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About Ending Peacefully the Culture of Wahabi Terrorism and Crusades-Like Terrorism



Published in April 15, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





 Any malady has its causes which must be treated to obtain a remedy to heal such a malady. In the following lines, we briefly mention the causes of the malady known as terrorism and the prescription for the remedy. We assert here the fact that despite the danger and the veritable threat posed by the malady known as terrorism, its causes are superficial and temporary; i.e., they are not deeply rooted and this means they can be easily uprooted worldwide.


Firstly: the causes of terrorism:

The camp of evil is an exception in the West societies and the societies of Muslims/Muhammadans:

1- At first, regarding the New Zealand massacre in the two mosques of Christchurch, we should praise and laud the stance of the Catholic Pope Francis and his call for peace and love; he is not to be compared with anyone, but we must say that his stance is better than the stance of the clergymen of the Muhammadans in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf monarchies; they are quite the opposite of Pope Francis because of their extremism and their belief in Wahabism the bloody religion of Satan and terrorism. We should also praise and laud the stances of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, the human rights organizations, the people and government of New Zealand, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and the rest of the camp of goodness in the West and in the USA. We assert here that we see that the camp of evil in the West is an exception within a large basis of the majority of citizens who believe in peace and tolerance.

2- In order to be just and fair, we have to assert here the fact that the vast majority of the Muhammadans who ascribe themselves to Islam believe in peace and reject fanaticism; most of them are, in fact, among the weak ones on earth. We are talking here about the majority among 1.5 billion 'Muslims' – most of them live in south-eastern Asia and in the east of Asia. This majority suffers suppression from enthroned tyrants in the Middle-East and there is a minority of 'Muslims' who suffer from persecution by tyrants in China and Myanmar. 

3- In contrast to the peaceful, oppressed, and silent majority of 'Muslims', there are enthroned tyrants and their followers among the Wahabi clergymen; they are merely few thousand persons, but they are more powerful, organized, and influential and they control media; in fact, they influence events on the local, regional, and international levels. All of them have their own political ambitions: they are either Wahabi enthroned tyrants who desire to maintain their ruling regimes forever or Wahabi opposition figures who seek to overthrow these enthroned tyrants to rule instead of them.  

The West policies are responsible for supporting the camp of evil in the Middle-East:

1- We regret to say that the West policies serve the interests of the Wahabi enthroned tyrants. For instance, the USA implicitly and indirectly helped create the Wahabi terrorist organizations Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

2- The huge profits of the weapons industry and sales in the West depend on creating wars in the Middle-East; of course, there are no people on earth interested and desirous to carry and use weapons more than the Wahabis. Using weapons made in the West, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen have been destroyed. We fear that destruction might soon happen to Jordan, the Gulf monarchies, North Africa, and to our beloved Egypt – our native country.

3- Purchasing of weapons from the West makes enthroned tyrants get huge commissions deposited in banks in the West countries; later on, those tyrants will not be able to get back such money. Hence, creating wars in the Middle-East to sell outdated and untried weapons to enthroned tyrants makes the West get its hands on the revenues of oil. The untried weapons require human victims; thus Middle-Eastern tyrants serve the West regarding oil, buying and trying weapons, and depositing money in the banks of the West. Of course, Middle-Eastern tyrants need to import the latest tools of torture from the West in order to oppress the Middle-Eastern nations.  

4- The cruelty of the Middle-Eastern tyrants is unparalleled when they deal with their foes even among peaceful opposition figures. The cruelty of such tyrants in oppression and torture caused the revolts (since 2010 onwards) to fail; this is because of two factors: (1) enthroned tyrants and their deep-state men monopolize power, might, and weapons, and (2) the Middle-Eastern nations are not ready yet for democracy as media, education, and the backward Wahabi mosques in the Middle-Eastern countries of the tyrants result in nations who lack self-awareness and who assume that the enemy is not tyrants and their clergymen but the West, the USA, and Israel. Of course, aborted revolts and civil wars in the Middle-East have resulted in immigration waves and a lot of refugees in the West, especially in Europe.  

5- The West countries which ally themselves to the Wahabi Saudi Arabia have allowed Wahabi mosques, institutions, centers, and schools to spread all over the West world; such Wahabi cancerous cells control the minds of the minority of Muhammadans/Muslims who live in the West and prepare them to act as terrorists while labeling them as 'Islamists'! In contrast, the West countries disregard the reformist Quranist thinkers who are Muslims who call for the culture of peace, freedom, justice, tolerance, and human rights.

