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Until When Would this 'Sacred' Hatred towards the West Continue?!


Until When Would this 'Sacred' Hatred towards the West Continue?!



Published in March 26, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





 This article of ours titled "Until When Would this 'Sacred' Hatred towards the West Continue?!" was first published on our Quranism website ( on the 1st of Feb., 2009. We re-publish it here as a reminder for our readers. The 'sacred' hatred inside the psyche of Arab Muhammadans towards the West in general is one of the main factors which may help launch a religious world war; we implore the Lord God to never allow this unprecedented type of world war to take place, since its victims will be none but the weak ones on earth.





1- Our mission through our writings about reform is confined to reforming Arab 'Muslims' and not reforming the West, the Americans, or the Israelis. Non-Arabs in general are already engaged into an ongoing process of self-reform as they learn from their past mistakes; they rarely praise rulers as most of their writings focus on criticizing and exposing corrupt people. As for Arabs, despite the fact that all evils of the world exist in their countries, they never tire of singing the praises of rulers in their writings and reminding readers of past glory; they launch their attacks, curses, and criticism against the West in general and Israel and the USA in particular. It is as if verbal and written abuse of the West would make the Arabs the best people worldwide! Ironically, the West countries cursed and criticized by Arabs, within countless conspiracy theories, make progress in all fields; in contrast, all Arab countries depend on the West for food and other necessary items of life; Arabs also purchase arms and weapons by which they fight and kill one another. The West is the source of the aid granted to the poorer classes in the Arab world. We have to remember that the banks of the West countries receive the huge amounts of money stolen and smuggled by Arab tyrannical rulers. It is strange that Arab writers and media figures who attack the West countries use products made in the West world: cars, cellular phones, telecommunications, PCs, laptops, microphones, etc. If it had not been for the West, the Arabs would have remained as Bedouins in the desert, reciting old poems of bygone glory. By the way, Israel which the Arabs curse every day and night in loud, screaming voices, especially in their mosques, has defeated Arabs in all battles. When reformers emerge among the Arabs and criticize their despicable conditions and explain why the Arabs are defeated during, before, and after each battle, those reformers are accused of siding with the 'enemies' by heaping praise on them instead of cursing them.     

2- We must remember that since the era of the Ottoman sultans until now, we hear within Friday sermons in the mosques of Egypt the supplications offered to the Lord God for the sake of rulers and their military troops so that they would defeat their 'enemies' the 'infidels', enslave their women, and confiscate their money and possessions; such supplications for the sake of tyrants makes them achieve victory only over their nations and never their 'enemies'. Of course, 'Muslim' tyrannical rulers of the past, and of today, steal the money of their nations, make their men rape their victims, and massacre so many people. Yet, such tyrannical rulers of the Arab world impose on their nations to praise and thank them; the armed troops of such tyrants oppress, torture, and rape innocent victims among their nations; nevertheless, instead of expressing fury against such grave injustices, most Arabs channel their fury against the West world, especially Israel and the USA.      

