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Immigrating to the USA (2)


Immigrating to the USA (2)


Published in September 8, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




Firstly: About the USA:

1- The USA is the dream destination of most of those who seek immigration; in fact, the vast majority of Americans are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants. The American population is about 320 million; only 5 million people are original dwellers or inhabitants; there are about 11 million illegal immigrants. Of course, the first waves of immigrants came from England, Ireland, Germany, and Italy; the white Americans are the majority, about 77% of the population, and the biggest minority is the African-Americans who constitute about 13% of the population. The number of immigrants from Asian origin increases, and this is not to mention Hispanics; people of Arab origin are among the very small minorities, but their number is increasing as well. It is expected that the percentage of white Americans will change soon; the percentage of African-Americans and Hispanics will increase as the fertility rates of their women are high; besides, an ever-increasing people of Asian origin come to settle in the USA. This is the source of worry and anxiety within the white supremacists who are prejudiced against non-white population who assume that the USA is owned only by the white people; they feel annoyed that one day, the white Americans will turn into a large minority.        

2- Those white Americans who worry about this do not seem to realize that the total area of the USA, which is9,833,520 km2, and its big resources have the need and the capacity to accommodate half a billion immigrants at least; they do not seem to realize that the real power of the USA lies in the Constitution and its democracy-based secularism, authorities, and elections. The culture of democracy is the main difference between the USA and Mexico, despite the fact that geographically, both countries are located in the same continent. Besides, there are various climates inside the USA, from Alaska to the southern states, in an unparalleled way elsewhere. This means diverse economic activities; there are mineral wealth and abundant water and rivers and the long coasts of two oceans and thousands of lakes and hundreds of islands. There are millions of kilometers of prairies, woods, and arable stretches of land. This is not to mention vast deserts within cold weather of Alaska and hot one in Arizona and Nevada. Even these desert areas have water sources, unlike the arid, dry Arabian desert and the Sahara desert. Even Alaska has its rich coasts and huge natural resources. There are vast, underpopulated areas that can accommodate half a billion immigrants to populate these deserts, woods/prairies, and arable lands which will have mines, farms, and factories built on them.      

3- The area of the USA is as vast the area of China; yet, the Chinese population is about 1.338 billion people, and China does not have the same diversity and abundant natural resources of the USA. The Indian population is about 1.28 billion people, and it does not have the same diversity and abundant natural resources of the USA. If the USA would to have the same population as India one day, the American economy will reach unprecedented heights never witnessed before in human history.

4- Since its establishment until now, the USA depends on immigrants to achieve progress. All types of immigrants are needed there: from the prestigious specialists in IT and branches of science to technicians and ordinary workers. The racism and animosity of some white supremacists who hate immigrants who come from the Third world is not the only problem; the bigger problem is that most American citizens settle in megacities and concern themselves with the problems, factories, economy, etc. of these cities. These megacities and their suburbs are home for millions of people and they contain thousands of skyscrapers. For instance, about 19 million people live in New York and its suburbs; about 13 million people live in LA and its suburbs; more than 9 million people live in Chicago; more than 6 million people live in Dallas, in Texas; about 6 million people live in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania; about 6 million people live in Houston, in Texas; about 5.5 million people live in the capital Washington; more than 5 million people live in Atlanta, in Georgia; and about 4.5  million people live in Boston. We, the American citizen Dr. A. S. Mansour, conclude then that the main problem is that most new immigrants crowd these megacities and major cities which are already densely populated; they should have settled in the underpopulated states which are rich in natural resources which have not been invested properly yet.

5- Let us have a look at the strange distribution of the population inside the USA by citing the following examples.

5/1: There are American islands that are uninhabited: Bakers, Howland, Jarvis, Johnston, Kingman, Midway, Navassa, and Palmyra.  

5/2:Unincorporated territories controlled by the USA: American Samoa whose area is 1505km2 and population is 55,519 people; Guam whose area is 1479 km2 and population is 159,3589 people; northern Mariana Islands whose area is 5518 km2 and population is 53,883 people; Puerto Rico whose area is 13792 km2 and population is 3 million and 725,789 people; and Virgin islands whose area is 1 million and 898733 km2 and population is 106,405 people.

