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The Islamic Reformer Ahmed Subhy Mansour says


  The Holey Quran is the only source of Islam

  All Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the primary source of Islam, but they add to the Qur’an what they call the Sunnah, other Hadith, and other man-made scriptures. As Qur’anists, we make a solid distinction between what belongs to Islam and what belongs to Muslims. The Qur’an belongs to Islam – it is the only source of Islam. What Muslims wrote after the Qur’an belongs to Muslims. The traditions, the literature, the history, the civilization, all of these are man-made things, they do not represent Islam.


  The difference between the Hadith and the Qur’an

DR. MANSOUR: A big difference! It’s the same difference between truth and falsehood. The Qur’an, from a scientific point of view, is limited to 114 chapters and a specific number of verses. No one can add anything, no one can delete anything. It is intact from the time of Prophet Mohammed until now.

You can find the same text of the Qur’an over the centuries.

But when you go to the Hadith, you find its beginning. The first books were written centuries after the Prophet Mohammed’s death. They claim that someone who heard this Hadith heard it from someone who died, and another and another who listened to the Prophet Mohammed. So this is a falsehood. But they attribute it to the prophet Mohammed. No one can imagine or give the number of all these Hadith.

Millions – and different. There are different books and different interpretations full of contradictions and differences and falsehood.

Just like lies, you find them everywhere. In my scholarship as a Muslim scholar, I began, as most Sunni Muslims, to try to refine the Hadith, to reform the Sunnah (the Hadiths) from within. I worked on this from my early scholarship. I went to the Qur’an and found that the Qur’an contradicts many Hadiths. So I re-read the Qur’an with a new method to understand the Qur’an not according to the Muslim tradition, but according to the Qur’anic terms themselves.

The Qur’an was written in a very unique Arabic language, 14 centuries before. The Arab language from that time until now has really changed. As a language, it has survived until now but it has changed in its meaning and in its vocabulary. When you read the Qur’an according to the meanings of today, you find differences. And that’s why people misunderstand it. I’m talking about the Arab people themselves. So to understand the Qur’an or to understand any book, you have to read it according to its language, its

Terminology. That’s what we are doing.

When you read the Qur’an, you find a very big gap between what Muslims usually write and think and what is mentioned in the Qur’an. The Qur’an, according to its unique language, grants all the human rights that we recognize now as a modern civilization.


   The Holy  Qur’an is compatible with direct democracy  

  This is what all my research has been for more than 30 years now. When I came to the United States I got my first fellowship at the National Endowment for Democracy and my research was ‘the roots of democracy in Islam.’ I completed a couple of books: Democratic Islam and Muslim Tyranny.


  - About Surah 51- 5, which says “All ye who believe, take not the Jews and Christians for your friends. They are friends to each other…”


I have written about this on my website, and you’ll find it there, but for now: this is speaking of allies, not friends. This is what I told you about the language of the Qur’an which is different. It’s speaking of a specific event in the time of Prophet Mohammed. Some people around the Prophet Mohammed allied themselves to the Christian and Jewish tribes at the time when they were fighting and transgressing against the prophet and his people. Those people allied themselves to the enemy who was attacking

them. That is what the verse says. Reading verse 6 and 7 in Sura 5 confirms it.


  -Beating the wife in the Surah 4-54   


Going to the Qur’an, to verse 19 of the same Surah, it gives you the rules of how to deal with your wife. Qur’anic law has three categories: order, rule and target. Order is like: do or do not. Rule is that which governs or rules the order. I’ll give you an example:

God says in the Qur’an: “Fight in the cause of God those who fight you and do not transgress the limit.”

This is the law of fighting in the Qur’an, or the law of Jihad. The order is “fight.” The rule, “in the cause of God those who are fighting you,” is governing the order. If you took the order itself, slit it from the rule, you become a terrorist, you fight the innocent people in the street, you fight civilians, you start war against people who are not fighting you. So the word “fight” is under the rule of “those who are fighting you.” This is the rule. The objective comes after that in another place. You have to understand the rules

of the Qur’an according to its system. What Muslims usually do is take the order and split it from its rule. They say that “fight” means fight anyone - like Osama Bin Laden is doing.

