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Our Journey to Israel and Palestine (5)

Published in the second of April    

Authored by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



Pieces of advice addressed to the Palestinians


Firstly: away from the brainwash, these painful facts must be remembered by all Palestinians:

1- Despite the fact that Israel is in a state of war since 1948, it never resorted to exceptional measures, martial laws, or emergency laws that cripple the freedoms of Israeli citizens; in contrast, Arab tyrants introduce exceptional measures, martial laws, and emergency laws all the time for no reason (or for trivial reasons) and thus oppress Arab citizens.

2- Despite the fact that there are hundreds of millions of Arabs inside the Arab countries, each Arab country is, in fact, one person; i.e., the enthroned tyrant, who owns people and the land and everything else. Egypt's 100 million citizens do not count, as President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi (who is 64 years old now) assumes to embody Egypt and the Egyptian nation. Saudi Arabia's 32.5 million citizens do not count, as the crown-prince M. Ibn Salman (who is 33 years old now) assumes to embody Saudi Arabia and its citizens. This is why all Arab countries are a minority since they are represented only by their ruling tyrants. They are an insignificant minority when compared to Israeli citizens who do count, as each one of them equally own their Israeli State. This is why this active Israeli majority defeats and achieves victory over the Arab minority from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf. Our readers must realize that we are in the era of quality and not quantity. The same applies to the Palestinians; how many are they when compared to Israeli citizens? Abbas and the leaders of Hamas who speak all the time in the name of the Palestinian nation represent only themselves, as they never speak or act on behalf of the ordinary Palestinians who are merely being used by the corrupt leaders in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to amass more ill-gotten money; this is like the Middle-Ages Sunnite notion of tyrants as shepherds making use of their subjects who were like herds of cattle.   

3- Since thousands of years, Palestine has not witnessed the rise of an independent state; it was invaded by many conquerors and empires; eventually, the Oslo Accords allowed autonomy to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and the leader Yasser Arafat at last acknowledged the presence of Israel; thus, after tens of centuries, the Palestinians has a project of a State; they might create a State (or two states) for the very first time. Who is to be thanked for providing this opportunity? No Palestinian leaders ever get united to exert the required efforts to create a State; they are corrupt men who dispute over authority and wealth; they vie to amass as much ill-gotten money as possible by exploiting the poor, oppressed ordinary Palestinians.  

4- Let us suppose that Israel does not exist and that Britain left Palestine for good to the Palestinians and the likes of Abbas and Hamas; in that case, the Palestinians would have lived in misery and despicable conditions like other Arab nations ruled by Arab tyrants in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, and Libya. Thus, after European colonial powers would leave the Levant, the local occupation inside Palestine introduced by the likes of Hamas and Abbas would have been more savage, backward, and tyrannical; this would have allowed the emergence of tyrants in Palestine; we would have seen the emergence of a Palestinian Al-Sisi, a Palestinian Al-Assad, a Palestinian Al-Bashir, a Palestinian Saddam, or a Palestinian Kaddafi. The Palestinians would have tasted the brutal and savage oppression, enslavement, and torture of such tyrants.

5- We feel sorry to say that the establishment of Israel in 1948 has prevented the Palestinians from suffering the same oppression suffered by the Arab nations of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, and Lebanon. We feel sorry to say that Arab tyrants still embrace the backward, obscurantist Middle-Ages culture and its ways of rule; they are shepherds and their (subjects), as they are not deemed as "citizens", are herds of cattle. The West countries got rid of such evil culture centuries ago; Israel belongs to the West culture of democracy and human rights, and this is why its ongoing wars against the Palestinians are more lenient and merciful when compared to the oppression inflicted on the Palestinians by Abbas and Hamas.

6- During their conflict and struggle for authority and wealth, the corrupt Palestinian leaders killed more Palestinians than the ones killed by Israel. Many of our Palestinian friends in the USA (and in Egypt during the late 1970s, as we met some of them who got married and settled in our native village) have told us that Israeli prisons are like five-star hotels when compared to Palestinian prisons, where some of the Palestinian victims were tortured by the PLO men by inserting broken shards of glass into their anuses! Of course, the suffering of the Palestinians is not confined to the one inflicted on them by tyrants in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank; they suffer grave injustices in the Arab countries where they reside and work; the only happy Palestinians inside and outside Israel are those who have obtained the Israeli nationality or the European/American one.

