there are Arab regimes of tyranny which have their own clergymen of Satan who make such culture of religious wars as part of religious duties. Conquerors who had no religious ideology behind their wars from Alexander the Great to Genghis Khan died and no one deified them; in contrast, the Muhammadans (Sunnites + Sufis) still deify the conquerors/caliphs of religious wars or the unjust Arab conquests: Abou Bakr, Omar, and Othman. Sadly, in modern-day secular Turkey, we see a call for the return of the Ottoman theocracy and the rotten culture of religious wars.

3- We find the same call inside the West countries, especially the USA, after Wahabism has infiltrated among the 'Muslim' minorities there; we see in politics and the media a revival of the culture of Crusades and reminding the masses with the tragedies resulted from the military struggles in history between the Arabs and the West in general, especially the historical episodes when the West was victorious over the Turkish and Arab invasion.   

4- The sinful, immoral caliphs died (from the Qorayish pre-Umayyad caliphs to the Ottoman caliphs), and yet, the culture of their unjust religious wars of aggression remains until now as it has become part of the Sunnite religion of Satan which deifies such murderers. Similarly, Europeans (especially the Spanish) carried the cross as a sign when they went on their geographical discoveries and killed off tens of thousands of natives in many areas. This massacring ended when Europe got rid of the evil control of the Church and became secular; they Europeans became more humane or humanistic. Despite the end of the Crusades in the Middle-East, the traces of Crusades are being revived now in the political life and in the media in the West; this is clearly shown in the slogans written by the Australian criminal on his weapons used by him to massacre people coming out of two mosques in New Zealand.   

5- because religious wars are based on fanaticism and hatred of the (other) outside one's country within wars, the (other) inside one's country is typically persecuted. We mean here the persecution against the (other) who has different doctrine or religion; inquisition or religious trials flourish at such eras and those who have other religious or political thought are declared as 'infidels' and they may be put to death. This occurred within the history of Europe and the history of the caliphs in the Middle-Ages. As the Sunnite Hanbali Wahabi religion of Satan flourishes now, those who criticize it are persecuted severely; the main victims of such persecutions are our person and many other Quranists. This is not to mention the disgrace of the Catholic Church within its shameful inquisition eras. 


Fourthly: types of leaders within the religious wars:

 Because religious wars are based on certain ideologies, they have its preachers and active military leaders; in some cases, the preachers were also military combatants and leaders at the same time. Let us exemplify this in the points below.


Within the history of caliphs:

 The early caliphs were preachers of what they called as 'jihad', but the active military leaders were others and not these caliphs themselves. We focus here only on the roots of Wahabism which is the Sunnite doctrine of Hanbalism; we quote the following lines about the Hanbali movement from our book titled "Hanbalism – the Mother of Wahabism – and the Destruction of Iraq in the Second Abbasid Era".  

1- Ahmad Ibn Hanbal was an extremist Sunnite fiqh scholar and author of hadiths; he invented and fabricated so many hadiths and ascribed them to Muhammad as part of the Sunnite religion of Satan, while assuming such hadiths to be part of the 'divine' revelation. Ibn Hanbal (and his disciples) invented the cursed hadiths of changing vice/sin by force; this was the main notion of the Hanbali religion of Satan so that its followers (led by Al-Khozaay) controlled the streets of Baghdad; Al-Khozaay was put to death by the Abbasid caliph Al-Wathiq in 231 A.H. Ibn Hanbal (who died in 241 A.H.) was persecuted for years until the Abbasid caliph Al-Motawakil protected and sided with the Hanbali scholars and imposed their Sunnite doctrine on people as the official religion of the Abbasid theocracy or caliphate; he allowed Hanbali scholars and disciples to control the streets of Baghdad and to persecute non-Hanbali people within the protection and permission of the Abbasids. Thus, Ibn Hanbal was the preacher and Al-Khozaay was the active combatant and military leader.

2- The troubles caused by the Hanbali scholars and disciples in the streets of Baghdad led to chaos and turmoil; the followers of the Hanbali religion of Satan persecuted severely Shiites, Sufis, Jews, Christians, and Al-Mu'tazala philosophers and killed Al-Tabari the most famous historian and non-Hanbali Sunnite fiqh scholar.

3- When the Turkish Seljuks controlled the Abbasid caliphate and embraced the Sunnite Hanbalism of Satan as if it were 'Islam', they became armed Hanbali followers who ruled the Abbasid theocracy; they persecuted the Christian European pilgrims who sought to reach Jerusalem via Asia Minor (ruled at the time by rival princes of the Seljuks) and thus they indirectly caused the Crusades; many complaints of European pilgrims caused the Europeans (among them Peter the Hermit) to launch the Crusades as a result of Hanbali extremism.  


Within the history of the Crusades:

1- Peter the Hermit roamed several European countries to urge kings to participate in the military endeavors to liberate Jerusalem from the Saracens (or 'Muslim' infidels) and he pretended that Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream to command him to lead this mission; many poor peasants followed Peter the Hermit; this was the popular crusade which receded the very first Crusade; of course, the Seljuks killed most of them; Peter the Hermit ran away for his life; he was a preacher of a religious war and an active military leader and combatant at the same time.

2- The Catholic Pope Urban II in 1095 A.D. urged the European kings and princes to liberate Jerusalem within military endeavors; this resulted in the very first Crusade which established the European kingdoms in the Levant, especially in Jerusalem. This means that Pope Urban II was a mere preacher of a religious war and he never participated in it.


Within the history of Wahabism in the modern age:

1- The sheikh M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab was a preacher of religious wars and he participated in them as a military leader and as an active combatant as well. Of course, his striving to apply his notions provoked the ire of his foes and they tried to assassinate him; he fled his native city to a small city known as Al-Ainiyya, where he gathered many followers including the emir of Al-Ainiyya; he and his followers destroyed Sufi mausoleums everywhere and stoned to death an adulteress after claiming that she confessed her sin to him! for centuries, no one stoned anyone to death for adultery; this remained until this era as a devilish unapplied notion in lines of fiqh books. This made Ibn Abdul-Wahab grew famous and the number of his foes increased. Eventually, he allied himself to the prince Ibn Saud and fought among his military troops to establish the very first Saudi kingdom.   

2- Ibn Abdul-Wahab was influenced by the Hanbali scholar and writer Ibn Taymiyya who lived during the Mameluke Era in Egypt who was both a preacher of religious wars and an active combatant and military leader in them.

3- When Wahabism was propagated and spread worldwide through Saudi money while posing as if it were Islam, many Wahabi leaders, organizations, and movements have emerged. Some of them served enthroned tyrannical rulers/sultans (e.g., the Salafists) and some seek power (e.g., the terrorist MB organization members). Some of them have managed to establish temporary states such as the ISIS terrorists. Yet, the real leaders of such Wahabi movements seen in the media (i.e., in the press, TV satellite channels, and the Internet) are only the preachers; e.g., those ISIS terrorists who fought against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria and propagated the notion of sex jihad; some of the Wahabi men were military leaders and combatants like Bin Laden and Al-Zarqawi. Some of them were preachers and military leaders/combatants simultaneously such as Al-Zawahiri.  



 There are those who were preachers of religious wars of Satan and those who are their active military leaders and combatants; there are those who combine both being preachers and combatants. How would we classify the Australian criminal who massacred the people of the two mosques in New Zealand? How is this linked to the scenario of total destruction which we implore the Lord God to never allow it to take place?












(1) Mr. Saeed Ali: There is a hideous face of democratic elections; when Trump got elected, this indicates the rise of the right-wing trends and the white supremacy; this shows that racism, hatred, extremism, and Islamophobia have increased in the West and not only in the USA. Via the internet, one can read world history very easily now; yet, how many people learn from the lessons drawn from world history?! I do believe that secularism (or laïcité) of the West is being tested now.

(2) Mr. Ben Levante: There are countless religious and non-religious motives for aggression, wars, and massacres; human beings tend to misunderstand the Scripture or God's Word. I think that evil and violence will remain until the end of days, even if religious reasons/motives for committing violence are eliminated. The human nature has its own faults; e.g., greed, racism, demagogy, fanaticism, and bigotry. This might involve any ideology and not only religions. This means that the Muhammadans (or Muslims) are not the only cause of violence and religious terrorism worldwide. It's rather unfair to blame Arabs/Muslims only. Bad, corrupt, violent, belligerent, and greedy people exist in the West and in the East.

(3) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I've decided not to write more comments; yet, I feel glad that Mr. Ben Levante expresses the views which I desire to write; keep writing your excellent, frank comments, Mr. Ben Levante; I'm sure you have more things to say. 







The Differences between the Terrorist Wars and Ordinary Wars





1- The very first world war occurred between the two sons of Adam as one of them killed the other, while their parents were still alive. The 20th century witnessed WWI and WWII and so many other ordinary wars which were not within an international level; i.e., wars between two countries or two groups of countries and civil wars inside a given country. Of course, the second half of the 20th century witnessed a new type of war: terrorism. Terrorists have committed their heinous crimes in several locations worldwide and their threat continues until now; among the terrorist crimes is the massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand committed by an Australian criminal.  

2- In the following lines, we provide an overview of the differences between the terrorist wars and ordinary wars.