It is the same in this Surah. Here it is the orders. The order is “advise them, abandon them in bed, and beat them.” Beat them has many meanings. “Beat them” means give them advice, or simply beat them.

But this is the order. Going to the rule, in the same Surah in number 19, it says: “And deal with your wives in the most honorable way even if you dislike them. If you dislike them and deal with them honorably, God will reward you.”

Going to the Qur’an, you have to understand the system of its law. It is not only in this but in many things. In dealing with others, in dealing with your wife, in dealing with your neighbor; everything has orders, rules.


Persecuting non-Muslims in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and in many Islamic states


One of my research topics is about the persecution of the Copts after the Muslims invaded Egypt in the 7th century. According to Muslim and Egyptian history, some persecution happened, but the main aspect was tolerance. This is what Egypt is all about.

Egyptians – Muslims or Christians – are very tolerant people because they are farmers. And farmers are different from Bedouins, people of the desert. Everything changed in Egypt after the Saudi State was established in 1932. The Saudis believe in the fanatic Sunnah (Hadiths) which are compatible with their own fanatic desert culture. Their culture is reflected in their understanding of Islam.

The Saudi State established the Muslim Brothers (Muslim Brotherhood) in 1928. For many political and social reasons, the Brotherhood stretched to Egypt, and in only 20 years, from 1928 to 1948, the Brotherhood had more than 50,000 branches in Egypt. They had their own international organization and their own secret army.

Then they helped the Free Officers start a coup or, as it was called after that, the Egyptian revolution in 1952. The Muslim Brothers and the officers of the army went against each other and Nasser persecuted them. Their leader escaped to the Saudi state, and then in the time of Sadat they came back. Sadat allied his regime with the Muslim Brothers and gave them all the authority over Al-Azhar, which is the

seminary that controls Muslims’ daily religious life. They control the mosques, they control education, they control the media, they control the culture.

From the time of Sadat – about 1971 until now, more than 40 years - the Egyptian education and Al-Azhar became poisoned by the Wahabbis. I’ll give you an example. In 1905, sheikh Mohamed Abdou died. Sheikh Mohamed Abdou was a big scholar, a big thinker, and a big reformer. He struggled to reform and modernizes Al-Azhar.

His first assistant was a Syrian. This man’s name was Rashid Reda. Since he was a Syrian and not an Egyptian, he was not as strong as Imam Mohamed Abdou. He became an agent for Abdel Aziz Al Saud, the founder of the Saudi state. This man was the engineer of establishing the Muslim Brothers. The leader of the Muslim Brothers, Sheikh Hassan El-Banna, was a student of Reda. All that Mohamed Abdou had done was destroyed.

When I came after Mohamed Abdou beginning from 1977, more than 70 years after his death, it was very hard to repeat what Mohamed Abdou used to say 70 years before. And because we tried to do what he used to do, to say what he used to say, we are persecuted. Look what happened. The Muslim Brotherhood is just a weapon of the Wahabbis. The Wahabbis, the Saudis, are the axis of evil for Muslims and for Islam and for the Middle East. The influence of Wahabbis Islam is growing in many countries because of the petrodollar. Before taking over Egypt, Muslim Brothers and their secret and public organizations used to   attack anyone who tries to build a church. When Christians so much as try to repair the bathroom of any church, they attack them. They kill them , usually to tease the government. Muslim Brothers kill not only the Christians, but also the secular leaders who are against them. They do this while they are not in power. So imagine when they come to power what they will do.


  The principle of Islamic Sharia as the main source of Egyptian legislation


 I call for changing the 2nd article of the Egyptian constitution to use the universal declaration of human rights as the principle source of legislation, instead of Islamic Sharia. I declared it and it was a very big surprise for many people.

I said, I testify before my Lord, Allah, that the universal declaration of human rights is the nearest human writing to the spirit of the Qur’an. It is very accurate and systematic, and you can depend on it.

