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The Coronavirus Is Less Harmful Than the Big Criminals Who Are Tyrants and Clergymen in the Planet of the Muhammadans

 The Big Criminals Who Are Tyrants and Clergymen in the Planet of the Muhammadans - Conclusion of the Book





Published in March 24, 2020

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





CONCLUSION of the book titled (The Big Criminals Who Are Tyrants and Clergymen in the Planet of the Muhammadans)


1- We have begun writing the articles of this book when the Coronavirus epidemic began to spread everywhere; now, as we write this conclusion of the book, the epidemic has spread worldwide among hundreds of thousands of people; some recovered from it and many died of it; so far, no cure is discovered as the Coronavirus evolves swiftly; we do believe that humanity will defeat this epidemic eventually only after death takes away those victims predestined to die of it. This conclusion makes a comparison between the Coronavirus epidemic which poses a threat to millions of people worldwide and the epidemic of the big criminals who are tyrants and clergymen in the planet of the Muhammadans.

2- The close ties of both epidemics are not found in the planet of advanced, first-world countries; such democratic countries enjoy transparency and an infrastructure fit for dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic; of course, there are some slowness in the preparation for combating this sudden epidemic and there is not a cure for it yet; however, the media and the officials there courageously announce all facts especially about the number of victims who are taken ill and those who died and the measures taken to combat the epidemic. This is done without resorting to or relying on the terrestrial religions found in the planet of democratic countries. Luckily for them, they have no big criminals; i.e., dominant clergymen and enthroned tyrannical rulers. This is why the Coronavirus epidemic is faced effectively in advanced countries while it finds a welcoming environment in the planet of the Muhammadans. Enthroned tyrants in the Arab world never care about the life of citizens in their nations unless they draw benefits from them. For instance, the enthroned tyrant in Egypt hates the overpopulation in Egypt (more than 100 million citizens now in 2020, without counting Syrian refugees there and those of other Arab nationalities: about 1 million), and the mottoes of limiting and controlling birthrates are raised to prevent the birth of additional millions. No one in Egypt seems to realize the fact that the human being is the greatest wealth in any given nation if provide with the best education, training, and awareness. The citizen seems to be a burden for enthroned tyrants in the planet of the Muhammadans. This is why tyrants, for instance in Egypt, try to distance themselves all the time from the citizens; the Egyptian tyrant lives in Cairo's far suburbs or reside sometimes in Sharm Al-Sheikh in Sinai; later on, the Egyptian tyrant will move to the Egyptian new administrative capital which has been built recently, leaving the old capital, Cairo, drown in pollution and dilapidated sewerage system. We tend to think that the Coronavirus is counted as a blessing by the Egyptian tyrant in particular; he might pin hopes on it so that millions of Egyptian citizens would die and he would not have to massacre them in ways which provoke the ire of the planet of advanced, democratic countries; it is enough for him that he had to face international reproach for previous violations of human rights. This is why, we tend to think, that he leaves the mission for the Coronavirus to work diligently and silently to make him get rid of as many Egyptian citizens as possible without media coverage and with punishing those who publish news of the quick spread of the epidemic among the Egyptian citizens. We assume he leaves the epidemic to spread without any serious measures to eliminate it; Egypt suffers pollution for many years; it has its local viruses like viral hepatitis. Most Egyptian citizens who live below the poverty line are sick and suffer a weak immune system and lack of infrastructure and facilities especially related to medical care; most of Egypt's public hospitals cause death and do not deliver the sick people from death. The Egyptian tyrant's reliance on the Coronavirus in the mission to lessen the number of citizens is asserted by his obsequious clergymen of the terrestrial religions who appear in the Egyptian media and feign being knowledgeable in how to face and ward off the Coronavirus as if they were medical doctors; they try desperately to prevent citizens from listening to the voice of science.            

3- This proves to our person that however harmful the Coronavirus is, it is (by far) less harmful for sure than the deadly epidemic known as the big criminals who are tyrants and clergymen found in the countries of the Muhammadans.

3/1: The harm caused by the Coronavirus is temporary and short-lived; this epidemic will soon disappear and be combatted, and a cure for it will be reached. This epidemic will only cause the death of some of those predestined to die of it this year (i.e., 2020); some others of those who are predestined to die this year will die of something else. Death is the same for everyone regardless of the apparent physical causes of it.

3/2: We assert the following facts about the grave harm caused by the big criminals who are tyrants and clergymen in the planet of the Muhammadans.

3/2/1: The grave harm they cause is permanent and continuous; it is never contemporary; it does not end when they die.

3/2/2: The grave harm they cause does not only massacre people; rather, it makes them live as if they were dead; they are neither living nor dead; this might be one of the reasons explaining the fact that many Egyptian citizens take the Coronavirus epidemic lightly and underestimate its danger; in 2019, many youths committed suicide out of despair amidst the worst economic conditions in Egypt though they knew that suicide is prohibited in Islam; now, the Coronavirus epidemic may relieve them from the daily hell they suffer in Al-Sisi's Egypt because of his military regime and generals!

3/2/3: The grave harm caused by the big criminals makes them lose both this world and the Hereafter; their worldly gains and the harm they cause are nothing when compared to their suffering Hell torment for eternity in the Hereafter.