3- Strangely, the Arab nations demand from rulers of the West countries to serve them, as if they were elected by Arabs; the Arab nations forget that presidents of the West countries are elected by their nations to serve and gratify their electors and not any other nations. Instead of serving Arab nations, the Arab rulers tyrannize and oppress their nations; yet, the Arab citizens never demand from Arab tyrants to serve them. Everyone knows that freedom is never granted as a gift; rather, the road to freedom is paved only by bloody struggle and battles; this is the only road to attain freedom from local Arab tyrants in the Arab and 'Muslim' world. Such occupation and oppression by local Arab tyrants will not surrender and go away easily; Arab tyrants know very well that if they give up on anything, they will end up getting dethroned and they might get killed or imprisoned; this is why such tyrants stick to their thrones until they – or rather their nations! – die. This is why the confrontation between the wronged, oppressed Arab nations and Arab tyrants will occur inevitably one day; postponing it will never prevent it or lessen its outcomes; the more such a confrontation is postponed, the bloodier and more difficult it will be. This is because with the passage of time, tyrants are glued to their thrones and commit more injustices, massacres, oppression, smuggling of money, etc. This leads to mass graves for thousands of murdered and tortured victims. The West countries can help oppressed nations to resist tyrants and not to struggle on behalf of dormant nations against Arab tyrants, especially when oppressed Arab nations sing the praises of tyrants and curse the West all the time. We have to remember that the West people struggled for centuries to get rid of the alliance between Catholic clergymen, feudal lords, and tyrannical rulers; of course, until now, thinkers among the cultural elite of the West countries are engaged in an ongoing process of reform; they have managed, in fact, to remove (as much as possible) the negative outcomes of the cruel capitalism; they have fought for the civil rights of colored people and the minorities, and they have sided with the rights of the poor and the workers. This is why we see in the West world organizations which defend and promote human rights, democracy, and transparency outside the West countries; yet, sadly, most Arabs have their own suspicions towards such organizations which seek to help the Arab countries; most Arabs deem such help as part of 'conspiracies' to destroy the Arab world and to meddle in its affairs; such interference is unsettling for Arab tyrants, but Arab citizens assume that their dignity is hurt when non-Arabs speak negatively about enthroned Arab tyrants.   

4- Hence, Arab nations are unjust towards themselves because they accept oppression within submission and weakness, and this has increased the strength of tyrannical rulers. Of course, enthroned tyrants are isolated and never trust anyone inside their nations or outside their nations. Such tyrants feel that their nations hate them and that the West countries despise them. Within such tragedy, misery, and nightmares of the daily life in the Arab world, Arabs channel their fury against reformist thinkers who are frankly talking about weaknesses and faults of Arab nations. Most people forget that reform begins with accurate analysis of what went wrong; this is what we do here within our Quranism website in the midst of thousands of websites and media platforms which praise and flatter Arab tyrants and spread flagrant lies and myths.     

5- The Lord God says in the Quran that we must speak the truth and what pertains to justice even if this goes against our relatives and serves our foes: "O you who believe! Stand firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even if against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, God takes care of both. So do not follow your desires, lest you swerve. If you deviate, or turn away-then God is Aware of what you do." (4:135); "O you who believe! Be upright to God, witnessing with justice; and let not the hatred of a certain people prevent you from acting justly. Adhere to justice, for that is nearer to piety; and fear God. God is informed of what you do." (5:8); "...And when you speak, be fair, even if it concerns a close relative..." (6:152). In our writings, for instance, we have never written anything but known, published, proven, and understood facts about Israel and the terrorist Hamas organization. 



1- The 'sacred' hatred among most Arabs towards the West is due to two main factors: (A) Arab tyrants (or local occupiers!), and (B) the Wahabi culture spread by the terrorist MB organization all over the so-called 'Islamic' world. Both factors exist inside the Saudi kingdom which is the source of Wahabism (the terrorist, extremist trend derived from the Hanbali Sunnite doctrine) and where tyranny reaches the worst levels imaginable. This tyranny is exemplified by the fact that people of Arabia are known as "Saudis" as if they are owned by the Saudi royal family members; this is not to mention the marginalized, oppressed classes among them like Shiites and some tribes near the south borders.  

2- Within the banners of nationalism, some political parties and local armies led the liberation movements in the Arab world to get rid of the foreign occupation; yet, once they reached power, they never left the thrones in the Arab countries; they have maintained through their control of media, mosques, and education the illogical idea that the West world (or colonial powers) are conspiring against the Arab world. This way, enthroned Arab tyrants made their nations channel their hatred and frustration towards the West while overlooking the deep-rooted corruption, tyranny, and failure in the Arab regimes. All mottoes raised by such Arab tyrannical regimes were never realized and they have failed to provide the minimum requirement of a decent standard of living for the youth (they cannot get married, have jobs, etc.). Thus, Arab tyrants fear that such frustrated youths might revolt and rebel against the current regimes; they have to propagate the conspiracy theory that the West (especially Israel and the USA) conspire against the Arab world and must be hated and fought; this way, all fury and frustration would be vented against the West, and all failures of Arab (and 'Muslim') regimes and the injustices they commit would be justified and explained based on such a conspiracy theory. It is as if Arab 'progress' in all fields must be fought and stopped by the 'jealous' West powers!          

