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Where Is now the Saudi Prince Mishaal Ibn Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud the King of Confiscated Lands in Arabia? 

Published in November 9, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


Firstly: this dust that causes torments in this life and Hell torment in the Hereafter:

1- Satan deceived Adam by saying to him: "...O Adam, shall I show you the Tree of Immortality, and a kingdom that never decays?" (20:120). Adam and his wife were deceived to eat from this Forbidden Tree and they descended into Earth, from whose dust they were created; the same dust that contains all elements that form bodies of human beings, animals, and plants. The children of Adam have the same tendency to be deceived by the devils and have the same lust to reach immortality and a kingdom that never decays. Satan and devils deceive most of the progeny of Adam within the same method and this render them misguided; they see death occurring to those around them and sparing no one, but they assume wrongly that they never die; they act as if they were never going to die within their existence on Earth. This false hope of being immortal on Earth leads them to struggle over transient possessions. Being brainwashed by the devils, they perceive their sins and bad deeds as if they were good deeds, until they die and feel remorse after it is too late for them.       

2- God says the following about the Earth: "From it We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it We will bring you out another time." (20:55). This means that Adam and his wife, and consequently the rest of all human beings, are created from dust, eating food created from the dust of the Earth, and they copulate and beget children with souls given to them from God, and they are born, grow up, marry, and beget other children, and then, they eventually die, with their bodies return to the dust from which they were originally created and their souls return to the Barsakh realm from which they came in the first place. Within this limited duration of lifetime on Earth, deeds of human beings are recorded by angels, and such records will be the basis of the Day of Judgment. The vast majority of human beings are losers within this test of life, because they deified and sanctified the dust from which they were created and on which they used to tread, and they died and their bodies have turned into dust; it is the same dust that fed them and from which they were created and on which they used to tread.          

3- Because of this dust, most people commit many injustices and fight and struggle against one another for the sake of owning this dust; they also commit injustice against Almighty God when they worship, deify, and sanctify mortals created from dust like them and when they use dust and other material created from it to fabricate gods and deities, such as pagan idols and mausoleums worshipped by polytheists who seek aid from such godheads. Part of this injustice against Almighty God is to establish fabricated, man-made, earthly religions that deify and sanctify such products made of dust within devilish/Satanist revelations/hadiths/narratives ascribed falsely to God or to Muhammad.  

4- Local history of human beings within any region or country is nothing but wars that broke out mainly because of this dust (i.e., the transient world). Tyrants ascend to power in a given country and assume that they own stretches of lands and people living on them! They feel as if they were owners of the homeland and they embody the homeland or the state and the nation; those who dare to question these tyrants are deemed as enemies/traitors of the homeland. Such lies are based on the fact that tyrants desire to own the dust of the stretches of lands on which citizens live. Where are tyrants now who were watched and heard in media worldwide? They are dust now; they died and turned into decomposed matter that eventually turned into dust.     

5- Within the regional level, human history is filled with nothing but wars and misery caused mainly because of the struggle for the sake of dust. Tyrants desire to invade other neighboring countries and regions to annex new stretches of lands to their kingdoms through warfare, while raising different nationalistic, religious, or racial banners. Eventually, tyrants inevitably die. Where are tyrants of the past? They are dust now; they died and turned into decomposed matter that eventually turned into dust.

6- Within the international level, human history is filled with nothing but wars and misery caused mainly because of the struggle for the sake of dust. Empires were formed by conquering stretches of land owned by others under many pretexts of nationalism, race, or religion. The pretexts of race and nationalism end eventually, whereas the ones based on earthly religions persist and remain, making the heinous crimes of conquests and invasions as 'jihad'. This is the main problem of the Muhammadans from the era of Abou Bakr of Qorayish to the era of the 'caliph' Abou Bakr Al-Baghdadi of ISIS. Where are those caliphs now? They are dust now; they died and turned into decomposed matter that eventually turned into dust.

7- The local, regional, and international human history is nothing but misery for billions of people. What is the number of victims of Arab conquests in areas from borders of China to borders of south of France? What is the number of victims of the Pharaonic, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Mongolian, and Ottoman empires? What is the number of victims of conquests of the Greek Alexander the Great, Caesar of the Romans, Cambyses II of Persia, Darius of Persia, and Genghis Khan and Hulago of the Mongols? What is the number of victims of the Spanish colonialism in the New World, Africa, and Asia? What is the number of victims of the European colonialism worldwide? What is the number of victims of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and the Romanov family? What is the number of victims of WWI and WWII? What is the number of victims of the Japanese invasion of China, the Philippines, and islands of South-Eastern Asia? What is the number of victims of American invasions of Vietnam, Iraq, Central America, and South America? Since the era when humanity knew warfare, misery has never been confined to bloodbaths, but also to those who remain alive to suffer being robbed, raped, humiliated, enslaved, and tortured; those living ones who live such misery feel that their being killed would have been better. What is the number of victims of tyrants in the East and in the West? Tyrants who oppress their nations terrorize citizens by incarceration and torture in prisons and impose impoverishment on them to keep them busy to make ends meet and never would have time and energy to demand political rights or any other rights. All such miseries are caused essentially because of the struggle for owning dust. Eventually tyrants die and turn into dust. Where are tyrants of the past now?  They are dust now; they died and turned into decomposed matter that eventually turned into dust.

