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Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy
Fatwas: Part Eight


Fatwas: Part Eight

Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy


Amount of Zakat

Published in December 24, 2015


Question: … Reading your archive of articles, I deduce that there are two types of zakat alms: a formal one within a real Islamic country of justice and human rights, and an individual one paid whenever one earns a revenue of any type, without restricting oneself to a certain percentage … Yet, at a recent fatwa, you have told someone that whenever a salary is received by any believers, one is to specify about 10% of it for charity or zakat alms, or less than 10%, as per one's capacity. Is this a contradiction to the previous view … what do you mean by this and why specifying a percentage after all?! … Thank you.


    Of course, we still adhere to the notion that there is no specific percentage of zakat; this is left to the estimation of the believers as per their capacity, expenditure, financial responsibilities, etc. What we have proposed as 10% was merely an example of those who desire to calculate how much to donate for charity/zakat annually or on a monthly basis, especially for those who have harvested their agricultural land. Hence, one should pay what one can afford and as much as one desires to attain piety and be rewarded by God: "Who is he who will offer God a generous loan, so He will multiply it for him manifold? God receives and amplifies, and to Him you will be returned." (2:245). This includes the poor: a poor person can give as much money as possible within their modest means to another poorer person: "…They give them priority over themselves, even if they themselves are needy. Whoever is protected from his natural greed-it is they who are the successful." (59:9). 





Cemetery of Muslims in VA

Published in March 14, 2016



Question: … Have you  any information about the cemetery for Muslims in Virginia? Some people claim that M. Ali Clay made it for Muslims … Where is it located?  …


  This is all the information we have about it:

The address is AMAA Cemetery, Stafford Virginia, 4001 Sulgrave Drive, Alexandria, 22309, Tel: 703.360.6282 / 703.922.6890




Sea-Side Resorts

Published in September 13, 2014


Question: … Is it permissible within Islam to go to sea-side resorts to have fun and swim and so on? … Thank you …


       Not at all. Things that are prohibited are mentioned lucidly within the Quranic Ten Commandments: "Say, "Come, let me tell you what your Lord has forbidden you: that you associate nothing with Him; that you honor your parents; that you do not kill your children because of poverty-We provide for you and for them; that you do not come near indecencies, whether outward or inward; and that you do not kill the soul which God has sanctified-except in the course of justice. All this He has enjoined upon you, so that you may understand." And do not come near the property of the orphan, except with the best intentions, until he reaches maturity. And give full weight and full measure, equitably. We do not burden any soul beyond its capacity. And when you speak, be fair, even if it concerns a close relative. And fulfill your covenant with God. All this He has enjoined upon you, so that you may take heed. This is My path, straight, so follow it. And do not follow the other paths, lest they divert you from His path. All this He has enjoined upon you, that you may refrain from wrongdoing." (6:151-153). Accordingly, what is prohibited is to get near grave sins especially fornication and illicit sex and minor sins leading to the grave ones, anytime and anywhere.




Quranists Youths

Published in November 30, 2007



Question: … I have sent you through many email messages my articles that contain my views and ponderings about certain Quranic verses and certain Quranist topics … Not only they are not published on your website, but also you write views that oppose mine and discard publishing my articles … Are my articles  so badly spelled?! Do you think them faulty as far as my Quranist ponderings and reflections are concerned? What have you encouraged me to write them, then?! Why are you encouraging others to adopt freedom of expression when they are writing on your website then? 


      Our dear son,

    Of course, we never get annoyed at all by religious, or even political, views that are different from ours expressed by our fellow Quranists, young and old. We always encourage new writers to be intellectually independent. Of course, you are a promising Quranist writer, as far as we can judge per your articles, but you lack to read more in traditional books (to refute them and avoid faulty views about the Quranic text) and in the Arabic tongue structures, syntax, stylistics, etc. if you really what to be a distinguished Quranist writer. You need also to reread out archive of books and articles (and articles of our fellow Quranists) so that you get the knack of critical thinking and to build upon what we have already reached, so that you avoid writing anti-Quranist views, unawares, and so as not to repeat anything mentioned before and tackled thoroughly by others before you. You must adopt a new angle if you will add anything beneficial to our website as far as Quranist school of thought is concerned. All of us need to learn from past mistakes; to save the Muhammadans from centuries of myths, we need hundreds of competent engaged Quranist writers who exert efforts to learn devoutly and deduce gems of meanings from the Quran, so that they can use all intellectual tools and technological one within their Quranist researches to address the public in the 21st century. Let us not forget that our website is a start of this school of line of thought that came to be called Quranism. May God come to our aid and help us raise awareness of all people. we care only to gratify God with our intellectual, peaceful jihad. May God reward our endeavors in this world and the next. Thank you.    