Firstly: about ordinary military wars:

  The very first world war between the two sons of Adam (within their Quranic story) had the features of most ordinary military wars;  i.e., being preceded by signs of struggles and ended by one party annihilating the other; of course, one of the parties was peaceful and never desired to be engaged into a war, the other party was an unjust aggressor. Within other wars in the history of humanity, the cause of engaging into wars was mostly the struggle over power/authority and borders; there were parties who were aggressors and other parties which were wronged. There were wars launched by the sinful conquerors/assassins who sought to annex and occupy others' countries; the names of such conquerors occupy the main headlines in books of history. Some of the sinful conquerors covered themselves with a cloak of religion as a pretext to justify their conquests; raising the religious banners was the factor leading to ongoing wars after the death of such conquerors. In contrast, the legends of the secular conquerors who never raised the banners of religion ended in their death. The following points trace the features of ordinary military wars whether they are within a local or an international level. 

1- Political confrontations and verbal disputes are followed by military confrontations.

2- Each of the parties involved has its military troops/forces recruited, trained, and armed as per the authority and sovereignty of the State.

3- The military mobilization occurs within the preparation for a war expected by everyone.

4- The military troops/armies fight in certain, determined time and location; however long the ordinary, military wars among countries might be, they never last forever; this is because politicians have certain political goals to achieve; thus, such wars end in victory/defeat, truce/armistice, negotiations, treaties/agreements, and peace.

5- There are no wars for merely the sake of engaging into warfare; all ordinary, military wars aim to serve political interests and to achieve political goals.

6- On the margin of all ordinary, military wars, victims who die are mainly military people; yet, many civilians may also die unintentionally.

7- The enemies in all ordinary, military wars are defined and known; the aim is never to annihilate these enemies; within postwar negotiations, enmity may turn into amity. 

8- In all ordinary, military wars, there may be POWs held by the warring parties; these POWs are protected by several laws.


Secondly: about terrorist wars:

1- They are the wars waged by terrorists by committing terrorist crimes and operations; terrorists do not belong to any country or State; rather, they belong to overt or secret terrorist organizations which pretend to be non-terrorist ones. 

2- The terrorist wars have their own political goals declared by groups who have a certain (religious) call and control their terrorists; the aim is mainly to take revenge against certain parties.

3- The victims who die within the terrorist wars are mainly unarmed, peaceful, innocent civilians, as most terrorist organizations are unable to face armed soldiers; there are no POWs at all; terrorists commit indiscriminate, heinous massacres against everyone else. 

4- Any locations are potential ones for terrorist operations and attacks, especially crowded places like streets, markets, houses of worship, and means of transportation.

5- Un like mobilization within ordinary, military wars, terrorist wars have no mobilization and they cannot be expected; terrorists strike anywhere anytime in a least expected manner.


Thirdly: recruiting terrorists to join the terrorist wars:

1- Personal interviews between terrorist groups and potential terrorists were the bases to recruit, train, and arm these terrorists sent for 'jihad' or prepared for terrorist operations. Now, the cyberspace is the best medium to recruit potential terrorists who are willing to join the terrorist wars. This applies to the Australian criminal who committed the massacre of the two mosques in New Zealand. This is why the internet has made the terrorist wars reach an international level. Of course, for instance, the ISIS terrorists are experts in using the cyberspace to recruit more terrorists. The ISIS terrorist incite and teach millions of unknown people through websites; they provide plans for the 'best' times and locations for launching terrorist attacks and how to make explosives, etc. National security apparatuses may arrest and neutralize terrorist groups before they launch their attacks and execute their evil plans; yet, recruiting terrorists, via the cyberspace, from ordinary people unknown to national security apparatuses is very difficult to detect. The tragedy here lies in the fact that somewhere worldwide, ordinary persons (or the so-called lone wolves) are turned into movable time bombs ready to explode anywhere anytime in a least expected manner.   

2- These terrorists might be among the following categories.

2/1: Frustrated immigrants in the West who have troubles and cannot integrate; their despair might lead them to commit suicide, through committing a terrorist suicide attack, while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/2: Not immigrants but among those who were born in a West country within an Arab minority, and they suffer from inequality and lack of education and employment opportunities. France exemplify this; French people of Arab origin suffer many troubles never faced by white, European French people. when such frustrated people sense despair as their despicable conditions seem unchangeable, the alternative for them is to commit suicide, through committing a terrorist suicide attack, while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/3: Religious Wahabi persons in the West who believe in the myth of dividing the world into a territory/camp of peace/believers and a territory/camp of war/infidels; those Wahabi persons hide their intentions and belief system, until they are encouraged either by imams inside Wahabi mosques or by the terrorists' websites and persuaded to become terrorists whose aim is to commit suicide, through committing a terrorist suicide attack, while assuming that this way, they will attain their only hope of entering into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/4: People who live in the West countries and are adapted to the West lifestyle they enjoy to the full, but when they suffer psychological crises, they might became 'religious' and frequent Wahabi mosques in the West, where Wahabi imams take advantage of them and turn them into terrorists who engage into indiscriminate mass killings and may commit suicide through terrorist suicide attacks while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

2/5: We remember a very painful, sad story, written in American newspapers years ago and in the Middle East Newspaper in Arabic in 2003, about two Arab male Moroccan youths who were best friends, living in one apartment in LA, the USA, and both young men shared a close friendship and the love of life; one of the pair was a Muslim and the other was a Jew. When the Muslim young man faced a psychological crisis one day, he resorted to a Wahabi mosque in LA, where he got brainwashed, ending up in killing his peaceful Jewish friend inside the apartment, in the name of Jihad., just because he was a Jew! This Muslim youth had lost his future and killed an innocent victim: his lifelong compatriot friend. He had wasted the life of his friend for no reason at all! This Moroccan murderer is also the victim of the Wahabi imam who misled and misguided him.

3- The existence of Wahabi centers, schools, and mosques is the main factor which helps recruiting potential terrorists among the Arab minorities in the West and the USA. These Wahabi centers, schools, and mosques enjoy huge influence and authority and receive huge amounts of money though they propagate Wahabi jihad (i.e., terrorism), and sadly, they are protected through laws in the West and the USA formulated before the secular West and the USA discover they have to face the Wahabi culture.

4- The Arab minorities in the West countries are supposed to help introduce reform in their native Middle-East countries through raising awareness of democracy and spreading the culture of democracy there. This is easy now through the revolution in telecommunications; yet, the exact opposite occurred; i.e., the imams of Sunnite Wahabi minorities in the West countries are controlled by imams and leaders of extremism and terrorism in the Middle-East countries. 

5- This is why the minorities of Sunnite Wahabi Arabs in the West countries differ a lot from other minorities. Of course, in the West countries, there are centers, institutes, and houses of worship for minorities of Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, and freemasons. These minorities never commit terrorist crimes.

5/1: Similarly, there are millions of Shiites and Sufis (and both are Muhammadans) in the West countries who have thousands of centers, schools, and mosques but they never commit terrorist crimes.

5/2: In contrast, some Sunnites (mainly among Wahabi Muhammadans) immigrate into the West countries or arrive there as political asylee who fled persecution in their native countries; they are embraced ad helped a lot by the West countries. Yet, once such Sunnites have the chance, they rebel against the West countries which have dealt with them within generosity and goodness and they commit terrorist crimes; this terrorism is based on the Sunnite Wahabi terrestrial religion of Satan. 


Fourthly: the factors leading to the success of terrorist wars waged by Sunnite Wahabis in the West:

1- The deep-seated belief in the psyche of the Arab Sunnite minorities in the West countries in (1) the historical background of the struggle between Arabs and the West powers, and (2) the conspiracy theory about the West countries as the territory of 'infidels' and 'enemies' of Islam who are conspiring against Arabs all the time.

2- Among the Sunnite Muhammadans who immigrate into the West countries are those hypocrites who believe in the 'religious' duty of deceiving non-believers; thus, they imitate the sins of the disobedient ones among the People of the Book in Arabia during Muhammad's lifetime: "Among the People of the Book is he, who, if you entrust him with a heap of gold, he will give it back to you. And among them is he, who, if you entrust him with a single coin, he will not give it back to you, unless you keep after him. That is because they say, "We are under no obligation towards the gentiles." They tell lies about God, and they know it. Indeed, whoever fulfills his commitments and maintains piety-God loves the pious ones. Those who exchange the covenant of God, and their vows, for a small price, will have no share in the Hereafter, and God will not speak to them, nor will He look at them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them. They will have a painful torment." (3:75-77). This 'religious' permission of deceiving non-believers is also applied by the sinful caliphs in their Arab conquests. This is why this deception is part of religious legislations of Sunnite Wahabi Muhammadans. On the other hand, there are white extremists who commit injustices against minorities and take advantage of them. Of course, we cannot generalize here but we will never overlook the magnitude of the danger resulting from such injustice.

3- The experience of Wahabi Sunnites in launching terrorist wars comes from their struggles against enthroned tyrants in their native countries and their struggles against Shiites.

4- Terrorists among Wahabi Sunnites cannot face the military forces and armies of the West countries within ordinary wars or combats; they always resort to terrorist operations in the least expected times and locations.

5- It is very easy now to recruit the so-called lone wolves via the internet to encourage them to commit a terrorist suicide attack by persuading them to commit suicide while assuming that this way, they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

6- Any of the military forces and armies cannot deal with terrorists who launch terrorist wars; the national security apparatuses are the ones who deal with terrorist organizations; sadly, they mostly deal with terrorists within a reaction after terrorist operations have taken place. It is very rare to see the national security apparatuses act peremptorily to prevent potential terrorist attacks.  