Going to the principle of the Sharia, it is good, but how can you find it? How can you find the principle of the Sharia? If you want to go to the Sharia of the Qur’an, it disagrees with Muslim Shariaa. And going to the Sunni Shariaa? They are killing people in the streets!

So let’s not go to the Sharia of the Qur’an or the Sharia of Sunnah, let’s go to the universal declaration and it will be protected by the international society itself. The international society will be the monitor of applying these laws that come directly from the universal declaration of human rights. According to the interpretation of Egyptian officials and the people who are in the Brotherhood, Sharia means don’t tolerate others. Sharia means don’t allow for church building. Sharia means don’t allow for conversion of Muslims to other religions.. They usually have slogans and refuse to allow anyone to discuss these slogans. They say: Islam is the Solution. But if you ask them how, you will be their enemy. They say: Apply the Sharia. When you say, how? Which Sharia? They may assassinate you. The 2nd article itself is good because it does not say Shariaa, it says the principles of Sharia. The principles of Sharia, according to the old scholars, are justice, freedom, tolerance and all the values. It is about the values, not about the rules. It is about the principles and the values. In terms of values, no one can deny that Islam is a religion of peace, of justice, of freedom – this is mentioned in the Qur’an. There’s no argument about it. But Muslim Brothers, according to the understanding of the masses – the masses do not know – they want this because it has the name “Sharia.” So let’s get rid of all of this and go directly to the universal declaration of human rights because no one can ignore it or play with it.  


Building churches in Egypt


 In Egypt, for Christians to build a place of worship they need permission from the Governor. It used to be the president. It came through Ottoman rule. Late in the Ottoman era, there was a law called the “Faraman” means law, to systemize or organize the building of churches. And it was good at that time. But we are talking about more than 100 years. Everything’s changed. So it does not fit our day. It makes some impossible terms to build a church. One of them: it should be far from any Muslim building which is obviously very difficult to have. Egyptian towns and villages are very crowded and attached to each other, so how can you build a church – in the desert? There is still a law that no one can repair a church unless they have permission from the president. We struggled for three decades until Mubarak, last year, gave this authorization to the governor to give permission. But the law stands.

At the same time, anyone who wants to build a mosque will be given help from the bureaucracy inside Egypt. They will be given help and cement and all the things that can help them. That’s why you find a mosque between every three buildings. More than people need. Most of these mosques are built by the help of the government, and the money comes from the Saudis and they are controlled by the Wahabbis.In our site I wrote : A call to the Muslim Brothers: Building Churches in Egypt and defending them is a recognized right in Islam.



 Wahhabi teachings inside the Egyptian mosques


They teach hatred against non-Saudis, non-Wahhabis, and non-Sunni Muslims. Their principle is: any Muslim, any Muslim from Bangladesh, from Pakistan, from India, from China, is my brother. But any Egyptian who is not Muslim is not my brother.


Blood is the distinct nature of Wahhabism


Only one word: blood. They believe that anyone who is not Muslim should be killed, should be fought. As mentioned by Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the founder of this faith, their goal is to hate and to fight the non-Muslims. They call the Christians, Jews and non-Muslims infidels. The Muslims who are not Wahabbis are called idol worshippers and should be killed also.

As a historic fact, from the time of Mohamed Abdel Wahab and the first Saudi state which was established in 1745 until 1818, more than 4 million people were killed because of the Wahabbis. Most of them were Muslims.

You know, India was divided just because of the Wahabbis. And Pakistan was created, and it was a big mistake in the 20th century. And until now it is a trouble-maker in Asia. They created the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and the Muslim Brotherhood.


The Saudi Arabia and its Wahhabism is the number one enemy to the US.


To reform the Middle East you have to reform American foreign policy. In the field of the war of ideas, the number one enemy to the Americans is the Saudis. They now have more than 1,000 mosques and Islamic schools under the control of the Wahabbis in the United States, and more in Europe.  America and the West opened their doors for the Saudis to come at the time when they were together against the Soviet Union. Osama Bin Laden at that time was a fighter for America against the Soviet Union. So this is the big problem, the big mistake.


