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                               An Appeal To The United Nations To Try
                               All Oppressive Tyrants For Crimes Of Torture
Originally Published in Arabic on August 6th 2006
Translated by Mohammad Dandan
Torture is the foundation of despotism. The despot terrorizes people to prevent them from resisting injustice. By torture, the despot eradicates in a man the most cherished possession. The despot could never give up terrorizing his countrymen to assert his dread in their hearts, under the guise of state veneration, because HE is the state. The despot owns controls and monopolizes military power, security forces, wealth and capabilities. He uses all to terrorize decent free people. Under the influence of this terror practiced by the tyrant despot, the people fall prisoners of his subjugating sway. And under the pretext of nationalism and non- interference in internal affairs, the oppressive despot, has a free hand in abusing, oppressing and torturing, leading younger generation towards extremism and terrorism in the name of religion.
It is no longer acceptable in our small universal village for a single individual to control and hold sway over a whole population claiming it to be country. A country, includes all people on equal footing, the rulers and the ruled, in their rights and in their duties.
The essence of a democratic system, is when the ruler tries to win the populace over to his side, for them to choose him to serve them, to be called to account, to be disciplined when wrong, and to be applauded when right, all based on performance.
The essence of despotism is when the ruler owns the people, dominates them with fear, terrorism and torture.
In the great religion of Islam, Almighty Allah, made prophet Mohammad (PBUH), when he became a ruler, easy and lenient in dealing with people, if he was otherwise, rough, tough and harsh, people would have deserted him, and he would not have been able to establish his state, he would not have found anyone to protect him from the persecution of Qureish. That tells us that he drew on peoples’ support around him to empower him politically, although he was a prophet and a messenger of Allah, meaning that people are the source and origin of authority and power. For that reason, the ruler in a Muslim State must be a paid servant tending to the needs of the populace, striving to win their approval, not to terrorize them. We did ourselves a disfavor by submitting to injustice and abandoning our rights, thereby allowing the ruler to become a pharaoh, a rough and tough one to boot and his name alone puts fear in our hearts and his torture scares us into submission.
It is inevitable that an appeal must be submitted to the world community and the United Nations, demanding criminal prosecution of every ruling tyrant that practices torture. Torture is a crime in international laws, even in some local laws, prompting human rights organizations to monitor cases of torture demanding in vain to put an end to it, and as long as those despots are safe from being prosecuted, the transgresses will continue, and the screams coming out of those torture chambers will not cease to blare. Time is overdue to erase this shame from our land and from the entire world. Perpetrators should be brought to justice for crimes that should never be dropped because of passing of time.
To bring the issue to the forefront, to make loud audible noise about what is going on in those places, ought to cause the whip in the hands of those tyrants, shake and drop from their hands, giving their victims some respite.
 In the name of all those oppressed, their dignities and bodies violated by those tyrants, we demand of the United Nations, the following:
According to declarations of human rights organizations and concerned organizations with issues of torture throughout the world, we demand that the U.N. to issue a Black List in the names of all rulers committing this heinous crime of torture against their own people, and those that rule with emergency measures enacted and/or police state laws that   
 Waste a person’s political and human rights.
Give those accused tyrants ample time to carry out the following:
 A-Immediate release of all political prisoners, and all those who were thrown in jail, under emergency laws or particular court orders.
 B-A clear and unambiguous declaration that they will cease and desist from indulging in any form of torture, and the promise that they will never return to it.
 C-Establishing special courts, in each and every country, to investigate any and all
Future cases, and to proclaim publicly immediate punishment to those who orders it and those who carries it out.
 D-Opening all prisons and centers of detention to human rights organizations to investigate any abuses and making sure that all forms of torture has been suspended.
 E-Teaching human rights as part of an assigned curriculum
 F-Nullifying all laws enacted under emergency statute and any laws that contradicts human rights laws.
Any one of those rulers, who refuses to cooperate in enforcing the decisions of those international governing bodies, will be transferred to an international court to be tried as a war criminal.
4-Establishing an international court to punish those who abuse human rights, individual and collective ones. Those who issue decrees sequestering human rights, those who order human rights to be violated and those who enforce those laws
True reform of the United Nation is accomplished by turning it into a tool to liberate the individual human being from oppression and torture, equal in that regard, whether the perpetrator was homegrown or of foreign origin.
 It is about time for the U.N. to change from a wailing wall for the oppressed, to a fortress for their support and help even inside their own homelands.
I ask of every free writer, every free educated person and every free thinker –no matter how different we are in religion, sects and opinions, to publicize this appeal with their commentary, calling upon all the in the world to discus it, until we reach an agreed upon final version for our signatures before we submit it to the U.N. and world community.        

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