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Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists
Aspects of war of ideas: Define your enemy and how to deal with him

 Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists

   Third part: Aspects of war of ideas: Define your enemy and how to deal with him

Chapter 2: Define your enemy and how to deal with him

1-In military war, the enemy is visible and easy to be recognized. It is army against army. But in our war of ideas it is not easy to define your enemy. In military war, your enemy is the human soldiers and its military weapons and it is a must in military war to kill or capture this human enemy and destroy his weapons. But in our war of ideas, our enemy is not the human but the terrorist culture in his mind. Once he quit these terrible ideas he/ she  becomes brother and/or sister.

2- As our enemy is just ideas not people, there two kinds of this proposed enemy: the sheikh or the religious scholar who advocates these ideas, and the people who embrace these ideas and become ready to blow sacrifice their lives in order to kill innocent people.

Actually, we have here a real criminal (The Sheikh) and his follower who is victimized by this sheikh. May be it is easy to undeceive and save the victim but it is very difficult to convince his (Sheikh). Here we need help from political policy makers, if it fails the military troops and specialized agencies are needed.

 3-As our enemy is just ideas not people, it is ridicules to fight it only by military troops. It was painful tragedy in Iraq war where the American tank was unable to define its enemy, if it moves it may kill innocent people, if it stops, it may be destroyed. It is 90% war of ideas in Iraq and Muslim World. Using 90% military means failure and wasting of billions of money and thousands of lives. Using 10 % randomly and blindly it gives the same failure. More over it will give the enemy more support and more triumph and more publicity and more followers and partisans and suicide bombers.

It’s needed to have a harmony between handling war of ideas and using means of power, of   military. Generally, it is necessary to handle war of ideas under the protection of military power to deter the enemy, and /or when our war of ideas is unable to stop the fanatic leaders..

Our war of ideas could not do without military power and other tools and weapons. Having high qualified dedicated sincere Muslim scholars is not enough without power that protects and supports them. The Quranist Muslim scholars have the commitment and the knowledge and the expertise in that kind of war, but being poor and helpless gives the enemy the opportunity to persecute them and arrest them 4 times.

4-Military action should be the last option because the nature of our war of ideas belongs to political field. It has to deal mainly with states more than individuals and groups and trends. Define your enemy in this political field is so essential that save more than 90% of victory in advance. This also needs more understanding of your enemies and sorting them in order according to the danger they pose. In this regard, the US may have the Saudi Kingdom as a friend in its public policy but it has to deal with it as number one enemy in the field of war of ideas. This proves how it is must to define your enemies and how to highlight it giving it the number one priority inside the American policy making circles.

5- Understanding the map of the Muslim Arab world and the battle field of our war of ideas defines our enemies in a very different order.

Number one enemy is the Saudi regime. Number 2 is the Salafi trends. Number 3 is Muslim Brothers and their trends. Number 4 is: The Iranian regime and Hezbollah. The last is Al Qaeda because it has been exposed and encountered.


Knowing our enemy:


The Saudis

It is the source of evil since its first state (1745 – 1818).

For more details read these articles about the Saudis and their Wahhabi different organizations and movements.

Article one:

The official Saudi responsibility in September 11,

The Religious Historical Roots of September 11



Here, when you say:” it’s history”, you probably mean it’s dead, out of date, no longer belongs to our time. But in the Middle East when we talk about history it may mean it’s very much alive than usual. Middle East is the Historic core of the world, where you could not understand the current life without its historic roots. September11th, is the clash point between the two civilizations, the Western and the Historical one. It was analyzed according to the western culture; let’s try the other historical analytic way to complete the picture.The criminals of September 11 belong to the Saudi State and/or its Wahabi faith, presenting themselves as the real Muslims against the [Infidel West]. Those criminals are just the bitter fruits of 258 years old Saudi Wahabi tree. We taste the bitter fruit, but we need to understand its roots to eliminate them, otherwise the alive historic roots will continue to produce more painful poisonous fruits.</SPAN&L fruits.

The Saudi State was established three times and was destroyed twice.

The current Saudi kingdom is the third Saudi State after destroying the previous two Saudi States.

The first Saudi State and its Wahaby faith [1745- 1818]

The first Saudi state was established by the agreement in 1745 between Ibn Abdel Wahab, the zealot Sunni scholar who revolted against the Sufi and Shiite Muslims in the 18th century, and Ibn Saud, the prince of Al Dare’iah in Najd, north of the Arabian Peninsula. Under this accord, the Saudi Prince received from Ibn Abdel Wahab the religious justification to conquer his neighbors and occupy their lands under the banner of Jihad. Creating Wahaby dogma from the most extreme of Sunni tradition, the first Saudi State used the name of Islam and Jihad to occupy most of the Arabian Peninsula and to invade and massacre Shiites and Sufi Muslims in Iraq and Syria. In response, the helpless Ottoman Empire asked the Egyptian strongman Mohammed Ali to defeat the Saudi menace. After seven years of a fierce battle, Mohammed Ali destroyed the first Saudi State and its capital in 1818.

The second Saudi State

The defeat of 1818 destroyed the first Saudi State, but also strengthened the zeal of the Wahabists.  In the Arab world, military action against an ideology only adds to public support.  The Wahabists set about helping the house of Saud to establish a second state in Najd for a short time in the last decades of the 19th century.  Even though the second Saudi state collapsed quickly under internal conflicts, Wahabism grew.  Wahabi scholars insulted other Muslim Sects, accusing them of being idolaters; the other sects were unprepared to defend themselves rhetorically from the Wahabists.  Seeing that the others lacked a strong counter-argument, hundreds of thousands of Muslims switched their support to Wahabism.

The regional and international situations helped in creating the third Saudi State. The European super powers were busy in their own problems and conflicts, while the Ottoman Empire in its last days was unable to fight the coming Saudi State. The Arab Muslim countries were under the Europeans colonists and the Arab Muslims masses were ready to help any coming Muslim movements as long it would not fight them.

Al Ikhwan built the third Saudi State for Abdel Aziz, then revolted against him

Abdel Aziz, son of Abdel Rahman [Ibn Saud], founded the third Saudi State – which exists to this day -- with the help of fanatic guerrilla soldiers known as Al Ikhwan, or “The Brothers”.  For more than 10 years the Ikhwan fought for Abdel Aziz to reestablishing the Saudi State, [1913 – 1925]. It was ultimately named the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932.  The Ikhwan, who were lawless, tough Bedouins, were steeped in Wahaby dogma, believing it to be the real forgotten Islam, to be enforced with swords and Jihad.After adding the Hejaz and the Muslim Sacred Mosques to their conquered territory, the Ikhwan wanted to continue their jihad by invading Iraq and Syria where they had committed many massacres. This was a threat to the mighty British Empire and its allies. Abdel Aziz saw this and made a strategic decision to distance himself from the Ikhwan, thereby keeping his kingdom secure by avoiding conflict with the British.

This was the first time the Saudi political authority and its religious authority were at odds. Al Ikhwan, who believed in a continuous Jihad, condemned Abdel Az6iz.  They accused him of being an accomplice of idolaters [the Egyptians] and the infidels [the British].

Abdel Aziz tried to eliminate this dissension but the Ikhwan used their Wahaby teachings to bolster their condemnation of Abdel Aziz, calling on statements made by Wahabism’s founder and the oldest imams, Ibn Taymeya and Ibn Hanbal.Abdel Aziz did not reform the Wahaby dogma to up-to-date his modern time. Abdel Aziz’s policy was to protect the state rather than reform Wahaby faith.

It was clear even in the early 1900s that Wahaby doctrine needed reforming, but the helpless Saudi scholars were incompetent at doing so. There was a peaceful attempt to reunite Abdel Aziz and his Ikhwan in Riyadh conferences in 1927 and 1928; but it failed to head off a brewing conflict.

Abdel Aziz had to fight his own brothers [Ikhwan], and defeated them in 1929. But he could not defeat their dogma, nor could he reform it. So the problem was left unsolved for decades, until the present day.  This is how it has become a danger to the Saudi State, the Muslim World and the Western World as well before and after September 11, 2001.

Abdel Aziz abandoned reformation and chose instead to protect his new state from its internal and external enemies.  Shiite Muslims stood at the borders in Iran, Iraq, and Syria and in Yemen; they also were inside the Kingdom, in the Eastern region and in Al Hejaz.


The results of his policy

The King’s plan was to focus on non-Shiites:  He wanted to persuade all Sufis to convert to Wahabism, especially in Egypt and India, home to the biggest oppressed Sunni and Sufi populations.  He would then use Wahaby doctrine as a religious motive to revolt against their Christian oppressor, the British Empire.

Once Abdel Aziz took control of Al Hejaz and the Sacred Mosques 1925, he had the perfect opportunity to recruit his converts and spread the Wahaby faith in Egypt and India, in particular.

By 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood [Al Ikhwan Al Muslemeen] organization was created in Egypt by Hassan El Banna and his spiritual master Rasheed Reda, who was Abdel Aziz’s agent in Egypt. From 1928 to1948, Hassan El Banna established fifty thousand branches of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Egypt, while creating an international organization and a secret military organization. The Muslim Brotherhood partnered in fomenting the Egyptian Revolution, which changed the history of Middle East.  After the Revolution they came into conflict with Nasser, the leader of the Revolution.  Most escaped to Saudi Arabia, and waited till Sadat was in power to return to Egypt.  Sadat gave them the authority to control Egypt’s education and culture, which they used to create public and secret organizations.   Their plan was to take over Egypt, which involved a member of one of their secret organizations assassinating Sadat.  The Muslim Brotherhood produced two infamous leaders, Sheikh Omer Abdel Rahman, the blind cleric currently in a U.S. prison, and Ayman Al Zawahiri, the right hand man of Usama Bin Laden.  Another Brother was Mohammed Atta, ringleader of the September 11 attacks.

Returning to the early 20th century, Abdel Aziz found it easy to recruit Indian Muslims to his plan.  They hated the British and the majority of their fellow Indians; and they found in the Wahabism the justification to revolt and divide India into two countries.  Thus Pakistan was created as one of the greatest mistakes of the 20th century.  Pakistan, with the help of the Saudi State and its [Madaris] or Islamic schools created the Taliban, which later took over Afghanistan.

 Instead of modernizing Wahabism after his clash with his Saudi [Ikhwan], Abdel Aziz preferred to export Wahaby teachings in their original medieval form to the rest of the Muslim world; this created bloody religious turmoil from Algeria to Indonesia and from Sudan to Russia, and finally to the West and the U.S. before and after September 11.

The sons of Abdel Aziz keep the way of not reforming the Wahaby dogma
Following Abdel Aziz, his sons, King Saud, Faisal, Khaled and Fahd have maintained Wahabism in their kingdom; spurred by new oil wealth, they aspired to make their owned family-state the leader of the entire Muslim World.

Because of political and economic interests, the West -- especially the U.S. – accommodated this Saudi policy. Moreover, facilities were given to the Saudis to create Islamic Centers in the West to spread Wahaby dogma as the real religion of Islam.  This gave Wahaby the opportunity to influence and brainwash Muslim communities in the West.

Many new Islamic schools and centers were opened with Saudi money and were controlled by Wahabists.  They controlled ancient Muslim centers, schools and mosques with Saudi funding; they introduced Wahaby books and cultural resources as the “pure” Islamic teachings, publishing them in both Arabic and English.

This campaign began as early as 1970. After ten years I became an active reformist inside Sunni groups in Egypt; I was persuaded by the Saudi propaganda that America would completely convert to Islam by the 21st century.  One might argue that, upon failing to reach this grandiose goal, their response was September 11.

 Oil wealth gave the Saudis the ability to modernize the material life of their people while their religious, social and cultural life remained controlled by backward Wahaby dogma. This created a huge contradiction, exacerbated by a strategic decision by the house of Saudi to ally itself with the so- called: “infidel” Western countries instead of waging Holy War on them.

This situation has established two different kinds of Sunni Wahaby oppositions; the traditional simple Wahaby opposition of Johayman which repeated the opposition of Al Ikhwan in the time of Abdel Aziz, and the current opposition which produced Usama Ben Laden.

The movement of Johayman

State could respond was by banning and confiscating Johayman’s books and messages.

The current opposition which produced Ossama Ibn Laden?

This opposition was a part of the Saudi regime and the product of its policy in education inside the kingdom and in establishing the Wahaby movement inside and outside the Saudi State. They have made it and are punishing by it. It is easy to remember that Ossama Ibn Laden fought the Soviet Union and the communists in Afghanistan as a response to the Saudi policy and its Wahaby doctrine of Jihad. The only difference here is the Saudi State wants to limit this Jihad according to its political situation and its needs for the American and Western protection, while Ossama and his people are willing to continue in battling all the infidels as it is written in their scriptures. They have access to battle the West but Johayman had not.

