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We Say the Following about the USA, Israel, and the KSA


Published in June 8 & 9, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

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 We have received this email message; we copy it partially followed by our reply in two articles.

 (... Dear Dr. Mansour, ... I'm a Saudi young man who has become a Quranist years ago, and I thank Almighty God for it ... I admire your Quranist school of thought very much indeed and I'm keen on reading all your writings regularly ... But I feel pained because of some of your political views and I desire to give you these pieces of advice out of my love and respect to you and to all Quranists ... I don't like your supporting the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine ... you have quoted "O you who believe! Enter into peace wholeheartedly..." (2:208) to support this view of yours, though Zionists never adhere to peace; they are aggressors who must be resisted and fought as they have forced Palestinians out of their homes into a diaspora; would you make peace with someone who expelled you from your house ... "So do not waver and call for peace while you have the upper hand..." (47:35) ... As a Quranist Muslim who loves his religion, I disagree with any peace with Zionists and Arabs must fight them till they get out of Palestine ... in another article, an Arab young woman told you via email about her conversion to Judaism as she settled in a West country, and you never advised her to embrace Quranism; you only told her about her right to freely choose whatever she likes ... I do not mean that she is to be punished or put to death; I'm not a Wahabi or an ISIS criminal, after all ... another article of yours about the Orlando massacre, you have written your desire to protect American soil against ISIS terrorism by Quranism that intellectually defeat Wahabism, and I think that you must not support the USA because it is the tyrannical country that aims at world domination and caused the death of millions of people worldwide since 1940s till now, including more than one million Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Syrians, Palestinians, and other Arabs ... you must not ally yourself to the unjust ones: "And do not incline towards those unjust ones, or the Hell-Fire may touch you..." (11:113) ... I never mean that innocent American citizens are to be massacred; I mean that you must not support any American government and administration ... You are to support God only and not the tyrannical  USA beside Him ... "... But power belongs to God, and His Messenger, and the believers..." (63:8) ... how could you support  the USA that caused the destruction of Palestine and Iraq  ... please, Dr. Mansour, stop your positive comments about the USA and the Zionist entity, if you are really supporting Islam  ... Thank you for your time to read my message ...)

N.B.: the article (in English) about the Orlando carnage is found on this link:



Firstly: about the USA:

1- We have written a lot about how ourselves, our family members, and our fellow Quranists have been persecuted in Egypt for 25 years: incarceration, humiliation, chasing, depriving of jobs, terrorizing, and intimidation. This is summarized in the article (in English) titled "We Have Lived Feeling Our Egyptian Nationality as a Disgrace" found on this link:   

This is because we are peacefully call for reform by Quranism without imposing our stances/views on anyone or asking for donations and money from anyone. Persecution of our family members and Quranists has been going on based on orders of the Saudi embassy in Cairo to the Mubarak regime. When  we sought and was granted political asylum in the USA, in 2001, we have discovered our rights and how our dignity was lost in Egypt. When I received the American nationality in 2014, we have given a solemn oath to be faithful and loyal to my new homeland, the USA, that protects and shelters us and our wife and children, and we have discovered that the higher American values as identical to the Quranic higher values we preach. Thus, our loyalty to Quranism as our religion and to the USA as our homeland urge us to go on with our line of thought and we never change our stances. We never changed them while being persecuted in Egypt nor when we are now a free American citizen who enjoys freedom of thought and preaching. We never changed our stance against Wahabi terrorism that tarnishes the image of Islam as it has hijacked its name and defames billions of innocent peaceful Muslims. We have denounced all terrorist crimes against Egyptian Copts, Iraqi Shiites, and civilians in the USA, Israel, and the West countries, and we never changed this stance while we were in Egypt nor while we are in the USA now. Within the massacres of Copts in Upper Egypt committed by Wahabi terrorists in the 1990s, we have participated in establishing (the Popular Front to Face Terrorism) that helped the Mubarak regime to intellectually resist Wahabi terrorists who fought the military regime of Mubarak at the time. Once Mubarak managed to defeat such terrorists, he went on persecuting Quranists upon commands from the Saudi embassy in Cairo!

