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A Very Special Message


A Very Special Message

Published in September 13, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


A rather lengthy introduction:

1- Within the last months of the era of the rule of the cursed Mubarak regime in Egypt, we read in the terrorist MB organization-owned Al-Misriyoun newspaper website (in Arabic) an article about a report from the Egyptian State Security Apparatus which asserted that at least there are 20 thousand Quranist preachers in State-controlled mosques within the Ministry of Waqfs (i.e., religious endowments). We feared at the time that this article might usher a new wave of arresting Quranists in Cairo, Egypt, as the cursed Mubarak regime typically incarcerated Quranists every now and then in order to gratify Saudi Arabia.

2- Later on, we have worked for ten months as a researcher and a professor in 2010 in the Woodrow Wilson Center, located in Washington, which offers consultation to the White House, the Congress, and the Department of State. At the time, an Egyptian delegation arrived at the Woodrow Wilson Center before meeting with the people at the White House, the Congress, and the Department of State. The head of the Woodrow Wilson Center asked our person, as an Egyptian, to attend such encounter between the people of the Center and the Egyptian delegation members. We were very apprehensive; we know we are hated by the Egyptian authorities in general; we feared that some of the Egyptian delegation members might insult our person with any negative remarks; this would have been very embarrassing and might spoil the meeting; yet, we felt we have to attend this encounter. Upon receiving the Egyptian delegation members, to our surprise, an Egyptian woman greeted our person warmly, in English, and shook hands with us in a very friendly way; she praised our person in an exaggerated manner and did the same about Quranists; we have never heard a similar manner of praise before; the people of the Woodrow Wilson Center were surprised also by the Coptic Egyptian man among the delegation members who praised our person for our defense of the rights of Coptic citizens when we were in Egypt. We thanked both the woman and the man; may God bless them both; we felt happy as they praised our person in a time when we expected a very embarrassing situation. This Egyptian woman has told us about the fact that the Quranist trend is spreading fast inside Egypt.     

3- In fact, we receive now many email messages that assert the ever-increasing spread of the Quranist trend inside Egypt and how this phenomenon has become very noticeable inside Egypt and elsewhere, even if most Quranists prefer not to tell others about their Quranism to avoid any type of persecution and discrimination, despite the fact that Quranists are peaceful people who never struggle for the possessions and ambitions of this transient world, unlike the case of the tyrannical rulers and their rivals.   

4- We have chosen this very special message, sent to us recently via email, to quote it below followed by our reply, as this message reflects the gradual widespread of the Quranist trend in secret; the number of our fellow Quranists certainly increases slowly but steadily.


Firstly: the message:

 (... In the Name of the Lord God, the Dominant, the Compassionate. Greetings to you, dear Dr. Mansour; please accept my sincere best wishes to you and allow me to express my deep admiration of your school of thought ... My dad died four months ago; the last dialogue about religion between me and him was about Muhammad the prophet of the gentiles who was never an illiterate person; my dad agreed with me; this illiteracy myth, about Muhammad, is assumed only by the polytheistic Sunnites; it is important to assert the literacy of Muhammad and that he delivered the entire Quranic message himself and he wrote its entire text in this arrangement of Chapters and Verses before he died ... This refutation of the alleged illiteracy is important, integral part of refuting fabrications and falsehoods of the so-called hadiths which are never part of Islam; they are attributed forcibly to God's religion ... I feel happy that my dad died as a Quranist believer; he had a clot in the heart and remained hospitalized in ICU for two days until he died; may the Lord God have mercy on his soul. I remained with him within these two days; he could hardly talk and was attached to several medical machines to help him breathe and to help his body to function; he used a pen and a piece of paper to write to me what he wanted; when I would tell him that he would recover soon, he told me he knew he is dying and he pointed to the sky, intending to tell me of his departure to the Barsakh soon. Hours before he died, I woke up to find him signing to me bring him the pen and the piece of paper, seizing the chance that I was alone with him, and visitors are gone. My dad wrote his will and testament; but his handwriting was very bad and hardly legible because he was extremely fatigued; he made me read the will and testament to make sure I understand every word in the right way and to correct me if I got the words wrong; hours later, he died; this was the hardest moment of my life; I loved my dad very much; this farewell moments before his death were very hard indeed and no words can describe the agony I felt; may God reunite us in Paradise with him. I do believe that my dad loved me more than my brothers because of my personal traits and diligence; yet, he was just and fair with all my brothers; they loved him dearly. I remember when I got my high-school degree, with high scores, and I enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering and my dad was overjoyed as I will be an engineer like him one day; I did postgraduate studies and got more certificates; he was very pleased with me; I got a job which was similar to my dad's; the Lord God is very generous and good to me, I think, and I am thankful to Him. Dad loved me so much that he concealed his physical pains, suffering, and worries from me so as not to lose my concentration in my job because of sorrow; he typically told my brothers to never tell me. My dad was like a dear brother or an intimate friend to me; I and him used to talk a lot about politics, religion, economy, etc. and our views were almost identical within most topics; we would analyze, measure, and discuss anything and reach great conclusions that form the bases of our life; I and him rejected the man-made religion and religious traditions inherited from our forefathers in order to adhere to the Quran only. My dad was a very pious person who fasted, prayed, donated money for charity, paid zakat/alms, and believed in monotheism as per the Quran as God's Word and the Only Source of Islam; he disbelieved in hadiths; he knew that fiqh contain many wrong views and very rare good or right views; he performed Friday congregational prayers in mosques but without hearing the polytheistic sermons of the Muhammadans because he knew that hadiths are mere lies and fabrications; he knew that those preachers in such mosques has abandoned the Quran: the Only Source of God's Religion. I, myself, never enter into such mosques so as not to support the Sunnite religion of Satan; it is like participating in rigged elections whose results are known beforehand. Two months before the death of my dad, he, me, and my brothers chatted at home about a relative who wrote a will and testament; one of my brothers rejected the idea of writing a will and testament since this relative have inheritors; my brother quoted many hadiths; my father and myself told my brother we never believe in any hadiths and we typically refute them using the Quranic verses; I quoted to him this verse: "...After fulfilling any will and testament and paying off debts..." (4:11) to assert the importance of written will and testament, but he never listened! My other brothers agreed to reject hadiths about inheritance since inheritance laws in the Quran contradict such hadiths ... When I showed the written will and testament of my late dad to my brothers, and found out that his work colleague was a witness about it before my dad dictated it to me, my brothers refused to execute this will and testament! They said that sharia laws are not applied this way in our country! I reminded them of Quranic verses about inheritance laws and that they should not reject the Quran: "Who hears God's Verses being recited to him, yet he persists arrogantly, as though he did not hear them. Announce to him a painful torment." (45:8). They never listened to me as if I am talking to a piece of stone; only one of my sisters agreed with me; their Sunnite sharia laws have nothing to do with God's Quranic sharia legislations, but because they are greedy and care for money, they insisted on disregarding the written will and testament of my dad, because he has granted me in it more money than the rest of them! Dad made this because I am his first-born son who will care for my mom, the younger unmarried brothers and my unmarried sisters, that is all. This is not to mention my indirect care for my married sisters; my financial care for them will be direct and full in case they got divorced, of course, as per the current social traditions in my country. This is why the will and testament of my father is fair and just ... My brothers are well educated, and yet, they reject the Quran and stick to Sunnite sharia laws of Satan! Other relatives and friends blame me for rejecting Sunna hadiths and accused me of being a liar and a greedy person who cares for money and nothing else! Some of them accused me of forging this will and testament! This is very insulting to me! As a kind of consolation, I kept repeating these verses: about misguided ones: "What of him whose evil deed was made attractive to him, and so he regards it as good?..." (35:8); about rejecting will and testament of the deceased persons: "But whoever changes it after he has heard it, the guilt is upon those who change it. God is All-Hearing, All-Knowing." (2:181). Eventually, I agreed to disregard the will and testament of my father in order to please them! ... I remember that when I and dad tried to convince one of our relatives that married fornicators are NOT to be put to death because this is NOT mentioned in the Quran, this relative quoted to us tens of hadiths to prove his point that married fornicators are to be stoned to death! When I quoted this verse to him "Will they not ponder the Quran? Or are there locks upon their hearts?" (47:24), he never listened! Since I felt that Satan controls the hearts of those around me, esp. when my friends told me that it is 'impossible' that all people are wrong and I would be the only one who is right, I began searching within the cyberspace to find the best understanding of the Quran regarding many topics ... I came across your great Quranism website; I read first your great book about Naskh; I take pride in being a Quranist Muslim now; I have read all your great books and articles; I told my friends that the Quran asserts that most people in all eras are disbelievers/polytheists; yet, they ridiculed me! I know now that locks upon their hearts will never be removed unless they reject the books of hadiths and fiqh and exegeses/commentary that contain devilish ideas of polytheism; if they do so, the Quranic Light will enter into their souls/hearts. The people around me do not get the whole picture; they never listen to my piece of advice when I tell them to have a look at the Quranism website. One's heart/soul cannot believe in Satan's revelations and God's Word simultaneously. The misguided, deluded ones around me assume themselves to be 'moderates' who reject some or few hadiths only! They assume to sift through and pick and choose hadiths as per their whims to believe in! They will not get the whole picture unless they reject all Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi hadiths and to get to know that Muhammad never delivered anything besides the Quran ... They have to understand that Sunna hadiths, and all hadiths, exegeses, and fiqh books, are part of Satan's design and plan to misguide most people and repel them away from the Quranic Truth ... I feel grateful to the Lord God that such discussions with those around me made cast doubt on the Sunnite religion and look for the Only True Islam, which I have found on your great Quranism website ... God bless you  ...).


