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Refuting the Lie of the Saudi Crown-Prince Regarding the 'Return" of the KSA to 'Moderate' Islam


Published in October 25, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1-  The Saudi crown-prince, M. Ibn Salman, has expressed in a recent TV talk show that the KSA aims to return to 'moderate' Islam, which was the one adopted before 1979.

2- The crown-prince forgets that in the 1970s, the Sacred Kaaba Mosque was invaded by the Wahabi terrorist Juhayman Al-Otaybi, who was the disciple of Ibn Baz, the mufti of the KSA. We have analyzed this terrorist act of Al-Otaybi in our book titled "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century" (found in English on this link:

3- The crown-prince might have meant to indirectly respond to the criticism leveled at the KSA by the Turkish 'sultan' Erdoğan, who is a member of the terrorist MB group, one of the enemies of the KSA. Erdoğan does not like what the KSA announced regarding 'reviewing' and 'sifting' Sunnite hadiths. Of course, Erdoğan desires to appear as if more 'religious' than the rulers of the KSA; he is not  specialist in sects, hadiths, and laws of the Sunnite religion, as he cares only for becoming one day the 'leader' of the 'Islamic' world that will face the EU and the USA. We have written an article showing the danger of such tendencies of Erdoğan, when a failed coup d'état occurred in Turkey and the Russian ambassador there was assassinated (this article is found in English on this link:  

4- We refute such a lie by the Saudi crown-prince by presenting Quranic facts and facts of history.


Firstly: is there something called 'moderate' Islam and 'terrorist, extremist' Islam?!:

1- The Saudi crown-prince has adopted the common political discourse that contain fundamental errors. There is nothing called 'moderate' Islam; this strange term implies as if Islam were of several types to choose from (light, moderate/medium, and extremist/heavy!), and it is as if the crown-prince desires to get rid of the extremist, terrorist variety to adhere to a 'moderate' variety! Of course, Islam given to Muhammad is one thing: the Quran. 

2- Thus, the words of the Saudi crown-prince implies that the KSA since 1979 never followed the real Islam of Muhammad, but disbelieved in it, as real Islam is the Quran sent by God's mercy and made to descend to Muhammad: "We did not send you except as mercy to the humankind." (21:107).


Secondly: Islam is one religion with one Book to all humanity until the end of days:

1- Real Muslims who seek God's mercy believes that Islam is one religions with no varieties within it and that Islam is contained only in One Book: God's Word: the Quran. the Quranic message is God's Final Word to all human beings till the end of days. Real Muslims  know that Islam is the religion of justice, peace, mercy, religious freedom, political freedom, human rights, and human dignity. This is understood ONLY in case one reads the Quran as per its own Quranic terminology, while believing it is the only source of Islam used as the sole criterion to judge deeds of those who deem themselves as 'Muslims' while they distort it and tarnish its name with their crimes.  

2- Away from the distortions introduced by Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis, Truth-seeking Muslims know that Islam is One Religion, whereas Muslims (whom we call as the Muhammadans) have their own sects and doctrines and they dispute with one another and that the Shiite, Sunnite, and Sufi religions are indeed earthly, fabricated, man-made religions that have nothing to do with Islam (i.e., the Quran). Sunnite Sufism contains the larger part of the Muhammadans, as Sunnite Sufis apply Sunnite sharia laws while worshipping mausoleums. The Sunnite religion has four main doctrines, but the worst of them all is the Ibn Hanbal doctrine of terrorism, fanaticism, extremism, and bigotry. This Ibn Hanbal doctrine has evolved into Wahabism, the doctrine established by M. Abdul-Wahab. Wahabism is the religion of terrorism, theocracy, and tyranny; this wicked religion of Satan till exist in our modern era of democracy and human rights.       


Thirdly: the danger of mixing between Islam and Muslims:

1- It is a grave error and a huge mistake to assume that Islam is responsible for crimes committed by Muslims/Muhammadans since the era of Arab conquests until now. This assumption is a grave injustice against Islam; crimes if Sufis, Sunnites, and Shiites have nothing to do with Islam (i.e., the Quran). 

2- It is illogical that when a Muslim commits a crime, people would assume that Islam is the reason behind this crime. It is very wrong and silly to suppose that any Muslim person represents Islam or to be dealt with as a reference embodying Islam and its Quranic sharia. How come that any religion would have billions of 'representatives' in history till our modern time?! This is sheer madness and utter nonsense! 


