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The Double Punishment on the Last Day for Clergymen

The Double Punishment on the Last Day for Clergymen   


Published in April 15, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- If we want to give another title to this article that will really reflect the modern reality of today's world, so as to cover and include all man-made religions that have institutions to which people adhere and assume they are mediators between them and Almighty God, this strange and long title would be as follows: (The Double Punishment on the Last Day for Clergymen of Al-Azhar, Imams, Preachers, and Sheikhs of Wahabism, Salafism, Sunnites, Shiites, Sufis, Popes, Cardinals, Ecclesiastics, Priests, and Rabbis and all Clergy Ranks of Christianity and Judaism, and all Clergymen of all Religious Denominations and Institutions Worldwide: Hinduism, Baha'ism, Buddhism, etc.).

2- Of course, all clergymen of all types are human devils who live off misguiding people and telling lies to them; this is a way for their making a living and gain ill-gotten money, and at the same time, they ride backs of people and subdue and control laymen during their lifetimes, while leading them to Hell for eternity, and inside Hell, the clergymen and their followers will curse one another.   

3- In order to preserve with wealth, authority, high-rank positions, and stature, clergymen oppose, fight, oppress, and persecute anyone exposing and undermining them, as all clergy are ignoramuses, and any reformist thinkers refuting and debunking their myths and falsehoods. Thus, clergymen are repelling people away from God's Path, and they maintain and preach misguidance, obscurantism, and ignorance to their advantage. Clergymen, as a type of people, are the catalyst for making many nations on the globe suffer under the yoke of tyranny, because tyrants ride and control clergy who in their turn ride and control laymen and citizens. When clergymen find that their secular ruling tyrants are weak, they readily conspire against them to depose them and rule instead within a Satanist, devilish theocracy, which is a worst type of tyranny in comparison to secular tyrannical regimes.          

4- Clergymen, as a type of people, are the catalyst for making many Muhammadans suffer bloodshed and massacres as well as humiliation, torture, oppression, and suppression in their countries, and outside their countries when they flee as refugees, while finding that even in the West, they have a bad reputation before they come to settle there, thus paying  for the crimes of clergymen for the second time. Clergymen of the Muhammadans cause the Muhammadans to massacre one another and sacrifice their children, whereas clergymen care and fear for their own progeny and prepare them to inherit authority, power, high-rank, and wealth after them. Clergymen never realize that however filthily rich they grow and how much they enjoy luxuries of life, they will leave everything upon their death, to unimaginable torment in Hell for eternity.       

5- Let us examine below what God says in the Quran about their torment on the Last Day.


Firstly: describing clergymen as those who specialize in religions to gain money by misguiding people:

1- There are of course preachers of the Truth who never take money from people at all and never advise people about goodness while not adhering to it themselves; i.e., they call for guidance while they are sticking to guidance, and this applies to messengers and prophets of God who never asked for fees from mortals. Preachers of the Truth follow this example of God's messengers and prophets: "Follow those who ask you of no wage, and are themselves guided." (36:21). In order to make preaching of the Truth would reach all common people, reformists and reformers must join forces with their supporters and stand united together in their peaceful intellectual endeavors, because clergymen and their followers join forces and ally themselves to one another to repel people away from God's Path. Thus, preachers and supporters of the Truth must be united to peacefully face the corruption dominant on earth and to stop religious persecution or all means of compulsion in religion: "As for those who disbelieve, they are allies of one another. Unless you do this, there will be turmoil in the land, and much corruption." (8:73).        

2- This type of sincere true preachers of the Truth has existed before and now; God says the following about them among the ancient People of the Book (i.e. Jews + Christians): "Among the People of the Book are those who believe in God, and in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They are humble before God, and they do not sell God's revelations for a cheap price. These will have their reward with their Lord. God is swift in reckoning." (3:199).

3- There are another type of people who know the Truth but keep it as secret and never talk about it, as they fear other people or care to keep their contacts and relations with the powerful ones in their societies. Those are whom God curses, and good believers curse them as well if they die without telling the Truth outspokenly. As for those among them that repented and declared such repentance in public and apologized for their previous silence, God will accept their repentance: "Those who suppress the proofs and the guidance We have revealed, after We have clarified them to humanity in the Book - those - God curses them, and the cursers curse them. Except those who repent, and reform, and proclaim. Those-I will accept their repentance. I am the Acceptor of Repentance, the Merciful." (2:159-160). 

4- There are those clergymen who spent all their lifetimes until their death in trading with religion to gain authority and ill-gotten money by deceiving the masses and they never repented before they die; their fate in the Hereafter is Hell: "Those who conceal what God revealed in the Book, and exchange it for a small price-those swallow nothing but fire into their bellies. And God will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify them, and they will have a painful punishment. It is they who exchange guidance for error, and forgiveness for punishment. But why do they insist on the Hell-Fire?" (2:174-175).