There Is No Second Coming of Jesus

Published in October 2, 2012



Question: …I am confused; does the Quranic verse 4:159 refers to a second coming of Jesus Christ? Or there is a misinterpretation in this respect based on myths? What do you think? … Thank you …


   God says in the Quran: "Some of the People of the Book believed in him truly before his death, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them." (4:159). This verse refers clearly to some people (not all) among People of the Book who were alive at the era of Jesus Christ when he was alive, and they bee lived in the fact that Jesus was a mortal prophet. As for those, Jesus will be a witness over them on the Day of Resurrection as true believers in God, in contrast to those against  whom he will bear witness because they had deified him during his lifetime: "I only told them what You commanded me: that you shall worship God, my Lord and your Lord. And I was a witness over them while I was among them; but when You took me to Yourself, you became the Watcher over them-You are Witness over everything." (5:117). Hence, every prophet or messenger will be a witness ONLY over those contemporary to his lifetime where he preached and lived. This means that there were some people who were real believers in God who believed in the message of Jesus as a mortal prophet sent by God, and those real believers rejected his deification by others.  Let us quote here the whole context of this Quranic story in the Quranic Chapter Four: "Some of the People of the Book believed in him truly before his death, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them. Due to wrongdoing on the part of the Jews, We forbade them good things that used to be lawful for them; and for deterring many from God's path. And for their taking usury, although they were forbidden it; and for their consuming people's wealth dishonestly. We have prepared for the faithless among them a painful torment. But those among them firmly rooted in knowledge, and the believers, believe in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed before you; and the observers of prayers, and the givers of charity, and the believers in God and the Last Day-upon these We will bestow an immense reward." (4:159-162). God says nothing but the Truth.






We Denounce Such Murder of This Sheikh

Published in January 2, 2016



Question: … What do you personally think of the KSA murdering the innocent Shiite sheikh Al-Nimr? Thank you …  


       We refer you to our article (in English) on that topic, on the following link:    

  we assert here briefly that we denounce such injustice against a peaceful man indicted without trial who committed no crimes at all. This is an aggression by the Saudi authorities against God and God's laws in the Quran. This stance of ours has nothing to do with the fact that Quranism opposes the Shiite religion. We personally think that the late sheikh Al-Nimr was a peaceful thinker who defended the rights of his Shiite people to live in dignity and freedom; we admire his courage and his peaceful jihad facing the Saudi tyranny. All human beings are mortals, but there are those who die unnoticed and those who die for the sake of honor and rights. There are those who die without repentance from injustices committed by them, and those deserve Hell. The Saudi tyrannical regime is about to collapse and it is like a volcano about to erupt, as is the case with all tyrannical regimes in the Middle East, with detrimental results. Only the reasonable ones face, confront, and adhere to the Truth and human rights, even if this entails their death. All of us will die eventually, and it is better to die while defending a just cause rather than to die within civil strife that usually occur after revolts.





Your Long Articles

Published in March 14, 2012



Question: … Dear Dr. Mansour, allow me to remind you that most of your articles are too long and reading them is time-consuming  … Could not you shorten them to increase readership? Readers of today have no much time or patience … Thank you.


   Our dear son,

  We remind you here that we write for cultured people and researchers who seek to know the Truth. Readers of our website are thirsty to get to know real Islam (Quranism). We hope that readers would spread links of our online writings within cyberspace to draw the attention of all ordinary readers. We urge our fellow Quranists to try and summarize some of our articles in simplified style. Of course, we ourselves sometimes write short articles on political issues, but our research articles are lengthy because they are grouped later on in a book form. Truth-seekers should not get tired of reading them if they really care about knowledge. Thank you.    





