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 1- It is phenomenon that invades the whole world the Chinese merchandise that reach the hand of American European and African consumers and it is distinct by two things it's too cheapness and diversity to include every things from computers and electronic equipments to clothes to shaving , cosmetics and erotic activators.

 2-and if the gates of the west and America looked in the front of Chinese coexistence the African gates are stilling unlooked and here new phenomenon that the Chinese are not to be satisfied to manufacturing the commodity but they carry out its exportation by them self's but they handle the indoor allocation if the conditions are allowed.

You shall find the Chinese men and women cruise the Cairo streets and popular quarters and cities and depth of the Egyptian rural areas.

They Not only distribute the goods into stores shops and boutiques but they strike the doors by them self directly to peoples and with cheapest price .to repair the equipments to the shaving namely anther goods to Chinese products are appended it is the human Chinese it self

Not simply the services but the marriage. The Chinese women is the most obedience to the husband and more willingness to work to help her husband and help its self while over head that to help his native country china.

Whereas the Muslim Arabic not accept that his sister or his daughter to marry from Chinese man al this was accepted and desired at Africa while there is alt of sensibilities and problems at some Arabic counties that some African countries opened his gates and do ors for chine to emerge and construct factories and collection centers and to give technological aids.s and collection centers and to give technological aids.

In addition what is called (the chine's cities in side Africa) it is resembling (china town) or (Chinese squares) at the most important American cities.

  At which the Chinese's collected and be distinguished with chine's foods and restaurant also with the chine's architect the chine's per sue their social and religious celebrations with their banners and the famous chine's dragon lead him.

4- This recent chine's phenol at the sun rise of the century needs trials to revealing her to understand his evolution through this century.

Firstly: chiasm and privacy of the Chinese's culture.

The chine's civilizations are not the seniors' civilization but be characterized from them by that its continuity.

There is a qualitative abruption of Egyptian (pharaoh) culture deserve repetition of revealing it and acquaintance her language and disclosure his talisman this discontinuity found in the another in the rafiden culture Persia, India and Greece, while the Chinese culture and its civilization remain conservationist with his original features, until now in the Chinese social behavior . And his manner in cure and his culture in work and dealing with others, and pride with the Chinese traditional symbiosis.

The reason comes back to the geography of Chinese humanity and environment. China be isolated at Far East and not be at meddle of the world. In china there is the greatest cluster resident at the world it may be satisfied by itself secluded the whole world.

Arrogant on it soothe Chinese deems their kingdom (sky kingdom) discriminating china about the rest of the world.

While Middle East civilizations Persia, India, Greece exposed to imperialism religious ethnic racial changes.

Indeed china was rescued from these types of occupancy imperialism.

Really it exposed to assault of the sheep herders of mongolism and Tatars another where the Asian a spats desert.

Never the less china it was elevate the great wall to sheltering it.

It is not sheer intangible but it is an utterance about preservation onto the Chinese constituents by constituents of the obstruction between it and sheep herders and invaders and moreover never become possible to the remainders of Civilizations Rivers India, alrafiden and the Nile.

2- Globalization started early at the west with geographical discoveries to arrival to India far away from the pathway that commanded by Muslims at red sea and that give birth of the new world and take over it.

And expansion of western colonialism to include east and south East Asia by additions to Middle East and North Africa china found itself encompassed by new enemy not arrive from the aspets desert but from the sea

China comes into adversity of falling of the European sway who was executed with attack of china in opium war at the year of 1888 A.B England then desired to succumb the Chinese colossal into compulsory narcotization or compelling an aesthesia by opium to be cab able of exploiting and oblivion his old civilized ancestral.

3-the European capitalism was at the maximum degrees of its Exploiting and ugliness where at its tussahs are expanded to devour not only nations of the ancient world in Asia and Africa and the authentic inhabitants at the new world but also absorb bloods of working stratums at west itself.

This capitalistic radicalism lead to opposite radicalism flowed inside the western culture itself and it occurrence of communism as theoretical principles Germany and England furthermore end applying it at agronomic communities and

The Soviet Union have been formed in Russia and been extended east ward to China at the time of the Chinese feebleness s reach to its extremity. China his knowledge at which the affection by the arriver foreigner with aggravation intervention who irritate disturbances rebellions insurrections and within this agitation and communism comes to china.

