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The gangs of terrorism are making the kidnapping of civilians and making them hostages a steady policy. Taliban is adopting the same path for political purposes that cannot be islamically justified. The Quranic rule states: “No One is responsible for the sins of the others”. So, the German or South Korean or European hostages are not responsible for the policies of their governments.
It cannot be mentally perceived that any ruling regime adopts the policy of kidnapping his own innocent civilians, holding them hostages and terrorizing their families. It was supposed that such regime was vowed to protect and serve the people and not tormenting and terrorizing them. However, the current Egyptian regime exceeded all boundaries and insistently just doing that since the ascending of the current Minister of Interior (Home Security) Habib Al-Adely in 1977. Since then, thanks to the Martial Law and the aging of the regime, he became the de facto ruler of Egypt.
Habib Al-Adely probably spends most of his night subject to the prayers asking for Devine revenge for him and his surrogates. He tormented the Egyptians during the last ten years of his regime using the worst methods of police torture and oppression. He created staunch animosities between the Egyptian people and the police. Instead of having the police in the people service, they became a tool in humiliating and oppressing them. Strangely speaking, this Al-Adely was in total contradiction with his predecessor General Hassan Al-Alfy.


The organizations of terror dominated the Egyptian domain during the premiership of Abel-Halim Mousa. He was unable to face them, so, in mid-day Sunday April 4th, 1993, he set a secret meeting with the fundamental clergies to mediate with Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman to stop the violence. I knew these details from a friend who was present and I mentioned it to my friend Ibrahim Issa in Rose Al-Yousef magazine. It was published and caused the dismissal of minister Abdel-Halim Mousa. Then, Hassan Al-Alfy took over the Interior Ministry and started a new policy for fighting terrorism based on the following:

1. The mental confrontation of terrorism. He encouraged the educated to enter into a war of ideas against the extremism and terrorism. He supported the “Popular Movement for facing Terrorism” that I was its religious and intellectual consultant. The TV and Cinema drama were encouraged to discuss terrorism.
2. The Stern armed confrontation of terrorist in their own fields and prosecuting hundreds of them.
3. The stern juridical confrontation of the terrorist civilian leaderships in the circles of the Moslem Brotherhood and their followers who were protecting the terror intellectualism.
4. International Cooperation in fighting terrorism and extraditing the fugitive terror leaders.
5. Refusal of making a deal or a truce with any terrorist that insists on the terror ideas.
6. Disallow torture and taking hostages

Despite the number of arrested terrorists reached 16000 in 1993, the terrorist operations shrank and the reports to the Egyptian human rights organization about torture shrank too. In 1993, Hassan Al-Alfy declared his rejection of random arrests and taking hostages to force those who were wanted by the authority to give themselves up. He said: “Crime is a personal matter only the person commits it should be punished. No generalization of punishment so the police won’t make enemies”. He also, declared his intention to study the situation of the captives who were accused of terrorism to release those who were not accused of any specific crime. He also, decided to put 32 police officers on trial to torture.


Hassan Al-Alfy was almost successful in drying out the sources of terrorism. However, he was surrounded with conspiracies from inside and outside his department, in the Ministers Council, the Brotherhood forums and those around them of double loyalties. This is another mysterious story that most of its secrets are not revealed yet, but little is known about it. His opponents in “Labor Party” were provided with fabricated evidence that they built on a press smear campaign against him. He sued them in a court of law in July 21, 1997 and won. However, Mr. Al-Alfy’s effort were aborted with two mysterious massacres: the massacre of the Europe Hotel in the Pyramid Area in April 18, 1996 that left 18 Greek tourist dead and injured 15 others, and the Luxor Massacre in November 18, 1997 that left 62 dead, 51 of them were tourists. The bodies were brutally mutilated. In both massacres, the villains either escaped or committed suicide to raise the puzzling question: who are afraid of Al-Alfy’s success? Who are afraid of the intellectual confrontation of extremism and terrorism?


