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Man accused in Boston terror plot is son of former Muslim American Society leader

Father moves out of town weeks after son questioned by the FBI

October 23, 2009
  • Media reports on the Boston terror arrest have named three individuals as conspirators in the plot"Ahmad to machine gun people in shopping malls and kill American officials.Two, Daniel Maldonado and Tareq Mehanna, are in custody. The third, however, Ahmad Abousamra, escaped to Syria after being questioned by the FBI in 2006.
  • According to the complaint, it was Abousamra who introduced Maldonado and Mehanna to each other during an afternoon of watching “jihad videos” in which Islamic terrorists killed and mutilated American soldiers.
  • Abousamra seems to be the most extremist of the three, as well as the one most educated in radical Islamist ideology. According to the criminal complaint:
“Abousamra expressed his belief that suicide bombings were permissible. … Abousamra found justification for his position in the religious writings of Muslim extremists.  Abousamra justextremists.  Abousamra justified attacks on civilians, such as the September 11, 2001 attacks. Abousamra stated that civilians were not innocent because they paid taxes to support the government and because they were Kufar (non-believers). … Abousamra always justified their extremist views by citing Islamic teachings.”
  • The Muslim American Society, according to Federal prosecutors, “was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” The Muslim Brotherhood is considered to be the first truly modern Islamic supremacist movement. As such, it has spawned or aided most of the Islamic terrorist organizations functioning around the globe today, including Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Lashkar-e-Taibah.
  • In December of 2006, Abdul-Badi Abousamra suddenly left Boston and moved to Detroit, just weeks after his son was questioned by the FBI.
  • In the 1990s, Abdul-Badi Abousamra became the president of the Islamic Center of New England (ICNE).
  • In 1998, Abdul-Badi Abousamra hired Hafiz Mohammed Masood as a new Imam at the Islamic Center of New England. At that time, Hafiz Masood was in the United States illegally.
  • By 1999, Abdul-Badi had also become president of the Islamic Academy of New England (IANE), a parochial school run by the ICNE. (He is still listed as the school’s president in filings with the MA Secretary of State.) By then, Hafiz Masood was teaching classes at IANE.
  • Hafiz Mohammed Masood has since been deported for filing a fraudulent religious worker visa sponsored by the ICNE.
  • After the Mumbai massacre, The Times of India reported that Hafiz Masood was, while in his role as Imam at the Islamic Center of New England, promoting extremism, raising funds, and recruiting for LeT.
  • LeT was the first terrorist group, according to the criminal complaint, which Abousamra contacted when he decided to seek terrorist training.
  • Abdul-Badi himself is briefly mentioned in the Mehanna criminal complaint:
“Confidential Witness 2 asked if Abousamra told his father, to which Mehanna responded: “You don’t tell your parents, ‘I’m going to fight jihad,’ … you just tell them ‘I’m leaving.’”… [Abousamra] would have told where they [Abousamra and Mehanna] went and people made their own deductions.”





Protest at Boston Islamic Center - Hub Media Take Notice

With the press conference and protest held by Americans for Peace and Tolerance at the grand opening of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), we've succeeded in placing the issue of Boston's extremist-led and Saudi-funded Islamic center on the public agenda. Anyone who read the Boston Globe, listened to Boston's NPR station, or watched the TV news reporting on the opening of the ISBCC would have understood that there is a problem with the leadership of the Center.

The extensive media coverage (see list below) has established us as the leading experts on this problem.  Despite the usual ad hominem attacks from ISBCC leaders and their supporters, we constituted a credible position within the community and conveyed the seriousness of our concerns.


Media Coverage of ISBCC Opening and APT Opposition




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NECN News at 10 Report. June 26, 2009.


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June 25, 2009.


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June 26, 2009.


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Bianca Vazquez Toness, WBUR News. June 26, 2009.


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Michael Paulson, Boston Globe. June 26, 2009.

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Michael Paulson, Boston Globe. June 26, 2009.

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Michael Paulson, Boston Globe. June 27, 2009.

"At mosque opening, tensions permeate interfaith gathering"

Michael Paulson, Boston Globe. June 28, 2009.

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Ben Harris, Jewish Telegraphic Agency. June 29, 2009.

"Rampant Dhimmitude at Inauguration of Boston Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center"

Jerry Gordon, New English Review. June 29, 2009.

"Rox mosque opening seen as 'welcome' to Hub Muslims"

Reynolds Graves, Bay State Banner. July 2, 2009.

"Mosque's opening a milestone to be celebrated"

Toba Spitzer, Boston Globe. July 5, 2009.

"Leaders are Extremist"

Dennis Hale and Charles Jacobs, Boston Globe. July 5, 2009.

"Trustworthy Community"

Michael Felsen, Boston Globe. July 5, 2009.

"Wise path wished for Muslim community"

Susan Krieger, Boston Globe. July 12, 2009.

"Confident mosque will amplify message of peace"

Abdul Cader Asmal, Boston Globe. July 12, 2009.




Boston's Extremist Mosque
The Investigative Project on Terrorism, July 6, 2009.

Media Alert: Press Conference to Caution about Extremist Leadership of the Boston Islamic Center Scheduled for Thursday, June 23, 2009.

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Governor Patrick and Mayor Menino to appear at controversial Boston Mosque opening, June 25, 2009.


Comments, Refutation: Leaders are Extremist, July 12, 2009.


Hub of the World Zionist Conspiracy [Our Favorite], July 12, 2009.

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