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Commenting on the third arrest of the Islamic writer: Reda Abdel-Rahman on:
(And whoever acquires iniquity is only gaining it upon himself), (and do not burden one person’s load with the load of another)

Commenting on the third arrest of the Islamic writer: Reda Abdel-Rahman on:

(And whoever acquires iniquity is only gaining it upon himself), (and do not burden one person’s load with the load of another)

Ahmed Subhi Mansour on Saturday 19 September 2020

Commenting on the third arrest of the Islamic writer: Reda Abd al-Rahman Ali

First: The kidnapping of the hostages between El-Sisi and the gangs of Colombia and Mexico

1 - The civilized world is proud that it has a state of law and order, in which no one is above the law, and one of the foundations of the law for them is that no one is punished with a crime other than his, meaning that the criminal is only responsible for his crime. As for those who did not participate in the crime, they are not to be blamed or punished, meaning that the children or relatives of the criminal are not to be held accountable.

Rather, the (respectable) American mafia gangs in their wars among themselves have put in place a law that is not to harm the family, meaning that the family, wives and buildings remain separate from these wars. The drug cartels in Colombia and Mexico abandoned this way. In their wars among themselves, they kill the children of their opponents and take them as hostages.

2 - Worse than the gangs of Mexico and Colombia is the eastern despot. He thrives on terrorizing, frightening and terrifying the people. If the mafia of Mexico and Colombia are fighting with each other and with the police and all of them carry weapons, then the eastern despot is the one who monopolizes arms and confronts the defenseless people with it.

He uses the army and the security services against those he considers his opponents and adopts a policy of taking hostages. If an innocent person escapes from their oppression, they will take his mother or his sons as hostages so that the innocent will come to surrender to them.

3- In a tyrant’s state, you see wonders. He monopolizes wealth, squanders it and smuggles it abroad, and borrows billions at the expense of future generations of the people. He establishes luxurious cities and palaces, and at the same time pursues the poor with taxations and demolishes their homes over their heads, and whoever objects, his fate is imprisonment and misery.

The army’s job is to protect the homeland, and the police’s job is to protect the citizens, but the eastern despot owns the army and the police, and triumphs over the defenseless people. Nevertheless, he lives in terror of defenseless people, haunted by the nightmares of his victims

Because of his fear, his repression increases, and with the increase in repression, fear increases, so he resorts to more repression and fear increases, and thus it revolves in a vicious circle from fear and terror to repression and injustice until it ends up as it did with Saddam and Gaddafi, and a new regime comes that may be like the old one or worse. And the homeland remains in seas of blood.

4- To avoid this, we seek a peaceful solution, to prevent the bloodletting of the criminals and the innocents alike, because the victims of sedition and unrest are most of the weak and oppressed people on earth. War is the worst solution, even if it is a solution. The lesson is not to isolate the tyrant, but the solution is to teach the people the culture of democracy before the establishment of democracy.

This is the democratic transition, and it takes at least a generation. But the tyrant denies freedom of speech and pursues those who disagree with him in opinion even if they - like us - are peaceful reformers who do not look for the vanity of this world.

5- There is no hope for the progress of any country that prevents freedom of expression and freedom of religion, no matter how many faces of rulers, it will remain in corruption, enslavement and exclusion because its people are not ready for democracy, have not learned it in educational institutions and have not practiced it in freedom of expression. Therefore, I wrote Sisi calling for the release of political prisoners and the resort to peaceful reform to avoid bloodshed, in exchange for him and his descendants ruling an entire generation.

He must begin with a constitutional legislative reform that affirms absolute freedom for all, in religion, in belief, advocacy and worship, and prohibits in advance any legislation that goes after freedom of expression in all its forms, with democratic and educational reform and the transformation of Al-Azhar into a non-governmental civil society, thus preparing Egypt for a democratic transformation that will bear fruit after half a century, and by doing so, Sisi will enter history. I knew that he would not, but I wrote it to be a witness against him, in history and on Judgment Day.

6- Most of my writings are against the priesthood in the earthly religions of the Mohammedans that falsely bear the name of Islam. Religious political organizations aspiring to rule (such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the like) oppress the people and the Lord of the people, so the attack is focused on them, and a little attack comes at secular tyrants who only oppress people but do not justify their crimes by claiming that they speak for Islam.

If I were content with attacking the Muslim Brotherhood without attacking the secular tyrants, I would have  been among the lucky ones, but the one who works in Islamic reform does not sell himself to human beings, for he has already sold himself to the Lord of mankind.

7 - My attack on Al-Sisi is not personal, rather because of my concern for him and to avoid spilling of blood. I was rewarded by him, by arresting some of my family members in 2015, including Mr. Reda Abdel-Rahman, then he re-arrested Mr. Reda Abdel-Rahman and is still in detention. By taking my family members as hostages to take revenge against me, he thus surpassed the gangs of Colombia and Mexico in crime


a Quranic view on this topic

  • The Holy Qur’an - which the Muhammedans disbelieve in - preceded East and West  in the principle that the criminal bears alone the consequences of his crime, and it is strictly forbidden for the innocent to bear the burden of a crime he did not commit.

2- This came in a law consisting of seven words, the Almighty ,the Exalted said: (And whoever gains  a sin, he will gain it upon himself) (111) An-Nisa '). Only the one who gains a sin or a crime is to be blamed and no other person is to be blamed.

3-This came in a law consisting of (five) words, which are: (And do not visit a burden on another one). Because of its importance, it was repeated five times in the Holy Quran. God Almighty said:

1/3: (And every soul does not gain except for itself, and no one carries the burden of another) (164) An'am)

2/3: Whoever is guided, he is guided for himself, and whoever goes  astray, he goes astray against it, and no one should be burdened with any other’s. ”(15) Israa)

3/3 : (Thou shall not burden a soul with someone else’s burden,  if a  heavy laden soul is called to carry its load, none shall be carried by another, even if he was a  close kin) (18)Fater

4/3 : (If you disbelieve, then God is in no need of you, He is never  pleased with His creation’s  disbelief, and if you are grateful, then He is pleased with you, and never burden a soul with someone else’s burden)(7)-Az-Zumur

5/3 : (Was he not told about the content in Moses’s papers (36) and Abraham, who delivered his message (37), that you should not burden a soul with someone else’s burden (38)).

In other words, this law came in the book of Abraham and the book of Moses, peace be upon them both, before the revelation of the Noble Qur’an.

4- This is reinforced by his saying of the Most High on the Day of Resurrection: (And they shall carry their misdeeds on their backs, woo to them their misdeeds (31) anam). So the wrongdoer will come on the Day of Resurrection, carrying his own misdeeds, no one will help him, and no one will bear his sins. There is an Egyptian proverb, telling the criminal (lift and carry), that is, what you carry is on your own back.

5-He, Revered and Exalted, revealed the following rules in successive verses:

5/1: Whoever sincerely seeks forgiveness for his sin, God Almighty will forgive him: (And whoever does evil or wrongs himself and then asks God for forgiveness will find God Forgiving, Most Merciful) (110) Annisaa

5/2: Crime is personal and only the criminal bears responsibility for it: (Whoever gains a sin is only gaining against himself . And God was Knowledgeable, Wise (111) Women)

5/3: Fabricating charges against the innocent is a major crime, that is, they conspire against the innocent and fabricate charges accusing him of conspiracy to punish him unjustly.( Women 112 )>

 Those who fabricate accusations against us and others are committing an evident sin, but only they bear the responsibility, not their children and relatives.


This is a warning to the unjust arrogant, because we fear for them

May be and perhaps, they might heed

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