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The Muhammadans and Wasting Islamic Acts of Worship

The Muhammadans and Wasting Islamic Acts of Worship

Published in April 22, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


 We have received this message via email, from a Quranist man living in a Gulf monarchy,  God bless him, and we partially quote it, followed by our reply.

(... I'm overjoyed to watch you as a guest in a show at Al-Hurra TV; please repeat your presence in many TV shows ... I have a question that I'd like to be permitted to put to you, Sir ... We were taught at school that the humankind is created to worship God and to roam the earth to fill it with life; unlike fanatics who insist that people are to spend all their lifetimes in acts of worship. Fanatics think that sex with one's spouse, raising children, and all acts must be dedicated to God as acts of worship! Is that true as far as Quranism is concerned? How one can be useful on earth or within one's society? Most people in my country are well-off and perform acts of worship routinely; they talk of nothing but possessions, travels, vacations, food, buying, selling, etc. within a consumerist society habits. In fact, most people I know perform the daily prayers, pay zakat, fast during Ramadan, perform Hajj in five-star hotels, listen to music and singing at concerts (but without wine and revealing clothes); in fact, most people do not toil at work at my city; they are affluent and rarely talk about religion and the Last Day ... A relative of mine inherited his dead father's wealth and got married and roam the world all the time, traveling for fun and enjoyment from one country to the other, spending all his time in pleasures with his wife, but without sinning, as far as he tells me via the internet and the phone; he performs all acts of worship regularly and adheres to the hadith of five pillars of Islam. But is it OK to spend all our lifetimes in pleasures like this? What else we're supposed to do? What do you think? ... Thank you ...)            



Firstly: the distorted typical image of the Muhammadans who believe in the myth/hadith of five pillars of 'Islam'

1- This 'idealistic' typical image of the Muhammadans as if infallible and pious all their lives is a distorted image found only in historical period Arabic movies, and we have debunked and dispelled this myth in our article (in English) titled "This Cursed Hadith of the So-Called Five Pillars of Islam" found on this link:      

2- O course, media and religious discourse etc. spread this false image about Muhammadans, based on this cursed hadith that begins with polytheism of adding the name of a mortal to the testimony of Islam: (There is no God but Allah) by making it a dual testimony by adding the phrase: (and Muhammad is his Prophet). This hadith spreads another sin that as if Islam is nothing but acts of worship: fasting, prayers, zakat, and pilgrimage. More details in the article we refer to in the link above; we focus here on this article that this hadith and those who adhere to it waste the real meaning of acts of worship    


Secondly: features of the religious beliefs of the 'religious' Muhammadans:

1- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' do not believe in God only; they have other deities/saints beside Him, and what proves this is that they insist on uttering the dual testimony (by forcibly adding the name of the Muhammad) instead of the true one of monotheism, and this dual testimony turns into triple testimony by Shiites by their adding names of Muhammad and Ali (as the latter is their supreme deity/saint). For more details, we refer readers to our article (in English) titled "The Testimony of Islam Is (There Is No God But Allah) ONLY!" found on this link:

2- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' insist on never deifying, glorifying, and sanctifying Allah alone as our Lord God; rather, they insist on doing the same to hundreds of thousands of mortals. For instance, Sunnite Muhammadans deify Muhammad and the four pre-Umayyad caliphs as well as the so-called companions of the prophet and other generations after them and the imams/scholars of hadiths and fiqh (thus, about 100 thousand person). Likewise, the Shiite Muhammadans deify the household members of Muhammad, and his paternal uncle's son, Ali and his wife Fatima and their progeny and household members, in addition to all imams and scholars (dead or alive) of the Shiite clergy past and present and give them honorific titles with divine epithets like Ayatollah etc. (thus, about 100 thousand person). Likewise, the Sufi Muhammadans have many Sufi orders that deify many Sufi saints and sheikhs of these orders (dead or alive) past and present, plus worshipping all deities of Sunnites and Shiites (thus, about 100 thousand person). Eventually, 99.5% of deification in their hearts and minds goes to sanctified mortals, and only .5% remains to deify and sanctify God! this is blasphemy and polytheism; 100% of sanctification and deification must be ONLY to Allah, our lord God, without partners or associates.    

3- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' never worship only God; it is impossible for them to perform pilgrimage to Mecca at the Sacred Kaaba Mosque without worshipping at the so-called Yathreb mosque mausoleum, deemed a 'holy' site though it is a Satanist polytheistic fabrication of the devils. They never announce the call to prayers (i.e., Azan) unless by mentioning the name of Muhammad beside God; this is polytheism and indicates the sin of deifying Muhammad. They never pray to God alone; they must mention saints and Muhammad (and his household members) in their prayers and they pray additional 'Sunna' prayers daily dedicated only and solely to Muhammad! Shiites (and some Sunnites) worship at mausoleums of tens of entombed saints especially at mausoleums ascribed to the household members of Muhammad, while Sufis have thousands of mausoleums of their own saints everywhere!

4- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' insist on rejecting the notion of monotheistic worship dedicated only to God and refuse adamantly to believe in Him alone; they insist on believing in saints and mortal deities they have fashioned for themselves among historical figures. On the Last Day, they will be among Hell dwellers and they will implore God to let them out of it, but their request will be refused, and they will be told the following: "That is because when God alone was called upon, you disbelieved; but when others were associated with Him, you believed. Judgment rests with God the Sublime, the Majestic." (40:12)

5- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' imitate and follow the footsteps of the disbelievers among the people of Abraham who were polytheists; they worshipped God alongside with their idols and deities made of stone; monotheistic believers told the following to polytheists among the people of Abraham:"..."We are quit of you, and what you worship apart from God. We denounce you. Enmity and hatred has surfaced between us and you, forever, until you believe in God alone."..." (60:4).

6- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' insist on rejecting the notion of worshipping only God when Quranists urge them never to worship or visit the Satanist Yathreb mausoleum or to stop believing in the book of Al-Bokhary; the Muhammadans will repeat the meaning of this verse to reject the call of Quranist preachers: "...Did you come to us to make us worship God alone, and abandon what our ancestors used to worship?..." (7:70).

7- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' adamantly refuse to believe that the Quran is the only celestial Scripture/Book in Islam and refuse to glorify and remember the name of the Lord God alone; as they must do the same for their saints/deities; those Muhammadans cringe at the mentioning and remembering of God alone without their saints/allies and deities; this verse applies to them and their likes: "...And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion." (17:46)

8- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' feel aversion if Quranists preach them using the Quran and without using myths like fiqh and Sunna hadiths; when those Muhammadans hear the name of the Lord God (Allah) mentioned before them, their hearts never shake in piety nor their tongues glorify His Holy Name; besides, they feel aversion if mentioning God is never linked to the mention and glorification of Muhammad and to uttering the so-called hadiths. In contrast, those Muhammadans readily and piously glorify Muhammad in loud voices once his name is uttered before them, as if they were in a devout act of worship; they indeed worship an imaginary figure named Muhammad as a deity beside, or above God, and this figure has nothing to do with the mortal prophet at all: this verse applies to them: "When God alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with resentment. But when those other than Him are mentioned, they become filled with joy." (39:45). 

9- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' donate money to build harmful mosques of dissent that spread polytheism and Wahabi terrorism, while forgetting these verses: "It is not for the polytheists to attend God's places of worship while professing their disbelief. These-their works are in vain, and in the Hell-Fire they will abide. The only people to attend God's places of worship are those who believe in God and the Last Day, and pray regularly, and practice regular charity, and fear none but God. These are most likely to be guided." (9:17-18). 

10- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' donate money to Sunnite/Shiite/Sufi religious societies that spread polytheistic notions and repel people away from God's Path: the Quran, and they assume they do something good an rewarding in terms of religion; they forget these verses of course: "Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to repel from God's path. They will spend it, then it will become a source of sorrow for them, and then they will be defeated. Those who disbelieve will be herded into Hell." (8:36); "Say, "Shall We inform you of the greatest losers in their works?" "Those whose efforts in this world are misguided, while they assume that they are doing well."" (18:103-104).

11- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' will not believe only in God alone until the Last Day when they witness the might of the Lord God and realize how wrong they've been during their lifetimes: "Then, when they witnessed Our might, they said, "We believe in God alone, and we reject what we used to associate with Him."" (40:84).

12- Those Muhammadans who are 'religious' assume that it is enough to believe in the existence of God! they have no qualms about deifying, glorifying, and sanctifying beside Him mortals (prophets, saints, imams, clergy, criminals, caliphs, etc.). This is the mentality of polytheists and disbelievers; the people of Abraham used to worship God and to believe in Him, and at the same time, they worshipped and revered their pagan idols/deities without seeing the contradiction. This is why Abraham said to them: "So what is your opinion about the Lord of the Worlds?"" (37:87). It is the negative opinion shared by all disbelievers and polytheists about Almighty God, whom will be punished in Hell for it: "And He will punish the hypocrites, male and female, and the idolaters, male and female, those who harbor evil thoughts about God. They are surrounded by evil; and God is angry with them, and has cursed them, and has prepared for them Hell-a miserable destination." (48:6). 


Thirdly: those 'religious' Muhammadans never understand the Islamic concept of worship:

This concept is derived from the following.

1- The testimony of Islam/submission to God is as follows: (There is no God but Allah), with no more and no less words at all. The Muhammadans who pray daily utter this verse "It is You we worship, and upon You we call for help." (1:5). This means that all acts of worship must be entirely dedicated only to God; yet, the Muhammadans utter the Quranic Chapter One in vain, as their deeds, minds, and hearts violate 1:5.

2- Dedicating one's religion only to God in faith and piety and in the fear of the Lord: "We sent down to you the Book with the truth, so serve God, devoting your religion to Him. Is not to God that sincere faith is due? As for those who take guardians besides Him, "We only worship them that they may bring us nearer to God." God will judge between them regarding their differences. God does not guide the lying blasphemer." (39:2-3); "Say, "I was commanded to serve God, devoting my religion exclusively to Him. And I was commanded to be the first of those who submit." Say, "I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the punishment of a horrendous Day." Say, "It is God I worship, sincere in my faith in Him."" (39:11-14).