Mubarak used the American money in tarnishing the American image in Egypt


 American policy is doing it the wrong way. I’ll give you one example. From 1979 until now, more than 30 years, America has given Egypt more than 100 billion dollars. Yet when you look at Egypt over these 30 years, you find the American image has become very tarnished. Why? The Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak, uses this money to tarnish the American image. He needs to twist the anger and the frustration of the people towards an outside enemy instead of him. And everything that goes wrong is explained as being because America and Israel plotted or conspired against Islam and against Muslims and Arabs.

So to stay in power he has to create an enemy inside Egypt and outside. Inside Egypt he is the one who protects the Muslim Brothers’ culture because he needs them to say to America: I am against them, I am fighting them. But he needs them to stay in power to justify why he is there. At the same time, he needs it to create the image of America as the enemy of Islam and the enemy of Muslims, to twist the anger and the frustration of the people towards America and Israel instead of him. That’s why he gets all the

funds from America, all the money from America, all the aid from America and uses it against America. The funny thing is that we say this all the time and no one listens.

The solution is to deal not only with Mubarak but every dictator over there. Many, even my friend Dr Saad El Deen Ibrahim, talks about how to diminish the millions in aid to Egypt. I said no. Even this money, most of it is corrupted and stolen by Mubarak and his regime. But that is not the issue. The issue is to punish Mubarak himself, not to punish Egypt. And this is very easy because the people who are guarding Mubarak’s life are Americans. So they can threaten him if they want – about his life, about his money.

They can make pressure if they want.

But I don’t know. I think there’s something wrong in their mentality - I’m talking about the American policy makers. They deal with Mubarak as a president as they deal with the president of France or the president of Spain or Italy. This is not a president. He’s a criminal. The president of France is elected by the people and he’s serving his people. But President Mubarak is not elected by the people. He’s using his army to scare the people, to torture people. So there’s a difference. Not to look at him

as a president, not to  respect him as a president, not to look at King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and respect him as a real king – no. Those people are surrounded by hatred from their own people.

The mistake here is that the American policy makers deal with them as real leaders or real presidents or real kings. They must deal with them as criminals and pressure them to make a democracy and to make real reform. Otherwise everyone there will come to hate America.


 Najd is the source of the bloody Wahhabi religion 


There is a research in our site about The Wahhabi oppositions inside the Saudi Kingdom during the twenties century.  . This opposition produced Osama Bin Laden.

The first revolution against Islam after the death of the prophet Mohammed was in Najd (Central Saudi Arabia). From the same place came was Mohamed Abdel Wahab (clan leader form the 1700’s that Wahabbism is named after) .Many leaders – blood-shedding leaders – came from that same place in all the time from the same place.

They made bloody revolutions and bloody movements around Muslim States or around Muslim countries in Iraq, Syria and Egypt, even in the times of Andalusia. Tribes came from there to Egypt and destroyed many things in Egypt. Then they went to North Africa, to Andalusia, Spain and destroyed many things in Spain.


The stance of Egypt in dealing with this problem


Another factor is the stance of Egypt. Because Egypt was a big country, before and after Islam, it used to stand against all those people. Egypt was the State that destroyed the first Saudi state in 1818, and destroyed its capital, Diriyah. They also arrested the Saudi Amir and brought him to the Ottoman Empire to be killed.

So the Saudis have in their mind to hate Egypt and hope to control Egypt in order to survive. As fanatic Sunnis, they have many Muslim enemies. They have Shi’ites in Iran and the Gulf and even inside the Arabian peninsula and in Yemen. So they are surrounded by Shi’ites and by Sufis. The Shi’ites and Sufis are against Wahabbism. For most of its history as a Muslim state, Egypt was Sunni, but moderate Sunni, not fanatic Sunni like the Wahabbis.

Abdel Aziz re-established the third Saudi state in 1902 until he gave it his family name and called it the Saudi kingdom. This man was like Hitler. He understood that for his newborn state to survive, he must have Egypt on his side.

Egypt, during most of its time as a Muslim state, controlled Al-Higaz. If not directly then indirectly. Al-Higaz is the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula which has Mecca and Medina, where all the Muslims come to make pilgrimage. The one who controls Al-Higaz will be the leader of Muslims.

