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By: - Fawzy Farrag

The news that about 600,000 Iraqi civilians had been killed since the start of the Iraqi war in 2003, reported by the Boston Globe was rejected by the Bush and Blair administrations as extremely high.   A study funded by MIT reported that that figure which they reported and believe to be accurate, is many times larger than the numbers reported by the governments of the US and Britain.


The rejection and denials of both Mr. B of the US and Mr. B of Britain, reminds me of an old joke that I heard many years ago, the joke goes like this, a business man who travels a lot, suspected that his wife was having an affair with another man, so he hired a private investigator to follow her while he travels out of town for a week.  When he came back, the PI told him that he has good new and bad news, the good news was his wife was not having an affair with another man, so he was relieved, but before he spoke, the PI said as far as the bad news, that she was working as a prostitute, and during that last week he was gone, he followed her going with more than 50 men to hotels and motels.


The man was extremely angry and went back to his wife to confront her with what he found out, but she was in total denial and said to him your private investigator had it totally wrong, he asked what was it that he had wrong; she said it could not be more that 25 men.


Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair in denying that the number of innocent civilians, who died in Iraq as a direct or indirect result for their action, is no different than that joke.


They do not seem to be able to grasp their responsibilities for the state of chaos that resulted from their ill-conceived actions in invading that country.   They are in a state of denial, still despite the fact that EVERYHTING they said and cited as a reason for the invasion, turned out to be untrue, a lie, a fabrication or exaggeration of certain facts; that were totally discredited by even their own investigations.


Mr. Bush seems to either have an amnesia or perhaps thinks that the people have one, did he not say at the beginning of that crisis that he wants Iraq to allow the full unfettered inspection by the UN inspectors, which by all accounts was taken place, then asked that the Iraqi scientists be interviewed outside Iraq, and to let their families travel with them.  He was hoping for some of them to be tempted to defect and to score some political points, and they – the Iraqi scientists – refused the offer, then he said they were to buy the (yellow cake) from Africa to make nuclear weapons, which turned to be, just like everything else , false accusations, then he told the American people that Iraq was somehow, and made it very vaguely , tied to the 9/11 attack, which was also false, reminds me with the old story of the wolf who was trying to find an excuse to eat the little sheep, by accusing it of spoiling the water he drinks, but when the sheep told the wolf that it was impossible since the wolf was upstream while the sheep was down stream, he still eat it. Bush was determined to invade Iraq regardless, all the evidence and the books that was written since, has exposed this administration reasons or the lack thereof for that war.


I have lived in the US through 8 presidencies prior to that one, and despite my agreement or disagreement with their policies, found non to be as corrupt or incompetent as the Bush administration.  I still recall his words prior to 9/11 when he was criticizing the Palestinians for their “ violence”  against the occupied forces of Israel, by saying, he understood their grievances, but there is no grievance that justify the violence, what a hypocrite, comparing the more than half a century of occupation and sub-human treatment of a whole nation to one incident like that of 9/11, and I am not trying to minimize the magnitude of that attack on 9/11, but Mr. Bush invaded a country, carpet bombed it, killed tens of thousands of innocent people, destroyed the little infrastructure it had, and toppled the government to install a puppet regime there, and I am speaking here about Afghanistan, not Iraq. How is it that he never practice what he preached, no grievance can justify the level of violence by the Palestinians, what a Moran.


If you kill some one in cold blood, it is a first degree murder, if you kill some one by mistake, it is still a crime, and is called man slaughter, so even if we give him and his administration the benefit of the doubt, that it was all a mistake as a result of the colossal failure of the American intelligence agencies, it is still would be equivalent to a man slaughter, and some one must be held responsible for it.   He has not one time utter a word of apology for the mistake that his intelligence or lack thereof that caused the death of 100,s of thousands of innocent humans, and destruction of an entire nation’s infrastructure, and the misery that he caused to the ones still alive. Not one word of apology to the Iraqi people by him or by any one of his miserable administration. All we hear from them are yet some other lies, about democracy and freedom, about how better the world without Saddam, I tell this Moran that he spent more than 500 billion dollars on that war so far, that if the issue was getting rid of Saddam, that probably if he offered him just one billion  dollar to leave Iraq, he would have accepted it, and the US would have saved 499 billion dollars, close to 3000 lives, more than 30,000 injured, and the lives of whatever the number of Iraqis who were killed; since their number is not all that important to him and to his right wing New cons.


He said America must finish the job there, no one is quite sure about what does that mean, he said we must have total victory, but no one including himself, dares to define what is total victory, he said ………oh well, he said a lot of non-sense, who cares what he said!!!

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