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By: - Fawzy Farrag

A win for McCain is a win for Ben Laden


In one of my old articles titled “what do they have in common” written more than a year and half ago, I made a comparison between Ben Laden and George W Bush, which is still accurate up till today, but one subject was never discussed in that article, and that is, if the results of the upcoming election is up to either of them, who would they wish to be the next president of the USA.

In the case of Bush, the answer is very simple and very obvious, he would want to have John McCain as the next president; McCain is a Republican from his own party, he endorses his policies and most likely to continue in the same direction, he supported his cowboy policies of “shoot first and ask questions later”, he will help validate his direction and outcome in both foreign and domestic policies and will most definitely prevent any “real” further investigation in the real reasons behind the Iraq war that may incriminate some in his administration if not himself, and will hopefully help his legacy.

Mr. McCain is confirming every day that – despite his denials – he will follow in the same footsteps of this current president and that his presidency will be like a third term for Mr. Bush. His hard line hawkish approach to dealing with Iran, his statements concerning what to do regarding their nuclear program and the enrichment of Uranium, which by the way is NOT in violation of any international law or treaty as it is the legitimate right of any nation to enrich Uranium if they wish and have the know-how and technology for peaceful purposes, but since this is Iran, then immediately and automatically it is accused of developing WMD,( remember Iraq’s WMD),  and he is urging to impose more sanctions and would not rule out military actions, that it would not take a genius to know that it would be on behalf of Israel.


On the other hand, Ben laden who is hiding in a cave somewhere, and had not been seen for several years; and when I say had not been seen, I meant on a video, since his appearances as a normal human being in a normal settings, or normal place frequented by normal people has ended since the invasion of Afghanistan in 2002 or shortly before that; which is even worse than being in jail. So Ben Laden and his assistants are all hiding like rats or cockroaches in the dark, the only thing they are capable of; is shouting their old slogans once in a while on a video tape sent to the news media, still threatening and pretending to be in control of “something”, or are able of delivering on any of their hate-filled threats, not realizing that the vast majority of Muslims at large had nothing for them but contempt and hatred, for through their actions on 9/11 and after, they have alienated the entire world against not just their brand of terror, but also unjustly against the vast majority of Muslims around the world. Their actions that follows were more despicable than the first act, by killing in cold blood tens of thousands of innocent fellow Muslims and Arabs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere, by brain washing young people and sacrificing them in their bloody ,dishonorable and downright anti-Islamic goals to what they misleadingly labeled as “ jihad”. 

 It is evident, by the turnaround in the past year or so, of the Iraqis against them, that lead to the capture or killing of their leaders and members in Iraq, by the significant decrease of their inhuman operations that bears their finger prints, that the people had had enough of their indiscriminate killings, and that their propaganda of being the guardians and gate keepers of Islam is an outright lies and deception that no one buys it any longer.

So who would Ben laden prefers to win the presidency in the upcoming election? Who would he help – if he can – to succeed George Bush, some may think that he would prefer Obama since Obama wants to change the direction of this country and not to follow in the footsteps of Bush, not to focus on confrontational policies with the rest of the world in the name of fighting terrorism, one assumes that Ben Laden would prefer a more balanced president with a more balanced policies, right!,…… Wrong, Ben laden would much prefer McCain, or one who is similar to him, with the continuation of the Bush’s doctrine and foreign policies, Ben Laden stays alive, he would be able to keep his organization and propaganda going, he would be able to recruit more of the young Muslim men, and to be able to brainwash them to go on suicide missions to kill the (infidels), it is George Bush and his idiotic policies that keeps Ben Laden alive and strong, even as he declares otherwise.

Therefore, while I predict that Obama will win this election, and by a very comfortable margin, despite all the pundits predictions of a very close election, and despite all the polls that show a dead heat, all indicators points to the desire and need of the American people to have a major change or overhaul in the course this country is taking.  The economy is a major factor, and whatever the congress and the white house try to do to improve it and turn it around, there is no way they will, the combination of inflation due to the oil prices, that impacted all other prices specially food , a higher unemployment, the problems with the banking industry, the airlines, the housing and real estate slowdown, the deflation of the values of homes, the foreclosures and bankruptcies, the skyrocketed heath care expenses ……and the list goes on, many of these problems are happening in a new way that is unprecedented in this country,  where the remedy of one problem complicates the other. The American citizens for the first time in their life if they are 60 years and younger, have never seen or experienced before, on the top of that they still have a very unpopular war in Iraq, there is no way the independent voter –who will decide this election - will vote for the continuation of the same policies, and McCain will never be able to dissociate himself from these policies of Bush regardless of how much he tries, simply because they are very similar. On the other hand, all this could change if Obama made a huge mistake that the mainstream media – silly as they are at times- will never let go of, especially if it happens closer to the election , then Obama could lose. I do not believe that he will make such a mistake, but the White house and the Bush gang will not sit idle, in what had become to be known as the October Surprise,  will try to manipulate the issues as much as they can, a confrontation with Iran will most likely do the trick, they will play on the fear of the American people by fabricating a crises in the middle east, and this will reverse the trend and the outcome of that election.

It is on the other hand very unlikely they do it openly as many in the media, feeling that they never stood firm and questioned the reasons given for the Iraq war, will most likely not give this administration a free pass this time, so the only thing left, would be up to Ben Laden, if he manages to execute one of his terrorist acts against the US either in the US or abroad, then all bets are off, McCain wins hands down, and Ben Laden too, amazing isn’t it, a win for McCain is equally a win for Ben Laden!!!

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