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"...We Do Not Desire the Ignorants." (Holy Quran 28:55)

"...We Do Not Desire the Ignorants." (Holy Quran 28:55)


Published in May 7, 2010

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy  



 Since we began in 1977 to tread on the bumpy road and thorny route of reforming Muslims (i.e., Muhammadans) using the Quran only (i.e., Quranism), many people never cease to level accusations at us, verbally abuse us, and hurl an avalanche of repeated questions at us. If we were to answer each question, we would have no time to write, sleep, or get some rest. The only cure faith-wise is the Quran; this is the only and sole criterion to judge and measure what we do and think as a writer/thinker seeking reform on all levels and within how we deal with all people. We tackle in this article this type of people described as the ignorant and those who adhere to idle talk and distracting tales, and God in the Quran commands us to avoid them, stay away from them, and never to respond to them: "And when they hear vain talk, they avoid it, and say, "We have our deeds, and you have your deeds; peace be upon you; we do not desire the ignorant."" (28:55); "Those who avoid idle talk." (23:3); "The servants of the Merciful are those who walk the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, "Peace."" (25:63). This entails some explanation below.


The term ''ignorance'' in the Quran means polytheism and disbelief:

 As per Quranic terminology, we notice that the term ''ignorance'' and its derivations describe polytheists who worship, sanctify, and deify mortals and items/things. This is typical of the Qorayish tribesmen, whose affluent leaders debated with Muhammad to justify their worship of idols made of stones, and God has commanded to stay away from those ignorant polytheists: "Be tolerant, and command decency, and avoid the ignorant." (7:199); "Say, "Is it other than God you instruct me to worship, you ignorant ones?"" (39:64). God has warned some prophets against being among the ignorant; see 6:35 and 11:46. The term ''knowledge'' in the Quranic text refers only to the celestial messages of God given to messengers and prophets to convey to people (e.g., the Quran); and God has said the following to Muhammad about the Quran as the last message of God to humanity: "...Do not be hasty with the Quran before its inspiration to you is concluded, and say, "My Lord, increase me in knowledge."" (20:114). Thus, knowledge here refers only to the Quran, as its verses were inspired to Muhammad intermittently; besides, this miraculous verse refers to the fact that the Quranic knowledge consists of 114 chapters. The Quran repeats to Muhammad the phrase "..after the knowledge that has come to you..." in many verses to refer to the Quran itself.


Knowledge also means real faith:

 In some Quranic verses, the term (knowledge) means real faith as an opposite word to ignorance/disbelief/polytheism: "...God elevates those among you who believe, and those given knowledge, many steps..." (58:11); "On the Day when the Hour takes place, the sinners will swear they had stayed but an hour. Thus they were deluded. But those endowed with knowledge and faith will say, "You remained in God's Book until the Day of Resurrection. This is the Day of Resurrection, but you did not know."" (30:55-56); polytheists are described as ignorant ones lacking knowledge in 3:66 and 4:157, and see also 6:100, 6:108, 6:119, 6:140, 6:143, and 6:148 to quote but few examples. This is why era of polytheism (or pre-Islamic era) is described as (the age of ignorance) before the advent of Islam, as polytheists ignored or marginalized God for the sake of their gods they carved and fabricated.


Polytheists and misguiding others without knowledge:

 The worst type of the ignorant ones are those who misguide people with their myths as they lack Quranic knowledge, and God warns us against such ignoramuses who misguide people by ascribing lies and falsehoods to God and his prophets in order to disbelieve in the divine inspiration or God's knowledge conveyed to us: the celestial message of the Quran: "...Who does greater wrong than he who invents lies and attributes them to God, in order to mislead people without knowledge? God does not guide the unjust ones." (6:144). This means that those polytheists combine their ignorance to lies fashioned and concocted to be ascribed to God's religion to intentionally misguide other people.


Debating with falsehoods and ignorance:

 This type of ignoramuses is described in the Quran to make us be warned against it in all locations and eras. These descriptions include the fact that these people debate with falsehoods an lies in an attempt to refute the Quranic Truth, and they hide their own doubts by trying at all costs to prove themselves right and to make people admit they are so: "And among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, or guidance, or an enlightening scripture." (22:8); "...Yet among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, without guidance, and without an enlightening Scripture." (31:20). Because such misguiding ignorant polytheists discard Quranic knowledge, they arm themselves with devilish falsehoods and fake narratives of Satan's doing: "Among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, and follows every defiant devil." (22:4).