3- Despite the political struggle between the military regimes and the power-seeking Wahabis (especially the terrorist MB organization and its overt and covert sub-organizations) in the Arab world, both sides agree on spreading the culture of making the masses hate the West as the cause of all evil and failures. Of course, all Wahabi trends have their political and religious motives for spreading this 'sacred' hatred towards the West; they have revived, in our modern age of human rights and global village, the Middle-Ages culture of European Crusades and the jihadist wars of the Muhammadans, resulting in reviving the Sunnite notion of dividing the world into two camps or territories of war/infidels and of faith/peace. Such Sunnite Salafist/Wahabi ideas of terrorism are still being spread within mosques, media, and educational institutions of the Arab world. Of course, this is done within the framework of the Wahabi aim (or rather illusion) of reviving the so-called 'Islamic' caliphate; such a sick endeavor required from the Wahabis to teach many generations in the Arab world the idea of two territories/camps.    

4- In many cases, the enthroned military tyrants and their foes the power-seeking Wahabis who aim at establishing a theocracy directly coordinated their efforts to spread the culture of the 'sacred' hatred towards the West, under the pretext of 'defending' Islam; both sides vie for showing more appearance of 'piety' before the masses through their herd of clergymen and sheikhs within the media, cyberspace, mosques, and educational institutions. This is why both sides rely on the dominant culture of Sunnite Wahabism, posing as if it were Islam. This is why it is no wonder that Mubarak, the tyrannical military president of Egypt, arrested and tortured some peaceful Quranists; this is because their call for religious reform poses a threat to the roots and the very existence of the Sunnite religion itself. Mubarak fights against the terrorist MB members yet he defends their Wahabi culture, along with his defense minister and the head of Al-Azhar. Within the corrupt culture of the 'sacred' hatred of the West, Quranists, human-rights activists, and NOGs in Egypt are prosecuted and persecuted as paid agents of the West countries which 'conspire' against Egypt!  



  We managed and organized the weekly forum of the Cairo-based Ibn Khaldoun Center every Tuesday from Jan. 1996 to June 2000, and at one time, in 1997, we discussed along with renown Coptic thinkers (namely, Dr. Waseem Al-Sisi, Mr. Ramzy Zaqalama, and Mr. Alfy Anwar Attalla) the intention of some Coptic leaders to establish a Coptic university. We, ourselves, disliked such a project as it will cause more divisions among the Muslim and Coptic Christian Egyptians. Our own suggestion has been to reform education in Egypt, especially the curricula of history, religion, and the Arabic language, as the contents of such curricula widen the division among Egyptians; e.g., the history curricula disregard the Coptic epoch in Egyptian history. Even the men of the Egyptian State Security Apparatus who attended the weekly forums approved of what we proposed. In the Cairo-based left-wing magazine, Rose Al-Youssef, we have published an article about our project to reform religious education curricula in public and Azharite schools, and we have discussed briefly the main ideas of such a project of educational reform and how this will be a major first step to reform Al-Azhar itself. In the very next year, our project of educational reform was prepared and discussed in the Ibn Khaldoun Center and it received a European funding; new, alternative curricula were prepared; we ourselves prepared religious education curricula for all stages of public education; we wrote a screenplay about religious tolerance in the Abbasid Egypt and a screenplay of a documentary movie about how Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt celebrate the birthday of the Virgin Mary in the main church in the district of Old Cairo, as most attendees of such a celebration were Muslims and this means that most of the Egyptian population expressed tolerance towards non-Muslims. We wrote letters about such endeavors within the Ibn Khaldoun Center to the Coptic Orthodox Church, Al-Azhar, the Egyptian ministries of information and education, the Egyptian Parliament, and to leading thinkers and the cultural elite figures in Egypt, seeking discussion and guidance within the framework of our project of reforming education in Egypt. Yet, most people rejected this project and accused our person of being a heretic/infidel who seek to undermine Islam and of being a traitor who betrayed Egypt! We were attacked harshly in many articles in several newspapers. A group of teachers was invited (and paid by the Ibn Khaldoun Center and were given gifts of several books) to a seaside five-star hotel (during their vacation) for several days to attend a seminar to discuss the project of educational reform. Sadly, this ended up in the arrest and imprisonment of the owner of the Ibn Khaldoun Center, Dr. Saad-Eddine Ibrahim, and our seeking political asylum in the USA in 2001, while many Quranists were imprisoned within the second wave of their arrest, as they were found 'guilty' of showing 'contempt' towards Islam! We write this here because this group of teachers never discussed our project of alternative curricula; rather, they insisted on turning the seminar into a trial of our person because of the European funding of the project and the aim behind it! They accused our person and the employees of the Ibn Khaldoun Center of being agents serving the 'conspiring' West countries (especially Israel and the USA) which seek to destroy 'Islam'/'Muslims' and Egypt! We refuted their claims by stressing the following points ad infinitum ad nauseam.                  