The only difference between Johayman and the current Wahaby opposition

Johayman and his group were simple regular Wahaby people. They read the books of Ibn Abdel Wahab and Ibn Taymeya and believed in them. They were obsessed by the contradiction between these teachings and the Saudi policy in dealing peacefully with the West and the non- Wahaby Muslims. Johayman was not convinced by the justification of Abdel Aziz Ibn Baz; the official Wahaby religious leader of the Saudi State. On the contrary, he believed the same belief of Al Ikhwan when they revolted against Abdel Aziz, accusing him to be anti Islam for the same reason. Johayman and Al Ikhwan used the same teachings of Ibn Abdel Wahab and Ibn Taymeya against the House of the Saudi and their state. They even use these accusations in its traditional way and terminology, as they live in the same time.

It was not the same situation of the current opposition which has a high educated people; most of them were educated in the modern Western universities by the help and the support of the Saudi State, using this modern education in supporting their Wahaby faith, even against the West and the U.S it.

Many of them were graduated from the Western Universities but are against the West

The fanatics who comprise the current Wahaby cult did not become extremists because of their Western educations.  Rather, most of them belong to ancient tribes shamefully defeated by Abdel Aziz.  While studying in the West, they came to realize the extent to which the Saudi royal family suppresses their human, social and political rights. Upon returning to their homeland, they were reminded of their humiliating lower status. The Saudi family usually gives the high ranks in its administrations for its followers from certain tribes and clans, ignoring the other tribes, even if these tribes have the most qualified high professionals. Those depressed qualified intellectuals and scholars wanted to oppose the regime, but could not do so with help from the West.  So their only hope was the Wahaby faith, which offered them the platform for challenge:  That is, to destroy the Saudi state by declaring it to have no religious legitimacy.

Abdel Aziz had used the Wahaby faith only in establishing the third Saudi State. He made it as the first step, leaving the other steps for the coming generations. The current Wahaby opposition is the generation of this mission. They were taught in the West, and some of them are living in the West, but they are battling the West in different ways, including the support of Ibn Laden by money and men.It means Abdel Aziz, the founder of the current Saudi State was unable to fulfill all the demands of the Wahaby teachings, and the current oppositions, led by Ossama Ibn Laden are completing what Abdel Aziz and his sons could not do.

King Faisal, after adding Egypt to the Wahabi faith, prepared the Saudi Kingdom to assume its new leadership in Muslim World to serve the Wahaby faith.

Khaled Al Islambolly, Abdel Salam Farag, Ayman Al Zawahery, Omar Abdel Rahman, Abou Hafs, Mohammed Atta and other terrorist leaders, are samples of that Egyptian generation which have been indoctrinated the Wahabi faith between 1970’s- 1990’s, according to the new development made by the King Faisal.

Ossama bin Laden has been taught the same faith inside the new Saudi schools and universities, built by the King Faisal.

By the Egyptian blood in the War of October 1973, the oil price has become very high giving the Saudi family billions and billions while the Egyptians have gone through time of economical crises and suffering.

As the Egyptians usually say in their traditional sayings: “they bought me and paid the price from my own money”, the Saudis utilized the Egyptian blood and sacrifice in the war of October 1973 to rise the oil prices and to use the new billions in enslaving the starving intellectual and workmen Egyptians - using them for minimum wages and in hard work and humiliating terms - in educating and developing the Saudi State. Slavery has been legal in the Saudi kingdom, until it was officially abolished in November, 6, 1962. However, it is still in another different way named: “Al Kafeel”, means the Saudi citizen can bring the foreign workers and be their sponsor, and accordingly the Saudi law gives him the total authority to use them as he likes. The Egyptians and other “foreign” Muslims are the victims of this Saudi new slavery.

The Saudi fund inside Egypt has been used in deepening the Saudi influence inside the Egyptian administrations and officials, and to recruit the desperate young men to serve the Saudi Wahaby public organizations as an access to be used inside the secret terrorist organization.

This Saudi fund and the intellectual Egyptians build the new powerful Saudi stage between 1970’s and 1990’s, and this is the background of the terrorist attack of september11, 2001.

This policy made by King Faisal is still working until now, especially in the field of education in spite of the current call for reforming the Saudi education. Thousands of schools and many new universities were built by Faisal, and thousand of the Saudi students were sent to the West universities to get higher educations. But all of this progress was and still in the service of the Wahaby faith as the students were – and still - indoctrinated it as the only real Islam, even they are Shiites or Sufis.

The kingdom used to have some different ideologies and movements; communists, leftists, and Arab Nationalists and Nasserists, but King Faisal used severe persecution and the new stage of oil wealth to destroy all of these movements and ideologies, leaving the Wahaby culture control the people inside the kingdom.

Beside education, Faisal established many official agencies to disseminate the wahaby faith in Muslim World and inside the Muslim communities in the West. Among of them are the “administration of religious researches, verdicts, advocating and guidance”, the “league of Islamic World” and “the International Society for the Islamic youth.” It is clear that Faisal wanted also to replace the wahaby ideology instead of the Arab Nationalism and its leaders in Iraq and Syria.

Many Saudis graduated from the Western universities having the very modern sophisticated science along with their Wahaby culture, using their new modern technology and science in service of the Wahaby faith. In the same time there are hundreds  thousands of the religious scholars and teachers work inside the official agencies of the state, and others are volunteers, serving the cause as their own Jihad to advocate the Wahaby faith in the seasons of Al Hajj [pilgrimage], or out side the kingdom. Others give fund to speed the Jihad and activate it.

All of them were united under one cause; to face the atheist Soviet Union and its communist ideology, and to advocate Islam in the West and the U.S to convert them to Islam, using the western freedom of speech and belief and their alliance with the U.S, against the Soviet Union.

The cold war in that time was their wonderful chance to establish – gradually and slowly - the final aim; the one Wahaby state.  That is why they forgot the very necessary duty; reforming the Wahaby faith from inside Islam to up-to-date the current world culture of human right, democracy and tolerance.

This is what Egyptians are supposed to do if they have a democratic independent regime.

However, the Saudi State, its official Wahaby agencies and its volunteers along with Muslim Brothers were united under on goal; establishing the one Islamic State peacefully, gradually and slowly by the help of the Millions of Muslim Americans and other millions in the West who will convert to Islam in its Wahaby version.

The war of Afghanistan gave some of them the necessary military training, but the dramatic collapse of the late Soviet Union has left only one cunning enemy; the West and the U.S. who have not converted to Islam in its Wahaby version. The first Gulf war has divided them into two sects; the official scholars of the Saudi regime who have to justify the Saudi policy, and the Wahabi volunteers who fought the enemies in Afghanistan for the Wahabi cause and were eager combat the U.S and the entire infidels. It is very easy to activate the same Wahabi teachings of Jihad, not only against the Saudi Kingdom, but also against the U.S.

This is the birth of September 11 after time of pregnancy lasted from 1745 until 2001.

Article two:

Why The Saudi Regime needs Al-Qaeda ?


 Before answering this question we have to recognize these facts:


 Wahhabism contradicts the religion of Islam in its faith, its values and its Jurisprudence.

The Wahhabis are a very minute sect within the Muslim population; they are less than 1% of one billion and half.

Through the Saudi oil and influence, and with US support, the Saudi were able to portray Wahhabism as the religion of Islam.


Wahhabism is the religion of the Saudis and Al-Qaeda as well.

 Wahhabism has revived and restored the most fanatic Sunni sect in Muslim Medieval Age history and brought it to our modern times in the name of Islam. Accordingly, the Saudis and Al-Qaeda uphold together the same Sunni doctrine of Jihad that divides the world into two camps, (Muslim camp: Camp of belief and peace) (Enemy camp: camp of war and disbelief). They believe in the final holy war between the two camps at the end of this world. This is their Jihad against the West and the US. To make this Jihad they have to preside over and control all Muslims by imposing their fanatic Sharee’a on them.


The Wahhabi Saudi regime and Al-Qaeda have different tactics in applying this fanatic Jihad.

1-               As an underground secret organization, Al-Qaeda could not impose Wahhabism on all Muslims, invade and conquer Non-Muslims. So, it murders them directly and randomly any time any place. Beside this terroristic Jihad, Al-Qaeda also uses the war of ideas in recruiting Muslims and in raising funds. In all its activities, Al Qaeda has only one direct face and one discourse.

2-             The Saudi Wahhabi regime has a very complex tactic.

3-               Inside the Saudi kingdom, they impose Wahhabism and persecute other Muslims sects which refuse Wahhabism. They condemn to death, Muslims who convert to other religion. They forbid any preaching of Christianity inside their Kingdom and frown upon it inside the Muslim World, while they preach Wahhabi Islam in the West and in the US.

4-              They use their influence in other Muslim countries (like Egypt and Pakistan) to persecute Muslims who are not Wahhabis, like Shiites and Quranists, and to persecute Non-Muslim minorities, like Copts and Baha’is.

5-              They use their influence in waging war of ideas inside Muslim World to impose Wahhabism and to justify persecuting others who are not Wahhabis.

6-               To prepare for the final battle between Muslims and the West, the Saudi regime has a long term plan. It uses its influence in the West and the US in waging war of ideas to impose Wahhabism on Muslim communities and to convert Christians to Islam, Wahhabi style. They exploit them as a fifth column inside the enemy camp. This is exactly what the Saudi Wahhabis are doing in the West and the US. They plant their people inside the West (Enemy camp) and brainwash them through schools and mosques, to prepare them for the coming final holy war as their Sunni tradition talks about the last holy war between the two camps in the end of this world. They hope to Islamize America and the West after some decades to overcome the enemy camp peacefully.


So, the Saudi regime needs Al-Qaeda. Not only because they uphold the same faith, the same Sharee’a and the same Jihad, but also for many other reasons:

1-      The Saudi peaceful tactic of war of ideas is not enough. One of the rules of war of ideas: It cannot stand alone; it needs military power to assist it and to protect it. The Saudi army is not capable of facing America and the West. So, Al-Qaeda is doing the job instead of them.

2-      In this regard, we remember that the Saudis, during the first Saudi State (1745- 1818 ) and in establishing the current Saudi Kingdom ( 1902 – 1932), they used to kill civilians. The Saudis could not do this in our time, so, Al-Qaeda is doing it for them.

3-      As the Saudis have many faces and many discourses, they are experts in deceiving the West and the US. Their war of ideas is built on this deception. They convince the West and the US that Al-Qaeda is their ardent enemy. So, the Saudis have the American support in fighting Al-Qaeda. Fighting Al Qaeda militarily only is hopeless. It is endless war with no victory in sight. It is just wasted time, money and endless bloodshed. So, the deeper the US sinks in this swamp, the more the Saudis benefit.

4-      Attrition  of the Americans in this endless war by Al-Qaeda will shorten the time for the glorious victory in the final holy war between the two camps

      That is why the Saudi regime insists on keeping Wahhabism included in its educational system and imposes it in the daily life of the people inside the kingdom; moreover, it uses its influence to persecute the Quranists, especially outside Saudi Arabia, who are sincere Muslim scholars, experts in the war of ideas against Wahhabism.


The key word is War of ideas. They use it against the US and the West. They are successful because of two reasons:

1-      They, Wahhabis and Al-Qaeda, use the name of Islam against the West and the US, while the West and the US refer to them as (Islamist), thereby indirectly earning the wrath and hatred of Muslim people

2-      The West and the US are refusing, till now, to use war of ideas in fighting them back, relying only on military means.

In this regard, we have to recognize these facts:

1-      It is impossible to defeat terrorism without war of ideas. It is impossible to fight ideas by military means.

2-      (Islam) is the magic word in this war of ideas. They win among Muslim populations by using the name Islam, so we can defeat them by proving the contradiction between them and the religion of Islam.

3-    Our international Quranic center represents thousands of Muslim scholars who have good expertise in fighting war of ideas from within Islam against terrorism. We have been engaged in this war since 1977. Although we have very limited resources and lack money and influence, we were, and still are, so successful in our war of ideas, that the only way left for our enemy to confront us, is to persecute us, by prison, torture and exile

4-      Moreover, since it is a global war, it needs global Muslim movements to work with you. Our IQC (International Quranic Center) is better equipped to help in this matter. We have many Muslim scholars in Europe, in North America along with the entire Muslim World.

5-      War of ideas requires the political power to protect its scholars and experts. That is why Quranic Muslim scholars are being persecuted and oppressed. It is a must for the Quranists to be protected and supported.

6-      America has all the elements that it can use to be the superpower in this war of ideas. America can :

 *Recruit Quranists and other open minded Muslim scholars in this war against terrorism.

* Use Hollywood to produce movies to undeceive the silent Muslim majority.

*Use its universities, its Islamic, Arabic and Middle Eastern departments in analyzing and exposing Wahhabism, instead of leaving those departments under Saudi influence and control, through their funding.

* Use its Muslim communities, their schools and mosques in this war of ideas to free Islam from those who are abusing and misrepresenting it.

