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About the Removal of YouTube Videos in Which We Were Hosted by an Arab Channel:

About the Removal of YouTube Videos in Which We Were Hosted by an Arab Channel: The Nape When It Screams in Pain after Being Beaten

Published in June 17, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- There are those people who take the initiative and cause actions, and there are those who only produce reactions; i.e., they scream in pain, curse, insult, denounce, and condemn. This is somehow like the mechanism of having sex: men are typically the doers of actions and women are typically the ones who produce reaction during coitus: they moan, scream, and sometimes feel pained. Throughout world history, those who take the initiative and are doers of actions are few; most of them take the initiative once or a few times during their lifetime and then withdraw and disappear. Yet, there is a man who has taken the initiative of introducing religious reform since 1977 and he continues his endeavors until now after he has reached the age of 70; namely, the writer of these lines: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour. This began when he was an assistant professor at the History Department, Al-Azhar University, in Cairo, Egypt; he has continued to play his role as a preacher of the Quranic Truth and of the much-needed religious reform inside Al-Azhar and inside Egypt, and later on, he continued this role after settling in VA, the USA. All these years, he relentlessly continues to beat the napes of the shocked, Quran-hating Muhammadans; their napes scream in pain after being beaten; they curse, insult, denounce, and condemn.        

2- Of course, he was alone in 1977 when he faced – as an assistant professor – the at-the-time powerful Sufi head-sheikh of Al-Azhar who had much authority Dr. Abdel-Haleem Mahmoud who perished later on and so were other foes and adversaries who could never refute or undermine Quranism. Before their death, these foes were turned by our person into mere napes beaten severely as they were shocked by our announcing Quranic facts which refute and negate their terrestrial religions. Other living sheikhs/imams or clergymen of the terrestrial Sufi, Shiite, and Sunnite religions of Satan, in their turn, have become merely some other napes beaten by our Quranist ideas, and their only reaction is to scream in pain, curse, insult, denounce, and condemn. Other napes which sometimes are not spared being beaten by our Quranist ideas are media-figures and anchors who obsequiously serve those in power and authority; they stick to the terrestrial religion of their clergymen and they flatter and heap praise on those who assume religious and political authorities and, of course, any enthroned tyrants. This is why they imitate their clergymen/sheikhs; after being beaten on their napes, their only reaction is to scream in pain, curse, insult, denounce, and condemn.   

3- Such beating of such screaming napes has caused a tremendous influence in the intellectual life within the so-called 'Islamic' world. In 1977, we were alone when we have criticized outspokenly the deified imams/authors, such as Al-Bokhary, and the deified sinful criminals known as the 'companions' of Muhammad; we wrote books and articles proving that (1) deifying mortals, including the Lord God's prophets/messengers, pertains to disbelief and polytheism, and (2) the Islamic testimony of monotheism is (There is no God but Allah), as per the Quran, without adding the names of mortals (i.e., Muhammad by Sunnites and Ali by Shiites). After we paved the way for introducing reform and mines have exploded in our face, many thinkers and intellectual figures have followed our footsteps by courageously writing some of our own original ideas (while ascribing these ideas to themselves!) and boldly criticizing Al-Bokhary and other imams of disbelief and the so-called 'companions'. This is no longer a taboo as was the case decades ago. By the way, it is OK that some writers ascribe some of our own ideas to themselves and not to our person; we are happy to see the ideas of reform and enlightenment being spread and propagated everywhere; we feel overjoyed to witness this nowadays. Any fair thinkers who would compare the intellectual life within the 1970s and that of today in the so-called 'Islamic' world will see a huge difference caused by our person. This is partially due to the napes which are beaten by our Quranist ideas; i.e., their insults, accusations, and screams have provided to our person and our Quranism some attention and free publicity. At one time, we have written in one of our articles that a helpless, impecunious Quranist thinker like ourselves needs the barking of dogs to draw the attention of people to his line of thought. Our intellectual career goes on, and the barking of our foes goes on; in every single time, we take the initiative, and their napes produce only one reaction: to scream in pain, curse, insult, denounce, and condemn. They are like women during coitus (one of the medieval Arab poets composed these lines, impersonating a woman's view: The things I love in you during our making love / Are the vivid words and the deadly darts of your eyes!); they are rather like female sex workers who moan continuously in the same fake manner with all their male customers; their reaction is merely the same clichés of condemnation and denouncement. The case of the removal of the YouTube videos in which we were hosted by an Arab channel is no exception to this rule.             


