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A Case Study of A Quranist Chick who Criticizes our Person!

A Case Study of A Quranist Chick who Criticizes our Person!


Published in May 19, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




 We have received this email message (with lots of spelling mistakes in Arabic!) from an unknown sender who assumes the name of (a Quranist chick) and who criticize our positive views on Israel expressed in our three books titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine" (found on English on this link:, "The Falsehood of Al-Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem" (found on English on this link:, and "The Israelites in Pharaonic Egypt within a Quranist Vision" (found on English on this link: Our known views on defending Israel and the Jewish people are also expressed in many articles (about politics, history, and Quranism) in Arabic and in English; we do not have to say anything further within this topic. We have the right to ignore the messages that contain insults and verbal abuse, and yet, we quote a part of this message below, followed by our reply, in order to assert the huge, negative influence of Arab/Egyptian media, education systems, and cultural venues (and the vociferous devils involved in them to serve tyrannical rulers) on many Arabs/Egyptians within the countries of the Muhammadans and elsewhere. Sadly, this resulted in the fact that some Quranists consider themselves as (chicks)!


Email address: 

Real IP: -

Real country: United States

Date: 18-05-19

Subject: A message from a Quranist chick


 (... Dr. Mansour ... I'm a Quranist who keeps reading your articles and books regularly on your website since 2007. Thanks to you, I've repented and rejected the Sunnite religion; I've renounced it forever and I take pride in my faith and in being a Quranist Muslim. I thank the Almighty Lord God for His bounty of guidance because He has sent a man like you in our age so that people would wake up and get to know real Islam, which remained hidden for centuries. Yet, to be frank and honest with you, I consider myself as an angry chick; I'm neither a Sunnite chick nor a Shiite one; this time, I'm a Quranist chick who is furious because of your political writings. You have let me down and filled my heart with frustration, sorrow, chagrin, shock, irritation, and ire. I think I have the right to blame and reproach you with a most severe tone because of your heretic political views which pain many of your readers, including myself. Of course, I admire all your Quranist views and preaching which are objective and devoid of any whims and desires; you never seek to gain the glory of this world nor its transient possessions or vain ambitions; I'm sure you seek only to reform Muslims using the Quran so that the centuries-old accumulated falsehoods and lies are removed from their religion. I've just finished reading your bad book in Arabic titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine". I dislike it very much; I loathe your ideas about the Arab-Israeli conflict and about the Zionists, American tyrants/crusaders and Illuminati/freemasons of Washington – may God curse them all! –who aim to destroy the Arab world and Islam! Why do not you realize that USA is filled with worshipers of Mammon atheists and hypocrites (and institutions of the establishment) who use the façade of empty slogans and meaningless words like democracy, human rights, secularism/laïcité to cover their aim to steal the wealth of the Middle East?! I've found no traces of the real Dr. Mansour and the flavor typical of his writings in the silly book about the journey to Israel! It is as if this shocking book is written by tone of those venal authors who, for the sake of money, become slaves serving Zionism! You remind me of Arab tyrants and clergymen who obey and prostrate to Israel and USA! In such a book, I could not find even the remotest sign of the truthful Dr. Mansour whose views in religion influenced thousands of admirers. How dare you insult and undermine the Islamic resistance Hamas movement members who are the only pure souls who defend Palestine, in the past, present, and future, and seek no money or any gains at all?! You are certainly mistaken and you do not realize how wrong your views are in this respect! Your religious articles and books are filled with truth, wisdom, and insights as well as following the Quranic higher value of justice; in contrast, your political writings seems to embellish the hideous face of the Talmudic Zionists and the Zionist-Messianic Christianity of Satan, as we see in the writings of some venal Wahabis and Salafists. What happened to you?! Are you out of your senses, man?! How come that a great Quranist thinker, a historian of a rare type, and a religious reformist of high caliber like you, whose great ponderings of the Quran are like a lighthouse for all Truth-seeking believers in the midst of darkness of the cursed Sunnite Wahabism of Satan, would write such huge amount of falsehoods and lies typical of what we find in books of freemasons, Talmudic devils, Zionists, American Jews, and European atheists as well as Wahabi Salafists and hypocritical Arab writers who sold their souls to Satan?! How come that you disregard the fact that the Quran mentions that the Jews are corrupt people who spread destruction, disbelief, religious distortions and fabrications, and the worship of Mammon among human beings on earth until the end of days?! You should know what I'm referring to here since you are an expert in the Quranic studies and in history! Why are you disregarding all that? Are you insane?! You do not you read the writings of European and American free writers who authored many serious researchers and books about freemasonry, and its hellish capital Washington that aims to control the political life of all countries and to control world economy, and about the role of corrupt money-worshiping freemasons of Jewish descent who are involved in many crimes worldwide in many eras in history?! You must read books in English and in Arabic about their role in corrupting many societies (in the West and in the Arab world) by controlling the media to distort the awareness of many nations. You must specify time to read the book titled "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" to know who the real enemies are. You must read the book (available in English and in Arabic translations) titled "Les Mythes fondateurs de la politique israélienne" (The Founding Myths of Modern Israel) by Roger Garaudy. This is to name but few books you must read and never ignore. I'm afraid that years of your residing in the USA and your enjoying luxuries of life amidst the White Saxons and American Jews have corrupted your viewpoints; you might have been brainwashed by the American media! Such a brainwash have made you forget the fact that freemasons and the affluent Jews of the West are Quran-haters! How are you describe your evil American Jewish friends as noble, generous, and kind-hearted, since they support the Zionist entity named Israel?! Are you admiring their wealth, stature, and appearance as well as their stances and speeches?! They are hypocrites and you do not see that! God says in the Quran: "When you see them, their appearance impresses you. And when they speak, you listen to what they say..." (63:4); I tend to think that this verse applies to you since you are so deceived by such Zionist men! It is a crime that you imitate the cursed Wahabis and Salafists who distort meanings of Quranic verses to prove their viewpoints; you've perpetrated the same crime to prove that the Quran supports the Jews and the establishment of Israel and that Muslim women can marry Jewish men! This is utter blasphemous, heretical views! You assert that Quranic verses that portray Jews in a negative way are linked only to aggressive and polytheistic Jews of Arabia during Prophet Muhammad's lifetime! You claim that Jews of today are peaceful! You overlook on purpose the Quranic fact that the corruption on earth by Jews will go on until the end of days and that God has exposed their evil ways in many Quranic verses so as to warn all believers. These Quranic verses are never confined to the past; they tackle the Jewish evil nature in all eras until the end of days, and I do not care if you refuse to acknowledge this fact! The corruption on earth by the Jews goes on until now, because (as per what is inferred from several Quranic contexts) God did not destroy the Jews in the same ways He used to annihilate the disbelievers among the ancient nations of the ancient prophets (e.g., the people of Noah and the tribes of Aad and Thamood). May God pardon your grave errors and sins! You have dared to distort, twist, and warp the meanings of Quranic verses about the Jews! You have committed the fatal mistake perpetrated by Sunnite Wahabis/Salafists and Shiites! The Jews of today are the descendants of the evil, polytheistic Jews of the past and they follow the same distorted Torah and false teachings and tenets to the so-called Talmud, never authorized by the Lord God, and they commit grave injustices against God and His Religion and against human beings because of their crimes, aggression, massacres, corruption, and distortions of the Truth of monotheism! Stop feigning to be an ignoramus within the field of politics for the sake of receiving millions of US$! ...).



