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We said it before:

We said it before:

 Crying Over the Ruins of Homeland

Was published in Arabic in November, 26, 2006

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


 The Iraqis kill one another by their own hands with cold blood, as well as by the hands of Iranians, Syrians, and the rest of the Sunnite and Shiite Muhammadans. Since the American invasion of Iraq, the number of victims of the civil strife in Iraq has reached 700.000 killed ones and more than ten millions of injured ones and refugees. The Iraqi nation is moving slowly but steadily in the path of painful slow suicide!


 The Palestinians kill one another by their own hands with cold blood, as well as by the hands of Israelis. The reason: the Palestinians believe in the impossible zero-equation: it is either us or them to exist. The equation of either…or cannot be applied in this transient world; rather, it will be amply applied in the Day of Resurrection: one is going to dwell eternally wither in Hell or in Paradise, with no medial position. God says in the Quran: "…a group in the Garden, and a group in the Furnace." (42:7). Such an equation cannot be applied in life, especially in politics, where options should be galore according to the conditions and balances. Prophet Muhammad held a peace treaty with the warring Qorayish tribe at one time. If any peace treaty is contracted now between Israel and the Arabs, countess people would accuse all parties of betrayal and prostrating before or bending over to the Zionist/Crusade enemy! Yet, let us remember that God in the Quran sees that a peace treaty is a victory. The Quran seems not to be sufficient for the misguided who do not desire to repent and live peacefully. The misguided must first be convinced that they need guidance and seek it solely in the Quran alone. Once this is done, guidance will take place miraculously via the Quran alone. As for those who insist on being misguided, by seeking guidance elsewhere away from the Quran, they have cast a veil around their minds and hearts that will never allow their guidance and repentance. In terms of sharia law in Islam, the Palestinians ought not to fight Israelis because they cannot cope with ultra-modern arms used by the Israeli army. Likewise, the early Muslims in Mecca and Yathreb could not fight at the time of Prophet Muhammad at first. God has ordered them in the Quran to be patient and not to fight until they are strong enough to defend themselves and ward off any assaults. When they became ready, Quranic verses that orders defensive attacks were revealed. If the Palestinians would strive peacefully to adopt peaceful resistance without bloodshed and without violence, they would have attained the support of the international community, a Palestinian state, and the support of Israeli parties that aim at peaceful coexistence with Arabs, in a similar way in the USA and EU communities that help Arab immigrants. The Israelis and the Palestinians can live in peace together, especially that generations of Israelis were born in Israel and earned the right to live in it like the Palestinians. Yet, the dominant religious culture has led to the zero-equation in transient politics in how the Palestinians deal with Israel. Such dominant erroneous culture has convinced the Palestinians to fight until the end – their end. This fruitless armed strife has been turned into a creed that leads to the killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians. The result: the Palestinians have turned into an isolated armless nation divided into militias and leaderships fighting fruitlessly the most powerful military power in the Middle East. The Palestinians are losing daily souls, injured, houses, and infrastructure. The Palestinians cannot stop or retreat. They are losing international interest and support daily because they are refusing compromises and possible settlements/solutions. Later on, the Palestinians regret lost chances after it is too late. All this is due to sticking to the zero equation instead of reasonable policies. That is why the Palestinians applause the empty and useless rhetoric of the speeches of the leaders of Hamas and Fatah movements. The Palestinian nation is moving slowly but steadily in the path of painful slow suicide!


 The Lebanese nation is ready to walk the same path leading to self-destruction: after 15 years of civil war that ruined everything in Lebanon, today's Lebanese citizens are on the brink of another civil strife because of Hezbollah, the Syrians, and the Iranians. Hezbollah from the very beginning has added the so-called sanctity over the zero equation of either…or. They claim erroneously that they are literally, the ''party of Allah''! As if the others are the party of the devil or Satan. Since the end of the civil war, Hezbollah has spread economically and militarily inside Lebanon, recruiting many youths ready to fight. Hezbollah is the organization financed and directed by Iran to embezzle Egypt, the Gulf monarchies, the USA, and the West in general. Hezbollah will be an active agent if civil strife breaks out once again in Lebanon among rivaling factions and parties that hate one another. The West countries and the USA can no longer sacrifice their soldiers in Lebanon after the horrible experience of the Iraqi quagmire. They will not interfere in Lebanon. This will give Israel the chance to interfere in Lebanon so as to deter Iran and Hezbollah and prevent them from invading the entirety of Lebanon. Syria might interfere willingly or unwillingly by its military. The Egyptian regime might toy with the possibility of interference. The Lebanese land and people will pay the price dearly in such a case. The Lebanese nation is moving slowly but steadily in the path of painful slow suicide!


