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 A Peasant, a Sheikh, and a Donkey

Was published in Arabic in November, 18, 2014

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


1- A peasant, his wife, and several children have been living in a too small hut in a village, where life is miserable indeed. The peasant has complained to the sheikh who has been the imam/preacher of the mosque of the village and sought his advice to find a solution to his problem. The sheikh commanded him to make his donkey, owned by the peasant, to reside with them in the small hut. The peasant has not understood the reason or the logic of this, but he obeyed blindly his sheikh. The conditions of the peasant worsened, of course, with a donkey living in the same small hut; the donkey urinated on the peasant and his family members! When he could no longer stand it, the peasant hurried to the sheikh to seek refuge, saying: "Please help us, O reverent sheikh! I must be allowed to remove the donkey out of my hut!" The sheikh gave him his consent and permission to do so. The peasant felt immensely relieved. When the sheikh paid a visit to the peasant in his hut, he found that the peasant felt at peace and satisfied with his too small hut, remembering with bitterness the worse days when the donkey used to reside with them.

2- This above-mentioned parable we are using to give an example of the conditions in Egypt; when the Egyptians revolted against Mubarak and his military rule, a worst alternative, the terrorist MB group members, took over the rule of Egypt for a year, described by all Egyptians as the worst year in contemporary Egyptian history. Getting rid of the terrorist MB group members rule, the Egyptians retrieved the military rule, to the satisfaction of all. The terrorist MB donkey got out of the hut at last. The Egyptians found out that when choosing between two bad things, they ought to choose the lesser of two evils. The military rule is bad, but the terrorist MB group members rule is worst. That is why we see most Egyptians feel happy with the current military rule.

3- How unhappy and discontent on is when the best option is the lesser of two evils!

4- Why do all Egyptians have to choose between the bad and the worse? The simple answer is as follows: most Egyptians ignored their minds and reason to obey clergymen of all denominations. Clergy is an evil invention fabricated by the deities of the man-made, earthly, non-celestial creeds: (the Sunnite, Shiite, Sufi, and Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant creeds in Egypt), which have nothing to do with the divine creed of God in the Quran. Clergymen control citizens for financial reasons and to maintain power and authority. The sole problem of the Egyptian mentality is blind obedience to such deities of clergymen in the Egyptian everyday life; as if every detail requires the blessings or fatwa of clergymen of any denominations.

5- The West achieved progress when it imposed a curfew of religious denominations within walls of houses of worship/churches. Denominations of all types are not allowed in Europe to interfere with society and politics. The West gives one the liberty of belief and non-belief. Houses of worship and clergymen play secondary role confined to be on certain occasions and in charity acts. All West citizens can mock all creeds and clergy with impunity. Clergymen do their best to retrieve worshippers and some respect in works of charity.

6- That is how the West retrieved its reason and mind from the Church and any other earthly creed fabricated by men in other eras. That is how the West people have made advances in all fields, guided by reason and science and of course innate nature or instinct to regulate life within higher values of responsible liberty and justice, dealing with people fairly, complete religious freedom and freedom of thought, human rights, dignity, democracy, social justice and solidarity, etc., and that is why immigration flux goes on toward the West countries from the lands of the Muhammadans. The Muhammadans are enslaved to the creeds that falsely ascribe themselves to Islam (the Sunnite, the Wahabi, the Salafist, the Shiite, and the Sufi creeds). They are sandwiched between choosing the bad (military rule) and the worse (theocracy of evil clergymen or the terrorist MB or ISIS, and their like). The first step toward any solution is retrieving one's mind and reason confiscated by the corrupt clergymen of the Muhammadans.

7- Once, the reason and minds are retrieved from the confiscation of clergymen, more options will be open to all Egyptians as long as they control their own destiny and ready to sacrifice for the sake of liberty of choice and its consequences. They will insist then on dignity and better life and will face all forces of evil that impedes them on their way of progress. When the Egyptians go on worshiping and prostrating before Christian, Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi clergymen, the ruler is worshiped as well; because he is being worshipped by all clergymen of all denominations, especially the head of Al-Azhar Sunnite institution and the Coptic Orthodox pope of Alexandria.

