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More Than One Hundred Thousand Deities Are Being Worshipped by the ISIS-like Clergymen of Al-Azhar

Was published in Arabic in August, 27, 2014

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


Firstly: the deification of the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions within the ISIS Wahabi Ibn Hanbal Sunnite creed:

1- In 'holy' tomes and ancient volumes of the Sunnite creed, we read that the number of the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions is one hundred thousand persons. A companion by their definition is a contemporary person who saw Prophet Muhammad. That is why the Sunnites consider the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions the primary source of the Sunnite creed. The so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions are the ones to whom the so-called hadith are ascribed to have been narrated by them in oral traditions: (so and so narrated from so and so from that companion who narrated that he heard Prophet Muhammad saying that…etc.). In later eras, clergymen and imams used to scrutinize and examine the narrators' series so as to verify the so-called veracity and authenticity of hadiths (sayings); yet, all clergymen and imams claim that all the so-called companions can never commit errors in narration! This is deification of the so-called companions. God is the Only One who never errs. Even prophets, the best people, as per Quranic verses, have done mistakes and errors of judgment, and some of such mistakes mentioned in the Quran. Accordingly, the Sunnites make the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions above in stature in comparison to God's prophets! Those companions are now deified; they are being invoked and worshipped as deities! If it is true that their number exceeds 100.000 persons, to which we add the countless imams, sheikhs, and clergymen of the Sunnite creed as well as the founders of doctrines and the fabricators/narrators of the so-called hadiths, such as the famous ones/gods like Malik, Al-Shafei', Al-Bokhari, Moslem, Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Al-Qaiyyim…until Ibn Abdel-Wahab in the 18th century.

2- All of the above is affirmed by the Cairo-based Azhar institution and its ISIS-like sheikhs and clergymen; all of them declare as renegades, apostates, and unbelievers anyone who dares to criticize the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions, because they are treated as unerring and infallible gods. If criticized, the critic is a one who has forsaken the Sunnite creed. This is reflected in all oral and written statements of ISIS-like Azharite clergymen and sheikhs. All of them are used to issuing statements to threaten and terrorize anyone who dares to criticize/attack the so-called companions. This is an undeniable fact; no Azharite scholar can deny the existence of such terror and threatening measures in writing. By deification of more than one hundred thousands of persons, ISIS-like Azharite clergymen deny the Quran: God's word. The reason: the Quran mentions in tens of verses the fact that some of the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions were hypocrites who used to lie and cheat; the Quran promises them of residing eternally in Hell.

3- This fact cannot bear any sort of compromise or a middle position; one has either to believe in God and His divine message or in falsehood books written by human beings. The Quran includes the fact that the so-called companions are mere mortals, that some of them were good and others have mixed good deeds and bad deeds, and that some of them were traitors, liars, and hypocrites. Would a believer believe the Quran or the lie that the the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions are all guiltless, unerring, and infallible.

4- ISIS-like Azharite clergymen, sheikhs, and imams cannot deny history; civil strife battles ensued among the so-called companions after the assassination of the caliph Othman. ISIS-like Azharite clergymen follow now the footsteps of these forefathers and founding fathers in their way of ignoring such civil wars in the scholars' curricula in Al-Azhar institution and in Egyptian media. Due to this deliberate ignoring, Muslims are still living in the quagmire of civil strife today. This is occurring now in Syria and Iraq by ISIS terrorists. This is a continuation of the civil strife that began about 14 centuries ago. Ignoring the civil strife wars and battles among the so-called companions is due to their being deified after death and the Azharite stance or insistence of their being infallible, unerring, and faultless; to hell with historical accounts, then! It is funny that imams of the Sunnite creed have fabricated certain hadiths in order to prevent tackling and researching the civil strife historical accounts, such as the hadiths that describe the so-called companions as residing in Paradise immediately after death and their being guiding poles and examples in daily lives of all Muslims, etc. in contract to the Quranic verses that prove that Prophet Muhammad can never predict the future. In fact, Sunnites are still in the quagmire of civil strife for the last 14 centuries by following the footsteps of the co-called companions. The hadiths fabricated by them are all based on lying and contradictions. Examples of this are countless; how come all the co-called companions are in Paradise while there is a hadith that states that if two Muslims fight each other with swords, the killer and the killed are both in Hell?! This so-called hadith makes all of the so-called companions residing forever in Hell.

4- If you tell the Azharite clergymen these plain facts, they have one response; they would declare you an apostate who has forsaken Islam! They will apply to you their law that punishes in prison whoever taunts or mocks their creed: the ISIS-like Sunnite Wahabi Ibn Hanbal creed that is not linked at all to Islam.

Secondly: A Quranic view on the so-called companions:

 We have already published countless articles on the so-called companions, to which we refer the readers. Here, suffice it for us to state the following points.