Wahabism is the direct cause of reviving the Crusades-like extremism in the West:

1- The Wahabi terrorists worldwide are the natural product of the Saudi Wahabism. The Wahabi religion of Satan is the offshoot of the terrestrial extremist religion of Sunnite Hanbalism which dominated Iraq during the Second Abbasid Era and destroyed Baghdad with chaos, sabotage, and violence. Later on in history, the Sunnite Hanbali doctrine was replaced by the terrestrial religion of Sunnite Sufism which is a mixture of peaceful 'moderate' Sufism and 'moderate' Sunnite religion, and this Sunnite Sufism allowed a margin of religious freedom for centuries. Yet, when the sheikh M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab emerged in Najd and revived the extremist, violent religion of Sunnite Hanbalism, this corrupt Wahabi religion helped create the very first Saudi kingdom which collapsed; it the second Saudi kingdom was established but collapsed; the third, current Saudi kingdom was established within military endeavors from 1901 to 1932 A.D. also using Wahabism. When oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia which allied itself to the USA, Wahabism spread worldwide while carrying the name of 'Islam', through Wahabism has nothing to do with Islam (i.e., the Quran), and of course, Wahabism propagate violence, destruction, ruin, massacres, and religious terrorism. The Arabs were qualified to enter into a phase of democratic transition; yet, the domination of Wahabism reinforced with petrodollars led to the creation of tyrannical regimes in the Arab world under the auspices, and with the blessings, of the West powers.     

2- The Wahabi terrorist operations and massacres in the West have revived the white supremacy and Crusades-like extremism now in the West countries. The West has recently witnessed terrorist attacks and suicide-attacks in the West countries committed by the Wahabi terrorists of Al-Qaeda and ISIS. The West powers would not have cared if the Wahabi terrorists of Al-Qaeda and ISIS would have confined their operations inside the Middle-East. By the way, some terrorist attacks which carried religious banners/mottoes occurred in Japan; yet, the West did not adopt a stance against Japan. The West did not approve or support the terrorist operations by Christian extremists of the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. The West countries merely condemned and denounced the heinous massacres committed in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims but no one tried to help such victims. The West countries never cared about millions of inhabitants of Bengal who were massacred by the Pakistani army. The West countries began to wake up when Wahabi terrorism operations reached the streets, means of transportation, theaters, etc. Of many cities of the West. Such terrorist attacks are committed by the followers of the Wahabi religion of Satan who hate Christians and claim they are 'Muslims' though Islam has nothing to do with Wahabism. This naturally has stirred the latent animosity in the history and collective memory of the West countries towards the name of Islam. Of course, the West has lived about three centuries of secularism during which the West powers occupied the Arab and 'Muslim' countries within secular (i.e., not religious) colonization. After ending this stage of European occupation, the West continues taking advantage (and making use) of enthroned tyrants in the Arab and 'Muslim' countries within secularism and not within any religious banners/mottoes. Yet, the suicide-attacks by Wahabi terrorists in the West countries made some people of the West revive and remember the events of the struggle between Europe and the Arabs/'Muslims', and this is very clear within the culture of the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch.                 

3- Of course, the Wahabi terrorist suicide-attacks which massacres innocent civilians indiscriminately is a type of war with which the West countries are never familiar. They are familiar with military attacks, explosions by Irish revolutionaries, and mass-shootings like the one committed by the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch. The West countries cannot face a suicide bomber who scream (Allah is the Greatest!) while he willingly commits suicide while assuming that houris are waiting for him in Paradise with open arms – and open legs! The Wahabi suicide-attacks are usually unexpected, random attacks that may occur anytime anywhere by apparently ordinary people in the West. This means that such Wahabi suicide-attacks are a new type of war which prevents the people of the West from feeling safe and secure anymore. 

4- The people of the West know that most Sunnite Wahabi mosques in their countries are responsible for this; such mosques will never perform their duty of helping the minority of Muslim immigrants to integrate and assimilate into the West countries in which they live; such mosques inculcate a false feeling of superiority inside such immigrants by telling them that they will be among dwellers of Paradise while the West people in the countries where they live will be among dwellers of Hell in the Hereafter! This prevents the integration and assimilation of Muslim immigrants as they see the West people as the enemies of Allah! The people of the West are horrified to see extremist Wahabis demonstrate in huge marches in streets of several West cities and capitals to demand the application of their sharia laws. The people of the West are horrified to see the Wahabi codes of dress invade their public sphere and their streets, which is a code against both Christian values and the West higher values. The people of the West are horrified to see waves of immigration flooding their countries: (il)legal immigrants and  refugees come in flux into the West as if this were an armless invasion! The West identity is thus endangered. Such Arab and 'Muslim' immigrants compete with the white people in having job opportunities and receiving differ type of aid by the governments of the West countries. This is a source of deep anxiety within the white people. This point leads us to tackle in the following lines the internal factors in the West which led to the revival of the Crusades-like extremism now.

