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Iraq and its Petrol – Comments and Remarks about the CESJ Model

The petrol and the Middle East is one of the most critical issue in the world. Several wars were happened during the last 30 years in that troubled region and the petrol was the common factor in those wars. And till now, that black gold is the reason for many terrible wars and maybe the more painful one is the war and occupation of Iraq in 2003.

The petrol was supposed to be a national wealth for the people of Iraq and supposed to be a positive factor to develop that country and to offer good life for its people. But unfortunately, nothing of that happened during the last 3 decades and instead of the bright hopes for the future of Iraq, death, blood and pain visited every house in Iraq. The power of petrol in Iraq came to support the wrong side, the dictatorship and the war barons. Not just that, but the smell of that black gold attracted the eagles overseas to land in Mesopotamia and then another bloody and violent circle started without a clear end.

Among all that events that are going on in Iraq, most Iraqi people wonder how they can find a solution to end this terrible situation. It is very clear that this solution cannot be so easy and can not be achieved without deep understanding for the real and exact situation in Iraq.

Several proposals appeared to suggest models of sharing the wealth of petrol among Iraqi people. Some of these models came to support certain political agenda, other models came as honest effort. One of these proposals is the “Model of the Nation-Building for Citizens of Iraq” by the “Center for Economic and Social Justice” in Washington, D.C. which came as a noble attempt to end this terrible situation.

the main aim of this model is allow the Iraqis to share together the benefits of petrol and use it to establish new democratic Iraq. actually it is a dream for all Iraqis and also it is the main aim of the moderate Islam. Moreover, we can touch from this model the noble and kind attempt from the American center to help Iraqi people in their difficult time.

While I was reading the proposal, very important question came to my mind;
- How we can achieve this proposal on the ground in Iraq?
- Can we achieve successfully this proposal to the limit that we can get its results (sharing the wealth of petrol)?

I can say that this proposal misses some important facts. These missing points can be found in so many solutions were suggested by Western organizations. These points concern the social and political characteristics of Iraq and I would like to raise these points in this article to draw the attention of the western organizations on it and also to open a discussion between Iraqis and Americans. Personally, I think it is very useful to start such debate in order to reach to a better understanding.

I can summaries the main challenging problems that face any economical, political and social efforts for to rebuild a strong and democratic Iraq into;

1- the fact of the regional powers that are playing in Iraq, mainly Iran and the gulf countries.
2- the fact of corruption.
3- the social and political problems that the Iraqi people are passing.

I think that these three points are the most important elements in the recent situation in Iraq and it might be consider the most critical ones that can destroy any real attempt to rebuild new Iraq.

I hope that the readers can comment on these elements and, from my side, I will try to write more about these points, especially the nature of the Iraqi society.

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