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Pieces of Advice Addressed to the Palestinians for the Third Time. About If the Israelis or the Muhammadans Are the Ones Who Specialize in the Crime of Forced Displacement


Published in April 7, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- We have received this message via email; we quote it here without commenting on it; we thank its sender and urge readers to reflect on it: (... I admire your analyses and views about Israel and Palestine very much; I am addicted to your great Quranism website and I take pride in being a Quranist Muslim; although I am a Palestinian woman, I do believe that Palestine belongs to the Jews and not to the Arabs; as per what I understand from the Quran, Abraham left his first-born son, Ishmael (the father of Arabs) and his mother in Mecca, in the Hejaz region. Hence, I assume that Isaac (the father of Jews) and his mother (and therefore Jacob/Israel and his twelve sons: the patriarchs of the Israelites) remained in Palestine. Thus, Muslims and Jews are brethren who share paternal uncles; i.e., Ishmael and Isaac, and God has given the Holy Land to the Jews, as per the words of Moses in the Quran: "O my people, enter the Holy Land which God has assigned for you..." (5:21). Of course, believers obeyed Moses and settled in the Holy Land, while the disbelievers who refused to enter wandered for 40 years in the desert before being allowed to enter into the Holy Land. Hence, we must not deprive the Jews of their right to settle in Palestine. Not all Palestinians are original natives or inhabitants of Palestine; some historians assert that most of them came originally from Yemen and southern regions of Saudi Arabia, among other regions. In fact, my paternal uncle used to tell me that our grandfather was a merchant who came from Morocco and settled in Palestine. Golda Meir once said that she had a Palestinian passport. This means that the Palestinians came and settled in Canaan at several points in time. Thus, historically, these stretches of lands are taken by those who are stronger and mightier than the rest. I wholeheartedly agree with your views about the terrorist Hamas movement; their atrocities are too many to be mentioned in one lengthy article of yours. I sincerely hope to join your great website as a commentator and a writer of articles; I sent many emails to request an account but I received no responses at all. May God bless and reward you, Dr. Mansour. You are the only source of enlightenment within the field of the much-needed religious reform; the Muhammadans of today are ignoramuses who live within backwardness and obscurantism typical of the pre-Islamic era; they should read and study your archive of writings ...).

2- We thank one of the commentators who wrote the following  phrase within his comment while protesting against our views expressed in the previous article: (...historically, all past conquerors of Palestine never drove its inhabitants out of it by force...), because he has driven our person to write this article which you are reading now. This article poses these very important questions: Have the Israelis driven the Palestinians by force out of their country? Who are specialized in forced displacement: the Israelis or the Muhammadans?

3- We provide our reply to these very important questions in the points below.


Firstly: the Israelites are the nation that suffered persecution, massacres, and forced displacement more than any other nations on earth:

1- We know the following facts from the Quran:

1/1: The tyrannical, self-deified Moses' Pharaoh forced the Israelites to worship him as a god (see 23:47); he slaughtered their sons and spared their daughters to enslave them (see 28:4); he enslaved all the Israelites (see 26:22).

1/2: God has delivered the Israelites during exodus as Pharaoh and his people drowned in the Red Sea; when the time came for the Israelites to enter into the Holy Land promised by God to them, which is known today as Palestine, many of them refused because they were so peaceful that they felt weakness, cowardice, and helpless dominate over them; because of their disobeying God's command to enter into the Promised Land, they were punished by wandering for 40 years (see 5:20-26). 

1/3: After the death of Moses, the Israelites suffered aggression and forced displacement within the story of Talut, Jalut (a.k.a. Goliath), and David (see 2:246). Thus, they were evicted by force from their homes.

1/4: God says the following about the Israelite nation: "And We scattered them into communities on earth. Some of them righteous, and some of them short of that. And We tested them with fortunes and misfortunes, so that they may return." (7:168). This is explained by the historical fact of the first and second Israelite/Jewish diaspora.

2- Within the diaspora, the Israelites suffered many incidents of persecution during the Middle Ages inflicted on them by Arab and non-Arab caliphs/sultans and by kings/rulers of Europe, until they suffered the holocaust in the 1940s.  