Europe after the fall of communism and the USSR:

1- The USSR is the absent yet ever-present factor here. When the communist thought invaded Europe and the USA in the 1950s and the 1960s, many overt and covert communist/leftist parties and groups were formed and terrorist movements such as the Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader–Meinhof Group in West Germany in 1970 and other communist groups in Italy, Spain, etc. All such groups, parties, and movements aimed to face the West capitalism and they allied themselves to liberation movements in the Middle-East and North Africa. The West powers faced the ideology of communism which invaded their countries through the Cold War which later on became a real war involving military confrontation when the USSR invaded Afghanistan. Because Afghanistan is a 'Muslim' country, the USA decided to make use of 'Islam' against the communism and Marxism in Afghanistan. Sadly, the USA wrongly assumed that Saudi Wahabism represents Islam, as Wahabism is spread by the Saudi kingdom the chief ally of the USA. This ended by the emergence of the Wahabi Al-Qaeda terrorists who launched many terrorist attacks inside the West.   

2- The USSR disintegrated and collapsed; the communist side of Europe joined the capitalist world and West Germany and East Germany became united as one country. In Germany, the youths were surprised as they have to adapt to capitalism and the new conditions of the State which is not responsible for employment of youths, unlike the case with the communist East Germany. There were fierce competition within employment, and the matter exacerbated as the deep-state men within European former communist countries control the army, security forces, etc. and capitalism opened for the deep-state men new horizons of corruption. This made European disillusioned youths among the first victims of capitalism; they vented their anger in the wailing wall; i.e., the Muslim minorities in the West which are suitable victims to receive the fury of the frustrated white people, especially that the collapse of the USSR was followed by many Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks and operations inside the West countries. In Germany, for instance, the Turkish immigrants helped in rebuilding Germany after its ruin after WWI. The Turkish Germans lived in their ghetto-like communities and spoke the Turkish tongue all the time; most of them refused to integrate and assimilate with the German society. The manpower was limited in Germany for a long time, the Turkish Germans filled in this vacuum and with the passage of time, they had a dominant presence among German workforce. When Germany was united, the youths of the East Germany immigrated to West Germany to seek employment, but they were surprised to see that Turkish-German employees and workers invaded most fields of employment; this occurred again as immigrants' waves and refugees flooded Germany from the Middle-East and North-African countries as people of Arab origin escaped from tyranny and civil wars. When we add the factor of Wahabi terrorist suicide-attacks, all these factors helped revive the Crusades-like animosity latent in the collective memory of the people of the West against Arabs/Muslims who live in the West countries.          

3- Let us not forget the remnants of Nazism and the far right-wing parties, groups, societies, and movements in Europe and the USA; though their influence is still described as 'limited', but they gain ground and momentum with the passage of time and have many supporters and leaders now because of the abovementioned factors. This increased within cyberspace; sadly, some right-wing movements study and profit by tactics of ISIS terrorists and they invest in the west public opinion which is against terrorist operations and suicide attacks ascribed by force to the name of Islam instead of Wahabism. Sadly, Wahabis are known in the West by the label 'Islamists' so that the war against Islam, as a religion, is launched by Islamophobes in the West now. 

Committing a grave injustice against Islam:

1- It is a grave injustice against Islam to ascribe to it the sins and crimes of 'Muslims' or anyone who claims to belong to 'Islam'. Islam is not to be represented by any person(s) or institutions, because the only thing representing Islam is the Quranic commands and legislations which are the true and only sharia laws of Islam. We can easily get to know the true Islamic sharia in the Quran if we objectively read the Quran as per its own set of terminology; i.e., without resorting to misinterpretations, distortions, and corrupt notions of the imams/authors of the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans who assume themselves to be Muslims. From the Quran itself, we know that Muhammad has been rebuked and reproached by the Lord God and that he will be judged on the Day of Judgment like the rest of all human beings. This means that even Muhammad himself does not represent Islam; no person(s), past and present, would represent Islam, let alone Wahabis whose misdeeds and crimes violate and contradict the higher Quranic values of justice, freedom, and human rights. The Lord God has sent Muhammad with the Quranic message as a mercy to the humankind and not to terrorize the humankind: "We did not send you except as mercy to the humankind." (21:107).   

2- It is a grave injustice against Islam to readily and swiftly attribute to its name the sins and crimes of 'Muslims', whereas no one would attribute to the name of Christianity the massacres committed by Christians, past and present.

