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A Joke to Burst out Laughing: The KSA Is Leading an Anti-ISIS Coalition

A Joke to Burst out Laughing: The KSA Is Leading an Anti-ISIS Coalition

Was published in Arabic in December 22, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


 We have recently received the following question, to which we are replying in this article:

The Question:

 (…I am not a politically oriented person, and I am not a Quranist, but I do believe that you, Dr. A. S. Mansour is a high-stature scholar and reformer. From a humanistic point of view, I am against terrorism of course, but I am not defending the KSA in my message here. I disagree so much with the KSA in countless political points; it is an unjust, tyrannical monarchy. I do personally believe that the KSA is linked closely to Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists. Yet, I think that ISIS terrorist organization is an enemy of the KSA. I do not think that the KSA is supporting ISIS financially. I think that ISIS is a terror against the whole world. I do believe that it is a fine and positive thing that the KSA is about to fight ISIS. What do you personally think about this issue?)

 This is our reply:

Firstly: A Silly Joke:

1- It is a silly joke that the KSA is claiming to lead an international coalition against ISIS. The KSA has failed in its coalition and war against Yemen. The KSA tries to overcome this failure by another one by claiming to lead a coalition against ISIS.

Secondly: The KSA will certainly fail in its so-called anti-ISIS coalition for the following reasons:

1- The KSA royal family is actually on the brink of an abyss now; the current king, Salman, is said to be unconscious most of the time due to senility problems. His pampered eldest son, Muhammad Ibn Salman, is dominating the scene and tries to gain more power and authority and wealth. This man is nothing but a childish brat, in my opinion, who is trying to take airs and appear as if he were a shrewd military leader and political expert. He has neither talents nor previous experience at all in anything. His sheer occupation of a powerful position threatens the very existence of the KSA royal family. The grandsons of the founding king, Abdul-Aziz, are trying to gain more power in comparison to the generation of the royal sons of the same monarch. The KSA needs more wise leadership among such grandsons; the sons of King Feisal and Bandar Ibn Sultan have been marginalized so as m. Ibn Salman would become the de facto king instead of his father the current king, dominated and controlled by the son. This split and struggle among the family members reverberate now; there is no smoke without fire. The pampered son creates now the appearance of a more rigorous fanatic Wahabi policy and more confrontation against the Shiites. That is why the Yemen war broke out. In the same vein, the KSA has entered into a series of complicated international relations with countries without experience. All such measures are quite fruitless. M. Ibn Salman is a failure. The anti-ISIS coalition will certainly be another episode in this failure.

2- The KSA is too weak to wage a war against a real enemy. It has no real, functional armed forces. The Saudis have only mercenaries and naturalized citizens brought into the army from other countries as well as professional mercenaries hired from specialized companies. When Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, he threatened the KSA. When terrorized by Saddam, the KSA enlisted the help of the USA. The huge amount of weapons and arms bought by the KSA has failed to be of use at the time. Such weapons have been bought by Sultan Ibn Abdul-Aziz by tens of billions of commissions and bribes. This is the biggest arsenal in the Third World countries that turned out to be a mere deal of embezzlement and bribery.

3- How come that you expect that the Saudi Wahabi soldier would dare to fight against the Wahabi ISIS member? Both are united the same creed to fight against Shiites, the ''fiercest'' enemies in their opinion.

4- Riyadh, the KSA capital, thinks that ISIS is not at all an enemy to the KSA. ISIS is the natural outcome of the Wahabi creed created and propagated by the KSA. I do believe that ISIS is the Saudi arm or pole that managed to achieve the biggest dream of the KSA: to destroy Iraq that tried to annihilate the KSA during the Saddam Hussein regime era. Saddam Hussein was a nightmare or rather a thorn in the side of all the Gulf monarchies especially the KSA. He used to embezzle money out of all the Gulf monarchies. This latent danger became overt and threatening when Kuwait was occupied in the 1990s. Saddam would have marched to Riyadh if it had not been for the American interference; American forces used to occupy a part of north-eastern KSA lands, south of Iraq. After getting rid of Saddam, Iraq has to be destroyed according to the wishes of the KSA; Iraq in their claims has to be subdivided into smaller states/countries so as not to pose a threat to the KSA in the future within the long Iraqi-Saudi borders. The KSA royal family aims at controlling the Sunnite part of Iraq, as a strategic goal. This has become important target after the rise of Iraqi Shiites in post-Saddam Iraq and after the threat that Iran poses to the KSA, within the game of power and alliances. The Shiites in Iraq have made alliances with Shiite Tehran, as we all know. Hence, ISIS is a subservient to the KSA in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a pawn controlled by the KSA in Syria as well to fight against Bashar Al-Assad, who is a Shiite with alliances to Tehran as well. The KSA is interested in subdividing Syria to control its Sunnite part against the Shiites in the rest of Syria, loyal to Iran. Hence, it is in fact a Shiite-Sunnite struggle on an international level. The KSA cannot depend on Egypt; the terrorist MB rule of Egypt that lasted for one year has shown the terrorist MB members' tendency to cooperate with Iran. The KSA takes revenge on the terrorist MB group now. It is apparent that the Egyptian President, Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, gives promises to the KSA that he intends never to keep. That is why the KSA has created ISIS and will try to orient itself to other countries.

