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The Ferocious Brown Chick Is Threatening Our Person:


The Ferocious Brown Chick Is Threatening Our Person:

 All This Hatred because We Preach Muhammad's Message: "...So Serve God, Dedicating Your Religion To Him." (Quran 39:2)

Published in July 16, 2010

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



  We have received this email message among other numerous hate mails, but this time, the male sender did not mention his name, and to celebrate his message, we have decided to call him (the ferocious brown chick), because he represents a large sector of people who are human poultry or human cattle that evolved and began to talk like human beings and to use the internet as well, to write hate mails. We quote the entire message first and then follow it with our comment and analysis.

Firstly: the message:

Within the title/subject (To the Website of People of the Devil), this ferocious brown chick has issued the following 'military' statement:

 (In the name of Allah, your real enemy Whom you hate, to the criminals and Satan-worshippers Ahmed Mansour and his followers, we swear by the name of Allah that all of you are like barking dogs who hate God's religion that is spreading all over the world despite of you and of the cursed Shiites and Christians! Channels of the infidels have bought you, Mansour, with money and women, and so many devilish others like you, to fight against Islam, God's religion you hate so much! the atheists of the West hired your services to serve this end: to destroy the very foundations of Islam! You do not deserve to be called an Azharite scholar! You do not know anything about the Quran nor the Arabic tongue! How come an ignoramus like you write about religion and undermine words of the holy ancestors of the Islamic Umma! Your views are so trivial and illogical that I will not bother even to refute you; I only discuss matters with those who seek guidance in real Islam of our holy forefathers, not with those whose deep-seated animosity drives them to attempt to destroy Islam and hate God and the Holy Prophet Muhammad and our holy imams so much! All of your followers and devilish forces are nothing and worthless scum of the Earth! All of you do not worth the shoes of one of our holy imams! You are hire by lots of money to fight against God and His Holy Religion and you will never win this unholy war! Our Holy Religion began with one man and it spreads worldwide now until it prevails on the whole Earth, and this will spite you and the cursed haters of Islam! If necessary, if you do not stop undermining Islam, I would kill you wherever you are hiding! All people worldwide will convert to Islam one day; the more Islam is fought, the more it spreads; even the number of Christians in Egypt who convert to Islam is on the increase; 100.000 people annually! Beware of our Lord Allah, Mansour! You will never escape His wrath! May God curse you and foil all your evil schemes!). Thus ends the statement of the ferocious brown chick!   

  Secondly: quick remarks:

 Like chickens that cackle nonstop and level accusations against us without proofs, we find this email message to be laugher-inducing, funny piece of writing. This ferocious brown chick is accusing us of being 'bought' by the channels of the 'infidels' with money and women. Let us reply to this statement:

1- This male sender did not specify which channels of 'infidels' that have hired our services; are they Arab satellite channels, non-Arab ones, radio channels, river channels, stream channels, the English Channel, etc.? we have searched the internet to look for channels of the 'infidels' but we did not find any; we want to get to know these channels to get our share of money and women, so please readers, for the love of God, help us in this search!

2- This ferocious brown chick did not specify which sums of money were offered to buy us and in which currency: $, euro, LE, or Saudi Riyals?! If in checks, in which bank exactly?!

3- Likewise, he did not specify which women were used to seduce and bribe us to destroy Islam: how many women and what are their weight, nationalities, age-groups, and level of beauty?! If readers must know, we have high, refined taste in women; we are to be seduced only by Hollywood female stars and starlets!

4- This 'friend' did not specify how shares of money and women would be distributed among our person and the rest of our fellow Quranists; would we have one-third of the money and women and the two-thirds for the rest of male Quranists? Or the shares are to be distributed otherwise?! We are greedy enough to demand more than one-third, especially from the women, as we love women so much, as per the hadith of Abou Hurayrah (whose name means in Arabic: the father of kittens!) that a man must love two 'things' above all in this transient world: perfumes and women!

5- This ferocious brown chick is cunning and sly; he did not specify shares of 'spoils of intellectual war' consisting of women and money so that Quranists would quarrel among one another as did the cursed 'companions' in the first major Arab civil war after the Arab conquests! What a scheming little brown chick he is! 

6-This ferocious brown chick has forgotten to provide proofs or lines of evidence to support his accusations; shame on him and on his other Sunnite chickens, roosters, and cocks that raised him! 

7- Besides, who are the ones owning and controlling most – if not all – Arab TV satellite channels, hundreds of Azharite faculties, thousands of Salafist/Wahabi websites, and millions of mosques worldwide with barking Sunnite dogs who utter nothing but nonsense and balderdash?! Wahabi Sunnites of course! On the other hand, Quranists wish to have one TV satellite channel but they are impecunious and they do not even have a single mosque until now! Quranists have no institute to produce preachers at all. We are striving for 30 years (in Egypt and then in the USA) to realize these dreams and we failed so far; we only have one website that we can hardly sustain with the little money we have; yet, this website of ours is like a pole impaling the Sunnites worldwide, who are nothing but human cattle, jack-asses, and chickens, who have no minds nor knowledge to refute Quranism: God's True Religion we are preaching on our website.

