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Free The Holy Mosque


For how long will this violation to God’s Sharee’a last?
For how long will the Sacred Mosque and the obligatory pilgrimage be held hostage to the Saudis?
Originally published on November 6 2009-11-07
 Translated by Mohammad Dandan
In every pilgrimage season, hundreds of cases of death occur due to congestions of millions of pilgrims for one week to perform the pilgrimage (Hajj) ritual. I have written an article confirming what Allah (Glory be to Him) have attested to in Chapter 2 in the Quran –(002.197) (The pilgrimage is (performed in) the well-known months; so whoever determines the performance of the pilgrimage therein, there shall be no intercourse nor fornication nor quarrelling amongst one another; and whatever good you do, Allah knows it; and make provision, for surely the provision is the guarding of oneself, and be careful (of your duty) to Me, O men of understanding
I started that article by saying: You can perform Hajj during 4 months. From the beginning of Zul-Hijja to the end of Rebee’ Al-Awwal (names of lunar months)
 Following is the link for the article in Arabic
Before that, an article in English dealing with the same topic
Although this divine Quranic facilitation when performing Hajj, is in most need these days, yet it is impossible for the Saudi state to implement it, by allowing the Hajj to last for 4 months, because Wahhabism is founded on strictness and complication, contrary to Islam founded on facilitation, easiness, moderation and alleviation of constrictions, and because Salafi Wahhabism sanctifies “what our forefathers were doing” and what the ancestors agreed upon. And as long as the forefathers chose to gather all the pilgrims to start the season, in order to protect them from the marauding Nejdees (Inhabitants of Nejd region south of Iraq and Syria) and others, then the status quo should remain. Consequently, if those Nejdi tribes, who used to attack pilgrims’ caravans and commit highway robberies, and kill innocent people, were responsible for hording pilgrims in unified caravans for protection purposes and creating the new title Emir Al-hajj, then the Wahhabi Nejdees of today, are responsible for ripping off millions of pilgrims annually by imposing those high fees under the guise of protection and better accommodations, at the same time they pack millions in one week ,many of whom die suffocating, others trampled under the feet. All that contradicts Islam.
This is not the only violation committed by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia when it comes to Al-hajj.
During the 90’s, I wrote that Al-Hajj is an obligatory ritual open for mankind to perform, and that the Holy Mosque is, like the Holy Months (mentioned in the Quran), for mankind. For, as mankind has One Lord (Glory be to Him), He also has but One Original house of worship, the Sacred Mosque, in this Earth. And to Him, there is a sacred time, the sacred months. It is the duty of mankind to perform pilgrimage to God in His sacred House, in His appointed Sacred Months. At that Sacred House, the human soul should rise above all mundane thoughts, all earthly desires, all evil intentions, even rise above, otherwise normal instincts, like marital activities, to soar above argumentation, and for all present, to enjoy and feel secure and safe including those on their to the Sacred House:
(Chapter 5:Verse 2)   
 A sense of safety and security shared by Man, Bird and Animal. This is the meaning of being in a state of Ihram-(state of ritual consecration of the Mecca pilgrim), a meaning that has been corrupted and perverted by man-made Muslims’ religions. It perverted it from attire of piety to disgraceful attire naked clothes.
And as usual, nobody paid us any attention back then…so here we go again:
The Sacred House and performing pilgrimage to it is not restricted to those who call
themselves Muslims. It was the first House of worship assigned by Allah to the whole of Mankind, and whoever enters it should feel safe and secure, and pilgrimage to that House is obligatory on every capable person from mankind.
 (3. 96 -97 )( Most surely the first house appointed for men is the one at Bekka, blessed and a guidance for the nations. In it are clear signs, the standing place of Ibrahim, and whoever enters it shall be secure, and pilgrimage to the House is incumbent upon men for the sake of Allah, (upon) every one who is able to undertake the journey to it; and whoever disbelieves, then surely Allah is Self-sufficient, above any need of the worlds.)