7- In general, the West countries lack the experience necessary to engage into intellectual war of ideas (necessary before military or security confrontation) in order to face and foil terrorism. In contrast, the Wahabi Sunnite ISIS terrorists and their likes launch an intellectual war of ideas which misuse the name of Islam while claiming to fight the West 'infidels' who are labeled as 'enemies' of Islam! Sadly, the West media help terrorists by labeling them as 'Islamists', and thus, unawares, making the West powers who resist Wahabi terrorists appear as the 'enemies' of Islam.  


Fifthly: how the policies of the West, especially the USA, help in the success of the terrorist crimes committed by Sunnite Wahabis:

1- The West countries sell arms and weapons to the enthroned tyrants and overlook their grave injustices, oppression, and educational policies which help spread the Wahabi culture of destruction and terrorism; sadly, the West countries are keen on maintaining their relations with enthroned tyrants and they leave peaceful reformist thinkers to become the victims of both terrorists and tyrannical rulers. 

2- Sadly still, the West countries have cordial relations with Wahabi clergymen who are, in their turn, loyal to the Arab tyrants who acts as guardians to the Wahabi religion of Satan.

3- Saudi Arabia, who is the source of evil Wahabism, has its very strong lobbies inside the USA and in the West countries in general. of course, these Saudi lobbies sometimes provide some information about its power-seeking Wahabi enemies in exchange for protecting Wahabi mosques, schools, and centers which are spread like cancerous cells in the West in general and in the USA in particular.


Lastly: the Sunnite Wahabi terrorism achieves victory over the terrorism of white extremists/supremacists:

1- It is never part of the West culture to commit suicide in order to enter into Paradise in the Hereafter. This is why within the confrontations between Sunnite Wahabi terrorists and terrorists who believe in the so-called white supremacy (like the Australian criminal who committed the massacre of New Zealand), the Sunnite Wahabi terrorists win all the time. The white extremists/terrorists massacre innocent people and then surrender themselves to the authorities without committing suicide, and everyone curse them. In contrast, Sunnite Wahabi terrorists commit suicide operations or suicide bombings, within which they die, and they receive moral support and supplications of mercy by other Sunnite Wahabis!  

2- It is impossible that any military forces or the policemen of the West would defeat terrorists who have decided to commit suicide, (i.e., within a suicide bombing), as they do so while assuming they will enter into Paradise (which includes houris opening their arms [and legs!] waiting for suicide bombers and dead jihadists – as per the claims of Sunnite Wahabis).

3- Yet, such potential suicide bombers and their potential victims can be saved only in the case if such terrorists would know that as per Quranism, their heinous crimes will make them the arch-enemies of Islam (therefore, they will enter into Hell if they commit suicide bombings) and never "Islamists" as per the claims of the West media.











(1) Mr. Saeed Ali: The peaceful Quranist intellectual war of ideas is the ideal solution (and cheapest) to eliminate the danger of the Wahabi ideology and terrorism and to save more lives among potential victims. I wish that the West world will make use of the Quranist trend of religious reform introduced by Dr. A. S. Mansour. It is a fatal mistake that the media of the West label Wahabis as 'Islamists'. Peaceful dialogue between Quranists and peace-loving nations and governments will bring about the collapse of the Wahabi Sunnite ideology (or theology of violence) and this will end Wahabi terrorism. Sadly, Wahabi Sunnite notions and ideas spread via the Arab world media because of the Saudi influence and money. This must cease as soon as possible. The Quranic Light will reach the hearts of so many if Quranist thinkers are allowed to appear in worldwide media especially in the Arab world. May the Lord God come to our aid.

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you our son Mr. Saeed Ali. We are still preaching reform from within Islam (i.e., the Quran itself) to save what can be saved and to face and eliminate Wahabi terrorism. Yet, most people in the West do not know about Quranism at all and about our VA-based IQC. Media blackout is still imposed on our person. Yet, we never despair despite our reaching the age of 70. Even after our death, we are sure that our dear fellow Quranists will continue to preach Quranism as the Only True Islam. We have the honor to show the true facts of Islam (in the Quran exclusively) within our modest means and we face and refute Sunnite Wahabism (and the Sufi and Shiite religions) with our bare hands via our Qurnaism website. We have proven how the Sufi, Sunnite/Wahabi, and Shiite religions of Satan contradict the Quran. we have proven how the Quranic higher values match human rights and all values cherished by free human beings. We have the honor to defend the weak ones on earth; we never focus our attention to death threats we receive via email. If we will not live long enough to witness the defeat of Wahabi terrorism and the spread of Quranism as the Only True Islam, we are sure the Lord God will reward our person in the Hereafter. May the Lord God come to our aid.








The Australian Criminal and the Other Terrorists between the Might of Weakness and the Weakness of Might





1- The Australian criminal employed the highest level of available might to attack, kill, and wound as many peaceful, innocent, weak people as he could; yet, a mightier force defeated him and arrested him. The weak victims of the Christchurch mass shooting have received the support of most people worldwide. Thus, there are three elements here: (A) the weak party (i.e., the victims) whose weakness provides moral might and support, (B), a mighty party (i.e., the criminal) whose extreme might led him to commit a heinous crime, and (C) the stronger, more powerful might which arrested the criminal.

2- We infer from this the concept of the might of weakness and the weakness of might.



1- If we reflect deeper, we will perceive the fact that the weakest human beings are in fact the mightiest of human beings. For instance, babies are the weakest human beings, and when they cry, we feel they are the mightiest human beings as they make us obey them unquestionably. This means that it is enough that the weak parties would show their weakness to be mighty as they receive the sympathy and support of other people. Likewise, a weak, old man weeping in the street will attain might once he receives the sympathy of passers-by who gather around him. Likewise, women, with their instincts and tears, are mightier than men and they can control men who are apparently mightier that women.  

2- The might within human beings is relative; a man may appear mighty to those who have less strength and may appear weak to those who are mightier than he is.

3- The Australian terrorist employed the highest level of available might to massacre innocent, weak people; a mightier force, i.e., the police, defeated him and arrested him; the weak victims became mightier as they won the support and sympathy of most people worldwide; the victims here are winners and the Australian terrorist is a loser. This logic is never understood by the Australian terrorist and other terrorists in the West and in the Middle-East.



1- The abovementioned logic was understood and applied by the noble people of our modern era: Gandhi (1869 – 1948), Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968), and Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013). Each of them employed the might of weakness to address the good side in their mighty enemies; their enemies had plenty of good side within their souls. Each of the three great leaders achieved success peacefully and managed to get what they wished for without resorting to violence and their names are written in gold in the lines of history.    

2- The abovementioned logic was never understood or applied by the Irish revolutionaries; within their weakness before the mighty Britain, they had resorted to terrorist operations against innocent civilians; this is why they lost their cause and old Britain defeated them.

3- The abovementioned logic was never understood or applied by Hitler who employed the highest level of available might against both his mighty foes and weak enemies alike. Hitler murdered millions of weak, helpless Jews. Eventually, a mightier party defeated Hitler and he died (i.e., he committed suicide) as a cursed, defeated man. Hitler's fate is the one reserved for those who follow his footsteps among white supremacists and racist white extremists including the Australian terrorist.   

4- Within the Middle-East, the story of Moses' Pharaoh (mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible and in a much better way in the Holy Quran) is a lesson to avoid tyranny; Moses' Pharaoh is the imam/leader to all mighty, arrogant, self-deified tyrants who murder the weak, innocent people. The fate of tyrants of all eras is as bad as that of Moses' Pharaoh; yet, the polytheistic Muhammadans never heed this lesson and are never warned by the Quran. 



 Enthroned Arab tyrants strike with their highest levels of might when they feel threatened; both Arab tyrants and their Wahabi rivals employ with their highest levels of might against the unarmed nations. 

1- Within the political struggle in Algeria between the military regime in power and the power-seeking terrorist Wahabis, both sides employed the highest level of might against civilians in cities and villages; massacres were committed for a decade (1992 - 2002) against men, women, babies, children, and old people; about 200 thousand victims lost their lives; this is worst stigma and disgrace in the history of Algeria.   

2- When the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein escaped an assassination attempt in July 1982, he employed his highest level of might and committed a massacre as a form of revenge; when some Kurdish people resisted him, he massacred 5500 Kurdish men, women, children, and old people using chemical weapons in March 1988, apart from the Al-Anfal massacre. Saddam Hussein was subdued by the American might which surpassed his own might, and he was arrested, tried in court, and sentenced to death by hanging. 

3- The former Syrian president, Hafiz Al-Assad, employed his highest level of might by committing massacres against the Syrian nation: he murdered thousands of Syrians in Aleppo (in 1980 - 1981) and in Hamah (in 1982), he murdered between 17 and 40 thousand people. His son and successor, Bashar Al-Assad, is worse; Hafiz Al-Assad lived in almost complete isolation, but Bashar Al-Assad caused the destruction of Syria and the death and displacement of millions of Syrians, and now, he is controlled by, and in service of, Russia. 

4- Omar Al-Bashir, president of Sudan, employed his highest level of might to massacre the Muslims of the Darfur region since Feb. 2003, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed: some were slaughtered and some died of hunger and ailment in one of the worst genocides in modern history. Al-Bashir is a criminal as per the International Criminal Court (ICC); his fate must be like the killer and former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic.    