3- The firm unshakable faith and belief in God the Creator with no gods beside Him: "O people! Worship your Lord who created you and those before you, that you may attain piety. He who made the earth a habitat for you, and the sky a structure, and sends water down from the sky, and brings out fruits thereby, as a sustenance for you. Therefore, do not assign rivals to God while you know." (2:21-22); "Such is God, your Lord. There is no god except He, the Creator of all things; so worship Him. He is responsible for everything." (6:102).

4- All celestial messages of God contained the same notion of monotheism conveyed by all prophets and messengers as they used to say the following to their peoples: "...O my people! Worship Allah; you have no God other than Him..." (7:59); "That you shall worship none but God..." (11:2). The same call is repeated in the Quran addressing the People of the Book: "Say, "O People of the Book, come to terms common between us and you: that we worship none but God, and that we associate nothing with Him, and that none of us takes others as deities besides God." And if they turn away, say, "Bear witness that we have submitted."" (3:64). The Muhammadans take Muhammad, the so-called companions, saints, clergy, and imams as deities alongside with God, and the Quran is never enough for them: "Does it not suffice them that We revealed to you the Scripture, which is recited to them? In that is mercy and a reminder for people who believe. Say, "God suffices as witness between you and me. He knows everything in the heavens and the Earth. Those who believe in vanity and reject God-it is they who are the losers."" (29:51-52).



The concept of worship within Islam (Quranism) includes all activities of a given human being during his/her lifetime; acts of worship are never confined to fasting, prayers, zakat, and pilgrimage, as they include the following.

1- Charity and kindness in deeds, words, behavior, and using one's money: "Worship God, and ascribe no partners to Him, and be good to the parents, and the relatives, and the orphans, and the poor, and the neighbor next door, and the distant neighbor, and the close associate, and the traveler, and your servants. God does not love the arrogant showoff." (4:36).

2- Enjoying lawful and permitted items while thanking God for His bounties: "O you who believe! Eat of the good things We have provided for you, and give thanks to God, if it is Him that you serve." (2:172).

3- Roaming the earth and establishing life on it to seek earnings: some ancient peoples, like Aad and Thamood mentioned in the Quran, established magnificent awe-inspiring monuments but they remained as disbelievers and God has smitten them. The prophet Saleh said to Thamood: "..."O my people, worship God, you have no god other than Him. He initiated you from the earth, and settled you in it. So seek His forgiveness, and repent to Him. My Lord is Near and Responsive."" (11:61). Real believers must invest resources of the earth to spread goodness, and bounties of God, among fellow human beings to make each one get his/her earnings and share, as per this divine command: "It is He who made the earth manageable for you, so travel its regions, and eat of His provisions. To Him is the Resurgence." (67:15).

4- Roaming the earth and traveling its regions (within tourism):

4/1: We are urged in the Quran to study ancient civilizations and draw lessons: "Have they not travelled the earth and seen how those before them ended up? They were more powerful than them, and they cultivated the land and developed it more than they developed it..." (30:9). Yet, Wahabis deem visiting monuments as prohibited as if one is going to worship them!

4/2: We are urged to excavate and discover nature within science to glorify the Lord our Creator Who created the world and the universe: "Have they not seen how God originates the creation, and then reproduces it? This is easy for God. Say, "Roam the earth, and observe how He originated the creation." Then God will bring about the next existence. God has power over all things."" (29:19-20). The West countries do that, whereas thee Muhammadans never do that.

4/3: We are urged to seek to earn our living in our lifetimes by traveling and roaming the earth: "...So seek your livelihood from God, and worship Him, and thank Him. To Him you will be returned."" (29:17).

4/4: God's earth is vast, but our lifetimes are short; all our deeds, words, acts, etc. within our temporary journey on life must please God and we must obey His commands: it is an act of worship to roam the earth, then and see the glory of God in nature: "O My servants who have believed: My earth is vast, so worship Me alone. Every soul will taste death. Then to Us you will be returned." (29:56-57)

5- Thus, there are many acts of worship never heeded by the Muhammadans; likewise, there are many faith tenets they ignore linked to monotheism.

6- We would like that readers should mark these words very well: with full devotion of one's heart, mind, and soul only to Almighty God in devoutness, piety, and the fear of Him, and being thankful to God for His bounties, all behavior and demeanor of the pious believers are thus deemed acts of worshipping the Almighty Lord.


Lastly: our last reply to the above message:

1- Those affluent ones mentioned in the above message sent to us may be among the guided believers if the dedicate their religion ONLY to the Almighty Dominant Lord without deifying and sanctifying mortals (dead or alive) or items/things and tombs; likewise, they may be among the misguided ones if they worship at mausoleums (esp. in the Yathreb mosque), utter the dual testimony of polytheism, mention mortals/'saints' in prayers, etc.

2- This is a choice and a test for all human beings; we must bear in mind all the time that all of the humankind will meet before the Almighty One Dominant Lord on the Last Day.

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