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Christian Copts in Egypt Will Continue to Be Massacred since There Are Those Who Benefit from Such Massacres!

Published in May 26, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

Firstly: historical background:

1- The liberal epoch of Egypt (1860 : 1952) never witnessed any massacres of Jews, Copts, or any Egyptians of foreign origin; the reason is easily guessed: Egypt was not yet invaded by Wahabism of the KSA. Insidiously, the Saudi king Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, founder of the KSA in 1932, established in Egypt many Wahabi Salafist groups and organizations, including the terrorist MB, with the desire to spread Wahabism as if it were 'real' Islam, and so that the MB would rule Egypt and ascend to power after overthrowing monarchy. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud wanted Egypt to be under the wings of the KSA in both religion and politics. This aim has been accomplished with huge success, and most Egyptians, especially Copts, are still paying the heavy price for it.    

2- Using Saudi money, Hassan Al-Banna established 50 thousand MB branches all over Egyptian soil that mushroomed like cancer inside Egypt and then outside Egypt within the international MB organization branches worldwide, with its secret militia and groups of assassins. Historians assert that some MB members in the 1940s had infiltrated the Egyptian army and the Free Officers Movement that led a successful coup d'état in 1952, and whose most members (possibly including Gamal Abdel-Nasser) pledged allegiance to Al-Banna before his assassination in Feb. 1949, and some historians maintain that the terrorist MB issued commands to the Free Officers Movement to exclude two Marxists who were among the ones leading the coup on 23rd of July, 1952: Khaled Mohei-Eddine and Youssef Sadiq. The terrorist MB members convinced people in all cities that the coup was blessed step and a revolution that must be supported. The conflict between the Free Officers Movement and the terrorist MB members surfaced too early, and Abdel-Nasser crushed and silenced them, and many of them fled in 1954 to the KSA, their Wahabi haven. Nasser and the KSA were enemies, as Nasser raised the banners of the ideology of Pan-Arab nationalism and opposed the Wahabi ideology of the KSA, while siding with the USSR. The KSA and the USA cooperated to get rid of Nasser by getting him involved in the Yemen war and then in the 1967 war with Israel (aka the Six-Day War) and Egypt lost Sinai to the Israelis. The legend of Nasser ended and the countdown for his fall began as he appeared as if under the wings of the Saudi King Feisal in Khartoum Conference, and the KSA forced Nasser, in return for its financial help, to appoint Sadat as his Vice-President. Thus, Nasser signed his own death warrant; weeks later, Nasser was assassinated by poison, and the agent of the KSA, Sadat, took over the rule of Egypt. Upon Saudi commands, Sadat welcomed the MB members back into Egypt, thus allowing Wahabism to spread all over Egypt within an accelerated pace, in cooperation with all ministries, governmental bodies, etc. Thus, Wahabis (Salafists + MB members) spread all over the State and established many overt and covert organizations and groups, plus more militias, clergy, politicians, etc. serving the MB and the KSA. When Sadat felt threatened by the MB members as they controlled many Egyptian minds, he tried to restrain them, but it was too late; the MB assassinated Sadat, presumably within a scheme agreed upon by Mubarak, his Vice-President at the time, and an army general called Abou Ghazala.         

3- Wahabism provide pretexts and justifications for tyrants to exercise their tyranny in the name of religion. Sadat committed this fatal mistake as he gave himself the title (the Believer President) and declared in Egyptian media that his role-model in life was Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. Simultaneously, Wahabism gives the chance to any ambitious rivals to declare themselves as more 'religious' and faithful to Wahabism than rulers anywhere. For instance, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud was the founder of the third current Saudi state with the swords of his army of Wahabi fierce fighters he trained and named the Najd Brothers, and when he was self-appointed as king, the Najd Brothers claimed he rejected core tenets of Wahabism and declared him to be an infidel and an apostate who cooperated with Great Britain, and when they fought him militarily, he crushed them using the help of GB. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud established the MB in Egypt instead, and prevented its members from ever entering the KSA, and before his death in 1953, he saw how the MB members were very near to authority and power in Egypt, and he never saw how Nasser crushed and persecuted the MB members. This led them to flee to the KSA, and they were welcomed by King Saud who rejected policies of his father Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud. Typical of them, the MB organized political opposition movements inside the KSA royal family, and the MB became the arch-enemies of the Saudi royal family, despite the fact that both sides shared the same religion: Wahabism. Typically again, once Sadat welcomed them back to Egypt in the 1970s, they later on declared him an infidel and an apostate and assassinated him in 1981.     