3- We do not think that the Israelite nation which keeps within its collective mind the memories suffering and persecution of more than 30 centuries might inflict the same suffering and persecution on other nations.


Secondly: the term "Palestine" has been merely a geographical term and not a word to refer to a state:

1- The term "Palestine" has been merely a geographical term used within the eras of the caliphates; there was no states, governorates, or districts named as "Palestine"; until the last decades of the Ottoman Era, the Arab regions under the Ottoman rule consisted of governorates that were in their turn subdivided into districts; none of them were named as "Palestine". The full list of such governorates and their districts is as follows.   

1/1: The governorate of Syria had four districts: Damascus, Hama, Hauran, and Al-Karak (i.e., today's Jordan).  

1/2: The governorate of Beirut had five districts: Latikia, Tripoli, Beirut, Lebanon, Acre, and Nablus. 

1/3: The governorate of Aleppo had five districts: Aleppo, Antep (a.k.a. Gaziantep), Mount Simon, Marash, and Urfa (formerly known as Edessa).    

1/4: The governorate of Al-Quds/Jerusalem had no districts.

1/5: The governorate of Deir Al-Zor had no districts.

1/6: The governorate of Al-Basra had four districts: Al-Basra, Al-Amara, Al-Muntafiq, and Al-Ahsa. By the way, the oil-rich Al-Ahsa was conquered by Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, who renamed it as the Eastern Province. 

1/7: The governorate of Baghdad had four districts: Baghdad, Al-Diwaniyya, Karbala, and Najd. By the way, Najd is the region where Wahabism has emerged and so have the Saudi family members and kingdoms.

1/8: The governorate of Al-Mosul had three districts: Al-Mosul, Kirkuk, and Al-Sulaymaniyya. 

1/9: The governorate of Al-Hejaz had three districts: Mecca, Yathreb (or Medina), and Jeddah.

1/10: The governorate of Yemen had four districts: Sana'a, Taiz, Al-Hodeida, and Asir. By the way, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud annexed Asir to his Saudi kingdom.

1/11: The governorate of Tripoli had six districts (in today's Libya): Tripoli,Barqa (a.k.a. Cyrenaica),Fezzan, Al-Hams, the Western Mountain, and Benghazi. 

1/12: The Khedivate of Egypt had its special status; it could not be divided, and the royal family members who are the descendants of the king Muhammad Ali Pacha ruled it independently while being nominally loyal to the Ottomans by merely paying the large annual tax to Istanbul.

2- The borders of the Arab countries known today were drawn by two diplomats: the British Mark Sykes and the French François Georges-Picot, who both negotiated the Sykes-Picot Agreement, within which the borders of the geographic region known as the Levant and Iraq were drawn; Britain helped establish the Emirate of Transjordan in 1923 as a gift to the Prince Abdullah Ibn Al-Sharif Hussein who became the first king of what has come to be known as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. After the emergence of Israel in 1948, the West Bank was annexed to the Emirate of Transjordan in 1949.


Thirdly: why are Palestinians the ones who began attacking Israelite/Jewish settlers:

1- The Palestinians were influenced by Wahabi fanaticism and extremism during the first half of the 20th century; this was in contrast to the Egyptians in the same era when Egypt was independent from the Ottomans, apart from the nominal loyalty and the large annual tax to Istanbul; Cairo competed with European cities in terms of civilization; many Europeans immigrated to Egypt from Greece, Italy, and the Balkans; they enjoyed many privileges as they settled in Egypt to become prosperous and wealthy. The Egyptians at the time never attacked those foreign settlers; in some cases, the Egyptian authorities would stop ships of European refugees coming to Egypt. The millennia-old history of Egypt witnessed the influx of many foreigners to settle in Egypt, coming from the four corners of the world. This caused no worries or disturbances at all; Egypt welcomed all those newcomers and they were treated like Egyptians (sometimes they even received better treatment); the Egyptians at the time were known for their tolerance. This was not the case of Arabs in Palestine; this is not the case of Egyptians now since the 1970s when Wahabism has dominated Egypt!     