7- The Oslo Accords have allowed the project of a State in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank; yet, the internecine Palestinian struggle and inter-Palestinian fighting resulted in separating the Gaza Strip from the West Bank; the steps of the project of a Palestinian State have not been taken until now; what would have been the case if the British were gone without helping in the establishment of Israel? The Palestinian real, democratic election was a one-time affair, and then democracy was discarded forever; Abbas and Hamas monopolize power and authority now; this is the same backward Arab culture of rule; i.e., the tyrants are shepherds and the subjects are herds of cattle. 

8- Arab tyrants fall into two types as follows.

8/1: Theocratic tyrants who rule using the Sunnite religion, like the Saudi royal family members, or using the Shiite religion, like the clergymen who rule Iran. Of course, theocracy is the worst type of tyranny ever.

8/2: Secular tyrants who ride and control Sunnite clergymen who, in their turn, ride and control the Arab nations; this is how Arab countries are ruled; i.e., this has been the case within the military regime of Egypt, the sectarian rule in Syria, and the autocratic rule of Saddam in Iraq and Kaddafi in Libya, and the corrupt, tyrannical rule of the Palestinian leaders in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, despite the fact that there is not a Palestinian State until now; there is only a project of a State. The Wahabi terrorist MB-affiliated Hamas group members are trying to establish a theocracy in the Gaza Strip, and they control and oppress the poor, ordinary Palestinians, sacrifice their lives and blood, and compromise their security and rights in order to hoard more ill-gotten money within the several bank accounts of the Hamas leaders. The PLO men in the West Bank are corrupt tyrants who ride and control clergymen who, in their turn, ride and control the poor, ordinary Palestinians or the Palestinian nation in general.


Secondly: it is not forbidden to imagine within daydreaming that the oppressed Palestinian nation would understand one day that the real enemy is not Israel but Hamas, Dahlan, and Abbas:

1- An Israeli policeman has entered the house of Netanyahu several times to interrogate him as a suspect linked to a case of corruption; no Palestinian policeman would dare interrogate Abbas about his wealth or the son of Abbas about his wealth; this son of Abbas is a famous businessman whose passport contain the fact that his job is merely being the son of the president of the Palestinian authority! Would the Palestinian nation dare to ask Khaled Mashaal, M. Dahlan, and Ismail Haniyeh (and other leaders) about the source of their wealth?

2- It is not forbidden to imagine within daydreaming that the absolute religious freedom would dominate over the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, as is the case inside Israel with its diverse sects, religious groups, and doctrines of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Ahmadiyya, Baha'is, Druze, and atheists. Many people of different sects (Shiites, Ahmadiyya, Baha'is, and Quranists) cannot announce their faiths in public or proselytize and preach their religions inside the Gaza Strip and the West Bank so that they avoid being killed or persecuted. The Israeli State protects the right of proselytization and all religious freedoms and rights; Netanyahu congratulates Muslims during their feasts; the Israeli embassy in Washington holds an annual Iftar banquet every Ramadan for Muslims; it is not forbidden to wish that this would take place also by Israel inside the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

3- The Hamas group members acquire their ill-gotten money by launching unsophisticated rockets against Israel, while knowing that Israel is protected by the Iron Dome; thus, launching such rockets is of no military use if the Hamas members desire to terrorize Israel; yet, this is of political and financial use to the Hamas members who never care about the lives of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip or 'their' Palestinian nation! After attacking Israel with such rockets, the Hamas members would hide within the densely populated Gaza Strip (it has the highest population density in the Middle East), while eagerly hoping that Israel would bombard the innocent Palestinians there, but Israel does its best to avoid harming civilians in Gaza. After Israel has destroyed some targeted locations, Hamas members/leaders get the desired results as planned earlier; they demand money from many West countries under the pretext of the endeavors to 're-build' Gaza, and they confiscate such millions of US$ to themselves! It is not forbidden to imagine within daydreaming that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip would rebel against Hamas and stand up for their rights by refusing the crime of trading with their blood committed by Hamas leaders!