4- Wahabi-Wahabi conflicts usually are political ones that use the shared religion to justify all means to reach power, including no limits at all and all dirty wars; it is a struggle for existence and the victorious must emerge only after annihilating other rivals. Thus, the revolting Najd Brothers massacred ordinary Wahabis who never sided with them nor with Abdul-Aziz! The struggle in Egypt between the army generals and the terrorist MB members knows no bounds: Copts are being massacred by the MB as per their Wahabi devilish religion, whereas the army generals do not object to Copts being massacred so as to reinforce military rule.     

Secondly: an overview about the series of Coptic massacres in Egypt (copied from a website):

(... During the Sadat era:

 Arson was committed in a branch of a Coptic Christian bookstore called Dar Al-Kitab Al-Moqadas (The Holy Bible Society) in the Cairene district Al-Khanka in 1972 – smashing and vandalism of shops owned by Copts and the Angel Church in Asyut Governorate in 1975 – murdering a group of Coptic students using swords by groups of terrorist Wahabis in Asyut in 1978 and in Alexandria University Hostel in 1980 – the terrorist MB group members and Wahabis of many groups attacked police forces and Copts in Asyut in 1981 – in the Cairene district Al-Zawya Al-Hamra, sectarian strife led to the murder of 86 Copts and vandalism of hundreds of shops and houses.    

During the Mubarak era:

  Many incidents of kidnapping Coptic female adolescents and forcing them to convert to Wahabism and to marry Wahabi Egyptian men – sectarian strife and violence in the Asyut city of Manfalout, leaving 6 Copts killed and 50 ones injured in 1990 – burning agricultural fields owned by Copts in the Giza district of Boulaq because of the rumor of building a new church in 1990 – severe beatings and violence against Copts in the village of Abou Qirqas in 1990 – several Copts killed in bloody sectarian violence in 1990 – six Copts, including a priest, were killed sectarian violence in Al-Beheira Governorate in 1990 – the massacre of 13 Copts in Asyut in Al-Manshiyya village in 1992 and other 14 Copts in Dayrout city in Asyut in 1992 – four Copts were killed within events of vandalism, violence, and stealing in the city of Tama in 1994 – armed terrorist s attacked the Virgin Mary Monastery in Al-Muharraq region, killing five monks in 1994 – bloody sectarian violence against Copts in Kafr Dimyana village, Al-Sharqiyah Governorate, with ten Copts killed and hundreds injured in 1996 – bloody sectarian violence in Ezbat Al-Aqbat area in 1996 – 9 Copts were killed at the gates of Mar Guirgis in Abou Qirqas in 1997 – 13 Copts were killed and 6 injured in Ezbat Kamel Takla in Nag Hammadi in 1997 – the massacre of Ezbat Dawood in Nag Hammadi in 1997 – the first Al-Kosheh Massacre in Sohag and throwing corpses of some Copts at the gates of the village in 1998 – two Copts killed at the gates of Mar Guirgis in the Cairene Heliopolis district in 1999 – the second Al-Kosheh Massacre in Sohag, with 19 Copts killed, burned, and tortured  before the eyes of their families whose possessions in their houses were robbed in 2000 – A Coptic woman named Neamat Shafeeq was killed accidently by a bullet from a police pistol 2003 – massive attacks against many churches and Copts in Alexandria, with tens injured in 2005 – State Security Apparatus men killed the Coptic lawyer Sabry Zaki by strangling him and threw his corpse from the balcony of his office in 2005 – massive attacks and aggressions against houses and shops owned by Copts and Abou Seifein Church in the Kafr Salama village in Al-Sharqiyah Governorate in 2005 – several car accidents killing Copts systematically in 2006 – bloody attacks on Copts as they were getting out of churches in Alexandria in 2006 – confiscating lands owned by Copts in Abanoub city, in Asyut Governorate in 2006 – forced displacement of 15 Coptic families in Qos city, Qena Governorate in 2006 – bloody violence against Copts in the Kafr Salama village in Al-Sharqiyah Governorate in 2006 – a Copt's head was cut off in Aswan city in 2006 – a mysterious murder of a female relative of a priest named Boutros who is the president of Aghapy Christian TV Channel in 2006 – a Coptic woman who was a government official was murdered in Qena Governorate as unknown attackers cut her head off in 2006 – a Coptic male youth named Mamdouh Al-Nimr was shot dead in broad daylight in Saft Al-Laban village in Giza Governorate in 2006 – the priest Thabet Youssef Ishaq was murdered in Al-Minya Governorate after receiving threats to stop him from ever holding the mass in the church in 2006 – policemen are accomplices in attacks and bloody aggressions against Copts at Deir Mowass Monastery in 2006 – many Copts were injured and their houses and shops were destroyed in Al-Ayyat village in 2007 – harassments against Copts after Friday congregational prayers in Luxor in 2007 – the Coptic male youth Amir Abdullah Andrews was stabbed to death in 2007 in Al-Mahalla city by a Wahabi male youth who was the son of a mosque preacher – State Security Apparatus men arrested and detained a journalist of the e-newspaper without any reason or accusation – two Coptic men were shot in the neck in the village of Toq in Sohag Governorate in 2007, near Al-Kosheh village – houses of Copts attacked for theft in Bani Mansour village in the city of Belina, in Sohag in 2007 – governor of Al-Minya imposed forced displacement on 29 Coptic families as they were forced to leave their houses built on lands owed by  them in 2007 – Deir Mowass Monastery priests were attacked by swords and knives in 2007 – anti-riot forces and security forces broke into a church in Abou Qirqas in Al-Minya Governorate, beating worshippers and throwing them out of the church in 2007 – two Coptic men were killed mysteriously in Imbaba in 2007 – Al-Ayyat Secondary School for Girls impose veil/hijab on Coptic and Muslim students in 2007 – arson was committed in five shops owned by Copts in Armant city, in Upper Egypt, in 2007 – A Coptic man is stabbed to death by thieves in his shop in Nag Hammadi in 2007 – the governor of Al-Minya along with policemen were accomplices with some Wahabis to demolish houses of Copts in one village near Abou Qirqas in 2007 – mysterious murder of four nuns and the fifth was injured after they returned from Alexandria in 2008 – A Coptic young man is stabbed to death in Dafash village in 2008 – the husband of the Coptic woman and activist Hala Al-Masry is kidnapped and criminals asked her to ransom him by paying a huge sum of money in 2008 – a gas station owned by a Coptic man is vandalized in the Cairene district of Shoubra, while six Copts were injured in the process in 2008 -  Coptic male child was raped in a mosque in a Nile Delta village, and the Wahabi doctor postponed medical examination of the child for 21 days in 2008 – some policemen were accomplices with a member of the Parliament who confiscated possessions of a Coptic man in 2008 -  a policeman kidnapped a Coptic citizen in Mohandeseen district in Cairo in 2008 – closure of a printing house owned by Copts as the government withdrew the permission by mistake in 2008 – four Coptic men were shot in Al-Minya Governorate in 2008 – armed attack with shooting bullets at Abou Fana Monastery, in Al-Minya, and some monks were kidnapped in 2008 – a Copt was killed in Maghagha, Al-Minya, and his family was forced to accept reconciliation in 2008 – 15 Coptic students were killed in a car accident in Cairo in 2008 -  aggressions against Copts as they went out of several churches after Christmas mass in 2009 – Wahabi mob threw rocks and bricks at houses of Copts in one district of the capital of Beni Suef Governorate in 2009 – terrorist MB lawyers beat a female Coptic lawyer till she fainted and bled, before the gates of the Abou Qirqas Court in Al-Minya in 2009 – 7 Coptic youths beaten severely in a street in Abou Qirqas in Al-Minya in 2009 – in Meet Ghamr city in Al-Daqahliya Governorate, Wahabis killed a Coptic man named Sabry Shehata because of a rumor in 2009 – a Coptic male youth, Waguih Morris Zaki, was tortured for 9 days by Salafists and then they drowned him into the Nile in 2009 – violence against Copts in the Cairene districts Ain Shams and Al-Warraq in 2009 – a Coptic man's head is cut off by Wahabis in Sohag in 2009 – vendetta led to the murder of three Muslims and one Copt in Upper Egyptian village in 2009 – mysterious murder of two Coptic men: Hydra Aziz and Amir Stephanous during Christmas in Qena Governorate in 2009 – some Wahabis attempted to throw nitric acid on faces of Coptic women in streets of Cairo, Alexandria, and some other governorates in Upper Egypt in 2009 – attacks and counterattacks between Wahabis and Copts on one village in Asyut Governorate in 2009 – confiscating some lands owned by Coptic citizens in Asyut Governorate in 2009 – the mysterious murder of the priest George Andrews inside his house in Alexandria in 2009 – beatings and violence Copts in the streets in many areas in the cities of Dayrout and Farshout in Upper Egypt in 2009 – 6 Coptic men, plus a Muslim policeman, were killed and 17 Copts were injured in Christmas in Nag Hammadi in Qena Governorate in 2010 – a 17-year-old Coptic youth named Macarius was killed in a demonstration that protested the decision to demolish the Virgin Mary Church in the Cairene district Al-Omraniya in 2010, while arresting 170 Copts within 17 accusations – the massacre of the Two Saints Church in Jan. 2011, as an explosion cause by a suicide bomber left 23 killed Copts and tens of injured others – even after 25 Jan. revolt, no one knew who were the perpetrator(s) – a policeman opened fire at Copts in a train station in Al-Minya in Jan. 2011 – demolishing and arson of the Mar Mina and Mar Guirgis Church In Itfeeh city, in Giza, in March 2011 – a church in Aswan was burned down and no policemen nor security forces helped to extinguish the fire.    