So Adel Aziz conquered the ruler of Al-Higaz, the grandfather of King Abdallah of Jordan. When Abdel Aziz invaded Al-Higaz and added it to his kingdom he controlled the pilgrimage. This was in 1924 –1925.

From that time all the people came from Egypt for the Hajj, and he chose some Egyptians to become Wahabbis. And in 1928 the Muslim Brotherhood appeared.

The best part of the story is oil. It was a poor state, but after Abdel Aziz allied himself with America after the 2nd World War, he gave them the opportunity to search for oil. His sons had all this money from oil, so by oil and by America they spread Wahabbism in the name of Islam.


Discrimination in the Saudi Wahhabi Shareaa


Wahabbi Sharia says that anyone who is a non-Muslim has no rights at all. He should be killed or enslaved. Even up to now, they have slavery inside their homes – even now! They are dealing with the Arabs or Muslims who come to work in the Kingdom under the Kafeel system. Kafeel is a new kind of slavery. When you go there to work, there’s supposed to be a Kafeel, or sponsor. But not a sponsor that cares about you. He takes your passport and he owns you. For any reason, he can destroy your passport, call the police to put you in jail, or even kill you with any accusation. So the sponsor is the one who owns everyone who goes to Saudi Arabia.

This is a very satanic country and a satanic law by all means. No one goes to Saudi Arabia and loves it or respects it. Poor Egyptians go there, because they are starving.


  Wahabbis are infiltrating the U.S. and Europe


As we are talking about money, the Saudis influence is established on petro dollar, you find it everywhere. I’ll give you an example from my personal experience. Three decades ago it was said that Jewish scholars were controlling Islamic studies in the American universities. It was true, but no longer. Now , Saudi money is the first player in this field. Saudi money is given to American universities, to the Islamic and Arabic departments, to prevent them from discussing Wahabbism.

The Islamic field is very vast and has much diversity, about history, about the Qur’an, about Sunna, about tradition, about civilization, about art., many, many things. But when you talk about the war of ideas and the enemy that threatens this country, your must understand your enemy from within its culture. Your first weapon is your think tank, your universities. And the first of those are the departments that deal with Islam and Muslims.

So these departments in American universities must as a necessity, deal with Wahabbism to understand how to combat it. But it is prohibited because it needs people who are experts in this. One like me could not find a job in any American university. My reputation as one who is against so and so is well known in all circles of the Islamic field.I tried. I got one fellowship at Harvard. In Harvard there is a big center, the Center of King Fahad for Islamic Sharia. It’s owned by the Saudis who give money to Harvard. I couldn’t find a job there. I was given my fellowship with the help of a (Scholar at risk) which is organization that helps persecuted scholars to have a job and to survive. In the same time, the Saudi influence is still after me here as it used to be in Egypt.

So we find they sneak with their money inside everything. I’ll give you an example. There was a big mosque in Boston. Youssef Quaradawy, a big sheikh of the Muslim Brothers who issued a fatwa that any American civilian in Iraq should be killed, was behind the building of this mosque. Abdel Rahman El- Amoudy, a sheik who is prison for life, was also behind the building of this mosque.

I discovered that this mosque was fanatic and we became the founders of a new center for citizens for peace and tolerance and we stood up against this mosque and the ideas of hate it harbored against Christians and Jews and so on. I was the only Muslim founder. Another was Jewish and another was Christian. Do you know what they did? They sued us in court. Imagine! One like me! I have nothing. I have no job. How do I survive in court?

Fortunately, some people helped me in court. There were big lawyers, and it was not only me, me and a few other people and centers, and Fox News because Fox talks about this. Our lawyer responded by giving all the documents they asked for. He also asked them to give some of their documents and they found a lot of money coming from the Saudis. A lot of money. So they asked for more documents. So they said, “OK, we quit. We want to stop.” And it was stopped. You know what happened? Now they have this mosque built and this mosque has invited the governor, and their Imam is talking (and it is taped!) about the Jews and Christians and how they are filthy..We held a press conference at that time and asked the media to come. The media refused because they are scared of getting sued. Because these people have money, they can sue and you have to pay for a lawyer. Rather than go through the courts, in time they say, “OK, that’s enough. We can stop.” But you’ve already given money to the lawyer and you lose millions. It’s nothing to them because they have a lot of money.

