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The Savagery of the Spanish Conquests in Latin America When Spain Belonged to the Camp of Evil in the West



Published in April 14, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- There are savage, brutal but secular conquests like those of Hitler of Germany in Europe, Leopold II of Belgium in the Congo, and the Mongols led by Genghis Khan and Tamerlane. We will not focus on such secular conquests which never carried religious banners/mottoes; our focus is on conquests which carried religious banners/mottoes such as the Arab and Ottoman conquests, raids of the Qarmatians and the Wahabis, and the Spanish conquests.

2- The Arabs and the Ottomans in their conquests more often than not avoided harming the weak ones on earth except on rare occasions; in contrast, the Qarmatians, the Wahabis, and the Spanish never spared or had mercy on the weak ones on earth during their raids and conquests.

3- Of course, both the Qarmatians in the Middle-Ages and the Wahabis who established the first Saudi kingdom in 1745 A.D. had no weapons to massacre everyone unlike the case of the weapons used by the Spanish in Latin America; this is why the number of victims there during the Spanish conquests exceeds, manifold, the number of victims of the Qarmatians and the Wahabis in Arabia. Besides, there is another difference between the evil powers in Spain and Najd; namely, the victims of the Qarmatians and the Wahabis were mostly Muhammadans from Arabia, Iraq, and the Levant, especially pilgrims heading toward Mecca. As for the Spanish, their victims were mostly non-Catholics: Jews, Muslims, and natives of Latin America. When the Arabs conquered Spain, they never committed massacres against the dwellers of Iberian peninsula. When the Spanish re-conquered Spain, they massacred the dwellers whose ancestors lived in the Iberian peninsula for eight centuries; besides, the Spanish massacred peaceful, non-violent natives in Latin America and Central America who never attacked the Spanish military troops.  

4- In our modern era, Wahabism spread in the East and in the West; Wahabis terrorism has its so many victims in the West; Wahabi terrorists now use modern weapons and the specter of their having WMDs one day is looming, especially that Wahabi terrorists who are willing to commit suicide-attacks to massacre the innocent civilians will never hesitate to use WMDs if they have the chance, even if this means to kill also those who follow the Wahabi Sunnite religion like them. This is because the Sunnite religion of Satan has the notions of using human shields and allowing massacring of coreligionists if this means to kill as many people of the enemies as possible. This is what is being done now by the Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

5- The Spanish occupation ended in the Spanish people getting rid of theocratic tyranny; the atrocities and savagery of the Spanish against Muslims, Jews, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas are now mere lines of history criticized and condemned by the Spanish people of today. In contrast, the Arabs/Muhammadans consider those historians and thinkers who criticize the atrocities and conquests of their Arab ancestors as infidels and heretics. This is why the Arabs/Muhammadans are still living in the darkness of the Middle-Ages until now and they fight one another while assuming that they are performing good deeds and religious duties! Today's Christian nations of Latin America whose ancestors suffered the atrocities committed by the Spanish invaders hate those Spanish invaders and never forget the grave injustices suffered by their ancestors. In contrast, the nations of the Arabs/Muhammadans deify the sinful caliphs who conquered and invaded their countries, killed the heroes who defended their homelands, robbed their wealth, and enslaved women and children of those heroes.    

6- We briefly write some lines about the atrocities committed by the Spanish in Latin America against peaceful people who never heard of Spain or committed any violence/aggression against the Spanish; they were surprised by the Spanish troops attacking and invading them while mercilessly robbing and massacring them encouraged by Catholic priests who assumed that such massacres against the pagans please the Lord God! 

7- Such massacres have nothing to do with the Lord God; they are pleasing only to Satan the Devil who urged Arabs and Ottomans in a similar way to invade, rob, and massacre the innocent, peaceful people, especially the weak ones on earth, after defeating the soldiers who defended their homelands.


Firstly: the Spanish people and the Inca people:

1- The Incas had their empire which lasted from 1100 A.D. until the Spanish destroyed it in 1532 A.D. The empire of the Incas was situated in the areas (which covered about one million square kilometers) which are known today as Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. 

2- The Spanish sent a campaign to explore Latin America led by Francisco Pizarro, theSpanish conquistador, who was accompanied by 183 men only. The Incas welcomed this Spanish military leader as they thought he embodied their god. They vied in giving gifts to the Spanish men and their leader, including gold and silver ingots as 'food' for the horses of the Spanish men. Of course, the Spanish coveted the gold of the Incas; they kidnapped the king who welcomed them and demanded a ransom: a chamber filled with gold and jewels, about 600 – 650 tons and about 280 million gold coins. Yet, this Inca king was not released; he was put to death by hanging instead of being burned alive! Of course, the Spanish who returned from the capital of the Inca empire, Cusco, stole tons of gold from its main temple; such loads of gold were carried by 200 men among the natives.


Secondly: the Spanish people and the Aztec people:

1- The Aztecs lived in the Valley of Mexico.

