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Tears of FBI Agent

( This article was published in Arabic in 01 – 25 - 2009

The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation which includes the terms of reference for crimes and is the authority over the local police in each American state.

As a way to commit theft, a professional gang of African Americans in the city of Detroit in the state of Michigan, began to compile information on other criminal gangs. Disguised in FBI uniforms, they would then break into their homes, handcuff them and rob them of the stolen money or drugs; masked, they would then flee. The gang members affected of course could not complain to the authorities. Cloaked as the FBI, the gang’s activities were sometimes not limited to theft but would extend to murder and rape.

The news reached the FBI when the gang broke into the wrong address. When they entered the house they did not find anything of worth to steal; they raped a girl and killed her mother!!

I heard this story in the program (ID) which specializes in crime detection and analysis. The U.S. officer who was a witness to these events was invited to the program. As he recalled the crime he was in tears, recounting the events when the girl was raped by the perpetrators, the body of her mother by her side. The U.S. officer said that he was very sad that even though his duty as a police officer was to protect citizens, crimes were still happening

2- The education and training of this police officer specify that his main duty is to serve and protect the people (to serve and protect). This U.S. police officer is a permanent guest in children’s schools where he explains to them the mission of the police officers, assuring them that he is in the service of the people, that he is a friend of everyone and that his salary is paid by their taxes. He explains that his loyalty is to the people and everyone in that region and suggests that if any child is subjected to abuse that they should call 911 immediately and that they will receive an immediate response to help them.

Due to the training and education they receive, there is a culture of respect. This means that the U.S. officers have full respect for all citizens so that even if someone is a criminal he will refer to them as Mr. so and so. For example, when a police officer stops a citizen or puts someone under arrest, they always address him as “sir” out of respect.

In an arrest, there must be sufficient evidence against the accused so that the Attorney General (Chief Prosecutor) approves the arrest. The arrest includes the reading of the rights of the accused: the right to remain silent and not speak in his or her detriment, the right to call a lawyer, and, if he or she cannot afford a lawyer, then the right to have the state appoint a lawyer on his or her behalf. If there is any abuse of these rights then the accused is entitled to go to the police and to the Attorney General for compensation.

The Attorney General (Chief Prosecutor) acts on behalf of the community and reflects the rights of the community against the accused, pointing out any damage inflicted on the community and its members. The position of Attorney General is an elected one, the length of his term in office depends on his efficiency and integrity, and all eyes are watching him for a slip or a lapse.

The lawyer for the accused has the same rights of the prosecutor. If counsel falls short on his duty, the judge can kick him out of court. It is the judge’s responsibility to make sure all evidence is presented and that both the defense and prosecution have the opportunity to present their case to the jury so that the jury can then prepare their verdict.

The desire to achieve justice is the source of a democratic system itself. This means the independence of the judiciary in all levels of the executive and legislative branch. It also means the presence of freedom of information and a transparent process for any oppressed person so that he can speak out and be heard. Individuals, associations and organizations can then stand up for him.

1-Egypt does not lack legal skills. It is a leading legal and legislative renaissance in Africa and the Arab and Muslim world. It is full of elders and law scholars of the highest integrity and purity.

The police force has officers, which include the sons of respectable families with good credibility. These officers have grown up with dignity and know that their duty is the same as the duty of the officers in the U.S., to serve and protect. There was an old slogan: (the police serve the people). This is still the duty in some divisions of the police and the service sectors such as fire and rescue, traffic control and immigration.

2- These positive features in the judiciary and the police were clear before the rule of the military in 1952.

The military gave the first blow to the Egyptian judiciary system in the attack on Alsnohory Pasha (an Egyptian leader). It also asked for a strike against the Constitution and established emergency law.

During the military rule of Nasser, the military prison opened its doors to civilians and torture, a task that was left by the military to the dirty police. A police state was created in Egypt to protect the military, led by the State Security Investigations and assisted by armed military (Central Security). The police (political) and the Central Security turned into a big prison and tightened the grip of the state on the people’s neck. The rest of the army stays away to monitor the situation closely, interfering only when the police are unable to. The situation has grown worse each day since the arrival of Mubarak to office in 1981.

3- The outcomes have been toxic. These are some of the most important ones:
*The continuing collapse in the level of efficiency and integrity, and the prevalence of corruption in the judiciary and police.
*The prevalence of a culture of torture perpetuated by the police. This has reduced the role of the police, meaning that policemen have missed a career in the investigation and detection of crime and have lost the duty to be in the protection of the citizens.

It is no longer the role of policemen to serve and protect people. Members of the public can be arrested and insulted by him, at any time and place. It is not required of the officer to put great effort to find the real criminal and search for criminal evidence, it is sufficient to arrest any person and torture him until he admits that he has killed Ceasar, Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Kennedy and maybe Sadat too. The prosecution will then take care of him according to the circumstances.

It is dangerous for someone to go and complain to the police as they are in peril of being forced under torture that he was the one who killed, raped, committed robbery and dealt drugs.

In any case, the officer will not bother to act for this citizen, the victim, when the police can torture the victim when and however he wants. The officer will act only if it is of interest and if this is the case it does not matter if the complainant is guilty or innocent. The police, therefore, are not there to serve the people but to torture and oppress the people. Their service is limited to rich people in power, not the poor. The oppressed, however, stay away form the police department and the fulfillment of justice. In secret they pray for protection from injustice and oppression.

4- The security of seventy million Egyptians has collapsed as security has taken on a political focus: the President and his followers. In order to protect the president, the army, intelligence members, and all the staff of state and government are carrying weapons. In order to protect the President the people have become naked of protection. The weapons of the army and the police are directed towards the people in order to keep the president in office, the eternal ruler.

If the chair of the president would have lasted longer for Sadat, this chair would have never reached Hosni Mubarak. Each day that passes brings him closer to his final rest and all the armies in the world cannot protect him from death. When Mubarak dies he will not find any sad tears shed for him. All the tears have been exhausted grieving for the victims of Hosni Mubarak. In every second Egyptian home there are one or more members who have been exposed to insult, beatings, looting, rape, theft and injustice by the police and Mubarak’s army and regime. The tears of the Egyptian families who have become victims under the rule of Mubarak and his regime have all dried up.

Mubarak has monopolized for himself and his followers all the security, all the wealth, and all the power, and kept it all to the last moments of his life. To protect his interest, he has let the armed forces and the police subjugate the people with humiliation, torture and rape. Not a single tear is left for him.

So thank God Almighty for what is left for Mubarak’s life which is much less than in the past, the Egyptian has reached the age of decline and everybody is waiting for his death, it does not matter to them what happens afterwards. This is the extent of the Egyptian people’s hate for him; he knows this and people know this too. They hold each other in sight, waiting to see who will die first, and death is the final say. There are more than seventy million Egyptians who live everyday with the hope of the arrival of Mubaraks’s death, so that they can start their demonstrations and chant (Long Live Death).

5- Most beautiful is death!

The biggest player in the lives of people who are unable to confront their tyrants is to wish for death. Dictators try to escape death but to no avail. Death is not a gray hair that can be removed by dying it black or wrinkles than can be hidden by make up power.

6. All the oppressed Arab people stand in a queue waiting for death to resolve the problem of the tyrant controlling them with an iron fist. Sooner or later the moment of death will come for each and every one of the oppressors then there will be no escape, no excuses.

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