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Hamas and Iran Are Responsible for the Blood of the Victims in Gaza


Published in May 16, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- When we were busy writing more articles which are to be included in our serialized book titled "Torture and Torment within a Quranist Vision", we have decided to have some rest by reading new comments which appeared on our website; we read with great interest the comment (in Arabic) of Ms. Noor Mustafa Ali under our Arabic article titled "The Cursed, Outcast Satan and Entrapping Human Beings into the Hell-Torment" (found on English on this link:

2- Here is her interesting comment: (... God bless you, Dr. Mansour ... I've read your great article, but I have not totally comprehended it. This is because images of human devils of Hamas movement like Ismail Haniyeh, among others, danced before my eyes and my perception and preventing my full understanding of your words. Do devils inspire the leaders of the terrorist Hamas movements to commit the evil they perpetrate against the Gazans (who are killed because of them) or do the devils of the Jinn learn now from those human devils?! Those demons do their best to cause the death of as many people as possible among the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. How the victims and oppressed ones among the Gazans would find a way out of such plight; the Hamas terrorists never achieve victory except within terrorizing and intimidating the poor Gazans! They cause their murder now! The Hamas terrorists have no religion of any type; they believe neither in God nor in the Hereafter, since they cause massacres to occur to the poor Gazans; evil human beings are worse than devils of the Jinn; the Hamas terrorists have no qualms to cause the death of hundreds of Gazans to preserve the existence of the Hamas movement! It is silly that many gullible Gazans (who are hungry and impecunious) now die and sacrifice themselves for nothing! They assume they'd enter into Paradise this way and get rid of their lives! The evil Hamas terrorists have convinced many ignorant, deluded youths to sacrifice their lives so easily! How is this done?! Are such evil schemes set by the Shiite clergymen of Tehran! The deluded Wahabi Gazans are no longer demanding electricity, employment, food, freedom, or hope; they are brainwashed by the Hamas terrorists! What about those who did not die but returned home with serious injuries that mutilated their bodies forever?! The whole Umma/nation are cattle driven unwillingly and deceived by Wahabi lies! Even sheep and cattle might resist butchers for a while, the deluded, brainwashed youths among the Gazans never resist and willingly die and risk their lives for the sake of this Hamas terrorists! Why are such youths so stupid?! They are committing suicide! They never believe in the Quran; they overlook this verse: "...and do not throw yourselves with your own hands into utter ruin..." (2:195). Please, Dr. Mansour, write later on an article about the difference between human devils and devils of the Jinn; I'm sorry for my long comment addressed to you despite your being very busy; I'm fed up with ignorance and delusion filling the atmosphere around me! Such stupidity and such brainwash have exceeded all limits now! ... Thank you ...).

3- On reading this comment, we could no longer finish our articles of the serialized book; the tragedy and the plight of the poor Gazans dominated our thoughts; this is why we have decided to write this article which you are reading now.


Firstly: Hamas is responsible for the blood of the victims in Gaza:

1- Within our book (in English) titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine" (found on this link:, which is also found in French on this link: (, we attack the terrorist Hamas movement and criticize its allowing youths to die at the border with Israel so that the Hamas leaders would make millions of US$. We have attacked Hamas since its reaching authority in the Gaza Strip in 2006 and we have continued our attacking it in many political articles of ours ever since and within lines of some of our books. Only the gullible ones among Arab writers encouraged and supported Hamas at first, whereas we have been among the first writers to attack it as the worst type of authority of Wahabi theocrats and mercenaries who oppress the people of Gaza; they make the Gazans suffer terrorism, siege, intimidation, hunger, and despicable conditions; the Hamas terrorists and their leaders trade with the Palestinian blood to hoard more ill-gotten money within absurd, futile wars whose results are known beforehand; they are mercenaries to obeyed the KSA at one time and they obey Iran now as it pays them more! Hamas terrorists are too weak to face Israel within any military combat; Iran is too weak to launch military attack against Israel. Iran seeks to embarrass Israel by employing the Hamas terrorists who drive the gullible Wahabi Gazans to attack Israeli borders and receive the bullets of Israeli soldiers; the aim is to embarrass Israel, though the Israelis defend their borders and sovereignty, especially that Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip willingly to get rid of its troubles. Yet, the Hamas terrorists continue their absurd, futile war against Israel to amass more millions of US$ into the bank accounts of the evil Hamas leaders, who never care about victims (the killed ones and the injured ones). In fact, the terrorist Hamas leaders desire that the number of victims would increase so that the crocodile tears of Hamas leaders would increase and so would the sums of money within their bank accounts.           