2- The conquistador Cortés came along with about 500 soldiers, 16 horses, and a cannon to invade the Valley of Mexico. As expected, the Aztecs assumed that the Spanish men were gods and that their ships were their temples. The king of the Aztecs, Motecuzoma, sent gifts of gold and precious stones to the Spanish carried by special envoys to appease these 'gods'; yet, Cortés arrested the envoys and fired his cannon; they felt frightened and fainted. Motecuzoma was defeated by the Spanish in the battle of Cholula and Cortés massacred the dwellers of Cholula and destroyed the temple dedicated toHuitzilopochtli, the god of war revered by the Aztecs, and placed an icon of the Virgin Mary after turning this temple into a church. The massacre of Cholula frightened the rest of the tribes of the Aztecs and they surrendered and submitted to the Spanish conquerors. Triumphant, Cortés entered into the capital of the Aztecs and was welcomed by the king inside the palace; this palace was filled to the brim with precious stones, jewels, and gold; the Spanish coveted the gold and not the precious stones and jewels; they melted the gold and sent it to the Spanish King Charles V. Within a religious celebration of the Aztecs which included offering human sacrifices to the gods, Cortés was horrified at such a scene and he made his men shoot the Aztec clergymen and attendants of such a celebration, killing more than 20000 persons.

3- The Aztecs revolted and killed their king, Motecuzoma, and they sieged Cortés while he was collecting as much gold as he could, but he managed to flee to Spain; he returned with more military troops to siege the capital of the Aztecs; the Spanish captured the king,Cuauhtémoc, and tortured him so that he would tell them about the locations of all hidden gold; after he told them about what they desired, the Spanish put him to death.

4- Cortés conquered the capital of the Aztec empire,Tenochtitlan, and destroyed all its houses and built Mexico City; Cortés put to death anyone who did not surrender themselves; those who surrendered themselves were enslaved to work within corvée (i.e., forced, unpaid labor) in gold and silver mines.

5- The existence of the Spanish there caused the spread of new diseases and epidemics that caused the death of thousands of natives; those who survived were forced to convert to Catholicism and suffered from the Spanish inquisition courts. Thus, the Spanish destroyed the culture and civilization of the Aztecs.  


Thirdly: the Spanish people and the Maya peoples:

 The Maya peoples, whose civilization lasted for about 3000 years, lived in the areas which are known today as Guatemala, Honduras, and Salvador. It took the Spanish military troops 170 years to subjugate the Maya peoples who lived within separate and different types of rule and all of them resisted the Spanish conquest driven by the Spanish men who desired to invade, loot, and massacre while ascribing their heinous crimes to the Divine Will of the Lord God!


Fourthly: we quote words of a writer who has criticized the atrocities committed by the Spanish in Latin America:

 Bartolomé de las Casas, the 16th-century Spanish colonist, priest and historian wrote the following about the natives of Latin America: (... They were the most innocent people of that era, and this was the cause of their death. The more they heard about the arrival of the Spanish, the more they came to them to welcome them while carrying gifts. The Spanish always took the gifts and killed them immediately or invite them to their ships and sailed in order to sell them as slaves. This was repeated in most cases among all natives ... These peoples were the happiest, safest, and most secure ones on earth ... These peoples were content, humble, grateful, patience, peaceful, and serene and they never knew evil, grudges, violence, hatred, revenge, or enmity ... These poor people were weak; their bodies are easily fatigued and destroyed by diseases. The Spanish who invaded them were like voracious hungry wolves, lions, and tigers attacking a herd of sheep. These innocent peoples have been massacred though they had no sins or faults. They were killed only for the sake of gold as the brutal invaders sought to be rich at the expense of these innocent peoples. They have committed many injustices and atrocities against the native peoples there ... One can never imagine that human beings can commit such heinous deeds and destruction. I lived there for more than 50 years and witnessed with my own eyes the grave injustices and atrocities committed by the Spanish people ... Christians killed all these innocent souls in the name of religion so that they may get the gold and the wealth so that they join to the affluent upper classes ... Their insatiable greed and unbridled lusts led them to despise these humble, friendly peoples and to loot the wealth of these fertile lands ... I tell the truth because I saw it with my own eyes. The Christians looked down at the natives as if they were animals or dirt under their feet ... The Christians claimed that the Lord God sent them to conquer these safe and secure areas and gave them the 'right' to destroy them and loot their wealth. They do not differ from those who kill and steal and then say, "Blessed is the Lord God; we have become rich!" ...).



1- Would any persons among the Muhammadans dare to criticize the Arab conquests of the sinful four pre-Umayyad caliphs and other sinful caliphs who followed them?!

2- One of the main factors leading the progress of the West is criticizing the corrupt ancestors and not deifying them.

3- The polytheistic Muhammadans deify and sanctify the Arab criminals of the Arab conquests and believe in dividing the world into two territories of war against the 'infidels' and of peace with their coreligionists. Because of the Wahabi Sunnite terrorists whose terrorist and suicide attacks have shaken the West countries, the latent extremism typical of Crusaders has been revived now; this is exemplified by the culture and words of the Australian criminal who committed the New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch.  

4- This massacre is like our goods returned to us!

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