5- Before ascending to power as the President of Egypt, Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi employed his highest level of might to end the MB members sit-in in Cairo, Egypt, in Aug. 2013. Despite the assertion of the Egyptian media at the time that this MB sit-in comprised armed MB members who terrorized the Madinet Nasr district in Cairo, the Human Rights Watch report of Aug. 2014 (i.e., prepared after one year of investigation) considers that peaceful and unarmed demonstrators in this MB sin-in were massacred en masse in one day, in one of the worst mass killings in modern times committed on purpose by the Egyptian government at the time, and not out of lack of training within the anti-riot police force and not out of misuse of extreme strength. Of course, Al-Sisi ascended to the presidency of Egypt because most Egyptians voted for him, and he won a landslide victory in the2014  presidential elections because most of the Egyptians hate the Wahabi terrorist MB organization. We tend to think that the MB sit-in could have been ended in an easy, peaceful manner; the agents of Al-Sisi were inside this sit-in; they could have arrested and got rid of the MB leaders inside it away from the crowds of this sit-in; the police forces would have sieged the sin-in and forced people inside it to surrender without shedding any blood. Yet, Al-Sisi preferred the needless use of the highest level of might to end the MB sit-in after 45 days of its beginning to get rid of as many MB members as possible on the 14th of Aug., 2013. The Egyptian media assert that the dead victims were 120 persons and thousands of injured victims, and other non-Egyptian sources mention that 2200 persons were killed and 4000 were injured. This mass killing is a black line in the history of Al-Sisi; this paved his way to use the highest level of might during his presidential terms; this is because he must protect himself against possible revenge; he is frightened by nightmares haunting him; his regime imprisons those who express different political views and they are being tortured, though the Egyptian government denies that torture occurs in prisons. At the same time, Al-Sisi enlists the help of the West by purchasing needless weapons; he is appeasing the West to win it to his side and to fill the banks of the West countries with money and commissions of selling weapons to Egypt.   

6- The ISIS terrorists employed their highest level of might to control several regions within the Iraqi-Syrian borders and were keen on posting via the cyberspace their bloodshed and mass killings; the main victims were Shiites, Christians, and Yazidis; the wings of ISIS in Egypt and Libya go on massacring civilians; e.g., some peaceful Coptic Christian Egyptian victims who worked in Libya were slaughtered by ISIS terrorists. The ISIS terrorists in Sinai, Egypt, massacred hundreds of peaceful Sufi Egyptians on a Friday inside a mosque. Another massacre by the ISIS terrorists after controlling Tikrit, in Iraq, was the Camp Speicher massacre in June 2014; between 2000 and 3300 Shiite men were captured and put to death; some of them were buried alive. The savagery and brutality of this Wahabi jihad for the sake of Satan caused the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of thousands people and the destruction of Syria. Later on, the ISIS terrorists and their state almost ended; yet, the Wahabi ideology of ISIS is still defended by Wahabis worldwide; e.g., the head of Al-Azhar institution in Egypt refused to declare ISIS terrorists as infidels and non-Muslims; he insists that they are 'Muslims' since they pray daily in the direction of Mecca! The ISIS terrorists employed their highest level of might against the weak, oppressed, innocent people; yet, the ISIS terrorists faced greater might which defeated and crushed them. The ISIS-like Australian employed his highest level of might to commit a heinous crime in New Zealand and he murdered peaceful, innocent people, but he was defeated and arrested by a greater might.    



1- In the West and in the East, figures like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela emerged and faced might with the weapon of weakness and they succeeded; we find the same thing in the Quranic sharia legislations which entail that the weak parties must never resist violence using violence and to never engage into self-defense against aggressors unless they are ready and well-prepared for deterrence in advance. When believers are tortured within religious persecution, the Lord God in the Quran allows them to utter words of blasphemy/polytheism and to ally themselves to aggressors to get delivered and to avoid severe persecution since their hearts are filled with monotheism; see 16:106 and 3:28-29. Those monotheistic believers who are religiously persecuted must immigrate if they can to avoid such persecution of evil aggressors who monopolize power and authority; see 4:75 and 4:97-99. In any case, those weak monotheistic believers must never resist their enemies who are mighty aggressors because such resistance means suicide.        

2- The Palestinians did not adhere to these Quranic teachings in their facing higher levels of might which surpass theirs. Sadly, the Palestinians have not resorted to the peaceful weapon employed by Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela, despite the fact that the Palestinians have no military army to face the Israeli army. The inherited culture of the Palestinians does not acknowledge peaceful jihad. This is why the Palestinians have resorted to fight back by committing terrorist crimes; only the innocent ones pay the price for this Palestinian terrorism.  

2/1: The Palestinians have initiated their terrorism by hijacking planes and murdering innocent, unarmed civilians inside them who had nothing to do with the Palestinian cause.

2/2: The Palestinians had some measure of might under the auspices of King Hussein of Jordan; they rebelled against him and planned his assassination; they tried to establish a Palestinian state inside Jordan; this treachery resulted in their being expelled out of Jordan.

2/3: The Palestinians have committed the same treachery in Lebanon and became among the factors leading to the Lebanese civil war (1975 – 1990) which resulted in the death of about 120 thousand people; later on, the armed Palestinians were driven out of Lebanon.

2/4: When the terrorist group Hamas reached power in the Gaza Strip, many writers praised it; we warned against the evils of Hamas and its Wahabi religion of Satan, and this is why many writers attacked our person harshly. Sadly, what we have predicted regarding the Wahabi danger of Hamas became true; several Hamas terrorists infiltrated into the Egyptian Sinai peninsula and killed many Egyptian soldiers. The Hamas terrorists typically launch rockets against Israel and take hiding inside the densely populated Gaza; this means that Hamas applies the evil Sunnite notion of taking human shields among civilians and never to care when such civilians are harmed or killed while causing as many losses as possible to the enemy.     



1- We, and all other Quranists, are the only people who call for peaceful solution and reform; this is why the Wahabis have accused us of being 'infidels'/'disbelievers' and they have persecuted and imprisoned many Quranists including our person.

2- We remember that when we were incarcerated in an Egyptian prison (in Nov. - Dec., 1987), that one of the cell inmates was a Palestinian man who belonged to the so-called Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO); he had a transistor radio and he invited other inmates to listen to news of the intifada of children who threw stones at Israeli soldiers. When we told him that it would be better if the Palestinian children would demonstrate peacefully and carry flowers to offer them to Israeli soldiers; this will make them earn sympathy worldwide so that they can demand their rights and win the West countries to their side; this Palestinian man refused to believe what we have said to him.

3- We have written many articles to advise the Palestinians to resort to the peaceful struggle for their rights and to indicate to them within modern culture the difference between truth/right and meritocracy/might (e.g., see our book, in English, titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine", found on this link: The Zionists believe that they have a right in Palestine and they have meritocracy/might to deserve it; i.e., military and political preparation as armed troops established Israel in 1948 within legal approval of the UN. The Palestinians believe that they have a right in Palestine and never earned any measure of meritocracy; they have undermined their right by committing terrorist operations and suicide attacks inside Israel.       

4- We see the features of right/truth and might/meritocracy as per the following points.

4/1: Within the Quranic story of Moses, Moses had right/truth on his side, but he had no might to impose anything; in contrast, his enemy, the Pharaoh of Egypt, monopolized might though he was on the wrong because of his tyranny and self-deification. This is why the Lord God has commanded Moses and Aaron to speak leniently to Pharaoh: "Go to Pharaoh. He has tyrannized. But speak to him leniently. Perhaps he will remember, or have some fear [of God]."" (20:43-44).

4/2: Within the Quranic story of Muhammad and his contemporaries, the Meccan aggressors of the Qorayish tribe launched many military attacks against Muhammad and the early believers once they settled in Yathreb (see 2:217). At first, the early believers in Yathreb were commanded to never resist when they were attacked; they were later on commanded to get militarily prepared to deter aggressors (see 8:60). Once they were prepared, they were given permission by the Lord God to engage into self-defense fighting (see 22:39-40). When some peaceful believers protested against this and desired to postpone the battles of self-defense, their stance brought Quranic reproach addressed to them (see 4:77-95 and 2:216).

5- We, peaceful Quranists, face with our faith and writing the two evil powers dominating the Middle-East countries and other countries of the Muhammadans: tyranny and Wahabism. The enthroned Middle-Eastern Sunnite tyrants defend Wahabism and maintain its existence; they delight in having Wahabi Sunnite clergymen who support the and sing their praises. Sadly, Wahabi military and political opposition in the Middle-East comprise its own clergymen and armed terrorists. Yet, both enthroned Wahabis and power-seeking Wahabis unite in hating and persecuting Quranists everywhere, because Quranists, including our person, are against injustices, corruption, and tyranny and are siding with those weak, oppressed ones on earth. Quranists side with the true Islamic sharia legislations found exclusively in the Quran; this Quranic sharia is based on justice, freedom, charity, mercy, peace, fraternity among peaceful people, and human rights. Because we propagate and call for such true Islamic culture of the Quran in our writings, we suffer persecution and marginalization, because it serves the interests of our enemies to spread among the Muhammadans the culture of sacred hatred of the West; this is the culture on which ISIS and other Wahabi terrorists live and thrive. This is the Wahabi culture of animosity and hatred which has caused the extremism of white supremacists to emerge in the West; this is why we are quite sure that the New Zealand massacre of the two mosques will not be the last act of violence against 'Muslims' in the West.           

6- Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Mandela succeeded in their endeavors mainly because they emerged in societies of non-Muhammadans and they addressed the good side within the West people. If Gandhi were to re-appear in today's Egypt, he would be tortured severely in a frightening manner in prison.   

7- There is a huge difference between Middle-Eastern tyrants and Western colonialism. This topic entails a separate article.










