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When Rulers Torture their Nations, They Are No Longer their Nations!


When Rulers Torture their Nations, They Are No Longer their Nations!


Published in July 22, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy






 Our book titled "Torment and Torture within a Quranist Vision", found in English on this link: (, originally had a different title that we have changed later on; this former title was as follows: "Torment and Torture within a Historical Fundamental Study"; we intended at first to offer the Quranist vision about the crime of torture and about God's torment of sinners in this world and the in the Hereafter and then to tackle historical facts about eras of torture crimes within Egypt during the reign of the caliphs in different caliphates, the Mamelukes, the Ottomans, and also during the military rule established in Egypt since the 1952 coup until now. After some reconsideration, we have decided to keep the Quranist vision only within the entire book. The reason: we have tackled torture mentioned in historical accounts in several of our previous articles and books. However, we would like to be permitted to underline the points below.



1- Some Egyptian Quranists were the victims of torture in Egypt during the Mubarak era despite the fact that they have no political ambitions at all; Quranists never desire things or possessions of this transient world. Quranists are peaceful people who call for peaceful religious, political, social, and moralistic reform; Quranists hope that this reform will be established with the least cost possible and without bloodshed; yet, the tyrants and clergymen of Satan who ally themselves to one another deem Quranists and Quranism as veritable danger that must be eradicated and uprooted in advance! They forget the fact that ideas cannot be effaced, eliminated, uprooted, or chased away by military and security forces or arms/weapons; we thank clergymen and tyrants for their folly and bovine stupidity; the more they persecute and chase Quranists, the more Quranism spreads and the number of Quranists certainly increases.

2- We struggle peacefully within our writings against crimes of torture committed by tyrannical rulers against their nations; torture is destroying these nations. Tyranny begins as rulers would terrorize and intimidate citizens by torture to oppress them and to make them submissive as they would do anything, within fear, to avoid being tortured and humiliated. This means that tyrannical rulers who torture their nations never belong to these nations; they assume themselves, along with their affluent retinue class members, as superior masters to enslaved citizens.

3- Typically, the first victims of torture, persecution, and assassination are free thinkers and experts within many fields and specialties who truly serve their societies. As tyranny goes on based on torture and intimidation, those thinkers and experts choose self-exile to avoid being incarcerated, tortured, and/or killed after being silenced, crushed, banished, fired, chased, and oppressed. Tyrants are, then, surrounded only by the mobsters and the worst types of people: opportunists, flatterers, beneficiaries, and criminals who fill the low- and high-rank posts of clergymen, media people, affluent ruling class members, defense/military people, and security people. These criminals would be deemed as 'trustworthy' leaders of the deep-state; they perpetrate and defend torture crimes all the time, especially after removing free thinkers and experts from the social arena.   

4- Because of torture and intimidation/terror, any given nation ruled by a tyrant is divided into a small minority (comprising the tyrannical ruler and his deep-state people) and the vast majority (which is the oppressed nation/citizens). In many cases, there is no way for ordinary people to keep safe except by obeying/serving the unjust rulers within their many injustices; i.e., many obsequious, ambitious people try to offer their services for tyrants when the chance comes so that they would be among the affluent notables or retinue members. For instance, Moses' Pharaoh summoned all magicians inside Egypt, and they were part of the Egyptian nation, and they welcomed his enlisting their services and asked in advance for their reward; since Pharaoh needed them to face Moses, he promised them a large reward that included their being among his near courtiers or retinue members. God says in the Quran: "The magicians came to Pharaoh, and said, "Surely there is a reward for us, if we are the victors." He said, "Yes, and you will be among my nearest ones."" (7:113-114).

