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My speech in the Conference of Writers in Norwich

My name: Salah Elnagar , I am Egyptian Writer , I have been here in The UK 10 Months , and I went many cities like London , Birmingham , Ipswich and finally Norwich . I have been in Norwich 5 Months.

I came here as Refugees, I have persecution in Egypt Because What I believe, a writer, political demonstrations against the government in addition to I am very Related to  

Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour is an Egyptian American activist, whose website describes him as anIslamic scholar with expertise in Islamic historyculturetheology, and politics. He founded the small Egyptian Quranists sect that is neitherSunni nor Shia, was exiled from Egypt, and lives in the United States as a political refugee.

Quranism describes any form of Islam that accepts the Quran as revelation, but rejects the religious authority, and or authenticity of the Hadith collections. Quranists follow the Quran alone. They believe that its message is clear and complete, and that it can therefore be fully understood without referencing the Hadith. They claim that the Hadith literature was forged, as it had been written 250 years after the death of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


I went to many cities in UK, but I found myself here In Norwich which is my homeland.


I stayed three months in Ipswich alone, the walls of my room were my friends, my morning was like night and my night was like morning, my days seemed like years and I hoped to be busy even if for one hour. Then I moved to Norwich and I have so many activities in new routes, the university of UEA, arts and English courses. I have so many projects ( Home and another), conferences inside and outside Norwich in addition to my great project ( writing many articles and poems) plus I have so many friends which I don't know how many ?! Outside and inside Norwich. Sometimes I haven't time to sleep. Unwelcome ideas wake me up me in my sleeping and race in my dreams and this is what I want. I totally believe and accept the example which says (the patience is the key of happiness).


I cannot forget the trip which came back me the life again. I had painful and bitter experience with the boat and the sea, my mind shook and my body shuddered! The arduous trip to the English Channel between France and England.


My third meeting with the boat andwater was during my trip in the town of Beccles, but this time was completely different from what came before. This time I was a welcome guest, the boat crew welcomed us with smiles and great interest. Their smiles were like bandages and medicine for my injuries and pain. My patience was not in vain and the seeds were planted, buds and flowers began to bloom, my future began to appear through the fog of persecution. Light was finally visible after the long night. I concealed my tears in my eyes, drew a smile on my lips and turned my head to the window of the boat so my emotion. I felt the spirit of the writer enter me once again, the buds of creativity beginning to flourish, enabled by the fertile lands of freedom and safety here in the UK.


After this trip I decided to come back to write again and make project my book which is title “This is what I Saw, The adventure of a refugee. I wrote many articles, some of them were publishing in magazines and another wait. And what I wrote about Humans are social beings, and contact with others is one of the most important bases of human life. The acquisition of knowledge, experience and culture only occurs by contact with one another and interaction between communities. This principle is advocated by civil and religions structures alike.

we are all equal brothers and sisters, and the Lord has made us differ in colours and languages in order to learn about each other, not to fight and destroy each other. The interface of cultures is what drives us onwards, towards the horizons of the mind, and affirms our humility.


‘Some of us rank themselves above others,’ ‘based on colour, wealth, power and social class, but the true classification is one’s righteousness.’ The most honoured those who are most righteous. Righteousness is a consistency in doing good deeds that benefit society. True Rightness is meaning how to live with tolerance and love.



Do not let anything stop you

Each imposed unacceptable....Prove to the world that you exist is

Each imposed unacceptable.... Prove to the world that you exist is

Do not let anything stop you.... Do not let life lock you up

Close the door of your sorrow fully

Open the door of opportunity and keep on working hard

The whole thing is to exert some effort

Do not let fear steal the innocence of your soul, imprison its determination and courage, and destroy ambition and power…..and control you

Your human inner strength will overcome the obstacles of life

You can make it straight if it is tended,,,
You can beat it,,,, Power is always in your hands

Do not let anything stop you.... Do not let life lock you up

Close the door of your sorrow fully

Open the door of opportunity and keep on working hard

The whole thing is to exert some effort


Thank so much for your listening


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