1- The funding of the project came from The Netherlands and not from the USA; of course, The Netherlands have no intention to 'destroy' Egypt or any other Arab countries.

2- This funding came as per official agreements made with the Egyptian government which, in its turn, inspects everything about the Ibn Khaldoun Center and tries to find any faults or mistakes to be used as a pretext to close it down; if the funding was a problem, the government would have seized the chance to arrest the employees of the Ibn Khaldoun Center.

3- The Egyptian government receives billions of US$ of foreign funds coming from the USA and other West countries; the Egyptian nation receives very little of such aid and funds; besides, the foreign funds granted in the last decade to human-rights centers which defend Egyptians are less than 0.5% of the foreign funds given to the Egyptian government in one year. Rulers and the affluent upper-class members steal the foreign funds; in contrast, the little foreign funds given to human-rights centers cover the salaries of activists who serve the Egyptian society. The funding of the project of reforming education enabled the Ibn Khaldoun Center to host the group of teachers in 1999.

4- How would such teachers have suspicions concerning the foreign funding or the project aiming at educational reform since this funding came through legal channels, while they disregard hidden Saudi funding which is spent to finance mosques of terrorism in order to spread extremism, fanaticism, obscurantism, and backwardness?! Such Saudi funding is overlooked by the Egyptian government though it will bring about the destruction of the Egyptian society through ignorance, schism and divisions, and armed movements of terrorism which struck Egypt in the 1990s; how come that such teachers would oppose educational reform which is the much-needed remedy to eliminate Wahabi terrorism?!     

5- Where is the conspiracy here? There are no secrets or ulterior motives behind the project of reforming education especially that it is formally discussed and talked about in the open; Al-Azhar and other institutions disregarded the letters sent to them (by the Ibn Khaldoun Center) about the project; besides, the group of teachers came willingly (and were paid handsomely) to the seaside hotel to discuss this project and not to cast doubt on it; where are the signs of a 'West conspiracy' in such a project?! The proposed alternative curricula of religious education are based only on the Quranic values which cope with tolerance and human rights. Where is the 'conspiracy' here against Islam and Egypt?!

6- The foreign funding of the project aims at introducing reform for the sake of our beloved Egypt; why would not this group of teachers condemn billions of US$ of funding stolen by ministers and high-rank people in the Egyptian government? Who are the conspirators here who deserve to be impeached and punished? Why would not such a group of teacher feel furious regarding smuggled money of the Egyptian nation stolen by rulers?!

7- Lastly, why would the USA conspire against Egypt?! The USA may conspire against its peers or its enemies who have equal power and magnitude; the USA does not have to conspire against Egypt since Mubarak obeys the American president blindly and he receives commands from Washington through the phone! Would the USA conspire against Egypt by granting it US$ billions of funds?! Eventually, we grew tired of having to repeat the same points over and over; we looked at this group of teachers with pity, since they are victims of corrupt education and the corrupt culture of conspiracy theories and the 'sacred' hatred towards the West. This event took place in 1999, and sadly, such a corrupt culture has increased and dominated until now. 

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