2- Within the second half of the 19th century, the Western European pressure increased regarding the Ottomans (especially from Britain and France) and Russian pressure increased  regarding them from the East; this drove the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Hamid II to encourage Sunnite religious fanaticism against Christian minorities within the Ottoman caliphate; he even held close relations with the Muslims of India to spite Britain and the Muslims of Algeria and Tunisia to spite France. This sultan established the so-called Islamic University, and he brought to it Gamal-Eddine Al-Afghani, Abou Al-Huda Al-Sayadi, and Abdullah Al-Nadeem (the Egyptian leader who supported the revolt of Ourabi against the British in Egypt). The Ottoman Sunnite fanaticism coincided with the spread of Wahabism in the Levantine region; the Sunnite/Wahabi Muhammadans of the Levant persecuted the Shiites and the People of the Book (Jews + Christians) in the Levant, where there were many diverse sects and denominations. Hence, some Christians were massacred in the Levant; millions of them fled the Levant and settled in Egypt and the two Americas; they established the movement of Arab literature of the exiled poets; those who settled in Egypt participated in the renaissance of the press and the arts.       

3- The Arabs of the region of Palestine were influenced by Wahabi fanaticism and extremism; when the influx of Israelites or Jewish immigrants settled in Palestine after gaining the approval of the local authority of the British Mandate, they built settlements in stretches of land owned by this local authority and not owned by Arabs. After the withdrawal of Britain and the UN resolution to divide Palestine in 1947, Muslim Arab Palestinians formed an army in the spring of 1948 that attacked Israeli/Jewish settlements and destroyed the roads that link these settlements, with the intention to annihilate the Jews there. The gangs of Stern and Irgun attacked the Deir Yassin village in April 9th, 1948, where the known massacre occurred; about 250 to 309 persons died as per Arab sources; Israeli sources mention that the number of those who died there is 109. This number is not as big as the media attention given to this massacre, which is nothing when compared to inter-Arab massacres (e.g., the military Mubarak regime massacring Egyptians in 2011 during the peaceful revolt, massacres committed by Al-Saud family members and their Wahabi soldiers while establishing their first and third, current Saudi kingdom, massacres committed by Saddam Hussein, massacres committed by ISIS, and massacres committed within the Algerian civil war). As battles ensued in Palestine, many Palestinians fled to become refugees/immigrants in many Arab countries and West countries.    

4- Civil strife drives people to flee and they turn into refugees; there are millions of refugees in the West countries from Sudan and Somalia; because of the civil war between Bashar Al-Assad and the rebels in Syria, 500000 Syrians died and millions of Syrians are now refugees in Egypt and the West countries; many Iraqis left Iraq for good because of ISIS. These are merely few examples; the full list is too long to be mentioned in this article of ours. 

5- We emphasize here that Israelis have preserved the presence of Arabs inside Israel; Israel never committed the crime of forced displacement against such Arabs (this crime is committed by the Muhammadans with one another). Israel has allowed Palestinians inside it to stay and become Arab Israeli citizens (known as Arabs of 1948). After the Arab defeat in 1967 war (a.k.a. the Six-Day War), Israel has occupied the Syrian Golan Heights; this region has been officially annexed to Israel, by the Knesset, in 1981. Israel has offered Israeli citizenship/nationality to Arabs of the Golan Heights; some of them accepted and some did not, but all Arabs there have Israeli IDs. When Israel annexed Jerusalem, it has given its Arab dwellers Israeli IDs and the right to vote; those who received the Israeli nationality have the right to nominate themselves as candidates. Israel never committed the crime of forced displacement within the West Bank and the occupied Sinai. In Sinai, Israel paved many roads, introduced facilities, established cities, and made development. Israel treated the people of Sinai in the best manner; when we made two separate journeys to Sinai after it was fully restored to Egypt, the Bedouins there told us frankly that they felt sad when Israelis moved away and the Egyptian military regime regained Sinai. Sinai and its people now suffer very much because of the infiltrated ISIS terrorists and the war of the Egyptian military army against ISIS, as severe measures are taken against the people of North Sinai; some of them were forced to relocate. Sinai suffers negligence as the ruling military regime has not yet introduced any real development there. When Israel withdrew from the densely-populated Gaza Strip in 2005, no one there was forced to relocate before and after 2005; this means that Israel never committed the crime of forced displacement against any Arabs.    