Thirdly: what is the deal, then?!

1- It is clear that this ferocious brown chick is like the rest of Sunnite cattle and poultry who assume that the earthly, man-made Sunnite religion as Islam; he is wrong in such assumption, but he is right to exclude Quranists, Shiites, and Christians from his Sunnite religion; bravo! But he forgets on vital thing: we refute and undermine the Sunnite religion as never part of Islam using Quranic verses we quote in our writings and using quotations from Sunnite books themselves.  

2- This ferocious brown chick has spared himself and his Sunnite clergymen the tasks of trying to refute us and our Quranist views by pretending he does not care to discuss anything with us; this is a contradictory statement; if so, why on earth sending us this email message to threaten our person, to verbally abuse us, and to level false accusations at us?! This is indeed a proof that he cannot refute Quranism at all and he has no reasoning mind to discuss any of our topics and issued we raise on our website writings; this is why he is so furious as he cannot refute the Quranic verses we quote. His easy way out is to verbally abuse us and level false accusations at our person.  

3- Naturally, this ferocious brown chick is addicted to telling lies; his Sunnite religion is based on inventing lies and ascribing them to God. Islam, and Muhammad. The earthly, man-made Sunnite religion of this ferocious brown chick is based on contradictory narratives ascribed to Muhammad 200 years after his death; narratives like folktales and fairy tales that are ever increasing in various versions, like a bottomless shoreless ocean! Thus, this religion of lies is followed by inveterate liars; telling lies is part of their rituals. Indeed, Sunnites lie as easily as they breathe! They live off telling lies and their lives are based on fabrications and falsehoods!       

Fourthly: the dispute between our person and the ferocious brown chick:

1- The 'crime' of our person (and all Quranists) as per the viewpoint of this ferocious brown chick is that we are monotheists who dedicate their religion to God, while the sender of this email message desires to make us worship Muhammad as a deity beside Allah. This Sunnite chick cannot stand our writings about dedicating all acts of worship (Azan, prayers, pilgrimage, etc.) only to God by excluding the name of Muhammad from them. This letter expresses the sickness of his Sunnite heart; it is strange that human cattle and poultry would have psychological status! We respond to his letter by Quranic verses in which he disbelieves.    

2- God says in the Quran: "The revelation of the Book is from God, the Mighty and Wise. We sent down to you the Book with the truth, so serve God, devoting your religion to Him.   Is not to God that sincere faith is due? As for those who take guardians besides Him, "We only worship them that they may bring us nearer to God." God will judge between them regarding their differences. God does not guide the lying disbeliever." (39:1-3). Religion must be 100% dedicated and devoted to our Lord God; if one dedicates even more or less than 1% of sanctification and deification to any mortals (esp. prophets) and 99% to God, one is thus a polytheist who will enter into Hell in the Hereafter in case of not repenting from this disbelief as per 39:3. The divine command to dedicate and devote religion to God is addressed in 39:2 to Muhammad and to all real believers like him. "Glory to Him who journeyed His servant by night, from the Sacred Mosque, to the Farthest Mosque..." (17:1). Muhammad the servant of God is commanded to devote religion to God alone; how come that people would deify and worship Muhammad as a deity beside the Lord God?! Muhammad strove hard for the same of God's religion of monotheism; he would never accept to be worshipped as a god beside Allah, a crime committed against God by Sunnites and their clergy, to which the ferocious brown chick belongs. 

3- Moreover, the Qorayish tribe used to perform the five daily prayers inherited from the religion of Abraham, but they deified and sanctified allies (i.e., saints) of mortal persons – just as the ferocious brown chick and other Sunnites do now. Qorayish included names of these mortals/saints and idols in azan, prayers, supplications, etc. and in all acts of worship, and when Muhammad undermined such polytheism using the Quran, the Qorayish tribesmen were about to beat him to death because he called for monotheism; Muhammad could not help them; he only sought to deliver God's message and to deliver himself on the Last Day by obeying God: "The places of worship are for God. So do not call, besides God, upon anyone else. And when the servant of God got up calling on Him, they almost fell on him in a mass. Say, "I pray only to my Lord, and I never associate anyone with Him." Say, "It is not in my power to harm you, nor to bring you to right conduct." Say, "No one can protect me from God, and I will not find any refuge except with Him. Except for a proclamation from God and His messages. He who defies God and His Messenger-for him is the Fire of Hell, in which they will dwell forever."" (72:18-23). These verses apply to the struggle between Sunnites and Quranists now; Quranists are monotheists who follow the call of Muhammad, while Sunnites insist on worshipping mortals (Muhammad, his so-called companions, and imams, clergy, saints, etc.) within all acts of worship and in all mosques. Quranists seek to be servants of our Lord God in the way Muhammad was: using only the Quran as the source of guidance: "Say, "This is my way; I invite to God, based on clear knowledge-I and whoever follows me. Glory be to God; and I am not of the polytheists."" (12:108). Thus, we, Quranists follow Muhammad as per 12:108, whereas Sunnites to which the ferocious brown chick belongs worship Muhammad as a deity beside Allah within all their polytheistic acts of worship: Azan, prayers, pilgrimage, etc.  