4- The big criminals who are tyrants and clergymen in the planet of the Muhammadans forget the following facts.

4/1: The epidemic does not kill weakened citizens only; it can also kill the big criminals and they cannot escape death if they are destined to die of the Coronavirus. In the planet of advanced, democratic first-world countries, the media anchors inform people of famous personalities in politics and other fields who suffer from the Coronavirus. In contrast, in the planet of the Muhammadans, there is a media blackout imposed on the number of the big criminals who suffer from the Coronavirus; this media blackout will be in vain; sooner and later, the cat will be let out of the bag. Headlines will be made soon about all secrets. Nothing escapes the international media nowadays. For instance, Egypt's pharaoh, Al-Sisi, has not made an appearance in the Egyptian media since the beginning of the epidemic, though he loves to appear on TV more often than not and to deliver speeches and give his views on almost everything as if he were a very wise man; why does he disappear and does not talk to the citizens of Egypt about the Coronavirus or the possible loss of the Nile River water? Speculations about his conspicuous absence are so many: Is he afraid of the epidemic? Has he lost his wisdom? Of course, the coming days or weeks will provide a certain answer.

4/2: The epidemic has indirectly exposed the corrupt goods of the clergymen in the planet of the Muhammadans; e.g., no sanctified mausoleums and deified 'saints' will be of any avail to face the Coronavirus; many Sufi feasts/celebrations of saints/allies were postponed so as to prevent the spread of the epidemic among crowds; this means such polytheistic rituals are linked to diseases and epidemics; mausoleums had to be closed down and sanitized/disinfected to stop the Coronavirus from killing the worshipers of such mausoleums. No one asked what the use of such tombs and deities/saints is since they cannot ward the epidemic off their worshipers. No one dared in the planet of the Muhammadans to question the alleged benediction and/or aid of allies/saints like Hussein in his many mausoleums in Egypt and in the Arab world. This reminds us with the following Quranic verse: "Say, “Show me those you have attached to Him as associates. No indeed! But He is God, the Powerful, the Wise.”" (34:27).

5- Before the Coronavirus, humanity suffered many epidemics, plagues, and pestilences in the West and in the East; millions of people died of them. In the history Egypt, for instance, famines were typically followed by pestilences about every 30 years. Many epidemics moved from Egypt into other regions or from other regions into Egypt. Centuries ago, nations in the West and in the East relied on clergymen of Satan and their myths to face any pestilence or plague which caused the death of thousands of people every now and then as epidemics came and went only to re-appear again. When Europe got rid of the dominance of clergymen, the renaissance opened the door for science, invention, and secularism/laïcité. Hence, most epidemics, plagues, and pestilences were eliminated. When new epidemics emerged (e.g., SARS and Ebola), the planet of advanced countries managed to eliminate them; the planet of advanced democracies will eventually manage to eliminate the Coronavirus. In contrast, the planet of the backward Muhammadans is still controlled by the big criminals who are tyrants and clergymen. 

6-  Within our YouTube channel, (, we have finished shooting and editing the subtitled-into-English 1000 episodes of our show titled (Quranic Moments); lack of money prevents us now from shooting new episodes; from Episode No. 909 onwards, the title of these episode is as follows: (The Muhammadans between A Current Destruction and A Forthcoming Destruction); we show using Quranic verses of warning and miraculous prediction and using unspoken-of historical accounts (about the big criminals: sinful tyrants/caliphs/sultans, statesmen, viziers, leaders, and clergymen) that the Muhammadans (until now) suffer from torment and partial destruction/annihilation imposed on them by the Lord God. since we believe that the Coronavirus is linked to this partial destruction of the Muhammadans; we had to shoot and add new episodes about the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic; this is followed by episodes about the true tenets/principles of the Quranic sharia of Islam which expose the devilish sharia laws of the Muhammadans.

6/1: We have to pose this question: Until when would the Muhammadans remain enslaved by the big criminals who are tyrants and clergymen who cause the planet of the Muhammadans to remain in the darknesses of obscurantism while the whole world is advancing in huge leaps?! Rwanda (a country in Central Africa) is now an advanced, democratic country once it rejected tribalism leading to civil wars and bloodshed; in contrast, the planet of the Muhammadans is still filled with civil strife in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Sudan; there are countries of the Muhammadans which are on the brink of a full-fledged civil war and on the route for disintegration!

6/2: We have to pose this question: Until when a Quranist thinker like our person, as well as other Quranists worldwide, would suffer persecution and media blackout imposed on us so that our peaceful Quranist call for religious reform would not reach millions in the planet of the Muhammadans?

6/3: The Omniscient Lord God knows the answer to these questions; it is said in the media that the Coronavirus epidemic might last for 18 months and that most of the victims who died of it are old people; we are 71 years old now and have spent most of our lifetime in peaceful, intellectual jihad with our pen against the big criminals (tyrants + clergymen) who dominate the planet of the Muhammadans; this might be our last book; we hope to die in peace.

6/4: We hope to die and meet with our Lord God; we implore and supplicate to the Lord God every day to receive our soul in peace and into His mercy very soon.

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