1- We know nothing about the Arab TV channel which hosted our person; yet, we are acquainted with the presenter of the show Mr. Bilal Fadl; we first made his acquaintance when he was a journalist in the Cairo-based Al-Dostor independent newspaper; in the 1990s, this newspaper published many articles of ours, including the one titled "The Unspoken-of History of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab in Sunnite Books"; this lengthy article has been published on our Qurnaism website, in the left-wing, secular Modern Discussion website, the website of Arab Times, and Middle-East Transparent website This article about the sinful caliph Omar has caused lots of pains to the napes of the Muhammadans. Mr. Fadl is a very cultured writer, author, and journalist; he has his own vision expressed in political writings and in the screenplays of his movies and TV series. Mr. Fadl is among our favorite Egyptian writers; we like his sarcastic style of writing. Self-exiled after being persecuted, Mr. Fadl could no longer bear with the age of intellectual collapse in Egypt; he lives now in NYC, the USA. The TV show he presented was named (Aseer Al-Kotob) or ''the juice of books''; at first, we thought that this is a YouTube show of his (like our YouTube show found on this link:; we did not know that it was a TV show pertaining to a Qatar-based TV channel.  Mr. Fadl contacted us and offered to host our person for three episodes. Typically, due to health reasons, we refuse to attend conferences and interviews, but we welcomed the offer by Mr. Fadl; even when we appear in any TV show, we never ask for any remuneration at all. Our son, Mr. Amir Mansour, drove our person in his car from VA to NYC; Mr. Fadl told us that these were his last episodes of his show which lasted for years; he desired to end his show by hosting our person – we think. Mr. Fadl will present another TV show elsewhere after leaving this TV channel.

2- As per his plan, Mr. Fadl posed certain brief questions which required brief answers on our part; of course, the three episodes will never possibly cover the contents of our thousands of articles, fatwas, books, and videos. Some of his questions were about our life in Egypt and our relation with the late Egyptian secular thinker Dr. Farag Fouda (assassinated by Wahabi terrorists in 1992 in Cairo, Egypt). As per our plan, we focused on leading the course of the interview in order to mention briefly what we intended to announce as we seized the chance of appearing on a TV show and not a YouTube show. In the very first episode, we thanked Mr. Fadl for hosting our person as we suffer media blackout imposed on us; we told him if we would have our own satellite TV channel one day, radical change will be introduced in the fields of political and religious reform in Egypt and the Arab world. We told him what media and TV channels of our foes will never host our person; we reminded him that when Al-Hayat Christian TV channel, and its presenter Rasheed Al-Maghraby (who is a Christian convert from Morocco who rejected the Sunnite religion), hosted our person for two episodes, a tremendous effect took place as the number of Quranists increased and the extremists among the Christians and the Muhammadans criticized the episodes severely. We talked to Mr. Fadl about the crime known as the Arab conquests and how it contradicts Islam (i.e., the Quran); we told him that based on our research as a historian, the first caliphs who led and undertook the Arab conquests were spies/agents of the Qorayish tribe in the Yathreb city-state and they drew nearer to Muhammad to monopolize authority, power, and rule after his death; we told him that this topic is detailed in our book titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs", found in English on this link: (, in our YouTube videos about prayers, in our book titled "Between the Quranic Prayers of Muslims and the Devilish Prayers of the Muhammadans", and within many articles of ours published on our Qurnaism website. Within the three episodes with Mr. Fadl, we were keen on quoting and referring to our books published on our website ( Mr. Fadl had no chance, and no time, to comment or denounce any of the facts we were quoting nonstop; he merely said that he is not with or against our views; he said he is neutrally calling for a civilized dialogue; that is all.  