Quranic Healing

Published in December 4, 2015



Question: … Could you please answer me this question: does the Quran has healing effects to those suffering psychological issues and problems by listening to it? … In other words, what does this Quranic verse mean: "We send down in the Quran healing and mercy for the believers…" (17:82)? Thank you …


  Using Quranic verses to cure mental, psychological, or physical ailments is nonsense propagated by charlatans within the countries of the Muhammadans, who misinterpret the verse you mention. This verse simply refers to the fact that misguidance is a ''disease'' of the hearts in the figurative sense of the word, whereas guidance is a healing to such disease; guidance is found only in the Quran. As for mental, psychological, or physical ailments, they are to be treated medically and properly using sciences. Thus, the healing of the Quran means to be guided, and the Quranic term ''heart'' means one's mind and soul that control the body. As for psychological effect of the Quran, it is expected that the psychological health of real believers in the Quran is positively influenced by reading it reverently, while allowing meanings to sink deep into one's soul, seeking guidance from God. "Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of God. Surely, it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find comfort."" (13:28). The term remembrance  in 13:28 refers to the Quran itself, and the term ''hearts'' refers to human souls. Excellent psychological health has positive influence on the physical health as well and helps face hardships of life. As for healing, the Quran provides real faith in God and the Last Day that increases as one continues to read the Quran regularly. Surely, sinning, envy, hatred, revenge, scramble for loot, disbelief in God, etc. are elements that cause stress, depression, and physical ailments.          





Confusion about Companions

Published in January 7, 2008



Question: … Upon reading historical accounts and books about the so-called companions of Prophet Muhammad, especially your writings about them, Dr. Mansour, sometimes I am filled with hatred toward them … How come they are so corrupt?! … At other times, I feel that such history is made up and such historical figure did not exist … I am confused! … What do you think?


   Historically, no one can deny certain events authenticated by various historians, such as Arabian civil war, assassinations of pre-Umayyad caliphs,  certain battles, etc. even if some few details differ within many historical accounts of the same event. No one denies authenticated history except the ignoramuses.

  Religiously, history is NOT part of religion, belief, and faith. Thus, the history of the so-called companions is not part of Islam; they do not represent Islam, and no mortal, dead or alive, embodies Islam at all. All human beings err and commit mistakes, and the same goes for the so-called companions: their deeds represent their minds and their age, not Islam at all. Hence, those who deny or accept the deeds of such historical figures, love or hate them, deny their existence or confirm it, etc. are not to link such stances to faith/belief or lack of it. this is a historical topic and not an Islamic one, as far as real Islam (Quranism) is concerned. As for the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions, usually, history becomes religion.         




Hating the Companions

Published in February 7, 2007



Question: … Do you, Dr. Mansour, hate the companions of Prophet Muhammad? …   


       Some of our intellectual foes among the Muhammadans accuse us of hating the so-called companions because we tackle their history as mortal, erring humans, NOT as the Sunnite creed entails: immortal infallible deities. The Wahabi Sunnites consider criticizing those deities as blasphemy, and their critics as infidels, heretics, and apostates. We, as well as our fellow Quranists, never commit the sin of deifying and sanctifying mortals; we never criticize historical figures without lines of evidence that prove them guilty as per historical accounts about them. Moreover, the Quran is the primary source for Quranists used as a criterion to judge deeds and words of such 'companions' mentioned in history books.

