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Why Do the Muhammadans Tell Lies?

 Why Do the Muhammadans Tell Lies?

Published in June 18, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



Firstly: inside the USA:

1- The American frankness and truthfulness have fascinated our person since our arrival here in 2001 as a political asylee; even when being polite so as not to hurt feelings of others, no one there tell lies. Sometimes, when we would get acquainted with someone else for the first time, he/she usually talks about their private affairs and their personal life spontaneously without feeling any sense of shame or disgrace; they own their lives and admit to their faults and defend their options in life. There is no hypocrisy, double-standards, or double-crossing, and of course, there is no deification or sanctification of leaders and presidents.  

2- Of course, no one is perfect anywhere; no Americans are free from shortcomings, faults, and weakness; the same applies to all people all over the world – yet, most of them are truthful people; this has fascinated us since our arrival here in 2001; telling lies is a social crime and in many cases, it is a crime punishable by law and in courts. By the way, presidents who tell lies are tried in courts; e.g., Bill Clinton. Those presidents who are accused of telling lies; e.g., Trump now, lose the respect of people and are criticized harshly and severely in the mainstream media.

3- The age of our first granddaughter is about one year and a half, and she begins to talk now in English, Arabic, and Persian, as her mother is an American woman of Iranian origin. Her mother teaches her to be frank within self-expression by saying words like (no), (stop), (I'm sorry) and (enough) in English and in Arabic. All American children are taught these words within the atmosphere of truthfulness; no one would tell lies except those who lose their self-respect and lose people's trust and respect. 

4- Those who are treated like kings/queens inside the USA are women, children, and pets; children are taught truthfulness through democracy in their households and at school; children are protected and respected and taught everything; people listen attentively to the questions of children and respond to them; freedom of children is sacred; the adolescents learn about law so as not to abuse this freedom; yet, penalties for adolescents are mitigated and first offenses are pardoned/overlooked so as to encourage self-reform; even those who are guilty of crimes rarely tell lies; they confess their guilt within simple, quiet interrogation. No one is allowed to beat children at home or at school; this is a punishable-by-law crime known as child abuse. Of course, no crimes of torture ever occur inside American prisons; there are exceptions, of course, as the case of the notorious Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad, Iraq, when it was occupied and invaded by the USA troops. Yet, those American criminals there were punished inside the USA for the abuse and crimes committed by them in Baghdad; besides, this Abu Ghraib prison is nothing compared to certain prisons in Syria, the KSA, and Egypt, where political prisoners and detained oppositional figures are tortured routinely. American policemen have a mission to save and protect citizens; those who abuse their power among policemen are publicly disgraced within free media and they are punished severely as a type of deterrence for everyone.     

5- American citizens learn to be truthful because they trust justice and the judiciary system of the USA; policemen read to arrested people their rights; any suspects are innocent until proven otherwise; they are never interrogated unless within the presence of their lawyers; courts hire lawyers for them if they cannot afford it; besides, interrogation are recorded and videoed. If no sufficient liens of evidence and proofs are available, the suspects get released; there is no limitless unlawful detentions as the case in the tyrannical regimes of the Arab tyrants who torture innocent people and detain them in secret prisons. In American courts judges head the sessions but the jurists issue the court ruling (i.e., guilty or not guilty); jurists are citizens of the same district and they cannot be absent so as to avoid showing contempt/despise to the court system – a crime penalized in the USA. Those found not guilty are released at once; those guilty ones are penalized as per just laws. Of course, there are appeal courts and so on. Prisoners can get released within certain conditions. Of course, the judicial system in the USA is not without its loopholes; some transgressions occur in prisons, courts, and police stations by lawyers, policemen, and jailers/prisoners. But the positive point here is that there people get elected for police high-rank posts and there are those professionals who work under them and check and manage everything to serve justice. This not-so-perfect judiciary system teaches citizens to be truthful; justice and democracy inside the USA go hand in hand with religious freedom, freedom of expression, and free media. Any citizens can criticize and verbally abuse those in the public service, even the president of the USA, whereas ordinary citizens are protected against slander and they can sue others for libel; no one is above the law.         

6- The American values have been tested severely after 9/11. Before this tragic event, getting a visa to enter into the USA was not difficult in the Middle-East countries. A Jordanian friend of mine used to come here in the USA by a tourist visa and work without obtaining a work-permit first and without extension of stay; he stayed years illegally inside the USA. We have advised him in 2001 to make his stay legal by enlisting the help of the company where he worked; he told us he cannot afford to hire a lawyer and he can move between Jordan and the USA easily many times! Things changed when the 9/11 terrorist Mohamed Atta obtained the Green Card automatically posthumously (he submitted the papers before 9/11). This negligence has been severely criticized by G. W. Bush and he made the immigration affairs be linked to the U.S. National Security. many Arabs were checked to see if their stay inside the USA legal or illegal; many Arabs notified the authorities about other Arabs. Our Jordanian friend got arrested and he was tried in court for exceeding the duration of his stay. People of the Wahabi Sunnite mosque where he used to pray (and he has served them, for free, many times!) refused to help him and refused to bail him out of detention, though they knew the sum of the bail will be returned to them. The court hired a lawyer to him; this friend of ours remained detained till a Jordanian-American relative of his bailed him out later on; the judge sympathized with him and gave him the Green Card. This friend returned to Jordan soon enough; yet, he returned to the USA once more sooner than expected.      