(1) Mr. Ben Levante: What about the might of the powerful ones? In my opinion, to use one's might to harm others for no reason is against the moralistic level expected from human beings. It is sheer madness to use might (which is not enough or lacking) to attain one's right; yet, if one has enough might, why one would not use it to attain one's usurped right? This is OK and legitimate in my opinion. I admit that it's OK to make one's weakness a point of power to attract the attention and support of the international community. The Arabs must do this (esp. the Palestinians); yet, they never use their brains as much as they make good use of their genitals! Yet, not every people in every case now would repeat the tactics of Mandela and Gandhi successfully; some people might be annihilated if they won't resist their aggressors. The Palestinians must get rid of Fatah and Hamas who are traitors; yet, they must not face the Israeli military troops because the Palestinians are too weak. I disapprove of the idea of making European invasion of the Arab world less harmful than enthroned Arab tyrants; both are unethical and very harmful.

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We thank Mr. Ben Levante for his useful comment. We hope he will tell us his real name via an email message. Of course, Islam is the religion of peace; the self-defense war within Islam is an exception which asserts peace. Of course, we are interested in the Palestinians who are among the weak ones on earth; they are like simple, ordinary Egyptian citizens (see our book, in English, titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine" found on this link: The above article is about the arrogant, haughty ones in Palestine, Israel, the West, and the East.

(3) Mr. Ben Levante: I've told you about my real name in an email message in 2016, I think. If you have forgotten my real name, I will re-send this email message to you.

(4) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: The Muslims who are persecuted in Myanmar and China never resisted the aggressive Buddhists there; yet, the worldwide media never pay them any attention. The tactic of Gandhi or Mandela will never be useful for them. What about Muslims who were persecuted in India by Hindus and Sikhs?! There is no conspiracy theory here, I think! The international community never cares about weak, oppressed, persecuted Muslims anywhere! You should bear this in mind, Dr. A. S. Mansour!

(5) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Of course, we side with the weak ones on earth regardless of their sex, race, color, nationality, and religious affiliation. We are against all unjust, haughty, and arrogant persons. Some Buddhist monks resorted to self-immolation to protest against the American interference in Vietnam; they never resorted to terrorist suicide attacks. This made the international community sympathize with Vietnam and marches of protest swept all over the USA as people condemned the crimes of American leaders in Vietnam. Vietnam is friends with the USA now. The Americans of Vietnamese origin live in peace here in the USA. When some evil Buddhist clergymen are in control, they imitate ISIS.  This means that evil ones ally themselves to tyranny, corruption and destruction. We are against all types of tyranny and clergymen and the abuse of any religions in violence/aggression especially persecution and religious wars. Islam (i.e., the Quran) is the religion of peace; it is a shame that its name is abused and hijacked by Wahabi terrorists now. Our call for reform is addressed primarily to those who claim that they believe in the Quran. The corruption of the Muhammadans, past and present, is worse than the corruption of others; this is because they have rejected the Quran. Our reform endeavors is based on employing the Quran as the Criterion to introduce religious and political reform in the Arab countries. The weak, oppressed Muslims in Myanmar, Burma, and China pay the price of the savagery of Wahabis who are labeled in the media as 'Islamists'.     

(6) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I hope the West countries will stop their policy of double standard adopted by them against Arabs in general. no Wahabis ever harmed Buddhists; why Buddhists of China and Myanmar would persecute Muslims now?! The CIA is behind the creation of Wahabi terrorist organizations. The military troops of the USA did not leave Vietnam out of pity but because of huge losses which made American taxpayers organize marches to protest against such madness. The tactic or Mandela and Gandhi will not be of any use in our post-9/11 world. No one seems to understand this!  








About Ending Peacefully the Culture of Wahabi Terrorism and Crusades-Like Terrorism




 Any malady has its causes which must be treated to obtain a remedy to heal such a malady. In the following lines, we briefly mention the causes of the malady known as terrorism and the prescription for the remedy. We assert here the fact that despite the danger and the veritable threat posed by the malady known as terrorism, its causes are superficial and temporary; i.e., they are not deeply rooted and this means they can be easily uprooted worldwide.


Firstly: the causes of terrorism:

The camp of evil is an exception in the West societies and the societies of Muslims/Muhammadans:

1- At first, regarding the New Zealand massacre in the two mosques of Christchurch, we should praise and laud the stance of the Catholic Pope Francis and his call for peace and love; he is not to be compared with anyone, but we must say that his stance is better than the stance of the clergymen of the Muhammadans in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf monarchies; they are quite the opposite of Pope Francis because of their extremism and their belief in Wahabism the bloody religion of Satan and terrorism. We should also praise and laud the stances of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, the human rights organizations, the people and government of New Zealand, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and the rest of the camp of goodness in the West and in the USA. We assert here that we see that the camp of evil in the West is an exception within a large basis of the majority of citizens who believe in peace and tolerance.

2- In order to be just and fair, we have to assert here the fact that the vast majority of the Muhammadans who ascribe themselves to Islam believe in peace and reject fanaticism; most of them are, in fact, among the weak ones on earth. We are talking here about the majority among 1.5 billion 'Muslims' – most of them live in south-eastern Asia and in the east of Asia. This majority suffers suppression from enthroned tyrants in the Middle-East and there is a minority of 'Muslims' who suffer from persecution by tyrants in China and Myanmar. 

3- In contrast to the peaceful, oppressed, and silent majority of 'Muslims', there are enthroned tyrants and their followers among the Wahabi clergymen; they are merely few thousand persons, but they are more powerful, organized, and influential and they control media; in fact, they influence events on the local, regional, and international levels. All of them have their own political ambitions: they are either Wahabi enthroned tyrants who desire to maintain their ruling regimes forever or Wahabi opposition figures who seek to overthrow these enthroned tyrants to rule instead of them.  

The West policies are responsible for supporting the camp of evil in the Middle-East:

1- We regret to say that the West policies serve the interests of the Wahabi enthroned tyrants. For instance, the USA implicitly and indirectly helped create the Wahabi terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

2- The huge profits of the weapons industry and sales in the West depend on creating wars in the Middle-East; of course, there are no people on earth interested and desirous to carry and use weapons more than the Wahabis. Using weapons made in the West, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen have been destroyed. We fear that destruction might soon happen to Jordan, the Gulf monarchies, North Africa, and to our beloved Egypt – our native country.

3- Purchasing of weapons from the West makes enthroned tyrants get huge commissions deposited in banks in the West countries; later on, those tyrants will not be able to get back such money. Hence, creating wars in the Middle-East to sell outdated and untried weapons to enthroned tyrants makes the West get its hands on the revenues of oil. The untried weapons require human victims; thus Middle-Eastern tyrants serve the West regarding oil, buying and trying weapons, and depositing money in the banks of the West. Of course, Middle-Eastern tyrants need to import the latest tools of torture from the West in order to oppress the Middle-Eastern nations.  

4- The cruelty of the Middle-Eastern tyrants is unparalleled when they deal with their foes even among peaceful opposition figures. The cruelty of such tyrants in oppression and torture caused the revolts (since 2010 onwards) to fail; this is because of two factors: (1) enthroned tyrants and their deep-state men monopolize power, might, and weapons, and (2) the Middle-Eastern nations are not ready yet for democracy as media, education, and the backward Wahabi mosques in the Middle-Eastern countries of the tyrants result in nations who lack self-awareness and who assume that the enemy is not tyrants and their clergymen but the West, the USA, and Israel. Of course, aborted revolts and civil wars in the Middle-East have resulted in immigration waves and a lot of refugees in the West, especially in Europe.  

5- The West countries which ally themselves to the Wahabi Saudi Arabia have allowed Wahabi mosques, institutions, centers, and schools to spread all over the West world; such Wahabi cancerous cells control the minds of the minority of Muhammadans/Muslims who live in the West and prepare them to act as terrorists while labeling them as 'Islamists'! In contrast, the West countries disregard the reformist Quranist thinkers who are Muslims who call for the culture of peace, freedom, justice, tolerance, and human rights.

Wahabism is the direct cause of reviving the Crusades-like extremism in the West:

1- The Wahabi terrorists worldwide are the natural product of the Saudi Wahabism. The Wahabi religion of Satan is the offshoot of the terrestrial extremist religion of Sunnite Hanbalism which dominated Iraq during the Second Abbasid Era and destroyed Baghdad with chaos, sabotage, and violence. Later on in history, the Sunnite Hanbali doctrine was replaced by the terrestrial religion of Sunnite Sufism which is a mixture of peaceful 'moderate' Sufism and 'moderate' Sunnite religion, and this Sunnite Sufism allowed a margin of religious freedom for centuries. Yet, when the sheikh M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab emerged in Najd and revived the extremist, violent religion of Sunnite Hanbalism, this corrupt Wahabi religion helped create the very first Saudi kingdom which collapsed; it the second Saudi kingdom was established but collapsed; the third, current Saudi kingdom was established within military endeavors from 1901 to 1932 A.D. also using Wahabism. When oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia which allied itself to the USA, Wahabism spread worldwide while carrying the name of 'Islam', through Wahabism has nothing to do with Islam (i.e., the Quran), and of course, Wahabism propagate violence, destruction, ruin, massacres, and religious terrorism. The Arabs were qualified to enter into a phase of democratic transition; yet, the domination of Wahabism reinforced with petrodollars led to the creation of tyrannical regimes in the Arab world under the auspices, and with the blessings, of the West powers.     