 The situation is not less volatile in Egypt, Sudan, Arabia, and North Africa, where the zero equation of negating the other is spread in their regimes and even the opposition political movements. Meanwhile, these regimes suffer from political impasse: no shared authority and successors of presidents' progeny get ready to take over thrones of rule, maintaining the status quo. This is just postponing the forth coming inevitable outbreak of revolts or revolutions that will gain momentum due to the spread of injustice, indignity, and corruption for decades in Arab countries that have reached unimaginable levels! Such Arab nations are moving slowly but steadily in the path of painful slow suicide!



 Such Arab nations are certainly moving slowly but steadily in the path of painful slow suicide; yet, they never care for such a critical issue. They are more concerned with a matter of life and death to them: the hijab! It is as if the so-called hijab, which is never part of real Islam (i.e. the Quran) by the way, is more important than bloodshed in Iraq, which does not deserve our concern. It is as if the so-called hijab is more important that Palestinian victims and the dismal abyss to which Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Arabia, and North Africa are moving. All these matters are not important to Arabs in comparison to the cursed hijab that is to be preserved and maintained as headwear for women!


 The term (veil) i.e. hijab in Arabic in the Quranic terminology does not signify any dress code for women or men. It has nothing to do with women at all. The term in the literal sense means simply a curtain, screen, or paravent about addressing a speech to Muhammad's wives: "…And when you ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a screen…" (33:53). The non-literal or figurative sense of the term is the figurative curtain, barrier, or cover that prevents the mind and heart from understanding the Quran using the mental faculties. This applies to today's extremists among the Muhammadans who refuse to admit that the Quran is sufficient to believers and insist on ignoring it in favor of personal whims in ancient tomes of theology. "When you read the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And We drape veils over their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion." (17:45-46). This barrier prevents the Muhammadans from declaring the fact that the Quran is enough. Reviewing 24:31 and 33:59, the verses that mention pieces of advice concerning women dress code, we perceive that God does not mention anything about hair of women. A Muslim woman can get out of her house without any headwear, and before men in her house and in the street, and she can pray with no headwear whatsoever. All body parts that we wash up in performing ablution before prayers can be revealed during prayers. This applies to men and women. These parts include hair on one's head. Yet, a woman ought to fully cover her breasts and legs during prayers. One cannot prohibit something that is not prohibited in the Quran. This is blasphemy and deification of mortals or self-deification; no mortal can add a single letter to the Quranic sharia or verses. Yet, this has been going on for centuries by the Muhammadans past and present; they assume falsely that a woman should cover her hair always before all men and in prayers. This is an old Jewish and pagan habit that has nothing to do with Islam. However, the Muhammadans have no qualms whatsoever to allow things prohibited by the Quran: worship and deification of the dead, tombs, mausoleums, saints…etc. this is polytheism. Headwear for both women and men has become a means to deceive and be hypocritical. The Muhammadans do not care for the spread of fornication as long as the hypocritical veil and full veil (niqab) are widespread like an epidemic. That is because these are the signs that have political bearing and signify the influence of Wahabi clergymen on ordinary people who would accept anything else among the false notions of the Sunnite creed. Thus, their hearts will be veiled against knowing the truth in life and in the Quran until their countries are destroyed and ruined one day!


If any woman wants to wear the headdress (the veil or scarf) or the niqab, she is free to do so BUT she is not allowed to ascribe such a practice to Islam or to make it an act of worship. Real Islam is peace and monotheism and piety. A woman, and a man, ought to make sure she shuns all polytheistic practices and notions. Piety entails a clear alert conscience in dealing with people justly. A true believer cannot ascribe lies and falsehoods (like the headwear of veils and scarves and the niqab) to Islam.  The scarves and veils and the niqab are used to cover hypocrisy, immorality, unethical dealings, injustice, corruption, terrorism, murders, and lack of conscience in the societies of the Muhammadans. Why do not they fight such things? They are facing inevitable mass destruction due to all these things by their own hands and other foreign hands as well!