1- in 4:105-113 and 8:27, the Quran describes some of the so-called companions as traitors and hypocrites. They have misled Prophet Muhammad in making him defend a criminal; then the Quran warns those who conspire against God and His messenger.

2- Tens of Quranic verses tell us about hypocrites among the so-called companions, especially in chapters that have descended in Yathreb. Contemplating these chapters, we discern two types of hypocrites: one type that had exposed themselves with stances and words. Verses of the Quran have exposed them. The other type is those who concealed so carefully their animosity and hatred toward Islam and never betrayed their true colors in words or actions. They have pretended to be believers and got nearer to the Prophet Muhammad. Verses of the Quran have exposed them as well. Once Muhammad died, divine revelation stopped, and this second type became relentless in showing enmity and conspired against Islam. This type of hypocrites are warned and admonished in the Quran by torment in this life and in the Afterlife: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Medina too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will punish them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101). This verse implies that some of the so-called companions will die as unbelievers and hypocrites and will be punished inevitably in this world and the next.

3- Hypocrites of the time are described along with their feelings and actions in trying to deceive God in 2:8-15, and that their ill-will is a disease inside their hearts that manifests itself during battles and on several occasions; please refer to 8:49, 33:12-61, 47:20-29, and 9:125.

4- Hypocritical companions used to swear by God to defend their stances: "They took their oaths as a screen, and prevented others from God's path. They will have a shameful punishment. " (58:16) and "They treat their oaths as a cover, and so they repel others from God's path. Evil is what they do." (63:2). Some of the hypocrites used to pretend to obey Muhammad, and then used lie to him: "They profess obedience, but when they leave your presence, some of them conspire something contrary to what you said. But God writes down what they conspire. So avoid them, and put your trust in God. God is Guardian enough." (4:81). Hence, lying in the name of God and the name of Muhammad started earlier during Muhammad's lifetime and went on for the last 14 centuries until now. God describes such hypocrites as inveterate liars who aim at self-destruction: "Had the gain been immediate, and the journey shorter, they would have followed you; but the distance seemed too long for them. Still they swear by God: "Had we been able, we would have marched out with you." They damn their own souls, and God knows that they are lying.May God pardon you! Why did you give them permission before it became clear to you who are the truthful ones and who are the liars?" (9:42-43).

5- Those hypocritical liars used to find those who believe their falsehoods and lies as true statements. This is exemplified in the story told in the following verses: "Those who perpetrated the slander are a band of you. Do not consider it bad for you, but it is good for you. Each person among them bears his share in the sin. As for him who played the major role-for him is a terrible punishment. Why, when you heard about it, the believing men and women did not think well of one another, and say, "This is an obvious lie"?" (24:11-12) and "When you rumored it with your tongues, and spoke with your mouths what you had no knowledge of, and you considered it trivial; but according to God, it is serious. When you heard it, you should have said, "It is not for us to repeat this. By Your glory, this is a serious slander." God cautions you never to return to the like of it, if you are believers. "(24:15-17). Hypocrites in their conspiracies and slanders used to find attentive listeners among the believers: "Had they mobilized with you, they would have added only to your difficulties, and they would have spread rumors in your midst, trying to sow discord among you. Some of you are avid listeners to them. God is Aware of the wrongdoers." (9:47).

6- The Quran repeats in many verses the notion that God is the Witness concerning the lies, falsehoods, and conspiracies of such hypocrites: "Then there are those who establish a mosque to cause harm, and disbelief, and disunity among the believers, and as an outpost for those who fight God and His Messenger. They will swear: "Our intentions are nothing but good." But God bears witness that they are liars." (9:107), "Have you not considered those who act hypocritically? They say to their brethren who disbelieved among the People of the Book, "If you are evicted, we will leave with you, and will not obey anyone against you; and should anyone fight you, we will certainly support you." But God bears witness that they are liars." (59:11), "When the hypocrites come to you, they say, "We bear witness that you are God's Messenger." God knows that you are His Messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are liars." (63:1). ISIS-like Azharite clergymen insist upon refusing God's statements in the Quran by insisting that the so-called companions are unerring, faultless, guiltless, inviolable, and infallible. If one states the Quranic facts mentioned above in this article, one is accused by contempt of the Sunnite creed by the ISIS-like clergymen of Al-Azhar!


One last question:

When the Quran refutes and contradicts any notions inherited from Middle-Ages imams and clergymen, a real believer must side with the Quranic truth. In contrast to this, ISIS Azharite clergymen do the exact opposite by siding with inherited notions and doctrines and ignoring the Quran!

The best discourse:

 "It is a noble Quran. In a well-protected Book. None can grasp it except the purified. A revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. Is it this discourse that you take so lightly? And you make it your livelihood to deny it? "(56:77-82). God says nothing but the Truth, even if ISIS-like Azharite clergymen hate this Truth.                           

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