2- You have to know, our dear friend, that there is an abyss between politics and morality and ethics; politics is the art of pragmatism. Thus, any democratic country serves its citizens but its foreign policies has nothing to do with moral standards and ethics. In tyrannical corrupt Arab regime, the countries serve enthroned tyrants. The USA deals with the Arab tyrants on top of these regimes; they find no one else to talk to there. The USA cannot deal ethically or using higher values with such tyrants as the latters do not know anything about higher values. The USA does not care to reform tyrants as it cares only to serve interests of American citizens who elected the administration and congressmen to serve these interests. American citizens did not elect President Trump to serve Saudis or Egyptians, but to serve interests of American citizens only. Besides, the USA did not invent the Sunnite-Shiite conflict that began since wars between Mu'aweiya and Ali till now; the USA takes advantage of such conflict when dealing with Arab tyrannical rulers who waste money to buy weapons to murder nations. If Arab tyrants did not buy weapons from the USA, they would buy it from the EU, China, or Russia; and anyway, the tyrants get higher commissions from these deals and use arms and weapons to terrorize other foreign nations and suppress, oppress, and quell their own nations. Thus, the USA interests are served by selling weapons to the KSA; why blame the USA and not the KSA and other Arab tyrants?!

3- There is a huge differences between the American foreign policies in dealing with the Arab tyrants and the internal policies of the USA in dealing with the American citizens; the executive, legislative, and judicial authorities in the USA vie to serve American citizens faithfully, and the nation is the source of all authorities; this is a Quranic principle never known to Arabs after Muhammad died; we have tackled this in many of our Quranist books and articles. American media have absolute freedom to expose and scandalize any infringement or errors by persons in the three authorities. Any American citizen has the right to criticize anyone in these authorities: from the president to the low-rank policemen in the street. Yet, if one verbally attacks an ordinary citizen, this wronged person can demand compensation for being humiliated. Thus, ordinary citizens are protected against being criticized, and this does NOT apply to any responsible persons in the three authorities who must be criticized. In contrast, in the Arab world, we have been virulently attacked in the Egyptian media and accusations were leveled against us, and we were afraid to bring anyone to court so as not to be imprisoned ourselves! We were broke for years and were on the brink of hunger with our six children, and yet, Egyptian media accused us of receiving $ millions in our supposed bank accounts to undermine Islam! Mubarak at the time smuggled $ billions outside Egypt, while Egyptian media were keen on our character assassination to encourage Wahabi terrorists to murder us in the 1990s.

4- In sum, as a political asylee in the USA since 2001 and as an American citizen since 2014, we have found dignity on American soil and it is an Islamic duty that we defend this American soil by our writings to refute Wahabi terror. Our vision of Quran-based rule is found partially in the USA. Even before our being an American citizen, our presence here was legitimate as a political asylee, and yet, we felt our deepest fear of our being deported by force back to Egypt to be incarcerated by being accused of denying sunned and hadiths and thus showing contempt to Islam! We felt 100% safe and the fear is gone forever only when we have received our American passport and become an American citizen who defends American soil against Wahabi terrorism by our Quranist reformist writings; this is in contrast to Mubarak's Egypt that persecuted us and our family members to serve the KSA and the Saudi royal family of Al-Saud.

5- By the way:

5/1: We are writing this while we watch the CNN, as James Comey the former director of the FBI delivers his testimony against President Trump who told him not to pursue a certain case. The CNN is constantly attacking President Trump and pays no attention at all to hundreds of $ billions he brought from the KSA in a successful deal. This is real freedom of the media in free countries that hold presidents as accountable for anything that goes wrong.

5/2: The USA has acknowledged its sins/mistakes of the Vietnam war and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack; even George W. Bush admitted it was a fatal mistake to invade Iraq; could we ever find an Arab ruler admitting his mistakes? Furthermore, American curricula admit the cruelty and massacring the Red Indians (or native Americans) and the USA restored to them their dignity and their high estimation, and they are never to pay taxes at all. The USA has admitted its mistakes in the racial discrimination against African-Americans and celebrate Martin Luther King annually as a type of latter day saint. The USA is progressing as it admits its mistakes and learn from them. In contrast, for centuries until now, Arab countries have made the murderous criminals (i.e., the four pre-Umayyad caliphs) as immortal deities and persecute those who criticize their expansionist wars and the Arab civil wars. Until now Shiites and Sunnites repeat the folly of the Ali vs. Mu'aweiya civil wars! This is utterly silly!