  Using the Quran, we discern that the term ''companions'' refer to anyone contemporary to anyone else in time and place, regardless of degree of faith or lack of it, determined only by God alone. As for the meaning of the same term to the Sunnites, it refers to deified, made 'holy' figures for merely seeing Muhammad! This is silly and absurd indeed! As for the Quranic mentioning of the same term, let us quote some examples that prove that the term refers to those contemporary to a prophet but not necessarily in the same degree of faith as he was. In the Quranic story of Moses, we read the following: "When the two groups sighted each other, the companions of Moses said, "We are being overtaken."" (26:61).  The word ''companions'' here does NOT refer to holy figures or saints; but to the mere fact that the Israelites accompanied Moses during the exodus, and they had worshipped a golden calf in Sinai, which proves that they were not within the same degree of faith like Moses, but they were his companions during the exodus nevertheless. Let us quote another example about Muhammad; God has said the following to the Meccan polytheists about him: "…There is no madness in your companion…" (34:46); "Your companion has not gone astray, nor has he erred." (53:2). This means that Muhammad was their companion, though he believed in the Quran and they did not; companionship has nothing to do with belief and disbelief, as this will be judged only by God alone. Yet, the Muhammadans insist on making the so-called 'companions' as infallible, saintly figures! Christians have done it before them regarding disciples of Christ who were made 'saints' after their death. This is sheer polytheism in both cases. God never mention the names of the so-called companions in the Quran; rather, the Quranic text divides them into two groups: 1) real believers who had good faith and made good deeds, and 2) those who mixed bad deeds with good ones: hypocrites and those with little faith. Let us be reminded that the Quran contains hundreds of verses about hypocrites and how they conspired and plotted many intrigues and plans against Islam and Muhammad. Even historians assert that hypocrites included some of the so-called companions, as per the definition of the term found in books of ancient traditions. Yet, other ancient authors of later eras committed the grave mistake of deeming all the so-called companions as infallible non-erring beings, thus overlooking hundreds of Quranic verses talking about hypocrites and those who had little faith, as they never understood the notion of companionship explained by us above. Those ancient authors had supposed wrongly that Muhammad knew all hypocrites, thus overlooking the fact that  God has told Muhammad in the Quran that he did not know them: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of the city too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them…" (9:101). Hence, there were companions who were good people and those who were hypocrites and those with little faith as we deduce from the following verses: "Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Those with him are stern against the disbelievers, yet compassionate amongst themselves. You see them kneeling, prostrating, seeking blessings from God and approval…God has promised those among them who believe and do good deeds forgiveness and a great reward." (48:29), this shows definitely that there are some among them who were real believers and some who were not, as they were hypocrites who will dwell in Hell: "If the hypocrites, and those with sickness in their hearts, and the rumormongers in the City, do not desist, We will incite you against them…They are cursed; wherever they are found…" (33:60-61). Of course hypocrites among them are described also in this verse: "The hypocrites will be in the lowest level of the Hell-Fire…" (4:145), whereas the good believers are described in other verses: "The Pioneers-The first of the Migrants and the Supporters, and those who followed them in righteousness. God is pleased with them, and they are pleased with Him…" (9:100); "Of the believers are men who are true to what they pledged to God…" (33:23).

  Of course, we believe every single word in the Quran, and this belief drives us to deny the Sunnite myth of making the so-called companions infallible, never-erring beings who are made 'holy', as this notion contradicts hundreds of Quranic verses. The Quran is the Absolute Truth for Quranists, and the Quran talks about descriptions. In contrast, history is relative facts filled with myriads of names of the assumed companions and their (good and bad) deeds and words. History is not part of faith at all; one can believe history or not, deny it or not, and this has nothing to do with religious faith. History is a domain where neutral objective scientific research apply to pore through events to verify them; this has nothing to do with religion. Narratives and accounts of history are nod revealed by God; the Quran is NOT vague or lacking so that narratives of history would be used to explain it or to be added to beliefs. Sunnites deify the so-called companions, Shiites deify Ali and his wife and progeny while declaring Sunnite companions/deities as infidels, and such stances to history has nothing to do with Islam. Everyone is free and has the right to criticize history and its figures and the Muhammadans are free to deify them if they like. God will settle our differences and disputes in that respect on the Day of Judgment.                   





Striving in This Life

Published in August 17, 2011



Question: … Can I perform pilgrimage to Mecca on behalf of a living or a dead person? Can the dead be rewarded by charity done using their money after their death? … Thank you.


   It is impossible to perform any act of worship on behalf of someone else, dead or alive; the very notion is never mentioned in the Quran and it contradicts many Quranic verses that include the following: "And that the human being attains only what he strives for. And that his efforts will be witnessed. Then he will be rewarded for it the fullest reward." (53:39-41). The meaning of striving here is one's deeds during one's lifetime, as one's record of good and bad deeds is shut forever once he/she dies; you cannot add good deeds (accepted and rewarded by God) to it or delete sins from it. hence, even charity must be done by the person himself/herself while still alive, as a witness, and this applies to acts of worship; for instance: pilgrimage. "And announce the pilgrimage to humanity…That they may witness the benefits for themselves…" (22:27-28). This verse shows that one is to perform pilgrimage in person, not to hire someone to perform in on their behalf.