Chinese communism coup have been carried out and succeeded by leadership Mao ti Tsung who generator an communism which curry the Chinese traditional or what is called with Maoists and as the custom china kept up on properties of its communism .it does not allow to herself to revolve in his dependence to Soviet Union, and for this Chinese communism did not falling as the Soviet Union. Had failed

Soviet Union was crumbled from inside because the soviet communism have European western roots when western capitalism correct himself and shrink her tusks did not there Excuse for Communism being so it is crumbled. And so with it The Soviet Union crumbled and his consequents Warsaw confederacy.

Europe returned to European root. While Chine Communism was endured and saved because it knotted treaty between it and the Chinese hereditary, and so it became apportion of it is textile, and has of his developmental phases at prolonged trip. Exceed twenty centuries of time. Chinese Communism saved and endured because Chine fulfill with chine sing the communism namely pay projection of Chinese label on it.

Secondly: challenges of Chinese onto the margin this Chinese.

China confronted various challenges. It succeeded inclosing these challenges and abolishing it.

china was succeeding in this externality challenges it was keeping her independent identity in dealing with soviet union and joined in united nations in spite of despite of America and regained Hong Kong and introduces her as leader of what was called non existence partiality countries and constructive partiality and stayed after it a higher example to developing countries never did not be arrogant onto the tertiary world countries but was be accepted to sustained between then against the westerns exploitation introduce to them acquaintance help and political backing china namely composing between the her privacy and interaction with world as it was com posed between the china traditions and communism china facing another challenge be coupled with culture globalization, and publicity human rights, freedom individual freedom calling and democracy and she was shared of dropping the soviet union.

We were said that the Soviet Union had fallen because Communism belongs to the western culture. When western capitalism reclaims her soviet communism had been fallen expressly that she adversary freedom Human rights, with falling the oriental camp and is milting in west, and Nate camp. China became the only great power that facing the western camp who impose freedom and human rights and the Economical liberality the freeness market against Chinese communism hopeful of falling the greatest castle of communism the concept that the economical liberality did not be separated from the political freedom and democracy and human rights and that is the western prescription who didn't accept argument but in china it argument but more than argument at the light the Chinese steadies and the Chinese utilities china must be choose indeed she had chosen.

The Chinese leadership she had seen from prospective it responsibility about quarter population world necessity of segregation between economical freeness and economical liberality and in between freedom and human right and democracy.

China needs economical freeness growth development and modernization especially after restoration Hong Kong harbor and into shadow her distinct contact with the third world but she see that with acceptation of freedom and human rights and democracy risky threaten the Chinese state may warn its teardown to form from which small countries each of them abut several hundred of millions of humans only.

Boost those two commands:

First: that the democracy applying entails awareness of

Democracy and rooted of democratic culture in the community and that entails decades of time be completed through which teaching of people democratic culture and imposition exist of democracy than higher opportunity to displacement the anarchy and domestic wars and

Political disturbances and distribution of the state.

The second command: that Chinese culture itself indeed

Was rooted in which adoration emperor since more than twenty centuries of time and hallowing the governors and melting the Chinese person in which considering the governor representative the China.

The homeland and the nation namely that the Chinese steadies stand against democracy and human rights, at the same time who tolerate in which with obtaining the economical freeness and liberty if the market in the shade of (Chiasm) or Chinese criteria rendering it in the yield of China and not gap to toppling China alien abusing such as was take place before.

So the Chinese commander should choose than Globalization its economical side leaving the democratic option for future.

And then here the movement of students may burr live end it in largest Beijing courtyards.

3- The greatest challenge who confronts china it is the demographic explosion the Chinese people like residue of the peoples world passing with periods of the demographic diminution (increase numeral deaths about numeral births) and demographic equilibrium (equality of averages of deaths and births), and the demographic condensation (augmentation of births rates about deaths rates), China lives now the demographic condensation phase.

The problem is constituted by two factors:

The first: conjugation of high fertility by accessing the humanity in the scientific advancement phase, and health care and epidemic eradication that is high fertility with lowest limit of deaths.

The second: centering the Chinese demographic condensation (quarter of population world) at an aria is not the great state at the world, whereat surveying,

There are countries her land survey appreciates china such as Canada and she isn't citizenry contrasted with china.

China dialed with that problem by investment and deduction investment of the demographic condensate in saving a cheap employment and generate affordable goods invade the world with it. Deduction that is imposition of breed restriction as governmental rigorous policy but the Chinese demographic explosion was strong than therapy with investment and deduction.

So china was shelter to third choice and it is colonialism the Chinese colonialism the Chinese colonialism.