During the era of Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF):

  Four churches were burned down and demolished after unknown criminals stole their items, and fled with impunity and without investigations, despite the presence of military police: 1) the Rafah Church on 29th  of January 2011, 2)the church of Sol village in Giza on 4th of March 2011, 3) sectarian strife leading to bloodshed in the Cairene Imbaba district on 7th and 8th of May 2011 included murdering of a Coptic worker inside the burned down Virgin Mary Church, and 4) arson and partial demolishing of Mar Guirgis Church in one of the villages in Giza on 20th of September 2011 – and the Maspero Massacre when 24 Coptic demonstrators were killed and 343 injured, and media at the time blamed the armed forces and anti-riot forces for it, but without a shred of evidence so far to support this accusations   

During the era of Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi:

 After Al-Sisi, as the Minister of Defense then overthrew and deposed the MB president in July 2013 after massive rallies and sit-ins by more than 30 million of Egyptians in all cities, criminals seeking revenge attacked several churches (committing arson, vandalism, and stealing items from them) in many Egyptians governorates, especially Al-Minya, and such attacks have increased after using anti-riot police force to disperse armed Salafists and MB members sit-in on 14th of August 2013. Many groups of criminals and extremists attacked more than 42 churches (committing arson, vandalism, and stealing items from them), and 37 buildings and convents/monasteries in the governorates of Al-Minya, Asyut, Fayoum, Giza, Suez, Sohag, and Beni Suef – sectarian strife in the Cairene Al-Matariyya district in February 2014, as a Muslim citizen quarreled with a Coptic citizens, and their quarrel led to exchanging of shooting bullets, and one Muslim man was killed, and as usual, the government never interfered, until meetings of reconciliation led people there to reach the decision of imposing forced displacement on 62 Copts to leave the district and forcing them to sell all their property within 6 months, plus offering a compensation of five shrouds or burial-sheets (a sign of humiliation in Upper Egyptian culture) with five calves, a stretch of land, and the sum of one million L.E. – on 9th of April, 2017, a suicide bombing smashed Mar Guirgis Church in Tanta, a Nile delta city, leaving 27 killed and 78 injured; hours later, the St. Mark Cathedral in Alexandria (where the Coptic Pope was present at the mass at the same time) was attacked by a suicide bombing, leaving 16 killed (among them Muslim police force men) and 41 injured, and ISIS terrorists have claimed both attacks as part of their operations – a carnage occurred on 26th of May, 2017, as armed unknown criminals opened fire on a bus filled with Christian pilgrims on their way to a monastery in Al-Minya Governorate, in Upper Egypt, and the Ministry of Health announced that 28 persons were killed and 25 were injured ...)        



1- It is a fatal mistake that saddens real Muslims (Quranists) to describe such Wahabi criminals as 'Islamists', because Islam (the Quran alone) is innocent of such heinous crimes. The liberal epoch of Egypt never witnessed any massacres because Wahabism was not known at the time. Wahabism is an earthly, man-made religion founded by M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab, and Wahabis deem themselves as the only 'true Muslims' on Earth! They confiscate the name of Islam to themselves and consider all non-Wahabi Muslims as infidels and apostates that can be fought and killed with cold blood. Massacres never occurred to Copts (and other Egyptians) for the first time except during the Sadat era in the 1970s. This is silly; were Egyptians, then, non-Muslims before Sadat and the terrorist MB members came along?!

2- The series of massacring Copts will not end since the struggle between the Wahabi MB and the Wahabi army generals goes on in Egypt; both sides of the conflict benefit from such bloodshed Copts. This is lucrative ''business'' for all parties; as if Copts were banquet dishes to be eaten up!

2/1: The army generals distract Egyptians away from thinking about democratic transition by fabricating crises and accidents that justify the emergency law and tyranny, and they know that Copts seek refuge in the army when such massacres occur. Such massacres allow Egyptian tyrants to appear in the media to make angry statements and condemn terrorism and extremism, making the gullible assume they are saviors, not criminals and the biggest beneficiaries of massacring Copts. Why Al-Sisi does not introduce religious reform?! Why is he letting Wahabis loyal to the KSA control Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Waqfs?! Why does he not annul the corrupt law of the so-called showing contempt to religion that punishes Quranists and reformist thinkers?!   