Fourthly: why Christianity is not measured using the same standard?!:

1- What proves that non-Muslims insist on insulting Islam in that way is that they never accuse Christianity of being the cause of crimes committed by Christians in history and in the modern era: Byzantines who severely persecuted Egyptian Coptic Christians, crimes of catholic popes and their alliance to European kings, crimes and bloodbaths of crusaders in Constantinople and Jerusalem, Spanish inquisitions and persecution of Muslims and Jews in Spain after the fall of Granada, crimes and massacres of the Spanish, English, and French people in the two Americas and in Asia, American Christians massacring the millions of the Red Indians the original inhabitants, crimes of European colonial powers in the Arab world and Asia, the crimes of opium wars in China, the American crimes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Vietnam, and Iraq, Nazi crimes in WWII. And Serbian crimes against Muslims in the Balkans. N all such history, no one accused Christianity of being the direct cause. Why would some people ascribe the terrorist group called Boko Haram to Islam, whereas no one ascribes the Lord's Resistance Army in Africa to Christianity?!        

2- No one ascribes to Buddhism what the Japanese have done in Pearl Harbor and in China in areas invaded by Japan in WWII. No one ascribes to Buddhism persecution and massacres inflicted on the weak, helpless Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. 

3- When Mao Zedong and Stalin massacred millions of people in Asia, no one ascribes such massacres to communism.

4- Thus, the earthly, man-made religions are NOT accused of being the cause of crimes committed by some of their followers; yet, Islam is accused now of being the cause of crimes committed by those who deem themselves as 'Muslims'. Islam, as the divine religion of God, is recorded in One Book that error never comes to it at all, as God preserves its text. Thus, the Quran is the sole criterion for Quranists to judge deeds and behaviors of all people who believe or disbelieve in the Quran.    


Fifthly: there is no person representing Islam, even Muhammad:

1- It is wrong to assume that any 'Muslims' embody Islam; they even have invented other appellations to their religions: Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions, and they have deemed the Quran as NOT enough for them as they adhere to fabricated hadiths/books of Al-Bokhary and his likes, placing such narratives above the Quran itself under the pretext that they replacing the Quranic sharia legislations! 

2- Islam is never embodied by any persons. Islam is not embodied by Muhammad himself. We refer readers to our article titled "Muhammad Does not Embody Islam, Let Alone Muslims" (found in English on this link: Proof: some Quranic verses reproach, rebuke, and command Muhammad, while asserting he will be judged on the Last Day like the rest of all humanity including his foes. If Muhammad were embodying Islam, he would not have been mentioned in the Quran as a mortal who will be judged on the Last Day.

3- Hence, to consider Muhammad as embodiment of Islam is notion of disbelief that reflects rejection of the Quranic message of Islam. This weird notion adopted by most Muhammadans imply as if Muhammad were the author of Islam and caused narratives/hadiths to replace Quranic verses! Real Muslims must reject such a polytheistic notion; as per the Quran, we believe only in the fact that the only mission of Muhammad was to convey the Quranic message given to him through arch-angel Gabriel from the Lord God: the Sole Owner of the Judgment Day and of the Monotheistic Religion of Islam. Thus, the only reference in Islam is God's Word: the Quran.    


Sixthly: how did this mixing between Islam and Muslims occur?

1- Such a falsehood has begun with the Arab conquests, the source and basis of all evils in history of Muslims (the Muhammadans) that marks the rejection of Islam (i.e., the Quran) by the so-called companions and their caliphs in Arabia (Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman, and Ali) when they raised the banner of Islam falsely and deceitfully to conquer other nations to loot, enslave, dominate, and invade. Within the margin of such rejection of Quranic teachings, the earthly, fabricated Sunnite religion has emerged to endorse features of terrorism, domination, theocracy, and authoritarianism. As a reaction to the Sunnite religion of desert-Arabs who conquered the Persian Empire, the Shiite one has emerged to represent Persian nationalism. Within the margin of the Shiite religion, the Sufi religion has emerged to represent religiosity of the masses.     

2- As per our previous writings on the emergence of the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions of the Muhammadans, Wahabism has emerged as a revival of the Ibn Hanbal extremist Sunnite doctrine, applied by the emergence of the first Saudi state that considered that the only 'Muslims' are Wahabis who must fight all non-Wahabis everywhere.  