5- ISIS grew more important to all regional and international forces at least so as to redistribute lands of Iraq and Syria. This subdivision into smaller states is a crucial aim to the KSA, Gulf monarchies, and Iran as well. Iran desires to see a Shiite state in Iraq with alliance to Tehran. Israel is another winner; it will have creed-based warring new countries surrounding it. The Shiite-Sunnite struggle is older and more deep-rooted than the Arab-Israeli struggle. Turkey is another winner; a part of Syria would be annexed to it to harbor the Turkmens. Russia is another winner; its alliance with Bashar Al-Assad is reinforcing its military presence in the Mediterranean Sea so as to have an influential role in the Middle East after the collapse of the USSR. Kurds of Iraq and Syria would realize their dream of an independent state of their own. Europe and the USA would rejoice at the Shiite-Sunnite split that will subdivide Iraqi and Syrian lands; ensuing wars would urge all parties to buy weapons and arms to face local creed-based battles. Arms market would grow and so is the oil market. Bashar Al-Assad would be happy to establish a state in eastern Syria under Russian protection. Hence, ISIS is beneficial to all such parties concerned; Iraqi Sunnite soldiers will not fight their brethren the ISIS Wahabi Sunnites for the sake of the Shiite Iraqi president in Baghdad. That is why Wahabi ISIS is so important to the Wahabi KSA; the KSA would never like to get rid of ISIS now.

Thirdly: ISIS poses no threat whatsoever to the KSA, why would the KSA fight it?!

1- Wahabism is the sole aid that maintains the rule of any tyrant ruler and to incite revolt against him at eh same time. Because Wahabism is an earthly man-made fabricated creed of armed war for the sake of any throne or for the sake of keeping it, it contains all sharia laws to urge people to obey blindly any tyrant. The military tyrants in the Sunnite countries of the Muhammadans need Wahabism to control people. Yet, Wahabism easily could be used to declare anyone as an apostate/renegade who has forsaken 'Islam'. Such declaration is followed by a call to revolt against any ruler who is declared an apostate. Hence, Wahabis who desire to rule resort to this trick all the time. Hence, Wahabism create the tyrant and its competitor(s) simultaneously. In the same vein, the founder of the current KSA, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, founded the Najdi brothers as his soldiers to establish his reign and monarchy. They eventually declared him to be an apostate and turned against him. Before the massacre to end the lives of the Najdi brothers, this fist KSA king established in Egypt in 1928 the terrorist MB group, on the condition of their never performing any activities in the KSA.  The terrorist MB group members grew stronger and in number throughout Egypt and outside Egypt, as a terrorist organization aiming at ruling all countries in the Middle East. The terrorist MB members supported the 1952 coup in Egypt. President Gamal Abdel-Nasser later on imprisoned many terrorist MB members who pose a threat to all Egypt. Many terrorist MB members fled Egypt and relocated in the KSA, where they thrived and worked. The terrorist MB members in the KSA tried to make people revolt against the royal family. Enmity ensued between the Wahabi terrorist MB members and the Wahabi KSA royal family. We have published here on our website a book on the history of the Wahabi opposition movements against the KSA royal family. Such opposition movements resulted in the creation of Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and Bin Laden. ISIS is another circle in this endless chain of terrorism.

2- Does ISIS pose a threat to the KSA?

 The answer is NO, in my opinion. The ISIS threat is limited and can be contained on security level inside the KSA. It could be contained via Wahabism; Wahabi clergy on both sides have too many things in common and they hold Shiites to be their sole archenemy. ISIS members do not care to attack the KSA as a priority. ISIS is the begotten offspring of the KSA Wahabism. If ISIS members wanted from the very beginning to control KSA and other Gulf monarchies, they would have destroyed gradually all their cities. The focus of ISIS terrorist members is establishing a caliphate in Syria and Iraq. Later on, they might think about spreading in the Gulf and all Arabia. Hence, the current KSA-led coalition is a sham one; a façade to deny any relation or link between the KSA and ISIS!

Fourthly: Then why the KSA-led collation against ISIS has been announced?

1- We say this for the sake of recording history: our years in the IQC and on our website affirm that the KSA Wahabism is behind all terror and wars in the Middle East. Our voice as a Quranist has reached all concerned persons during our brief jobs at several USA great institutions: The National Endowment for Democracy, Harvard University, USCIRF, and Woodrow Wilson International Center. Recently, we have made a speech before a hearing session in the USA Congress to show real Islam and the reality of Wahabi terror and the terrorist MB group members. We have tackled in this speech the true nature of Wahabi threat and its bad influence on the USA and Middle East.

2- What we have said remains ignored by all; no one listened to us in the Obama administration. The ISIS danger resulted in countless Syrian refugees in Europe and in attacks in Paris and California. ISIS panic grows more now in Europe and the USA. Islamist terror is the talk of all cities now in the West. It has nothing to do with real Islam: the Quran alone. All fingers of accusations are pointed now clearly at the KSA. In Germany, Angela Merkel has directly criticized the KSA. A media campaign has been launched against the KSA to force it to participate in land battles against ISIS. That is why the KSA had to wait for the storm to end by declaring the so-called KSA-led coalition against ISIS, comprising about thirty countries – this is unbelievable – to fight ISIS on the military level.

Lastly: This is our predictions:

1- The Middle East tyrant is defeated beforehand in any waged war unless he fights another tyrant like himself; in that case, both tyrants are defeated.

2- It is a masquerade to see about thirty countries making a coalition not against the USA or Russia but against ISIS; as if ISIS is the super power unknown before that aims to invade the planet! (Please laugh loudly!).

3- This coalition will succeed only in one thing: fighting the Shiites who are fought as well by ISIS terrorist members.

4- Happy New Year!       

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