Firstly: we do not like the following:

1- We do not like the fact that this unknown sender of the above message describes himself/herself as (a Quranist chick); we assert here that a person can never combine simultaneously between being a chick and a Quranist human being.

2- We do not like the fact that this unknown sender of the above message would condescendingly tell us that he/she was a Sunnite and has become a Quranist. Many people express this silly attitude to us in email messages. That someone is (mis)guided is none of our concern; (mis)guidance is a personal freedom and an individual responsibility. God says in the Quran: "Whoever is guided - is guided for his own good. And whoever goes astray - goes astray to his detriment..." (17:15). Of course, we feel happy when someone is guided to True Islam (i.e., Quranism), but this guided person will not increase our being rewarded by God. We feel sad when some people would insult and verbally abuse us to defend the Sunnite religion of Satan; we feel sad and sorry for such persons and pardon them; we think of their fate in Hell in case they would not repent (from their polytheism) before death. We wish this type of sorrow would be recompensed by the Lord God, because it is related to obeying God's command, in the Quran, regarding forgiving and pardoning those who harm us with their verbal abuse and their insulting God's Verses. "...The Hour is coming, so forgive with gracious forgiveness." (15:85); "We know that what they say grieves you..." (6:33). 

3- We do not like the fact that this unknown sender of the above message writes about us the following blasphemous phrase (...I thank...God because He has sent a man like you in our age so that people would wake up and get to know real Islam, which remained hidden for centuries...). God sends prophets and messengers with the Divine Revelation; we are neither a messenger nor a prophet; Muhammad is the Last and Seal of all Prophets. We are merely a thinker, preacher, and a researcher who urges religious reform using only the Quran. This is our choice made as per our own free will, and we have armed ourselves with tools of research that allow innovative thinking and the proper way of pondering the Quran; we have prepared ourselves for the persecution, accusations, and insults and verbal abuse we will encounter in our life.