5- Within tyrannical countries, there are no democratic mechanisms to allow equal opportunity for all people to reach power within fair competition/elections and transparency; this means that tyrants remain enthroned until they are dead or when they get deposed, ousted, or assassinated. The new tyrants would readily get rid of all those who comprise the old guard of their predecessors and get rid of all those who helped them reach the throne; they typically institute a new class of affluent retinue members, courtiers, and deep-state men in all sectors; the corruption, torture, and tyranny go on as usual to maintain the status quo. Within generations of oppression and as tyrants and their men control education, culture, media, houses of worship (esp. mosques), and political and social life, immorality and lack of high moralistic level spread while being linked to religiosity (i.e., fake and empty religious practices and notions) and to corrupt clergymen who spread obscurantism and backwardness; the culture of mobsters and the worst people of crime dominates all levels and circles of media, religion, arts, politics, administration, rule, etc. The middle-class, which is like a safety valve, disappears gradually and the gap is widened between the affluent class and the hungry masses; this will inevitably cause an explosion, either from the inside as the case of Somalia and Libya when their tyrants, Siad Barre and Kaddafi, respectively, were deposed, or from the outside or external forces as in the case of Iraq and the ouster of the tyrant Saddam Hussein by the American invasion. The result in both cases is the destruction of the homeland; the corrupt mobsters and criminals (who served the deposed tyrant) would control the fate of their countries and they are more corrupt than ever; for instance, those who have inherited the rule of Iraq now have stolen more than 1000 billion US$ from the wealth of Iraq; we know about this when the American president threatened them to freeze their assets and money smuggled to the USA. Of course, the USA is not the only country into which such ill-gotten money and assets were smuggled; meanwhile, ordinary Iraqi citizens live without electricity, water, and sewerage and no proper education for their children!         

6- Oppression and submissiveness are not the only result in such cases; the oppressed nations who suffer from the torture and intimidation machines remain silent until they have to choose between dying of hunger and oppression and unorganized, disorderly revolts of the masses, and their revolts are crushed and their rebellions are quelled; we do believe that repeated revolts might occur within several years as the case in Syria. 

7- As torture and oppression go on, the specter of the civil strife seems to be inevitably present, even if the citizens never desire it; i.e., power centers inside a given country and foreign regional and international powers might work hard to cause a civil war to break to benefit from it. Of course, tyrants prepare the arena or the scene first for them! After foreign regional and international powers would see that tyrants who served them will not outlive their usefulness after they lose power partially and quakes shook their thrones, they see that their interests will be served by getting rid of those tyrants to enthrone new tyrants and to confiscate the smuggled money and assets of the deposed/assassinated tyrants; besides, civil wars will make the West powers sell its arms and weapons at exorbitant prices to the warring parties. 

8- Within the Old Age and the Middle-Ages, tyranny, corruption, and torture were the foundations of earthly/terrestrial religion formed by the alliance of tyrants and clergymen. The West got rid of such backward culture within a very long path filled with obstacles and hardships; for instance, one can see this in the history of France from its Revolution till its current democracy. Recently, a political crisis has occurred to President Macron as one of his personal guards appeared in a video while beating a peaceful protester. It is a very long path between Louis XVI and Macron; hundreds of thousands of murdered people were the hard price to achieve freedom, human rights, and democracy; this path of sacrifice could have been longer if France did not stand wholeheartedly against the tyrants and the clergymen within writings of great thinkers like Voltaire and Rousseau; despite this excellent start, France suffered a lot within many decades until it has reached democracy it enjoys today.   

9- French thinkers have left some printed books to humanity; we, as a Quranist thinker, have published online thousands of fatwas, articles, books, comments and videos. Printing was limited at the time of Voltaire and Rousseau, but online publishing makes knowledge reachable for free by everyone now. Our problem as a Quranist thinker is that we face everyone within our modest means and impecuniousness as we have nothing but our pen; i.e., we face the clergymen of the Sunnites, Wahabi, and Shiites on the one hand, and tyrants in Egypt and in the Arab countries on the other hand and also tyrants in Iran and Afghanistan. Many Quranists live in such countries and submit to tyrants; despite the fact that some tyrants struggle against other tyrants, they are united against Quranism and Quranists. As for the vast silent majority of citizens of the Arab world, for which we care and we tackle their problems, they love being enslaved in the culture of submission and they are brainwashed within corrupt education, corrupt media, and corrupt religions, and this makes them verbally attack our person and the reformist trend of Quranism.   

10- We follow the guidance of God's messengers and prophets mentioned in the Quran: God's Word. We peacefully and intellectually struggle against torture, corruption, and tyranny by our writings as we fear for our Egyptian people; we see clearly that tyranny leads inevitably to deifying tyrannical rulers who ally themselves with the obsequious clergymen of Satan who eagerly serve all tyrants in all eras. Noah who preached his people asserted his fear for them: "We sent Noah to his people. He said, "O my people! Worship God; you have no God other than Him. I fear for you the torment of a tremendous Day."" (7:59); likewise, we fear for our people of our beloved Egypt.

