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(Communities of the Qur'an," March 10-11, 2016)
My speech in Huston conference

My name: Sheikh Ahmed Subhy Mansour , the founder of the Qiranic trend, and the president of the IQC.

My sincere appreciation to : Rice University, (Boniuk Inst,  Communities of the Qur’an, Emran El-Badawi, Paula Sanders. Thank you for inviting me. Dear Colleges, brothers and sisters, God bless all of you and yours. Jazakom Allaho khayran .

Please forgive my maimed English. I am full of Arabic language. I usually say : My first language is Arabic , my second language is Arabic , my tenth language is Arabic , but my eleventh language is English.

Please visit our website Ahl Alquran to know about us.

In few lines, please let me say:


 Our belief:


1 - We believe in the Quran and nothing but the Quran . The Prophet Mohamed was ordered to follow the Quran alone and to uphold the holy Quran alone (43/ 43). We believe in the Holy Quran as the only hadeeth: (45 / 6) (7 /185) (77/ 50).


 2: According to the Quran, we keep the five daily prayers, fasting Ramadan, giving alms and doing pilgrimage to the only sacred Mosque of Allah in Mecca and uphold the Islamic values of peace, justice, freedom, tolerance and respecting human rights and human dignity.  


3: Believing in Allah, the Creators, the only God means to reject idolizing any human being, including the Prophet Mohamed himself. We reject idolizing the Prophet Mohamed, making pilgrimage to the so called his tomb, reject the fabrications about his intercession in the Day of judgement , making him better than other prophets ,and the false sayings and the false shareeah attributed to him after centuries of his death.


 4 - We reject idolizing the so called the (Righteous Khalifates). They used the name of Islam in invading other nations, occupying their lands, stealing their wealth and enslaving siblings and raping their women. This contracted the Islamic values of peace, mercy, justice, freedom and human dignity. It contracted the real character of the Prophet Mohamed mentioned in the Quran. Allah said in chapter 21, verse (107): (And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.).  He was sent with the Quran as a mercy for the entire world, not to terrorize the entire world.


5-: We reject idolizing the sacred scriptures of Muslims written in the Abbasied ear. We do not accept them as a part of Islam. These scripters belong to their writers in that time. These scriptures reflect the culture of their time and have nothing to do with Islam and its real jurisprudence..


 Our work


  1:  We understand The Quran according to its unique Arabic terminology. The Quranic terminology is so different from Muslim terminologies. Over centuries, there are different terminologies. Sunni religion has its terminology and so has the Shiites, the Sufism. Even, there are different terminologies over Muslim history.  For example, there is a big difference between the language of Al Tabai, the great historian in Iraq in the third century of Al Hijra and the Egyptian historian Ibn Iyas in the tenth century. Without understanding these different Arabic terminologies it is difficult to know the religion of Islam and Muslim history and Muslim traditions.

  2 : Accordingly, we make a solid distinction between the religion of Islam and Muslims. Islam is presented by the Holy Quran only. It is orders to do or not to do. Briefly in the Ten Commandments in chapter 6, verses 151 to 153. People have the absolute freedom to obey or to disobey the religion of the Almighty, the Creator. So, Muslims have their human history, human civilization and, human tradition. Some of them are good and other are bad. There is no problem here. It is a disaster when Muslims idolize some parts of their history and idolize some of their khaliates and their scholars and Imams. It is a disaster to fabricate sayings ( Hadeeths ) and attribute them to the Prophet Mohamed two centuries and more after his death. By these fabrications Muslim have different human made religions, Sunni, Shiites and Sufi religions.  


Our mission


Reform Muslims peacefully from within their own religion, undeceive them and wage peaceful  war of ideas against the terrorists who are hijacking the religion of Islam and tarnishing its name.


Our rules 

In doing our intellectual peaceful mission, we uphold these Quranic rules:

1- We do not impose ourselves or our school of thought on others.

2 – We do not assume the possession of the Absolute Truth in religion. We await the judgement Day when The Almighty Allah judges us and others. 

3 – We respect the freedom of others in matters of religion (tenets, faith, rituals, preaching, and call). Every human has an absolute freedom in religion and will be responsible for before Allah. It is NOT among the missions of the Islamic state to guide people in matters of faith and to make then enter Paradise; rather, its real mission is to protect people and serve them.

 4 – We do not ask donations from people, we also do not refuse any help and appreciate it.

5 – We forgive those who persecute us, for the sake of Our Lord, Allah.



Why we are the solution in this time


1 – Terrorists who are called Islamists are threatening the human civilization and the entire world. It is impossible to defeat them by military only. If you kill all the terrorists and leave their religious culture working, this religious culture will – quickly – create millions of ardent terrorists eager to revenge. You have to wage war of ideas against them using the qualified sincere Muslim scholars.

We have thirty years expertise in war of ideas. We are so successful that the only way our enemies have is to persecute us. We are very poor but by our bare hand still waging this war of ideas making a real positive change in Muslim World. We are so poor that are unable to build a small mosque for us. We are so poor that we cannot pay for this brilliant Egyptian scholar Ahmed Fathy, who translates some of my books ( one of them is : Cursed religion of ISIS ) and about one hundred of my articles. We are very poor but we have many proposals that can make the US defeat ISIS and other terrorist organizations. We usually cry for serving the US in this war against terrorism m but no one cares. Please do not ask me why.


Thank you .  God bless you and yours.  Jazakom Allaho khayran 

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