America must have an (Agency) dedicated to war of ideas, to save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.


Article 3

For how long will this violation to God’s Sharee’a last?

For how long will the Sacred Mosque and the obligatory pilgrimage be held hostage to the Saudis?

Originally published on November 6 2009-11-07


In every pilgrimage season, hundreds of cases of death occur due to congestions of millions of pilgrims for one week to perform the pilgrimage (Hajj) ritual. I have written an article confirming what Allah (Glory be to Him) have attested to in Chapter 2 in the Quran –(002.197) (The pilgrimage is (performed in) the well-known months; so whoever determines the performance of the pilgrimage therein, there shall be no intercourse nor fornication nor quarrelling amongst one another; and whatever good you do, Allah knows it; and make provision, for surely the provision is the guarding of oneself, and be careful (of your duty) to Me, O men of understanding

I started that article by saying: You can perform Hajj during 4 months. From the beginning of Zul-Hijja to the end of Rebee’ Al-Awwal (names of lunar months)

 Following is the link for the article in Arabic

Before that, an article in English dealing with the same topic

Although this divine Quranic facilitation when performing Hajj, is in most need these days, yet it is impossible for the Saudi state to implement it, by allowing the Hajj to last for 4 months, because Wahhabism is founded on strictness and complication, contrary to Islam founded on facilitation, easiness, moderation and alleviation of constrictions, and because Salafi Wahhabism sanctifies “what our forefathers were doing” and what the ancestors agreed upon. And as long as the forefathers chose to gather all the pilgrims to start the season, in order to protect them from the marauding Nejdees (Inhabitants of Nejd region south of Iraq and Syria) and others, then the status quo should remain. Consequently, if those Nejdi tribes, who used to attack pilgrims’ caravans and commit highway robberies, and kill innocent people, were responsible for hording pilgrims in unified caravans for protection purposes and creating the new title Emir Al-hajj, then the Wahhabi Nejdees of today, are responsible for ripping off millions of pilgrims annually by imposing those high fees under the guise of protection and better accommodations, at the same time they pack millions in one week ,many of whom die suffocating, others trampled under the feet. All that contradicts Islam.


This is not the only violation committed by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia when it comes to Al-hajj.

During the 90’s, I wrote that Al-Hajj is an obligatory ritual open for mankind to perform, and that the Holy Mosque is, like the Holy Months (mentioned in the Quran), for mankind. For, as mankind has One Lord (Glory be to Him), He also has but One Original house of worship, the Sacred Mosque, in this Earth. And to Him, there is a sacred time, the sacred months. It is the duty of mankind to perform pilgrimage to God in His sacred House, in His appointed Sacred Months. At that Sacred House, the human soul should rise above all mundane thoughts, all earthly desires, all evil intentions, even rise above, otherwise normal instincts, like marital activities, to soar above argumentation, and for all present, to enjoy and feel secure and safe including those on their to the Sacred House:

(Chapter 5:Verse 2)   

 A sense of safety and security shared by Man, Bird and Animal. This is the meaning of being in a state of Ihram-(state of ritual consecration of the Mecca pilgrim), a meaning that has been corrupted and perverted by man-made Muslims’ religions. It perverted it from attire of piety to disgraceful attire naked clothes.

And as usual, nobody paid us any attention back then…so here we go again:

1-The Sacred House and performing pilgrimage to it is not restricted to those who call

themselves Muslims. It was the first House of worship assigned by Allah to the whole of Mankind, and whoever enters it should feel safe and secure, and pilgrimage to that House is obligatory on every capable person from mankind.

 (3. 96 -97 )( Most surely the first house appointed for men is the one at Bekka, blessed and a guidance for the nations. In it are clear signs, the standing place of Ibrahim, and whoever enters it shall be secure, and pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon men for the sake of Allah, (upon) every one who is able to undertake the journey to it; and whoever disbelieves, then surely Allah is Self-sufficient, above any need of the worlds.)

2-The sacred House, The House Of Allah (Most Glorified), is the place where all people come to, seeking reward, seeking requital, recompense, where people should feel secure and safe. These, in brief the injunctions that were sent to Abraham and Ishmael

00(2.125) ((And when We made the House (at Makka) a resort for mankind and sanctuary, (saying): Take as your place of worship the place where Abraham stood (to pray). And We imposed a duty upon Abraham and Ishmael, (saying): Purify My house for those who go around and those who meditate therein and those who bow down and prostrate themselves (in worship).

3- All mankind are equal in this Sacred House, be it a resident of Mecca who lives close by year round all his life, and the one who covers vast distances to get to it. And whoever puts himself, his people, his state, in a position of authority above people , to control the Sacred House and the guests of the Almighty (The Pilgrims), banning some from entering it, and dominating its affairs without a just cause, then it is him who repulses and drives away from the Sacred House those who wish to comply with Allah’s injunction.

(22. 25) (Surely (as for) those who have rejected (Allah ), and hinder (men) from Allah's way and from the Sacred Mosque which We have made equally for all men, (for) the dweller therein and (for) the visitor, and whoever shall incline therein to wrong unjustly, We will make him taste of a painful chastisement.)

We notice that the verse is in the present tense (hinder), hinting at the possibility that after the Glorious Quran has been sent, there might come those to repeat what the enemies of the Prophet Mohammed “Qureish” (leading tribe in Mecca) had done of controlling the Sacred House and turning Al-Hajj into a business, and this is what we witness these days, of the Saudi state control of Al-hajj and the Sacred House contrary to what Al-Islam decrees.

We also notice here, that Allah Almighty punishes for the mere evil intention, or ill intentions, still in the present tense, at the end of the above verse, 22:25.

4- After that, Almighty Allah describes those who come to the Sacred House in Chapter 22:26 :( And when We assigned to Ibrahim the place of the House, saying: Do not associate with Me aught, and purify My House for those who make the circuit and stand to pray and bow and prostrate themselves. And proclaim among men the Pilgrimage: they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, coming from every remote path.)

So the Sacred House is for Mankind. And whoso wishes can come to circumambulate it and pray, coming from any deep gorge any where on the face of earth.

5- And because it is a house of safety, security and peace, for all people, even birds and animals, where hunting is forbidden in its sanctuary, then there should be no place for those transgressors who muddle the peace and tranquility of others and threaten their lives.

Islam has 2 meanings, a doctrinal one relative to Allah Almighty, which means submitting, yielding and surrendering to Him and His will alone, no partners or associates.: (6.162 ) (Say. Surely my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are (all) for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. No associate has He; and this am I commanded, and I am the first of those who submit.)

This part, the convictional, the creed, is private between the individual and his Lord; it is based on freedom to believe or to disbelieve, no one has the right to interfere in this relation between the individual and his Creator, every person is responsible for his or her choice on Day of Resurrection.

The other meaning of Islam is the behavioral one, by that we mean Islam is peace. Every peaceful person is a Muslim on the outside, regardless of his faith, his official religion and his denomination. People have the right to judge a person based on his behavior, is he peaceful or an aggressive aggressor criminal? There are divine laws and man-made laws to protect a man from the aggression of his fellow man.

And by the same token, disbelieving and associating partners has 2 meanings. In dealing with Allah the Almighty, disbelieving is covering the natural inborn instinct of submitting to one Creator, to believe in additional partners to Him, to believe in saints that can affect one’s destiny. This portion of belief is left to Allah to decide because everyone considers oneself to be right and the others wrong, and what concerns us is the behavioral disbelief, meaning aggression and injustice committed by one person against others. It is the right and obligation of humanity to judge and curtail such behavior to protect and preserve the rights of individuals and rights of society.

Connection of what we are discussing to Al-Hajj is as follows

 It is the right of every peaceful person to perform Hajj regardless of his official religion. It prohibited for any one to be armed. It is a must to provide security for the pilgrims. It is from within this context that we comprehend Allah’s directive in Chapter 9:28: (O you who believe! the transgressors are nothing but unclean, so they shall not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year.).  The subject matter here is aggressors who were habitual in attacking pilgrims, breaking all covenants, they needed to be dealt with firmly, first by declaring disavowal of their actions, then giving then a period of 4 months for repentance, This is how chapter 9 –) started

And then He describes their attitude and behavior with aggression: (9 : 10) (And they observe toward a believer neither pact nor honor. These are they who are transgressors)

But if they cease and desist then they are brothers for the believers

(9.:11 )(But if they repent and keep purifying themselves, they are your brethren in faith.);

But if they resort back to aggression and to breaking of covenants, then:(9. :12 )( And if they break their pledges after their treaty (hath been made with you) and assail your safety , then fight the heads of transgressors - surely their oaths are nothing-- so that they may desist.)

Consequently, they should be denied access to pilgrimage as long as they continue their aggression against pilgrims, moreover, they should be banned from getting close to the Sacred House that Allah Almighty has decreed it to be a safe haven and place for people to return to seeking forgiveness. That is our understanding, in this context of Allah’s words in verse 28 of the same Chapter: ((O you who believe! the transgressors are nothing but unclean, so they shall not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year.).  

The subject matter here is the disbelieving idolater who commits aggression, murder and blood shedding of the innocent.


The Wahhabi Saudi Regime contradicts Islam in all of the above

1-Their ancestors in Nejd, used to commit highway robberies against the pilgrims during the Umayyad, Abbasid and Memluk periods. Some of those raids were conducted in a non-religious context, meaning no religious justification. It was worse when religiously justified, because the killing, the bloodletting, raping women and plundering all become Jihad. That was what the Saudi ancestors, the Qaraametah committed .It was not enough for the Qaraametah to commit highway robbery; they even attacked Mecca itself, murdered those inside, threw their bodies in Zemzem well then uprooted the Black Stone, all of this well known and historically recorded.

After centuries, this Qurmuti phenomenon reappeared under a different name; Wahhabism. Led by the Saudi family, they repeated what Qaraametah committed of killings, murder, pillage, plunder and raping women, all in the name of Jihad. This happened during the First Saudi State (1745-1818), which conquered Al-Hejaz and the Sacred House, in 1805, plundered Al-Medina, and prevented the pilgrims’ caravans from reaching Mecca in 1806, prompting the Ottoman Empire to order Mohammad Ali Pasha, governor of Egypt to dispatch an expedition in 1807 to free the sacred places from the Saudi occupation. Mohammad Ali sent his army to fight the Saudis in 1811. The war ended in 1818, with the destruction of Der’yya, the capital of the Saudis.

Then Abdul Aziz Al Saud founded the current third Saudi State, between 1902 and 1932. In trying to establish his state he committed many massacres and atrocities in the Arabian peninsula, Iraq and (old ) Syria. Most of his victims were innocent civilian villagers. The Ikhwan (Abdul Aziz’s soldiers), devoted themselves to raiding Arab and Muslim villages killing in the process more than one million victims.

The Al-Hejaz was not saved from their bloodshed, for on their way to Al-Hejaz, they committed At-turbah massacre in 1919, where the blood of innocent inhabitants of At-turbah filled the palm trees trenches, as related by an actual eye witness, Shereef Aoun who fled the scene and was fifteen at that time. That was followed by Attaa’f massacre in 1924, which ended with the extermination of almost all of its inhabitants of men, women and children. The viciousness and barbarism of the Saudis forced Mecca and Al-Medina to give up within less than one month. Let us not forget the aggression committed against the Sacred Mosque in 1979, was carried out by an ardent Wahhabi ,Juheiman Al-Uteibi and his associates, followers of Sheikh Bin Baaz.

Meaning that all what Qureish, the disbeliever, committed and was condemned by the Glorious Quran is nothing compared to what the Saudis inflicted.


2-Under the dominion and control of the Saudis, people were tortured, intimidated and chased around by the ENFORCERS (Al-Mutawwe’a), still in practice today, does not matter and no distinction between the pilgrims, and the rest of the kingdom. But for the royal Saudi family, not even the staunchest of the Enforcers, can approach any of them no matter how degenerate, immoral and disobedient they can get.

3-As for Hajj and pilgrims, the Saudi regime requires proof of Islam of those desiring to perform Hajj, especially if they were non-Arabs, giving themselves thusly, a divine authority to investigate people’s beliefs and convictions. The capacity of managing and facilitating Hajj should be restricted to security issues like any other port of entry in the world, delving in issues of conscience should be out of consideration.

4- The worst of what the Saudi state does in an effort to spread its brand of Wahhabi religion is propaganda. At the same time, it utilizes its dominion over Hajj and the Sacred House and other things to persecute pilgrims of Shiite, Sufi and Ahmadeyya and other non-Wahhabi affiliations. It also exploits Hajj to advertise and publicize in a vulgar manner, the generosity and the bounty bestowed by the Saudi family on the pilgrims, which first, when compared to the assistance rendered by the western institutions to poor Muslims amounts to nothing. Second, it is nothing compared to what it supposed to contribute from the oil returns under Zakatul Maal (Charity imposed on money earned), third, it doe not compare to what they annually collect in fees and taxes from pilgrims, and lastly, it does not compare with the damage they brought Islam and its reputation throughout the whole world.