The continuity of such ignorance and debating with lies in all locations and eras:

 When God says in many verses the expression (among the people...) this means that this is a fact that is repeated within all societies, eras, and locations as long as the human race exists on Earth until the end of days. It is among miraculous predictions of the Quran that the deeds and words of the Qorayish polytheists are repeated in all eras: to debate in an attempt to undermine the Quran, to disbelieve in it, to prevent people from reading and listening to it, distracting others away from it by false narratives, etc. We personally have seen such deeds and words by the Sunnite polytheists who assume that the devilish, Satanist narratives/hadiths supplant and replace the Quran and they tried in vain to debate with us to refute Quranism; these verses apply to them in our opinion: "Among them are those who listen to you; but We place covers over their hearts, to prevent them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. Even if they see every sign, they will not believe in it. Until, when they come to you, to argue with you, those who disbelieve will say, "These are nothing but myths of the ancients." They keep others from it, and avoid it themselves; but they ruin only their own souls, and they do not realize." (6:25-26). Muhammad died, but the Quranic message is still protected in its entirety and will remain so until the end of days, and the haters of the Quran until now imitate Qorayish and try to debate with us, pioneer of Quranism, and try to impose themselves on us despite our avoiding them. Their stance remain the same: to repel people away from the Quran and attempting to refute its verses to follow devilish narratives of hadiths and fiqh.


Debating using devilish hadiths:

How Satan misguide such polytheistic believers in hadiths? The Quran warns us against following distracting tales that aim to make people discard the best discourse: the Quran: God's Word, and such people who repel people away from the Quran by distracting tales exist in all eras, as we infer from the following verse: "Among the people is he who trades in distracting tales; intending, without knowledge, to lead away from God's way, and to make a mockery of it. These will have a humiliating punishment. And when Our Verses are recited to him, he turns away in pride, as though he did not hear them, as though there is deafness in his ears. So inform him of a painful punishment." (31:6-7).


The followers of Satanist inspiration and narratives include Salafist Wahabi Sunnites, the real arch-enemies of Muhammad:

1- There are two types of inspiration: the divine one of Truth (i.e., the Quran) and the devilish ones of countless narratives; see the contrast between them in these verses: 26:192-196, 26:210-121, and 26:221-224.

2- Those who propagate lies and falsehoods of the Satanist narratives are the real arch-enemies of prophets and messengers of God: "Likewise, We have assigned for every prophet an enemy-human and jinn devils-inspiring one another with fancy words in order to deceive. But had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. So leave them to their fabrications. So that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter may incline to it, and be content with it, and that they may perpetrate whatever they perpetrate. "Shall I seek a judge other than God, when He is the One who revealed to you the Book, explained in detail?" Those to whom We gave the Book know that it is the truth revealed from your Lord. So do not be of those who doubt." (6:112-114); again we notice that the number of the verse 114 about the Book (i.e., the Quran), indicating the number of the Quranic Chapters as the only perfect and complete source of the religious Truth. God says the following about the same type of the arch-enemies of prophets and messengers of God: "And the messenger will say, "My Lord, my people have abandoned this Quran." Likewise, to every prophet We assign enemies from among the wicked. But your Lord suffices as a Guide and Supporter." (25:30-31).


The belief in distracting tales of Satanist narratives/hadiths is to disbelieve in the Quran:   

  The devilish revelation of hadiths ascribes lies and falsehood to God and Muhammad in order to repel people away from the Quran and to distort its meanings. Hence, there are only two types of discourses in religion: God's discourse (i.e., the Quran) as the Only Truth in Islam to believe in, and the devilish narratives/discourses (i.e., distracting tales and hadiths) that must be avoided and rejected by real believers in God. God says the following about the Quranic discourse: "These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth. In which message, after God and His revelations, will they believe" (45:6). This Quran is the only discourse by God to believe in within Islam, whereas polytheists adhere to distracting tales and hadiths and have abandoned the Quran for their sake: "Woe to every sinful liar. Who hears God's revelations being recited to him, yet he persists arrogantly, as though he did not hear them. Announce to him a painful punishment." (45:7-8). God makes believers in hadiths and falsehoods ascribed falsely to God and Muhammad, leading people to reject the Quran, as the most unjust human beings, as repeated in many verses: "Who does greater wrong than he who invents lies about God, or denies His revelations?..." (7:37). In contrast, the real believers adhere to the best discourse (i.e., the Quran): "God has sent down the best of narrations: a Scripture consistent and paired. The skins of those who reverence their Lord shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts soften up to the remembrance of God. Such is God's guidance; He guides with it whomever He wills. But whomever God leaves astray, for him there is no guide." (39:23).