2/2: Historians maintain that the army generals since the era of Sadat have infiltrated all Wahabi organizations an established some of them inside Egypt to use them to commit crimes and assassinations that serve the deep state; e.g. the MB upon orders of the State Security Apparatus assassinated the Egyptian sheikh Al-Dhahaby who stood against thefts occurring in the Ministry of Waqfs, and Farag Fouda the secular thinker who called for real democracy and who was admired by the Egyptian youths and drew the attention of the West. The possibility of Al-Sisi being involved in some massacres of Copts is NOT excluded: we need to wait to find evidence to support this possibility; yet, let's bear in mind that he has been a central intelligence man who knows about schemes and intrigues. Let's bear in mind that the presidential elections are drawing near (June 2018) and the emergency state is still there, while no one dares to be his rival in the coming elections, for fear of being persecuted and imprisoned. Besides, Al-Sisi is involved in killing thousands of MB members and he imprisoned thousands more of them; he wants probably to be more powerful with full authority to crush them lest they might defeat him: this is a struggle for existence par excellence.       

2/3: We tend to think that the army generals' mentality is not to care very much about lives of Egyptian citizens; they do not count for them: many of the ruling army generals since 1952 to Mubarak era showed this attitude; why would not this apply to Al-Sisi as well?! This is the same mentality of bloodthirsty Wahabis who are eager to massacre anyone standing on their way, like the Sunnite hadith of allowing caliphs to kill up to 1/3 of the subjects to reform the remaining 2/3! Such a mentality is behind massacres of Copts and all impoverished Egyptians on the altar of throne and power.   

2/4: Clergy (Sunnite Wahabis + Orthodox Coptic Christians) in service of rulers benefit a lot from massacres of Copts; they enjoy media attention and video cameras, especially when both types of clergy kiss and embrace before flashes of cameras that will increase their popularity, fame, and wealth of course. We tend to think that the Coptic Orthodox Pope is the one drawing most benefits; persecuted Copts who never feel secure will make them stick to the Church instead of Egyptian nationalism and citizenship. Sunnite Wahabis lost their sense of belonging to Egypt because of their harmful Wahabi mosques of extremism: some Egyptian Wahabis love their Pakistani Wahabi brethren and hate Egyptian Copts as if they were enemies, though Copts are peaceful people and never commit aggression. We must bear in mind that Coptic Orthodox clergy have more power over their followers in comparison to Muhammadan clergy over Wahabis; thus, a frightened Copt will find no 'haven' but in the Church and would offer oblation and money to its real deities: the Coptic clergy.       

2/5: The Wahabi mob and criminals who dragged the Shiite sheikh Hassan Shehata in Cairo to his death along with two other Shiite men, during the terrorist MB rule of Egypt, had no mercy for him though he uttered the testimony of Islam before them. They are the same Wahabi mob and criminals who benefit financially from attacks and massacres committed against Copts: they impose bribes and tributes on the frightened Copts, steal their money, rape and enslave their Coptic young women, and confiscate their property houses and lands. Within such crimes and impunity, the Wahabis grow too powerful and they control the district or village they live in. it does not take more than growing beards and wearing Pakistani djellaba (gowns or garments) and to utter words and phrases of religiosity to join the Wahabi mob. The culture of ignorance and obscurantism has reached all levels of clergy, leaders in all fields, experts in all specializations, etc. Wahabi clergy (Azharites and others) serving the KSA issue fatwas to legalize persecuting Copts, and mob in streets apply these fatwas readily and swiftly. All of them are mob and ignoramuses: army generals, security forces, police officers, etc. as all of them have imbibed Wahabism and extremism, and this makes them hate and persecute Copts like the rest of Wahabi clergy.              

3- When we've joined a march with Egyptian-American Christian Copts before the White House, we delivered a speech in Arabic (readers can find this video of it, subtitled into English, on this link:, we have asserted that Egypt is safe and sound only if its Copts are safe and sound; we have asserted that the veritable danger lies in the fact that Wahabis assume that when they kill Copts, they enter into Paradise for this 'good' deed! Another sad fact is that come Copts assume that those murdered victims are martyrs who accepted willingly being killed so that they enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, in Egypt, there are those killers and victims, the former desire to enter into Paradise by committing the heinous crime of murder, whereas the latter desire to get murdered and embrace this as the means to enter into Paradise. Both ideas are utterly wrong and never part of celestial religion of God; this is merely the culture of death in return for nothing.     

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