2- As usual, many rulers and presidents issue empty condemnation statements. As for the MB-affiliated Turkish president Erdoğan who massacres many Turkish citizens and Syrian ones, and this is not to mention the Kurdish ones he massacred in the past, he has invaded regions in Syria and never accepts demonstrations at his borders. Yet, he makes use of such absurd, futile theatrical piece of tragedy in the Gaza Strip schemed by the Wahabi MB-affiliated Hamas leaders to issue empty condemnation statements like a typical vociferous devil, and the political ploys by this Turkish president aim to serve his purpose to lead the miserable Sunnite world, because Turkey has abandoned all hope of ever joining the EU. 

3- Eventually, such empty condemnation statements and all such bloodshed is futile; they never change the reality or the fait accompli, as the victims in the Gaza Strip (those injured and those murdered) will never change anything within the status quo; the only difference is that the murdered ones are relieved now of the oppression of Hamas.


Secondly: Iran is responsible for the blood of the victims in Gaza:

 The criminals here are not only the Hamas terrorists; Iran is the main culprit.

1- Iran cannot launch a military war against Israel directly; Iran does this from behind walls (as typical of its policies) by employing proxy wars and agents/mercenaries and terrorist groups. For instance, Iran fights in Yemen using the Houthis as a wall and in Syria using Bashar Al-Assad as a wall, and the wall it employs to fight Israel is the terrorist group Hezbollah. Of course, Iran has its arsenal of vociferous devils in the media who issue statements and launch propaganda war (we have explained the term vociferous devils in our book titled "Our Journey to Israel and Palestine"). Israel is obsessed by its own security and this drives the Israeli to assume that such empty statements by Iranian vociferous devils as serious, veritable threats.   

2- Israel and the USA do not know that the real arch-enemies of Iran are NOT Israel and the USA; regardless of the content of statements issued by the Iranian vociferous devils in the media and their propaganda war, the Shiite Iran's real arch-enemies are Sunnite countries, especially the KSA. After the revolution of 1979 in Iran which has established the Shiite Khomeini rule, Iranian Shiites never cease to try to infiltrate into the majority of the Sunnites (i.e., we should bear in mind that the vast majority of Muhammadans are Sunnites) by the so-called projects of making the Shiite and Sunnite 'doctrines' (as if they were part of Islam!) get nearer to one another. The real aim of such projects was to turn the Sunnite religion into the Shiite religion; i.e., when one day, as per the Iranian vision or hope at the time, the latter would engulf and swallow the former. Such projects have failed miserably when Saddam's Sunnite regime in Iraq launched war against the Shiite Iran. Within the Gulf War, the Iranian influence insidiously spread within Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen overtly and covertly – such influence is still spreading elsewhere slowly but steadily. Such Sunnite-Shiite struggle is being nurtured by enmity between the two religions that has lasted for 14 centuries; such struggle waned at certain eras until the reign of the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi; it has surged once more as it has been ignited by Al-Khomeini.   

3- The Iranian vociferous devils in their media, propaganda war, and empty statements describe the USA by the derogatory epithet (Great Satan) and threaten the existence of Israel as they say they would efface it from the world map. Such vociferous devils serve Iranian leaders who aim to control and brainwash the masses; they spread the falsehood that Israel, the USA, and the West in general conspire against 'Islam' and 'Muslims'; Iranian government assert to the Shiite masses that the governments of the so-called Islamic world prostrate before Israel, the USA, and the West, and Iran does not do so, and this makes Iran claim to have the 'right' to lead and dominate over the so-called Islamic world.   

4- The Iranians would like to add a measure of fake credibility to their 'right' to lead the so-called Islamic world by fighting Israel from behind walls; Iran has employed Hezbollah and this caused the destruction of Lebanon. Now, Iran has employed the Hamas mercenaries and worshiper of Mammon who offered their services to Iran to amass more millions of US$. This is why the Hamas terrorists now sacrifice the deluded youths in the Gaza Strip to embarrass Israel to serve Iranian purposes of issuing anti-Israel statements and other statements of condemnation, unheeded by Israel during the 70 years of its existence when issued by Arab governments. Yet, Israel considers Iran now as the real enemy. Typically, the gullible, naïve Palestinians kill themselves for no reason and without a price (in this world and in the next one as well), while they assume they perform a good deed that would make them enter into Paradise! In fact, they were not killed for God's sake while serving His cause; they were not killed for the sake of enriching the Hamas leaders; this verse within the Quranic sharia apply to them now: "...Restrain your hands..." (4:77). They must stop their violence and seeking to get killed; they lose in this world and they lose their Eternal Life in the Hereafter as they will enter into Hell and not into Paradise; they sacrifice their lives and their blood for the sake of Satan, whereas the winners in this whole affair now are Iran and Hamas terrorists, but they will be among the losers in Hell in the Hereafter.