6- Moreover, Israel has demographic diversity; though it is a national homeland for Jews, it accepts the presence non-Jews, the Jewish population is not 100% of Israelis; the percentage of Jews in Israel is about 75%, and that of Arabs is about 20%, and the percentage of Arab Muslims is 73%, or 83% if we would add Muslim Bedouins. The Shiite Druze Israelis constitute 8% of Arab Israelis and 1.8% of the Israeli population.    


Fourthly: the Muhammadans are the ones who specialize in the crime of forced displacement:

1- There is an unspoken-of history of forced displacement inflicted on Jews in most Arab countries after the establishment of Israel in 1948. The typical folly of Arabs led them to expel all Jews inside Egypt and the Arab countries, and many Jews immigrated to Israel and increased its power and might. About one million Jewish immigrants fled Arab and Muslim countries to settle in Israel within the period from 1949 to the late 1960s, in addition to about 250000 Jewish immigrants who survived the Nazi persecution and the holocaust. 

1/1: In Egypt, the Nubians of Nubia, south of Aswan, and the people of Rafah, in Sinai, suffered forced displacement imposed by the Egyptian government. An unknown journalist in a state-owned newspaper was catapulted into fame merely for leading a campaign of forced displacement of Egyptian Baha'is who were forced to leave the Al-Minya governorate, in Upper Egypt.

1/2: In Iraq, Saddam Hussein imposed forced displacement on Kurds and on those Kurds who survived (1) the massacre of Halabja during violent suppression of Kurdish revolts during the Iran–Iraq war, and (2) the Anfal genocide of Kurdsduring the final stages of the Iran-Iraq war.  

1/3: In Sudan, Al-Bashir has committed massacres and the crime of forced displacement against non-Arab African Muslims of Darfur. 

1/4: The Ottomans had committed massacres and the crime of forced displacement against the Armenians.

 The list of the crimes of forced displacement committed by the Muhammadans is too long to be quoted here in our article. We refer readers to a previous detailed article of ours, in English, about forced displacement (


Lastly: about the Israeli Arab Shiite Druze:

1- We have mentioned before that the spread of Wahabism inside the Levant was the reason behind persecution, massacres, and forced displacement suffered by the Levantine Shiites and Christians. As opposed to the banners of the pan-Islamic ideologyraised by the Ottoman Sultan Abdul-Hamid II, the Levantine Christians raised the banners of pan-Arab nationalism, and this resulted in establishing a political party named as Al-Baath Party (a.k.a. Baathism or Baathist Party), presided by Michel Aflaq. The Syrian Baathist Party was controlled by Syrian Shiite Alawite Nusayriyya sect and this brought Hafiz Al-Assad to power and then his son, Bashar Al-Assad; they prevented Syrian Kurds from obtaining the Syrian nationality. The Shiite Druze in Lebanon embraced pan-Arab nationalism led by Kamal Jumblatt; in contrast, the Arab Shiite Druze in the Levantine south; i.e., inside Palestine, escaped persecution and forced displacement by joining Israel and becoming Israeli citizens who fully enjoy the rights of citizenship; they serve in the Israeli military army and security forces; they are very loyal to Israel and very tough with their Palestinian brethren.            

2- We still pose this question to the conscience of the readers of this article:who are specialized in forced displacement: the Israelis or the Muhammadans?!