5-With all this, we conclude that what Allah said in Chapter 22:25, applies to the Saudi family, through their actions and deeds, not minding their beliefs

(22.:25 )( (22. 25) (Surely (as for) those who have rejected (Allah ), and hinder (men) from Allah's way and from the Sacred Mosque which We have made equally for all men, (for) the dweller therein and (for) the visitor, and whoever shall incline therein to wrong unjustly, We will make him taste of a painful chastisement.)

6-The history of the Saudis, their current conduct, their Wahhabism, all contradicts Islam, so how can they be entrusted with the Sacred House and the Hajj? And for how long will the noble, freemen; genuine and emancipated Muslims keep silent about these conditions that contradict Islam? Is the Sacred House a monopoly of the Wahhabi Saudis only? Do they have evidence from the Glorious Quran? Or even from their man-made Wahhabi sect that gives them legality to control the Sacred House? Or is it their capturing of the House in 1924, gives them the legal right to conduct its affairs, control it and to perform Hajj according to their Wahhabi doctrine which contradicts Islam? Is it not enough for them the tremendous massacre they committed at At-Taa’f on their way to Mecca, to subdue it, instilling fear and horror in the hearts of Meccans, to get them to give up easily? Is aggression a lawful Islamic means to control the Sacred House and to control the guests of the One God, The Merciful? Or should it be condemned islamically and nullified with all its consequences, that permitted those people to stranglehold the House of the Lord of all people?


1-Liberating the Sacred House from the Saudi occupation is a form of Jihad to raise the religion of Allah to the lofty heights it deserves. Let us start this peaceful Jihad by re-educating Muslims through conferences and group meetings to discuss what has been hushed all along, of history and of truths of Islam.

2- I call upon all free minded Muslims, everywhere, Shiite, Sunnite, Sufis, Ahmadeyya, Secularists and those with legal backgrounds, to convene a conference about the inevitability of placing the Sacred Houseunder the auspices of a neutral international committee that guarantees access to anyone wishing to perform Hajj, Umra, or plain visit to the sacred places, for all humanity, with no discrimination or distinction, guarantees the pilgrims’ safety for the duration of 4 months of Hajj

3-My Lord, Have I delivered the message?     My Lord, you be my Witness. 

Article 4   


To Free the Sacred Mosque From Saudi Family Dominance…Enlightenment Conventions are Required



(1)    Though the Saudi family hegemony over the sacred places contradicts Islam and necessitates Islamic Jihad against that family and its state, yet lack of courage to discuss the topic, led to acceptance of the status quo. With the passage of time, this acceptance slowly turned to a form of Islamic conviction in the Saudi’s right to that dominance, which in turn, gave the Saudis and its Wahhabi sect, the chance to lead the Muslim World and to represent Islam.

(2)    The number of Saudi family members, who are controlling the Islamic Hajj obligation, the Sacred Mosque and the sacred places for Muslims, is nothing compared to the number of Muslims worldwide, which nears the billion and a half, and the number of those who adheres to the Wahhabi Hanbali sect, is nothing compared to the number of Muslims and their different sects. The Saudis and Wahhabis do not have a proof from the Lord of the Worlds that warrants their domination over the Islamic Hajj obligation and the Sacred Mosque. They managed to reach that status through invasion, aggression and massacres of innocent civilians. This by itself, torpedoes their claim and confirms the religious duty of armed Jihad against them for the sake of God Almighty, glory be to Him.

 (3)    Our goal is never to ignite an armed struggle to deliver the Sacred Mosque and the Hajj obligation out of the Saudi family hands to put them under the dominance of another state. Certainly, we do not wish for a war to erupt, out of concern for the sanctity of the Sacred Mosque and the sanctity of Human lives. Our goal is enlightenment and reeducation, to form a public opinion, a pressure group and international political movements to force the Saudi family to withdraw from those Sacred Places to be put under the control of a neutral international administration that guarantees Hajj and visitation to all peaceful humanity, and guarantees their protection and their freedom of worship. Facilitates their travel and their stay, as Almighty Allah intended the Sacred Mosque to be...(A place for people to resort and come back to, and a safe haven)

(4)    The Saudis succeeded in imposing the status quo, since they occupied the Sacred Mosque and Al-Hejaz in 1924. They also managed to distract and divert the Muslims from bringing the issue for discussion, Islamically, legitimately and legally. They were successful in getting the Muslims to engage in local and regional wars. They even tried to impose Wahhabism on Muslims throughout, to assume leadership of the Muslim World as the camp of Belief versus the West and its camp of disbelief and war.

(5)    Then came a generation of Muslims who believes in Saudi Arabia more than believing in God Almighty, believes in Wahhabism and rejects Islam, believes that Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam and that it is the state where the prophet of Islam was born and grew up. All this nonsense could be eradicated with enlightenment and education.

(6)    Through education, Truth becomes evident. That this Bedouin (family-state),is more befitting Allah’s saying in the Quran (The Bedouins are more prone to disbelief and hypocrisy ), and that they repel from the way of Almighty God, which is the Glorious Quran, and that they repulse away from the Sacred House, and that they are the worst enemies of Islam, not only due to their corruption, tyranny, injustice and their bloody history full of massacres, but because the commit all this oppression, injustice, aggression, tyranny, slaying and plunder in the name of Islam, and because of them, Islam stands accused of terrorism, extremism, fanaticism, backwardness, rigorism and bloodshed.

(7)    The worst mistake committed during the eighteenth century was the establishing of the first Saudi state 1754. The nineteenth century witnessed its destruction, and its re-establishment and then its demise again. Then, again the same profound mistake happened in the twentieth century with the formation of the third Saudi state (1902-1932).

(8)    We hope to see, in this century, the complete disappearance of this terrible state, to spare the world its wickedness. Suffice to know that this family and its Wahhabi sect, were responsible for murdering more than 4 million Muslim, due to massacres, conflicts, tumults and wars that spread from the Arabian peninsula to India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, then to Indonesia eastward. Then to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, North Africa then to Maghreb westward , then North Europe and America with the advent of this century. This Saudi Wahhabi epidemic turned all those acts of aggression into an Islamic Jihad, Relying on the Sunni religion on the one hand, and on their control of Al-Hejaz, Hajj, Holy places on the other. For that reason, education and enlightenment is inevitable.

(9)    This process of re-education starts with holding conventions attended by Moderate Sunni Muslim Scholars, not Wahhabi ones, along with Shiite, Ahmadeyya, Sufi and Quranists scholars. The first convention objective is discussing the non-legitimacy of Saudi occupation of the holy places, and control of Hajj, Islamically, historically and legally within the framework of introducing the issue. The first conference to be concluded with specific recommendations and steps to implement for following conventions, and formation of follow up committees. It is important to hold that first convention in Washington D.C., for politically, it is the most suitable. It is as important, the participation of all free thinking political and religious leadership, scholars and media personalities.


 1-      I wonder about the silence exhibited by free people of both Arab and Islamic world, for not giving this idea the support it deserves.

2-      I wonder more so about the reaction of Shiites and Sufis in Iraq and Syria, considering it was the Saudis who butchered their forefathers in Iraq, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula, and they are still destroying and desecrating their holy places.

3-      Along with that wonderment…there is still hope

4-      This hope will be fulfilled. God willing   


Article 5

Salafiya, the roots and the evils
SALAFIYA is derived from the venerable forefathers


 With the ousting of Hosni Mubarak and collapse of the State security Apparatus, the physical Salafi presence became obvious to observers, threatening the Egyptian peaceful social fabric and its future.

Beforehand, it was the Muslim Brotherhood that dominated the scene in terms of source of threat, now it is the Salafis that occupied the whole spectrum instead.

In the past, our website Ahl Alquran published numerous articles and religious opinions about the Muslim Brotherhood, always being careful to differentiate between the Brotherhood as an organization, and the Brotherhood as a cultural phenomenon, and by that, I meant the culture of Wahhabism or Salafiya.

We pause here to shed some light on this Salafiya, its historical roots up to nowadays.


1-In a glance, we will broach the subject of (sect, creed, faith) of prophet Ibrahim, or true orthodox Islam., which he, peace be upon him, brought along, and through him, a number of prophets came afterwards, starting with Isaac, then his son Jacob or Israel, then Joseph and the rest of prophets of the children of Israel.. Then, the Seal of all prophets came through the Ishmaelite branch. Ishmael is the father of (arabized) Arabs of the north. Ibrahim and Ishmael collaborated in rebuilding the sacred mosque after Allah, Glory Be to Him, guided Ibrahim to its location and original foundation.

2-Tribes, descendents of Ishmael son of Ibrahim, multiplied and grew in numbers. The most powerful amongst them all was Qureish, being the dwellers of Mecca and the custodians of the Sacred Places and overseers of pilgrimage. During those times, there were some disturbances and difficulties that affected the (Silk Road) connecting trade routes between China-India and Europe through central Asia. A substitute road, a maritime- land route, through Yemen, Arabian Peninsula, Syria ending in the Byzantine State, replaced the old one, known as the journeys of summer and winter, whereby Yemenite traders would bring Indian products by sea over the Indian ocean and the Arabian sea, sell it to Qureish traders, who in turn carry it to Syria and trade with the Byzantines, Rulers of the region. On the rebound trip, they would buy European goods for resale to the Yemenites, who in turn would trade it with the Southeast Asians. Hence, and through this international commerce, Qureish used to garner steep profits. The concord, the harmony, the coalition, the state of entente among the Arab tribes, emphasizes the success of this trade. For those Bedouin tribes living north of and south of Mecca between Syria and Yemen, they mastered the profession of raiding and marauding trade caravans, yet through the condition of entente, they became the guardians of those Qureishite caravans, and by allowing them to place their idols inside the Sacred Places, thereby acquiring a semblance of sanctity of the shrine, and to visit during pilgrimage season. Under this entente condition, Qureish thrived peacefully, whilst the rest of the Arab tribes suffered from inter-fighting, scarcity of resources and plenty of hardships. By doing so, Qureish had violated the faith and creed of Ibrahim in exchange for own trade benefits. That was the main reason why Allah, Glory be to Him, sent the Seal of all prophets, Mohammad, peace be upon him, to purify the creed of Ibrahim, calling for religion to be (in principle and in practice), for the sake of Allah alone, Glory be to Him. Naturally, Qureish stood fast against Islam in defense of its interests, though they believed the Quran to be a true guidance, as mentioned in chapter 28:57, hence they opted to deny and refute the Quran to preserve their livelihood. 56:82.

3-Inspite of Qureishite oppression of Muslims and wars waged against them, even after their migration to Medina, the Quranic exhortations to submit hearts to the will of Allah, elevated the intellect of Arabian tribes, causing them to realize the absurdity and silliness of worshipping deities made out of stones. It dawned on them how Qureish exploited and controlled them through venerating graves, false deities, mortals and idols. Upon accepting Islam, they restarted attacking Qureishite caravans; the latter realized the importance of protecting their interests, so they joined the new movement ISLAM .This took place a short while before the parting of the prophet, peace be upon him. Not long after that, the tribes found out that Qureish resorted to old ways of dominance, prompting to revolt under what it came to be known (The war of apostasy). After violently quelling that revolt, and to forestall any revenge on their part, Qureish conceived the idea of redirecting the tribes’ military capabilities to the outside, thereby leading them to foreign expansion. By doing so, an Arab empire was established under the leadership of Qureish, who ruled most of the known world from the time of the rightly guided caliphs until the end of the Abbasid dynasty, again under the banner of ISLAM. That led to many consequences, most notably were:

A- The return of old Qureishite form of religiosity which neutralized the religion of Ibrahim. Additionally, they perverted and corrupted the concept of Islamic Jihad which was centered on defensive jihad, and turned it into aggressive offensive warfare against others leading to occupation. This Qureishite perversion was formulated under what later came to be known as Sunnah, which represents the highest form of Qureishite hegemony. Along side this Sunnite religion, the rival Shiite religion popped out on the scene representing the Farsi (Persian) culture. Then the Sufi religion came along claiming to represent all man-made religions.

B-The known world was split into two camps, an Islamic camp, and a Christian camp in Europe, with the Muslims controlling the trade routes between India and Europe.

C- Due to Europe’s dire need for the Eastern trade, its dream was to find a route to India far off the control of its Muslim enemy, another dream was to ally itself with Christian Abyssinia (Ethiopia) to pose a threat to Mecca and Medina. The European undertaking to regain lost lands started in Spain with the fall of Andalusia, followed by an attempt to reach India, where Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the New World thinking that he arrived in India. With those geographic explorations and discoveries, the Christian Western camp not only dominated the New World, it also colonized the Muslim camp too.


As the Ottoman state was fading away, the Islamic Arabic revival movement was heading into two directions, the direction of returning to the past (Essalaf) led by the Wahhabi call or mission which established the first Saudi state (1745-1818). The other direction opposed to the first one, spearheaded by Egypt under Mohammad Ali, calling for modernization after Europe.