The biggest benefactor from Luxor massacre was Habib Al-Adely, who was the director of the State Security at that time. He was assigned Interior Minister replacing Al-Alfy in the day after the massacre. He started a total contradictory policy featuring the following:

1. Making deals with terrorists by releasing them and after taming and controlling them. The researcher and journalist Mr. Abdel-Rahim Ali protested this behavior as an expert on the terrorist groups. He issued a serious book called: The danger in the Government Deal with the Violent Groups”. He warned in his introduction from the danger of “finding ourselves before a disaster bigger and worst than the one we were surprised with in October 1981”, page 6, published by Meryet, first edition, 2000.
2. Adopting the policy of kidnapping hostages, torture, forced vanishing and terrorizing civilians.
3. Protecting the terror intellectualism by persecuting the secular and Quranic intellectuals so the field would be free for the extremists.

So, the Quranists witnessed two waves of arrests during Habib Al-Adely’s reign in 2000 and 2001. Now, in 2007, some of my peaceful relatives are subject to arrest, torture and kidnap. Since then, Al-Adely is cooperating with the Brotherhood and the clergy in spreading rumors of blasphemy and apostasy about the Quranists to terrorize them outside the prisons and jeopardize their lives. It is well known that the Egyptian prisons are inflated with the worst of the terrorists that are eager to kill my five relatives after they were characteristically assassinated by the regime when accused them of scorning the religion. This regime knows very well that my relatives did not commit any crime, but it’s the policy of taking hostages,taking my relative hostages so as to give up myself.
What Al-Adely is doing with Quranists is the same thing he does with those extremists who disobey him till they succumb to the military regime that protects the extremist Wahhabi intellectualism. The only difference is that the Quranists are peaceful and invite people to the path of God using wisdom and good advice without any political agenda. They do not impose their opinion on any one and they are not asking for reciprocal. However, their Islamic invitation represents the greatest danger on the future of extremism. It reveals the extremism dogma from within Islam. Moreover, the leaders of this extremism are completely unable of intellectual confrontation. So, the only tools available to them are Al-Adely and his torture apparatus.


I thought that Al-Adely by arresting the Quranists was representing a conspiracy with the Brotherhood against Mubarak. However, it was obvious that the head of the regime made alliance with the Brotherhood to allow Mubarak’s son to inherit the presidency. This is indicated by what the Brotherhood website known as “Egyptians” had published under:
“The Brotherhood welcomes the nomination of Gamal Mubarak for the presidency elections but with conditions”.
Surprisingly, this news had vanished quickly. However, thank God we copied it and published it in Arabic and English on our website to be a permanent document proves the conspiring intents to stay in power by inheritance in reciprocation for the Moslem Brotherhood to monopolize the Egyptian conscience and the religious life. This is in order to tame this life by “education” until the time of “control” comes and the Egyptians will be convinced with Devine representation. That is, the Brotherhood is God’s representatives on Earth and the ones that apply His teachings and ruling in His name. Until that time comes, it is of no harm to let the inheritor enjoy an interim period in power, where the complete cultural control will be in the hands of the Brotherhood in education, information, mosques and churches to control the Egyptians’ beliefs based on their rites of killing any one who dare to discuss them by the death penalty of apostasy. Quranists are the only stumbling block that faces the Brotherhood. They are the only people that can prove the contradictions between true Islam and the intellectualism of Brotherhood, Wahhabism and Fundamentalism that falsely attribute themselves to Islam. I had explained the strategy of the Brotherhood several times in the past and notably the article: “They Ask You about the Brotherhood”. This article is published on this website:

Whoever reads what we publish on Ahl-Al-Qur’an website and others, realizes that getting rid of Quranists will be essential for the Brotherhood future and state. So, some of the clauses they dealt the state with to accept inheritance of presidency is to eliminate once and for all the Quranists to achieve their objectives. Therefore, Quranists became hostages with Habib Al-Adely. There is no other reason to kidnap and torture the peaceful and humbled Quranists.


If today the Quranists inside and outside the prisons are hostages with Al-Adely, the whole Egyptians are hostages in his fist according to the Martial law that whips Egypt’s back every day. It will not be long when the time comes and the Mubarak family and Al -Adly and their soldiers will be victimized by the runaway train of the religious state.

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