5/3: States that have less than one million people in its population despite the abundant, rich resources.

5/3/1: Alaska whose area is 1,723,337 km2 and whose population is 731,449 people. The area of Alaska is that of Egypt and Morocco combined together and there are 3/4 million citizens there; very small part of its abundant, rich resources are invested and used; it is a relatively a virgin area in terms of economic investment.   

5/3/2: Vermont whose area is 24,905 km2 and whose population is 626,011 people, and 211,261 people live in its capital. This means that it has about 1/2 million people and 1/4 of these people live in the capital, while the rest of this state is almost uninhabited.

5/3/3:Wyoming whose area is 253,335 km2 and whose population is 576,412 people (slightly above 1/2 million people), and 63.335 people live in its capital, Cheyenne. This state has its mountains and woods, owned mostly by the federal government as no investments are done there. This is in contrast to the Cairene densely populated district of Boulaq in Egypt whose area is 13 km2 and whose population is 850,000 people.   

5/3/4: South Dakota whose area is 199,730 km2 and whose population is  833,354 people.

5/3/5: North Dakota whose area is 183,107 km2 and whose population is 699,628 people. This means slightly more than 1/2 million people. This is in contrast to the city of Giza in Egypt whose area is 16 km2 and whose population is 3,628,062 people. 

6- States that are known for its production of crops/grains and so on and they have less than 2 million people as the total population.

6/1: Montana whose area is 380,832 km2 and whose population is 1,005,141 people. This means it has slightly more than one million people. This is in contrast to Al-Menoufiya Governorate in Egypt whose area is 2,5 km2 and whose population exceeds 4 million people.

6/2: West Virginia whose area is 62,755 km2 and whose population is 1,855,413 people. This is in contrast to the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria whose area is 2 km2 and whose population is 4 million people.   

6/3: Idaho whose area is 216,443 km2 and whose population is 1,595,728 people. This is in contrast to the Gaza Strip whose area is 360 km2 and whose population is 2 million people.

6/4: Nebraska whose area is 200,330 km2 and whose population is 1,855,525 people.

6/5: Iowa whose area is 145,746 km2 and whose population is 3,078,186 people.

7- Here are some remarks about the most known states.

7/1: The population of California, whose area is423,970 km2, is 39,536,653 people and most of them live in these major cities.

7/1/1: LA, without its suburbs, has 3976322 people.

7/1/2: San Francisco has 805235 people.

7/1/3: San Diego has 1394928 people.

7/1/4: San Jose has 1025350 people.

The rest of California consists of woods, gardens, and farms; it has the Silicon Valley and Hollywood; this state has vast room for more than the double of its current number of inhabitants.

7/2: Texas is the second biggest state in terms of its area, which is 690,660 km2, and 26 million people live in it, mainly within its major cities.

7/2/1: Houston has 2195914 people.

7/2/2: San Antonio has 1436697 people.

7/2/3: Austin has 912791 people.

Most area of Texas consists of pastures and farms, apart from a long coast within the Gulf of Mexico; its rich resources and vast area can accommodate tens of millions of immigrants. This is in contrast to Egypt whose 100 million people live in about 5% of its area (in Cairo, the capital, and around the River Nile Valley and Delta), while its vast deserts and the long coasts within the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea have very low population rates.

7/3: We, ourselves, live in Virginia, which is the very first state where the first settlers stayed when they came from Europe. One should imagine that it is a densely populated state; the opposite is true; its people are 8 million people and its area is 110787 km2, and it has vast green areas everywhere, and scattered villages; there are large stretches of land in Virginia which have no inhabitants at all; then, it still has ample room to accommodate more immigrants.



1- These are some examples within the USA about the vast, empty regions that can receive some hundreds of millions of legal immigrants without any negative effect on the extremists among the white 'masters' who believe in racism and white supremacy as owners of power, authority, and wealth inside the USA and who, in fact, will benefit very much from the welfare caused by immigrants who will settle in the vast, empty regions.

2- This issue is tackled in the third, last article of this series.

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