3- Enemies of the Quran (i.e., real and only Islam) rejoice at associating crimes of the Muhammadans in all eras with Islam so that the name of this great religion would be tarnished. Superficial scholars and researchers in many centers, universities, and specializations, especially political sociology maintain this falsehood in their writings and so are media people in the press and TV. Thus, it has been a common mistake to link terrorist Wahabis, especially the MB group and other Wahabi opposition movements, to the name of Islam by calling them "Islamists".    


Seventhly: what does the crown-prince mean by returning to 'moderate' Islam that existed in the KSA before 1979?

1- What has dominated the KSA before and after 1979 is never 'moderate' Islam; rather it is a terrorist, bloody religion called Wahabism; thus, the crown-prince indirectly describes deeds of his paternal uncles (the late kings: Khaled, Fahd, and Abdullah) as terrorism and not 'moderate' Islam. 

2- What about deeds of this crown-prince who is the de facto ruler of the KSA since his father, king Salman, ascended the throne. We have the right to ask about the one who is responsible for massacres occurring now in Yemen.

3- It is a fatal mistake to assume that the KSA witnessed the so-called 'moderate' Islam that urged peace and tolerance before 1979.

3/1: The third, current Saudi state was established over the corpses of about one hundred thousand victims killed within a series of massacres; chief among them is the massacre of Al-Ta'if committed shortly before Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud conquered Mecca. There are massacres that are less known because media at the time did not cover them, unlike the case with the massacre of Al-Ta'if. The Najd Brothers committed massacres in Iraq and the Levant while they helped Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud to establish his kingdom, and when they opposed him and fought & rebelled against him, he defeated them in the battle of Sabilla.  

3/2: Saudi Wahabism is responsible for massacres committed by the Wahabi army of Pakistan (in the West of India, nearer the KSA) against millions of Sufis in the Bengal of the East who refused to convert to Sunnite Wahabism (thus deemed 'infidels' who deserve to be put to death!), and this led to the creation of the state of Bangladesh with the help of Indira Gandhi of India.  

3/3: Wahabism is the direct cause of the civil war in Algeria as the Wahabi trend there reached power through elections and this has been opposed by the military there. Wahabism caused the emergence of terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda. Wahabism is the religion of the terrorist Juhayman Al-Otaybi. Until recently, Wahabi sheikhs and clergymen in the KSA declared their support to ISIS terrorists and jihadists in Syria. Indeed, the ISIS terrorists have emerged from directly from Wahabism and the KSA. ISIS now is an enemy of the KSA; yet, ISIS cannot reject Saudi Wahabism; even ISIS taught Saudi Wahabi curricula when it invaded certain areas in Iraq and the Syria. The same curricula are taught by Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Youths' movement in Somalia. Even the Cairo-base Al-Azhar cannot disown ISIS, because the cursed religion of ISIS, i.e., Wahabism, is the religion of Al-Azhar institution now in these times of degeneration.        

4- The KSA never witnessed any religious 'moderation'; its religion remains the Wahabi religion of terrorism while hijacking the name of Islam and ascribing Wahabism falsely and forcibly to Islam.



1- If the Saudi crown-prince embraces what he calls as 'moderate' Islam, why would not he stop the war in Yemen and torture in Saudi  prisons? Why do not he release the innocent ones from Saudi prisons? Of course, he can do this if he wants to, as he controls everything in the KSA now.

2- Does the so-called 'moderate' Islam allow the crown-prince to continue massacring children of Yemen and torturing innocent people on a daily basis in Saudi prisons?!  

3- This grave injustice regarding Islam must be stopped.

4- The Best Discourse: "Do not ever think that God is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only defers them until a Day when the sights stare. Their necks outstretched, their heads upraised, their gaze unblinking, their hearts void. And warn mankind of the Day when the punishment will come upon them, and the wicked will say, "Our Lord, defer us for a little while, and we will answer Your call and follow the messengers." Did you not swear before that there will be no passing away for you? And you inhabited the homes of those who wronged themselves, and it became clear to you how We dealt with them, and We cited for you the examples. They planned their plans, but their plans are known to God, even if their plans can eliminate mountains. Do not ever think that God will break His promise to His messengers. God is Strong, Able to Avenge. On the Day when the earth is changed into another earth, and the heavens, and they will emerge before God, the One, the Dominant. On that Day, you will see the sinners bound together in chains. Their garments made of tar, and the Fire covering their faces. That God may repay each soul according to what it has earned. God is Quick in reckoning. This is a proclamation for the humankind ,that they may be warned thereby, and know that He is One God, and that people of understanding may remember." (14:42-52). As always, God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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