Do Not Despair

Published in September 3, 2016



Question: … I am very obsessed with negative ideas … I need your immediate consultation … I am on the verge of going banana! … I am a young wife living in a Gulf monarchy city, whose readings of Salafist books and viewings of Wahabi TV programs is driving me mad and have made me doubt my marriage! Salafist, Wahabi notions about divorce have made me doubt my marriage; my husband is driven mad easily and he uttered words of divorce at me … Besides, he curses God! Salafist sheikhs declare that those who curse God are apostates and that I must get a divorce from that infidel! I am so distressed and depressed, and my husband mocks me and quarrels with me daily, saying I am obsessed with myths, and he no longer prays … I am afraid he turned into an atheist … Is my marriage to him against Islam?! What about my poor kids?! Shall I file for a divorce?!  Shall I remain with him as a wife?! I can no longer bear it; I'm living in a nightmare … I am beginning to feel suicidal tendencies! What do you think? Thank you in advance …   


  Marriages are not annulled by differences in faiths, creeds, religions, and denominations as long as the spouses are peaceful, non-violent people. There is nothing in Islam called apostasy penalty nor the notion of separating spouses by force for any reason, let alone different religions or any spouse of the couple convert to any other creed or even to atheism. By the way, divorce in Islam is NOT done by a husband uttering certain words like "I thereby divorce you!"; this Sunnite notion is corrupt and against the Quran; please refer to our article on the subject of how Sunnite sharia contradicts the Quranic sharia as far as the topic of divorce is concerned. Of course, cursing or verbally abusing God and Islam (i.e., the Quran) is utter disbelief. Yet, one can always repent, and furthermore, within Quranism (real Islam) you can still be the legal wife of the man who commits this sin or even if he converts to atheism. No one is to meddle or interfere in the relation between a human being and God, especially regarding repentance: " Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves: do not despair of God's mercy, for God forgives all sins. He is indeed the Forgiver, the Clement." And turn to your Lord, and submit to Him, before the retribution comes upon you. Then you will not be helped. And follow the best of what was revealed to you from your Lord, before the punishment comes upon you suddenly, while you are unaware." (39:53-55). 





Arab Conquests Companions

Published in July 13, 2015



Question: … I am totally convinced by your view that Arab conquests of the companions in the 7th century A.D. is a sin and a crime against humanity and against real and only Islam (the Quran alone) … I never sanctify any mortals or historical figures now (companions or not), thanks to you … You have completely refuted the assumed legitimacy of such conquests that distorted higher Islamic values and made people abandon them … But in this light, what do you think of the Quranic verse 48:16? Does it refer to the Persians or the Byzantines? What does it mean exactly? Thank you …


   God says in the Quran: "Say to the Desert-Arabs who lagged behind, "You will be called against a people of great might; you will fight them, unless they submit. If you obey, God will give you a fine reward. But if you turn away, as you turned away before, He will punish you with a painful punishment."" (48:16). This means that God was testing those desert-Arabs and Bedouins who were fickle and fluctuating, as they were reluctant to engage into self-defense war against aggressors and tried to excuse themselves. This verse has nothing to do with the Persians or the Byzantines or any other nation at the time. The so-called companions committed the sin of Arab conquests once Muhammad died; they invaded, occupied, looted, burned, razed, destroyed, enslaved, massacred, etc. Besides, they imposed taxes and tributes on original owners of those conquered countries, making those indigenous people citizens of the 3rd degree within an Arab empire. The Sunnite myth of companions 'saving' nations from tyranny is wholly without foundations; if this had been the case, those nations would have sent for help within Arabia to enlist aid to get rid of tyranny, Arabs would accomplish the mission, and go home. Obviously, this was not the case; they occupied and invaded and committed heinous atrocities in all conquered countries. Muhammad never sent military troops to commit aggressions or to occupy lands to rule over them; God has sent him as a mercy to the humankind, not as conqueror of the globe.       