5/3: The USA (and the West in general) donate money for other nations; e.g., Palestinians and others, and defenders of democracy and human rights, as well as countries suffering any disasters. Arab tyrants confiscate all American aid and the poor citizens never get any of such aid; e.g., Egyptian human rights organizations used to be helped financially to some extent by the USA and the West, but Egyptian people in these organizations are incarcerated now if they ever received any funds from outside. The oil monarchies tyrants (especially in the KSA) spend lavishly and extravagantly $ millions monthly to live in luxury while never caring for hunger and  epidemics spreading in Yemen; Saudi forces stubbornly persist in killing the Yemeni people for no reason. Arab tyrants never care for famines in Somalia and Sudan, though Gulf monarchies throw tons of food daily into the trash dumps. Gulf monarchs give$ millions only to Sudanese and Yemeni tyrants to help their murdering their nations.

5/4: American and West nations, especially the EU, embrace Arab refugees and provide them with shelter and protection; yet, some refugees are ungrateful and conspire against the countries that have sheltered and protected them; they even commit incessant terrorist crimes in these EU countries. The USA guarantees freedom of preaching and religion and this makes Arabs (esp. Muhammadans) build mosques and establish societies to gain ill-gotten money from the gullible ones; even many churches donate for mosques near them; it is easy to buy a church to turn it into a Wahabi mosque! In contrast, when an Egyptian church got a plumber to fix a bathroom in it, without prior written permission, Upper Egyptian Wahabis would attack the church! In the KSA, foreign Christian workers are arrested if they prayed in groups in their houses! Yet, Wahabi Sunnites take advantage of religious freedom in the USA to build mosques that call for terrorism and train American Wahabis to join ISIS and commit suicide bombings to massacre innocent citizens and kill them indiscriminately.

5/5: When Sadat and Kaddafi quarreled, Kaddafi shipped Egyptian workers in Libya to throw them at the Egyptian borders like trash! When Kaddafi and Yasser Arafat quarreled, Kaddafi expelled Palestinians inside Libya from their houses and forced them to live in tents in worse conditions than in Lebanon. We are not to forget Egyptian young women who protested in 2011 who were subjected to 'virginity' tests! The Egyptian military was to blame for that, and for denuding a young women later before cameras; yet, the current Egyptian President is the former head of the Egyptian military and former Minister of Defense! Al-Basheer of Sudan committed crimes of war in Darfur and South Sudan; if it had not been for the condemnation of the international community, he would have continued massacring people there; indeed, he lost South Sudan and civil wars led to the death of early half the Sudanese people. let us remember that the Egyptian military, led by Mubarak, killed poor Sudanese refugees who demonstrated in Cairo to demand better conditions; what would happen if some Sudanese in Cairo demonstrated against President Al-Sisi now? Let us remember that the Egyptian military and police in August 2013 used its forces to remove the (armed?) terrorist MB sits-in near Cairo University, in Giza, and in Madinet Nasr District, in Cairo. Let's imagine if an Arab tyrant's country had a terrorist crime similar to 9/11, would he still keep refugees from the country who committed this attack? The USA keeps still Arab refugees from nationalities to which 9/11 attackers belonged.       



For those Arabs and Muhammadans who attack the USA: if the American embassies in Arab countries would open their gates for immigration for all, no human being would remain inside the Arab world! Demonstrations would occur raising the slogan: (Oh, Yankees, Go home and take us with you!)  




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We assert the following about Israel, Palestine, Arabs, and Jews:

1- Historically, the Palestinian area never witnessed the rise of a state before 1948 when Israel was established. From the Quran we know that David and Solomon established states based on divine legitimacy; deniers of this fact are denying the Quran and disbelieve in it. As for modern Israel, it has been established within international legitimacy as per international laws and UN resolutions and most countries acknowledged its presence in 1948. Before that date, Palestine was mostly occupied by the Pharaohs, Romans, Assyrians, Persians, and Arabs, and then the Ottomans and the British. It is Israel that allowed Palestinians a measure of self-rule for the first time in history.      