Because the Muhammadans ascribe falsehoods and lies to Islam, they are tormented in this life, before the Afterlife. This is watched in daily news covering Arab countries. God does not destroy villages and cities unless they are unjust. "Your Lord would never destroy the towns wrongfully, while their inhabitants are righteous." (11:117). God warns us in the Quran against that: "Say, "He is Able to send upon you an affliction, from above you, or from under your feet. Or He can divide you into factions, and make you taste the violence of one another. Note how We explain the revelations, so that they may understand." But your people rejected it, though it is the truth. Say, "I am not responsible for you." For every happening is a finality, and you will surely know." (6:65-67). The Muhammadans do not understand the Quran and ignore it totally by preferring the inherited notions of theology inside ancient volumes and tomes. They have forsaken the Quran. That is why they live in misery and torment and massacres. Such divine punishment has occurred many times in history of Arabs: they sometimes kill and massacre one another or succumb to foreign invasions coming from the east or the West. They sometimes cannot face famines or epidemics. In such times, the veil and the full-veil and extremism and fanaticism culture was spread all over the Arab countries in the Middle Ages. Such a corrupt culture is back along with the same divine punishment.


 Who is responsible for such a loss and misguidance? Why the Arab nations are heading with momentum toward self-destruction and ruin? Why are they cheering the culture of death? Why are they heading toward suicide?! Why cannot they think of a solution instead of the Quixotic fighting against windmills? The answer to all of the above is simple: the opium of the man-made Sufi, Sunnite, Wahabi, and Shiite creeds of the Muhamadans allows such nations to seek death and massacres to win houris in the Afterlife! The USA is not the only responsible one for such a ruin; the USA is a victim at the same time: on 9/11/2001, the Americans were doped into the Iraqi quagmire. The Iraqi quagmire/dilemma is worse that the Vietnam one in terms of its influence on the USA politics. Partially, the tyrant Arab regimes are responsible; but they will be soon victims as well. The reason: the fate of Saddam Hussein will loom over all tyrants for a long time. The major part of responsibility is on the shoulders of the corrupt, ignorant, fanatic, and extremist clergymen of the man-made Shiite and Sunnite creeds of the Muhammadans. They have re-created and revived Middle Ages thought and notions that allow massacres and bloodshed for countless creed-based reasons. They are the criminals who mix creeds with politics and hence, we got the zero equations mentioned above. They care only for wealth and possessions, not heeding at all hundreds of thousands of victims all over the Arab world. They care only for the dress codes and headwear! This is their corrupt creed! They control and monopolize, with the aid of tyrant rulers, the media, the houses of worship, the mass culture, the schools, and all institutions. They feed the nations the opium or poison of the minds: the so-called hadiths ascribed falsely to Muhammad to pass any erroneous terrorist notions as part of Islam to justify injustice and corruption and violence. This is done in addition to erroneous interpretations of the Quran and poisoned fatwas (edicts or religious views). Such opium has made people to ignore their mental reasoning faculties. The is why we have endless suicide bombers, terrorists, and serial killers who are bent to murder and ruin us all, while thinking they will win Paradise, shouting (Allah is the Greatest!). More victims are among women and children and the elderly. It is insane to discuss women headwear and dress code while ignoring such massacres and terrorist actions! it is as if the veil is the holy of holies in Islam! This is utter falsehood and pure fabrication. Mass suicide of nations occurs due to the mental hegemony of clergymen over people. Clergymen never discuss massacres and terrorism so as not to expose their responsibility for them. They use the red herring method to divert us; that is why they insist on discussing headwear and dress code as if this is the issue that requires immediacy and attention! They never tackle victims and their nightmares in Palestine and Iraq. Crises are countless without exerting efforts to seek solutions via discussions and debates! This is the result of worshipping the dead ancient ancestors and forefathers!


 Part of the responsibility is on the shoulders of cultured secular Muslims and Arabs; they left the cultural scene for extremists and fanatics to manipulate people. This is a catastrophe of biblical proportions and of a surrealistic nature: we care for headwear and dress codes while we lose the present and the future and heading toward suicide as nations, thinking only in houris in Paradise! We, Arabs, will find no dignity and rights in this life nor will we enter Paradise, if our religious, mental, cultural, political, and economic conditions remain the same in Arab countries!


 Shame on all Arabs in the miserable Middle East!       

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