8- All Muhammadan do not know that all clergymen without exceptions are devils in human form. They are the worst specimens of the human race. The reason: they lie to God and misguide and mislead people for the sake of positions, wealth, authority, and power. The Egyptian Muhammadans do not know that real Islam, i.e. Quranism, is secular by nature: without any cathedral-like institutions or papal clergymen of any type. Islam has nothing to do with (the highest Sunnite institution in the Arab world in Cairo) Al-Azhar, any church-like institutions and bodies established by the Shiites, or any 'holy' establishments of any kind. In Islam, no mediators, among people or institutions, are allowed to interfere between a believer and God. Guidance or misguidance is a personal individual responsibility before Our Creator in the Day of Judgment. The Egyptian Muhammadans do not know that there are no 'holy' men or women in Islam, and even no 'holy' things or locations. They do not know that Islam, the Quran alone, forbids mixing creed with politics and economy. Islam is not a State, a caliphate, a form of government and rule, or arégime. Islam is the guidance and the declaration of the testimony: "La Ilah Illa Allah": (There is no God but Allah), as well as the belief in the Afterlife and the Day of Judgment, the date of reward for the acts of piety and worship and justice. Piety entails dealing fairly with people in all fields, including the political field.

9- The Muhammadans do not know that the West is now nearer to Islamic Quranic sharia; West countries is so by human rights and all higher values of religious liberty, human dignity, equality, freedom, justice, etc. when the Muhammadans forsake Islam centuries ago, they invented human-made fabricated creeds under its banner. These creeds support all types of injustice and killing. The fiercest creed of such ones is Wahabism (the Salafist type of the Sunnite creed) that produced to the planet the terrorist dangers of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the MB group members. The Muhammadans do not know that every human being is given a certain period to live on Earth, and the time of one's death is predetermined by God in advance. During one's lifetime, one can choose either to live in a small dirty hut controlled by a donkey, a tyrant ruler, and clergymen, or to leave the prison cell to live freely elsewhere; the Muhammadans do not know the meaning of this Quranic verse: "O My servants who have believed: My earth is vast, so worship Me alone. Every soul will taste death. Then to Us you will be returned." (29:56-57). Hence, the Earth is round and one can roam it endlessly like a circle; imagine an ant on a watermelon. But one's lifetime is limited; why wasting it in ignominy and humiliation by tyrant rulers and corrupt clergymen?

10- The Muhammadans do not know that death time is predetermined in advance by God to every human being; no one dies before this appointed time. Why do we fear death (or getting killed) since all of us will die certainly anyway? Both the donkey and clergymen are mortals as well. The same mortality applies to all tyrant rulers.  

11- Egypt is about 1000000 square kilometers, and Egyptians live only in 5% of its geographical landscape. In this small area, the donkey mounted by the military ruler is taking more space within a small hut. Egyptians must apply the divine command in the Quran by residing and living in all Egypt in uninhabited areas or under-populated locations, such as around Lake Nasser, south of the Red Sea Governorate, Sinai vast lands, cities on the borders with Sudan, and all desert areas. These areas need to be populated away from the military rule and the donkey. "It is He who made the earth manageable for you, so travel its regions, and eat of His provisions. To Him is the Resurgence." (67:15).

12- If all Egyptian lands are populated evenly, the above-mentioned parable will be changed as follows: (A peasant used to live miserably with his wife and several children in a too small hut in a village. One day, the peasant has decided to desert this small hut, and to travel with his family out of this poor village. He has found out that there are countless locations fit for prosperous living and agriculture. He put all his trust in God and has begun to work diligently. He has found that diligent work and its rewards alongside with liberty are better than living impecuniously while being ruled by the donkeys (clergymen) and those who ride them (tyrant rulers). The peasant has built a spacious house for himself and his family. He has established to himself and his children a future with freedom, prosperity, and dignity. The peasant controls and rides the donkey now, not the other way round. The whole family lived happily ever after).



 The example of the donkey is used in the Quran to describe the mortal deities and false mortal gods of any fabricated, human-made creeds who aim at serving the tyrant ruler to gain money and power or aim at ruling a given nation to gain more power and wealth. Abusing creeds in that way deserve the simile of donkey carrying volumes and tomes without understanding them: "The example of those who were entrusted with the Torah, but then failed to uphold it, is like the donkey carrying works of literature. Miserable is the example of the people who denounce God's revelations. God does not guide the wrongdoing people." (62:5).  

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