4- We do not like the fact that this unknown sender of the above message insults us in the worst possible manner by accusing us of distorting and twisting the meanings of Quranic verses in order to defend Israel and that our stay in the USA is a life of luxuries of wealthy people and this leads to our being biased in our pondering the Quran. This accusations contradict the praise we find in the same message and we dislike such type of praise (tackled in the above point). God has saved us from the military regime on Egypt within the Mubarak rule which persecuted us and when we have arrived to the USA in 2001 as a political asylee (and we later on became an American citizen), we feel now secure and safe; the Almighty Lord God has fed us against hunger, and has secured us against fear. Since 2001, we enjoy freedom of expression in safety and our views and writings reach the powerful ones inside the USA and its administration; yet, they refuse to cooperate with us and any other American Quranists because (1) the current American administration feels that its interests are served by tyrants of the Middle-East countries and such tyrants dislike Quranist reform and political reform we express in our writings, and (2) the Americans impose  on those who cooperate with them to compromise; we never compromise; we never agree beforehand to compromise as far as our religion is concerned. If we were among the greedy, money-seeking compromisers in Egypt, we would have been among the wealthiest high-rank clergymen there. If we were among the money-seeking hypocrites, venal opportunists, and compromisers who flatter others inside the USA to get attention and to amass wealth, millions of US$ of donations would have been received by our VA-based International Quranic Center (IQC). This is not the case at all, though our IQC is a nonprofit organization which, as per the Law, has the right to receive tax-deductible contributions. We are still striving for the sake of God and His Religion (i.e., True Islam: Quranism) with our bare hands within very modest means. Our IQC is still a simple room with a couch inside our house whose installments are still being paid (by our sons, who sustain our person); until now, we have no medical insurance at all, even after becoming an American citizen. We cannot pay the hospitalization bills in case we undergo a surgery or when we are examined by doctors when we suffer any sudden health crisis (such bills are paid by our sons). We cannot pay or reward Mr. Ahmed Fathy the Egyptian translator who dedicates his lifetime to translate voluntarily all our writings into English (and some of them into French) and he also provides the English subtitles to our YouTube videos; we implore and supplicate to the Lord God to reward him in this world and in the Hereafter.

5- We do not like the fact that this unknown sender of the above message describes the Hamas terrorists aspure souls who defend Palestine and seek no money; this is a flagrant lie and utter falsehood. The sender of the this message has lost touch with reality; if the Hamas terrorists were 'good' people, why the Palestinian cause is lost now? Why Israel is winning all the time and defeating Hamas? Why Hamas terrorists offer deluded youths to be killed at the borders and offer more victims among the Palestinians while the affluent Hamas leaders feel safe and enjoy their ill-gotten money?

6- We do not like the fact that this unknown sender of the above message insults our noble American friends; they have helped us a lot on several occasions; real Muslims acknowledge with gratitude the favors of those who helped them and pardon those who insulted and harmed them. God says in the Quran: "Is the reward of goodness anything but goodness?" (55:60); we cannot repay goodness of the noble Americans who have stood by our person by denying their goodness; we never among the ungrateful ones; see our article in English about this topic on this link ( We are never like those cursed Wahabis who seek asylum in the West, and after they feel safe and well provided for, they make evil use of freedom of expression to curse the West and to commit terrorist crimes of indiscriminate killings and massacres against innocent civilians.

7- There are many flagrant, obvious contradictions in this message.

7/1: The sender of this message accuses us of expressing heretic views; how come that we seek reform using the Quran and this sender of this message admire our Quranist reform and yet he/she assumes we follow our own whims within our political articles. In fact, our writings about Israel and the Israelites are supported by the Quranic verses; we use the same methodology of understanding and pondering on the Quran: it verses explain one another and we trace derivatives and cognates of Quranic terminology. Is it heretical to infer political views from the Quran and based on its verses?!   

7/2: It is stupid and contradictory that the sender of this message accuses us of expressing heretical views and at the same time admits that we are a gifted specialist in studying the Quran and in history.

7/3: This means that the sender of this message praises our writings only when they appeal to him/her and what is disliked is regarded as heretical views that hurt his/her feelings! Should we write based on pleasing pampered/deluded readers and not based on historical research and the Quranist methodology of pondering the Quran (i.e., our fields of specialization) so as to avoid being criticized and blamed?! Of course not!

8- This case of this so-called (Quranist chick) entails some analysis and study on our part, in the same way we have done within the cases of the previous chicks, the Sunnite one and the Shiite one, tackled by us in two separate previous articles (


Secondly: a case study:

1- From 1977 until now (as we write this article in May, 2018), we are engaged within the fields of historical research, researching heritage books of traditions, and pondering the Quran. Within the last 40 years, we have published thousands of fatwas, articles, and comments and tens of books; we are still writing more of them now. We have underlined and emphasized more than 10.000 Quranic facts and historical facts rarely tackled before us by anyone. Out writings, apart from Quranic ponderings and views on Muslim history and heritage books of traditions of their earthly religions, includes views on politics, arts, and literature. All our writings aim at one thing: reform. We never desire to please and gratify human beings; we seek only to gratify and please God and to avoid Hell in order to be among the dwellers of Paradise.    