The sacred House, The House Of Allah (Most Glorified), is the place where all people come to, seeking reward, seeking requital, recompense, where people should feel secure and safe. These, in brief the injunctions that were sent to Abraham and Ishmael
00(2.125) ((And when We made the House (at Makka) a resort for mankind and sanctuary, (saying): Take as your place of worship the place where Abraham stood (to pray). And We imposed a duty upon Abraham and Ishmael, (saying): Purify My house for those who go around and those who meditate therein and those who bow down and prostrate themselves (in worship).
 All mankind are equal in this Sacred House, be it a resident of Mecca who lives close by year round all his life, and the one who covers vast distances to get to it. And whoever puts himself, his people, his state, in a position of authority above people , to control the Sacred House and the guests of the Almighty (The Pilgrims), banning some from entering it, and dominating its affairs without a just cause, then it is him who repulses and drives away from the Sacred House those who wish to comply with Allah’s injunction.
(22. 25) (Surely (as for) those who have rejected (Allah ), and hinder (men) from Allah's way and from the Sacred Mosque which We have made equally for all men, (for) the dweller therein and (for) the visitor, and whoever shall incline therein to wrong unjustly, We will make him taste of a painful chastisement.)
We notice that the verse is in the present tense (hinder), hinting at the possibility that after the Glorious Quran has been sent, there might come those to repeat what the enemies of the Prophet Mohammed “Qureish” (leading tribe in Mecca) had done of controlling the Sacred House and turning Al-Hajj into a business, and this is what we witness these days, of the Saudi state control of Al-hajj and the Sacred House contrary to what Al-Islam decrees.
We also notice here, that Allah Almighty punishes for the mere evil intention, or ill intentions, still in the present tense, at the end of the above verse, 22:25.
After that, Almighty Allah describes those who come to the Sacred House in Chapter 22:26 :( And when We assigned to Ibrahim the place of the House, saying: Do not associate with Me aught, and purify My House for those who make the circuit and stand to pray and bow and prostrate themselves. And proclaim among men the Pilgrimage: they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel, coming from every remote path.)
So the Sacred House is for Mankind. And whoso wishes can come to circumambulate it and pray, coming from any deep gorge any where on the face of earth.
And because it is a house of safety, security and peace, for all people, even birds and animals, where hunting is forbidden in its sanctuary, then there should be no place for those transgressors who muddle the peace and tranquility of others and threaten their lives.
Islam has 2 meanings, a doctrinal one relative to Allah Almighty, which means submitting, yielding and surrendering to Him and His will alone, no partners or associates.: (6.162 ) (Say. Surely my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are (all) for Allah, the Lord of the worlds. No associate has He; and this am I commanded, and I am the first of those who submit.)
This part, the convictional, the creed, is private between the individual and his Lord; it is based on freedom to believe or to disbelieve, no one has the right to interfere in this relation between the individual and his Creator, every person is responsible for his or her choice on Day of Resurrection.
The other meaning of Islam is the behavioral one, by that we mean Islam is peace. Every peaceful person is a Muslim on the outside, regardless of his faith, his official religion and his denomination. People have the right to judge a person based on his behavior, is he peaceful or an aggressive aggressor criminal? There are divine laws and man-made laws to protect a man from the aggression of his fellow man.
And by the same token, disbelieving and associating partners has 2 meanings. In dealing with Allah the Almighty, disbelieving is covering the natural inborn instinct of submitting to one Creator, to believe in additional partners to Him, to believe in saints that can affect one’s destiny. This portion of belief is left to Allah to decide because everyone considers oneself to be right and the others wrong, and what concerns us is the behavioral disbelief, meaning aggression and injustice committed by one person against others. It is the right and obligation of humanity to judge and curtail such behavior to protect and preserve the rights of individuals and rights of society.