11- We fear very much that Egypt might one day experience bloodbaths and civil wars that would result in millions of corpses; we fear that we might repeat the words of prophets Saleh and Shueib when their people were destroyed by God: "..."O my people, I have delivered to you the message of my Lord, and I have advised you, but you do not like those who give advice."" (7:79); "..."O my people, I have delivered to you the messages of my Lord, and I have advised you, so why should I grieve over a disbelieving people?"" (7:93).

12- Egypt is the oldest State on planet earth and so are its deep-state hierarchy and tyranny that go on until now with its features that include torturing the Egyptians from the Pharaonic era until today. The backbone of such deep-state in Egypt is its head; i.e., the Pharaonic ruler who controls the military army, the affluent retinue class members, the government, etc. The criminals of the deep-state men commits the crime of torture routinely and victims suffer from torture routinely as if this is part of daily life; it is a millennia-old Egyptian habit and practice!

13- This has been going on through all eras inside Egypt, with very slight difference among the Pharaonic Ancient Egypt, the Mameluke Era in Egypt, and the modern era of today inside Egypt. This very slight difference is a serious one: the ruling pharaoh might be a civil one who use the military army to torture the citizens; this applies to King Farooq (the last Egyptian king, deposed in the 1952 coup) and his predecessors who used the Egyptian military army as a tool to terrorize and torture the Egyptians, as per words of former President Gamal Abdel-Nasser; this means that torture was an exception and not committed routinely; the torture machine during the royal epoch in Egypt sometimes stopped its humiliation, temporarily, perpetrated against the Egyptians. Abdel-Nasser brought the military rule that goes on until now; the military army generals rule Egypt directly now; the tool of torture rule the Egyptians now without a king or a ruler from outside. The same tool of torture continues to torture citizens as the only means to rule and to defeat the enemy; i.e., the unarmed Egyptian citizens themselves.  

14- The former Egyptian presidents Nasser and Sadat, despite their tyranny and many faults, had some achievements; however, Mubarak had no achievements or victories except in torturing and oppressing the Egyptian citizens. The Egyptian military army rejected Mubarak because he desired to appoint his son, who is never part of the military army of Egypt, as his successor; to have a non-military president inside Egypt is a major 'sin' for the military-regime men since 1952. Despite the fact that the men of the Egyptian Central Intelligence and the Egyptian military army men knew about the Jan. 2011 revolt before they took place, they allowed it to take place to get rid of Mubarak and his son, Gamal, and at the same time, they protected Mubarak because he belongs to the military army. At the same time, within rigged presidential elections of 2012, they allowed the terrorist MB group to ascend to power in Egypt so as to expose members of this group as stupid ignoramuses. The deep-state men later organized the 30-million-person massive demonstrations in all major Egyptian cities in the 1st of June – 3rd of July 2013 revolt against the terrorist MB-affiliated president who got deposed. The Egyptian citizens of these massive demonstrations have chosen in the 2014 presidential elections the relatively unknown former defense minister, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, as the President of Egypt. We do believe that Al-Sisi has tortured, humiliated, impoverished, distained, and robbed the Egyptian citizens during his first presidential term and corruption in Egypt soared high into unprecedented levels when compared to presidential terms of Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak, and we do believe that Al-Sisi is preparing the scene to make himself as president for life, and not for his second/last term now; his sons in the military will help him in this respect and will choose a successor from among themselves when he dies so as not to repeat the fatal mistake of Mubarak.         



1- Torture has caused the spread of tyranny inside Egypt – until now. Because of torture, sooner or later, the military rule inside Egypt will come to an end as it contradicts the culture of the modern era of today's world. The downfall/end of the military rule draws near however mighty and powerful it may seem now; it goes against the culture of the modern era; i.e., the military rule is like dinosaurs who were mighty and powerful but died out and went instinct eventually.

2- Sadly, we do believe that the end/downfall of the military rule in Egypt will not be easy; it might bring about bloodbaths. There are 100 million Egyptians living inside Egypt; the River Nile might be affected by the Ethiopian dam and experience a drought; its waters, in the near future, will not be enough to carry millions of corpses!  

3- This is why we will continue our peaceful, intellectual struggle within our political and reformist writings, as we fear for Egypt and the Egyptians, and we fear even for the affluent, criminal retinue class members among them. 

4- We feel very, very sorry for Egypt!

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