2- The Israelites have the lion's share in the Quranic stories: Jacob (i.e., named Israel), Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Zachariah, John, and Jesus. Moses is praised in the Quran in a unique and unparalleled manner in these verses 20:39-41, 19:52-53, and 4:164. The name of Moses is mentioned 133 times in the Quran, while the name of Muhammad is mentioned merely 4 times.  

3- The Quranic term (Jews) has nothing to do with the modern sense in which the term is used today; (Jews) in the Quran is disobedient Israelites only, and not all Israelites. It is a fatal mistake in the books of the Muhammadans to call all Israelites as (Jews). These historical Jews (who are disobedient Israelites only) are mentioned in the Quran as worshippers of Osir in 9:30. Let's not forget that there are good pious Israelites; the reason: all humanity (i.e., including Israelites, People of the Book, and Quran-believing people) are divided in the Quran into three groups: one larger or majority group in Hell and two types of Paradise dwellers: forerunners in faith and those on the right; see 56:7-56, 35:32, 28:52-55, 5:66, 4:153-162, 3:110-115, and 3:199.    

4- Arabs of the 7th century A.D. who claimed falsely they believe in the Quran rejected it once Muhammad died; they conquered other nations in the name of Islam though this crime violates Quranic teachings. When Arabs dispute over immense ill-gotten riches and wealth, they engaged into civil wars. The co-called companions who committed such crimes of massacres, looting, occupation, enslavement, etc. have been deified as deities in the earthly, man-made religions of the Muhammadans; God in the Quran predicts all this and warned them of severe punishment; see 6:65-67. These Arab civil wars resulted in the emergence of the Sunnite and Shiite religions, whose followers are still fighting one another! The Muhammadans assume that the West countries are the camp of war, to be fought until the end of days! Indeed, crimes of Arab conquerors are more enormous than crimes of Zionists; let's remember that Jews in the Quran is a term to indicate disobedient Israelites, NOT all Torah-believing Israelites. These historical facts are unspoken-of facts in Arab tyrannical countries' curricula in schools and universities; for more details, we refer you to our book titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs" found in English on this link:             

5- We know from the Quran that David and Solomon had built many things as per 21:81-82 and 34:12-13. As per history, it is said that Solomon had built a temple destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar after the siege of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. and the site of this temple and its remains in Jerusalem is owned by Israelites as per this history. When caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab conquered Jerusalem and Palestine, People of the Book were living there: Israelites and Christians; there was nothing called Al-Aqsa mosque there at all. The real Aqsa mentioned in 17:1 in the Quran is Mount Al-Tur in Sinai; for further information about this Quranic fact, we refer you to a chapter/annex about Sinai within our book (in English) titled "Egypt in the Holy Quran" found on this link:   

The Umayyad caliph in Damascus, Abdul-Malik Ibn Marwan, built a grand mosque in Jerusalem and named it Al-Aqsa (presumably in the same site of the temple of Solomon) within a political struggle against Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubayr who ruled Mecca and Hejaz and made use of pilgrimage to urge and incite people to revolt against the Umayyad rule. The Umayyad caliph spent a lot of money to decorate the mosque he built and made people perform pilgrimage to it, while his orators/narrators invented hadiths that this is the location where Muhammad came in the Night-Journey (and thus, a holy site after the Kaaba and the Yathreb-mosque mausoleum! All these lies were invented for political reasons within the rivalry with Ibn Al-Zubayr!), though the real place of this journey of Muhammad is Mount Al-Tur in Sinai, to receive the Quran in the same location where Moses received the Torah tablets. We have refuted the hadiths/myths of Muhammad ascending to heaven within the Night-Journey in our articles and books about the Arab civil war and the Night-Journey as the Night of Decree. Thus, we believe that Jerusalem and its temple belong to the Israelites and not Arabs who are its occupiers since the days of caliph Omar, and this testimony of us as a historian will be judged by God on the Last Day. We think that this is the truth as per history and as per the Quran. Thus, the Israelis of today can have the entire of Jerusalem to themselves.             