2- The Wahabi terrorist operations and massacres in the West have revived the white supremacy and Crusades-like extremism now in the West countries. The West has recently witnessed terrorist attacks and suicide-attacks in the West countries committed by the Wahabi terrorists of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The West powers would not have cared if the Wahabi terrorists of Al-Qaeda and ISIS would have confined their operations inside the Middle-East. By the way, some terrorist attacks which carried religious banners/mottoes occurred in Japan; yet, the West did not adopt a stance against Japan. The West did not approve or support the terrorist operations by Christian extremists of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. The West countries merely condemned and denounced the heinous massacres committed in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims but no one tried to help such victims. The West countries never cared about millions of inhabitants of Bengal who were massacred by the Pakistani army. The West countries began to wake up when Wahabi terrorism operations reached the streets, means of transportation, theaters, etc. Of many cities of the West. Such terrorist attacks are committed by the followers of the Wahabi religion of Satan who hate Christians and claim they are 'Muslims' though Islam has nothing to do with Wahabism. This naturally has stirred the latent animosity in the history and collective memory of the West countries towards the name of Islam. Of course, the West has lived about three centuries of secularism during which the West powers occupied the Arab and 'Muslim' countries within secular (i.e., not religious) colonization. After ending this stage of European occupation, the West continues taking advantage (and making use) of enthroned tyrants in the Arab and 'Muslim' countries within secularism and not within any religious banners/mottoes. Yet, the suicide-attacks by Wahabi terrorists in the West countries made some people of the West revive and remember the events of the struggle between Europe and the Arabs/'Muslims', and this is very clear within the culture of the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch.                 

3- Of course, the Wahabi terrorist suicide-attacks which massacres innocent civilians indiscriminately is a type of war with which the West countries are never familiar. They are familiar with military attacks, explosions by Irish revolutionaries, and mass-shootings like the one committed by the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch. The West countries cannot face a suicide bomber who scream (Allah is the Greatest!) while he willingly commits suicide while assuming that houris are waiting for him in Paradise with open arms – and open legs! The Wahabi suicide-attacks are usually unexpected, random attacks that may occur anytime anywhere by apparently ordinary people in the West. This means that such Wahabi suicide-attacks are a new type of war which prevents the people of the West from feeling safe and secure anymore. 

4- The people of the West know that most Sunnite Wahabi mosques in their countries are responsible for this; such mosques will never perform their duty of helping the minority of Muslim immigrants to integrate and assimilate into the West countries in which they live; such mosques inculcate a false feeling of superiority inside such immigrants by telling them that they will be among dwellers of Paradise while the West people in the countries where they live will be among dwellers of Hell in the Hereafter! This prevents the integration and assimilation of Muslim immigrants as they see the West people as the enemies of Allah! The people of the West are horrified to see extremist Wahabis demonstrate in huge marches in streets of several West cities and capitals to demand the application of their sharia laws. The people of the West are horrified to see the Wahabi codes of dress invade their public sphere and their streets, which is a code against both Christian values and the West higher values. The people of the West are horrified to see waves of immigration flooding their countries: (il)legal immigrants and  refugees come in flux into the West as if this were an armless invasion! The West identity is thus endangered. Such Arab and 'Muslim' immigrants compete with the white people in having job opportunities and receiving differ type of aid by the governments of the West countries. This is a source of deep anxiety within the white people. This point leads us to tackle in the following lines the internal factors in the West which led to the revival of the Crusades-like extremism now.

Europe after the fall of communism and the USSR:

1- The USSR is the absent yet ever-present factor here. When the communist thought invaded Europe and the USA in the 1950s and the 1960s, many overt and covert communist/leftist parties and groups were formed and terrorist movements such as the Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader–Meinhof Group in West Germany in 1970 and other communist groups in Italy, Spain, etc. All such groups, parties, and movements aimed to face the West capitalism and they allied themselves to liberation movements in the Middle-East and North Africa. The West powers faced the ideology of communism which invaded their countries through the Cold War which later on became a real war involving military confrontation when the USSR invaded Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is a 'Muslim' country, the USA decided to make use of 'Islam' against the communism and Marxism in Afghanistan. Sadly, the USA wrongly assumed that Saudi Wahabism represents Islam, as Wahabism is spread by the Saudi kingdom the chief ally of the USA. This ended by the emergence of the Wahabi Al-Qaeda terrorists who launched many terrorist attacks inside the West.  

2- The USSR disintegrated and collapsed; the communist side of Europe joined the capitalist world and West Germany and East Germany became united as one country. In Germany, the youths were surprised as they have to adapt to capitalism and the new conditions of the State which is not responsible for employment of youths, unlike the case with the communist East Germany. There were fierce competition within employment, and the matter exacerbated as the deep-state men within European former communist countries control the army, security forces, etc. and capitalism opened for the deep-state men new horizons of corruption. This made European disillusioned youths among the first victims of capitalism; they vented their anger in the wailing wall; i.e., the Muslim minorities in the West which are suitable victims to receive the fury of the frustrated white people, especially that the collapse of the USSR was followed by many Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks and operations inside the West countries. In Germany, for instance, the Turkish immigrants helped in rebuilding Germany after its ruin after WWI. The Turkish Germans lived in their ghetto-like communities and spoke the Turkish tongue all the time; most of them refused to integrate and assimilate with the German society. The manpower was limited in Germany for a long time, the Turkish Germans filled in this vacuum and with the passage of time, they had a dominant presence among German workforce. When Germany was united, the youths of the East Germany immigrated to West Germany to seek employment, but they were surprised to see that Turkish-German employees and workers invaded most fields of employment; this occurred again as immigrants' waves and refugees flooded Germany from the Middle-East and North-African countries as people of Arab origin escaped from tyranny and civil wars. When we add the factor of Wahabi terrorist suicide-attacks, all these factors helped revive the Crusades-like animosity latent in the collective memory of the people of the West against Arabs/Muslims who live in the West countries.         

3- Let us not forget the remnants of Nazism and the far right-wing parties, groups, societies, and movements in Europe and the USA; though their influence is still described as 'limited', but they gain ground and momentum with the passage of time and have many supporters and leaders now because of the abovementioned factors. This increased within cyberspace; sadly, some right-wing movements study and profit by tactics of ISIS terrorists and they invest in the west public opinion which is against terrorist operations and suicide attacks ascribed by force to the name of Islam instead of Wahabism. Sadly, Wahabis are known in the West by the label 'Islamists' so that the war against Islam, as a religion, is launched by Islamophobes in the West now. 

Committing a grave injustice against Islam:

1- It is a grave injustice against Islam to ascribe to it the sins and crimes of 'Muslims' or anyone who claims to belong to 'Islam'. Islam is not to be represented by any person(s) or institutions, because the only thing representing Islam is the Quranic commands and legislations which are the true and only sharia laws of Islam. We can easily get to know the true Islamic sharia in the Quran if we objectively read the Quran as per its own set of terminology; i.e., without resorting to misinterpretations, distortions, and corrupt notions of the imams/authors of the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans who assume themselves to be Muslims. From the Quran itself, we know that Muhammad has been rebuked and reproached by the Lord God and that he will be judged on the Day of Judgment like the rest of all human beings. This means that even Muhammad himself does not represent Islam; no person(s), past and present, would represent Islam, let alone Wahabis whose misdeeds and crimes violate and contradict the higher Quranic values of justice, freedom, and human rights. The Lord God has sent Muhammad with the Quranic message as a mercy to the humankind and not to terrorize the humankind: "We did not send you except as mercy to the humankind." (21:107).   

2- It is a grave injustice against Islam to readily and swiftly attribute to its name the sins and crimes of 'Muslims', whereas no one would attribute to the name of Christianity the massacres committed by Christians, past and present.

3- The people of the West tend to forget that there is a difference between any religion and how it is applied. For instance, within Christianity, there is a type of peaceful, patient Christianity of Coptic Orthodox people in Egypt who were persecuted by the violent type of Roman and Byzantine Christianity before the Arab conquest of Egypt. This means that the type of European Christianity supposedly imposed on its followers to persecute Copts of Egypt, whereas the type of Coptic Orthodox Christianity imposed on its followers to bear patiently with being persecuted and killed, as martyrs, for the love of Christ. In the Middle-Ages, the type of Christianity of the Catholic popes supposedly required inquisition, burning 'enemies' of the Lord at the stake, and annihilating and massacring non-Catholics among Muslims of Spain and pagan natives of Latin America. In our modern times, Pope Francis sees that Catholic Christianity is peace; at a certain event, he kneeled and kissed the feet of leaders of South Sudan to beseech them to adhere to peace and to reject war; this is an unprecedented action by a religious leader. Hence, Pope Francis differs a great deal from his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI who was an extremist pope who saw that he applied Christianity through supporting the right-wing extremism; his faithfulness to applying his vision drove him to resign from his post as a pope in Feb. 2013.        

4- All people must make a clear-cut line differentiating between Islam and Muslims/Muhammadans; this is the core and the essence of the Quranist call of all Quranist thinkers worldwide.


Lastly: solutions to end terrorism:

 The abovementioned causes of terrorism are superficial and temporary; they are, in fact, mistakes which can be eliminated peacefully as per the following points.