3- The hoped-for civilized dialogue never took place after the three episodes were uploaded on the YouTube website; the napes of the Muhammadans could not bear the pain of hearing their deified caliphs being described as spies/agents and war criminals; the napes went on with their typical reaction: to scream in pain, curse, insult, denounce, and condemn. This increased so much that the TV channel had to remove the three episodes from its YouTube channel; the CNN Arabic website published the news of the removal of the three episodes; other Arabic websites published the same news item. A superficial anchor/presenter in the Egyptian media who obsequiously serves the current military rule in Egypt seized the chance to attack our person, Qatar, and the TV channel which is financed by Qatar. This anchor/presenter hosted an Azharite sheikh who attacked Quranism and repeated the same clichés like the rest of the napes in pain.   


1- Let us compare between the stance of Al-Hayat Christian TV channel and the Qatar-based TV channel. When Mr. Rasheed Al-Maghraby hosted our person in his show titled (Daring Questions), he tried to do his best to undermine and cast doubt on Islam; we responded to him with brief, to-the-point answers which refuted his words; he was furious to hear some of our words; yet, he (and Al-Hayat channel) never removed the episodes from their YouTube channel; everyone can still watch these two episodes; the website of Al-Hayat has posted the text of both episodes in Arabic. Many Christian extremists criticized our appearance and our words in these two episodes; they felt that we have made propaganda for Islam (i.e., the Quran); yet, no one removed these two episodes from the YouTube website; both episodes are still being watched and (dis)liked until now. When Mr. Fadl told us that he decided to end the season of his TV show titled (Aseer Al-Kotob) by hosting our person, he knew he crossed many red lines; he took the risk and ventured to host our person; the result is that he will no longer work in this TV channel and the three episodes were removed from the YouTube channel of this Qatar-based TV channel; people who work at this Qatar-based TV channel apologized for the furious Muhammadans whose napes were in pain because of the blows they have received. This means that Mr. Rasheed Al-Maghraby and his channel are more intelligent and tolerant than the frightened Qatar-based TV channel and its owners who had to apologize for the angry masses who felt the pains in their napes.   

2- Regardless of the pains and screams of the napes, we have benefited a lot from being hosted by Mr. Fadl; we still need the barking of dogs so that people's attention is drawn to Qurnaism; this is free publicity which is very beneficial to a helpless thinker like ourselves. Few minutes of criticizing the sinful caliphs will make many curious people browse our Quranism website and read more details in our book titled "The Unspoken-of History of the Pre-Umayyad 'Righteous' Caliphs". Many websites uploaded the PDF version of this book of ours; many people downloaded it. Other websites, like, offer our PFD books for sale, but without prior permission; they do not have to obtain any prior permission at all; we have announced many times that anyone on earth can publish our books in paperback or in PDF versions, for free or in return for money, provided that there is no monopoly or exclusivity in publishing them. 


1- Our appearance for some minutes in the TV show titled (Aseer Al-Kotob) has caused much controversy and shock among the Muhammadans and provided free publicity to Quranism; this may help increase the number of Quranists as many people will explore our website and videos. What would happen if we would have, one day, our own Quranist show on a TV satellite channel? 

2- If we would have our own show on a TV satellite channel one day, this means more napes which will be beaten and their reaction will be the same all the time: to scream in pain, curse, insult, denounce, and condemn. They will never be able to say anything new or to attempt undermining Quranism.

3- Within this struggle, who will emerge victorious (i.e., Mansour in Arabic) at the end? The answer is certainly as follows: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour.

4- Is not this true? Certainly, it is true!

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