Between debates and discussions:

1- In light of the above-quoted verses, we look at commentators who try to refute our articles; if they disbelieve in the Quranic verses we quote, we never responds to them or care about their loud words, but to avoid them as per God's commands, waiting for God's judgment to settle our disputes in religion on the Last Day. To debate within God's verses to refute them is part of the traits of polytheists who disbelieve in the Quran; see 40:4, 40:35, 40:56, 26:16, and 26:35. Debating with the aim to undermine Quranic verses is stubborn futile endeavor and sophistry in an attempt to cast doubts on the Quranic light of Truth, leading polytheists to insult God Himself. This is why God has commanded Muhammad never to debate with polytheists, as devils incite the disbeliever to do so to make believing people insult God unwittingly and thus make them become polytheists: "But if they dispute with you, say, "God is fully aware of what you do." God will judge between you on the Day of Resurrection regarding what you disagree about." (22:68-69); "...The devils inspire their followers to argue with you; but if you obey them, you would be polytheists." (6:121).  

2- This is not to prohibit discussion; positive ones are initiated by truth seekers to refute Sunnite, Shiite, or Sufi lies, myths, and falsehoods, that are made 'holy' with the passage of time, and to shed more light on Quranic facts or tenets. The rarely tackled issues and topics must be tackled through such fruitful discussions to illuminate the Quranic Truth and to refute myths by Quran-believing persons, NOT to debate with disbelievers in the Quran who seek to undermine it.

3- It is clear and easy to differentiate among discussions of truth-seekers and debates of Quran-haters; real believers prostrate in awe and their faith in the Quran increases; see 8:2 and those persons deserve spending hours daily to answer their questions coming to us via email. Our writings arouse many queries and wake up millions of minds all over the globe; as for polytheistic haters of the Quran who seek to debate with us to undermine it, we never care about their existence; we never share their cultural background; those who seek to learn Quranism must at first believe in the Quran as the only source of Islam and as God's Word. Haters of the Quran hate our quoting it to refute the Sufi, Sunnite, and Shiite religions and their notions that contradict the Quran; this reminds us with the following verses: "And when Our Clear Verses are recited to them, you will recognize disgust on the faces of those who disbelieve. They nearly assault those who recite to them Our Verses..." (22:72); "Those who disbelieve almost stab you with their glances when they hear the message, and say, "He is crazy!" But it is no less than a reminder to all the Worlds." (68:51-52). We bear witness to the fact that stances in the previous verses we saw on faces of our Sunnite Wahabi foes at Al-Azhar: they used to attack us, look at us hatefully, and accuse us of being mad! They could not stand our quoting verses that refute their Sunnite notions, though they have learned the Quran by heart: "Those to whom We have given the Book recognize it as they recognize their own children; but those who have lost their souls do not believe." (6:20).     


Reasons for this hatred:

  Because polytheistic haters of the Quran cannot declare their hatred in public, they have one option left: to verbally abuse us to vent their fury, as we quote verses that refute their Sunnite, Sufi, and Shiite notions, and they slander us and level many accusations at us, though we never compete for positions or money like them and we never attack their persons. Their hatred of the Quran makes them vilify and asperse our person; their hallowed myths such as fiqh and hadiths have led them inwardly to hate the Quranic Truth that contradicts their Sunnite, Sufi, and Shiite notions of their earthly, man-made religions, and their hatred of the Quran is expressed by attacking our person who quotes the Quranic verses to remind them how in the wrong they are. 


