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A great German Muslim, God bless him!


I have received this important letter. It says:

(I am a German citizen. I converted to Islam in 1991, and now I'm 59 years old. I am a physician and since 1988 have my own general practice. I earn well, my wife is from Morocco,   I have been successful in my life. God has filled both my hands
and even more. Now I write you in the month of Ramadan as I work with the Quran again.

During the later years I have become more and more worried because the
general attitude to Moslems has turned worse and worse every year. And
let me tell you something: I can't even criticize people for not
respecting Islam. 
Of course there is the normal racism. All most all Muslims in Germany
are immigrants, and so of course have black hair and brown skin and
are, in the eyes of many people, "no real Germans". I'll agree to that.
But when we consider the very successful integration of the "boat
people" from Vietnam many years ago, then these people are also not
looking like Germans. But they actually learned to speak German very
fast and Germany hat virtually no problems of integrating them in the
society. With Turks and Arabs this is another thing. They keep to
themselves and have nothing to do with other Germans. Of course one
will be able to live with that, so long as those people work, care for
themselves and behave according to the law. But here is the next
problem. They are over proportionally criminal. Honor killings,
membership in terroristic organizations, and lately all the bombs that
have been laid everywhere. People start to not like Turks and Arabs at
all, even when they behave well and are good and honorable citizens. We
have a new political party in Germany "Alternative für Deutschland"
that has as one of the main topics on their agenda "to forbid Islam".
They are quite popular. I think 20% of the population is going to vote
for them by the next election. These are the normal problems found in
every western country, presumably it will not be different in the USA.
But there are other things too. I used to pray in a Moroccan mosque
many years. We have had quite a successful development of Islam in my
city, Wuppertal (a city of about 350,000 inhabitants just south of the
Ruhr Industrial Area). Beginning with one single mosque in 1991 as I
became a Muslim, there are now more than 10. Most of them are Turkish,
but at least three are Arabic (Moroccan). Now as the years pass by,
more and more young Muslims do speak a very good German and they have
started to give lessons about Islam in the mosque. That is only a
natural thing to do.
You must however consider me having been praying 5 times a day since
several years, reading the Quran, I have been on Hadj to Mecca together
with my wife, I spend enough money for good purposes. I have tried to
be a good Muslim. Now for the first time, I go to the mosque and hear
the translation of the qutba. What kind of things do they want us to
do? What do they want us to believe?
Music of every kind is haram! They even try to prove this with the
Quran. This is definitely not so. No way. They proof is ridiculous. I
admit that I am quite a good jazz musician, I play saxophone and
clarinet. Where I play, the audience normally likes me. But this is not
the reason why I say, music is halal. It is because of these really
far-fetched proofs the Sunnis try to make. It's not only about music.
They doubt if it is at all allowed for a Muslim to eat with knife and
fork. And if a Muslim does so, then he must hold the fork in the right
hand, and consequently hold the knife in the left. I refuse to do that.
It is unnatural.
If the prophet has said that we should eat with our right hand (and I
severely doubt that he ever said anything like that in a law-making
manner) then this only proves that he had a good upbringing and wanted
to instruct some kid about good manners. In no way is it so that people
who hold the fork in the right hand will be treated differently on the
day of judgement than people who hold it left. The quran is dealing
with problems on a totally different level.
As we visited my father in Denmark (he is now dead), then he had cooked
chickens for us, since he knew very well that we don't eat pork. My
wife refused to eat it. She doubted that it had been killed in the
sunni way. I said, it doesn't matter at all what's in the dish. The
Quran tells us, in the very last Sura that was revealed (al-maida),
that the food of the people of the book is halal for us and our food is
halal for them. I even showed her this in the quran. She didn't eat it.
Now these are only very few examples of my problems with Islam. I think
I would be able to live with it, if it must be. But the heaviest thing
is still to come. Namely following:
Since I am a doctor, a general practitioner, I see a lot of people
every day (50, 60, 70...). We are three colleagues working together. I
seem to attract a lot more foreigners than the others. These are not
all Muslims. There are also Catholics from Sicilia, Hindus from Sri
Lanka, various Christians from Congo, Togo, Nigeria. But the majority
actually is Muslims. From Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt, Somalia,
Eritrea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bosnia, you name it.
Since I have been doing this job for almost 30 years I have had time
enough to watch families and their members. And one thing is for sure,
the more religious a Muslim is, the less success does he have in
society. He will have a lesser education, earn less money, live in a
poorer apartment (buying a house will not be possible for him) and his
children will be more likely to become drug abusers or criminal. There
is no doubt about it: The more Muslim you are, the more failure in life
you have.
Now this is quite opposite from what I have experienced myself. I am
very successful. Allah has found me as a drunkard with debts and all
sorts of problems. After I converted to Islam I have gained money and
had success in all things in life. For me there is no doubt: If you
live a clean and correct life you will probably have success in most
So I started, many years ago, to analyze, where the problem is. And I
soon came to the conviction that the problems have to do with the
Sunna. Particularly as I studied the history of Spain, the Caliphate of
Cordoba, it became obvious to me that things were running smooth as
long as people didn't know about Sunna. As the Sunna came to Spain in
about 900 a.D. the Muslims lost all they had and finally they were
thrown out in 1492. People like Averroes got their books burned, you as
a professor know all about that.
So there is no doubt that the quran is good and the Sunna (hadith) is
bad. I have been looking for someone who has this attitude. And of
course I have found some.  
So far as I can see you have all the time been doing the job that
someone should have done a long time ago.
This was a very short version. It has already become a long email, but
I could have written it ten times as long because my head is full of
the frustration I feel.)


 Dear Brother in Islam

It is good news to hear from you. Please forgive my maimed English.  

You are absolutely right; the problem is not in the religion of Islam, it is in the Sunna, the human made religion of Sunna. Islam is just orders (commandments) to do and not to do. Humans are free to obey and to disobey these orders and they will be responsible before Allah in the Day of Judgment according to their belief and deeds in this life. The early famous companions of the prophet Mohamed ( named the righteous kalifates )  had violated the peaceful nature of Islam and conquered and occupied other nations , establishing their mighty empire according to culture of the Middle ages which contradicts the real Islamic Jurisprudence. To justify the crime of the so – righteous Kalifates, the next generation invented a ( Shareeah ) by fabricating saying and attributed them to the Prophet Mohammed two centuries and more after his death. This is the birth of the human made religion of Sunna. There are also Shiite human made religion and the Sufi human made religion , but the Sunni religion is more fanatic and more dangerous. By the Saudi family, the new version of Sunni religion has appeared under the name of Wahhabism. It belong to the most fanatic school of Sunni religion, which appeared in Abbasy Kalifate ( The Hanbali school ). Wahhabism has revived this vicious trend in our modern time, making it represent the religion of Islam. By the Saudi oil and wealth, the Saudi crown family has spread its vicious Wahhabism under the name of Islam and spreading chaos and bloodshed everywhere.  Wahhabis has many secret and public organizations, like Muslim brothers, Hamas and Al Qaeda. As usual they may fight each other for power and wealth. The Quranic trend was born in Egypt as a good reaction against Wahhabism. We have suffered five waves of arrest in Egypt since 1987 to 2015.

Again, it is wrong to call those people Muslims, they are Sunni, and represent the Sunni human made religion, not Islam. In my belief, Germany and Western countries are the nearest to the real Quranic Jurisprudence, while the Middle East countries are the ardent enemy to Islam.  We have approved it in our Ahl Al Quran site in its Arabic and English section.


It is painful to see those Sunni people tarnishing our beloved religion of Islam.

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