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Infiltration is the magic word in understanding the conflict in Egypt between the military regime and the Muslim Brothers public and secret organizations. From 1940’s there was a mutual filtration between the Muslim Brothers and the secret organization of the free officers who made the Egyptian revolution in 1952. The Muslim Brothers had many of their people inside the secret organization of the free officers while Nasser himself was among the Muslim Brothers under fake name.

After 1952 Nasser had many agents inside the Muslim Brothers who helped him in defeating this secret organization in the 1955’s and 1960’s. However, Nasser was unable to discover that his old passive friend Sadat as a sincere Muslim Brother partisan.

In the time of Sadat Muslim Brothers were given some authorities inside the Egyptian regime, but there was a mouse and cat conflict between them and Sadat. Each of the two of them tried to infiltrate the other side.  Sadat was cunning enough to create some secret religious organizations and to control other secret organizations to use them to do the dirty work. Muslim Brothers also had the same genius way in infiltrating the military regime and its secret services. One of them assassinated Sadat in October 1981.

In the time of Mubarak, the two old enemies need each other.

Mubarak needs them to scare the West and the civil society leaders in Egypt who call for democracy and peaceful democratic reform. Muslim Brothers and their secret and public organizations need Mubarak as an interim period in which they need to prepare themselves to take over Egypt in the right time for them. They need him also to prevent any kind of religious reform in Egypt. That why Mubarak and the Muslim Brothers are together against the Quranists in spite of the serious conflict among them.

Infiltration is the magic word in understanding the real secret war between Mubarak and them.


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