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The Conclusion of Our Book Titled (Torment and Torture within a Quranist Vision)


Published in July 10, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- We have written before about torture as the typical crime perpetrated by tyrants against their subjects (or nations) in many articles about history and about politics and also within several books published on our website which include "The Egyptian Life and Society within the Reign of the Mameluke Sultan Qaitbay", "The Political Influence of Sufism on the Mameluke State in Egypt", and "The Persecution of Copts after the Arab Conquest" (found on English on this link: Within our intellectual endeavors to reform the Muhammadans, we stand against the crime of torture; not only because of the fact that some Egyptian Quranists were tortured by the Mubarak regime in Egypt, but also as tyrants everywhere oppress their nations using torture justified by obsequious clergymen of the religions of Satan. Tyrants ride and control clergymen who in turn ride and control gullible, naïve citizens; hence such citizens/nations lose in this world as they live in utter humiliation and depravation and they lose in the Hereafter (as they will enter into Hell) when they obey the misguiding clergymen; hence, the Muhammadans are losers in this world and in the next one as well.         

2- The nations of the West countries got rid of tyranny and the control of clergymen and this has led them to make advances and huge leaps in the horizons of science and scopes of technology; the people in the West have used their mind and reached Islamic/Quranic values denied by the Muhammadans: justice, religious and political freedom, social solidarity, and human rights. Within the climate of religious freedom, some people of the West have reached the fact of monotheism: (There is no God but Allah). hence, the people in the West are winner within this transient world as they live within dignity and within a decent standard of living. Some people of the West will be among the winners in the Hereafter as they embrace monotheism: (There is no God but Allah).         

3- We live in the West now; we can bear witness to what we assert here; in contrast, many Muhammadans who live in the West countries are a disgrace to humanity; i.e., they use civil liberties and freedom of the West to promote terrorism and corrupt values of their earthly/terrestrial, man-made, fabricated religions of Satan. Within our Quranist reformist endeavors, we promote the true image of Islam (i.e., Qurnaism) and to remove the tarnished image offered by such Muhammadans about Islam; yet, sadly, we, as a thinker and writer, suffer media blackout and marginalization.    

4- Many Quran-hating people assume that it is filled with verses about Hell-torment; such people forget the following facts: (1) even in secular legislations made by people in any country, criminals must be punished and they are never made as equals to their victims, (2) the Quran contains verses about Hell-torment and others about describing the bliss and pleasures of Paradise; God mentions both verses to warn and preach living human beings so that they save themselves by their faith and deeds to be among the Paradise-dwellers in the Hereafter and not among the Hell-dwellers, (3) God calls every human being to adhere to repentance, atonement, and making amends, and He never punishes unintentional deeds or forced acts but only those who commit sins and disobey His Quranic commands intentionally, (4) God never burdens any soul beyond its capacity, (5) God will pardon and forgive those who avoided grave sins and will overlook their small mistakes and mishaps and will accept their good deeds, faith, and repentance to admit them into Paradise: "If you avoid the worst of what you are forbidden, We will remit your sins, and admit you by a Gate of Honor." (4:31), (6) lastly, God is never unjust towards human beings; human beings are unjust towards themselves: "God does not wrong the people in the least, but the people wrong their own souls." (10:44); hence, Hell-dwellers will be tormented by their sins committed when they were alive on earth; such sins will turn into Hell-fire and torment that will last for eternity; no one will sleep or die inside Hell.

5- God inflicts temporary torment/adversity on some people in this world as a test for them; those who die as unrepentant, disobedient sinners will be tormented inside Hell forever. Of course, the unjust human beings torture and oppress the innocent ones in this world. We have covered the topic of torment and torture in this BOOK; we have covered how Moses' Pharaoh have inflicted torture on the Israelites and how the Quran mentions this repeatedly to warn human beings against torture and tyranny; yet, no pharaohs/rulers in Egypt and in the Arab world heed the Quranic warning.      

6- We are not responsible for guiding any souls; guidance is a personal responsibility that pertains to each individual. Those who seek guidance will get it for the sake of the fate of their own souls in this world and in the Hereafter; those who adhere to misguidance seek it for the detriment and ruin/perdition of their souls in this world and the next one. We are responsible only for our own soul; each soul is responsible for its fate in the Hereafter; we are striving peacefully within our intellectual endeavors as a thinker to provide means and tools of reform and to spread enlightenment as much as we can to those who seek being reformed and enlightened. We implore the Almighty Lord God to make our person among the dwellers of Paradise in the Hereafter.



Signature: Dr. A. S. Mansour

July, 2018

Springfield, Virginia, the USA         

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