4- Within miraculous Quranic predictions fit to describe our era now, God repeats at the end of the Quranic Chapter 39 what its early verses mention. These verses refute beforehand all notions of Shiites, Sunnites, and Sufis who would emerge decades after the death of Muhammad to worship human mortals as deities beside Allah. Sunnites like the ferocious brown chick never read these verses and never understand them; God commanded Muhammad to say the following: "Say, "I was commanded to serve God, devoting my religion exclusively to Him. And I was commanded to be the first of those who submit." Say, "I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the punishment of a horrendous Day." Say, "It is God I worship, devoting my faith to Him."" (39:11-14). Quranists follow the footsteps of Muhammad in 39:11-14; we never worship mortals and fear the punishment of our Lord God, and we never force or coerce anyone in religion: ""But you can worship whatever you wish besides Him." Say, "The losers are those who lose their souls and their people on the Day of Resurrection." That is indeed the obvious loss.  They will have layers of Fire above them, and layers beneath them. That is how God strikes fear into His servants-"O My servants! Beware of Me!"" (39:15-16). Thus, these verses warn readers of Taghut of every age and era (i.e., following Satan in polytheism and falsehoods in earthly, man-made religions that make people reject the Quranic Truth). God wants real believers to avoid false accounts/narratives and hadiths to follow one discourse of Truth: the Quran: "As for those who avoid the worship of Taghut, and devote themselves to God-theirs is the good news. So give good news to My servants. Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best of it. These are they whom God has guided. These are they who possess intellect. What about someone who has deserved the sentence of punishment? Is it you who can save those in the Fire? " (39:17-19). Indeed, 39:19 miraculously warns beforehand those Sunnites who assume that Muhammad would save them from Hell-Fire after they enter into it upon the command of the Lord God for their sins and disobedience. This verse 39:19 debunks myths of Muhammad's intercession assumed by Sunnites.     

Fifthly: why would not this ferocious brown chick and his Sunnite clergy read these Quranic verses?!

  These polytheists, of course, read these verses but they never ponder on them at all; Satan made their hearts see misguidance (of Sunnite narratives and hadiths) as if it were guidance that replaces the Quran! This way, it is of no use at all to try to guide them; we only pity them, as this verse apply to them: "What of him whose evil deed was made attractive to him, and so he regards it as good? God leads astray whomever He wills, and He guides whomever He wills. Therefore, do not waste yourself sorrowing over them. God knows exactly what they do." (35:8). Thus, Satan controls minds/hearts and souls of Sunnites and this creates a thick veil on their minds that prevents Quranic Light from ever reaching them, and as Sunnites choose misguidance, God increases their misguidance. Quranists quote the Quranic verses to refute Sunnite notions, but Sunnites hate the Quran and never contemplate its verses at all: "When you read the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And We drape veils over their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion." (17:45-46). Likewise, Sunnites hate the Quranists and turn their back in aversion as Quranists refute "godhead" of mortals like Muhammad, while Sunnites feel at ease and feel happy if people invoke their saints/deities; thus, the verses 17:45-46 apply to them now.     


  The creed of the ferocious brown chick and the rest of Sunnites is as follows: (There is no God but Muhammad). Any neutral readers should re-read the threat letter we have quoted above to ascertain this fact. Sunnites hate Quranists and our person because our real monotheism exposes and undermines their polytheism. Quranists never worship mortals (prophets or not) and never deify Muhammad in their faith or acts of worship. There is no media or in-between positions in faith matters: either one becomes a polytheist who worships Muhammad as a deity or one is to worship Only God within monotheism as per the Quran that shows to us the religion of Abraham. In Islam, there are no mediators or intercessors at all between believers and God. Sunnites never care if you believe in God or not; they care only to make people worship and sanctify Muhammad, their supreme deity. When any stubborn Sunnite person who rejected the Quran dies, he/she will realize – after it is too late – that they lived as polytheists as they worshipped other deities (Muhammad + saints) beside God: "Then, when they witnessed Our might, they said, "We believe in God alone, and we reject what we used to associate with Him." But their faith could not help them once they witnessed Our might. This has been God's way of dealing with His servants. And there and then the disbelievers lost." (40:84-85). Sunnites will curse and hate themselves in Hell and their confession of their sins will not avail them in the Hereafter, because of their polytheism as they associate Muhammad's name with God's name in all acts of worship: "Those who disbelieved will be addressed, "The loathing of God is greater than your loathing of yourselves-for you were invited to the faith, but you refused." They will say, "Our Lord, you made us die twice, and twice you gave us life. Now we acknowledge our sins. Is there any way out?" That is because when God alone was called upon, you disbelieved; but when others were associated with Him, you believed. Judgment rests with God the Sublime, the Majestic." (40:10-12).     

The last line:           

 Quranists' peaceful intellectual jihad using the Quranic verses exposes and debunks Sunnite myths within our website, which is like a pole impaling the Sunnites worldwide who are so furious because they cannot refute Quranists' views. We sincerely hope that all Sunnites would enjoy being impaled by this pole forever and ever!    

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