1- Within Islam (i.e., the Quran only), one can easily combat, end, and defeat the relatively new Wahabi religion of Satan and of terrorism. The Wahabi danger of religious terrorism is like a bomb whose trigger or detonator can be diffused to turn this bomb into a mere useless piece of metal. We mean to say that Wahabism is a terrestrial religion based on lies but its strength is based on ascribing itself unjustly and by force to the name of Islam. When most Muslims are convinced, by Quranism, that Wahabism is the arch-enemy of Islam, Wahabism will have no influence at all. Hence, the West should help Quranist reformist Muslims in their call for peace, absolute religious freedom, religious tolerance, and human rights. Quranist thinkers urge and call the Muhammadans for religious reform using the Quran; the Muhammadans assume that they believe in the Quran and so are Quranists; this is the unifying factor which will positively influence the Wahabi youths to reject Wahabism. One cannot convince the Muslim people in Bangladesh or in Morocco to start the much-needed religious reform by quoting to Voltaire or Rousseau to them; yet, they will be convinced when Quranists quote the Quranic verses to them; the Quran is the Lord God's Word for all Quranists and all Muhammadans; when the Muhammadans hear/read the Quranic verses, they say: (The Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth). Thus, the discourse of reform by Quranists succeeds all the time despite the media blackout imposed on our VA-based International Quranic Center (IQC), our modest means, and our impecuniousness. The Quranist ideology is the best remedy to dismantle and peacefully end the Wahabi ideology of terrorism.    

2- The UN must protect and guard the nations which suffer tyranny instead of enthroned tyrants who control their nations, assume as if they own their nations and their homelands, and refuse any foreign interference or intervention to save the oppressed nations. Any given tyrannical ruler is one person; he is not to be permitted to own a homeland and a nation. The enthrone tyrants fear their nations and gain power and support from the West to oppress and tyrannize over their nations. This means that if the West and the international community in general would stop their supporting enthroned tyrants, these tyrants will fall like corpses and leave their thrones by force. This entails introducing radical changes in the mechanism and work of the UN; it should remove tyranny and corruption from the Middle-East and it should neutralize any West powers which support the enthroned tyrants there and thus expose their West citizens to the veritable danger of Wahabi terrorism which is imported from the Arab tyrannical countries to the West countries. The West countries should cut all ties and severe all relations with Middle-Eastern enthroned tyrants and to refer them to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as per the recommendations of the reports of local and international human-rights organizations and the international  transparency organizations. The UN should supervise all elections it the countries of the enthroned tyrants and freeze their bank accounts in the West and to give the liberated nations such money after they succeed in the process of democratic transition supervised by the UN without any civil wars or massacres after the ouster/abdication of tyrants.

3- All of the above ideas/remedies are not impossible; even if applying such ideas seems difficult, it is easier than the veritable danger of Wahabi terrorists whose random terrorist attacks and suicide attacks massacre innocent, peaceful civilians in the West. To disregard such solutions to end Wahabi terrorism means that the number of innocent victims will increase and that billions of people among the weak ones on earth will remain oppressed for the sake of pleasing merely tens of corrupt, affluent persons.  










(1) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: What Dr. A. S. Mansour proposes is almost impossible: Will Wahabism be eliminated when its basis is proven to be lies and falsehoods?! The Saudi negative influence (and/or petrodollars!) is more powerful; besides, most of the Arabs are ignoramuses who will blindly side with the religious views of Al-Azhar and the Saudi kingdom. No one among them will be interested in the views of the Egyptian-American thinker Dr. A. S. Mansour when he refutes all hadiths and Sunnite theology! This is a real tragedy! Of course, enthroned Arab tyrants will never allow the spread of Quranism in their countries. This is another tragedy! Dr. A. S. Mansour does not seem to realize the imperialist nature and mission of the UN which serves the West powers only; what about the veto?! The enthroned Arab tyrants seem to be deputies of the USA and the West powers who control the Middle-East countries. What about the mafia of selling and trafficking of weapons and drugs?! Dr. A. S. Mansour seems to disregard many important facts of today's world!  

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We are screaming in the wilderness; few people take heed of our Quranist call for reform; yet, we are sure that many people will convert to Qurnaism one day and that many governments will make good use of Quranism to combat Wahabi terrorism. Real reformist thinkers never despair; we are guided by the Quranic Light which removes darkness of lies and falsehoods. Some reformist thinkers saw the realization of their vision during their lifetime and some died before this. Our role-models are prophets/messengers of the Lord God as per their stories mentioned in the Quran. If everyone rejected our Quranism and our vision of reform, we are absolutely certain that the Lord God will reward our person in the Hereafter in Paradise. Someone has to emerge and preach True Islam (i.e., Qurnaism); most of what we say is unprecedented ideas; this makes us never stop writing and reflecting on the Quran. We hope very much to continue writing until the last minute of our life; death will bring to our person relief from this transient world. We are sure the Lord God will reward our person in the Hereafter; we are never interested in being rewarded or praised by mortals in this world. What we envision within our reform is within the framework of the possible and never the impossible; we have assert this before in our book, in English, titled "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century", found on this link:

(3) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I did not mean to say that your writings are useless, Dr. A. S. Mansour. I only aimed to voice my own frustration and despair; nothing will change to the better in the Arab world and the Arab citizens will remain enslaved and fettered all the time as they lost all the chances to liberate themselves. May the Lord God bless and help you, dear Dr. A. S. Mansour.











1- Humanity has reached now the summit of scientific and technological progress; yet, it has not reached – yet – a similar level of civilizational and moralistic progress. Proof: the advanced technology is being used in aggressive wars and in the fabrication of weapons, and in most cases, the weak ones on earth are the main victims instead of being in the focus of interest and attention.    

2- It is a tragedy that the oppressed, weak ones on earth are the main victims of the latest advancement in the fabrication of weapon; this is more tragic when we realize the fact that the weak ones on earth finance unawares this advancement in technology of weapons because of the taxes they pay; yet, they are the victims of wars which have nothing to do with their interests and their lives. It is a sad fact that the UN addresses governments; it should address nations and confine its attention to human rights and to deliver oppressed nations from tyranny.  

3- It is high time that the UN would turn into a higher authority which saves human beings all over the world from tens of evil people who control the globe and human beings living on it; it is a grave injustice that 1% of the earth's population controls the wealth of the planet and therefore control most human beings on earth. These evil minority of affluent people repeats the tyranny typical of the Dark Ages as they are keen on maintaining bloodshed, bloodbaths, and  wars, though such atrocities must stop in our modern age, because it is the era of human rights and the global village; in fact, this global village requires an international government whose aim is to save billions of human beings from the evil, affluent criminals who form 1% of the earth's population. Ordinary criminals rob or murder a person and they are imprisoned and despised. What about evil tyrants who rob the wealth of the nations and massacre many people in their homelands and elsewhere, and yet, these enthroned tyrants are honored and allowed to deliver speeches of lies in the UN General Assembly and are then applauded instead of being arrested and tried in the International Criminal Court (ICC). Do the UN people applaud such tyrants to encourage them to increase their heinous crimes and atrocities? Until when this farce would go on?!  

4- The Divine Religion of the Truth is the one preaching peace, justice, charity, freedom, mercy, dignity, and human rights. In contrast, the devilish religions are the ones which spread wars, hatred, injustice, tyranny, fanaticism, extremism, and terrorism, regardless of the label: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. What matters most is the behavior and deeds visible to everyone; aggressors who use religious banners/mottoes massacre, rob, steal and commit heinous crimes of terrorism. It does not matter if the propagation of the values of peace, justice, charity, freedom, mercy, dignity, and human rights is done through religious texts or secular ones; what matters most is to propagate, achieve, and practice these values; of course, the diversity in the styles of discourse is of utmost importance.

5- What is much needed now is to raise awareness of everyone on earth of the abovementioned values of peace, justice,...etc.; this should be the mission of the UN and all benevolent powers and institutions worldwide. We mean here the awareness of peace instead of wars of aggression, of tolerance instead of fanaticism, of justice instead of injustice, of democracy instead of tyranny, of mercy and charity instead of cruelty and violence, and of love instead of hatred. 

6- The propagation of such awareness is the essence of our Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war against Wahabi terrorism. Wahabi Sunnite terrorists employ an intellectual war of ideas to recruit and brainwash the Muslim youths. Yet, within our modest means in our VA-based international Quranic Center (IQC), we refute and undermine Wahabi ideology. Our Qurnaism website has been damaged several times by Wahabi hackers but we managed to restore it. If we would have a modest source of donations and funding one day, we would have managed to make our voice reach other platforms and this would enable us to stop and expose the Wahabi deception of terrorists who have countless websites and TV satellite channels.  

7- The money we need to develop and spread our Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas and to increase its positive influence is less than the price of a tank. In fact, the intellectual war of ideas cost very little but it is a lucrative business all the time through books, shows, and screenplays for movies and TV series ( In contrast, ordinary weapons (e.g., bullets, bombs, and torpedoes) are used up in military wars and end while leaving nothing but grudges and hatred. In fact, world history tells us that military wars were never the final solution to any problem. We should employ the Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas to save what can be saved now; why would not the UN establish an organization to sponsor and launch this Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas against Wahabi terrorism? If the UN cannot do this, why would not the powers of peace and benevolence in the world sponsor and launch this Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas?!

8- We have more than three decades of experience in preaching these higher values from within Islam (i.e., the Quran only) while using the Quran as the Criterion. Despite our modest means, the persecution inflicted on our person, and the media blackout imposed on our person, we have succeeded within our intellectual endeavors through perseverance and patience; we have introduced an unprecedented radical change in the quality of thought of hundreds of Muslim intellectuals. Such reformist ideas did not exist in the past centuries. This means that our Quranism would be more influential if it reaches a wider audience through a satellite channel and when our screenplays of movies and TV series would be produced one day. Of course, we are impecunious now and cannot have this done now. Sadly, the powers of tyranny control the media. Yet, the powers of benevolence worldwide have their own media platforms as well; we implore them to cooperate with us to make our voice reach hundreds of millions of Muslims who are negatively influenced by the Wahabi powers of evil and darkness and may turn themselves into extremists and then into terrorists. 