The two approaches collided, and Mohammad Ali succeeded in destroying the Saudi state in 1818. Then the second Saudi state rose and fell due to inter-family strife. Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud was successful in re-establishing the current Saudi state (1902-1932). To protect his state against falling, Abdul Aziz took it upon his self to promote and spread his Wahhabi faith throughout Egypt which professed a mixture of Sufi Sunni doctrine, meaning the Sufi creed in venerating saints, and the Sunni in daily life affairs. His opportune chance came about when he took over Hejaz and Mecca, controlling the sacred places and Hajj rituals in 1924-1925. He tried to promote Wahhabism by contacting Muslim leaders, paying more attention to Egypt and India. The (Shari ‘a Association) was the most widespread religious association or organization in Egypt that held a Sufi doctrine. Resheed Redha, a senior Saudi agent, succeeded in penetrating the organization, and with time managed to turn it into an austere Wahhabi one. Later on, other agents for Abdul Aziz Al Saud (Hamid El Feqqi), formed (Ansaar Sunnah) organization to promote and advocate (Salafiya), instead of Wahhabism which was detested in Egypt. After that, the Saudis formed (The Muslim Youth Organization). A year later, Resheed Redha chose a bright young man from (the Muslim Youth) Hasan El Banna, to head another organization (The Muslim Brotherhood) dedicated to political activities, whereas the (Ansaar Sunnah) were relegated the missionary work and the task of spreading Wahhabism under the guise of Sunnah and Salafiya.

Within twenty years (1928-1949), Hasan El Banna succeeded in establishing fifty thousand branches for the Brotherhood throughout Egypt. He also formed the International Order of Muslim Brotherhood, the special military unit, and was successful in igniting the (Covenant Revolt) in Yemen. The Muslim Brotherhood also participated in the 1952 coup led by Abdu Nassir, yet a schism developed between the two, and after the incident of (El Mensheyya) in 1954, Nassir stormed them out of Egypt, forcing most of them to flee to their (ideological motherland), Saudi Arabia, during the rein of Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz. Beforehand Abdul Aziz prohibited the Muslim Brotherhood from having a branch in his Emirate and later on in his kingdom, but events forced his children to give them protection and safe refuge in the kingdom.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, with their Egyptian background, could not stomach the primitive absolute rule of the Saudis. Wide was the difference between Liberal Egypt that they have lived and witnessed (1921-1952) and Saudi backwardness. Wide was the difference between Saudi absolute rule and constitutional rule of Mohammad Ali’s dynasty. Wide was the difference between freedom of thought in Egypt and slavery and oppression which were the essence of Saudi rule, and not the mere sequestering of thought and opinion in Saudi Arabia. Wide was the difference between Egypt that enjoyed political activity, and that kingdom (Saudi Arabia) that was owned by a family who monopolized wealth and power. The Muslim Brotherhood inside Saudi Arabia realized or thought (wrongly) that Al Saud family relied on Wahhabi doctrine in fortifying their rule, and being the scholars of Wahhabism and of the decision making caliber( literally, Those who tie and untie) , they saw fit that they should be included in government. This understanding on their part contradicted the Saudi understanding which considered the sword as the foundation of their rule and authority, by which they established their first Saudi state, including the current one. The Muslim Brotherhood started secretly to call for and to propagate their understandings of how things should be implemented, thereby precipitating a schism that evolved in the formation of a home grown Saudi opposition after the Gulf war. This opposition movement was led by Mohammad El-Mes’ry and Sa’d El-Faqeeh outside the kingdom, and internally was headed by Safrr El-Hawaaly and Salmaan El-Awda, and eventually produced Usama Bin Laden. Due to this political schism, the Saudis concentrated on supporting (The Ansaar Essunah), a Salafi oriented group with no political ambitions.

It is well known that Sadat allied himself with the Salafi trends, with its so many different branches, the political and missionary ones. During his reign, different organizations and sub organizations emerged, like the Jihadists and Al-jamaa’a Al-islaameyya, others flourished too of lesser presence. During Mubarak’s period, the politically inclined ones were subjected to persecution,(The Muslim Brotherhood, Al-jamaa’a Al-islaameyya, the Jihadists), whereas the major part of the Wahhabi movement, the Salafis, fell under the influence of the state security apparatus. With the Saudi monetary aid and the Egyptian government illicit support, the non political Salafi missionary trend expanded and its organizations spread out, its mosques multiplied by the thousands. It infiltrated Al Azher, the educational system, the media, different clubs and places of assembly. Due to their influence, the Hijab and the Veil became widespread. The Quranists suffered the most, simply because they confronted Wahhabism from within Islam. Moreover, the Salafi trend engaged in chasing secular thinkers with an Islamic style inquisition (Al-Hisba) and pursuing Copts. The state security exploited them to stir strife within to prolong the emergency state laws.

With the infiltration of the main Salafi body by the state security, they succeeded in organizing many groups of them in the service of the state security. They even managed to strike a deal with the imprisoned leaders of the Jihadists and Al-jamaa’a Al-islaameyya, in what came to be known as (intellectual revision), to abandon (violence), political activism and the methods of (The Brotherhood), to return to square one, that is missionary work, to non-political (Ansaar Essunnah) or (Essalafeyya), to be one of the many secret Salafi organizations working for and in cahoots with state security, carrying out some of the dirty deeds, like the bombing of the church of the Two Saints in Alexandria, and the explosions of Sherm Sheikh in Sinai.


1- Then Mubarak was toppled, and along with him, the State Security system fell down. They left the Salafi Presence with no authority to return to, with lots of resources to expand and spread more and more, with satellite channels at its disposal, with influence at Al Azher, at the Ministry of religious affairs, within the educational system and within the media. More importantly, they had millions of followers and supporters throughout the land, in villages, in hamlets, and in inner cities. They manifested and exercised their influence at the last referendum, by their transgression against fellow citizens, by their leaders’ declarations hinting at political ambitions exploiting the current conditions of symptoms of freedom, and their recent emancipation from the grip of State Security, by taking advantage of Egypt’s fluid conditions, of the setting of a police state and the outward appearance of chaos, numerous daily demonstrations, factional demands, a military junta incapable of running a civilian administration, the leftovers of a State Security system, and an old regime busy working in the dark trying to hold on and to salvage whatever remnants of influence it once had, by engulfing Egypt in more turmoil, hoping to elude and maybe escape punishment, the way to accomplish that is by cooperating with hoodlums and  extreme Salafis, by creating a state of havoc through church burning and desecrating graves.

It is obvious that the Salafis’ ascension to power is connected to creating a state of Chaos, and in this aspect, the Salafis are in agreement with Mubarak’s regime remnants and his state security organization, especially since the current Salafi leadership is the product of this security apparatus, and had the opportunity for thirty years to be trained and goaded by it.

       2-The biggest losers as a result of the Salafi prominence are the Muslim Brotherhood and the Copts.

      A/2---The Muslim Brotherhood itself is experiencing a division among its ranks, some of their ambitious leadership are splitting off, like Dr. Abdul Mun’m Abul Futooh, and Mohammad Habeeb. Also the state of (schizophrenia) that exist between the leadership at Secretariats General and the younger Muslim Brotherhood, who want to participate in the leadership and not mere indoctrination and obedience. All this, in addition to the biggest obstacle; their deficiency in modernization and inability to formulate progressive enlightened thought as exhibited by the Quranists, meaning the Islamic Thought at the roots of a Civilian Secular state, human rights, democracy and total and absolute freedom of religion. The Brotherhood could not accomplish these objectives because they are Wahhabis believing in (Hadiths) that have nothing to do with GOD.

        B/2—The Salafis represent a more severe crisis in Egypt; in a most critical situation. During these fluid times, as Egypt tries to ease its way through the bottle neck of impending chaos, a police force that is absent, negligent, indifferent, conspiring or simply petrified, and on the other hand, opposing power centers, crouching in the dark, ready to leap, other groups that became professionals at cooperating with the state security carrying out dirty deeds for them, it would be very difficult to distinguish between what is (hatchery) and what is (coddled hatchery),that is the Salafis. As Mubarak used to victimize the Copts by letting his Salafi agents loose against them, the same method is still prevalent between the remnants of Mubarak and their Salafi servants. The gravity of the situation is not restricted to the current conditions; it transcends it to the nature of the Salafi movement. They do not posses the cautiousness and political expertise of the Muslim Brotherhood. On the contrary, the Salafis have never engaged in politics, they have never experienced dealing with political, intellectual or ideological adversaries except through sequestering, accusations of blasphemy, aggression and even murder. They were overwhelmed when they found the political arena wide open for them with no prior preparedness or plans. So they entered it with what they have learned and mastered, the culture of accusations of blasphemy, degradation, insults, transgression and instigation with fowl language. Before, they used to (talk) only; now in these exceptional times, they have the opportunity to (do), to put their word to practice, or some of it. The stage is set for them, thanks to Mubarak, who divided Egypt into two warring camps, Muslims and Copts, and between them both, freedom of conscience was lost. It became prohibited for a Copt to accept Islam, and r a Muslim to revert and become a Christian. It becomes more sensitive and ignitable if it was a female that wants to exercise that right. The Salafis were the leaders of the (Muslim Camp). Before, all they could do was agitate, now they can enforce their words and impose it on their first and major enemy: The Copts.

No doubt, the Salafis have their eyes set on Copt women to convert them to their Salafi religion. As the Copts are spread throughout Egypt, in its villages, hamlets, towns and inner cities, so do the Salafis, meaning the confrontation is going to be throughout populous Egypt.                  

        3-In addition, there are other potential victims for the Salafis, namely the Quranists, the Sufis, the Shiite, the Secularists and unveiled women. The Salafis already are threatening the demolition of venerated graves and tombs of Sufis and Shiites, like El-Hussein’s and Zeineb’s, in Cairo. The Sufis in turn are threatening huge demonstration to defend their tombs. The Quranists do not have any venerated graves or tombs; they do not believe in its sanctification, they think it is deviation away from true pure trust and belief in Allah, yet they do not condone its physical demolition, since this act is not found in Islam, rather what is needed is to demolish the deviant belief in its sanctity through education and exchange of ideas and relying on the Quran as a guide for us all, to render it no more than a collection of stones and ornamented building material.

          4- It is imperative upon the actual and potential victims of this Salafi Monster to band and cooperate together peacefully, culturally, educationally and politically to teach, instruct, guide, correct, polish, refine and tame him before it destroys itself and others.

In conclusion…The solution lies in the headline that I used to start my articles with in Al-Akhbar and other periodicals in 1989. The headline was (The Quran is the solution)…and it still is…. 

Article 6

 Bin Laden’s Festival

Published in Arabic in 5- 3 - 2011

In English:


 1---Pursuant to God’s law, Glory be to Him, the penalty of warfare should be meted out to Bin Laden and Bin Laden’s ilks. He says in the Quran, chapter 5:33


 : The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement.

There is a criminal murderer who murdered an innocent soul, he is deserving of a likewise punishment. Then there is this criminal who is worse as a murderer for murdering many more innocent human lives. He is well-deserving of a severe punishment. Then there is this ruler who kills thousands of innocent souls, in phases, to instill terror in his people hearts. If they revolted against him, He massacres them with all his might, as Gaddafi is doing now, and as Mubarak and Bin Ali would have liked to have done. Those tyrants should be extinguished, no questions asked.

But there remain those murderers with lesser criminality than those terrorists of Bin Laden’s ilk.

Bin Laden’s ilk do not only do injustice to people, more importantly, they do injustice to God Almighty. Hulagu, Mubarak, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Gaddafi and all oppressive butchers did not attribute their crimes to Divine Law; none of them said their crimes were Jihad in the cause of Allah. None of them legitimized murdering people in the name of their God, yet Bin Laden’s ilk did not fight the people only, they fought the people’s God too, and did Him injustice by attributing their evil burdens and crimes to Divine Law, thereby rendering the Great Islam, the religion of peace, benevolence, tolerance, justice and freedom, they rendered it accused worldwide as the religion of terrorism and random killing of innocent people. All our screams and outcries to clear The Great Islam of those accusations were drowned in the uproar of Bin Laden’s ilk terroristic crimes, the apparent ones and the hidden ones, still, the naïve clueless world keeps on calling them Islamic.

2—Bin Laden’s ilk, the terror criminals, are of two types; the civilian branch of provocateurs sheikhs with their fatwas and proclamations, a very effective participants in these crimes, amongst whom thousands of Wahhabi preachers and who followed them in their delusion until Judgment Day, then the military branch which carries out those crimes with blood and violence. Cooperation between the two branches is continuous and stable. The intellectual warfare starts with claims of apostasy, damnations, and accusations of treachery and fatwas of exiting the folds of Islam. With this (Green) light, the crime is executed, and then the sheikhs of evil from the civilian branch of terrorism come along to perform ablution with the blood of innocent victims, while lecturing others about the benevolence of Islam….condemning in a very gluey hypocritical fashion the blood letting.