5- This is the difference between laymen or ordinary common people and those who specialize in religion; the latter have greater responsibility as they must be vociferous and outspoken in telling the Truth; they are constantly on the test in all situations, with the result in the Hereafter: will they be in the highest level of Paradise or the lowest depth of Hell? Those who specialize in religion are of two types: those who hide the Truth and may spread falsehoods and lies instead, and those who are vociferous and outspoken in telling the Truth in public, while adhering to patience and never hiding any Quranic facts or compromise them, while never caring to be blamed by anyone for telling the Truth about God's True Religion. Typically blamers in that case are numerous and they would do their best to terrify preachers of the Truth and feign to worry about them by advising them to tell the Truth partially and not wholly, or vaguely in a roundabout manner instead of lucidly and clearly, to avoid being persecuted by foes and powerful affluent ones. Real preachers of the Truth never care for such ill-advice of blamers, as they are vociferous and outspoken in telling the whole Truth to refute and debunk all myths, falsehoods, and lies of polytheism and to expose the reality of mortal deities. For instance, when we use the Quran as the sole criterion to judge the crime of Arab conquests committed by the so-called 'companions' of the prophet such as Abou Bakr, Omar, and Othman and the crime of Arab civil war committed by other companions like Ali, Mu'aweiya, Aisha, Amr, Talha, and Al-Zubayr, we conclude that such names are the ach-enemies of God, and yet, people for many eras have inherited the traditions to deify and sanctify these mortals. The real preachers of the Truth must be vociferous and outspoken in telling the Truth in public that such historical figures intentionally violated Quranic teachings and disbelieved in the Quran and that they are the arch-enemies of Islam. As for corrupt clergymen, and all clergy are corrupt of course, never care about the Truth within the Quran nor about God's right that entailed to describe such historical figures as enemies of the Quran and to tell people this fact. The reason: because clergymen deify and sanctify such historical figures as immortal deities. Thus, clergymen of the Muhammadans never care about the right of God because they do not dare to disown the so-called companions; instead, they side with the so-called companions and ascribe their crimes to God's religion, as if the Quranic verses were revealed for allowing violence, crimes, massacres, enslavement, looting, and injustices.          

6- There is no room for in-between stances of medial positions here; one is either to deify and sanctify God and side with His Quranic Truth, or to side with the deified mortals who violated the Quranic teachings by their injustices and crimes against people while ascribing their aggression and crimes falsely to the religion of Islam and to God. even hiding this fact from people is prohibited, and those hiding this fact deserve the curse of God in Hell; let alone when hiding the Quranic facts is coupled with repelling people away from God's Path by spreading and propagating falsehoods and lies while ascribing them to falsely to God as well.

7- Common, ordinary people or laymen who do not study religion as their field of specialty include those who seek the Quranic Truth and follow it, whereas others feel content with falsehoods and misguidance and never seek the Truth, and those follow clergymen blindly without thinking, but they are not as sinful as clergymen or as those studying the Quran and hide its facts by never talking about them.   


Secondly: their torment on the Last Day:

1- Because the mission of clergymen is to repel people away from God's Path, the Quran, they are misguided and misguiding and God will render their 'good' deeds and acts of worship as annulled and void, as if never performed at all: "Those who disbelieve and repel from God's path have gone far astray." (4:167); "Those who disbelieve and repel from the path of God-He nullifies their works." (47:1). This is explained further in the following verses: "Those who disbelieve, and hinder from the path of God, and oppose the Messenger after guidance has become clear to them-they will not hurt God in the least, but He will nullify their deeds. O you who believe! Obey God, and obey the Messenger, and do not let your deeds go to waste. Those who disbelieve, and hinder from God's path, and then die as disbelievers - God will not forgive them. " (47:32-34).

2- God will increase their torment in Hell more than other Hell-dwellers: "Those who disbelieve and obstruct from God's path - We will add punishment to their punishment, on account of the corruption they used to make." (16:88).


Thirdly: quarrels of clergymen and their followers in Hell:

1- After all of them are thrown into Hell like sacks of garbage; they will quarrel while being tormented: "Then they will be toppled into it, together with the seducers. And the soldiers of Satan, all of them. They will say, as they feud in it. "By God, We were in evident error. For equating you with the Lord of the Worlds. No one misled us except the criminals." (26:94-99); the equating here reminds us that Muhammadans make their mortal deities like 'companions' as well as imams like Malik, Al-Shafei, Al-Bokhary, etc. as equal to God, and the criminals in 26:99 are misguiding imams and preachers of falsehoods. When they remember the myths of intercessions propagated by preachers of falsehoods and lies, they will say in Hell: "Now we have no intercessors. And no sincere friend. If only we could have another chance, we would be among the faithful."" (26:100-102).  

2- When they are tormented in Hell, the followers of clergymen will curse their clergy superiors and ask God to torment them more as they misguided them as followers: "The Day when their faces are flipped into the Fire, they will say, "If only we had obeyed God and obeyed the messenger." And they will say, "Lord, we have obeyed our superiors and our dignitaries, but they led us away from the way. Lord, give them double the punishment, and curse them with a great curse."" (33:66-68).

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