2- This question is raised: why most insults and attacks are directed at our political writings and not our religious ones? We provide the answer in the points below.

2/1: Tyrants of the Middle-East countries never use their media machine (media venues, education, cultural venues, and mosques) to attack the Quran itself; rather, they follow the footsteps of those who rejected and abandoned the Quran by focusing on hadiths, interpretation books, and other obstacles that hinder from God's Path the Quran and distort meanings of its verses. Because our writings undermine such obstacles and make one resort to the Quran directly as the criterion to make believers reject and deny lies and falsehoods of books of traditions, this has caused a shock, especially because we, as a Quranist thinker, declare the so-called companions of Muhammad and the imams of earthly, fabricated religions as infidels/polytheists and we assert that their books contain nothing but lies and falsehoods; besides, we assert that the Arab conquests are a crime against Islam and against humanity. This has led to our being attacked, criticized, and persecuted severely in 1980s and the 1990s, and this has led to the spread of Quranism and our call for reform; this has caused an awakening and many other thinkers criticized and undermined the hadiths of Al-Bokhary book and other books. This means we have paved the way for these thinkers, after all landmines exploded at us first. It is common now in the Arab world to attack, criticize, and undermine Al-Bokhary book and other books of hadiths and traditions. The number of Quranists certainly increases with the passage of time. The number of those attacking and insulting us (via email messages) because of our religious views has decreased with the passage of time. In fact, many Sunnites beseech us to stop criticizing the so-called 'holy' companions of Muhammad and the ancient imams and authors. The reason: tyrannical rulers, as we have mentioned before, never attack the Quran directly but they encourage others to discard and disregard it; they repel people away from the Quran and make them focus on books of hadiths and tradition instead. This relatively facilitates the spread of Quranist ideas of religious reform. Of course, everyone (hypocritically or not) declare in public their belief in the Quran; yet, their problem is that they never believe in it unless while believing in other books of fiqh, hadiths, interpretation, exegeses, etc. alongside with it.             

2/2: The tyrants of the Middle-East countries are also the cause of the fact that most of insults and attacks we receive via email messages focus on our political writings; such tyrants maintain their thrones by claiming falsely that the reason of the backwardness and weakness of their countries is the conspiracies of the West, the USA, and Israel against Arabs/Muslims and Islam. This falsehood aims at making the masses channel and direct their fury and frustration to an external, imaginary enemy and not to these tyrants themselves. This allows tyrants to monopolize wealth and authority and to oppress the citizens by grave injustices and torture; these tyrants steal the wealth of their nations and store it in banks of the West countries. These tyrants curse the West countries in the media and distort their image in public while prostrating reverently to these West countries in secret. This is why these tyrants are keen on never solving the problem of Palestine; it distracts the masses and the Arab media venues demonize Israel for the same reason. Those beneficiaries of maintaining the Palestinian problem without a possible solution are the Palestinian leaders themselves; they gain more ill-gotten money by keeping the armed struggles that result in nothing but more Palestinian victims killed; they aim to embarrass Israel; they sacrifice deluded Palestinian youths and the feel no qualms about driving them to death. Such absurd, gory piece of drama or tragedy goes on so that the Palestinian leaders would amass more wealth. In Egypt, we have been deceived at first by the vociferous devils of the media and we refused normalization with Israel. Later on, we have corrected our ideas because we have realized that the Arab tyrants demonize Israel to distract the masses so as not to focus on grave injustices committed by these tyrants. We readily declare our political views supported with clear proofs; we never care if people are pleased with our views or not. We are siding with the weak, oppressed ones on earth and we are against haughty, arrogant tyrants and unjust ones everywhere: Arabs or non-Arabs. Our stance here does not please or appeal to the victims of brainwash within the Arab world and within countries of the Muhammadans, including this angry chick who has sent us the above message.                 

3- We assert in all our writings that our opinions in religion and in politics are our own viewpoints; they pertain to us and we are responsible for them before the Dominant Lord God on the Last Day; we never seek to impose our opinions on anyone; we respect the freedom of every individual to accept or refuse anything. Yet, our opinions and visions expressed within our political articles are proven right with the passage of time; this is because they are based on our reading of reality of today which is, in its turn, is based on a profound understanding of the religious and historical roots of political issues. Very few thinkers and researchers are qualified to write in politics in the way adopted by us. What we write in politics does not please or appeal to the angry chick who has sent us the above message.  

4- That's OK; no problem.


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