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Preface of : Third part: Aspects of war of ideas


 Rules of engagement in war of ideas against Jihadists

     Third part: Aspects of war of ideas


As we face our terrorist Wahabi enemy in this post-Cold War era, it becomes clear that we are now fighting World War IV. This new war, without a doubt, is a new kind of war. We can summarize its new aspects with one concrete example: the suicide bomber. He is eager to blow himself up in order to kill as many innocent people as possible from among Christians, Jews and, yes, other Muslims. Young men are usually inspired by their dreams of the future and of enjoying their lives, but the suicide bomber is motivated only by the thought of being a martyr and he is convinced that virgins are waiting for him in paradise to reward him for blowing himself up amongst “infidels”.
The suicide bomber is a human bomb walking the streets ready to destroy other people, any time and any place. It is very difficult to recognize him and to predict where and when he will strike.
With this new weapon -- the human bomb -- our terrorist Muslim enemy has neutralized the most horrifying weapon: the nuclear bomb. But it has neutralized it only in our hands of course.
This War’s aspects are:

1-Weapons are T.V channels, network of internet websites, mosques , books , movies and conferences.

2- Soldiers are the Muslim scholars who have expertise in Islamic and Muslim fields and know the good tactics of that intellectual peaceful war.

3- Ammunitions are the knowledge in Islam and Muslims fields.

4 =Battle field is the Muslim mentality in the entire Muslim World in all its sects, cults and groups. Let’s discuss it in more details.

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