Ill-Gotten Wealth

Published in June 20, 2013


Question: … I was an atheist but converted to Quranism because of you … My previous atheism was a reaction because of my Wahabi Salafist father … He was a Salafist clergymen graduated from Al-Azhar, who became famous and opened a mosque, a hospital, and a school … He grew filthily rich because of his position as a sheikh in a mosque, he used to steal charity and donation money offered to the mosque to build the other projects… He died recently, leaving us his ill-gotten wealth … All my life I despised him and felt contempt toward Salafism and Wahabism.  The reason I left atheism and converted to Quranism is when I read your articles and books; I hear your name once being cursed by my Azharite father …  then I came across your website … I am the eldest of my brothers, and the question now is: shall I and my brothers use the ill-gotten money left to us by my father or not?  


  This ill-gotten money must never be spent on you and your brothers; all of you must disown such ill-gotten wealth by donating its entirety to any charity; it is enough that all of you used some of it during your father's lifetime unknowingly. Do not worry about earning your livelihood; God blesses good money that one earns by one's efforts, whereas ill-gotten money corrupts people, and should be avoided in order to obtain God's mercy.   




A Most Annoying Question

Published in November 8, 2014



Question: … I live in a West country … My Christian girl-friend with whom I used to fornicate gave birth to a boy, who is now two years old … I am sure I am the biological father, but I am afraid that the boy might be a Christian like his mother; could this be prevented? What shall I do?!    


  We are troubled by such an annoying question; your words express no remorse for the sin/crime of fornication! You does not sound like a repentant! All you care about is the religious affiliation of you son! You seem not to care about an innocent child living without his father and without bearing responsibility for this child! You should rather care about your own faith; if you are indeed a believer in the Quran, you must repent sincerely and implore God for forgiveness and good offspring. If the mother of your child is single, marry her so that both of you care for the child and bring it up properly. If the marriage does not take place for any reason, you must visit your son regularly, spend money on him, treat him kindly, get him to know you as his father, spend time playing with him, give him gifts, etc. In short, be part of his life. Do not accompany him to mosques; most of them are Wahabi, corrupt ones. As he grows up, talk to him about Islam; make him notice your prayers and Ramadan-fasting, and talk to him about higher Islamic values found in the Quran and that match modern human rights. Explain to him how Islam (Quranism) contradicts Wahabi extremists' notions and deeds. Of course, you are required to read the entire archive of our articles and books on our website to get to know real Islam first. Rest assured, your son will choose for himself as he grow up; remember that one cannot guide everyone he/she loves as guidance is God's, but you will have done your duty if you do the above. May God guide and help you.     





We Are Not Afraid of Wahabi Salafists

Published in May 18, 2011



Question: … Dear Dr. Mansour … You now the arch-enemy of Salafist, Wahabi thought … You are the only one able to expose Salafist Wahabism as the exact opposite of Islam (the Quran) … Salafists of Egypt and elsewhere fear to enter into an open debate with you, as you refute their notions using the Quran … I fear the Wahabi terrorists might assassinate you or terrorize you … Don't you feel afraid of them?


  Quranists are used to facing persecution, and we personally are ready for it anytime. We never feel afraid by the loud voices of Salafists, and Wahabis threatened many times to murder us when we were in Cairo, Egypt, but we never paid heed to them. We have endured persecution of Egyptian authorities under Mubarak regime that incarcerated us many times. Of course, with the aid of God, Quranists and their Quranism school of thought will go on in the coming decades, while Salafism/Wahabism will surely dwindle and disappear gradually with the passage of time; Wahabi Salafists cannot possibly deceive all people the whole time. Hopefully, the Egyptian media might publish our writings in print and might allow us to appear on TV shows; this will enable us to reach out to most people to expose Salafist Wahabism and its contradiction with the Quran. sadly Egypt has lost its pioneer status since Wahabism invaded Egyptian media, cultural, educational, and social levels in the 1970s, while the dwarfish country like the KSA took the place of Egypt as leader of Arabs. Such Saudi wicked, cunning, and evil scheming against all Arabs has led to chaos and wars in the Middle East. If Quranists would have but one TV satellite channel, and possibly one artistic production company to produce and distribute videos, TV shows, TV series, short movies, etc., Salafism/Wahabism will vanish soon enough from the whole Middle East and Egypt will regain its pioneer position within the media, political, social, cultural, artistic, and religious levels.        