Between these and those, there lies a more ominous thread that connects the two types together in the cause of Satan. One of them would carry a gun in one hand, and the Quran in the other. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahhab was one of them, who took part alongside his friend Mohammad Bin Saud in establishing the first Saudi state and led its armies, and then the Saudis murdered him where he would not end up with the whole pie without them. This is documented history. Amongst them also are Abdullah Azzam and his protégé Bin Laden.

3- The slaying of Bin Laden created what could be called the festival of Bin Laden

Just like any Sufi Festival, you will encounter (passion, emotion, ecstasy), rekindled and stoked religious fervor. You will also find rhythmic dancing (Zikr), Sufi style, and of course, religious (chanting). In all this discord, you will find what baffles the mind. Some are weeping passionately over the loss of (Sheikh El-Mujahedeen), others obviously fidgeting (embarrassingly) over what has been rumored about Bin Laden’s lavish lifestyle in an opulent castle and, when things got too dangerous, him taking a woman as a human shield, hiding behind her, leaving her to face armed men with her bare chest  protecting him….what a shame. Others suppressed their anger, assailing the Americans because they killed a suspect, forgetting that Bin Laden was not a suspect but one who proudly admitted his own crimes. They also forgot that God Almighty has granted the relatives of a wrongly killed innocent person, the power to avenge from the perpetrating murderer. America did not treat Bin Laden as a suspect, but exactly like he wanted to be treated as a principal active participant in the blowup and the massacres of the two American embassies in Africa, and in the carnage of the two New York towers. Some even were simple minded to the extent of criticizing America for burying him at sea instead of a know location, forgetting, those sheikhs, forgetting that the bodies of some of Bin laden’s innocent victims were incinerated and melted beneath the ruins of the two New York towers, and before whining over pitiful nonsense like burial under ground or at sea, we should know that we are talking about a butcher, a killer of thousands of innocent souls with no faults or guilt on their part, who knew nothing about Bin Laden ,his plans or aspirations.

The biggest loser in Bin Laden’s Festival is what the near future is going to bring forth, after the American experts finish examining, checking, downloading, uncovering the secret information mines they captured on tapes and on CD’s and among Bin Laden’s paper documents. Then, the hidden will become wide-open, and we will know why Emirates and Sheikhdoms enjoyed peace, tranquility, opulence, comfort, affluence, all with the blessing of Bin Laden in exchange for paying him off. Perhaps…what we will see is the foundation of another Bin Laden Empire based on Mafioso’s of drugs, production and marketing wise. We are on rendezvous with some terrible news that will topple the truthfulness, authenticity, validity of some major personalities that mastered playing on different ropes.

4- Bin Laden’s Festival will not end with his demise. Questions have been raised about the sustainability of Al Qaeda after him, who will lead, is it Az-Zawaahri or some unknown figure? In my estimation, Al Qaeda as an organization lost much of its glow after the fall of Taliban and its entry into the cocoon of disappearance between Tora Bora, Pakistan and Afghanistan. But Al Qaeda as a terror culture, I think it will intensify and increase with Bin Laden’s killing, especially after the collapse of current dictatorial oppressive regimes. The Salafi trend will grow and spread more and more, they will recruit more Salafi enthusiasts, producing hundreds of thousands of Bin Laden, new combatant terror organizations will sprout carrying his name, looking to avenge him…. like Al Qassam brigades in Gaza.

The Bin Laden Festival will remain in session…for they have extinguished the person and left the ideas…The Wahhabi culture will never be stopped through arms…it will instigate it.

Be in wait for more victims….


 Iran as an enemy:


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Iran is working hard to lead the entire Muslim World against the West and the U.S and Israel.

Iran aims to have the oil of the Persian Gulf and in central Asia, and to make – for the first time in history –its Muslim minority Shiites preside and lead the majority of Muslims who are not Shiites, and restore the glorious time of the ancient Iranian Empire when it was the Eastern power against Rome. Iran looks at the U.S as the ancient Rome, which must be fought by Iran.

The Iranian plan has two stages: Firstly: Controlling the Arab World, and then the central Asia.

Having control on Arab countries will enable Iran in the second stage to restore the Muslim countries in the central Asia and its oil fields. Some of these countries used to be Iranian territories in the middle Ages and in ancient times as well.

To achieve this, Iran must be a super power by having the atomic power to control the Muslim people and Muslim oil. Iran is in the midst of the Muslim World and in the midst of their history and civilization, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union; it is her time to lead the Muslim World against the West, Israel and the U.S. 

So, America has a new tough enemy now beside Al Qaeda and other Sunni Wahabi terrorists. By facing the U.S and Israel successfully, Iran can get the support of the Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.

The most dangerous step will be when they win the silent Muslim majority which is more than one billion and some hundreds millions of people. This is the mighty challenge that The U.S has to deal with.

Until now, the Iranian influence is the biggest player in Iraq and in Lebanon; it has also reached Hamas, and other Shiite in Yemen (Al Houthy movement) and Egypt, through the Egyptian Shiites.

For many reasons, it is impossible for Iran to accomplish its dream. This is understood inside the Iranian authorities, but they take it as political maneuver to achieve their biggest and first dream, to control the (Persian Gulf) and its oil field and have the Shiites of Gulf under the Iranian custody. Iranian authorities are not interested that much in influencing the Muslim communities in the US and the West. Its concern is about its Gulf, its oil and its Shiites around its borders. Iran takes the US as enemy because the US is allying the Saudis, the ardent enemy to the Shiites and Iran, beside the US has its interest in the oil Persian Gulf as well. Here, the US has Iran as a political enemy, not as religious permanent enemy. The political enmity could be solved by different ways and different compromises, but it is not the case in the Sunni religious enmity that has no room for any deal or any compromise.


For more details, read these two articles:

Article 1:


 Did the war return between Persia and Byzantium?


Originally published in Arabic on August 09 2006




In this article, we are still pondering over the ongoing war in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Iran on the one side, and Israel and America on the other. We think it will revive the ancient struggle between the Persian Khosrauite Empire and the byzantine Roman Empire. A struggle that persisted until the Arab Muslims appeared on the global historical scene, bringing down the Eastern Persian Empire, shattering the Western Byzantine Empire, reducing it to a mere head in its capital with no suitable body to match.

It may sound as a strange deduction, but we ask of the reader to be patient with us until the end.

In the previous article, we described the conflict between Iran and America as a conflict over (Gas) meaning petroleum. And that Iran considers itself the real power broker in petroleum rich areas in the Gulf and Iraq, and that this region contains most of the world’s oil reserves, meaning power in the future will be in the hands of whoever controls the last oil well in this region. And without this petroleum, its reserves diminishing by the day, no vehicle will move, and no machine will turn. It is the wheel that the world’s civilization runs on, and whoever controls this wheel, from today, controls the future.

In future articles, we might broach the subject of the nature of contemporary war in this century, which America did not grasp yet, and the role of America’s war in Iraq in bringing the world to the end of America’s unilateral supremacy and the formation of new centers of power worldwide, not bi-polar like it used to be, but multi-polar with varying alliances, yet the confrontation is set between Iran and America.


And without going in many details, this war in this century gives Iran strong factors enabling her to face and still defeat America. This in itself answers the surprise of those who wonder about Iran being a counterpart in a military confrontation with America renewing the ancient Persian-Byzantine conflict.

Let us imagine a struggle between a Dinosaur and a Bee. A Dinosaur is as big as a skyscraper, conceited with his muscles and strength, but the size of his brain is less than one over one million the size of his body. He walks on earth, shakes everything about him, but can not see what is under his feet. The Bee, on the other hand is smart and agile, it has antennae that helps in identifying earth, air and water, it understands the battle field completely, and more importantly, understands the extent of the Dinosaur strength, and uses it against him. The fight starts between them, the bee stings him, he rages destroying every and all things in his path trying to catch the bee with its claws, and the bee swerves and maneuvers avoiding him, it stings him in his eye, unable to see he flails aimlessly trying to catch her, it buzzes next to his ear, he gets more outraged, falls in a deep gorge, beaten with tons of rocks and dirt falling on top of him, meanwhile ,the smart clever bee flies out of the dust victorious.

Rules of engagement in this age make of Iran the smart, clever and naughty bee. And if the American administration insists on dealing with other using its muscles, the end will be like that of the Dinosaur.

Let us remember that the Dinosaur during his time was THE super power, land, air and sea. His era ended and another came on the scene that he did not understand or adjust to accordingly. It was the age of the Mammals. Little mice ate his eggs, those little naughty conniving mammals, he failed to see and exterminate, yet it was those mammals that finished him off, turning him into fossils.

Dinosaur’s fossils are the most important in the American natural history museums, but the American Administration did not take heed of the Dinosaur’s fate and history, and that is the real issue for the current American Administration in dealing with the Muslims and the Middle East. It does not understand history and fails to benefit from its lessons. The word History in the American culture denotes something that died finished and has no use any more. When an American describes something or someone with “He is history” , he means it died, finished and does not exist any more. But in the culture of Arabs and Muslims it is exactly the opposite. For the historical “thing” and the historical person and whoever is mentioned in a historical context, is the more alive in the consciousness of people, even among artist (consider when a firmly established singer talks about his ARTISTIC history, or when FIFI ABDU, the virtuous lady of belly dance, brags about the history of her high-bred style of belly-dancing which extends over half a century.

Problems in the Middle East specifically, have its roots embedded historically, religiously, sectarian and denominational. You cannot deal with it without understanding the historical underpinning. The Middle East is where divine messages were sent and where human civilization started, from there human history branched off, and today is the petroleum energy storage bin for humanity, and hence the arena for warfare in this century.

America enters this arena with its muscle only, regarding Middle East history as non-existent and a dead past. The American giant is a mere newborn; he is less than three centuries old, so how will he fair compared to a village or a city in Egypt, Syria, Iraq or Iran?

In short, the Iranian Bee is familiar with its land and its history, matter of fact; its history is the essence of its Shiite religion. To Iran, history is sacred; its rituals are part of its daily and yearly life, it practices it in place and in time, in mosques and in religious sanctuaries, during the festival of A’asuhra and the rest of feasts and religious festivities. But for the American Dinosaur, he is repeating the same mistakes of Vietnam. He does not take heed of the fall of his archenemy- The former Dinosaur – The Soviet Union in the same caves of Afghanistan, the same Afghanistan whose mountains cradle Al-Qaeda now, where it wages a war of ideas against America. The essence of this war is religion and history. The American Administration is fighting back this war of ideas with military muscles; somebody please tell me, can the world’s missiles, all of it, chase religious ideas? And the American Administration occupies Iraq, putting itself right next to the bee hive, subjecting itself to its stings. And now, this naughty shrewd bee forces the American Giant to plunge into an unknown in the Iraqi quagmire, every time he tries to pull out, he sinks deeper, still heeding no advice nor learning from his mistakes, clinging to his error. So the naughty shrewd bee pulls him, along with Israel, to the Lebanese quagmire, which is more dangerous and complicated, and it could well be the last gorge for the new world order.

I hope by simplifying matters like this, the reader will recognize that Iran is on equal par, in a new war that Iran knows well about it, while America is well ignorant about it.


Here comes the second question, as long as we are in the Middle East and its effective vibrant historical roots, is there any resemblance between the current war between Iran and America and the ancient war between Persia and Byzantium?

I say yes…and we briefly give some indicators.

The Iranian system presently, politically, culturally, Shiite-wise is the closest to the Khosrauite system. The same theocracy and the Shiite Twelvers in Iran is an honest repetition of old pre-Islamic Persian doctrines except with Arabic, Islamic symbols and names

America is the closest to Rome in terms of its political system and its representatives of congressmen and senators and with its defeat and fall, then the transfer of seat of power to the Byzantine Roman State in Constantinople, the similarity still exist in the form of Christian culture within the Neo conservatives of the Republican administration and the adherence to Christianity by the Byzantines.

The Persians and the Byzantines were feuding with one another to control the Middle East, and that is what is taking place now between Iran and America, this conflict will get more intense in the near future.

Sometimes the war between these two super powers would take place directly .The clashes were primarily enacted with in the sphere of influence in Syria, Iraq and Asia Minor. And if the direct clashes between Iran and America were to take place nowadays, the same region, add to it the Gulf would be the theater of operations.

Other times the war would be conducted by proxy. One camp aligned with Persia, the other with Byzantium .After the collapse of Ma’reb Dam in Yemen, most of Qahtani Arabs (Southern Arabs who basically dwelt in Yemen and Oman areas) migrated northward, some went to southern Iraq, The Manazera among them, managed to establish a satellite Emirate loyal to the Persians in Al-Hera, whereas their cousins, The Ghasaasena, migrated to southern Syria and established their satellite Emirate loyal to the Byzantines.