6- Of course, as per Islam, we are against occupation of lands of others within aggression and injustice, whether occupiers are Americans, Arabs, or Zionists. As a thinker, we do not have two criteria to measure the same thing/event/deed; why Arab conquest of Jerusalem (and later on the Levant, Iraq, Persia, and north Africa and Andalusia/Spain) is deemed by Arabs as something good, whereas they deem the Israeli conquest of it as bad?! We cannot deny historical and Quranic facts in the previous point no. 5, and we cannot deny that the international law grants legitimacy to Israel as per the international community and the UN. It is the folly of Egyptians and Arabs that led Israel to have expansionist dreams in 1967 war (aka the Six-Day War). Anyway, Israel left Sinai to be restored by its rightful owners the Egyptians in 1973 war (aka the Yom Kippur War). It is funny and ironic that some Wahabis dream of restoring Spain to their rule! Why then would we blame Israelis for occupying the rest of Palestine?!       

7- Of course, as per Islam, we are against massacring innocent people, and we do not have two criteria to measure the same thing/event/deed; no one can deny that the Israelis committed many massacres against the innocent Palestinian civilians before and after 1948 and Arabs committed massacres against the Israelis as well, and we are against such crimes of course. Yet, Israeli massacres committed against the Palestinians are nothing in comparison to the Wahabi ISIS massacres now and massacres of Arab tyrants against their own nations and other Arab nations among their neighbors. Hence, massacres and number of victims by Wahabi terrorists like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Nusra, etc. exceed those in Deir Yassin massacre in 1948 whose victims were 109 persons as per West authoritative sources and 260 as per Arab authoritative sources, and the Kafr Qassim massacre in 1956, the victims were 48 persons. This is nothing in comparison to Saddam massacres against Shiites and Kurds in Iraq and Hafiz Al-Assad massacres in Aleppo and other Syrian cities, not to mention massacres committed by his son and successor. The Israeli massacres are nothing in comparison to Wahabi massacres committed within the establishment of the first, second, and third, current Saudi states. We refer you to our books on how the earthly religions of them Muhammadans emerged and how the unjust current KSA has been established: (in English) "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century", found on this link:            

Thus, we are against massacring any innocent people regardless of their races, colors, and religions; we are against this whether it occurs in the USA, Australia, Canada, the EU, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Middle East, etc. and we must also condemn all massacres by secular tyrants in Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, and Palestine. Let's not forget that civil strife among Palestinians caused the death of countless Palestinians; the terrorist MB-affiliated Hamas movement caused the death of so many civilians in Gaza used as human shields (to mortify Israel which tries as much as possible to avoid civilians in Gaza), while gaining $ billions worth of aid and contracts to 'rebuild' Gaza, and all the while they hide among civilians in hospitals and houses to avoid being killed by Israel. What about Palestinian tyrants/thieves in the West Bank who confiscate west financial aid to themselves! Thus, more innocent civilian victims die because of Hamas not Israel.         

8- The Israelites never ceased to exist in Palestine before and after its conquest by Arabs. It is funny and ironic that Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo, while Moshe Dayan and other founders of modern Israel were born in Palestine before 1948. Once established, Israel made democratic elections never known by Arabs until now. Israel's legitimate existence is acknowledged by the international community; Israelis born in Israel now have the birth right to remain in Israel. Arab tyrants make their newspapers curse Israel while those tyrants deal peacefully with Israel in public and in secret, especially Palestinian leaders in Gaza strip and the West Bank. Even the wall built by Israel now is being built by Palestinian contractors and workers!         

9- We object and condemn the suffering of Palestinians who try to pass through checkpoints, though Israel built such checkpoints to avoid suicide bombers to infiltrate into its land. We object and condemn the violence committed by Israeli security forces against the peaceful Palestinian activists; but let's not forget that many of these Israeli forces are from the Arab Shiite Palestinian Druze who hate Wahabis who sued to massacre them, while they are loyal to Israel that gave them dignity and citizenship and rights; thus, Israel gains profits and takes advantages of Arab folly and savagery of Wahabis.   

10- In the mid-1990s in a conference we attended in London, an Palestinian-Israeli university professor told us that Israeli prisons are five-star hotels. Many Sinai Bedouins whom we visited in a journey within Al-Azhar University in the late 1970s told us personally that they regret the fact that Israelis are gone and Egyptian rule are restored! The reason: the Israelis treated them well since the Bedouins were peaceful, whereas the Egyptian military destroyed many buildings that Israel had built in Sinai. We think Sinai Bedouins are still suffering poverty, marginalization, and harsh treatment until now.  

