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Freedom Of Belief
By: - Amin Refaat

Religion is the most personal thing in the world.   It is nobody’s business to approach other’s belief in any way. Simply put: It is a bet, everybody is betting his life on his belief no matter what it is. When it is time to know if we won or lost there will be no second chances.

In Quraan God made it very clear that nobody is to be compelled to believe in Him. Why: Because God wants people to believe in Him out of deep conviction which is reached by observing, thinking and researching. Once this happens nobody can remove the belief from the heart no matter what. But those who are forced one way or the other into a belief will come out of it as soon as the pressure is off. A good example is places which were invaded by the so called “Muslim Armies” who turned away from Islam as soon as the armies went away.

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Comments ( 3 )
Comment By   Mohammad Dandan     - 2011-07-25
clarify please
Mr. Ameen : About the(A good example is places which were invaded by the so called “Muslim Armies” who turned away from Islam as soon as the armies went away)....Agreeing that there is nothing called (Islam By Force), would you be so kind to point out the places which turned away from Islam as soon as the armies went away, excluding ,of course, the Iberian Peninsula .

Comment By   Mohammad Dandan     - 2011-07-27
In that case Mr.Refaat, after almost 8 centuries of Muslims' presence, the spainiards who were Muslims, were either exterminated or expelled. And as far as the Indian subcontinent,which comprises,nowadays Pakistan, India proper and Bengladesh, Muslims are still there, alabeit a minority within the enormous Hindu population...The point I am trying to make here, Sir, is that it has never happened throughout history that there was mass conversion from Islam to any other religion. Please let us not mix political presense with religious one.

Comment By   Mohammad Dandan     - 2011-08-03
My sources are called historical facts
I guess we have to go back to Mr. Refaat: 1-Where I come from and where I am going to is immaterial 2-We are discussing ideas and not persons 3-you claimed that as soon as the (places which were invaded by the so called “Muslim Armies” who turned away from Islam as soon as the armies went away). 4-My sources tell me that after Muslim armies "went away", Bangladesh remained a majority Muslim country, Pakistan, which was carved out of the Indian sub-continent, is primarily a majority Muslim country. India is a majority Hindu country; those people were not Muslims who reverted to Hinduism after the Muslim armies "went away", they were Hindu and remained Hindu. 5-Islam and Muslims were wiped out from the Iberian Peninsula due to war of INQUISTION, along with Jews and any Christian sect that did not adhere to Catholicism. Deserted mosques are not enough an indicator that as soon as the last Muslim soldier disappeared over the horizon, people started reverting to whatever religions. 6-I don't have to be told by Indian, Bengali or Pakistani Muslims any thing to refute your argument. Historical facts are enough.