The cousins often fought one another on behalf of their respective masters. This is approximately what is going on in Lebanon today. The Arabs and the children of Israel are Semite, they are cousins, and both descended from Abraham (PBUH), and they are fighting in proxy for Iran and America. Do not say America is pro Israel; instead say America is pro oil. Israel her is a vassal of America and will understand in the future, may after it is too late, that she is the loser in this alliance, and we might return to this particular point later on.


The reader might wonder, why Iran? Why don’t we say the Arabs are in the forefront? And Iran is helping them against Israel and America?

My reply is: in this region, the real states are only two; Iran and Egypt. Anything besides and in between is temporary. Many states appeared and disappeared in the past, and the same will happen in the future, but Iran and Egypt will remain. It is possible for Egypt, or for Iran to be occupied or removed from the sphere of influence, but both will remain genuine states. It is possible that the one might take advantage of the other’s weakness in the shadow of eternal competition between both, this competition might flourish and be evident some times, and wither and be hidden others, but ever-present despite those cycles of strength and weakness. This is a historical fact, to be discussed in detail on another occasion.

Egypt and Iran together are the pillars of the Middle East, what lies in-between (Syria, Iraq, Arabian Peninsula and gulf area) are mere geographical regions, where temporary states erupt and then vanish, owing to world power struggle, when both are weak, and a sphere of influence and point of contention for both when strong.

 Due to this competition, they were at odds in political, religious and sectarian directions. It applies to the roles of being Shiite and Sunnite here and there. For when Egypt was Shiite under the Fatimid Rule, Iran was under a Sunnite system. And when Egypt returned to the fold of Sunnite sphere, a Shiite regime appeared in Iran very fanatical about Shah Ismaa’eel A-ssefwi. And when Egypt assumed the role of leadership for Pan Arab nationalism, the Shah was reveling in his Persian pride and the Iranian peacock throne. When Egypt joined the Soviet sphere of influence, the Shah was the greatest ally for America and the genuine loyal friend to Israel. And when Sadat joined the American camp and reconciled with Israel, there came Khomeini Iran to consider America to be the Great Satan, and to celebrate the assassination of Sadat, who welcomed the Shah when no body else would.

Under Hosni Mubarak, Egypt tendered its resignation from any effective role. And by its retreat to secondary roles, (others) who mounted Egypt’s shoulders, bosses of Pan Arab Nationalism, sectarian Sunnism in those transitory temporary states in Iraq, North Africa and Arabian Peninsula, those others tried to fill the Egyptian Vacuum and lead what is known as the Arab world, they failed, and because of them, the Arabs failed too. Pan –Arab Nationalism died, Saddam walked in its funeral procession when he invaded Kuwait, Qaddafi read its eulogy when he turned to Africa. There is no existence for Arabs or Pan Arab Nationalism without an effective dynamic Egypt.

 Without Egypt, the coast was clear for Iran to spread its hegemony over the Arabs and the Middle East, and in order for her to have a role in the future; Iran has to control the oil reserves of the Middle East before America exhausts it. This oil will be in the future the essence of life.

With the Egyptian absence, America and Israel exercise control over the Middle East. They both are the obstacle in her effort to control the Arabs. By confronting America and Israel, Iranian leadership ismaterialized, not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world, all within new war criteria perfected by the Iranian Bee and ignored by the American Dinosaur


A reader might wonder; what about the Muslim Umma (the whole body of Muslims)?

Why don’t we say ,the Muslim Umma, is in the forefront , and Muslim Iran assists its Muslim Umma against the Jews and the Christians?

Quranic Truths, Historical Truths and Truths in today’s Iraq and the realities we are living in, all negates what is referred to as Muslim Umma. Yes, there are Shiite nations, with varying Shiite denominations, agree amongst themselves in fundamental concepts, but differ in secondary issues. And there are Sunni nations that will never agree to mend relations with the Shiite nations. The war between the two sets of nations, started with the beginning of Arab conquest, and it has been going on ever since. Some of those landmark battles constitute the basis for the Shiite faith, like Karbala and Aashura. Anyone reading the history of the Abbasid era during the medieval ages will get acquainted with how much the Shiites in Al-Kerekh in Baghdad suffered at the hands of the Sunnites for centuries, the serial story of the Shiite suffering is still going on since the medieval times till now. The animosity between the extremists of both factions by far exceeds the animosity towards America and Israel. All efforts of rapprochement among sects are nothing but gathering strength for another bout in a continuous long conflict and an attempt by one group to deceive the other.

These are painful truths we must admit to and recognize if we were seeking a true permanent solution. To jump over it with shiny, deceptive slogans, is a misleading practice that has to stop to save that innocent blood being shed every day in Iraq

There is no such thing as one Muslim nation. It is a fact. What is more painful of a fact, is that the dispersal of Shiite and Sunnite denominations, discordant, disharmonious, conflicting and clashing, all lack a strong coherent leadership and a cause that solidifies the masses against a common enemy. Adding another dimension to this dispersal is the possibility to attract another one from the non-Muslim world under the banner of “the dispossessed on Earth”…This world consists of masses brimming with discontent, looking and searching for a strong leader, emerging out of the womb of the unseen, riding a white horse to deliver them out of their misery, bringing them justice and comfort. They do not care if it was (Viva Zapata), Guevara, or the Awaited Mehdi (Savior). They do not care if it was Chaves or Hassan Nasrallah, as long as America is the Enemy.

Based on that, it is a golden opportunity for Shiite Iran to dominate the Muslims and the dispossessed in the world raising the slogan: Jihad Against The Arrogant On Earth, America and Israel. The biased American Policy coupled with Israel’s cruelty in attacking civilians in Palestine and Lebanon, gives Iran glad tidings of victory in the future, starting NOW. It is enough to consider that Al-Qaeda, the most ardent enemy of Shiite, extended its hand to Iran, which means that this war waged by America and Israel, against Lebanon and Palestine today, will enable Iran to lead a billion and a half Muslims, in addition to hundreds of millions of other in this small universal village, and confront the American Giant in their name.


The reader might still be wondering; if it is so…what is the historical connection between Iran and Persia on the one side, and America and Byzantium on the other? And how it is related to the world struggle between them?

To that, I respond: since the beginning of recorded history and the world is divided into two feuding camps, Eastern and Western. The military feud started with the western power represented by pharaoh’s Egypt under Remsis the 2nd and the Eastern power of the Hittite. It was then, that the first peace treaty in history took place. After that, the struggle between East and West continued, and the areas of conflict expanded to cover the whole Middle East.

In the last century, the Soviet Union burst on the scene facing America, and the arena of confrontation widened to include, in addition to the Middle East, other places like Latin America, Africa and Asia.

 In an exceptional historical period, this middle ground area, the arena of military confrontation between the two warring powers, was able to rise and take hold of the reins of global conflict, representing one of the warring factions. This coup came about from a region; no one paid it any mind or attention, the Arabian Peninsula. After the passing of prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the Arabs surged out in a tremendous wave, fighting both superpowers at the same time, and in a very short record time completely obliterated  the Persian super power, passing it by to reach central Asia, India and China eastward. And at the western front, they defeated the Byzantine might, laid siege to its capitol twice, and the Mediterranean became an Arab lake. They continued with their conquests till they reached southern France.

With these achievements, the Arabs came to represent the East facing Europe and the West. With these conquests, the Arabs acquired two enemies:

An external one, represented by Byzantine Roman Empire, the feud between them and the Umayyad then the Abbasid lasted until the arrival of the crusaders who occupied parts of Syria and Asia Minor. That was the Western enemy outside the boundaries.

 The other enemy was from within. They were the sons of the firmly-rooted Persian Empire destroyed by the Arabs. Its people turned into (Mawali),in the newly formed Arab Empire, to serve as partisans and subjects of the fourth degree in the Umayyad era, those Persian partisans where the pillars of every revolt against the Umayyad, among them ,the creed of Shiites started to flourish, and within that sect , the Persian doctrines (of believing in two Gods, one representing what is good and light, and the other representing what is evil and dark), became part of the Shiite doctrine, known as (disavowing and clientage) , or devotion for and deifying of Ali Ben Abi Talib and his offspring, representing goodness and light, and hatred and damnation of Abu Bakr, Omar , Ossmaan and Mu’aaweya representing evil and darkness. And if you thought of who the gods of evil were in their culture, you will find them to be those who decimated and befell the Persian empire---Abu Bakr, Omar, Ossmaan, etc..

 Then the Persian managed to bring down the Umayyad State, for they were the backbone of the Abbasid army led by (Abu Muslim Al-Khurasaani) , who held Persian tendencies and sentiments, so the Abbasid for his assassination , his followers revolted led by his daughter Fatima .the Persian rebellions against the Abbasid since, had always had connotations to revive Persian religions and doctrines, even with the presence of (Shu’oobeyya-The refusal to recognize a privileged position for Arabs within the state), which in essence was fanaticism for Persian nationalism, and the presence of various forms of Shiite expressions, the open, public, and the hidden secret. The Persian Shiites were able to form many states for themselves in Iran; the most important among them was the Safawi Dynasty, which because of it, Ismail Safawi murdered one million people, and fomented a feud between the two Sunnite states, the Memluk and the Ottoman, that ended with the downfall of the Memluk at the hands of the Ottoman in 1517.

 At the end, came this current Persian Shiite state, a mixture of Persian nationalism and Persian Shiite religion. It came to renew in our times, the behavior of the Khosrau state and its struggle with the Western power that by coincidence happened to be America. Its feud with America will realize her goal in leadership of the East and in exploiting its resources. This feud appeared in a more suitable time for Iran, at the international level, when both America and Israel are suffering from the worst wave of hatred, and at the local level, by having Egypt removed from the regional equilibrium formula, and at the Arab level, by having the Arab League declaring the demise of the Arab brethren.

With no consolations to the full brother: Hosni Mubarak.


Second article:


A Guide for the Puzzled In The Affairs of Iran


Originally published in Arabic on 06-08-2006


 In the Arabic language, there are two types of verbs; transitive and intransitive. The intransitive verb needs only a subject. You say, “Mohammad rose”, “Ali Stood up”, “Ossmaan shouted”. The transitive verb requires an object. You say “Mubarak murdered the Egyptians”. The verb here is “murdered”, and the subject is “Mubarak”, that is President Hosni Mubarak, and the object is “The Egyptians”. You say also “Mubarak plundered Egypt’s wealth”. The verb is plundered, the subject is Mubarak, and the object is the wealth, possessed by Egyptians, but plundered by Mubarak. Along the same format of transitive verbs, you say, “Mubarak corrupted the Egyptian political life”, “Mubarak wasted Egyptians’ dreams”, “Mubarak drowned Egypt in debts” and “Mubarak forged the elections”…etc….

Every verb requires a subject; otherwise it would not be a verb. In the Arabic language, the subject could be either known or unknown, meaning you do not mention his name because, either you do not know him or because you are afraid to mention it. So if you were in Egypt surrounded by State Security Officers, you would say “Egypt’s wealth WAS plundered”. The subject could be very well known, like the previous examples, or could be a prominent pronoun, like when you say “They plundered Egypt”. The subject here is “They”, meaning Mubarak family, his aids and the leadership of his governing party. Or the subject might be a hidden pronoun like “He had plundered Egypt”, the hidden pronoun or subject here is “HE”, meaning Hosni Mubarak.

Language is an evolving “being”, if we can borrow this term, which conveys messages about, and describes people, their actions and modes of thinking. Sometimes it describes the types of policies followed by some states. There are intransitive states (non-aggressive) concerned with improving their economies, raising their inhabitants’ standard of living, ensuring their well being and protecting themselves. Because they are intransitive (non-aggressive) states, usually they are peaceful. You will find this type in most of nowadays Europe excluding England. And there are other transitive states (aggressive), which live by the logic of force alone, disregarding justice. Those transitive (aggressive) states are of two types; a dictatorial type that practices its aggression upon its own people first, then outside its boundaries, given the opportunity. Another type is a liberal democratic which because of arrogance of power, it interferes in the affairs of others. Prime example is America under the leadership of the Neo Conservatives. It is noble of Super Powers to interfere to enforce human rights and to help the oppressed under tyrannical regimes, this is considered mutual cooperation in spreading what is good and beneficial, democracy, justice and lofty principles in our small universal village. Yet, for America to invade Iraq to spread democracy, at the same time that its allies in the Middle East are the worst of oppressors, she will be committing a grave mistake, the cost of which will be borne by its name, its reputation, its history and its value system. As a Super Power, there are moral obligations she has to uphold.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Neo Conservatives in America had to find a replacement enemy for them to contend with. Instead of them creating this new enemy, the theocratic regime ruling in Iran at that time, offered the Neo Cons. a golden opportunity by starting this feud through occupying the American embassy in Tehran, thereby contradicting all values, Islamic, human and legal, serving the Neo Cons. the best favor they could have hoped for. And that is how enmity started between two (Transitive) states, one the sole remaining Super Power, the other belongs to the third world, determined to spread its brand of Shiite Islam throughout the Muslim world.

