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First of all:

1 - We have to define the term. How can we define Muslim Brothers?

We have two definitions:   Muslim Brothers as organization ,  and Muslim Brothers as religious Wahabi Hanbali Sunni culture.


2 -Muslim Brothers as organization:

The founder of the current Saudi State ( Abdel Aziz Bin Saud ) used his tough warriors, named them ( Ikhwan) means Brother to establish his Saudi state in the name of Wahhabi Jihad. After he occupied the sacred mosques by them, he mistreated them. They revolted against him, he defeated them. He created another ( Ikhwan : Brothers )( Muslim Brothers ) in Egypt to take over Egypt, because he needed Egypt in his side against his enemies in Iran and in Iraq and Syria in that time.  Muslim Brothers in Egypt in only twenty years ( 1928  - 1948 ) has established 50 thousands branches in Egypt , beside their secret military terrorist organization that assassinated two Egyptian prime Ministers , one judge and the leader of Cairo police, beside their first international organization , and they made a revolution in Yemen , killed its ruler serving the Saudi policy in 1948 . Moreover, they infiltrated the Egyptian military officer secret organization named (The Free officers) who made the Military cope by Nasser in 1952. Nasser was one of MB agent. They tried to control him, he refused and he attacked them. Their leaders along with thousands of them fled to the Saudi Kingdom.  The Saudi Crown Family sheltered them but MB plotted against the Saudi regime. That is why the Saudi hated MB. 

Nasser made the usual mistake, he fought MB as an organization, killed some them, and arrested and tortured others, but he kept their religious culture as an aspect of Islam.  So, they become bigger in number and infiltrated many religious groups in Egypt under the name of Sunna. After Nasser they were ready to work in public by the help of Sadat. From that time until now, MB spread their Wahhabi bloody culture in and out of Egypt using the name of Islam.

Sadat, Mubarak and Al Sisi have the same policy in dealing with MB and its other organizations. They defend their Wahhabi culture to please the Saudis and in the same time, they arrest and torture the activists of Wahhabism. It becomes a ridiculous situation. The Egyptian young man is taught Wahhabism as an Islamic aspect, but once he acts according to its Jihad the regime arrests him, tortured him, and let him live in prisons with ardent Wahhabists , making him a potential ardent terrorist.

From time of Nasser, MB has become a secret organization. They keep secretly their real body of leadership away while having some façade leaders in the front. They become the first people in Egypt in computerizing their names under a secret system named (Salsabeel) . Mubarak secret police raided one of their safe houses and confiscated their computers. In a few years, the Egyptian secret police decoded their files, and their secrets. After that, MB learn how to keep their secret away from any authority. It is known that unknown members of Muslim Brothers are behind every Wahabi terrorist organization.

  MB have benefited from the Saudi billions of money in preaching Wahhabism in The US and the West. Those thousands of mosques and the so – called Islamic centers and Islamic schools in the US and the West are running by MB secret members and/ or MB partisans. All of them are affiliated to MB by creed.

The conclusion is: MB is a ghost organization.It si impossible to ban a ghost organization. Banning them randomly will benefit them and harm the US in many ways.


3 - Muslim Brothers as religious Wahabi Hanbali Sunni culture.

Religion of Islam is neglected by Muslims who idolize Mohamed and create different human made religions and different jurisprudences and Shareeaha . All of their religions and Shareeahs contradict Islam in its sole Book Al Quran, if we read The Quran according to its unique Arabic terminology.

Sunna is the more powerful human made Mohammdian religion. It is also, the most fanatic one. This Sunni religion has many schools, the ardent Sunny school is the Hanbali school. The most hard line inside the Hanbali schools is IBN Taymeya . The Saudi in our modern time has revived the hard Sunni Taymeya line under the name of Wahhabism. It was since 1745 in their first Saudi State which was destroyed by Egypt in 1818. So, it was imperative to the founder of the current third Saudi state (Abdel Aziz ) to have Egypt in his side to protect his Saudi state by creating MB and other Salafi religious organizations.

Wahhabism is the real ID of MB.

No military power can defeat any creed or any religious belief or thought.


Lastly: War of ideas is the solution


1 - It has to defeat Wahhabism by a war of ideas comes from the same religious culture. This is our field of expertise. Instead of banning Muslim brothers, we offer our services to protect our American home. We can defeat ISIS , Al Qaeda and MB very easy in few years. We have many proposals in reforming American Muslim mosques and schools, Online war against them , using drama in reforming Muslim community in the US and holding conferences to recruit moderate Muslim scholars and activists in entire Muslim World to work with us.