Thirdly the Chinese colonialism the twenty one century will witness setting primary colonialism and replace the Chinese colonialism ingested him of him we should recognize onto essence of primary colonialism to know in opposite and it is the Chinese colonialism far tune is the aim base of attack and colonialism as that she the aim base of construction earthborn religions and the cooperation with corruption and autocracy fortune is the eternal human dream and the reason of its misery also.

with the cause of fortune the religious national and economical banners was formulated to deceit the people and the beaten side to accept with exploitation and deception with banners the crimes of negation and robber change into struggle for the sake of demo critic diffusion outside the border (America) here there is difference between negation and robbery before Islam in Arabian peninsula Arabian usage Islam in developing negation and robbery for occupation

Occupancy the other nations here there is no difference between Viking attacks nations of European north, and the European colonialism. Whose was carry cross, and claim Christianity diffusion.

The white man indeed is arrived by his ship to Africa and the new world. He was having not except the cross.

The new world citizens was holed the ground, the white man as long as delayed that was give him the cross and take of them the ground, all this occupancy and colonialism

And imperialistic formation aim fortune and than its cause raises the religious and national and patriotic banners and finally the democratic banners and at all situations this colonialism and occupancy was and still primary it use the same way and it is the armed power and sending the armed solders' for mystery and overcoming the nations America still use this primary brand.


2- America now it is the super power all over the world and she is the only representative for that primary colonialism, depending on power and it behave with the logic of power pride without that understand the cultural changeable which was arrived by globalization time , the odd that America whose was entered with the world globalization time (materialism and economy) but until now she did not understand the acculturative aspect which produce it the materialistic and economical globalization, because it is still inside her and in the core of it. That the cowboy who is hunting his victim or his sacrifice by his gun… and up till now weapons factories still the source of inspiration to American externality policy.

And with the reason of this destroyer inspiration the American policy ignoring the superior spirited values which clutch with it the American nation American image appear in the exterior world like huge colossal without mind corresponding to it economical bigness colossal his little mind not widen to accommodating culture of the present period and at the end must be that overcome by the period what even his power was conveyed shall you remembering dinosaur in deed prevail the planet earth at phase she was appropriated to him when mammals age was came dinosaur became live outside the age.

And he did not digest the culture age so died out.

America did not learn of Soviet Union falling experiment his leaving adversary.

The Soviet Union was huge colossal did not ingest. The colures age hided and became extricated. America go on after it the lonely super rower because it enjoy from inside with freedom. And rule of law and somewhat justice but America did not continue the leader of the world because it extensor policy different approach it the primary colonialism who inquisitor about wealth with weapon force, with the reason of it, its marks of exterior policy be formed, alliance with Israel and with the (Arabian dictatorships) against freedom, fairness and human rights, after second world war America become addicted on competition of communism to dominating onto the third world to control his riches, America interference in Korea to take place on China thresholds.

China encounter America in Korea with millions of warrior solders, America was hurried to withdrawal yet it loose tens thousands of murders and fearing of oppositeness' or waken the Chinese colossal in its vitals area America did not digest the lesson so come into its failing adventures in Vietnam also America did not learn the lesson comes into Afghanistan swamp to face Soviet Union onto his doorsill and alley with Saudi wahhabism and its armed organizations.

This matter lead to drowning into more swamps some of them is (Iraq) and establishing (Alkaida) and (Taliban) and eleventh of September explosions) and after it and before it .and establishing the wahhabi thinking inside America and European societies in interior.

Authorities America up till now did not learn the lesson

It still thinking in armed confrontation with Persia and never did learn except after passage of time, while the Chinese colonialism disentangle place the primary colonialism.


3- Wealth it ambition the primary and Chinese colonialism with the variance between them, while the American civilian ones armed with cheap goods benefit and did not kill the peoples and while the primary colonialism ropes the colonialism giving cheap commodity with reasonable price margin, while primary colonialism send hearts ticker and consider great bosses fighting citizens countries according them enemies,


if the Chinese colonialism send smile men and women they bend to citizens countries see them as (customers) and (customers always onto correct) and they per cuss his door home with respect, they expose - not impose- onto it buying cheap commodity.


.whichever the primary colonialism attack onto another by his weapon and plunder his treasures, while the Chinese colonialism per cuss his door hope him with all discipline deigning with buying the merchandise.


This and that take the money of other but the other are to be simply customer to Chinese colonialism, customer by choice, and not victim by compulsion and weapon usage, over there that some of the captured money from customer end expending it inside customer country


As for in American primary colonialism it abusing to fortune of the other and the assessment in its exhaustion with support of dictator shipments and local decaying gangs.