(1) Adel Bin Ahmad: Your articles, dear Dr. Mansour, are like breaths of fresh air amidst of hot, humid weather, like beacons amidst tumultuous seas, or like oases amidst of vast desert areas; may God grant you a long lifetime and a better health. Of course, the Muhammadans are the ones who specialize in the crime of forced displacement committed against non-Muhammadans. Let me tell you this story: in the city where I live in Algeria, I remember when during the national day celebrations at school when I was in the secondary stage that the teacher in my class narrated to the students stories about martyrs of Algeria and about colonization and the brutality of the French; yet, he bragged that once Algeria gained its independence from France, Arab-Jewish Algerians suffered insults, verbal abuse, and incidents of aggression and beatings by some Algerian Arabs; the windows of their houses were shattered by the masses and children who threw bricks at them during daytime in Ramadan! The Algerian Jews were told many times that they were not welcome anymore and that they must leave Algeria as soon as possible! I was horrified by the fact that the teacher narrated such evil deeds while taking pride in them! By the way, the Muhammadans are specialized in the crime of forced displacement committed against Arab Muslims as well: the Mubarak regime in Egypt terrorized Dr. Mansour and forced him to leave Egypt for good; other Quranists were forced to leave their Arab countries of origin, and many reformist thinkers, political opposition figures, journalists, and geniuses in many fields were persecuted and driven out of the Arab world and they settled in the West countries. Needless to say, many North-African youths try to immigrate illegally within boats in the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe, as they are forced to flee abject poverty and despicable conditions in their villages and cities. No one among Israeli Jews or Israeli Arabs would wish to leave Israel within legal or illegal immigration to settle in Europe.                

(2)  Ben Levante: If speech is made of silver, silence is made of gold; it is no use arguing against the views expressed in this article about the Palestinian cause; I will never be convinced by the vies of Dr. Mansour and he will never be convinced by mine; I hate endless, useless Byzantine discussions; it is wiser for me to stop commenting on the political articles of Dr. Mansour who sides with the Israelis all the time. Peace be with all of you.            

(3)  Osama Qafeesha: I dedicate these lines of poetry to Mr. Ben Levante; they are composed by Dr. Nasser Al-Lahham; I quote lines from his poem titled "Attaining Immortality Is Impossible".


The Jews were lost and wandered aimlessly in the Sinai desert for forty years

And they seem to be still wandering aimlessly until now in Palestine

The Jews never lived their golden eras except as part of the Arab Empire of Islam

Whenever Arab sultans lost a territory, its Jews were beaten severely and forced to leave

Nebuchadnezzar enslaved them in Babylon; the Crusaders humiliated them; the Byzantines banished and cursed them

The Jews wept until Saladin restored peace and security to them

They suffered the holocaust in Europe; and before that, they never dared to mention the name of their religion inside the two Americas

In Russia, they were made to personify pure evil in Slavic poems and the books of Nikolai Gogol

The Europeans put them in ghettoes for 150 years;

When they fled to Palestine like locusts, in ships that carried them from Europe to Jaffa, Arabs allowed them to establish companies and Kibbutz

They lived in peace, protected by Sultan Abdul-Hamid and Hajj Amin Al-Husseiny

They were given water to drink and oranges and olives to eat

They were healed from all ailments, they became no longer hungry or afraid

But they have bitten the hands that fed them; they massacred their Arab hosts


Human beings forget they are created out of clay; they assume that they are immortal

The Jews desire to demolish our Al-Aqsa to build their so-called Temple; they have prepared nine red cows, four calves, grey sheep, a Rabbi, and stolen gold

They said they will look for the donkey that carried Christ

They turned our stable of horses into a wailing wall


This is another lost generation of Jews in search of identity

Looking for a savior

Searching our homes for the remnants of a broken menorah

They burned the olive trees, massacred children, and smashed icons of the church

The Jews will no longer find peace and security within Arab lands

They tried to establish a Hebrew state, while hiding behind a wall, but oh.....

(4) Forat Al-Forat: Thank you Dr. Mansour; I'd like to add this comment; I live in EU now, as you know, but in my native country, Iraq, many incidents of the crime of forced displacement occurred to some Iraqi Kurds and Shiites, and some were forced to relocate and settle the Iraqi-Iranian borders; some others were forced to relocate from certain regions to other regions while being stripped of their Iraqi citizenship. Besides, many mass graves have been discovered that contained countless corpses of Iraqis murdered by the Saddam Hussein regime. Even during the royal epoch of Iraq, the Iraqi Jews were persecuted, killed, terrorized, and forced to move out of Iraq. Your words in this article, Dr. Mansour, have touched my heart; I hope that your words would reach all reasonable people who adhere to the humanistic values and a high moralistic level. Nations of the Middle East are entrapped within the culture of bloodshed, brutal force, and enslavement; i.e., the crimes committed by the high and mighty ones against the weak, oppressed people. This is hardly the mentality required to solve any problems.

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