2 - Al-Qaeda, MB. Indeed, and ISIS terrorists are waging an intellectual war against the USA and the West in general as they recruit Sunnite and Wahabi youths there to turn them into time bombs (and suicide bombers) who will explode anytime upon orders of ISIS. No military power in the globe can search people's minds, hearts, or conscience or to chase away any type of destructive ideas. The only way to debunk Wahabi terrorist notions of ISIS is through the intellectual, peaceful, Quranist war of ideas that will cost very little but will produce great results in combating ISIS. Indeed, with our modest means and only website here, we have made a huge difference worldwide; as the number of Quranists increases in many countries now. We can win more people to real peaceful Islam if we have the means one day to contact and reach 1.5 billion Muslims (whom we call the Muhammadans who follow earthly, man-made religions and not the Quran) via media and satellite channels as well as producing TV series (whose scripts we have authored already) that address 'Muslims' with all their languages.

 3- Most of the Muhammadans (who think they are Muslims) learn until now the religious culture of ISIS from mosques, media, schools, and universities dominated by Wahabis worldwide, especially in the Arab world. Even period drama TV series about history of 'Muslims' are being used to propagate Sunnite Wahabism and present erroneous views of history that distort it to hide the truth and to serve Wahabi ideology and inculcate it to viewers in the Arab world. Reforming ordinary 'Muslims', who cannot read in Arabic or do not bother to read, via TV series written by us is more influential than books that are rarely read. Our scripts for TV series expose directly and indirectly unspoken-of historical events of the caliphs and all Wahabis. Such TV series of enlightenment use attractive means of the art of script writing to appeal to the minds and hearts of viewers to make ideas sink deep inside them, making them think and reconsider Sunnite Wahabism which is exposed and debunked. When such TV series are produced one day, they can be dubbed or subtitled into several languages spoken by the Muhammadans: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, French, English, etc.  

4- Indeed, this is a very profitable and lucrative business that will enable the West to win the intellectual war of ideas against ISIS and the Saudi Wahabism, and its costs will be less than the costs of one year of fighting using high-tech weapons, bombs, and warplanes etc., while saving thousands of innocent people and sparing their lives. The battlefield of this intellectual war of ideas against ISIS and Wahabi ideology of terror is the whole globe: hence, such TV series can be marketed in all countries from China to Argentina, and such Quranist reformist TV series will reach billions worldwide. Let us not forget that the war on terror is a global one centered in the cyberspace. Indeed, the Wahabi ISIS organization is terrorizing now Russia, China, and the USA, and it must be combatted within a global war worldwide, peacefully through Quranism if propagated enough in media and through TV series we talk about. 

5- Military power never wins any battles or wars in the modern age; rather, it creates more wars and battles as well as revenge-seeking enemies. The American quagmire in Vietnam and Iraq are sufficient examples of what we refer to here. When the military power aims to kill enemies, this is done and leads to the desire for revenge as well as sentiments of fury and resentment that create millions of relentless revenge-seeking enemies. Enemies sought to be killed by any military power are human beings after all that are being annihilated. In contrast, within our peaceful intellectual war of ideas, human beings are never enemies; the real enemies are the dangerous ideas harbored in their minds and lead them to perform suicide bombings and/or to massacre hundreds of people. Certainly, the Quranist intellectual war of ideas will save lives of potential victims as well as the lives of terrorists-to-be, and instead to metamorphosing into ISIS terrorists or Wahabi criminals, they will be law-abiding, good citizens in their respective societies. Military power weapons are sued to commit more bloodshed, with little results in combating terrorism, and the resulting vicious circle of vendetta or revenge and military combat will spiral endlessly. The Quranist intellectual, peaceful war of ideas to undermine Wahabi ideology of ISIS spares the lives of both potential victims and potential terrorists and includes no bloodshed or violence at all.


  6- During the two presidential terms of Obama, all venues and gates inside the USA had been shut before our face because of the powerful Saudi influence everywhere; some of Obama's consultants were conservative Wahabi Sunnites who hate the guts of all Quranists. Hence, Obama's foreign policies regarding the Middle East have failed miserably, and his presidential term witnessed the emergence and the widespread of ISIS terrorist organizations and its similar and related Wahabi terrorist organizations all over the globe, which resulted in making the USA lose billions of $ without achieving anything at all. Besides, ISIS terrorists have reached American soil and caused indiscriminate killings as they recruit agents via cyberspace and Sunnite Wahabi mosques inside the USA, mosques that are maintained and financed by the Wahabi KSA, the real axis of evil worldwide. It is noteworthy how Obama has been treated badly and contemptibly inside the KSA by its royal family members that despise him even after he served Saudi interests for a long time: in his last trip to Riyadh, they sent him a worthless person to meet him, and Obama was humiliated before the eyes of the whole world as the event was covered by the press, as the president of the most powerful nation on earth was humiliated and despised by the Saudi royal family members. Within American history, this has been unprecedented disgrace and utter humiliation. 

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