Connection of what we are discussing to Al-Hajj is as follows
 It is the right of every peaceful person to perform Hajj regardless of his official religion. It prohibited for any one to be armed. It is a must to provide security for the pilgrims. It is from within this context that we comprehend Allah’s directive in Chapter 9:28: (O you who believe! the transgressors are nothing but unclean, so they shall not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year.).  The subject matter here is aggressors who were habitual in attacking pilgrims, breaking all covenants, they needed to be dealt with firmly, first by declaring disavowal of their actions, then giving then a period of 4 months for repentance, This is how chapter 9 –) started
And then He describes their attitude and behavior with aggression: (9 : 10) (And they observe toward a believer neither pact nor honor. These are they who are transgressors)
But if they cease and desist then they are brothers for the believers
(9.:11 )(But if they repent and keep purifying themselves, they are your brethren in faith.);
But if they resort back to aggression and to breaking of covenants, then:(9. :12 )( And if they break their pledges after their treaty (hath been made with you) and assail your safety , then fight the heads of transgressors - surely their oaths are nothing-- so that they may desist.)
Consequently, they should be denied access to pilgrimage as long as they continue their aggression against pilgrims, moreover, they should be banned from getting close to the Sacred House that Allah Almighty has decreed it to be a safe haven and place for people to return to seeking forgiveness. That is our understanding, in this context of Allah’s words in verse 28 of the same Chapter: ((O you who believe! the transgressors are nothing but unclean, so they shall not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year.).  
The subject matter here is the disbelieving idolater who commits aggression, murder and blood shedding of the innocent.
The Wahhabi Saudi Regime contradicts Islam in all of the above
1-Their ancestors in Nejd, used to commit highway robberies against the pilgrims during the Umayyad, Abbasid and Memluk periods. Some of those raids were conducted in a non-religious context, meaning no religious justification. It was worse when religiously justified, because the killing, the bloodletting, raping women and plundering all become Jihad. That was what the Saudi ancestors, the Qaraametah committed .It was not enough for the Qaraametah to commit highway robbery; they even attacked Mecca itself, murdered those inside, threw their bodies in Zemzem well then uprooted the Black Stone, all of this well known and historically recorded.
After centuries, this Qurmuti phenomenon reappeared under a different name; Wahhabism. Led by the Saudi family, they repeated what Qaraametah committed of killings, murder, pillage, plunder and raping women, all in the name of Jihad. This happened during the First Saudi State (1745-1818), which conquered Al-Hejaz and the Sacred House, in 1805, plundered Al-Medina, and prevented the pilgrims’ caravans from reaching Mecca in 1806, prompting the Ottoman Empire to order Mohammad Ali Pasha, governor of Egypt to dispatch an expedition in 1807 to free the sacred places from the Saudi occupation. Mohammad Ali sent his army to fight the Saudis in 1811. The war ended in 1818, with the destruction of Der’yya, the capital of the Saudis.
Then Abdul Aziz Al Saud founded the current third Saudi State, between 1902 and 1932. In trying to establish his state he committed many massacres and atrocities in the Arabian peninsula, Iraq and (old ) Syria. Most of his victims were innocent civilian villagers. The Ikhwan (Abdul Aziz’s soldiers), devoted themselves to raiding Arab and Muslim villages killing in the process more than one million victims.
The Al-Hejaz was not saved from their bloodshed, for on their way to Al-Hejaz, they committed At-turbah massacre in 1919, where the blood of innocent inhabitants of At-turbah filled the palm trees trenches, as related by an actual eye witness, Shereef Aoun who fled the scene and was fifteen at that time. That was followed by Attaa’f massacre in 1924, which ended with the extermination of almost all of its inhabitants of men, women and children. The viciousness and barbarism of the Saudis forced Mecca and Al-Medina to give up within less than one month. Let us not forget the aggression committed against the Sacred Mosque in 1979, was carried out by an ardent Wahhabi ,Juheiman Al-Uteibi and his associates, followers of Sheikh Bin Baaz.