 In Africa, they use their money to build huge numbers of mosques. After they build the mosque they teach Wahabbism. The poor people have been given money to go and kill Christians, and they will. . It is a real problem in Nigeria, because in Nigeria, you find 50% Muslims and 50% Christians. If a civil war arises it will be a disaster.

 This is a real axis of evil. The question is how to diminish or terminate the Wahabbi danger. I said it is a war of ideas. A war of ideas has two links. One link is to reform Muslims from within Islam peacefully and intellectually.

Reform is not only in religious life but in political and social life, economics and everything. Educate them in the culture of democracy before establishing a democratic regime. This is the reform of legislation, reform in politics, reform in everything, including religious life and religious thinking.

The second link is to combat terrorism and the fanatics from within their own Sunni culture by having Islam on your side. Because they get their power from claiming Islam is on their side. So when you make a distinction between their understanding, when you prove the contradiction or the gap between their understanding, you dismantle them, you dismantle their power. They become the enemies of Islam because they are misusing Islam for their own political agenda. And it is horrible in Islam to use the

name of God for something bad. It’s horrible. This is what they are doing.

To prove this – and this is very easy – the example is our website. It is a very poor website, but it is very powerful because it has the truth. For example, our website was hijacked by the Saudis for one month!

Until now it is blocked in the Saudi kingdom and some Gulf states.

It can’t be seen there. Look at the Saudis! They have thousands of centers and mosques and websites and TV stations, thousands of Ulama or sheikhs and Imams and millions of followers and they are unable to face us. We who are very limited in power, we are facing them with our own bare arms. But we are so successful that the only way they have is to persecute us and imprison us and torture us. Not to have arguments against us.

  The biggest Muslim website is owned by the Wahabbis, Islam online. The biggest Arabic channel, Al-Jazeera, is operated by the Muslim Brotherhood. Everything biggest in the Muslim world, it is owned by them. Yet they are defeated in the field of ideas against us.Suppose we have a TV channel. Suppose we have a company for producing movies and dramatized history. Give me two years. Give me two years and one company for producing Arabic movies and one Arabic TV channel and one website, and I will terminate the Wahabbis. Suppose I have all the ability to face them online and on TV and by drama. It is a matter of money.


Their fatwas calling to kill me


  There’s more than 150 fatwas against my life. I couldn’t go back to Egypt because there are many cases against me in the courts just because I am writing here. And guess what? They accuse me of despising Islam. Me, Ahmed Mansour, is despising Islam? They have the power and they can do whatever they want. The fatwa that someone is against Islam is permission for anyone to kill him. It is permission for anyone. Anyone who wants to go to paradise, OK, goes kill Ahmed Mansur and his family. All the members of my family are mentioned in many fatwas. And many fatwas are even translated into English on websites.  When I was in Egypt I lived for more than 26 years in a very notorious neighborhood, full of fanatics. I was not scared of them – at all. Because as a Muslim I believe that when my time comes, no one can delay it and no one can speed it. So many people around me were killed. One of them was very famous, Dr. Farag Fouda. He was assassinated in 1992 and we were together in the same fatwa. We were about to establish a new party in Egypt for defending the Christians. Its name was The Future Party. Once we announced that, there was a fatwa from Al-Azhar and others calling for our death and giving our names. One week later, Farag Fouda was killed. He was assassinated in front of his office. Because of this I wrote my book, The Penalty of Apostasy. I wrote this book in 1993 proving from more than 1000 verses from the Qur’an that there’s no such penalty in Islam and this is a fabricated punishment written 2 centuries after the prophet Mohammed by the Abbasid Empire at the time. As I said, more than 1000 verses of the Qur’an uphold unlimited freedom of speech, freedom of belief and freedom of religion in Islam.

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