5- Iran has no borders with Israel, and Israel has never invaded Iranian land and it has never committed aggression against Iran. Iran is the aggressor which causes harm to Israel by supporting and financing Hezbollah and Hamas to command them to commit violence. Iran does not hate Israel; Iran does this evil deeds to serve its propaganda war launched by the vociferous devils to convince Sunnites everywhere to convert to the Shiite religion, as Iran aims to lead, engulf, and swallow the Sunnite world and to spread the Shiite religion everywhere to serve its political, strategic, and economic purposes.    

6- Iran has no borders with the USA and it would not date to compete the USA or launch military war against it; it will never serve Iranian purposes to do so. This fake Iranian enmity against the USA is expressed only in the media; the real aim is that Iran desires to invade and control the oil-rich Gulf monarchies; it is the Persian Gulf, even if Arabs name it as the Arabian Gulf; Iran desire to occupy and rule the Gulf monarchies whose majority of citizens are Shiites ruled by Wahabi Sunnite dynasties; Sunnite Wahabis are the arch-enemies of the Iranian Shiites of course.

7- This is why Iranian ambitions to own nuclear weapons never cease; the West and the USA stand against such Iranian ambitions because such nuclear weapons should never be owned by tyrannical, insane rulers who could destroy the planet earth as per their whims. Yet, Israel and the USA never understand that Iranian nuclear ambitions do not aim to pose a threat to Israel and the USA (both countries own enough deterrence and military might and more advanced, lethal nuclear weapons and other hi-tech weapons when compared with what Iran and any other countries have) but to threaten and intimidate the Sunnite countries and their leaders and rulers, especially the KSA. 

8- After the collapse of the USSR, it was expected that Iran would expand and stretch it influence over regions that belonged to it in previous historical epochs within its ancient empire and within the Middle-Ages. Iran never dares to expand its influence in the north so as not to provoke the fury and ire of Russia which inherited the USSR; instead, Iran has expanded its influence in the west; i.e., within the countries of its Sunnite enemies, especially within the oil-rich Gulf monarchies. So that Iran would be the leader of the Sunnite world one day, the Iranian government must raise banners and slogans of enmity towards Israel and the USA. Iran never dares to engage into direct military war against anyone; Iran fights typically from behind walls; i.e., by employing, arming, and financing the Houthis, Hezbollah, and Hamas terrorists as well as Shiites in Iraq and Shiite agents in other Arab countries. Both the Houthis and the Hezbollah terrorists receive weapons from Iran; in contrast, the 'victories' of the Hamas terrorists are measured by how many of the poor Gazans are killed by Israel.     

9- Iran has chosen the weak sides of the Arab world; i.e., Iraq an Yemen, and it has succeeded so far to expand its influence there; yet, when Iran approached toward Israel, it has encountered red lines in Syria. Thus, Israel has bombarded many Iranian locations in Syria and this embarrassed Iran; Israel even stole documents about the Iranian plans regarding the nuclear weapons. Because Iran cannot risk launching a real military war against Israel, Iran employs the has terrorists who control the Gazans; many gullible youths in the Gaza Strip now demonstrate at the borders with Israel and the Israelis shoot them. This makes Iran achieve victory in its propaganda war and statements of Iranian vociferous devils against Israel; the Hamas leaders received ill-gotten money; i.e., millions of US$, whereas there is no consolation for hundreds of the weak, oppressed Gazans terrorized by the Hamas leaders. 



1- Arabs have undergone several wars against European colonialism and against Israel; Arabs at the time raised the banners of pan-Arabism against European colonial powers and Zionists. Despite any setbacks and defeats, Arabs assumed that their only enemies are the West countries, especially the USA and Israel. When Iran emerged in the arena, inter-Arab civil wars occurred, especially within the Sunnite-Shiite military struggle in several regions, which is revived by the Shiite Iran after it was dormant and almost extinct since the collapse of the Shiite Fatimid caliphate nine centuries ago.     

2- Bloodshed and bloodbaths within the military struggle between the Wahabi Sunnites and the Shiites in the past 20 years caused unprecedented number of victims; such a number exceeds that of the victims of fighting against the European colonialism and Israel for almost a century. What about the future, then?!   

3- It is expected that Sunnite-Shiite war will last for more decades to come, because it is based on religious fanaticism deep-rooted in history and because such a war brings ill-gotten money millions of US$ to leaders and to those who sell, smuggle, and traffic weapons. The leaders of Iran steal the money of Iranian citizens under the pretext of facing the USA, Israel, and Wahabi Sunnites. The terrorists of Hamas never mind changing their loyalties as per the money they receive because they are mercenaries and worshipers of Mammon; the Hamas terrorists  have served at certain points in time the KSA, Syria, and the Gulf monarchies; they serve Iran now (though the Hamas terrorists are Wahabis Sunnites) by sacrificing the life of the Arab Sunnite Gazans as oblation to serve the purposes of the Persian Shiites of Iran. 


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