Meaning that all what Qureish, the disbeliever, committed and was condemned by the Glorious Quran is nothing compared to what the Saudis inflicted.
2-Under the dominion and control of the Saudis, people were tortured, intimidated and chased around by the ENFORCERS (Al-Mutawwe’a), still in practice today, does not matter and no distinction between the pilgrims, and the rest of the kingdom. But for the royal Saudi family, not even the staunchest of the Enforcers, can approach any of them no matter how degenerate, immoral and disobedient they can get.
3-As for Hajj and pilgrims, the Saudi regime requires proof of Islam of those desiring to perform Hajj, especially if they were non-Arabs, giving themselves thusly, a divine authority to investigate people’s beliefs and convictions. The capacity of managing and facilitating Hajj should be restricted to security issues like any other port of entry in the world, delving in issues of conscience should be out of consideration.
4- The worst of what the Saudi state does in an effort to spread its brand of Wahhabi religion is propaganda. At the same time, it utilizes its dominion over Hajj and the Sacred House and other things to persecute pilgrims of Shiite, Sufi and Ahmadeyya and other non-Wahhabi affiliations. It also exploits Hajj to advertise and publicize in a vulgar manner, the generosity and the bounty bestowed by the Saudi family on the pilgrims, which first, when compared to the assistance rendered by the western institutions to poor Muslims amounts to nothing. Second, it is nothing compared to what it supposed to contribute from the oil returns under Zakatul Maal (Charity imposed on money earned), third, it doe not compare to what they annually collect in fees and taxes from pilgrims, and lastly, it does not compare with the damage they brought Islam and its reputation throughout the whole world.
5-With all this, we conclude that what Allah said in Chapter 22:25, applies to the Saudi family, through their actions and deeds, not minding their beliefs
(22.:25 )( (22. 25) (Surely (as for) those who have rejected (Allah ), and hinder (men) from Allah's way and from the Sacred Mosque which We have made equally for all men, (for) the dweller therein and (for) the visitor, and whoever shall incline therein to wrong unjustly, We will make him taste of a painful chastisement.)
6-The history of the Saudis, their current conduct, their Wahhabism, all contradicts Islam, so how can they be entrusted with the Sacred House and the Hajj? And for how long will the noble, freemen; genuine and emancipated Muslims keep silent about these conditions that contradict Islam? Is the Sacred House a monopoly of the Wahhabi Saudis only? Do they have evidence from the Glorious Quran? Or even from their man-made Wahhabi sect that gives them legality to control the Sacred House? Or is it their capturing of the House in 1924, gives them the legal right to conduct its affairs, control it and to perform Hajj according to their Wahhabi doctrine which contradicts Islam? Is it not enough for them the tremendous massacre they committed at At-Taa’f on their way to Mecca, to subdue it, instilling fear and horror in the hearts of Meccans, to get them to give up easily? Is aggression a lawful Islamic means to control the Sacred House and to control the guests of the One God, The Merciful? Or should it be condemned islamically and nullified with all its consequences, that permitted those people to stranglehold the House of the Lord of all people?
1-Liberating the Sacred House from the Saudi occupation is a form of Jihad to raise the religion of Allah to the lofty heights it deserves. Let us start this peaceful Jihad by re-educating Muslims through conferences and group meetings to discuss what has been hushed all along, of history and of truths of Islam.
2- I call upon all free minded Muslims, everywhere, Shiite, Sunnite, Sufis, Ahmadeyya, Secularists and those with legal backgrounds, to convene a conference about the inevitability of placing the Sacred House under the auspices of a neutral international committee that guarantees access to anyone wishing to perform Hajj, Umra, or plain visit to the sacred places, for all humanity, with no discrimination or distinction, guarantees the pilgrims’ safety for the duration of 4 months of Hajj
3-My Lord, Have I delivered the message?
    My Lord, you be my Witness.         

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