Real believers increase their faith using the Quran, and disbelievers increase their disbelief using the Quran as well:

  The polytheists increase their disbelief using the Quran which is avoided, rejected, and abandoned by them as it contradict their mythology and their low morals lead them to slander and verbally abuse us as they could not refute us; they have no high morals that must be within real believers, and the same applied to polytheists at the time of Muhammad among People of the Book: "...Certainly, what was revealed to your from your Lord will increase many of them in defiance and blasphemy..." (5:64) "...But what is revealed to you from your Lord will increase many of them in rebellion and disbelief..." (5:68). This applies to hypocrites who feigned to be among believers: "Whenever a chapter is revealed, some of them say, "Which of you has this increased in faith?" As for those who believe: it increases them in faith, and they rejoice. But as for those in whose hearts is sickness: it adds disgrace to their disgrace, and they die as unbelievers." (9:124-125). Indeed, most of the Muhammadans have these traits of hypocrites, as hypocrisy goes on until the end of days, as we infer from tens of Quranic verses about hypocrite. Some gullible ones assume that disbelievers and hypocrites cease to exist after Muhammad died, since history of 'Muslims' and Arabs never talked about them! The Quranic miraculous predictions tell us that hypocrites will never cease to exist in all eras, and their hatred of the Quran appear when they send us verbal abuse via email as we quote Quranic verses that expose their polytheism and we ignore them and forgive them as much as we can; they never prostrate in awe when they hear or read the Quran: "What is the matter with them that they do not believe? And when the Quran is read to them, they do not bow down? In fact, those who disbelieve are in denial." (84:20-22).


Polytheists of today blaspheme and insult God:

 Whenever we quote Quranic verses to refute religious notions of the Muhammadans fabricated in the Middle Ages by myriads of authors, asserting that the Quran is the whole, complete, and perfect source of Islam, and the only discourse to believe in, the polytheistic Muhammadans would tell us via email that the verses we quote refer exclusively to polytheists during Muhammad's lifetime! They accuse the Quran of being fit only to the 7th century Arabia, not to all eras, and that no Muhammadan will be ever put in hell whatever they say or do as they were born as Muslims! This is injustice that never fits with the Divine Justice of God; Muhammadans thus undermine the Quran and insult God unwittingly! This is why we are not to debate with them: "Do not insult those they call upon besides God, lest they insult God out of hostility and ignorance. We made attractive to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they used to do." (6:108). Their insistence to include hadiths in religion is insulting to God; as if the Quran were incomplete and Muhammad never delivered the whole message until scholars of the Abbasid Era wrote down, without being asked to, their silly and contradictory books of fiqh and hadiths! It is sheer madness to make such human wirings as 'hallowed' part of Islam! We never debate with these polytheists who believe in such hadiths so as not to make them insult God even unbeknownst to them. We sometimes try to show them true Quranic facts of Islam as we aim to save victims of the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi myths, but once they attack us and abuse us verbally, we stop replying and responding to them. No one of them can analyze and/or criticize us objectively while seeking the truth; we admit that some replies of ours are harsh in their tone, esp. when we are verbally abused via email, but in most cases, we exercise self-restraint. Some people accuse us of undermining and refuting the 'holy' imams of the Middle-Ages and this is a grave sin by Sunnites, and we must not do that so as to adhere to 6:108. We reply as follows: we do not care about Middle-Ages authors as persons, we care to refute their written ideas ascribed to Islam as if they were receiving divine inspiration; it is polytheistic to deem such authors as immortal and infallible deities. Real researchers must discuss their books and their words about all historical figures, even those made holy as 'saints'. There is sainthood in Islam; the only Saint is Almighty God. Sunnite masses grow angry as we criticize deeds and stances written in history of the four pre-Umayyad caliphs because they are made into immortal holy gods that never err. Sunnites focus only on glorious actions of these gods and ignore intentionally their darker side; they must treat all history figures as mortals who can err. All followers of earthly, man-made religions has mortal saints and gods; e.g., we have criticized the Bible but we never publish any of such writings on our website, this is the mission of reformers among People of the Book, not ourselves, as we focus only on reforming the Muhammadans. Thus, if our Sunnite, Sufi, and Shiite foes would admit that their religions have nothing to do with Islam, we would never discuss their religions; but since they force themselves and their notions on Islam (i.e., the Quran), they must be intellectually and peacefully refuted and undermined. Religious terrorism worldwide is caused by Wahabi Sunnite hadiths and fiqh; let us never forget this important fact. Our stance is to ally ourselves to God and His Quran within peaceful intellectual jihad to clear the name of Islam from myths and terrorism and to reform 'Muslims'. All real believers in the Quran must reject all Middle-Ages books that contradict the Quran, books of Al-Bokhary, Al-Shafei, Ibn Hanbal, etc. and not to ally themselves to such devilish revelations and narratives. The Quranic Truth is clear and one cannot combine the belief in the Quran and the belief in Sunnite, Sufi, and Shiite nonsense and falsehoods. One is free to choose either, while bearing responsibility for one's choice. Enemies of Islam make use of Sunnite, Sufi, and Shiite nonsense and falsehoods to undermine the Quran and some others use them to seek power and to establish a theocracy. Since 1977, we never cease to expose and debunk myths of both types of arch-enemies of the Quran. Lies and falsehoods that went on for 14 centuries must be rejected at once if Arabs are to rise as a great nation. Some people say that we are wrong to declare the Muhammadans as non-Muslims; declaring others as infidels by Wahabis means to put them to death, or to persecute them severely and confiscate their possessions and money. Of course, judging others is a relative process, but we dealer the Muhammadans as non-Muslims to make them wake up and stop being polytheists as they combine myths with their faith in God. one cannot be in medial or in-between position: one must be wither with God's Word or against it by adhering to false narratives, fiqh, and hadiths and to deified mortals. Any additions in later eras to Islam after the Quran is perfected and completed are certainly devilish narratives that must be rejected; God and Muhammad never left Islam unfinished until the likes of Ibn Hanbal, Al-Bokhary, and Abou Hurayrah came along as if to 'complete' it. those mortals will not judge us ion the Last Day; to adhere to such hadiths is to make oneself the enemy of God, Quran, and Muhammad. One's choice here would result in either Paradise or Hell; one will stick only to the Quran as God's Word or to man-made narratives. One must ally oneself to God and never hide Quranic facts so as not to be cursed by God, but to be vociferous and outspoken about the Truth: "Those who suppress the proofs and the guidance We have revealed, after We have clarified them to humanity in the Scripture-those-God curses them, and the cursers curse them. Except those who repent, and reform, and proclaim. Those-I will accept their repentance. I am the Acceptor of Repentance, the Merciful." (2:159-160). Hence, our declaring the Muhammadans as non-Muslims aims to raise their awareness and to save them from Hell because they do not realize that they are polytheists who insult God and do Him wrong and commit injustices against Him; their collective memory is distorted by Wahabism and they worship, deify, and sanctify items and mortals, and some of them turn into suicide bombers and terrorists because of Sunnite hadiths. Quranists must declare their monotheism and be vociferous and outspoken about declaring the Quranic Truth. We forgive our attackers and those who verbally abuse us via email. It is a sad fact that most believers are polytheists: "And most of them do not believe in God unless they associate others." (12:106). The Muhammadans never make the Quran as a sufficient source to them: "Does it not suffice them that We revealed to you the Book, which is recited to them?..." (29:51); "...And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion." (17:46). God will tell the following to dwellers of Hell: "That is because when God alone was called upon, you disbelieved; but when others were associated with Him, you believed..." (40:12). Quranists like us must defend Islam and seek no reward from mortals, and since we do so through peaceful intellectual endeavor/jihad, no one can blame us or persecute us, and we bear patiently with all insults and harm: "You will be tested through your possessions and your persons; and you will hear from those who received the Scripture before you, and from the idol worshipers, much abuse. But if you persevere and lead a righteous life-that indeed is a mark of great determination." (3:186); "We will certainly test you, until We know those among you who strive, and those who are steadfast, and We will test your reactions." (47:31). Our foes declare us as infidel who must be murdered, along with all Quranists worldwide that must be put to death by Wahabis! Thy impose media blackout on us and tarnish our reputation, inciting terrorists to kill us in VA, USA. We wait for God's judgment on the Last Day on us and on them. Satan never tendered his resignation; foes of the Quran will go on existing until the end of days; God tells us about the words of Satan: "He said, "Because you have lured me, I will waylay them on Your straight path. Then I will come at them from before them, and from behind them, and from their right, and from their left; and you will not find most of them appreciative."" (7:16-17). As always, God says nothing but the Truth,                                

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