11- When we were incarcerated in 1987, a Palestinian prisoner in the same cell told us about the intifada that it was a big mistake; he told us about his being tortured by the Egyptian State Security Apparatus before he was put to the cell with us; he told us that instead of throwing stones, Palestinian children must carry flowers to Israeli soldiers while being vociferous about the political rights of Palestinians. Suicide bombings and hijacking planes to terrorize civilians are never accepted as solution to the Palestinian problem as per international law and as per Islam that prohibits killings and massacres.

12- If we suppose that one day Israel will occupy the whole of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and to allow Palestinians to be Israeli citizens like Arabs of 1948, the Palestinians will readily agree and feel grateful; as the Israeli paradise and peace is a better option than thieves/murderers like Hamas and Abbas. 


We assert the following about the KSA:

1- No other country on earth is named after its royal family except the KSA. You are a Saudi, and this means you are 'owned' by Al-Saud royal family whose corrupt earthly Wahabi sharia entails blind obedience to monarchs who own the lands, animals, oil, and wealth and people in these lands! Without such obedience, one is deemed an infidels or a disbeliever who will be either incarcerated or killed. Saudi tyrants own their religion as well, fashioned to their taste and tailored to serve their purposes. God ordained that people obey Him but He created them free so as to choose to obey or to disobey Him; in contrast, Saudi royal family members confiscate freedom of Arabian people though they are both (Arabian people and Al-Saud) human mortals!   

2- Saudi rulers who own the lands, animals, oil, and wealth and people in these lands might give royal money gifts to Saudi employees who are their slaves like a man pampering his dogs! Yet, these Al-Saud family are thieves who steal all the KSA money and leave citizens suffer poverty and lack of basic rights!   

3- Instead of this making Saudi citizens feel the disgrace and shame, these citizens vent their fury on the USA and Israel, while forgetting that the Saudi family tyrants kneel before the USA and Israel and gave $ billions to President Trump, who vowed to milk the Saudi cow and he did this! The Saudi king (who is like Moses' Pharaoh in tyranny inside the KSA) leaves his subjects in abject poverty while giving Trump about half $ trillion to be protected by the USA. The Saudi king is shuddering in fear like mice and prostrate before the powerful Trump while acting as a lion oppressing the KSA citizens! This is utter disgrace! 


Lastly: in terms of Quranism (i.e., Islam), we assert the following:

1- The human individual is the criterion: God created us as individuals and will judge us as individuals; see 6:94, 16:111, and 19:80-95. It is not important who is on top of any authority as rulers; what counts is the individuals and their living conditions and if they enjoy full rights ordained by God in the Quran: equality, freedom, justice, security, protection, dignity, equal opportunities for all, etc. or not. In Arab countries, tyrants confiscate all these rights and confiscate to themselves all power, authority, and wealth. God created human beings free and we must stick to this freedom; God gave us our lifetimes and told us that His earth is vast (see 29:56) and we must immigrate if we suffer religious persecution so as to avoid Hell for those who could immigrate and did not as they preferred to live and die within tyranny; see 4:97-99.    

2- Tyrants of today use ideologies (e.g., socialism, nationalism, Wahabism Shiite religion, etc.) to enslave their nations and oppress, persecute, and incarcerate opponents and opposition movements and figures as enemies of the state! Arab tyrants make their mosques, media, and schools direct the fury and ire of people to be vented against the USA and Israel instead of Arab tyrants and their cronies, under the pretext that the USA and Israel conspire against Arabs! Both countries are not wailing walls or tools to justify despicable conditions inside Arab countries; this aborts any reform endeavors. The root of all corruption is rejection of and disbelief in the Quran (real Islam); tyrants are making themselves as above being questioned. Thus, they deify themselves as deities or partners of God: "If there were in them gods other than God, they would have caused ruin. So glory be to God, Lord of the Throne, beyond what they claim. He will not be questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned." (21:22-23). Thus, deifying and sanctifying mortals is the root for all political corruption; tyrants feel as if they own their nations and therefore cannot be questioned by them. Religious reform is based on rights and dignity of individuals, regardless of who rules since rulers must be public servants to nations who can be impeached and questioned by citizens; these are the Quran-based rule features we find partially in the West countries like the USA, Canada,Israel, and the EU and Japan – and yet, the Muhammadans consider these West nations as 'infidels'!     

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