Wishful Thinking!

Published in March 30, 2011



Question: … Dear Dr. Mansour … I read that you have said you might be able to visit Egypt … Can we watch you soon on TV shows in Egypt? … We need you badly to raise awareness  of all Egyptians about the true faith … Thank you  


 Our dear daughter,

  This is merely wishful thinking; currently, we cannot afford to make this wish come true. May God come to our aid. Best regards.





Sufi Backwardness in Egypt

Published in July 18, 2013



Question: …  Dear Dr. Mansour … I have enjoyed reading your articles about Sufi frauds and charlatans who deceived people by their claims to practice alchemy … I was so amused that I kept reminiscing about Sufi popular festivals, that celebrate a local saint, I have attended as a young man in our village south of Egypt … I have witnessed there so many backward practices of ignoramuses … the Sufi festival attendees overcrowded the location amidst mountainous area … There were buses to transport 'pilgrims' … I call them 'pilgrims' because they have re-enacted many rituals that reminded me of pilgrimage: circling around a small mosque instead of the Kaaba, slaughtering sacrificial animals, standing for a long time in vigil at a mausoleum instead of Arafat mount, worshipping at this tomb while invoking the supposed saint, etc. I burst out laughing at their ignorance and backwardness! How silly they looked ! …      


   You will find more detail about Sufi pilgrimage rituals in Egypt within a chapter inside our book titled "The Book of Pilgrimage", and you will see for yourself the worst type of backwardness covered with an earthly, man-made devilish polytheistic religion that came to be called Sufism; in many cases, Sufi practices loosen and dissolve  the boundaries between human beings and animals.





Debts Come First

Published in March 24, 2012



Question: … Before his death, my Dad was indebted to many people who had to be repaid … My elder brother, who is an Azharite clergymen and mosque preacher cursing Quranists from every pulpit, postponed settling the debts and distributed our father's money as per Quranic inheritance shares, while deducting 10% of each share to settle the debts himself … He never told us the total sum of the debts nor who the debtors were. Later on, I discovered, along with the rest of my brothers, that our elder brother urged some debtors to waive all rights to the money. We feel cheated by our elder brother! What do you think?     


    Debts of a deceased person must be settled and his/her written will should be executed first before distribution of inheritance shares, as we discern from many Quranic verses on the topic of inheritance. Your elder brother has disregarded the Quran disdainfully by what he did, and he disregarded his Sunnite religion rules as well in it ancient books; Ibn Saad the historian writes in his book that by the time Al-Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam was killed, his debts reached the total sum of two million and two thousand Dinars, but he left no liquid money; only houses in Arabia and some other cities outside it and large gardens. His son Abdullah sold the large gardens fin return for a sum that exceeded the one of the debts and told everyone in many cities (a process that took him four years) that all debtors must come to settle debts by getting their money. The money left was distributed among his four wives, ten male children, and nine female children.    





Deceived Secular Young Man

Published in August 2, 2012



Question: … Dear Sir, … I agree with many of your views, but I disagree with you on certain points … I wholeheartedly agree on not to sanctify any mortals, even prophets … But I disagree with you on adhering strictly to avoidance of forbidden food items in the Quran … I love drinking wine, and I eat pork – I find it delicious. I have sex with many women I date, and I don't like to get married. I do not feel guilty; I never harm anyone. The forbidden is to cause harm or injustices to anyone; hence, having sex with consenting adults is OK as far as I am concerned. I can never understand why should I stop eating pork and drinking wine … real piety is to act charitably, generously, and kindly with everyone, right? This is my version of Islam … What is your opinion, without getting mad at me?   


  Without getting mad at anyone, let us assert the following points:


1- God has created us to test us during our lifetime; He has made us free to choose to obey or disobey. This freedom is closely linked with responsibility; all of us will bear responsibility for our beliefs, deeds, and acts. This responsibility differentiate human beings from animals; animals do not bear responsibility and are not going to be judged on the Day of Resurrection, though animals are free. That is why human beings are better than animals before the sight of Almighty God.