4- It is not forbidden to imagine within daydreaming that the Gaza Strip would become an independent State enjoying peace with its neighbors (Israel and Egypt) and that this civil State is based on human rights and democracy (without the Hamas terrorists) as well as economic boom which depends on its unique geographical location and free-market policies. In fact, the Gaza Strip before 1967 has been ruled by Egypt and it had free markets and free economy as an ideal location enjoyed by Egyptians who suffered from the socialist economic closure of the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser inside Egypt; at the time, the people of Gaza enjoyed prosperity and welfare; this is in contrast to the misery, terror, and tyranny inflicted on them now by the Hamas members.   

5- It is not forbidden to imagine within daydreaming that the West Bank would become an independent State enjoying peace with its neighbors (Israel and Jordan) and that this civil State is based on human rights and democracy as well as transparency, without Dahlan and Abbas. This State will open its doors to the Palestinians of the diaspora to return and help with their savings to develop this State for the welfare and prosperity of the Palestinian nation.

6- It is not forbidden to imagine within daydreaming that the Palestinians would liberate themselves from pagan idols still worshiped by most Arabs and Egyptians: the homeland and the stretches of land.

6/1: The homeland is not a piece of land where people live merely to satisfy their biological needs like animals; rather, the homeland is where people live while enjoying all human rights and political rights within dignity, equality, justice, religious freedom, and civil liberties. Thus, the homeland is owned by all citizens on equal footing, without difference between males and females and between the poor and the rich. For instance, Egypt as a homeland should be divided equally among its 100 million citizens. Citizens themselves are the homeland, and they own it in the West democracies as per the West culture. In contrast, Arab tyrants own their respective homelands and embody them; they also embody the nation and the State; they are like shepherds controlling, killing, enslaving, and exploiting their herds of cattle or subjects. We refer readers to our article in English titled "Cursed Is a Homeland Owned by a Tyrant!", found on this link: ( We sincerely hope that Arabs and Palestinians would liberate themselves from this holy cow named as (the homeland owned by tyrants). God in the Quran has imposed immigration as a religious duty for those who are persecuted because of their religion inside their homelands; if they afford to immigrate and would not immigrate (though they can do it) to avoid religious persecution, they will enter into Hell; see 4:97-100. This means that the real homeland is the one where people enjoy, and never lose, their freedom and human rights.   

6/2: The stretches of land are not owned by human beings forever; human beings are not immortal on this earth; they live on it only once and then they die; their bodies turn into dust inside the earth from which they have been created, as per the Quran. God is the Sole Owner and Inheritor of earth and everything and everyone on it; see 19:40. Those who struggle for power and scramble for loot and possessions must realize that they are heading towards death with the speed of 60 seconds per minute; within their endless struggles, they forget about death and the Last Day until they die suddenly and are forced to leave the earth or stretches of lands over which they have struggled to own and control. The reasonable persons must realize that millions of human beings struggled and fought in the ancient eras on earth over the stretches of lands and that they died and left this world forever; hence, it is better to live our lifetimes while enjoying all human rights and freedoms and seeking to be among the winners in the Hereafter. The reasonable ones among Arabs and Palestinians are those who realize the fact that tyrants brainwash them with mottos about the homeland, stretches of land, and nationalism to sacrifice them easily (as subjects or herds of cattle) in order to increase the authority and wealth of the tyrants who always dream of annexing more stretches of lands. This applies to the Wahabi tyrannical Hamas terrorists and the Arab tyrants elsewhere.  

7- It is high time that such madness would come to an end.






(1) Ben Levante: I assert here that not all Jews inside or outside Israel are bad or evil; the same applies to Arabs and Palestinians; generalizations are wrong, of course. Within one given race/nation, people differ a great deal. We are to respect the right of one another of holding different political views; discussions within comments in the Quranism website should always be civilized.

(2) Lotfiya Saeed: I hope very much that the vision of Dr. Mansour about the West Bank and the Gaza Strip would be realized one day soon enough; it is legal to have a dream and try to make it true; we thank God for the fact that dreams are available and not censored or confiscated yet.

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