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This article was previously published in Arabic on 29th January 2006


A call to the Muslim Brothers: Building Churches in Egypt and defending them is a recognized right in Islam.

 1st of all:

 The following extract was amongst last week's news: "Egyptian security sources stated that 14 people were injured in confrontations with a group of young people who tried hindering the construction of a new Church in Upper Egypt. The sources also added that police forces were involved in confrontations with the group of young men on Friday evening in the village of Adisat neighboring Luxor south of Cairo after they set fire to the building material that was to be used in the construction of a Church in place of an old house without a permit. The police forces have also detained 10 Muslim men and the house owners."


The moral of this news is that Egyptian police confronted a group of extreme Salafis in Adisat village because they tried impeding the construction of a Church a member of the Coptic community was trying to build in place of his house. The police then arrested some of the transgressors. To this point, the news is clear and reasonable, but what is unreasonable is the detaining of the Coptic house owners.



The moral of this news is that Egyptian police confronted a group of extreme Salafis in Adisat village because they tried impeding the construction of a Church a member of the Coptic community was trying to build in place of his house. The police then arrested some of the transgressors. To this point, the news is clear and reasonable, but what is unreasonable is the detaining of the Coptic house owners.


This week, other important news was announced : " the authorities have arrested the following people: 1) Atef Roumani (an employee at the Railways Department), 2) Atef Najib (Village Committee), 3) Hafzi Saleh (Village Committee), 4) Latif Anwar (Trader) as a punishment to them for defending the Church, their people, neighbors and possessions against the barbaric attack on them by some false advocates of Islam lead by the Head of Security, and with the blessing of the Chairman of Luxor Council. The detention of these innocent Copts was used as a means to distract attention from the real culprits and release them just like it was the case before in the village of Kashah.)


The unreasonable becomes a resolution issued by the Authorities to detain the innocent -this is a punishment in itself- and the charge will not be the defense of themselves and possessions, of course, but attempting to build a Church without a permit. This is the source of the problem.


2nd point:


The problem in fact started with the Arab invasion of Egypt under the –false- name of Islam. Some Arab and Muslim rulers in Egypt were accustomed to taking a hostile stance towards the legal rights of the Copts to building Churches for the Worship of God according to their religion and convictions.

The cause of this problem is not Islam, because the Arab invasion of Egypt and other countries was a violation to the teachings of Islam and transgression against peaceful nations that did not commit any offence towards Arab Muslims. It was plain occupation of their land and wrongdoing to them. And God does not like transgressors and He forbids ÇáÝÍÔÇÁ æÇáãäßÑ æÇáÈÛì and ordains, at the same time, Justice and Goodwill.        


If the Arab invasion itself was a violation to Islam, it will be logical to see its corrupt outgrowth spread in different forms; like denying the Copts to build Churches, destroy existing ones and imposing taxes on them and considering them second class citizens whilst they are the original inhabitants of the land.

Scholars of Authorities wrote to justify this wrongdoing false fatwas and Hadiths, and set some misleading interpretations of the Quran and its terminology and concepts, that made whoever tries to read it the light of tradition, falls in contradiction in trying to understand its verses.

So much cultural effort was devoted in order to legitimize the Arab transgression in the false name of Islam.


3rd point:


With this illegal Arab invasion and its justification, a paradox was founded between Islam and these Muslims, especially in the light of the following facts related to this subject that we shall review briefly:


§  Quran offers sanctuary to all places of worship including monasteries, churches, synagogues and masjids for Jews, Christians, Muslims and others, and permits Jihad in their defense (Pilgrimage 40)


§  Quran emphasizes the legislative differences between the Quran, the Bible and the Torah. In fact, it calls upon the people of Bible to refer to what God had descended on the Bible, and wonders why the Israelites go to Muhammad for arbitration whilst they have the Torah with God's ruling. And confirms that God had descended the Bible as a light and guidance, and calls upon the people of the book to apply the teachings of Torah and Bible and whatever God had revealed to them, in the same way these commands were made to Muslims. And calls upon all believers to enjoin good deeds. (The Feast 43, 44, 46, 48, 66, 68)


§  Quran determines that there cannot be coercion in faith and determines the freedom of belief or atheism, and decrees religious freedom to all and not only to the believers of certain religions and sects. There are over 1000 verses in the Quran testifying this truth.


Almighty's saying in the Chapter of the Feast, verse 51 " O you who believe, do not take certain Jews and Christians as allies; these are allies of one another. Those among you who ally themselves with these belong with them. GOD does not guide the transgressors." This verse and similar other verses of allegiance in the Quran were used against innocent Egyptian Copts. Imams in mosques quoted these verses in their sermons to raise hostility against them totally oblivious to the origin of the verses that referred to the time of the prophet when exceptional circumstances dictated secret allegiances between some hypocrites- companions who used to live in Medina- and some Jewish tribes. Theses verses were, thus, related to historical events attached to a specific time and place and Quran related some of these events and conversations such as: "You will see those who harbor doubt in their hearts hasten to join them, saying, "We fear lest we may be defeated." May GOD bring victory or a command from Him that causes them to regret their secret thoughts." The Feast 52.

This rule would have been necessary to apply if its precise events had repeated several times in the Quran. For instance, if an enemy raids against a Muslim community and a fraction of this community sides with the enemy against their fellow community, in this case this fraction of people deserves reprimand according to Islamic Law as well as any other civil human law.