2- Quranic commands and prohibitions are certain behaviors: duties and obligations to perform and forbidden things to avoid. Of course, injustices are forbidden and prohibited, but so are sexually immoral behavior. Those who win on the Day of Resurrection are those who perform duties and obligations and avoid forbidden items that include injustices, aggression, illicit sex, and certain food items.

3- Human beings vary in this life; some of them die as pious believers who avoided and eschewed all evil, injustices, illicit sex, and all forbidden items, and some other ones die as disobedient persons whose records of deeds are filled with injustices and sexually immoral behavior. The worst type of the latter group are those who justify their sins and disobedience within any claims or mottoes, just as you do according to your email message to us.

4- Your type of people do charitable acts, never deify and sanctify human beings or things, deal with people fairly and generously, but they are addicted to sexually immoral behavior without qualms and justify their sinning and disobedience of God. Your type of people does not believe in the Last Day; otherwise, they would work hard to earn their place in Paradise by avoiding forbidden items and prohibited things and by doing more and more religious duties and charity to obey God. Those obedient believers will be rewarded in this world and the next; your type of disobedient ones will be rewarded for their charity ONLY in this world, while Hell is their everlasting abode if they die without repentance: "Those who do not hope to meet Us, and are content with the worldly life, and are at ease in it, and those who pay no heed to Our signs. These-their dwelling is the Fire-on account of what they used to do." (10:7-8); "Whoever desires the worldly life and its glitter-We will fully recompense them for their deeds therein, and therein they will not be defrauded. These-they will have nothing but the Fire in the Hereafter. Their deeds are in vain therein, and their works are null." (11:15-16).

5- Sinners are tormented in this world as well by calamites and disasters: "Whatever misfortune befalls you, it is because of what your hands have earned; and yet He pardons much." (42:30); "…Whoever works evil will pay for it, and will not find for himself, besides God, any protector or savior." (4:123).

Secondly: to apply the abovementioned on your case now, we assert the following to you while hoping you will repent soon:

1- You are a fornicator and a sinner; those who die without repenting from the sin of fornication and insist on it will dwell forever in Hell: "… and do not commit fornication. Whoever does that will face penalties: The punishment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will dwell therein in humiliation forever. Except for those who repent, and believe, and do good deeds. These-God will replace their bad deeds with good deeds. God is ever Forgiving and Merciful. Whoever repents and acts righteously-has inclined towards God with repentance." (25:68-71). Fornicators are punished in this world as well as we discern from this verse: "And do not come near fornication. It is immoral, and an evil way." (17:32). Social harms caused by fornication are known; it causes crimes and disputes, and health hazards are so many: AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.

2- Your belief in the Quran is null and void as long as it does not influence your behavior positively; how come you claim to believe in God aloe without partners, associates, and deities among mortals and then disobey Him and justify your disobedience? Faith and belief are useless as long as you disregard or deny the Last Day. If you believe in the Last Day, you should have pious fear of God and avoid fornication and things leading to it, not just avoid injustices.

3- You good deeds of charity in which you take pride in will be rewarded ONLY in this world and will be nullified in the next world, as long as you do not repent.

4- You are wrong in supposing that sex among consenting adults is OK to you and that there is no injustices committed here; in fact, you are committing injustice against yourself by disobeying God.

5- Remember this comparison between human beings and animals: animals act freely without reasoning brains and responsibility, while human beings – like you – have been honored by God by being granted brains and making animals at our service. Yet, the Devil makes you less than animals when you disobey God by having illicit sex.

6- You are choosing disobedience and justify it despite your knowledge of real Islam (Quranism); you claim that you are free to do with your body whatever you like and that you own your body. Bar in mind that the One who created your body will judge you and ask you about what you have done with it. worldly punishments wait for the body being abused by addiction to the sins of illicit sex and drinking wine, apart from various diseases, you are going to suffer impotence during your old-age, let alone dwelling in Hell for eternity.

Lastly: We sincerely hope you will repent soon enough; may God guide you and us to piety and to the Truth.               

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