By doing so, as if it was putting to practice an old Egyptian proverb since the Memluk period… (Going astray…yet insisting upon leading the prayers…By God this is pitiful)

 Iran belongs to the transitive(Aggressor ) dictatorship

This type in turn is divided into two kinds, a kind that restricts its injustice and aggression to its own people, appearing to outsiders as peaceful, yet submissive and obedient to Super Powers. To this kind belong most if not all oppressive Arab regimes, in the forefront is Mubarak’s regime and Al Basheer’s in Sudan, who shoved his buddy At-Turaabi in jail, after burying his concept of spreading Sudanese Wahhabism throughout the Muslim world. The other kind of this specimen is the dictatorial kind, who in addition to suppressing his own people; he tries it on outsiders and interferes in their internal affairs under different guises: religious, like exporting the Islamic revolution (Iran), creed reforms (Saudi Arabia), Baathist, Arab nationalistic (like Saddam with Kuwait and Al- Assad, the father and the son with Lebanon), or propagandized, arabized, revolutionized, socialized, greenishized, populist-sized, grandiose-sized, Africanized, whatever-sized , as Qaddafi, Wonder of his Times, had us all entertained .

The oil upheaval, which came unexpectedly on the scene, was the common denominator among all those repressive (transitive) regimes, inside and outside its boundaries, and instead of using this bounty to improve their citizenry’s standard of living, they wasted that wealth in wars, corruption and conspiracy, and because of them, the Middle East became front page news in the world, not in accomplishments, progress or acts of charity, rather in evilness, disgrace, murder, bombardment, destruction, kidnapping, ransoms, massacres and famines.

Iran, and by that, we always mean the theocracy, stands out as a unique model among those transgressing dictatorial regimes, internally and externally. It claims that they are defending the oppressed Shiite throughout the Sunnite dominated Muslim world, yet it persecutes the minority Sunnite within Iran, especially the Arabs in the regions that once was Arabic, but was annexed at the turn of the last century. Even in its assistance to Arab political and religious organizations, to carry out its aggressive plots, it does not fully trust those movements, either for ethnic differences or sectarian ones. As a consequence to their policies, the Shiite Muslims, within the vast Sunnite Muslim Ocean, suffer a great deal from their oppressive regimes and from the Wahabi thought at the same time.

 Iran, after its Khomenite revolution, did not do much for the poor and dispossessed, as in any other revolution, the new revolutionaries occupied the dwellings of those oppressors who preceded them, and the wealth was diverted to the pockets of the new saviors, while poor Iranians remained wrapped in black tatters in wait for the promised Mahdi (awaited Savior) to bring them the impossible justice. In the shadow of a lame democracy, the Iranians expressed their discontent with the elites’ corruption, by electing a simple man who camouflages the flimsiness of his experience with sectarian and political extremism, and that is how Ahmadinijad came to power, who does not know the difference between responsible political statements and wisecracks and jokes exchanged between commoners at coffee shops and clubs. President Nijad caused quite a stir of worldwide protests with his uncalled for statements that caused the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs to explain ,re interpret and sometimes, indirectly apologize for. Then came the straw that broke the camel back, when he positioned Iran in a confrontation with the international community over his insistence on uranium enrichment and developing Iran’s nuclear program.

The West thinks that nuclear power should not fall in the hands of a dictator, who rules by himself with no laws and regulations to abide by. A dictator who finds no one to stand up to him, in case of a decision which might affect and literally wipe out millions. An oppressor as such, can always disdain the lives of millions of his own people and others. He can, if he posses nuclear power, easily use it, as he easily uses his military and police force in quelling any opposition, in killing thousands of his people and in fomenting and starting wars with others. Saddam used poisonous gas in extinguishing the lives of tens of thousands of innocent peaceful Iraqi farmers. And Khomeini killed, or using revolutionary terms, sent to heaven, tens of thousands of young Iranians in the war with Iraq, he put them in front of regular units, to clear with their bodies mine fields. They rushed to those suicide missions, egged on by his fatwas promising them paradise. In a letter that instilled fear in the West, Khomeini wrote Carter, that we love death more than you love life.

This utter disregard for sanctity of human life is the culture of the Eastern tyrant, his intellectual provision and historical cultural heritage, that is why, he would not have any qualms about using the nuclear power if he had access to it, and that is why every one of them, tyrannical aggressors, aspiring to extend their sphere of influence internally and externally, vow to acquire that power, for no reason except to duel with those Superpowers that possess nuclear capabilities but do not use, for fear of nuclear retaliation, and because of restrictions set by its people and their representatives, and because of that sense of responsibility towards humanity. Since Hiroshima, America never used, nor any other state, used nuclear power, content to just improve upon it to deter others from launching an offence.

Israel which belongs to western culture and its democratic system, maintains a humble nuclear arsenal for defensive reasons. The West understands the reasons and motives behind Israel’s need for such a move. Security is the key to Israeli psyche. Because of historical factors (The Israelis, despite their low numbers, were the most among others, subjected to persecution and slaughter throughout history), and because of present reasons, for there are many a voice calling for their extermination, being a minority surrounded by large numbers of Arabs and Muslims who hate and despise them, the West recognizes the importance of a nuclear bomb for Israel, to deter those Arab tyrants from even thinking of overcoming Israel, if given the opportunity, and to induce them to acknowledge its right to exist. And finally, the West is certain that Israel will never use the nuclear option unless its very existence is threatened, otherwise Israel can and have defended itself using the same weapon that the Arabs have. The West also recognizes that Israel’s use of nuclear power will be disastrous even for Israel itself, because of its small surface area and because of the intertwining of its border with neighboring countries. That is the reason the West allows Israel to acquire nuclear power and prevents the other dictatorships from doing the same.

You might agree with the West in this regard or you might not, you might accuse this West of measuring with two sets of measures, but Iran with its nuclear policy, is the one that gives credence to the West’s argument.

The important question here is what is the motive for Iran to arm itself with nuclear power?  She does not have enemy occupying parts of her land; rather it is Iran who is occupying Arab islands, its Arab neighbors are weaker than to demand their rights, they rush for its approval and not to anger her. Iran’s neighbors are not in a state of hostility with her. America’s dilemma in Iraq strengthened Iran; the removal of Saddam added a new magnitude she did not dream of before. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of those republics with Islamic ties which are reviving their Islamic roots, added a new depth for Iran she can move about within its perimeter peacefully and politically for its advantage. Russia, with all its nuclear capabilities, is the friendliest among Iran’s friends. All geographical and political factors enable Iran to accomplish peacefully and easily all objectives; besides, Iranian oil allows her to extend its political influence as far as China and Japan eastward and Europe westward.

Therefore, Iran does not need nuclear power to defend itself against a lurking enemy ready to pounce on her; rather it needs it to disturb and annoy the “Greatest Devil”, America and its western allies, according to that age old conviction whereby the world is divided into two camps, the abode of faith or peace, and the abode of disbelief or war. Khomeini himself started this war by occupying the American embassy in Tehran, and by taking unilateral measures to foment this conflict since the breakout of the Iranian religious revolution in 1979.

It is normal for the West to feel threatened by the Iranian nucl">What the Iranian state is doing now, the Venerable Colonel Qaddafi of Libya tried in earnest and vigorously, although he was in no state of war with anyone, except that he put himself and his country in a state of war with everybody. He wanted the nuclear bomb as a medal to adorn his chest on the Arab and African level, and to tease the envious among the Arab leaders and to scare them when attending summit meetings. So when Brother Saddam Hussein was toppled and put in a cage for the world to see, the Venerable Colonel backed off, repented and came to his senses seeking pardon and forgiveness and declared surrender to Uncle Sam.

Nijad the Iranian proved Qaddafi to be better than him, since Qaddafi had some leftover sense, made him back off before it was too late .But Nijad the Iranian kept the world at bay with his tactics, instead of taking advantage of the situation in Iraq peacefully and politically to garner local and regional gains .The whole world now is against Iran who forfeited the compulsory duty and held on to the impossible, or at least to the supererogatory, non-compulsory.

Before hanging on and being dragged by these nuclear dreams, did the Iranian regime fulfill or accomplish a scientific, economic and social renaissance for the country and its people? Did it utilize its petroleum wealth? Did it take advantage of its agricultural, industrial and mineral output? It is of higher importance for the regime to uplift, to upgrade, to advance the country and its people by completely eliminating poverty, ignorance and disease, and to give every Iranian the opportunity to soar inside and outside his country, after we accomplish those lofty goals, we can turn to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, keeping in mind that, the advanced world started to abandon using it for the dangers associated with it, and the difficulty in getting rid of its waste, and the hardship in maintaining its reactors.

Regrettably, the periodic quakes that afflict Iran, exposes the other Iran to the world, where poor condition villages, disintegrating homes, prevailing poverty and local authorities who always get caught off guard with those earthquakes and never prepares for them, reek havoc on thousands of victims every time it happens because of limited capabilities.

Here we are forced, regrettably again, to pose another question, How can a backward country like that be determined to enter the nuclear club?

Here we are not only talking about human rights abuses, citizenship rights, inequity in distribution of wealth, the spread of poverty and disease, abuse of management, lack of transparency, the dominance of corruption and the sway of dictatorship, all the above is enjoyed by Iran and the Arab States together; but we are also talking about the absence of a certain scientific level and a technological culture that qualifies the Iranian Mentality to reach the desired nuclear level. This scientific and technological level is still far off for Iran, Pakistan and the rest of the Middle Eastern countries. This level is achieved step by step beginning with manufacturing locally an automobile engine all the way to the heights of scientific and technological advancement culminating with nuclear industry. By doing so, a country can recognize its dangers even in peaceful use, also for protection as a deterrent to prevent military aggression. It is a contemporary culture living the present, and working for the future, according to a secularist methodology that you cannot find, especially in Iran. Iran of today is still preoccupied with the murder of Al-Hussein in Karbala’ and what took place at Asseqeefa pledge of allegiance and at battle of Seffeen. It considers its religion is to back Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib against Abu Bekr, Omer, Othman and Mu’aaweya.To them, this is the basis of religion and life itself, not just a mere historical incident that went by. If your respectful self, got entangled with this past vanishing history, considered it to be a religion, a policy, a doctrine and the issue of today and tomorrow, you would not have enough time left to specialize in current scientific knowledge, including nuclear and atomic partition and its technology. If you messed around with atomic power, you would be like a child playing with live electric wires. There must be a scientific foundation, scientific methodology, and scientific culture that spread gradually through out the society by study and research, application and practice eventually leading to higher levels. This is what the West followed through its course of advancement for decades and for centuries. But this revolutionary jumping from manufacturing cart and bicycles to importing specialists and replacement parts to build a nuclear bomb or military vehicle, this will not create a scientific foundation. This “revolutionary skip and hop” in the scope of Technological knowledge is identical to the “revolutionary poverty” in the field of Economics .Iran and the Arabs, both are victims of those two types, poverty and jumping.

Finally…Perhaps what keeps the dream of reforming Iran alive and well; is the presence of some elite educated and enlightened Iranians, inside Iran and outside, leading in that effort is the Iranian Cinema and its excellence in international forums, at a time when the Egyptian Cinema, due to blessed (Mubarak), regress reached the abyss of decline.

In the movie (Children Of Heaven), the plot revolves around a boy and a girl, living with their parents in a small narrow room, in one of Tehran’s poor neighborhoods. The father is semi-unemployed, incapable of supporting his family. The boy took his little sister’s shoe to repair it, but he lost it. He was faced with a problem, for he could not tell his father, and his sister needed her only shoe to go to school. The solution was for him to give her his shoes to go to school ,waits for her to finish her class, gets his shoes and runs back to school late, subjecting himself to reproach for being late, never divulging the reason why. The sister found out that another girl in the school was wearing her shoes, so they followed the girl to retrieve her shoes; they found out that the girl lives with her blind father, a beggar. They went back embarrassed to ask for the shoes. The father takes his son along looking for work. Here, the brilliant director gives us glimpses about the other side of Tehran, its luxurious, splendid castles and its charming public parks. The boy enters a contest at school hoping to win the third prize; a pair of shoes. But because of his bad luck, he wins the first prize, a trophy; the boy did not even get the trophy, because the school principal kept it. The boy, the scholastically outstanding boy, lost all hope in getting the shoes. That was the end of the movie.

This wonderful, magnificent film representing Iranian Cinema, won prizes at Cannes film festival, for its simplicity, Sincerity and its human touch. It said plenty through its cinematic language without a single word in the script criticizing or blaming. He left it up to the viewer to say what the movie intended to say.

After watching the movie, I said to myself; wouldn’t it been better for president Nijadi to have bought a pair of shoes for the star of the movie, instead of the adventure of nuclear partition?

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