However, the extremists that transgress against the innocents and kill civilians have a different conviction with regards to Alliance called Bara and Wala, its basis is the division of the world to two different parts or camps; the Camp of Islam and the Camp of War. They think that their duty is the struggle against the latter camp or the Kufar to force them to convert to Islam according to the false Hadith by Bukhari that says: I was ordained to fight people until they say "There is No God except God ". The fabrication of this Hadith had come in line with justifying the Arab invasion of the world falsely attributed to Islam after the death of the prophet. His companions used it to dominate most parts of the known world then, they fought with the Romans and the world was divided into two camps: Arab, carrying the name of Islam, and Roman carrying the name of Christianity. Thus, the world was divided to a War Camp and a Camp of Islam in the culture of Islamic Jurisprudence.


All of this is distortion and hallucination and wrongdoing to Islam before it is wrongdoing to Non-Muslims. Islam is not responsible for the maltreatment of the Coptics; it is in fact the first victim in this state of affairs because the invaders had used its name for the illegitimate conquer of foreign countries and used its name to subdue people and humiliating them. As a result of this, it has become the number one responsible and culprit for all extremism and terrorism in the world today.


There is no transgression worse than what the followers of Islam have made of their religion. God descended a Religion of Peace and Goodwill and emphasized that the Prophet has come as a Mercy to the World. The followers of this religion, however, have made of it a Message of Terror to the World.

This is what Muslims have done with their Religion.


The early perpetrators were the invaders and whoever had helped them distort the true teachings of Islam with the Tradition of Hadith, Jurisprudence, Interpretation and what has come to be known as the Sciences of Quran. If the previous offenders have passed on, there remains a political tide that speaks with their name and works hard to return their "Glory" and talks about "the second conquest" of Egypt. They are The Muslim Brothers.


4th Point


The culture of the Muslim Brothers has been spread continuously and persistently through state Media, Mosques and Al Azhar this past forty years producing a generation of fanatics that would require some other forty years in order to cleanse its mentality.


I presume that the Muslim Brothers are happy in this atmosphere and await its poisonous fruits in the near future by seeing more prosecution of the Copts, Shii, Ahl Al Quran and all other moderate Muslims and partisans of Secularism as a way of paving for their future state.


I also presume that the Muslim Brothers believe in Pretense. They express their condemnation to what is happening, and talk about opening a new leaf with the Copts purely for deception and to bid for time.

I wish, however, that I am wrong in what I believe. I truly hope that the Muslim Brothers can amend what has been damaged on the following levels:


1-      Politically: by condemning all prosecution that had befallen the Copts, Shii and Ahl Al Quran in the past and present times, and open a new leaf of fraternity and religious tolerance to revive what was known of previous Egyptian Tolerance.

This declaration should be accompanied by some practical steps such as a visit to the village of Adisat and taking a firm stance with the wronged, defending their case, releasing them and prosecuting the real culprits. And doing the same in other villages where Egyptian Coptics witnessed oppression and repression like it was the case in Khanka, Fikriya, Kashah and many others.


2-      Culturally: By carrying out conventions and workshops tackling the methods of correcting the corrupted popular mentality, and looking for means for applying tolerance instead of fanaticism. As well as running other conventions that endorses Human Rights, Civil Rights and complete freedom in religious practices, convictions and rituals without the interference of state or society.

They are also to endorse respect for other religions, i.e. A Muslim cannot cause offense to the convictions of other religions and vise versa. However, scientific research should always be permitted to the followers of any particular religion to ensure freedom of research and reform amongst their particular belief.


3-      Religiously: A scientific revision to the Tradition, its teachings, Hadiths, terminology and evaluating its validity in relation to the Quran, its terminology, convictions and laws in order to create a basis for diffusing the right culture of religious tolerance in mosques and all means of media.



4-      Legislatively: There has been talk about a new proposition to be made to the parliament intending to unify the procedures of building and maintaining mosques and churches at equal footing and without prejudice.

The members of the Muslim Brothers in Parliament should adapt this proposal for a start, followed by cleansing all Egyptian Legislations from laws that are not in line with the spirit of justice, equality, civil and human rights, or with the freedom of faith, practice and intellect.


All this is possible if the Muslim Brothers had honest intentions with the slogans they raise.

The Muslim Brothers are a politically and internationally recognized force and are political facts no matter how much we could disagree with them. They, now, have the chance to be intellectually recognized as well. Our ideas about them have not come from void. But from the study and experience of their political history and the traditions they believe in and defend. We had called upon them for so long to adapt reform but they did not heed.

We have not given up yet, and we will continue calling upon them to be a front that does justice to Islam against the wrongdoing of Muslim Invaders and tyrants.


Islam is greater than all personalities at any time or in any place, and there is no place in Islam for the sanctification of any individual. How can we, therefore, turn our backs to the true teachings of Islam because of the wrongdoing of some companions and scholars in its history and tradition?


Acknowledging the rights of the Copts, Shii and Ahl Al Quran is a true defense of the high values of Islam, of Justice, Goodwill, Tolerance and Fairness. When you raise the emblem of Islam but impede the application of its high values and teachings you become the fiercest enemy of Islam.

The opportunity is open to the Muslim Brothers to start a new leaf in the villages of Adisat, Fikriyah, Abu Karkas, Kashah and in every Egyptian village where the Copts have suffered from transgression at the hands of some miserables that count on Islam.








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