9- The New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch signals, in our opinion, a new type of international war: a religious war. Sadly, many signs of such a war appear in worldwide media and show that there is much fire under the ashes. In order to nip such an international religious war in the bud, we have written this BOOK about the Christchurch massacre, analyzing it and talking about reactions to it as well as its historical roots; this is done within the frame of our call for peaceful religious reform. This is not the first time; in fact, our Quranism website contains thousands of articles, fatwas, and books covering this call for peaceful religious reform. Yet, our call fall on deaf ears; we see no response or support from the powers of benevolence in the West. We hope that a favorable response would reach us sooner than we expect.    

10- We, the Quranist thinker Dr. A. S. Mansour, in our VA-based International Quranic Center open our arms to all lovers of peace, justice, charity, mercy, freedom, and human rights. Until when would we find no response at all?

11- Even if we remain for the rest of our life a lone voice of one crying in the wilderness with no response coming from anyone, it is enough to have the honor of insisting on calling for our principles and values within Quranism and the call for religious reform despite our being persecuted and ignored by others.

12- Even if we do not find any appreciation within this generation, we assume that the next generation will be very fair towards our person and our intellectual endeavors. The next generation will make good use of our Quranist writings and will appreciate them very much, in contrast to the shameful stances of those who rejected our person and our reformist thought and left us to be the victim of persecution and media blackout imposed on our person.








(1) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: There is some misspelled words in the Arabic text of this Conclusion: .........., .............., & ......... As for your question: (Until when would we find no response at all?), we know the answer quite well: you will find no response until you die; no response will come even after your death. This is the tragic fact; most people on earth hate the Quranic Truth.

(2) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, dear brother Dr. Mustafa Hammad, for correcting some spelling mistakes in the Conclusion of this book.

(3) Mr. Moussa Ibrahim: I will dedicate some of my time to copy and paste links of the books, articles, and YouTube videos of Dr. A. S. Mansour within websites which are interested in Islam and religious reform. Whenever I try to preach Quranism to people around me, they look at me with astonishment and they deny the Quranic facts that I pronounce. The Quranic prediction about cattle who never ponder the Quran is fulfilled in them, I think. The Quran is the Bounty granted to us by the Lord God; most polytheistic Muhammadans have rejected this Bounty in order to stick to hadiths and other lies. The devils control their minds and souls. The religion of the Lord God; i.e., Qurnaism, is the solution to combat Wahabi terrorism and extremism in the West and elsewhere; yet, the evil persons among the wealthy and the mighty ones in the West desire to keep the existence of the Saudi kingdom for a longer time! They are covet the Saudi oil and desire that Saudi Arabia fought other countries instead of the West (e.g., to fight Iran after Saudi Arabia destroyed Iraq, Syria, and Yemen). The intellectual writings and reform endeavors of Dr. A. S. Mansour will never be in vain; the number of Quranists increased every year worldwide. May the Lord God bless and reward you, Dr. A. S. Mansour, for showing True Islam to thousands of people including myself.

(4) Dr. A. S. Mansour: May the Lord God bless and reward you, Mr. Moussa Ibrahim. We feel glad that you have dedicated some of your time to join our peaceful, intellectual jihad for religious reform.

(5) Mr. Ben Levante: The West in general (and Germany in particular, where I live) never care about religious issues; many racist Germans resent Turkish-German men who receive many jobs. The other problem is trying to ban hijab. The German government assumes that only a minority of Muslims are extremists; this is not true. The media there show Wahabis as Muslims; this is a fatal mistake. Some German people who attack Islam mean Wahabism but they do not know anything about the term (Wahabism) itself; Wahabis accuse them of being Islamophobes. Most of them never read the Quran. This is why any dialogues held between Germans and Wahabis living in Germany are futile and fruitless. Ignorance of both sides is shameful indeed. If the West countries desire to end Wahabi terrorism, they must enlist the help of Quranist thinkers. Yet, sadly, the road to the medias of the West is blocked before Quranist thinkers until now.

(6) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, Mr. Ben Levante, for the beneficial pieces of information about Muslims of Germany. We assert here that Wahabi terrorists distort the meanings of Quranic verses in order to accommodate their erroneous notions of violence; they depend on the fact that most Arabs never read Sunnite books of theology and hadiths which are filled with contradictions and discrepancies. The Quranic set of terminology must be understood within the contexts of Quranic verses. Wahabis are power-seeking maniacs who also desire wealth and dominance; they quote hadiths more often than not; of course, Muhammad never uttered even a single hadith. Such hadiths are fabricated by countless men during many eras who ascribed their lies to the name of Muhammad after his death. Many hadiths incite violence, injustices, and tyranny and they violate human rights. We do our best in conveying our message of reform to whom it may concern worldwide. May the Lord God come to our aid.

(7) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I disapprove of several ideas of Dr. A. S. Mansour; he assumes that Wahabis are the only source of trouble and terrorism worldwide and that Wahabism is the only root of all evil. This is not true; white extremists and Christian extremists add more fuel to the fire; the copies of the Quran are being desecrated and defiled in public and in YouTube videos. Haters of the name of Islam are so many; the emergence of ISIS might be a reaction to the humiliation and persecution suffered by Muslims in many regions. Dr. A. S. Mansour assumes that the enthroned Arab tyrants are worse than rulers of the West; yet, rumor has it that no Egyptian president may ascend to power unless approved by the USA and Israel first. Dr. A. S. Mansour assumes wrongly that the West never interferes in the political affairs of the Arab world; this is untrue. In Egypt, the West aborted the renaissance of M. Ali Pacha and his son Khedive Ismail; Great Britain helped created the terrorist MB organization in 1928 in Egypt. The CIA and/or Israel assassinated Arab ad Egyptian nuclear scientists. Arabs are to blame and so are the West powers which are never as innocent as assumed by Dr. A. S. Mansour. No one ascribes crimes of Christian/European extremists to the name of Christianity; yet, most people worldwide are keen on ascribing Wahabi terrorism to the name of Islam! When Mao Zedong and Stalin massacred millions of people, no one blamed communism! No one blamed Hinduism for the crimes of some Hindus who massacres thousands of Muslims in India in 1944. No one blamed Judaism for the crimes of Israel against the unarmed Palestinians. No one cared about human rights and the UN when the USA attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. Dr. A. S. Mansour seems to try to demonize the Muhammadans and to make the West powers appear guiltless and innocent; this gets on my nerves very much. Dr. A. S. Mansour accuses those who oppose his political views of being the victims of conspiracy theories. Is he trying to silence them or what?!      

(8) Dr. A. S. Mansour: Thank you, Dr. Mustafa Hammad. The Muslims are now the worst community on earth and not the best one. They were the best community on earth within the Quran-based Yathreb city-state of Muhammad which lasted for ten years and applied direct democracy. Once Muhammad died, their Arab conquests and civil wars made them reject the Quran and establish the terrestrial Sunnite and Shiite religions of polytheism which are attributed by force to the name of Islam though they are religions of Satan. Iran and the Saudi kingdom are dangerous theocracies which threaten peace worldwide now; this has nothing to do with Islam. We employ the Quran as the Criterion to judge history and faith notions of the Muhammadans; we infer that their main problem is discarding the Quranic teachings. Criticism of the history of West is translated into Arabic after the West people questioned, examined, and criticized their own history first. It is a tragic fact that when we criticize history and notions of Muslims using the Quran as the Criterion, people accuse us of apostasy and of allying ourselves to the West; they accuse us of hating our beloved Egypt! May the Lord God come to our aid. We defend Islam (i.e., the Quran) and the Sunnite  Wahabis, Shiites, and Sufis distort it and ascribe their crime and their polytheistic notions to it. The Lord God protects and preserves the Quranic text Himself. The Quran is thus the Only Criterion at hand. Muslims should applaud our Quranist reform instead of cursing us or leveling accusations at our person!   

(9) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: I didn't curse you or level any accusations at you; I expressed how I disagree with some of your political views. Your words have saddened and pained me; you forget our good, old days in Egypt since the 1960s and how I was a dear friend to most of your family members in your village; you forget that in the late 1970s, I was among the first men to embrace Quranism preached by you.

(10) Dr. A. S. Mansour: We are sorry if we have pained or saddened you, dear Dr. Mustafa Hammad. You are a dear brother to us. You have allude that we are prejudiced against Arabs and that we prefer the West over our native country: Egypt. This is not true. We side with all weak, oppressed ones on earth in Egypt and worldwide and we defend them in our writings. We never claim to be infallible; yet, we form (and change) our political views after long time of pondering and deep thought. We are against the arrogant, haughty enthroned Arab and non-Arab tyrants. Reform begins with criticizing the history, deeds, stances, and old religious notions of the Muhammadans. Their heinous crime, second only to rejecting the Quran, is to ascribe their shameful deeds to the name of Islam. may the Lord God forgive you and us, Dr. Mustafa Hammad. 

(11) Dr. Mustafa Hammad: Of course, I never accuse you of anything. I myself tried hard to preach Quranism to all those around me but my words fell on deaf ears. I preach Quranism only via the internet now by copying and pasting links of your writings and videos wherever possible. Some people, after the initial shock of reading your writings and watching your videos, are very much interested in Quranism and in putting the Sunnite notions to question. We apologize to you, dear Dr. A. S. Mansour; you seem to have misunderstood our previous comments. May the Lord God reward and bless you.   

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