7- Arab and non-Arab Muhammadans have bad reputation inside the USA for their telling lies interminably and because of their quarrelsome nature especially amongst one another; they prefer to work for or under white Americans; they hate to work for or under Americans of Arab origin unless they had to; of course, those who stay inside the USA illegally have to work for or under Americans of Arab origin (and they are being underpaid, of course) without insurance, medical care, rights, etc. and they cannot complain at all and live in constant fear!   


Lastly: inside the countries of the Muhammadans:

1- The Arab Muhammadans lived within centuries of the toxic environment of tyranny and grave injustices; they have protected themselves by telling lies and flattering tyrants hypocritically. Telling lies is a habit so spread and normalized that no one protest against it at all or find it a source of shame! People are used to tell lies habitually and as a second nature; this has become part of their mainstream culture in their everyday life, even in normal, 'safe' situations within one's family! 

2- Arab tyrants never tell lies except when they open their mouths to talk! Their lies know no bounds in the levels of disgrace; they never feel guilty at all and they have no sense of shame left at all. They tell lies while smiling and looking saintly and placid! In fact, they tell lies on TV because they despise the citizens; these tyrants have signed all international charters and agreements of human rights (applied only in the West) but they never apply it; they consider their nations as a herd of cattle or sub-human creatures! The self-deified tyrants/shepherds assume they are above the law and above being questioned! God is the Compassionate, Pardoning Lord; in contrast, such self-deified tyrants are mercilessly causing the death of hundreds of people and they hardly ever forgive or pardon anyone. Those tyrants assume they are deified Caliphs/Imams of the Middle-Ages who own the land and the people living on them! They adhere to the silly Sunnite/Shiite/Sufi hadiths and fatwas that Caliphs/Imams have the 'divine' right of kings/rulers (as representing God on earth!) to kill off one-third of the subjects (like cattle or sheep!) to reform the remaining two-thirds! Another corrupt fatwa is that the conqueror or victorious imam/caliph/ruler has deserved the throne or earned it through his sword; this is meritocracy of the Muhammadans about who is fit to rule them! Such culture of tyranny and obscurantism has been maintained through the centuries by virtue of the earthly, man-made fabricated Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions of the Muhammadans, applied now in the Middle-East countries, Pakistan, and Iran by their respective tyrannical rulers. This is why tyrants care to spread and propagate such religions as the fodder or the opium of the masses/cattle; besides, clergymen of such corrupt religions of Satan help tyrants to monopolize wealth, power, and authority and to pacify and 'drug' the masses to accept the status quo. In other cases, e.g., in Iran, clergymen rule within theocracy; this tenet is held and desired also by Wahabi terrorists like the terrorist MB group members who seek to ascend to power in several Arab countries.           

3- Within countries ruled by tyrannical regimes, individuals are found guilty without proofs or any lines of evidence; they are routinely tortured in police stations by policemen of all ranks, and sometimes, they are tortured so severely that they are ready to confess anything: the assassination of Gandhi, Kennedy, Julius Caesar, and Omar Ibn Al-Khattab simultaneously! The victims of such torture are found guilty without any trial at all; mass graves in hidden locations of the deserts are bottomless and can hide thousands of corpses, you know!  

4- We can find excuses for oppressed unarmed citizens in a country ruled by tyrannical regime who defend their lives and their very existence by telling lies; they expect to suffer from blind, grave injustices any time. This wretched state of affairs exist because telling lies is pervasive in the media, houses of worship, schools, universities, political life, cultural outlets, etc. day and night in the countries of the Muhammadans where the atmosphere is toxic because it is filled with falsehoods and lies; children and adults are taught that telling the truth and being outspoken about it leads to incarceration, detention, imprisonment, torture, pubic disgrace, insults, and humiliation.  

5- In the Quran, God describes such societies as controlled by the worst/biggest criminals (see 6:123) who are the powerful and affluent retinue members or upper classes who cause ruin and destruction to their societies (see 17:16); those sinners typically revere and worship whatever notions of polytheism they have inherited from their forefathers (see 43:23) and even if they are atheists, they reject and disbelieve in the Quran and deny the Hereafter anyway. 

6- This is why democracies achieve more progress as they raise their children to be truthful, responsibility-bearing citizens; in contrast, the countries ruled within tyrannical regimes achieve more backwardness because children there are raised within fear, telling lies, and hypocrisy; citizens learn to flatter tyrants hypocritically to protect themselves from possible punishment; they curse tyrants in secret and praise and laud them in public; such people are losers; they lose within this temporary world and they lose within the Hereafter as well.

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