8- All local, regional, and international tyrants assume wrongly that they own stretches of lands and people living on it; it is important for them to own and control citizens as "subjects" so that citizens are deprived from owning stretches of lands in their own country; savagery leads some tyrants to commit genocide to steal stretches of lands from their original owners: the USA did so with the Red Indians, and Spain before the USA committed the same crime for some time. Hence, dust or earth is their god/deity, over which they fight and massacre one another until they turn into dust in the same land. They are dust now; they died and turned into decomposed matter that eventually turned into dust.


Secondly: worshiping dust within Saudi confiscation of stretches of lands:

1- The Saudi prince Mishaal Ibn Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud died in 2017, leaving behind one trillion and 430 million SR of cash money, in addition to companies and stretches of lands he confiscated for himself; his title was the king of confiscated lands of Arabia, as he confiscated the biggest number of stretches of land within the Saudi kingdom established by his father, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud. Where is this Saudi prince now? He is dust now; he died and turned into decomposed matter that eventually turned into dust, and his confiscated stretches of lands (the dust he amassed) never benefited him to avoid death. 

2- The Saudi royal family members typically practice (as if this were their right!) this confiscation of stretches of lands owned by the Saudi state or by individuals. The KSA, the name of the Saudi kingdom, gives the impression that the Saudi royal family members own all stretches of land inside Arabia. This is why Saudi princes and their cronies among the high-rank officials compete within confiscation of stretches of lands and walling them, and then , they sell them to citizens or to the Saud state to build projects. Since they are the ones to decide to build projects or to know first that the Saudi state intends to build projects, this or that Saudi prince would readily confiscate stretches of lands to divide them and to sell them to the Saudi state or to citizens (for projects and housing) at high prices! The Saudi royal family members assume that such swindling is 'legal' and 'legitimate' as they originally own the stretches of lands and people living on them!

3- As per published records, stretches of lands confiscated by The Saudi family members are enough to house 15 million citizen, whereas 80% of the citizens are deprived of owning houses and they depend on rented houses, though the KSA is one of the richest countries worldwide with a vast area of more than 2 millionkm2. a frequent joke within social media is about that man who told his friend that he dreamed of being surrounded by confiscated stretches of lands in the desert, and his friend told him this is not a dream; this is life inside the Saudi kingdom! 

4- Those obsequious ministers and the high-rank officials who serve the Saudi family members imitate their masters in confiscating stretches of land using their authority and power. The crisis of stretches of land exacerbated because of such confiscations; even the Saudi family members had to restore some stretches of land (whose areas surpassed that of Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Comoros combined together!) from such ministers and the high-rank officials within the period 2010-2015, within 12 cities and governorates. These stretches of land worth 2.3 trillion SR and their areas (about 1.5 billion km2) surpass the hundredfold of areas of the major European capitals.   

5- Yet, it is impossible that the governmental sectors would interfere in stretches of land confiscated by Saudi princes, especially the elderly princes, and Mishaal Ibn Abdul-Aziz in particular, before his death. 



1- This is the worship of dust initiated by the founder of the Saudi kingdom, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, when he conquered, invaded, and occupied lands of others and made these lands a private ownership to his family members especially his sons who vie for owning as many stretches of land as possible.

2- Eventually, when any Saudi prince meets his death, he will say the following upon dying: "Until, when death comes to one of them, he says, "My Lord, send me back. That I may do right in what I have neglected."..." (23:99-100) and the response will be as follows: "...By no means! It is just a word that he utters. And behind them is Barsakh, until the Day they are resurrected." (23:100). The corpse of any Saudi prince is turned into decomposed matter that reeks foul stench and is gradually turned in to dust. 

3- On the Last Day, God will say the following to those worshipers of dust and worshipers of Satan: "Did I not covenant with you, O Children of Adam, that you shall not worship the Devil? That he is your sworn enemy? And that you shall serve Me? This is a Straight Path. The Devil has misled a great multitude of you. Did you not understand? This is Hellfire, which you were promised. Roast in it today, because you persistently disbelieved." (36:60-64). This means that they did not take from this world but dust and they died and turned into dust, but after the Last Day, they will dwell eternally in Hell, the worst settlement and fate.

4- This fate inside Hell for eternity is not confined to the unjust Saudi prince Mishaal and other unjust ones among the Saudi family members; this is the fate of caliphs from Abou Bakr of Qorayish to Abou Bakr Al-Baghdadi of ISIS and other conquerors and rulers like Thutmose III, Alexander the great, Caesar, Napoleon, and Hitler, as all of them were tyrants who caused bloodshed and massacres forth sake of dust (i.e., the transient world), but eventually, they died and turned into dust, and Hell for eternity is waiting for them.     

5- We are addressing this article to the living persons to warn and preach them so that they might repent soon.


The Best Discourse: God says in the Quran: "It is We who will inherit the Earth and everyone on it, and to Us they will be returned." (19:40). As always, God says nothing but the Absolute Truth. 

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