Lastly: our reply:

1- The Lord God has granted human beings the freedom of choice to (dis)obey and to (dis)believe, to choose between good deeds and evil ones, and to be guided by His Book or to be misguided by hadiths/narratives/tales of Satan. God has promised those monotheists who seek guidance that He will increase their guidance. God says the following in the Quran: "And the soul and He who proportioned it. And inspired it with its wickedness and its righteousness." (91:7-8); "God increases in guidance those who accept guidance. And the things that endure - the righteous deeds - have the best reward with your Lord, and the best outcome." (19:76); "As for those who are guided, He increases them in guidance, and He has granted them their righteousness." (47:17); "As for those who strive for Us - We will guide them in Our ways. God is with the doers of good." (29:69). We sincerely hope to be included among those guided persons whose guidance is increased by the Lord Allah; we do not like self-praise; God is the Omniscient Lord who knows the pious people: "...So do not acclaim your own virtue; He is fully aware of the righteous ones." (53:32).

2- The Almighty Lord God commands believers in the Quran to write their will and testament concerning their inheritors only; those who choose (mis)guidance will (dis)obey the Quranic commands. Thus, those who reject and disbelieve in God, the Quran, and the Last Day will choose to discard the Quranic sharia legislation regarding the will and testament in order to get some temporary money, possessions, or assets of this transient world.  

3- Human beings are free to choose to (dis)obey and to (dis)believe, but they have no choice or freedom within the four types of fates preordained by God (i.e., birth, death, earnings/provisions, and calamities/adversity/prosperity). Thus, most people desire wealth, but provisions and prosperity are granted only by the Lord God the Provider. Those who seek the world and its riches and never believe in the Hereafter and die as such, without sincere repentance, will enter into Hell after their wealth/provisions in life would increase and decrease alternatingly, as per fate preordained by God. Those who seek the Hereafter with their good deeds within monotheistic faith will also experience the fact that their wealth/provisions in life would increase and decrease alternatingly, as per fate preordained by God, and they will enter into Paradise. Hence, the real reward/outcome provided by the Lord God for people is never to be estimated by transient, worldly possessions or provisions; rather, it should be estimated by eternity in Hell for sinners in contrast to the Eternal Life in Paradise for the pious ones: "Whoever desires the fleeting life, We expedite for him what We decide to give him, to whomever We desire. Then We consign him to Hell, where he will roast, condemned and defeated. But whoever desires the Hereafter, and pursues it as it should be pursued, while he is a believer; these - their effort will be appreciate. To all - these and those - We extend from the gifts of your Lord. The gifts of your Lord are not restricted. See how We have favored some of them over others; yet the Hereafter is greater in ranks, and greater in favors." (17:18-21).

4- We welcome the sender of this message to our Quranism website; he should join it as a writer if he likes. May the Lord God have mercy on the soul of his late father; we sincerely hope that our person and all monotheists will be among those winners gathered in Paradise in the Hereafter within the mercy of the Lord God.

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