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Responding to Comments about the Previous Article:
The International Quranic Center Denounces the Arrest of the Yemeni Quranist Writer Mr. Abdul-Wahab Al-Nawary by the Houthis

The International Quranic Center Denounces the Arrest of the Yemeni Quranist Writer Mr. Abdul-Wahab Al-Nawary by the Houthis


Published in March 13, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



 The militias of the Houthis in Yemen have arrested the Quranist thinker and writer Mr. Abdul-Wahab Sinan Al-Nawary, on Tuesday 7th of March, 2017. This arrest occurred within the measures taken by the Houthis to close down all local newspapers, except for two newspapers serving the Houthis, and to quell all human rights centers and organizations in Yemen. It is noteworthy that Mr. Al-Nawary is one of the pioneer Quranists in Yemen and one of the most prominent writers on the Quranism website. In fact, Mr. Al-Nawary  sympathized at first with the Houthis when they declared their intention to adhere to the Quranist trend and described their movement as a 'Quran-based' one. When the Houthis showed their true colors as terrorists who manipulate the name of Islam, Mr. Al-Nawary has criticized them severely in all his articles until they arrested him recently. In fact, Mr. Al-Nawary is incarcerated now while suffering from hepatitis.        


 The International Quranic Center (IQC) denounces in the first place the crime of the Houthis of raising banners of 'Quran-based methodology' and to call their movement and armed militias as 'Quran-based'; this is indeed a very grave insult to the Quran and an enormous effrontery to God's religion of Islam. The IQC denounces in the second place the arrest and incarceration of an ill, unarmed, peaceful, free writer by the militias of the Houthis led by the Shiite  leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi. This free writer, Mr. Al-Nawary,  owns nothing but his pen, and with this pen, he has defeated Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi with the Quranist notions and this Shiite leader could not respond or refute him, thus he used his militias to persecute him. This way, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi has reserved for himself and his family and movement a prominent place in the dustbin of history.  


 There is a huge difference between a free writer and a cowardly ignorant leader; Mr. Al-Nawary is a courageous engaged writer who is devoted to Quranic higher values that match the higher values of all human beings: democracy, human rights, justice, and freedom. Mr. Al-Nawary has written articles to criticize harshly Salafist Wahabis and their enemies the Shiite Houthis at the same time, though he knows that his life is threatened by the Houthis in Yemen. Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi is an ignorant and cowardly leader who is unable to refute views expressed in the writings of Mr. Al-Nawary, and he has no response but to send his militias to arrest and incarcerate Mr. Al-Nawary.


 On our Quranism website, Mr. Al-Nawary has published on 9th of January, 2017 an article titled "Why The Houthis Did not Arrest Me?", here is a quotation of it below.

 (... ... ... ... ...

Secondly: the crisis of the Houthis:

1- The Houthis began their political racist sectarian movement, that seeks attaining and monopolizing power, authority, and wealth, with a very big lie; they described earlier their movement as 'Quranic', and they claimed that they are the owners of an international project that aims at uniting the Islamic nation and preserving its dignity and honor by adherence to the Quran and applying its teachings to the letter. Such claims were proven false soon enough as they adopted contradictory policies and measures contrary to the Quran and this is made clear in their writings.     

2- The Houthis claimed earlier that their vision and measurements are 'Quranic' and that the Quran, God' Word, is the safety valve of the Islamic nation to save it from its weakness and division; yet, at the same time, they propagate falsehoods and lies of ancient Shiite imams whose traditions are inherited from their ancestors, despite the fact that such traditions contradict the Quranic verses.     

3- The Houthis talked earlier about justice, rights, and equality among all human beings and about combatting financial and administrational corruption as well as bribes used to employ underserving people; yet, they talk now in a racist manner about their monopolizing power and authority as their 'divine' right as if they were 'holy' deified creatures. Indeed, they Houthis present Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, the ignorant man who has no university or even high-school degrees, as if he were the shadow of God on earth!    

4- The Houthis chanted slogans within the peaceful Yemeni uprising calling for the toppling of the regime, but they appear now to be one of the tools used by this l'ancien régime to quell its political foes. While the Houthis shouted the slogans of peaceful demonstrations, they were preparing militias of terror and death and recruiting young men within all fronts to join their militias. 

5- The Houthis talked about the universality of the Quranic message and that the 'Islamic' nation should be united without heeding any barriers, borders, or nationalities, because the earth and human beings are God's creation after all; yet, they stubbornly refuse any initiative from the Gulf countries to solve the Yemeni crisis under the pretext that no foreign intervention inside Yemen would be possibly allowed.    