3- The people of the West tend to forget that there is a difference between any religion and how it is applied. For instance, within Christianity, there is a type of peaceful, patient Christianity of Coptic Orthodox people in Egypt who were persecuted by the violent type of Roman and Byzantine Christianity before the Arab conquest of Egypt. This means that the type of European Christianity supposedly imposed on its followers to persecute Copts of Egypt, whereas the type of Coptic Orthodox Christianity imposed on its followers to bear patiently with being persecuted and killed, as martyrs, for the love of Christ. In the Middle-Ages, the type of Christianity of the Catholic popes supposedly required inquisition, burning 'enemies' of the Lord at the stake, and annihilating and massacring non-Catholics among Muslims of Spain and pagan natives of Latin America. In our modern times, Pope Francis sees that Catholic Christianity is peace; at a certain event, he kneeled and kissed the feet of leaders of South Sudan to beseech them to adhere to peace and to reject war; this is an unprecedented action by a religious leader. Hence, Pope Francis differs a great deal from his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI who was an extremist pope who saw that he applied Christianity through supporting the right-wing extremism; his faithfulness to applying his vision drove him to resign from his post as a pope in Feb. 2013.        

4- All people must make a clear-cut line differentiating between Islam and Muslims/Muhammadans; this is the core and the essence of the Quranist call of all Quranist thinkers worldwide.


Lastly: solutions to end terrorism:

 The abovementioned causes of terrorism are superficial and temporary; they are, in fact, mistakes which can be eliminated peacefully as per the following points.

1- Within Islam (i.e., the Quran only), one can easily combat, end, and defeat the relatively new Wahabi religion of Satan and of terrorism. The Wahabi danger of religious terrorism is like a bomb whose trigger or detonator can be diffused to turn this bomb into a mere useless piece of metal. We mean to say that Wahabism is a terrestrial religion based on lies but its strength is based on ascribing itself unjustly and by force to the name of Islam. When most Muslims are convinced, by Quranism, that Wahabism is the arch-enemy of Islam, Wahabism will have no influence at all. Hence, the West should help Quranist reformist Muslims in their call for peace, absolute religious freedom, religious tolerance, and human rights. Quranist thinkers urge and call the Muhammadans for religious reform using the Quran; the Muhammadans assume that they believe in the Quran and so are Quranists; this is the unifying factor which will positively influence the Wahabi youths to reject Wahabism. One cannot convince the Muslim people in Bangladesh or in Morocco to start the much-needed religious reform by quoting to Voltaire or Rousseau to them; yet, they will be convinced when Quranists quote the Quranic verses to them; the Quran is the Lord God's Word for all Quranists and all Muhammadans; when the Muhammadans hear/read the Quranic verses, they say: (The Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth). Thus, the discourse of reform by Quranists succeeds all the time despite the media blackout imposed on our VA-based International Quranic Center (IQC), our modest means, and our impecuniousness. The Quranist ideology is the best remedy to dismantle and peacefully end the Wahabi ideology of terrorism.     

2- The UN must protect and guard the nations which suffer tyranny instead of enthroned tyrants who control their nations, assume as if they own their nations and their homelands, and refuse any foreign interference or intervention to save the oppressed nations. Any given tyrannical ruler is one person; he is not to be permitted to own a homeland and a nation. The enthrone tyrants fear their nations and gain power and support from the West to oppress and tyrannize over their nations. This means that if the West and the international community in general would stop their supporting enthroned tyrants, these tyrants will fall like corpses and leave their thrones by force. This entails introducing radical changes in the mechanism and work of the UN; it should remove tyranny and corruption from the Middle-East and it should neutralize any West powers which support the enthroned tyrants there and thus expose their West citizens to the veritable danger of Wahabi terrorism which is imported from the Arab tyrannical countries to the West countries. The West countries should cut all ties and severe all relations with Middle-Eastern enthroned tyrants and to refer them to the International Criminal Court (ICC) as per the recommendations of the reports of local and international human-rights organizations and the international  transparency organizations. The UN should supervise all elections it the countries of the enthroned tyrants and freeze their bank accounts in the West and to give the liberated nations such money after they succeed in the process of democratic transition supervised by the UN without any civil wars or massacres after the ouster/abdication of tyrants.

3- All of the above ideas/remedies are not impossible; even if applying such ideas seems difficult, it is easier than the veritable danger of Wahabi terrorists whose random terrorist attacks and suicide attacks massacre innocent, peaceful civilians in the West. To disregard such solutions to end Wahabi terrorism means that the number of innocent victims will increase and that billions of people among the weak ones on earth will remain oppressed for the sake of pleasing merely tens of corrupt, affluent persons.   

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