4- The Chinese colonialism in our imagination to him like the primary colonialism has two stages or two side's occupancy and settling.

The Chinese occupancy by sending armies of professional of exports and allotment and selling to third world countries handle with linkage the Chinese yields from the source to the buyer in his home, and than normal this civilian armies investing projections with continuous connection inside this countries with the ruling elite and community ones.


With passing of time the partial occupancy altered of millions of demographic Chinese plethora, to wide aerie suffering of demographic rarefaction and but did not suffering of resources poverty.


But need for who help her on investing that resources with optimal figure for the benefits of both edges Chinese's the arrivals and the master of the authentic country, and this settling colonialism is confirmed by marriage Chinese women and Chinese men with country citizens.


And by marriage the Chinese's they get on the citizenship and novel generation be formed and receiving more Chinese's millions and all that with total satisfaction and without bloods or violence, for over there factors which help on prosperity of Chinese colonialism.



Factors of prosperity of Chinese colonialism:

1-this civilized pacific colonialism according to the prevailing culture of market freeness and unlooked rivalry and consideration of benefits of the other wedge, aspiration constancy on alteration utility.


2-opposite to the white western settler china enjoy with good fame in third world never did not be involved in primary colonialism or in carnages for other nations ant not commit enslavement crime for Africans or colonialism and various colored and not be involved in two world wars, the victims reached tens millions.


And did not take stand with Israel on its aggression and occupancy of the others, but china was at most modern history the end victim and to be the aggrieved party.


As residue third world nations and hence it is the nearest to understand his endurances and the desires on coactions with him of mutual respectfulness.


3-hence that Africa she is best continent candidate for Chinese colonialism, it is the lesser dwellers and the minimal developmental in civilization the more resource and more endurance colonialism and injustice of the white man in occupancy, beating, monopoly and apartheid distinction Africans are more leaning for mating of Chinese an owners of bright skinned and by that the occupied edge be included with customer internal catholic wedding contract china interfere with him the age of power and dominance onto the world peacefully and culturally. 5 fifthly. Challenges of prosperity Chinese colonialism.

1-japan: - often her defeated at Second World War was become to America and blockaded her hereditary culture only on the plane of family.

And in her ancillary to America and in her desire of excellence and recovery of self respect Japan turned into economical colossal but it industrial plastic colossal where at depend on America in its martial shelter and with subsequently its impression at world policy is restricted and here by this exit about the individual competition courtyard china with china.

3) 2-india: that was possible to be a hard competitor to china if not wahhabism: with reason of wahhabism the bigger India be divided into Pakistan and India and with reason of wahhabism India still suffering from presence of palls tan as bigger enemy to India especially with comp at about Kashmir with this a blank of time stayed to India to be a moderate competitor to china not shape huge danger onto it.

3- Russia: give her back to china with decision of culture and association directed to American and European west and therefore it such as Japan follower-somewhat-to America the super power at world now and not at the near tomorrow.

4-united European:- turned-into-after that prevailed the world four centuries like older lies' home full with wisdom without ability of its activation have acquaintance and attempt and with no use as the comb in hand of the old person have a comb and but did not have hairs on its head to use the comb at him demographic diminution revolution and Muslims migration to it from countries suffering of oppression, demographic density it is ferry emigration nearer to invasion, especially and some of these Muslims carrying wahhabism germ onto that it Islam.


5-and America will be stay power enjoys with activities inside it and but her role at the exterior world are finished and may be recovering Monroe rule by solitude and fallbacks on her interior matters and its vitals field at which will encounters a promising clumping power it is Brazil.


And at all of this the primary colonialism will be end to replaced and displaced with the Chinese colonialism.


Terminally: the players at the history alleyway: we were at journey with the affecting living universal powers, stay sign to Arabian retired at the history lane avoiding about the main street at the world, at which the great events be made.


And end the deposition to writing history of future, faraway about the main street the Arabian Muslims are quarrel at the lanes of one's about hijab and veil and beard and jilbaap (kaftans') and flying and the day of creek, and adult suckling and cure with black pill, and blessing with the prophet piss, and the decisions of ablution anus and menthes and childbirth,


And oh, my brother …donate to building Shoubra tunnel mosque indeed we should constructed the tunnel and we built shoubra we will still build mosque and who was built for Allah a mosque such as pin-tailed sand grouse nest Allah build to him an palace at Sharm el-sheikh and left seashore we must let them in them lure be blinded and go to the main street and we must be shouting (widen the way) the Chinese's be coming.

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