6- The Houthis denounce all statements of the USA and the Gulf countries regarding Yemen, while praising and hailing the statements of Iran, Russia, and Lebanon regarding Yemen. Another contradiction is that the Houthis support the Shiite uprising in Bahrain against the Sunnite regime, whereas they denounce the Syrian uprising against the Shiite President Al-Assad. 

7- The Houthis stubbornly refuse any initiatives from the Gulf countries and their mechanisms, but they would apply some items of those very mechanisms when they feel like it. They would enter into conferences of national dialogues only if such conferences serve their interests. They refuse to stop recruiting young men in their armed militias, and yet they talk of peace. They talk much about the project of a secular rule in Yemen while they are up to their ears in backwardness of Shiite clergymen and notions of theocracy and military rule.  

8- The Houthis make agreements and then breach them suddenly. They denounce terrorist acts of ISIS despite the fact that they are dangerous terrorists themselves and worse that ISIS. The list of contradictions of the Houthis is endless, but I have mentioned enough examples. 

Thirdly: my problem with the Houthis:

1- At first, I joined their movement when I thought that they would adhere to the teachings of the Quran, to serve and support the weak, as they have announced earlier to deceive people, but I discovered from their suspicious situations, deeds, and words that their project is a racist, sectarian, theocratic one that seek power, wealth, and authority at any cost and that their movement is led by business tycoons, warlords, drug-dealers, and traders of weapons and arms.     

2- Thus, I joined their movement or God's sake, but I saw nothing in them but laziness, hatred, treachery, violence, betrayal, envy, belligerence, and polytheism, and I found no solidarity or love toward human beings nor respect for the Quran, God's Word. I discovered also that there is no room in their movement except for Shiites who would blindly follow and obey them.  

3- I have participated in the demonstrations of the uprising in Yemen to topplel'ancien régime after I have struggled peacefully against it for ten years; ironically, I found myself that I was a mere tool for the toppled regime when I joined the Houthis for a while; this is utterly disgraceful and show how much the young men are deceived by the Houthis. 

4- I tried many times to give the Houthis many pieces of advice to reform them and to warn them that their movement is racist and theocratic and not Quranic or Quranist, and they are too far away from the Quranic teachings. I told them that they are marching toward an abyss to their detriment, but they mocked and ridiculed me and then accused me of betraying them by allying myself to their enemies! 

Fourthly: the problem of the Houthis with me:

1- They did not find me a blind follower without brains or mental faculties to repeat their words like parrots; on the contrary, I have criticized many of their ideas, practices, and deeds. They have found out that I am a Quranist who denies all of the so-called hadiths authored by the Sunnites and the Shiites and that I declared in public my hatred and despise of their racism.  

2- They have failed to drive me to run away to another governorate, filled with terrorists, to get rid of me, and their conspiracies against me failed within my governmental job and within my intellectual peaceful struggle. Praised be the Lord who says in the Quran: "...As for those who plot evil, a terrible punishment awaits them, and the planning of these will fail." (35:10).

3- My intellectual peaceful struggle and movement for enlightenment and raising awareness of people made the Houthis assume that I have my own secret movement against them, especially when I have written a booklet that summarizes Quranist trend, titled "The Best of Discourse", but I have changed the title later on to be "Islam and the Reality of the Nation". Indeed, I have launched many campaigns and mottoes against the Houthis undermining their ideology such as (Down with sectarianism!), (Down with theocracy!), and (Cursed be religious terrorism!), (Down with all doctrines!), (All hadiths are authored by ancient Israelites!), and (Discard all Sunnite and Shiite hadiths!).  

4- They have failed to buy me with money, as they attempted to bribe me many times to leave Quranist trend and join their false Shiite religion, but I refused. Their intimidation of me and their terrorism also never had any effect on me, as nothing in the world would entice me to leave the only true religion of God: Quranism.  

5- The Houthis could not assassinate me because fingers of accusation would be promptly pointed at them if they do it. I do not think that they would dare to arrest and incarcerate me, because they would fear that my incarceration would bring more media attention to the religion they fear: Quranism, the only true religion of God that threatens their Shiite religion and their political ambition of establishing a Shiite theocracy in Yemen. 


  The Quranist trend of thought is the source of power and steadiness in making Quranist Yemenis facing the terrorist militias of the Houthis and bearing patiently with them, because if the terrorist Salafist Wahabi organizations would reach power in Yemen, they will not have mercy on Yemenis without respect to either kinship or agreements.)


 We assert here the following points:

1- Now that the Houthis have arrested Mr. Al-Nawary, they have unknowingly allowed the chance for the Quranist trend to spread more in Yemen.

2- We can safely boast that we announce the glad tidings of the victory of Mr. Al-Nawary, and the defeat, shame, and disgrace of the Houthis.  

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